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Arcade Games for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by arcde. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Wow. That's all. This app is amazing. The only criticism I'd give is that I can't seem to figure out how to change the turtle in the TMNT game. Otherwise, it's awesome.
If it's a 4 player game like TMNT or the Simpsons, will not let you select just 1 player. Please fix the problem with the joystick. Having same issue!!! Its a yr later
If your looking for a mame emulator that already has over 100 games installed on it then this is it. All genres but I mostly was interested in fight games. They have King of fighters 95 through 2001. They have every Samurai Showdown made almost. They have like 20 unpopular gems that even i never heard about. What they don't have unfortunately is Capcom titles. Like Marvel Vs Capcom. Or X-Men Vs Street fighter , etc. But it's good for every other game. no last blade either. But it's still great
Everything is awesome except for the controller input on certain games specifically like when playing Mortal Kombat with a game pad the controls was all over the place and confusing made it difficult to play
Great app Great selection of roms to play....brings back old memories from my childhood going to the arcade and just being astonished by all the games and running straight to The Simpsons or XMen.....Man Konami was the best in thier arcade hayday
A large and fantastic selection of games. All so far have been compatible with my 8bitdo controller. I highly recommend this app.
Easy controls and download. Please update the games, as there are a lot of arcade games that are not yet included like the battletoads, avengers, dnd, etc. Please please... πŸ™πŸ»
So far this is great , missing some games though like mk2 , spider man and killer instinct . Just they were huge games back in the arcade .never noticed street fighter 2 either . But I love the app and it gets five stars just based on turtle games ha
Would love to see Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road on here, was by far my favorite all time arcade game! Still an awesome arcade for android, mostly due to it's simplicity... You do not have to search for ROM's, just look through the list, download, and play. πŸ‘
Pretty good ! Except the controller buttons are way too big ..i can't see the games im playing some of the time. If that gets fixed its a 5 star rating for sure
FANTASTIC. I almost spent Β£1000 on an arcade cabinet. now I can have a holiday - as long as the world does not end (thanks to the virus) An essential installation to ANYONE over 40
The app does what it says it does. Click a game and It plays. And you can play them offline because once it downloads that's it. The games are all on your phone. Pop up ads when online but none when offline. Onscreen controls a bit hard getting used to. Still a good app.
If you like all the old school games this is awesome. I would recommend a bluetooth controller though
Good games. Some of my past favorites as a kid. Good memories. However, would like to see Legend of hero Tonma, Cobra-command, USAAf Mustang, Sinobi, Pinball, E-swat etc.
This app is very good graphics are brilliant only problem is screen size . Screen size is very small please please please fix this problem.
Really not a bad app. I originally said that not every game was available and i was wrong it was due to my impatience. All but one game works if you let it fully load everytime you start it up. That one game is Double Dragon the fighter style game and it sucked anyway. It takes a minute to load but it is alot of games. It does take up a large amount of data just be warned. Only a single add between plays, not terrible considering there is no pay to play feature Overall real nostalgic and fun.
A very good journey to the past, bring me a lot good memories all this games, when i play it alone or with my friends in the 80 n 90! but we still playin today 2019! Verygood Emulator! I show it to my friends and they quickly went to download the app. Works great fot me. Please Continue add more games in the future. Thank you! Gracias.
It's actually not too bad! It has a HUGE variety of games and classic retro beat em' up arcade games that i used to blow rolls of quarters on at the arcade,all set to FREE PLAY too! It requires a ton of space though because you have to download each game,so one star off,but its still awesome! If you love classic retro arcade beat em up games from the 80s and 90s and 00s,GET THIS!
Yes this is real, and yes it is amazing. Every single classic arcade game basically ever. Definitely recommend.
It is very easy πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰ and support for Android phones awesome playing I am happy to play ,all games in
I love these games! But I want the roms to be read from my SD card, but the settings menu dosn't let you point to anywhere on the SD card, or anywhere just in general for that matter?
