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Archer Hero 3D

Archer Hero 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i played approx 500 level but i found same stages comes repeat no dificulties is increasing so i was feeling bore....
I really like the graphics of this game because I just like the physics and they're not too hard you know what I like about it because some games artist really art best game this game on what are the creators good job
Absolutely amazing, for a free mobile game it has incredible graphics. At first when I downloaded the game I was bummed about all the ads, but then I learned a tip, for all the ppl who are sad about the ads just turn off ur wifi and data and no ads can pop up it is so amazing. No need to buy Zero Ads
repetitive without any challenges....shoot arrows and kill bad guys...over and over and over...after 10 minutes the thrill is gone. 2 stars.
Fabulous physics included in the game. But need to work and devlope the characters in real human face and body with aggressive attack mode. Over all good job
This game is not fun at all the effects are so bad and there is even no main menu so pls fix that or I will UNINSTALL! And never play it again. So pls fox it
Game is an alright time killer. However, there's an ad after every single round. So a 15 to 30 second ad after a 15 to 20 second round. ---uninstalled
Would give it a higher rating but there is an ad after every. Single. Level. I'm spending more time watching ads than playing the game. That's not a good ratio, so I'm uninstalling. It was fairly fun too though. A little disappointed.
Okay developers, an ad after EVERY FREAKING LEVEL is unacceptable. Change that and I might re-download. Yep just deleted game.
Paid to not have ads. Still have to watch ads for the upgraded arrows. How about no ads every 5 levels but you have to watch an ad if you want one before the 5? It's just the principle of the thing.
It's so cool but I want it to be harder like make bigger man that takes a lot of arrows then the one on the game now
This game is similar to bubble wrap. It's an extremely easy and dull concept but slightly satisfyingly. There is no campaign or real difficulty to it.
It's a great game. Play it on Airplane Mode to get rid of the ads. My only gripes are that there isn't enough enemy variation, (only three types of enemies) and there are no weapon options. It's great otherwise.
I wanted to rate it zero!?!? Because there's so many ads after I finish a level and it's like 1000 times of ads!!?!? This game is bad!!! 200 Percent of bad! 😑😑 PLEASEE UPDATE THIS GAME THAT HAS NO ADSS 🀯😑🀯😑
GET RID OF THE STUPID SIGN ON THE RIGHT SIDE AND I'LL GIVE YOU 5 STARS BACK! The damn sign screws up my distance shots. Really ANNOYING!!! * Use your ring finger to aim - it's the most sensitive finger and the easiest to aim with.
Absolutely love this game ok a few ads but no problem just may need an update some levels look exactly the same but apart from that really good fun game
I love this game too much. This game is literally one of the only good things about 2020 and I really hope it gets updated. Keep up the fantastic work, Voodoo!
Very cool game. Love how the enemy bends and contorted the body gets with every hit of an arrow !! Well done
Boring, easy and of course rife with ads, i genuinely feel horrible for anybody who has to work for you, you also dont have sound effects that you put in your ad, you also took a voice clip from Team Fortress 2's "spy" character for your ad, imagine being this lazy.
One of the BEST plot of the game BUT your creativity Destroyed the entire Game!! WASTE OF GOOD SCRIPT!! No crestivity for levels, Backgraound , Animation, lenght of Level , Faces of Enemies...... NOTHING!!! NOTHING More you have created than FIRST LEVEL.... It seems you are playing same level again and again .... This Could be one of the Best entertaining game..... But creative team has slept during the discussion I belive !
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I would like to suggest that sometimes I tap the enemies heads, but the bow doesnt shoot at my direction.
I play a few levels now and it gets real choppy. 9/11/20 Now, seeing as how you never responded to my first review, I'll say this. The game is still choppy after I play about 6 levels and now the special arrow you get after beating 5 level by watching an ad - that does not work. It works like 1/4 of the time and I'm tired of it. I found a way to fix that now and it's called UNINSTALL!!!!!!
