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Archero for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Habby located at 10 Anson Road #26-04 International Plaza SINGAPORE. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the gameplay is okay. pretty good. the energy system is terrible. ONE energy takes 12 minutes to recover. you need FIVE energy to play ONE round and energy caps out at 20. you do not recover energy when you rank up. essentially you can only play ONE round every 60 minutes. the energy system is a massive killer of what has potential to be a fun time killer.
I wish power uos had a description underneath them describing what they do. or you tapped one and then confirned your selection after reading what the upgrade does. other than fhat extremely difficult. checkpoint system is non existent. game also runs at 30hz. really need to patch it for a higher framerate at least 60
The game balance breaks down about half way through the current content (level 7). After that it definitely to play-to-win; the level is easily twice the difficulty of any of the content before it, but without a credit card you cannot get enough gear to proceed. It's too bad, I was enjoying it up until that point.
Great game at first, but then it is pay to win. The game gets harder but you stay weak, and now the battle pass, come on... And btw when i go to buy the battle pass, the price ingame says one price, and when you tap on it, the store price says another... It was really fun in the begining but now its lame, you have to play for days to get a lvl and you cant progress further because you are to weak. I am on the same campaign for the last month and i play every day. All in all, fun for short time.
The energy system in the game ultimately ruined what would have been my best game by a mile. You have the maximum of 20 energy, need 5 energy to play a level, and 1 bar of energy takes 12 minutes to regenerate, meaning you need to wait 60 minutes when you have no energy to play again. That game may only last 30 seconds, especially on the harder levels, for you to then need to wait an hour to play again. No way will I spend real money on a game I can hardly play!
So, it's a fun game at first. But once you plays a few weeks, it gets incredibly slow. I'm stuck on stage 5 because i can never get the items i need to fuse my gear and make them better. I keep getting stuff I don't use and there's nothing you can do with them. At least add an option to sell the items you dont want. But coins are pretty useless to me now too, i have 200k saved up and its useless to me because it takes so long to level up.please add items we can purchase with gold in the shop tab
Since the recent update, I have noticed right away that the random 3 abilities you receive when you level up, are much worse! The main things I look for are, Speed, Attack Boost, Double Arrow, Circle Orbs(just to name a few)are much more RARE to come by. In fact, I have been stuck on the same level for a while due to random abilities I have to choose between the 3 but they are ALL useless MOST OF THE TIME. Please change it to make it better.
Great concept, fun game, until you meet a 'soft cap'. At one point you will feel the game to be very grind-y and farm-y, to the point that you have to play for hours daily just to get a fraction of progress, in which you can reach easily if you spent a huge amount of real money to buy their lootboxes. It might be common now in a free-to-play game to have this kind of business model, but even by that standard their pricing is greedy and the 'soft cap' is just too steep for people who don't spend.
I like it, though kind of wish there was background music. Revisting this - again - more content was added and the problems I had with it have become just as bad as when started. The droprate can't be compensated by your hero level. Even that's become too much of a grind. I can't in good conscience recommend this with the amount of ads and overpriced items there are. The characters as well- they shouldn't be that much money and owning them wouldn't even be enough to finish the game.
Disappointed honestly. I've been wanted to gain access to the new talent skill feature (runes) and I just dont think I'll ever unlock it. I've leveled my talents over 90 times. Continuously playing the expedition mode grinding gold. Currently on floor 270. Still haven't unlocked it. Is this a bug? I've been all over trying to figure out why I just cant seem to unlock that skill. I know I'm not the only one in this situation. I know its "random" but come on maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
Gameplay is great but it's extremely vexxing. Damage does not scale at all, esp for on hit effects like blaze, poison etc. With the extreme increase in dmg and health that the enemies have as the deeper you go, the overall damage should improve. Plus the upgrades and stats upgrade doesn't have any significant impact to the game. only some upgrade are worth and whether or not you get it is random. please consider dmg and health scaling of char and enemy.
Hey, absolutely love the game. Hopefully someone reads this. With the new update, idk how, but my character started missing on on of the bosses in the infinite adventure. I'd never seen it do it before, but it 100% would not hit it about 1/4 the way into his health. Thought you guys might like to know. Seriously though great game 10/10
Honestly I think the energy system is fine, but maybe increase it to 25 or 30? This game requires a lot of skill. Except for two bosses which, in my opinion, require luck to beat. The red spider that turns into more spiders and the tree stump them constantly jumps on your character. I believe the skill wall is just WAY to high for these two bosses. This game also has a lot of RNG, but I think that really adds to the game, forcing you to build differently each play through.
I'll go ahead and give 5 stars cause y'all deserve it. I just gotta say I wish there was more available offline. I can't upgrade offline or go to another island offline, that's the only downfall. Besides that, 5 stars all the way. A1 gameplay, excellent graphics for such a phone game. Rarely any glitches, I think I've had maybe one. And the levels keep me thoroughly entertained. Overall this game is super awesome and I'd recommend it to anyone tbh
gameplay is actually pretty fun. the game does very well in making you feel powerful. it's very customizable based on your personal playstyle. reminds me of the warcraft 3 mod "hero TD" back in the old days. the only thing that holds it back is how limiting the energy system is. only 20? you get to only play 4 games every few hours, which is honestly sad. I wish the energy cap would raise based on your level or something. but all in all, when you do get to play, it's pretty enjoyable.
