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Arcane Online - Best 2D Fantasy MMORPG

Arcane Online - Best 2D Fantasy MMORPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by GALA INC located at IVY East Bldg 3F, 3-11-11, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0002 JAPAN. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Awsome game. Theres everything and you can actually get to the top tier without paying. A tip for you. Dont get rid of your monarch emblem.
To all RPG lovers, I hate to be you if you haven't experience to play this one!!! 😅😅😅 Congratulations to all the developers of this game. But next time please, make the movement console more bigger and easy to use 😅.. Good job!!
Very fun. Good system in place for an mmo especially on mobile. Reminds me alot of older MMOs and rpgs. Just a bit more modernized. The screen can get a little bit cluttered but they don't throw in your face stuff to buy. Very good game. Will continue to play. Hope to see more come to the game.
Looked good too bad it wants too many permissions. Better games do more with less, better luck with the next game.
No ability to send items and have to spend about 20$ us to use the Auction House. Other than that it's a good game, friendly players.
When I was looking at other reviews I thought "Hey this sounds really really fun!". but when I got into the app I wasn't able to play, because of how much the game lagged. It was not my device because everything else I got on worked as if it were a high-speed computer system. I'm sorry but I just can't give a higher rating. I'm sure you will fix this problem and i may get to enjoy what other reviewers have said they loved about this game. Thank you! -OaCPlayer15
Should reward the warrior and shaman class more since they are fronting the bosses & minions which required higher grade gears than the mage & archer. At certain level can gain meditation (idle) experience & gold. With Autohunt feature on, hunting minions can gain Exp & Gold faster resulting in gears wear which required gold for repairs. Range attack of archer & mage are out of proportion (not far enough). Be prepared to bully by higher level players as they plundered from your Abyss chests. Needs very long time of playing to gain/craft the top notch gears/avatars/mounts/buddy/zodiac/runes in order to prevent your bullies from successful plunders. Suggestions: The fourth quick-skill slot is a bit close to the potion shortcut slot:- shrink the Left direction and Right controls control interface. Skills setting for various minions/players should have 2 separate sets: 1 for dungeon (not all skills is suitable for dungeon survival when left to fight solo with the boss:- any delay means loss of more health), the other for arena/plunder. Skill setting button should move further left down(not to clutter the screen).
i rated it so highly for the +50 gems. the game is not what i like for a MMORPG. the music is outstanding, therefore, it gains a star based soley on that, and that alone.
1.5GB downloaded just to get disconnected every 10 seconds. What an unforgettable experience. 10/10 - IGN
Fantastic game with beautiful graphics, stunning music, great combat, interesting story and quests, and....servers less reliable than British government delivering on their election promises. Please fix the connection. Today I was able to play for the first time in 5 days! Otherwise you can log in but nothing works within the game and it keeps reconnecting every 10 seconds (no joke). Rubies shop shows blank all the time. I hope this is not an abandoned project as it would be great shame!
Gotten very boring. Was a real good time.. No new content in years...Last update was to the auction hall. Totally nonvalue add. Making it more costly and less fluid in trading in game items between players.
Well thought-out well done and graphics and in Simplicity of the game also great detail of being able to spec your character with great looking armor and and the defining of skill through earning your way and position understand I also think that a great amount of fairness and thought was giving in to the spending of actual money to acquire certain things or position and abilities through the game well done I'm glad to have experienced this game
Pretty good game I just don't like how automated the game system is and how everything is organized, it really is a good game just I don't really like it
Seems like it would b a good game, but not willing to allow it to make and manage phone calls, there is no need for that permission to be granted, I'm amazed anyone allows that.
