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AR.FreeFlight 2.4.15

AR.FreeFlight 2.4.15 for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Parrot SA located at 174 quai de Jemmapes 75010 Paris. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Have to go thru hell trying to download app to operate, when loaded, doesn't open app, instead opens website in browser.
Won't connect any of my smart devices to connect to my laptop doesn't have the capability applying the stupid phone my second one. I thought the first one was my fault for not connecting but now the second one I bought is doing exactly the same thing
awful. wont stay connected. drone was hovering in my house and there was no way to make it land after it disconnected, reset drone and app and tried again- this time drone disconnected and was hovering with no way to shut it off and it started moving across the room, I cut my thumb on rotor grabbing drone before it broke things in my house. Horrible app. Horrible product. avoid both.
Crashes on opening says this app was built for a older android version. Please help as I cant fly my ar drone 2.0 anymore now
Doesn't work tried everything won't connect to wifi and tells me battery is dead in like 10 seconds this app is useless.
unable to connect to my drone... says wi fi not available, but yet I have full strength. all my other apps work just fine. wish I had an actual remote to control my now useless waisted money drone... ready to fly but unable to connect SUCKS !!!! PLEASE FIX..
You know I was just excited that it even connected I was having so many problems trying to get this AR drone connected it was getting so frustrating But not with this app connected in seconds really happy
I have a Samsung Galaxy S9. I downloaded the app and was able to link to my drone once, but unable to fly it. I did everything they have suggested in the reviews and nothing works. Thought maybe I needed to update the drones software but I cant undated the drone if I cant connect to it. Connected to my brothers iPhone first try and was able to lift off and fly. I guess Parrot is in bed with Apple.
well I installed the program I have the AR drone created by parrot and this program works for I want to say well say 5 minutes and then I could never find a way to link my phone to the Drone it just simply stopped linking them! I've looked on the internet to figure out this problem but so far I've been unsuccessful I'm using the AR free-flight 2.4.15 at the moment. and it would be nice to get some help with this
I like Parrot drone than any other drone. I like it since i was had little one. But my friend was had a ar drone and he let me try it once and i love it. So i'm looking for new ar drone...
I can't get the app to preform as advertised. I can't register, I can't get the drone to sync to my phone complete garbage. How do I fix this please help
This app is useless evertime i try to register my account nothing happens and also i go to creat a new account it takes me back to the same thing.
I'm not impressed. Wifi is a terrible way to control anything in realtime, especially something that flies, and wifi with a touch screen is even more dumb. Just too much latency. Every crash I had was because of latency and bad controls. I know that Parrot eventually realized this, but yeah. Video quality is garbage, even over USB, since there's just too much vibration and shutter crawl. This product is discontinued for a good reason.
I can't get it to connect with my Android, seems like it only works for iPhones. I have the AR 2.0 parrot and the ZTE MAX BLAZE. I downloaded it on my sis phone (iPhone 8) and it works fine. I really don't agree that it's compatible with Androids.
So far I'm frustrated because the drone won't stay connected. I got the drone from a friend who had removed the camera, but that shouldn't keep it from flying. Also, I can't get the reset to work. I'd really like this to work and I would but another camera for it as I'm wanting to use it to find lost aircraft. I can't rate anything else So haven't seen it yet
This app allowed me to pilot my drone pretty effortlessly. However I practiced on the AR drone simulator app which was quite helpful.
Horrible experience, mostly no control due to not connecting to drone, then with it periodically would connect it would fly away with no control where.
Don't buy from Parrot. I have 2. Neither will connect and fly. No support. (All my other drones fly just fine...)
Can't access many features and can't get any help from Parrot either...just continuous reference to YouTube videos most of them more than 10 years ago and product store references in videos no longer exist. There is no academy or game that I can find or the many support websites referenced.
Buggy wreck. Crashes or fails to connect most of the time. Begs for ratings on startup, so here you go.
Drone drops altitude/ increases altitude randomly at random times; Flat Trim doesn't even out the hovering; constently drifts; Inadvertantly flys away out of control at high altitude! I lost my drone last night cuz it decided to increase altitude on its own and then fly away out of control in a random direction towards my neighbors houses and trees and now i have no idea where its at!
Drone won't connect I've tried for 2 hours with no luck. I've had the drone for 3 years and still have not gotten it to work
I've had the ar 2.0 drone brand new and fully charged for about 9 hours and I can't get the drone to connect with my phone which also is the controller so I have a $200 paper weight sucks
I never got to fly my drone. Never charged. Never ran. Had it for years. Every now and then I dust it off and try again. Did that today. So disappointing. Try any other brand instead
Reactivated the old toy. When connected, the controls work well. I had some trouble starting connected and had to reinstall the app. I don't know if there's more support available or if it's no longer supported but I can't connect with the academy for some reason, that's why only 4 stars.
You must register to use this app and to register you must allow them to send ads in every conceivable way possible. Me personally... I don't like the ads but to be forced to say I want them just to use an app is not going to happen. There are too many other apps that will work just as well.
Have tried on 3 devices and cannot connect to the drone network. Got it as a Christmas present to a family member, big disappointment to spend hours in vain trying to get it to work. Would not recommend, only wish would have found the Android reviews here before making the purchase decision.
RECORD HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO - As you fly, the HD video is recorded and sent via WiFi directly to your device after you land. With one click, upload your video from the user interface seamlessly to Youtube or share your pictures on Picasa.