Love this game. But here are the issues I face. 1) The rest of the heroes maybe pointless inspite of their skills, due to low HP or low attack or both. 2) To play a game, one must for wait for an hour.. System needs to be changed. 3) The game becomes increasingly difficult, on an exponential level. Needs to be balanced. 4) The drop rate of equipment/loot becomes less frequent which adds to the difficulty of the already difficult game (later stages). Please work on balancing the game. Thank you!
Cool game relaxing... Though can be a bit addictive and time consuming also because of thre adds. I have an improvement suggestion. When hero is at the top of the map and enemies are at tge bottom. The controls hood is over the enemies and the pay is more difficult. Either remove the hud completely. It does not matter where you tap. Or make it smaller. Or move it to the top when user is at the top.
I thought the game was very cool & neat at 1st. I was wrong. it takes a hour to play the game once & you may die withing the 1st 3 minutes because you do not have infinite powerups like advertised. upgrades to the animals & weapons are not common at all. you have to fight & get through all the levels to unlock the things you need or you can just buy most of them for $100 then spend another $100 in Gold to upgrade them. So just play the game w/o spending money. Need weapon to go through wall!!!
**So...where are all the new equipment items? It says their droprate is 2X, but I have been playing nonstop since last night and not a single one of them has shown up. What a ripoff.** Once you get to Level 11 and are maxed out on all weapons, armor, accessories and can't increase your character, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get to Level 12. Even after non-stop grinding for months, there's no way. Useless waste of time.
I once found this interesting and challenging. But now that I have reached higher chapter, I have not been able to pass that chapter after playing for one month time. It surely is the design problem or the developers want the player to purchase something. I have got too much gold and maybe our team can try to figure out other ways for players to spend those gold. I think i will be quitting this game cause that stage is just impossible to pass without spending any money frl.
I have been playing all morning and loving every second of it. However, there are a few things I'd like to see done better. 1) The store for it is a little "cash grabby" for me, $15 is too much to ask for what you offer. 2) an online co op would be fun. 3) i paid 1500 gems for the thunder guy, which is more or less real money, but he's not even that great... 4) the permanent upgrades you get for yourself aren't that good either. 5) energy... why? All you did was make me not want to play.
The ads for this game do not do it justice. The ads make this game look like a piece of cake that you can just play when bored, but in reality it is a legitimately challenging AND rewarding game that I play somewhat seriously. One of the few times I can say that this is an app I treat as a legitimate video game with proper balancing and mechanics. And take it how you will, but this is coming from a Dark Souls veteran, so yeah.
Really good game but enemies appear impossobly close to fend off especially with the steep difficulty curve for EVERY LEVEL. May change if this or the next patch fixes it but until then it might just keep going down. With the amount of lives you hav to play games it can become really dissatisfying and frustrating. Edit: patch fixed nothing, accept possibly small details I still lag into projectiles and if there are too many enemies on the field there goes the level w all that movement...
great game, so much fun but just one problem. The energy takes too long to give back and makes me wait so i tend to not go back to the game (only occasionally) and the upgrades get so expensive once you hit about 5000 and the lack of lies you can't get all the money till about 2 maybe 3 times playing if you are unlucky... would love to see these things get better and i would give it 5 stars if it was better in those aspects
Very fun at first but the item system is poorly done. The differences between the different items are negligible and boring. You will reach a point where the game will feel repetitive and pointless. Took me 3 weeks to reach that point. Hard to believe I've only completed 1/3 of the campaign and that there's little room for my character to evolve.
Account deletes at LVL 32. Why would we care to play when our game is randomly deleted. When I load the game, I can see my original progress. However, the game says new game has been detected and it wants to start me a zero. With no option but to click confirm. I've deleted and reinstalled with the same out come. Chalking it up to laziness. Thank you millennials.
Everything is nice until you reach to a certain point where you think buying gems give a little help and it doesn't. It's annoying how you still get green items when opening epic chests. I mean, it's epic and it's 6x the worth of a common chest. Atleast take out the green item in it. Good game overall not just worth spending a dime on. I wish I had never spent a single penny on this game.
things this game DOESN'T do: shove ads in your face, force you to spend $1000. things this game DOES do: have an energy counter, unique gameplay, seriously, all the ads i watched were optional because i wanted a little extra reward. you can play through the whole game without spending a penny or watching a single ad, the energy limit is annoying, but nonetheless the game is extremely well made. definitely worth a play.
Game overall is good. But the energy system is the worst I've seen. Only 20? And everyt ime you play you lose 5? Can you at least make it so that when we level up we can have our energy reset and back to full? Or at least increase the energy amount and decrease the amount of energy need to start a run?. Other than that it's good.
I recommend not playing this game unless you're swimming in money and have way too much time on your hands. The grind of the game is constantly increasing and it's hit a point where both free users and paying patreons are suffering from it. Unless you pay an arm and a leg AND dedicate several hours each day to this game, you will not make enough progress worth the final goal (which keeps moving further away with each patch.) *Edit: Devs are copying and pasting their review response.
