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AQ: First Contact

AQ: First Contact for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Seven Point Red Ltd located at Hermes House, Fire Fly Avenue, Swindon, England, SN2 2GA. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is awesome. But what could be cool is if the ship started burning sooner. Idk maybe at 10% health left, then start it blazing. Oh and maybe a "attack free" zone. So new ppl dont get picked on. If I think of anything better I'll let you know. Thx for a great game
enjoyable game.you don't need to put a penny in if you do not wish to. I've been playing for just over a month, have met new people, killed them, and then met new ones. I'm having more fun than in a long time.
the perfect balance of action and strategy in real-time. The fact that the ships are always moving adds a dimension to combat i haven't seen before. almost perfect, but if you could customize individual ships (name ships, color schemes, etc...) it would be better. cannot complain tho, has given me hours of distraction, and I'm not even a quarter of the way to battleships. i know a game is good when i feel compelled to look up the wiki....fantastic job.
Great game but ast update is lacking... Definently would of given 5 stars before, update was cool but it ruined a lot of game styles and made it near impossible to get some materials, also researching specific weapons from battle is much more difficult now.
Vets are EXTREMELY Toxic. Pay to Win MTX. PvP is fun until you realize it's just the same ships spamming the same, long range and OP weapons. Close range weapons are useless since actual risk and skill is required to use them effectively. And "Fittings" and "Subsystems" completely break the game, ranging from trash to OP. Repair Drone Fitting makes 2 ships, and a entire weapon obsolete. Some Subsystems break game. Developer also puts out updates slower than a turtle stapled to a tree. Meh.
Well...theres not much to say the game is amazing but once you get to the top it just isnt as interesting. I love the game made alot of good friends too, sure the ship controls could be linked so u dont have to drag each ship around. But I respect that one man can only do so and so much, thank you 4 the fun game man.
Despite potential for improvement in the latest versions, core issues with this game are never fixed. They tend to accumulate. New players can't strive. Stations are won by whichever coalition has the most veteran members online for long enough. Most of the weapons and fittings are too similar. Randomly generated subsystems have made this game a lottery.
I love this game! It helps me make wonderful friends! It also introduces you to teamwork! I just wish I had downloaded this game when it first came out! Not only is it a great game, it has very nice graphics and gives you good competitiveness that other games of the genre sorely lack! I give this game a 9 out of 10 in terms of good clean fun! Something the whole family can enjoy!
The new update is amazing! Huge fights in the new, unknown space... Nice! From now all the players can earn some extra resources, but without gaining experience for the fleets. This is my only problem... I hope the game will be developed this way, congrats for the dev!
This is an amazing game. One its not a p2w game u have to earn your stuff. Sure you can speed stuff up but its insainly cheap. 2. Yoy can go either solo or with a team. And that team can be a solo team or it can team up with other teams. 3. It can keep you hooked. As long as you dont let the mean trolls get to you. (Looking at you mkb1 and herbswell) 4. while its swear filter aint exactly complete it does have a way for players and advisors to report people to get them temporarily muted if they bypass it or break chat rules. And many more cool things .
At times it came seem like a struggle to farm tech, but there is a good community of players and PvP is always available. It makes for a nice mix. Although it's a new game and some more content would be nice the developer is pretty hands on and keeps player suggestions in mind when doing regular updates. It's worth the time to try out,just don't get addicted. Oh and did I mention REEEEEEEEEEEEEE
so I've just went to a camp residential, and I can't get past the login. it tells me that it's failed to connect to the server and will retry. I've cleared cache, no luck. any help please?
This game is cool I suggest you all play it there's cool ships you can upgrade your base to and get new weapons and leave a good review
Really nice and different from the main stream cash grab apps this feels like a game made by a gamer for ppl who enjoy games tho everything isn't perfect it's been great for the last couple weeks if I had to point at something to improve it would be the user interface latency and the battle reports or msgs neither of these have a delete an end up being the slowest menu to open in game and game wise I think the destroyers fill in such a gap corvettes have no point and we need mining lasers
Great game, need hangar space and space for subsystems!! Dev dose a great job, just wish he'd play more so we could kill him some 😂🤣
A good solid game, the option for tutorial or getting to know the game basics a bit better could be improved but otherwise is all solid. in-app purchases are considerably better value and even in-game economy is much better than other games of this genre
Really entertaining game that includes strategy very well, doesnt make me feel forced to spend money on the game to progress right away. Hope the space gets more updates with more planets /areas to explore. There is some open space but this game needs some more players ! Good game !