You need seals to run dungeons with others or to run them alone. If you run out of seals, you must purchase rubies, a currency purchased with real world currency. Doesn't feel like a proper mmorpg being that you are using real money to play with others. Questing doesn't hardly award any actual loot. You can gear upgrades/loot through dungeons. Same goes for blueprints that allow you to craft gear. Receiving loot is a hassle, you must pick a random card in hope to find loot. Overpriced in game currency. Bad in game graphics. Bad animations for your character or on mobs. You basically have to pay to play with others and pay for your gear due to how everything is set up. The worse mmorpg I have ever played where you are punished for playing with others due to game developer greed. Not recommended. These are all copy cat mmo's anyway with no creativity whatsoever. No wonder the mmo's aren't as popular as they used to be because of this garbage online today. I didn't expect much from a mobile mmo anyway. This is the ultimate anti-mmorpg of all time. Never once did I even run into another player the entire time I played it. Unless if I was in a dungeon. Which concluded of killing 10 to 15 mobs & the usual boring boss at the end. It took 2 mins to run. An insult to true mmo's / mmorpg. This is perfect for non-experienced gamers who have no clue what an mmorpg should be like because they have no clue what they are even looking at. Mmoer's used to amazing mmo's, look elsewhere & dismiss this app.
Its semi auto rpg, which works well since I don't have much down time. It's easy to play, level up, and group finds for dungeons or can do many solo. Many quests, tasks, and side activities to gain exp, gold coins, gear stuff, mount and buddy activities. Cute outfits, love the graphics, and various options of gear, equipment, avatars, mounts, buddy, and gaurdians.
It plays itself almost entirely. Player's job is to watch the character run around and fight. This is not a MMORPG.
Mindblowingly bad amount of auto-play. 1.5gb download just for the game to play itself. Disgusting. Garbage. Have played games half the size with far better graphics and content. Uninstalled. My friends also uninstalled at the same time, for the same reasons. We really expected more. Didn't think it could get worse than Toram Online, but I stand corrected.
This game is rly gd but i feel the graphic and control is not gd plush the arona thing we cant fight without auto so its a bit boring plush the graphic is not much gd
Thegame is pretty nostalgic and have some interesting features that you cannot find in todays mob.mmo, but the controls are horrible the way the character moves is not fluid and sucks a bit
I spent 20 dollars to buy a chest and the only thing it gave me was common material it showed what it gives you right next to the chest but yet I get common material don't play this game
Decent game but needs new server, just started but everyone on server has been playing for a while so there all 800k and were starting with only 6k, it takes a while to gain power so need new servers
This game promises a mobile adventure and delivers on it. I imagine if PvP is your thing there's a lot of grinding. Haven't had any real issues with the campaign. The maps are immersive and feel realistic. Working on the crafting. Inventory system is good, but expect to dismantle obsolete equipment for crafting reagents and to avoid becoming overloaded. The campaign up to 10th level will provide enough space for when you need to dismantle stuff.
Gotta be one of the best games ive ever played! Has a diablo kinda vibe to it. Wish i could give it more stars!!
The game is great, even though the graphics are older. The way the game was designed is what makes it fun. So much to do, and it's not p2w🤜🤛🤘. REALLY need advertising to get people playing this game. Once they play it they will enjoy it lm sure.
Slow loading to login into the game but once in good story characters and plot but again very slow some phones may not be able to handle the storage space would recommend wait till the bugs are cleared. Other than that great game.
One of the best MMO on play store, you can build a nice account without been VIP but it will take a lot of effort and pacience...
Either you give permission to make calls or can't play at all, that's seriously bad. All the other games out there works even if you deny phone calls permission. I'm really disappointed.
A truly excellent RPG game. The community is friendly, and there is a good balance of gameplay and rewards. I highly reccomend this game.
Looked promising...but after entering the game it said it needed to download like 1.4 gigs....I have 5 gigs free and clear...press button to accept download but the app thinks I don't have enough space...just and option to "reconnect" over and over and over again..no other options. Uninstalled.
The only two things I don't care for is the pause after you reach lvl 30 in getting missions and the fact that you hardly get any money for doing the missions. You can't build up any gold and everything ingame cost a bundle. Otherwise I rally enjoy the game.
The game is fun, but after playing everday for 2 weeks, I noticed you need ALOT of time (or money) to level up to many with 400K power or much higher like other players. Games are not supposed to take a lifetime or the US gold reserve to advance. Sorry, this game is not for me! Good luck though.