Dont believe ppl saying this is pay to win. This is simply hard game which requires a lot of grinding. Most content is completely free with exception to advanced rewards for battle pass. You do not compete directly with other player which lets you to choose will you develop by your pace or invest to speed it up. Those who say that this is pay to win are spoiled brats who want everything to be easy amd free.
I have reviewed so many games and man every time I find a great game its got the stupid energy system. So here's my opinion this is a game for people who don't play games, not gamers who like to constantly play but dont have the time to sit in front of a console. Harby almost had something here, but like all good things there is a bad side. The energy system does not need optimization, it just needs to dissapear!!!!!
I love this game! At first the energy system was super annoying, but as I got better at playing it became irrelevant. I love figuring out the patterns of the monsters and the challenge of dodging at just the right time! The power-ups you get to choose from every level are awesome and just the right combination can make you feel so OP. 10/10 would reccomend! Im also loving this new update! Oh and probably the biggest plus is that there are no ads unless you ask for them and you can win w/o them :)
Re-rating this app from a previous review, the game itself is very fun but very repetitive, and it's really hard to progress when you only have 20 energy. *It takes 5 energy to enter the game* And each single energy takes 12 minutes to come back. So it takes an hour to get one try??? That's a very long time to wait. And gear doesn't drop often enough. Those are the two big problems I have with this game. Other than those, it's pretty fun. Please reduce the energy timer.
Game is fun to play. It's challenging yet great fun. The issue I have with it is whenever it tries syncing it renders all control useless. It's an annoying issue that I have experienced multiple times. Another issue is, if you're stuck syncing and you get out of the program and restart it, all your previous progress you just accomplished is lost and that is super annoying. All in all great game but annoying sync issue. I hope it gets fixed.
Synchronizing data....forever. i was willing to overlook them constantly begging me to watch commercials, but for whatever reason the game needs to "synchronize data" for every single little thing you do. Now, the game wont even load the main screen because its unable to synchronize. The game was already a time waster, but at least it was kind of fun. Now its just a loading screen simulator. Ill waste my time somewhere else.
To explain my "Meh". You actually have a good game my issue is that you offer prizes and upgrades some free and some through ads/watching videos. When I decide I would opt for the video it keeps booting me off, restarting the game and asking me if I want to continue from where I left off. This is my real issue. The game otherwise is what I expected. Can this be fixed? Sometimes it is hit or miss some videos will play and I will get my prize but 90% of the time it boots me out of the game.
I think the game itself is good, the concept are great. but the game mechanics needs to be improved. player should have more control on the character, there should be an option to at least make the joystick smaller/bigger, change it's sensitivity, etc. also there's no explanation when discovering new abilities, I'm often confused what ability should I choose because there's only a picture with arrow or shield and a 'fancy' name.
love the game, but it's a cheat! When you're doing well it'll kill you off faster so that you'll spend more money on gems. It'll also put the hardest and most difficult characters up against you when you're winning. Extra lives only come up when you're hp is low, then the next level throws projectiles everywhere, giving you no chance to win. There's no balance and it's unfair. The gaming experience would be so much better if it wasn't so obviously geared towards profit for the developers.
So, I saw this game in ads for other games and thought it looked interesting. So far, yeah, i can say I'm enjoying myself. About the only real complaint i have is just how slow F2P progress can be. Unless you're REALLY good at the game as far as dodging, etc, you have to throw yourself repeatedly at the same dungeon over and over until you finally get a very lucky run or enough upgrades using tokens (or whatever the gold arrow currency is called) to compensate. Overall, 4/5. ^^
Well since the newest update the game is glitchy. I went to play the infinite adventure which cost 15 power and it froze. I lost my 15 power and opportunity to play it without paying 100 gems. Not the first time. I just wish they could do a better job of preventing us from having to pay to play. Basically, give us more opportunities or make it cheaper.
Although the game has a great concept, and is fun to play, it's all about luck, and becomes more repetative as you progress. I wouldn't mind paying, but after a few days on this app i realised that unless you pay exaggerated sums of money, you will find no difference in progress. Also the random evolving of your character steals the satisfaction because you rarely get the upgrade you wanted in orded to make progress in the game.
After a new update, this game became the worst. 1) When you put more equipments into the game, it became harder to get a legendary item to defeat in a hard level. 2) I love a battlepass in the past because it garuntee that I have a certain equiment. I think you should add a choice for a player to select a certain equipment after buying a battlepass, not just keys for obsidian chest. 3) The idea of Rune is OK. I think this game will be more easiler if I can select stats list after forging rune.
amazing game. fun to play , easy controls. but yet ANOTHER great game ruined by energy i just want to play, not wait 20+ min between each round. would be 5 star. but needing energy makes it a 1star game. could have easily been my fav game. ***reply to devs: you can optimize it all you want, but only way to go to 5 star is remove energy all together
An amazing base game and concept. But it is quite flawed. There is no guild system, which it could greatly benefit from. The progression is poorly done, with only 1/4 of players having made it to the third dungeon. It needs balancing and also more sound design. There is no music and a lot of the SFX sound like stock SFX. With the recent Pewdiepie sponsor, they'll probably have more money to make the game more polished.