I like the game but it need more prizes event or more fights events.other then that you got a good game
This game is plagued with vets who prey on new players. Beware if you intend to play his game, you will be relentless hunted, and stalked
Great graphics,movement,wepons... it would get 5 stars if 6 corps didn't run game aka top 100 players. Needs way for lesser corps to gain a foothold
Couldn't get past the tutorial. Tutorials are annoying. They ruin the exploration of a game. This one failed miserably. Get rid of the tutorial and I would probably give it a try. Looked cool.
I really love this game.. Woul be nice to know if it's an ally attacking or ally under attack tho. But other than that.. I play a lot..
Suddenly I keep getting notifications about being attacked and power remaining at 50%, but whenever I launch the game it just fails to connect to their servers, spent decent time building my base but all seems to have gone to waste, will uninstall if the game doesn't start nd the problem persists.
Yes, the game is engrossing, and competitive. I'm hooked on phonics!!! I just glad that the game progress was saved cuz ink just had to transfer to another device. That would've been screwed
i love this game, it's very unique compared to all the other lame space type games where you are constantly building and upgrading, the social aspect is really great and the community itself is very supportive and friendly.. I'm very happy I found this game and recommend it for anyone that wants to try something new. edit: my phone won't let me use this app anymore, I'm broken hearted. I have no idea what went wrong, I delete and reinstalled, I tried everything... sad day, gang @
To the people who want to express their opinion or have any suggestions or anything for that matter, join the discord of the game. Click the settings and you can find discord. There, dev and other players share updates and how to improve the game. If you join discord, you can make friends with other (strong) players and they might help you with what you need. Thanks, and cheers to Dev P.S. the dev is more active there
Yes, the game is engrossing, and competitive. My onlyissues have been wait times on upgrades/builds/drone cycles, and controllers response
Ok , been playing few weeks. First off , there are gonna be people way above you. Even in frontier , which would be fine if at lower levels if their where enough missions in gane to boost you before you hit a grind. Unfortunately you get 10 missions in and special mission brings you to halt. The in game currency is fair on sales , but the buffs you would want to buy are 24 hour. Making them a waste to buy unless you gonna dedicate next day to grinding. Making buffs 6 hours and cheaper 4*
Almost 5 star rate game. Just needs alittle more star trek battle sequence and Halo dialogue. And maybe alittle bit 3 to 4D battle scenes. And i would like to tour the battle field after the battle. You know see the carnage and all. But for now good job awsome game.
yeah lots of bug has been happening....in battle mostly.....sometimes you cant control your fleet to go to the right sirection..you get delayed on fight..like when you try to activate your skilll it will activate in 5 seconds worst 10....2 star cause they have a great community
Think mass effect but you get to control a fleet and try to claim a bit of space for yourself. The research does take some time and you'll need to grind a bit but its awesome when ya in the action.
As for some unknown reason I can't edit previous rating: sinse last update, when I drag the ship to send it somewhere during battle, it will instead zoom in or out, sometimes I can see the blue line but when I release my finger the order won't be issued, while trying to use a weapon I have to repeat command (tap) multiple times until it is activated. Those stuff led me to die multiple times, I'm not having connection issues so far. (by the way, the recovery state from switching app is great)
Such a great game, firstly I highly recommend this game to anyone. It is very difficult at the start but gradually everything starts making sense. Everything is nicely balanced and the community players are very helpful. There are 2 reasons I dropped a star. How long it takes to do anything like drones, research, upgrades and even repairing your ship is too much for me personally. Also, not being able to remove ship equipment to use later is kinda harsh. It really is a great game though.
