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Archdemon is too strong!!

Archdemon is too strong!! for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by NaranoHito located at 北海道札幌市北区麻生町3-2-4-206. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The aim of the game is to destroy the arch demons by tapping the screen to produce troops, the cost of upgrades shoot up pretty quickly between tier 3 and 4 but it's not bad!
While I do enjoy watching the hordes of humans attack the archdemon, the game feels like it's missing a little... oomph. It is really addictive to watch however
Want to tap your screen literally 50,000 times before anything meaningful happens? This game is for you!
At first, it felt sort of boring but I recently got so addicted to this game! I love to see that an Adventurer went from 10 coins when defeated to over 70 million!
The game itself is fun but more info would be nice. Character energy upgrade should be health or stamina instead. One last thing I do not understand if it is a bug or not is when you upgrade the last coin multipler in each character skill upgrade the income go down instead and it say something about experience which I do not understand at all. Please fix this or explain what is.
I like tapping games, but I've never really seen one where you get money to spend on upgrades by having your own army get killed. It's a cool, different, and kind of dark way to go about getting said upgrade money.
The game keeps crashing everytime when I try to level my heroes, this problem never occur until I reached the 11th demon. The demon is literally too strong that it crashed my game.
I love this game, but I can't start it on my new phone. When I try to start it all that happens is a black screen. I'm using a Sony Xperia XZ.
It's a good game, just tap tap tap. But at the same time a little confusing. There's no point to upgrade early mobs
I love this game. However, I cannot play it for long time because my phone get heated too fast. I really hope that you guys can have a look at this one and glad to see your update as soon as possible. :)
Throw ur heroes against tyranical demons! Question pls! Do i kill the monsters that spawn or let them stay? I saw a skill that ups the monsters limit and not sure why that would be good. And what is the hero skill that would give more gold upom hero death? Ty and great game!
So many things happen on screen that I can't keep track. I love it. It's ZERG rush, the game! Extended: please continue development, it's one of the most fun games I have.
This is a game part of the "tap" series of games where you tap on the screen nonstop to produce units. The more units you produce, the more units that die (in which you receive gold for upgrades). And that's it. It's a very simple complex that is fun for a while but after about half an hour of it, you will probably get bored. If these tap games are your thing, you may find exploring and learning more about the skills and upgrades fun. If you need something more to hold your attention, I'd move on and not waste your time. Has a lot of potential but unfortunately falls short.
Finally,a Japanese clicker game that is awesome,as well in English. Love this game a lot and how easy the game really is. I love that the is not like other clicker games that are so childish or are just plan boring. I love this game and hope it does more in the future.
is what this should be named in english :P Really amusing and quite fun, just the translation needs to be cleaner obviously and needs to 'fit' the boxes. It looks quite amaturish. Says there are IAP's but I don't see any anywhere so, no big deal. Out of sight out of mind. -1 star for the poor translation but otherwise its quite good.
I love this game right now im on a guy with 7 trillion hp and I have him half way i hope he will die soon and I hope there will be more deamons in the future. Keep making cool games
Some of the skill descriptions don't make any sense and could use better explanations... it's a fun game otherwise.
Incredibly simple- click as fast as you can until the demon is dead. Multiple classes and skills, lots of items and sub-enemy types to collect and a variety of music and background options. Excellent clicker!
Please Fix I've played this game for a long time on the same phone I'm using now but, I don't know if it was an update or what but, the game just black screens every time I open it. Samsung S6 Edge Plus.
I think the best part is the stupid faces everyone makes after they land a hit. Especially if they get hit and leave those bouncy corpses right afterwards.
Simple game. Time consuming. Nice to play to pass time. All of these guys games are good. I like seeing sprites in each game.
Can't wait for that line/tweet and bank off ad bull to go away. Fun to watch billions of people die so you can get rich.
It's a good clicker/idle game. You have several different units you may purchase or upgrade. You can also spend the money earned on any passive skill. The game has 2 modes, but you will spend much more time on the main one, to defeat all Archdemons. The game isn't too hard but it's not easy either. You'll have to spend some time before getting stronger, but all the upgrades are worth it. In the end you'll have a fun and casual experience in this game. I recommend it if you want to burn a few minutes here and there.
Simple, straight forward and repetitively addictive lol.. I love the art work (both pixelated as well as the character profiles).
All I got was a Starbucks ad on top of the screen with darkness. Please help me the game sounds fun but I can't play it. Uninstalled.
Gets a bit boring. And a heads up for newcomers. It may seem like the earlier soldiers are weak and will never get as strong your higher soldiers, but at certain points they can actually be better and stronger than others.
I am at the ancient archdemon and it breath bad HAHAHAHA so funny and addictive game I love in just 10days all my char lvl20 I love these game😊
The translation is barely passable, however it's a clicker game. Personally I'm not too fond of these, but the game is perfectly competent for what it is. I like the aesthetic, the idea that you're fighting something that will lowly take tens of thousands of characters to beat, and the unlock system.
Yeah,finally english translation is here! Although i'm already a bit understand the game through trial and error. I would give you 5 star if there are cloud save and google play achivements for remwmbrance ;) also,we need more stages or perhaps you could launch new sequel of this game.
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Hero's maxed at 100/150... And skills saying "experience working". There nothing more to do, besides tapping the screen??
Poor graphics I don't normally complain about, but when you combine it with no music, poor quality sound effects, and ads on both the TOP AND BOTTOM of the screen: you can tell this game was made in a hurry to generate money. Whenever I unlock anything new, I have to sift through every menu to figure out what I unlocked in order to turn off the notification. I also noticed I have to double click for one unit. Boooo. The concept is interesting, but the execution is awful. I got bored in literally 2 minutes.
I am now appeased. Upon retrying it a year later, it seems to finally be working for me again. Now i can return to my demon desteoying pasttime.
this game was enjoyable until the Strongest Demon appeared. i have gold to spare but no place to spend them on. i do not understand why the developers had to put a level limit for the heroes. now i can only wait forever for the demon to drop dead.
What does stamina upgrade do in the skills tab? All the guys die in one hit and the value of them dying doesn't increase.