This game was alot of fun at the start. Once you made the battle pass random chests nothing useful ever comes of them. The new armour never gets dropped so its impossible to upgrade it. I've got a million blue gems to upgrade my player but it takes a stupid amount of coins. Like why csnt I trade blue gems for coins or for the green ones. Or trade coins for green gems. I get it you want people to spend $ people will spend $ cause they want to cut corners regardless but make it reasonable.
the game is fun. would give 5 stars, but the having energy system in this game took away 3 stars... this game requires to replay the entire chapter if you die (which isn't a big deal) but requiring energy charges in this type of game makes it very difficult
Skill roulette is so on point, can't get what you need as you progress, since a lot of skill will be added moving forward. Targeting system is out of hand, shoots randomly to a point that, even if you're not able to hit that enemy, he will shoot. By far, the challenge on this game is the skills to be obtained along the way. And still some bugs, which is understandable in any game.
Overall concept is excellent. Quite different from the other games as it is an RNG based game. However, it is very hard to get items. Gems are very hard to comeby, the chest takes 1 and 7days each. It takes little time to hit the dead end. I suggest to increase drop rate of common items and let the players fuse it to get better quality. Reduce the time of chests to 8 hours for the green and 24 hours for the violet. Lastly, I know you want to profit but don't focus solely in-app purchases. Use Ads
Was fun at first, but you realize quickly you aren't going to get very far without spending money. Monthly updates add new features and items geared towards getting you to spend more money. For F2P players it will take years to progress equipment to the highest levels, and you'll be handicapped with a lack of perks you'd have from paying. The most recent patch adding evolution chips to give your character another 1-30 xp bar and nerfing the offline bonus is just too much.
I dont like how this game limits you from playing it. You can only play the game if you have energy and after you run out then you use gems or watch ads. But after you exhaust those options then your last option is to buy gems. It's a fun game but not fun enough to spend money on. Also, world 2 is hard and world 3 is impossible. Idk if I have to level up more but I cant level up if the game doesn't let me play because I dont have energy. Stupid concept.... I'm going to have to uninstall.
i would give it 5 stars if it wasnt for the energy system. At the BARE MINIMUM it should refill after each level up. the fact that you only have 20 energy and a single game costs 5 energy means you can only play 4 times. i asked myself why would they make energy regeneration SO SLOW and make the maximum so low. Then it became obvious: the creators dont care at all about what we players want. All they care about is making a pay-to-play game that forces you to buy energy if you to play more often.
Played this game for quite a while now. It's still fun, but becomes quite grindy just to gather enough equipment to fuse to actually be able to do decent damage to enemies and be able to fight through levels. Also not a fan of the choice of 3 random boosts going into each game. It would be much better if you could choose any one u wanted (just the first one). There are quite a few near worthless boosts. Really enjoy the concept of this game though.
very fun game! innovative, and fresh. the gameplay is familiar feeling but new, and you don't have to pay at all to enjoy this game. the only downside, i feel, is the super long time you have to wait after you've exhausted your energy points. sorry, way too long. maybe increase the max points? or decrease the time it takes to regenerate? all in all, playable, fun, and I'd like to see diverse content added in the future 😁
So far, I love this game. It was a great thing I seen this add. One thing I would like to see, if at all possible, it the combined effects of the skills. For example, if i get lightning shot and combine with poison shot then each time it zapped a target, every target zapped would also be inflicted with poison. Just a thought. Keep up the good work.
Really like the game. Easy to pick up and play. The game gives enough rewards to not have to pay to win. I feel like I get better after each run tbh. There is energy used to play but it can last awhile and you can win more energy at a consistent rate to play as long as you need. Overall a great experience and like the random skills in level ups that keeps the game fresh instead of spamming one ultimate build.
The game overall is really good, however the energy system really needs to be changed. This greatly limits how much the game could be played. The amount of time it takes to recover one energy is ludicrous. The rate would have been an easy 5 stars if not for the energy problem.
All these one star reviews im seeing are from people who spent money to get far and then realised that theyre spending too luch money. Stop blaming the game on you wasting all your money. Just cuz its there doesnt mean you have to buy it. The game itself is pretty fun. Its a roguelike with a twist: you gotta stand still to attack. I really enjoy this and i hope the developers have more plans for the future. However i wouldve given this 5 stars were it not for the energy system.
Nice game without P2W elements. Though premium characters are better than free ones. Post clearing chapter ~10, mob damage will increase exponentially as against your paltry health & damage upgrades. Ability to unlock Runes are locked behind RNG for older players. One event mode is locked behind private code which you have to find 2nd player to play duo instead of auto duo. Purple chest contains green items. Free battle pass filled with worthless items. A bit grindy. 1 star to fix above.
Used to be a good, no a great game, until the dev's decided to make it impossible for players to accomplish anything further without shelling out money. If I wanted a P2W game, I'd go find one. I had no problem watching ads to get stuff, but the updates seem to serve no function beyond breaking my wallet. Keep it up and I'll uninstall.