Felt like old days when me and my brother stayed up all night just to beat most of the titles featured.Wouldn't trade it for anything else. Great job. Highly recommended to all retro gamers.
If you're looking for a simple emulator with ROMs included this is it. No messing around with MAME4DROID and ROM versions that aren't compatible. This has a decent amount of games and a lot of the obscure ones too. I'm gonna try and plug a controller in to my Galaxy S10+ to see if it works, then I will cast my phone to smart TV and I'm good.
The only thing I didn't like that game starts over but don't save the stage level. I have tried but it not doing it. Everytime I start it's all ways start from beginning.
A whole arcade in your tablet, I thought this was only on mame arcade style cabinets. Only downer the controls are hard to control and some times the joystick controller, when in use, covers up some of the game, but still 5 stars. It would love to see some c64 games like ace of aces, escape to Normandy these where the best game back then, and still now.
Game was brilliant until updated version. Now games need to be unzipped when app is opened. The ads have just ruined it. Cant believe my favourite app has been ruined. Also phone has slowed down completely since installing app. Why does the app need access to my photos? Its a shame but Im uninstalling
This is an amazing little all in one emulator. Do you guys think you could add the old Dungeon and Dragons Games (Dungeons and Dragons: Tower of Doom and Dungeons and Dragons : Shadow Over Mystara) that would make it even better than it is now.
This game is a blast to play. Highly recommend.I installed it on a 7inch tablet.best played with a Bluetooth controller.one reviewer said it had over 100 games I believe that can't prove it because theirs so many games.Theirs a lot of action, Fighting,shooting and adventure games.plenty to choose from.You won't regret it.The only game I had issues with so far is out run had autio problem s.Plus it's Free. It's like being in a arcade.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Make sure you have enough memory big file 1.88 gigs.
This game app is very good and best app for arcade games. I'm play that game when the game was 100 MB, but now the game is 1.7GB. But is is doesn't matter the matter is whose app is better.I love very much when I was playing the game really it is a very good app for arcade forever.
Not very clear how to get some of the games started (waggle the joystick basically), and then some of the implementations leave a lot to be desired. And it is CHOCK FULL of adverts through and through, almost with every touch of a button...
This App Rocks ! With Years of Video Games Fun for All Ages , Add a 4tb To Make More Game Arcade's" with Super Nintendo Games , SEGA Games , Playstation 1 Games , Dreamcast Games , My Tablet Holds Alot of Memory GB. \m/ \m/ Geffen Jeffen The Key Starship Satellite Scope in Allentown, Pa. 18101
It set's up the roms for you zip or not, easy to use, not every game you have is in the database. Just like when you were in the arcades.
Would be 5 great selection of games and controls well but to much adds and the simptions game only picks marge
This app is awesome as I can play a lot of the games that I played when I was growing up but it would be even better if you could add Air BusterBells and Whistles,,Chase H.QCrime City,Crime Fighters,Crudebusters,Devastators,Eswat,Final Blow,Fire Shark/Tiger Shark,Moonwalker,P-47,Tecmo World Cup 90,WWF Supestars,Wrestlefest and Vendetta so if you could do that it would be fantastic:) Thanks:)
why this game Unzip every time...and i have lost my precious data from my memory card after install this game...😠
This app is amazing!! I can't belive this even existed in the play store....and for free!! This is far better than the Mame4droid app (which I promptly uninstalled after playing this one). This app actually has countless roms for many classic arcade games I used to play in my childhood. For the most part, all the games work great and the on screen controls are decent...much better if you have an actual controller IMO. Great job guys!
Amazing how many excellent retro games are in this package. I play this more than my modern console's and pc. If your into retro experiences i highly recommend this app i feel like a kid again lol.
I pumped soooooo many quarters into some of these games when I was young. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this wonderful, nostolgic trip down memory lane.
Im rating it 3 stars just because buttons are shown on the screen, kindly resolve this issue then i would change my ratings upto 5 i promise , its a wonderful app , all games work and playable. Just need to split the screen and control buttons must be at separate place on the screen so that game screen would not be hidden under the fingers. THANKS!