The game is going in smooth....the gameplay is better..tons of updates...i suggest to get discord so that you can talk to the developer it self and meet the players, some players just don't see the beauty of it, they say all of the veterans are at the top 3, they say that the weapoans and ships are based on lotto well no. The veterans are actually scattered to all of the alliance, right now the only good alliance i know that supports new people are the Dawn Breaker's. Ships and weps is grindable
Game nearly dead because the development keep removing nice features and 90% of game veterans are in top 3 corporations and they rule the game, be on their side or get trolled till death, not to forget their trash and dirty talk on global chat.
I love the game so much, the controls are good so are the graphics. I play this thing almost everyday, well you get fleet xp and score pretty slow, especially when your not a kind of farming guy, I just hope that you put in more weapons and ships in the game in future updates. But anyways, it's a great game. 👍👍
This game is so much fun to play.. right up until the number one corp gangs up on you and you're stuck with a giant repair bill. Expect this to happen five or six times a day, with 6 hour repair times if you're not willing to buy credits. I love the strategy, the building aspects, if it was even remotely balanced the sector aspects would be fun as well. As it stands, the top guild is allowed to do whatever they want, even though it's hellish on new players and they're leaving in droves. Dev made a safe zone, but that's only if you're willing to ignore the social aspect to the game, because it does nothing for corporations.
It's fun not gonna lie. I did spend some cash for some cells but overall it's very strategic. Reminds me of Space Reavers but with more online people. :)
Nice well thought out game....... Updates are good as keeps game interesting.... Only problem I find is that the chat screen is a little large and gets in the way during battle..... Might be better if it were transparent
The game itself could be a bright pearl. With the unbeatable advantage of veterans , just save yourself from trying it. Even if you are a new player or a returner. Let it go. I cannot count how much I spent on this game. Lesson learned
The game is very fun and enjoyable.They did a great job minimizing the storage consumtion of the game.The interraction between players is also good but personally I think that it would be better if players could send each other items.This would strengthen the trust between the play.But overall the game is AMAZING
Hey i noticed that not many peoples use the E-Nuke so i had an idea maybe it could, if they got hit, stopthem from moving for a few seconds.
Great fun! I must admit this is one of the most enjoyable games I've downloaded. You get the full experience, PVE, PVP. The PVP is very fair, tactics mean just as much as gear. You can't just buy your way to a super fleet. You can make purchases for resources and some ship buffs, but you need to earn the real power yourself. I plan on more purchases, not because I need it to compete. But to reward this developer for such a fun experience. PVP is optional, not forced down your throat.
Love the game so far. Room for improvement but its got a solid foundation. Some good people there and it's not dominated utterly by P2W types. So far so good :)
This is the kind of game ive been looking for... Wish i could fit 3 more ships in my fleet tho... Also wish i could have my ships automatically use a certain weapon ability
This game was once a game with fair fights. Now it's become a matter of leveling up (skill points). And it's taking the path of making you pay for more lottery tickets (called subsystems). This game doesn't stand out as interesting anymore.
*update* Game seems cool. store is good priced, not greedy. Bit more polish needed but ok overall. Missing 7/30 day login bonuses and new player level up fancy goodies. And maybe auto fire special button for fleet, i cant keep track of all my ships in large battels. *edit* Game is very slow. The thrill of lots of action is replaced with looooong repairtime. Im annoyed already and not yet using larger ships. The fleet CPU cap is cringe AF and does not even make sense. Why is it even there?
It's amazing I love this game so much I hope you guys get mk4 and mk5 hat will be amazing if hope this game makes it up to the leader board of the best games and yeah I LOVE YOU GUYS
It has the mechanics and play style I'm looking for, real time strategy/ combat with control over your ships. Plenty of depth, and it's not played for you, the path to power is for you to figure out. What works, testing and developing ship load outs and strategy. So I haven't lost interest here. Alot of games load you with gimmicks and gatcha to get you hooked then offer no substance other then blowing money to keep the addiction going. Games like this are rare these days so I appreciate them.
Could do with more lower level missions and hunts, soon run out of things to do, and loot crates always have the same resources in them, pretty boring opening them. When there is something to do it's quite entertaining but as I say, I soon run out of things to do and log off and play something else.
loving it, I've been playing for 13 days gove or take and most of the community is helpful and fun to talk to. of course there are the wars and the arguements over sector.control and rules of war basically, but it's all fun and easy to learn... the starting grind is tough, but it helps you get to a good spot to understand and stand alone if not in a Corp. P2W can be a B for those of us who arent, but we deal. all in all, a great game so far, that can go pretty far.