Update 8/27--Constant network errors on wifi that used to work after update. Have to go to data just to connect. Previous review: Fun game, but need to fix connectivity issues. Won't work on some wifi networks and eats a ton of mobile data for ads. I end up delaying opening chests and collecting rewards until I'm on a working network. Googled it and i'm not the only one. They'd make more ad revenue and get more gameplay out of me if they'd fix the issue.
I was very interested with the game and i have purchased your packs and happy to spent it. but now i just realized that i cant play whenever i want, whenever i can. You limit my time and control when i have to play. People have different free time and different habit to play, you cant expect that everyone can play every 1 hour or every 4 hours. We love the game, but we want to play when we can. I hope to hear from you soon, im going to refund all my purchase and stop playing for now
Archero is an enchanted hybrid between a top view shooter and dungeon crawler style game. Shoot through waves of enemies and survive as long as you can. This game is nice. I love the main menu music, love the gameplay, love the power-ups and pets who assist you on your quest, and there's hardly any ads. My only critic would be the lack of background music in the gameplay makes it feel a little bland. But overall it's a good game.
Great game. Great mechanics. I'd say the game is one of my favorite phone games. With that being said it deserves a 3 star rating instead of 5 because of ads. To open chests, spin the wheel, revive, and to upgrade your character, you have to watch ads. Which is so immensely disappointing. I've spent $20+ and have been playing a ton but the ads are really starting to get difficult to deal with. For me spending $20+ dollars i should get no ads.
An excellent ad delivery service. Recent update is amazing at getting you to watch more ads and spend more money with little in return, extending the grind and adding more complexity for no other reason than getting you to spend spend spend. There is a very fun game buried in there, but the greed became blatant with the recent update.
Gold is a little bit hard since there's only 20/20 energy. It's fine if we have like 40/40 energy or just increase the gold drop rate or just make 2 energy consumption on each run. Same with the items, the monsters just drop normal items and nothing more and its a bit hard. Sometimes there's no drop in a run. That cost 5 energy which is too high. Bloodlust skill's +hp is too low, not even a hundred. Talents are too expensive to upgrade and is rng.
I shouldn't need an internet/mobile connection to play this game. But it won't let you do anything without it because they want to guarantee you see those ads. That's why ppl are hacking mobile games. This one is on the list. Numerous times I had ad not play because I had no signal. So got no bonus. Plus constantly getting sync error and lost the bonus week or whatever that was. Saw it for a day and now it's gone. But I see they milked plenty of money already.
Good untill you progress. Then.... Impossible.... Even with the best upgrades... Money grabbing it seems but you will spend your cash for no reason. Avoid at all costs. Devs lure you in with a balanced but rewarding difficulty level and then you spend your cash to find that it doesn't do anything to help. Update... Months later things got worse... Tougher gameplay... Less chance of good drops... Devs... Have you even played your own game? Wow.. Avoid at all costs
Fun Game !! If you are free to play or pay to win player. Game is suitable for both. Watch ads and limited grind to achieve a weapon or next level. Cute graphics , simple Interface easy game play. But becomes difficult when you become pro. Overall perfect time killer or stress buster. Request : multiplayer is disappointing add auto connect feature to random players so we can play together.
It's a fun game to pick up from time to time but a lot of bugs ruin the experience. For a game mostly based on dodging it's a shame when a boss with no health stays around for a whole extra minute and kills you. Also I bought the battle pass and the next time I opened the game it was gone. Please try to work on these bugs. Thank you.
All my progress is lost :) Kindly have a look at the update devs. Until then, my review will be 3 stars only because i very like this game and the only downside to it is the energy bar is too low, only 20 energy, basically 4 runs. So its not much. But I will wait until my progress will be back. PS: i didnt uninstall the app, i updated it and all my progress is lost. Edit: It was fixed all of the sudden, still, Thank you devs i really love this game ❤
Would give a zero if I could. Look at the reviews, and decide for your self. The dev has the same 4 responses for every thing, dont believe me just check. This game is definitely for pay to play. Even after spending real money still cant get passed the pay to play walls. All of the negative reviews are for real, any one that says other wise is a shrill for the the dev's. The dev's dont even play their own game from the looks of it. Play and see, 80usd in and I'm the patsy. Shame on me.
Ridiculously addicted! This game had me from the minute I started up. So much potential, too! I can't wait to see what they add to it, perhaps more weapons/rings/gear that offer unique gameplay adaptions. My only improvement right now would be a slight increase in gear drops. I feel like the amount I've played this, I should have more to show for it. Otherwise, fantastic! Keep it up!
Fun AF. Fair. Priced well. Good chance on actually making a purchase. It's probably been over 3 years since I spent money on a mobile game. Not cheap, don't play often enough to ever need to. But this... damn. Too much fun. Edit: Ads have been crashing the game for a while. I hadn't experienced it until now. Gotta drop from 5 to 3 stars. It's crazy how often it happens, and each time the loot and energy are lost. I've for sure stopped watching them out of fear of losing my progress.