I would give it a 5 star because of how the game is made and the funny ragdoll eliminations but my only complaint is it can be to easy and has an ad every round, but this is my only complaint. And also could you add more powerful characters to try to defeat? The rest of the game is good
When you get to 500 levels your every five arrows video does not load and you have to play with normal arrows.
This game is the next level of archery game it's environment is soo good the system is preety good aswell and it has a insane amount of levels it's a perfect archery game
Very easy to shoot. Lots of levels. About two hundred or more. It's fun to Play plus it also pass the time. It will make you,but have to stay on your toes. The developer's did an excellent job in developing this App.
the game is great i love it. except one problem is that after a couple kills on the levels it logs me out of my phone it sends me back to my home screen but other than that its a great gameπŸ‘
Too many adds so I paid to get rid of them. And I just u installed this game and my phone is ad free from millions of adds on chrome.
It's cool until you start getting so many ad's, and that is annoying, very annoying πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
Its good but like after every game you have to watch an add and when you get killed ad and when you get aroows ad
Reay fun, I like the ragdoll effect, it would be way better if you can get new bow and arrows to play with.
You should add more bows that do more damage and add more enemies that have higher health and a boss after every 5th level that takes 10 headshots to kill with the regular bow and the higher the level the more headshots it takes more headshots to kill it.
The advert for this game looked so bad I had to try it. Yeah it's bad.... You also get ad spam... But at least it's honest πŸ˜‚
Well at first it was fun but then they started reusing levels which is when I gave them the benifit of the doubt but they were all just reapeted levels. Very sad.
GET RID OF THE STUPID SIGN ON THE RIGHT SIDE AND I'LL GIVE 5 STARS! The damn sign screws up my distance shots. Really ANNOYING!!!
Ok I guess ,doesn't get harder and you can't advance your weapon, on the 475 level and nothing's changed, No Real excitment
Ok shooting game. Once you refine your technique you're in no danger from these moronic hillbilly enemies who stroll in your direction aimlessly waving their clubs before you depatch them with an arrow to the head. After 300+ levels it's the same as earliest scenarios. Only challenges are being careful not to execute hostages and despatching shield guy with one head shot. Sometimes i try to pincushion these dumbies, best effort was eight arrows though last four into his deceased corpse...
The game is incredibly basic and not challenging at all. The graphics are terrible and the controls suck. Aiming is way too easy. The bad guys don't pose any threat. And, there is an add every single level. Come on guys. This is pathetic.
Ridiculously boring. Every enemy looks the same, you have no control over where your character looks or moves. You just tap to fire an arrow, the arrows have no ballistics and simply fly straight. And of course you have to watch an advertisement after EVERY level. Lazy and greedy developers.
This game gets more entertaining as you play. Every level is pure arcade style action with Ragdolls. The graphics get more gory after a dozen levels or so. So it was well worth the download.
I like it I just wich there were different people to fight but the ads are my complaint they pop up every time you complete a level but other then that the game is pretty good.
Uninstalling... latest add-on works 1 time in 10. Tired of backtalk from bots. Not wasting my time or money for something that doesn't work properly!
Your game is so cool make more and it was so exiting your company should have 10000000000000000000000$ rock on exept that when you hit the sheild of the ninga its like a snake and i do not like that
After playing the game for about 20 minutes, I closed it and came back later. I played again and was starting to like it. That was it, it wouldn't work after that. I uninstalled it several times and it doesn't work at all. NOTE TO DEV: This is one way Google punishes device users for disabling as many useless apps of the 100 or so that come installed on new phones. They f* over the map app and games and phone calls and everything and YOU pay them to use your own game against yourself.
Good game for the first 10 or so levels but it's the same all the way through , the only reason I've kept playing is to see if things change but it doesn't and it gets boring that's why ime uninstalling
Very fun game, but I wish there was a sandbox option where you could make your enemy unkillable or be able to summon armies to fight. It would just overall make the game a lot more fun. I like it and I hope you consider!
It's a great game, but....there's no boss to fight and there's no other weapons to choose from especially advancing through numerous levels and i not talking about the "watch this video and claim this item" weapon because that's limited!!!!
