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Aqua City: Fish Empires

Aqua City: Fish Empires for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Animoca Collective located at Unit 417, Level 4, Cyberport 1, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Can't even play it...it says I'm not connected to the internet when I am. You guys make a game then get lazy and neglect it. Think you should get off your lazy ass and fix your creation don't you......Apauled
I hate games that you need to buy things in order to carry on playing its bullshit. But not a bad game.
Fun game. Some things cost too much. And there are quest you have to do to download another game. Not enough energy to play for more than 5 minutes. Which is stupid.
Just curious if anyone else has this problem when you purchase a certain kind of seaweed and something else grows that is useless. I actually like this game it is just irritating.
I'm a bit confused.. I uninstalled coral city for this game, cause of better rating. Its exactly the same game. Same characters same town same everything. Only thing diff is seems easier to expand the town. Like that. Can u please make pearls easier to get and more at a time.. then it would be a five star..
Every time I clicked on the game, it will load for about 3 seconds then take me back to my home screen. Needs much work.
This game has real potential. I'm not liking the energy dependence. Too much waiting when I want to be developing my city. The game runs smooth tho... nice graphics and build schema... starts out with a bit small of an area, but you're loaded with enuf $ to buy a couple areas before many levels. Not crazy about the wall around my town. Hides too much of the edges. Lower the walls.
It is ridiculous that to complete a majority of the quests require pearls. I am not going to spend real money just to complete. Even then its expensive. Started at five stars now just one.
I could not believe my eyes, but as I was playing and the dolphin used foul language!!! My little kids play games on my phone. I dnt need them reading such profanities!!! Fix it or I will uninstall no matter how cute it is.
What happened to Coral City? This COULD be an adequate substitute...IF IT LOADED. Instead, I get an error screen telling me, whose phone has an EXCELLENT 4G connection, too check that connection because the game isn't connecting to the server. And I was SO looking forward to seeing one of the 3 cities I built a few years ago! What a shame. 🙁
Love this game!! Very addictive like coral city. Just wish it would not kick me out of my city, so I have to start all over!! It's done this twice now and I lost my city!! Very frustrating after I spent so much time building it.... UGH
I play coral city, almost exactly the same game. I will continue to play because I really like it. The other game abandoned me because I would not buy crystals, so I have to pay over a million dollars to get one small piece of land(underwater). I can't afford to buy things like that.
So far I'm at level 5 and its pretty cool. Excellent graphics and runs really smoothly on my Nexus. Pearls seem hard to come by and certain things are expensive but I'll just carry on without the for now. Definitely download for a fun waste of time!
Only thing I can say is something is wrong with your game it keeps telling me that I don't have a internet connection which is wrong it's not my internet it's on your end so I can't tell you anything about the game other than im uninstalling it (only reason u got a star is cuz I had to)
Also .. need a pearl reward systdm that kids can do so they can enjoy the higher thingsUpdate... recently changed devices and cant log into my old id. Need to have a password recovery system because i am having to rebuild everything. ... Needs a little improvement on earning pearls but the game is fun to play and the characters are cute.
Graphics are fine. I have no clue why people are whining about that! It is a bit sluggish. My problem is how hard I have to tap on my screen, to get anything to work correctly. My screen is cracked enough! Lol. UPDATE: I can see why people are having complaints. I do agree about having to spend so many pearls. That's very ridiculous! I'm still having issues with having to tap my screen hard, to get anything to work. And that's getting really annoying! I might just uninstall, after all...
The response to the touchscreen is a bit sluggish and I wish the energy would refill faster. It makes it a bitboring to have to wait. The graphics are cute, but there are too many quests that need pearls to complete and I can't affordto spend rel $ on games..... free games should be free!
I love this game. But I have maxed out of levels. I believe I'm stuck on level 45 or somewhere in there. When I reached the highest level, a little notice popped up and said that they will be updating soon, and thats been over 6 months ago! I'm paying over 2,000,000 squids to expand. I'm getting tired of it!! UPDATE SOON!
Dowloaded game wont even let me play got full service n wifi and i was ready to enjoy but cant so if i could id say worse then a 1 star
I download it and i cant even start the game it keeps telling me i have no internet connection when i do ive even tried with my home wifi still didnt work.. usless and now that it finally opened i wasted all my time buliding this place and now it wont open it says theres an error this game is a joke seriously
I like the game but hate having to fill out free offers to keep playing. You need pearls to finish building items but you have to pay for then or waste time filling out crap. The game is fun but am going to uninstall it.
An underwater city is a pretty cool idea but it's boring. I've downloaded this twice and it starts out exciting then becomes blahh. I'm not sure why. The natural resources are annoying, they're just there, in the way and you have to pay quite a bit to move them. Un installing.
Yikes. Love the game and have played for a few months but spent $50 on pearls almost a month ago and despite numerous emails to the company, have not received those pearls. It's theft! Have spent money before and there was no issue but they refuse to fix it seems like. Want my money back or my pearls! Will change rating to 5 stars when I receive them.
It's a cool game. I don't agree with the other comments.You should really download this game, its very addicting. The only down side of the gameis the PENGUINS. YOU NEVER SEE A PENGUIN. OR A NARWHALE. COME ON THOSE ARE SEA CREATURES TO!
Me and my daughter are playing it. Good thing it can be played offline. The only problem with it is the energy and the hiring of guards. You need to spend one energy if you're gonna collect or harvest something while the guards are not that affordable. But it's good, we love it.
I only just started and find it to be very cute! The only down side is that your energy runs out so quick, and is even slower coming back. I just wish it didn't use energy to collect from buildings... Building things yes, not collecting coins:-( that's my only complaint so far. Will update after playing a bit lo ger:-)
i give it one star because mine didnt load i have a internet connection but it say i must connect to the internet please fix
It opens, then an ad pops up, and if you tap on anything, the game closes!!. Haven't been able to play even once, and they will NOT reply to my messages or offer any help whatsoever!!!!!
They should like check or fix their graphics. There are always those glitches.and guards should not be sooo costly. Otherwise its a good game. Oh ya I forgot mension powers. They come sooo slowly
Will you guys ever work on this again? It's been what, two years since this first broke on my device? I used to ADORE this game, it was the best I had ever played for a while. I came back hoping it was fixed from the "no internet" bug, and it's as if it hasn't been touched? I'm very upset, because I feel as if hoping the game will fix is useless. Very disappointed! :(
it won't even let me open the game it looked so fun and there are not many games like this I'm soooooo disappointed so sad
I had made to leave 24 had all my stuff and had over 100 thousand in money plus had almost 20 perals. Opened my game to check on my stuff to collect from my house and the game deleted and started all over like I just began it. So screw this game ....
I love this game but I bought some pearls 3 days ago and they still haven't been credited to my game. I have not been able to find out how to get them yet. I will give this game 5 stars after I get the pearls I purchased!!!
I enjoy the quests that are in the game. My only complaint would be about the energy, you need energy to do everything in Aqua City & they don't give you plenty of energy to start off with & there isn't many free ways to restore your energy. Otherwise a fun game