I love this game. Got me mad hooked. Spent hours on hours of every day... And then it stopped turning on. Tried everything, but it doesn't work. I assume the new android update completely bricked it. Will raise the rating to 5 stars once the game starts picking at my life again!(works)
It's great but the energy systen has to change. It is a lot of fun and i know you guys want to make money off your good game but the energy system is inherently a bad one. Don't stop me from playing your game. Why would you want me to stop? Make the shop like double initial abilities or literally anything but energy. Even with this mechanic the game is so muxh fun abd absolutely worth a play.
other than the main game, I can't actually do anything. i try to collect a reward or buff my character in the main menu and i just wait a while anf then boom "network error". my internet is fine, other games work. this is on your end and I'd like it to be fixed because i want to enjoy this game, just right now I can't
Nice game, addictive too but process for moving further in game is poor. You cannot place other places in map untill you complete all 50 stages in a single run which is quite difficult. I tried, played for some hours but after death, playing from zero once again was irritating for me. It means if I can't complete 50 stages in one run then I can't move forward to check other places. This is bad. Uninstalling. good luck with game.
Fun game if you can stop after few weeks. Then it is quite a grind and that is fine. However, there is no payoff. Too much things to collect and very little in return. F2P: You can play it daily for a year and not reach end game, you think you finally made meaningful progress and bam, new update makes it useless. P2P: From experience, don't. It's mainly random and shortly replaced by better stuff, sometimes even making progress slower (eg. payed heros are harder to level up), just don't.
Amazing replay value with a consistent progression, i have been playing for a while now and i thoroughly enjoy the game, i especially like the new customization options through the hero options. One thing i would really love to see is a reroll feature that uses gold as a cost to reroll, because i have tons of gold with nothing to spend it on, this would also create more personalized hero's, making people like the game more and more! Good job!!
The game is very fun. The only reason I am giving it 2 stars instead of 5 is because I purchased the battlepass in game and do not receive my items from it. I get all the free stuff but the premium part of the battlepass that you pay to unlock gives me nothing. I have contacted them 3 separate times about it with 3 separate instances, provided pictures and nothing.
Played for a couple months, game is pretty fun. More about learning the enemy moves than anything. First few stages were pretty easy, then took a couple days to beat the next, as well as the 3 hardmode, couple weeks to beat the next, and now I've been on chapter 7 for almost a month. Whether you know the enemies or not, the randomness in skills and enemies sucks. Doesnt matter how much you upgrade equipment, it's like enemies scale on percentage, so you never get ahead. Starting to feel P2W.
It was fun until you realize how repetative this game is and how much time it needs. To get each item into top tier, you need to 243 items, you have 36 different items to collect, so in total you need 8748 upgrades. In average you could get 1.2 items per game, which means you need to play 7290 games to get all. Based on average time per game, you need 51030 minutes for that... and this is just items, you need to update your heroes and do its evolution. At least I have better things to do.
For a game that relies so heavily on RNG, the drop rates are awful. There is too heavy a burden on luck in this game for there to be little or no drops from mobs. Also, the enery system is too stingy IMO. The gameplay is fun and the game has potential, but there must be an adjustment to drop rates. Hell, even the chests only give one item per open and are expensive as hell to get. Bottome line, in order for this game to be viable there must be an adjustment to drop rates and chest awards...
i don't even understand the energy system? it doesnt add to the game at all, it pretty much says "play 4 rounds then wait 75 minutes before you can play another" if you gained 5 energy instead of 1 every 15 minutes it would barely even be better. should probsbly just scrap the whole system
I like the game concept. However, the game gets incredibly hard very quickly. You will end up not making progress for a long time. Overall it is just frustrating after the second level. I also don't recommend making any in-game purchases. The difficulty increases exponentially, while the stuff you buy only gives you a minor dmg boost.
Excellent game so far. I will add some criticism tho since I also develop games: first, I never purchase anything, but I have given this game 30$ just to support the game and with the new update I feel that it is a very promising game; however, it is quite grind heavy and it makes me stop playing a lot lately. I like grinding, but at lvl 6 it starts to feel a little unbalanced. I hope the update helps. Rather than making it so grindy, I hope that the game develops more levels and loot fast so that they can balance this out and allow the player to move at least 30% faster through the game. At that point it will stay fun and will still keep it fun over a few years. I should be able to get through a level in 20 days or so, if I play every day. Lately it can take 50 days for one world and I assume it will only get worse. This will cause a loss of playerbase eventually. Also, the game will eventually stop moving forward once I have all the purple items at the max level, because it will take forever to get the next tier. I assume that will be when I delete the game unless an update drops to fix this.
This game is FANTASTIC! So far it's probably one of the best mobile RPG games I've played.. It combines RPG elements, with simple mobile mechanics. The power ups are a lot of fun to play around with, and it's a blast when you finally get that perfect combination and are just watching everything melt in front of you! It can be a little challenging at first, but that makes it fun as well.. Also, a good plus, is that you don't get bombarded with ads.. You'll definitely want to support this game!
The game itself is good but please add more features like classes with skills, melee. It kind of gets boring with only one character throwing a variety of stuff. Would be better if theres a mage that focuses on skills. A melee class that is better with mobs etc.