I love this game but I am adoring the special arrows. My fav is the ones that turn the targets into snowmen. Please give us more of these extras
This app is very cool and with very little ads but sometimes it crashes which I technically ignore but I love the game whenever I'm sad I play this game it make me soooo happy that Id love to rate it a πŸ’― stars
Too repitative and boring. Good for children below 2, I guess. Anyone who is above that age will not face any challenge in beating the game.
What would make your game a frigging 5β˜† if you where awarded points for competition, how fast where the kills & finished the game too getting points for artistic shots. Meaning if your enemy went down from a 1st shot what position was the enemy in when he got up & was shot a 2nd time. When you guess where he will land & hit him a 2nd time, then more points would be awarded. To a battle with other Emailers who play the game to a playoff format?
It's a good game but here's a tip add pistols shotguns and tings like that and make it a little more harder and add atleast 30 guns for pistols, 30 for shotgun,sniper or even a machine gun
It's a fun game I just wish there was more to it instead of just shooting an arrow at people but still is fun
I have one major issue with this game!!! The higher the levels get!!! The game starts getting glitches!! To the point where i had to stop playing it for a while and then start back playing it again!!!
I love this game so much. On minecraft its hard to use the crossbow but this one is much easier. Don't use the minecraft crossbow.
Similar to 3 other games I've played like this. Repetitive, and very easy, starts to get boring after 50 levels
This gane is so much interesting and very much amusing.I like its moves,skills,throwing arrow in a specific target was really awesome.But when we overcome & complete each level ,it becomes tough & difficult to overcome.Bcoz when hit a enemy with given arrows then it fails to maintain the direction of a target in a right way.That's why rated 4 stars.πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€!!!!!
Quite good initially but extremely repetitive. No increase in difficulty or anything from level 1 to 80 or so. Edit - game now crashing. Final straw. Bye bye.
Fun idea but quickly gets boring and repetitive especially since the levels are short and very easy so they can show you ads ads and more ads. Best played in airplane mode.
The ads are the most boring thing in the game, I am deleting the game now, if it gets fixed I will install the game again and give it a 5 star rating, I promise! But please fix the ads problem
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Gets old very fast. It's great for the first ten levels or so, but it then just becomes repetitive and the difficulty never increases. I got to level 215 and never came close to dying or failing to complete a level. The only reason I played so many levels was just to see if anything changes to make it worthwhile. It doesn't. Play the first few levels, you will enjoy them, then uninstall it.
Would be 90 times better if there was blood and different weapons such as guns, rocks, crossbows, things like that. Maybe even new modes like a sandbox and to spice it up, detachable limbs. If you shoot an arm, it will rip off.
I love this game! It's just hilarious cruelty. Ive been playing for more than a month and I still literally laugh out loud at the way they react to my arrows.
It's cooler than the other one but when the are there it sucks I don't like that there's so many ads on that game though but it's a good game I like the rag dolls and stuff but it just sucks so long and so many but you made a good good games and that's really good game it was a good job on your game I would give it a 5 Star but there's too many ads and they're too long but I was five star so I'm giving it a four star arrivals are the best thing in the game though the game is pretty good by
I don't know how you manage to get away with this. First off, I would say there's too many ads but its obvious you don't care about your users. Secondly, its just a worse Knock em all, which i recommend instead of this. Thirdly, there's nothing to do. This game is just a cash grab. If a lot of the 5 star reviews mention something negative about the game, you know you've made a bad game.
I really like the game its really addicting but I got to level 160 and so far no challenges please add somthing to make it harder
Hey um Can you add 5 different npc's What the NPCs do A slightly bigger one than the big boi It dies at 6 shots A weak npc yhat dies in 2 shots Boss fights after 5 levels And more Please can do do that?
It is what it's meant to be. A time killer. So it's very basic. Enemy's all the same. Can't control shooter. Has alit of potential
Honestly, there Is only a couple good games out there rn with the pandemic... I am proud to say, this is one of em! Please make a more realistic version. Where we can add blood for free.. Thanks. Cya!