This is a great game. The combat system is especially enjoyable. You can let the AI handle the battle for you, or you can control everything down to activating specific equipment. I have been playing for over a year, and I still enjoy playing. As an extra bonus, the game developer is friendly, helpful, and responds personally to messages. Give it a try. You won't regret it.
After playing a while found typos in the interface. Controls haven't been reviewed, its difficult to manage when several players are participating in a fight. Community is toxic for new players. Won't recommend this game at all.
Fun and addictive. If you like strategy games, give this one a try. You can customize the ships to your playstyle. The only downside is the chat, but it's not the developer's fault that people are toxic. All in all, great game. I love it.
The game is good, just some things keep it from being five stars being the community. Not only are the regions owned by 9-12 corps owning the whole map, but the bigwigs cant stop screaming at such minor things. Chat is a no go, and you cant pvp without becoming a kill on sight by 3 corps.
One of the coolest space games I've played. No lag, really good graphics, once you grasp it you will keep coming back
Good at the start and the game itself is great but due to the people this game seems to attract it's not worth playing.
One of the best games I've ever played!, but I would like to be able to have power indications,like all power to Shield or weapons something like that,It's probably hard to make,so I don't really care if I get it or not
Awesome game u can get all for free it's pay to advance faster not p2w, but overall I'm having a good experience and enjoying the content, only been playing 5 days tho so will update if anything changes!
Have enjoyed this game alot since the upgrade,the best android game ive played and the team are open to new ideas.Great game guys keep it up!!!still needs more ships!!! I have had the game since last year and i still need better weapons..
The game is going in smooth....the gameplay is better..tons of updates...i suggest to get discord so that you can talk to the developer it self and meet the players
An online strategy game. Global chat .group chat. Many kinds of weapons. Many kinds of enemies. You must try it. Developer , i wish there was Cancel Option for when we decide to cancel an progress like Upgrading or Unlocking or Building. Tnx for your works
The game has gotten smoother and everyone is friendly though the subs are still so random maybe the subs u get can be based on what type of ships you have on hangar or fleets so it doesnt get wasted i have tergs and one subs i made turned to rep bonus and armor. Armor is fine but rep not reaaly so random :(
After playing for a while and getting some decent ships I have to say, this game doesn't dissapoint, you can go ftp but its nice to spend a couple bucks and help the dev, now for some things I'd love to see in the game: A cancel crafting button PLEASE. View player contribution in events, or at least be able to see yours. A little bit more corvette variety would be nice, rn its all tergs. More things to do in corp, like pve boss raids.
Sadly this game looked great but was not the case when played hard to understand and get how the game works upgradeing buildings is hard to get you follow what it says to do to upgrade yet it fails or does not do what it is ment to do and progress is slow and too long wait times and building fleets are a joke 3 units and each takes 15 mins to build then u cant use them in a battle or if u do thay all get distroyed and u wait again to rebuild them thus is to long could be a good game but is not!
Good game, everything seems to work well so far. Weapons are designed that you can use strategy to survive fights with higher level players. I assume it will be a different type of situation once I'm high enough lvl to join a corp.
Needs more upgrades to controls and simulation. Needs story mode to be complete too. Thnks for considering.
It a 30 century war with 2 World tactics you fire at the enemy most miss when playing against the computer it has better results
AQ is a great space game. You start off with very weak ships but over time, and selective killing of enemies to gather "tech" you can become strong. I would not consider this a pay to play game, but spending a few bucks will rapidly increase the speed at which you can grow and repair your ships. If you do decide to pay I recommend waiting for Sales during events. I found the prices very reasonable, but again you can get by without paying a dime. There is some toxicity created by players, as you would expect from any game with a global chat, but advisers actively monitor and the majority of people are helpful. The controls are fun and the battles are engaging with numerous weapons you can unlock. Once you unlock a weapon you will not have to farm for it anymore, but it could take awhile to unlock what you want. Dont ne afraid to ask the community for help. On a side note joining the games Discord channel is useful to see upcoming news, see what the developer is concocting, and post concerns. I highly recommend this game.