Okay, so I've redone my review a few times with specifics, but you know what? Yeah, Archero is a decent game, but half of the enemies, bosses, and rooms are specifically designed to ROB the player of health, gems, and/or patience. Rooms with mobs that have to be kited, that have zero room to kite them. Bosses with mobile attacks that shoot RNG projectiles so the player can never attack. Enemies that should have precision attacks have shot spread. Can't recommend, because they won't fix any of it
Not a fair lottery. I don't think the lottery for obtaining gem is a fair lottery. Although there are 3 slots for gold and 3 slots for gems, but you will have much higher chances to get golds instead of gems. I have make observation for more than 100 times and make this conclusion. Most of the time you can't get more than 1 time gems out of 5 trial. You're just not respect those people who watch the ads just for little gems. If you're not really want to give people gems, please don't act kind
I like this game. It is very challenging. The effort you need to put in and sometimes frustration gives a great sense of reward and satisfaction when you finally manage to beat a new level. The item system needs to change however, you can't keep adding new items that dilute the pool of items when the whole system revolves around collecting many of the same item to upgrade it and item drops are completely random. You need to have some kind of control over where to look for items. Uninstalled
The game was good to play except for the fact that you would need to spend certain amount of money to get all the HEROES to get the stats,would recommend making some of the heroes to be buyable through gems so free to play players could buy them,although i bought a few myself through money,i wouldnt buy more heroes just for the stats,overall,nice game
I had recommended it to everyone i knew but i will have to change that now. The new patch added heros that allow new interesting starts to your run which i love! Until i saw you cant get two without spending real money, 10$ and 17$ each! Not Premium currency of which i have purchased over 30 dollars of, but strait up cash. To make it worse 17$! No other way to get her. This is a slap in the face to all of us who bought into the game. Dont waste your money, these devs are going down a dark path
Absolutely a great game to play, simple concept and ads done perfectly and not rammed down your throat. you only see an add if you want extra and you request it. one area to be improved is the energy system i get 4 play throughs and then have to wait a very long time for the energy to regenerate, i feel this needs balancing hence 4 stars. but overall its an excelent and fun game to play.
Maaaaaan! I love this game! I got my boyfriend and my little brothers to play it! They seem very, very happy with this. I do think future updates *could* include different heroes, or give the starter hero an ability because he's the best one. Otherwise, YES. ♡ Thank you for this amazing game. I watch ads alkost every time I see one and I am considering buying something.
The game is fun to play, and they are adding new levels and updates semi-regularly, but I have never used an app/game that glitches as much as this! The ads that they use constantly open the app store to download, and then cause archero to have to start up again, losing whatever you were meant to gain from watching the ad. The enemies also often spaz out, jumping off screen or jumping/shooting repeatedly in the one place as if stuck in a loop.
It is really fun and addicting. There is a diverse amount of enemies which are all easy by themselves but tend to be challenging when put with 2 or 3 other types of enemies. I was looking for something close to the tank game in wii play which it got fairly close to. The things I dont like is leveling up (overall not in match) takes a long time. There is also so many ads (1-3 a match) taking 20 to 30 seconds each. You get bored easily if you dont spend money.
This game is exceptionally fun with unique monsters and a slightly different playstyle throughout each stage. However, in the 6 stages I've now completed I have realized some grievances this game offers. Most importantly, the energy mechanic is obnoxious, with how much you need to replay levels for the gold required to upgrade it's less time playing and more time waiting. It should be removed or at the very least for those who have purchased in-app benefits. Then make gaining gold more fruitful.
This almost always causes me to take a hit after watching a revive ad. After the revive you get control immediately but the game auto pauses shortly after. Usually right when I'm trying to avoid an attack, that split second where I can't move again after the pause screen has caused so many deaths at this piont its infuriating especially during boss fights when 3 hits kills me.
Been playing daily for a few months; it's challenging and addicting, but I have a few issues. Chapter 7 is awful it needs to be optimized I've been stuck on it for weeks, sometimes the bosses run out of health but aren't dead yet, and I have over 800k coins with nothing to spend it on until I get to level up. Adding new heroes is a nice touch, but spending real money to buy the last two heroes is pathetic. I don't have an issue with app purchases, but their prices lower the game's quality imo.
Fix that difficulty progression. Even with relentless grinding levels 7 (normal) and 3 (pro) leave 0 chance of success. There's no point in persevering when there's not a chance. stops being fun really, really quick. Edit: more than a month has passed. Still stuck at the very same point in normal mode and the app updates only brought more pay-to-win options. Ridiculous, down to the lowest - well deserved - rating.
Energy system adds nothing to game play, in fact it prevents a decent game play. Otherwise a good game is ruined by developer stupidity and greed. 60 minutes waiting for one play is ridiculous and laughable. This game is broken. Uninstalled.
i really love this game. but your recent update messed up the game. before i can play it of line then sync it after. but now it doesnt work. please put it back, make it just like before. that we can play it offline. ill put it back to 5 stars. its a pity that i referred this game to my friends. then this happened. fix it please.