Why intrusive ads??? Why not ads that close when you tap the X?? Closing an ad brings more ads or takes you to Playstore. Are you trying to chase your players away or what? I played one round and had to close it because of the ads, well done guys.
This game after you get to level 30 it just goes through the same levels again with different character designs
I really dig this game... The physics are outstanding, the levels aren't difficult but are still engaging and there is something very satisfying about shooting these bobbleheaded bad guys in the face. I love the macabre moments such as when you've just pinned a guy to a wall and he's hanging there with his head spinning, eyes wide, as though he can't fathom what just happened to him. For me, the only thing that keeps it from 5 stars is the limited variety of levels... Overall, very enjoyable.
This game is so boring. My reasons are that it has no boss battles, no shop to get new weapons and arrows, and useless automatic wander turn. Also tge arrows do not shoot wherever i tap. This game is pretty useless. There are also a crate full of ads everytime i complete a level.
That's like really really laggy I'm sorry but I have to put this at number one but it's just because my phone is not like smoother anything like my internet not that really smooth but if I had a phone that wasn't like laggy it will be at number 5 but not really πŸ˜… thank you for respecting my comment.
Fun game but there's not enough ads! There's only one ad after every single level you play! Maybe place more ads, but in the middle of your levels? It would also make the game last longer.
ĐawnIaod (WHAFF) App to EARN MONEYs. Phenomenal app! Never a disappointment withanything bearing the name of or affiliated withGoogle. And yea, there are cheaper apps out there that promise a lot more, but I've learnedby experience there is no compromise whenit comes toefficiency, reliability, and cutting edge products iand No, I do not work for noram I being compensated by them. They simplasked for a review and Im simply statingbased on experience whom is the least likely to disappoint. KeepUp the great work guyzz.
Best shooting game i ever played, if i could rate ten, i would,my rating is still 10/10 even if i cant rate ten. Graphics, low, but fine for me- thank you developers for making this game! This is a game i like, not like the other games that are hard.
I love this game its a good and graphical game. I have 2 ideas for this game for the developers. 1idea:armour for the mpcs to make it a bit challenging 2idea:bows i think the mpc should get a bow for long range plz add these ideas:)
No pop up ads when you get on level 219 that's what I'm on you get one shot done arrows you should download it five stars
Level 286 and no other different NPCs (there's only 3 NPCs that I can see) ... Can you add more NPCs please.. Only thing that's keeping me on this game is the rag doll effects xD
Dose not follow how a bow works. Can't shoot far shots. U see the arrows go but they don't hit, yet they stick in the walls. I'm on level 200, same targets, same difficulty level. A good waste of time.
The games is so badly written it stutters and judders all the time. Game play is ridiculously easy, if you get by the stuttering. Two ads after every short level, uninstalling...
This game kicks ass, especially with the latest update! Simple but very fun.. WARNING: ADDICTIVE😏😎😁
I got through level 115 in several days without a single failed attempt. Incredibly easy game. A 5 yr old could win. No challenge. There are ads after every single round so its a money grab. Its a little fun at first.
I paid for this game so there wouldn't be ads and for awhile, there were none. I now have ads so what did I pay for? I want what I paid for which is no ads like before. I'll edit my rating when this situation is solved. I love this game and I liked it better after I paid and the ads went away.
Have you ever wanted to play a game so simple that mentally challenged people or well trained chimpanzees could succeed? Well you've just found your game! Just teach the mentally deficient person or monkey to touch the heads of the people coming at you and you can go far. Waste of time if not in either of those groups.
I love the game and I always come back to it. But the updates just aren't there. Pls give faster and harder units aswell as customization and upgrades to the bows
It passes the time. SHOULD be more challenging enemies, different sorts of bows to use, etc. NO NEED FOR ADS AFTER EVERY LEVEL!!
Pretty good mindless fun to watch the ragdoll Finally finding a surge of mobile games that show gameplay in ads and also aren't connect 3