This app my friend is true meaning of old is gold . This is brilliant πŸ‘. Love it it contains all games I like πŸ‘ good job
All the greats from the good old days. Gameplay n graphics are just as I remember. Hope to see Tron, Nemesis, Track n Field, Smash Tv, Centipede and Robotron 2047 just for starters. Best version of its kind by far.
Classic arcade games are amazing, there better than all them old console versions. We always got the rubbish versions compared to the arcades on console, that why people brought consoles to experience the arcades at home. This arcade collection is free? You should add the arcade cabinets to the interface and give this arcade collection a new tiltle screen and sell as premium games collection and add more games like shinobe and operation wolf. Zen pinball is a good example of how to put a good collection together on a nice interface. Look forward to seeing the progress of this collection.
Amazing selection of games. But the time it takes to download a game is longer than usual. I have to leave it out at night just to get 20% of it done. And when it is, the games tend to delete itself from my collection. Please fix this. I want to play this but not with any errors.
Without physical controls this is an exercise in frustration. Ive NEVER sucked so bad at Sunset Riders. Just try it! But it does include a great library of games that run just fine. It's just the controls!!! Investigating better options to make this work.
Excellent emulator for Mame32 multi arcade with all the major classics games available to play for free no extra downloads, and no ads.
Once you get used to the screen controls this app is a treasure trove of nostalgia! I would really recommend that you try it out!
I love this app. I get an amazing ,and Completely playable Offline, stock of true arcade games . That were Actually in an arcade kn My youth. Just thanks so much.
Thanks for improving most of the options.Now i finally can go back to my childhood days once moreπŸ€—Though still improvemet needed with control options.Its hard to control with the button configured.Surely you guys will fix itπŸ‘
A trip down memory lane. Games I enjoyed playing in the arcades. My only concern is not being able to switch players (characters)in multiplayer games. Second, no way to make the button icons transparent (opacity option).Would like to see killer instinct make an appearance. On any emulator. Someone please make a killer instinct mobile !
I had this game before on an old phone it was amazing, but now it won't load more than 4 games, all others are unavailable even though I'm running a far superior phone, shame really as it use to be epic.
Ok, well the game is great over all, there are alot of games in it that are super fun to play and also it has Metal Slug 1 - 6 for free! But the reason I am giving this four stars is because first of all alot of the games said "No Rom" which I think was a typo for "No Room" and second of all the bottons are way too close too the screen which is very annoying and third of all it uses so much storage and system memory after you download it. Other than these problems it is a very good game! Thanks!
Fantastic my old gaming memory but please control button are not upto the standard plz try to improve control buttons other than all games are perfect.
Great app with tons of games from the 90s but the ads are too much. Im willing to pay for this without adds. just give us the option
i love this game it contain all chidhood games like contra metal slug waku waku 7 wonder boy king of fighter and many many more thank you developer.
Best retro game app.. If you want hundreds of retro games collection.. You can install it and enjoy... Since nearly 300 superb games are there in this collection. So it's around 2gb size app.... If you have an android tv box you can install it and use a logitech joystick to play games in retro style playing around 300 inbuilt games In This app... You can convert you tv box to a gaming console by this no need of searching roms it's all in one
Best game app on the Gp market! ~ I only realize how important it is to have every game worthy enough to be mounted in its own personal throne and given a quarter slot , after not having it for storage reasons and having a dream about owning an arcade. (Well short of air hockey) I always wondered why the graphics in the arcade were so advanced compared to consoles like NES and Genesis etc..(ex. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: the Arcade Game on NES=not quite the same experience as MAME?) - C.H
so you did made the game good didn't you creator my game glitches when i open the app it lags its fun to play but you made a glitch game how stupid are you creator this can make you phone glitch (DON'T DOWNLOAD)
Best arcade emulator on playstore.Also I see people complaining about the buttons being to big and in the way.Go to options and you can customize size and position.