A good game, but the difficulty level is way too high, its almost like this game is not meant to be cleared at all. i have given up on trying to clear the stages because trying to clear it seriously only gives me frustration
This game has become quite lackluster. Even if you're paying, you still lose. This game isn't even P2P anymore. Heroes cost as much as the average Steam game and getting new weapons upgraded to the same level as your old ones will take way too long. I still like the gameplay of this game but they've really screwed over late-game players, even ones that paid. And sure, you can get everything for free, but some things will take way too long and just won't be rewarding. Fix the game, Habby, please
The game starts to just throw more enemies at you instead of stronger ones. It gets to the point where you can sometimes barely tell whats happening. It gets so bad that you almost shoats need the ricochet ability! Also please fix the AI so my character doesn't try to shoot at an enemy thats behind a wall just because they're the closest one! Remove healing from the boss prize wheel nothingnis worse then beating a boss, bosses already drop healing orbs! So most of yhe time I'm already max hp!!!!
This is a great game. It seems like an app that is chalk full of ads, but i havent had a single add thrust upon me thus far. This is a very simple game, and yet extremely fun! The fact you can customize what upgrades you get every level feels really good, and lets you cater to your playstyle. It's simple enough that a kid could play it, yet rewarding enough that people like me who enjoy strategizing and playstyle customization anjoy it just as much. Thank you for making such a great game!
Latest update is wild, as far as the game presents the only way to use the new leveling system after a certain point is to pay for boxes of random shards, or do an event quest and pay a new currency for them, which doesn't sound bad until noticing that the event is once a day, if that, and the number of times you can get the shards is limited to small "seasons" They also removed the best way to get gold, the money that you could get from accumulating offline used to get a 50% bonus, capped now.
This is a truly great game, one of the best on mobile. The controls are a bit off, fine movement is difficult to do (but rarely needed), and difficulty is very high, and stays high. It's got a good item system, and upgradable player traits (but getting traits is random). Monetisation ruins all the good points. Item drops are barely existant (to make you buy random item boxes), and poor when they appear, and the one-off payments are too expensive for what you get. Devs: please do better.
The most un-professional Energy System :) Its been my favorite game all time... you can't make gamers like me to wait to play a match this is unfair and unprofessional... you want more people gain you money with your ads make more game time and be fair in the lottery... such a bad experiment........
The newest update where they added equipment with out increasing drop rates and a new hero evolution that takes two forms of resources one of which is really rare. At this point upgrading both equipment and evolving heros is basically impossible with out spending literally thousands of dollars. Not tens or hundreds, but thousands of dollars. I dont mind spending some money, supporting the devs, but this update seemed like it was pretty much designed as a giant money grab.
I have quite enjoyed playing archero. however it does sadden me that there is an energry system because I do want to keep on playing. i also believe the distance the bats move should be taken down a bit. i wish you could continue leveling up and acquiring all the skills and I would prefer it if it were easier to buy upgrades instead of leaving it to luck. apart from that, I do enjoy this game
Kinda fun, gets a little boring later on, though. In one of the ads I saw you could build a stage and play in it. Still havent found that feature, even at level 49. Gems are incredibly easy to get, so people complaining about it being "pay to win" are whining. Overall decent game.
Such an addictive game! Ads done right!! You can choose to happily play this game with no Ad interruptions but you will end up volunteering for a few choice ads. IT NEEDS AN UNLIMITED MODE!! where you go through as many rooms as possible maybe from start to finish or maybe unlimited rooms on each area see how long you can last. Great game! Gems are a bit expensive and the timeout / energy feature is vert annoying but appart from that, great game. Well done Habby.
Love the game so far. One if the best mobile games I have ever played really. The variety is awesome. The reason I cant give it 5 stars would be the energy system. It needs reworked or something. Only giving me one run an hour is too low and only being able to bank 4 total runs is not much. Also, give me the ability to modify controls. The visual is too large and sometimes obscures the bottom part of the screen. Fix that and we will be at 5 stars.
This game would get 5 star but there are a few serious issues. when i have asked for help, using the "contact us" in the game, they never respond!!! I have tried several times using different email addresses. I guess they just don't care about custumer satisfaction. Another issue is with the special events like, desert ghost. When i pay 100 gems for a extra run i didnt expect to have to pay energy as well. You dont find out you need to pay the energy until after u pay the 100 gems!!
Very good game play. Not pay to win, but it will take oyu more time if you don't pay. The only bad part that you have to wait for the energy to recharge which is really stupid, because without it you can't play. And the recharge time is very long.
The game provides Ad runs for advantages. Sadly the scaling and benefit of these are minimal. Extremely Grundy game with hardly any upside to the grind. My opinion is that they increase drop chance. Scale gold drop better to level. Extend the battle pass. I purchased a battle pass. But it's only for like a week? Most games with this model. With a similar battle pass cost gets you WAY more.
Used to be a fun game... I don't engage with microtransactions, so this was fun while the alternative was to watch ads, which I'm ok with. But the updates have continued to make it nearly impossible to upgrade your player and advance without microtransactions. Just turned into a bait & switch from what it used to be.