Ok for the people that have the problem with their drone Wi-Fi not connecting 1. Plug your battery in but don't sit it inside of the holder 2. In the corner of the the battery compartment their should be a white circle and next to it saying reset 3. Take a screw driver with the same size or smaller and poke the hole and remember the battery should be connected to the drone when you do this 4. Now your all set to got Other tools can work as well not just a screw driver
For the money you spend on them today it's not a bad drone. You can get Wi-Fi extenders and other things. It's what it is. It could be fun
Chronic problems with password access to your own app which is required to operate the product. And their funky process to reset the password often does not work. And you can't get anyone at customer service to help without enduring an automated telephone tree as difficult to navigate as a large, understaffed government agency .... and thats ONLY if you happen to need them during business hours. If they are closed, you are screwed. Return your product for a refund if you still can !!!!
The only thing that functions is altitude... Can't move forward/back, no turns, rolls or anything outside of landing. Completely useless in every regard.
the application has too many functionality & UI glitches on all versions of android. I had to build an application to control my drone or it would have been useless. their software team couldn't care less. good luck on your next round of funding.
I am to sign back up to use my Drone after a number of years. I have gone to YouTube for a refresher, however. I am unable to get back to the Academy or any of the other Blocks As much as I would like to give a decent rating. Unable to do so, after getting a Wi-Fi Connection with my Drone.
Not having any success controlling drone. The ar.freeflight 2.4.15 app on my note 9 may be the reason but there is no patch, download to establish ability to access the controls. The app is connected with no internet and the piloting tab in the app says wifi not available, please connect device to ar drone. But how? I've tried airplane mode and then connecting drone wifi. Dont know what else to do. Please help or this item will he returned.
If I could, I wouldn't give it any stars. This app is terrible. I cannot connect to the drone. I wish I had read the reviews before buying the drone. So disappointing not being able to use our Christmas present.
Having to connect to wi-fi is a hassle, some times it will connects others times it won't. This is not the only drone I have had this issue with, there should be a universal app to fly a drone. They all do the same thing.
I got it to work with my 2.0 the controls are not smooth for some reason, but this app doesn't not show up on my phone. I can only access the app through the store. Is there a reason to this or is it a defect?
THE WORST. SELL AN ITEM WITH AN APP THAT IS ( TRASH) I spoke with a rep at Parrot and they said they DO NOT support any of these apps anymore. They only deal with Pro drones now. Worthless company.
Aweful app. The drone is cheap and app is even worse. Can't connect and there is no clear instructions. I will never buy from this company again. Trash 🗑️
I find the app a good, user friendly app, which works well with my Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition. Although, it can be troublesome connecting with the drones wi-fi, but once you figure it out, and get the knack of it, it becomes more of a little inconvenience. The drone is very easy control with the, even for a complete novice like me. I can fly my drone for it's full battery charge without crashing with the app on my phone. The app also has useful inflight features.
absolutely amazing app and drone ! no problems with connection to my Samsung galaxy s7edge. keeps a good connection at a long range too ! Also works well on my Samsung tab 10.1. if your flying in an area with houses then there will be lots of WiFi signals making your signal weaker. I always fly in a open park type area where there's no other Wi-Fi signals, so I always have a good strength signal with good range too ! well done parrot! keep up the great work!!
#1) It will not register my profile no matter what I do, nor will it give me an error of any sort that I could attempt to track down. It simply does nothing, resulting in my inability to access the Drone Academy section of the app. #2) As to the Drone Pilot section of the app, a few hours ago I connected it to the AR 2.0 for the first time. It appeared to work quickly with no stumbles. I did not attempt to launch the drone at that time but I was able to see the live view from the front camera. Since that one test connection, I have not been able to use the app at all. While connected to the drone's WiFi I am able to see the current battery level on screen in the app but every time I try to open Drone Pilot it tells me WIFI NOT AVAILABLE PLEASE CONNECT TO YOUR DRONE. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but the problem persists. Perhaps there is some sort of help for this in the Drone Academy but ... see #1. What a fun killing, drone bricking crappy app. Someone from the developer please tell me how to make this work before I put the drone on Craigslist and head of to Amazon to leave a review there.
It just doesn't work with Android devices and they dont seem to care. Other users have complained, and after trying it on three different android devices, the app refuses to recognize the parrot drone on any of them save for one instance for only 30 seconds. I can't say anything about the app's capabilities since it never worked.
Absolutely waste of money buying this drone . Can't connect to wifi . Have managed to fly it twice with it just dropping connection constantly. Now with resetting the app and drone it won't even connect with wifi anymore. Nothing but problems with it from day one.
It won't connect to my Samsung a10 the very good phone and every time you try to download it or do whatever it does it just goes back to it and it won't even accept my my download where I'm trying to join the little crowd they won't let me join in I'm giving more my information they still when you push join it does not do nothing
Havent used the app or the drone for a while. Now cant connect at all. Tried everything android I pad I phone still no joy. I rated this drone at first but now it's terrible. No support as cant connect. Poor show on parrots behalf.
Requires registering an account but freezes at submitting the information for setting up the account...no indication of why...screen name?...poor password? 20 times trying to no avail. Grrr
For some reason after installation of this version my Samsung note 8 WiFi fails to obtain IP address of the drone WiFi. I googled for help cause Parrot seems unaware of such an issue, unfortunately finding only hi tech solution on xda...not in my range. Not to mention that when I launch the app it says I have bought director mode so can transfer for free, where is the transfer button?? Updating my review and rising the rating as 1 star was sincerely unfair and driven by frustration. Tks support