A dream come true! I've been waiting for a arcade Double Dragon can can play smoothly. On the PC it has always been way to slow. Just for that game thia app is worth it. Plus it has many other awesome games. The only downside is that there's no way to ad roms like other app I use. I also wished there was a version you can pay for and eliminate the ads :(
great app so far. i dont mind the ads altho i wud prob pay for ad free version. only problem i have had so far is when i go to help section in the options menu for how to setup controls (for usb controller), the app shuts down
I like the games i aint from the 80-90's but love the 80's and 90's alot sometimes i wish i was born in that time. I think its cool that they make games like this
This app is awesome as I can play a lot of the games that I played when I was growing up but it would be even better if you could add Air Buster,Bells and Whistles,,Chase H.Q,Crime City,Crime Fighters,Crudebusters,Devastators,Eswat,Final Blow,Fire Shark/Tiger Shark,Moonwalker,P-47,Tecmo World Cup 90,WWF Supestars,Wrestlefest, Vendetta and Toki. so if you could do that it would be fantastic:) Thanks:)
One of the coolest collections ever, really appreciatable guys keeps move on, just missing few games from the list hope you gonna added with next update
Why this app is huge now before i play this w/ old phone before 2yrs ago two my concerns here one some games here are not playable even if you downloaded the game but you get a waste of file because the the game itself is unplayable second some game are the same even they are diff title but same the game if pop the icons in the gamelist
Well from what I've seen it's awesome but it's a little to big my phone instantly went to 99% storage and it almost broke my entire phone so I couldn't do anything it just crashed:(
Pretty good needs more umph though and the nba jam is glitchy other than that its good i give it four stars if it werent for the glitchy nba jam id give it four and a half
Not sure why it needs permission to our personal storage. All info should be on the app itself. I could understand if it needs to save, but you can not even start a game without giving permission, as it just shuts the app down or locks the screen. We should not be expected to give you that kind of control.
I used to like this app because there were a few great games installed and many more you could download straight through the app, but that seems to have changed. While there are still a few great games, the lists of games to download are gone. There's no point downloading a 1.8GB app for a handful of arcade games that are usually less than a MB. I now use mame and get my roms off various sites. I hope this is only a work in progress and the old format will be back soon, because I really liked it
Awesome! Thanks so much for bringing back my childhood favourites like "Double Dragon", Teenage mutant ninja turtles 1989", "Aliens" "The Simpsons", "Wonder Boy" "The Main Event" "X-Men", can anyone tell me how to change characters in TMNT 1989? controls are hard to do. But otherwise bloody awesome. πŸ‘πŸ˜
I live I can play all the games but I have Issues that I can't use Netplay to play online. Nor allows me to use Help.
Total 290 games, in which at least 100 games are good to Play. Only for those who like 90s games. 16bit graphics.
Amazing! Includes R-Type1&2, Strider,Joe n Mac,Outrun,UN Squadron,Carrier Air Wing,Golden Axe 1, Gradius 3,Salamander,Radtan 1,G auls n Ghosts,Turtles in Time, Gemini Wing,Gunbird 1,Parodius, silkworm and lots more! Definately recommended even though it uses a lot of memory.
Whenever I press the A +B together it make the master volume control option open up then resets whatever game I'm playing making it impossible to actually play any of games.Especially any of the fighting games. Best app for retro games if this could be fixed..
Fun but fingers in the way of the action. Though you can move controls if needed. I may have to get a bluetooth controller but its great for passing some time.
brings back memories of my childhood,like playing arcade games at either chuck e cheese or playing arcade games at the mall while sipping down a slushie.
It's amazing! It has metal slug,1941,1942,ghost,n, goblins, qeu*Bert,mortal Kombat and PAC man plus!!πŸ€―β€οΈπŸ’– I love it it's the best arcade emulator app ever!!!πŸ€―πŸ˜ƒπŸ’—