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AppTrailers for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by AppRedeem Inc. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Can't even log in please be good back in the day now I can't even make it out simple account I've tried three other emails and nothing is working I uninstalled and reinstalled nothing is pinging to any of my accounts not even Facebook
This app is great worked for a while got a lot of good rewards off of it, but now it constantly says client is not synced to servers and you can't earn any points
love it so far the surveys are fun n kinda combine sence stuff but entertaining bout 2000 music n entertainment questions fun.. ill flag if i dont like ill b bak
What people say is true; It doesn't let you register. The error box that pops up is even glitched, showing as a grey rounded square with no text. What a laughable state this app is in compared to 5-7 years ago when I actually earned enough to buy a cheap condenser mic, drawing tablet, and other little things. Don't let these people use your time and psychology even if it lets you register.
It would not let me create an account or sign in with Facebook, and without one, you can't do Anything. I tried several times. The only reason for the one star was, so I could warn anybody whose thinking about installing this app.
Perk has officially shut down. Last day to redeem points was 11/21/2019. I received a notice every time I opened a perk app. Hope this helps those of you to understand why you can't redeem or earn points.
This app is a waste of time. I've been doing this for about three hours and I've gotten 15 cents. You get less and less as you go, which makes it a terrible way to earn even play money. Don't bother
This app worked great for the first little bit then all of a sudden I log on today and all my points are gone, but my "lifetime perk points" still display the point balance prior. I am now unable to redeem any points as my current balance mistakenly sits at 0 and I am unable to find a way to write to the devs of this game directly, so this is why I rate 2 stars. A response to this by said developer would be amazing, but until then will likely uninstall and not recommend.
Wont let me sign up at all. I finish the process and doesn't sign me in to anything and stays on the sign in page.
Great app love earning money but recently the app wont play the videos. Most of the time the screen just shows black and occasionally will reward points. I hope they fix this because I like the app.
A Little Glich. Watch Video Tab. Tap on the Trailers that are supposed to give 30 pts. 1. Ads are being shown just fine before the trailer. Once that's done, the trailer is set to begin, only to have a black screen and blue circle (buffering), once that's done, it gives 5-9 points instead of 30. Then continues to go the next video to watch, the same process again. I have uninstalled the app, reinstalled the app, rebooted my phone. same results. still receiving points, just incorrect amt. pls fx
Couldnt make account I couldn't make an account, whenever I tried to submit my information it only loaded a couple of seconds and didnt make my account. Also, when I exit the app there is a black oval graphic and the bottom center of the screen, its quite annoying.
----Don't get hyped up... It did not let me create a profile or login. Neither on my phone or my tablet.
im a real user who lives in america, when i was young i used app trailers to make some income, about a dollar a day through the videos thing, but now they increase the minimum for paypal cash to 9,000 points, having app trailers doesnt do anything to your phone, using it like playing the commercials burns up your phone, and all that to barely or not even making a dollar a day (even when you play commercials all day long, basically giving your phone over to app trailers) isnt worth it. but the odd thing is now the battery dies faster and your phone heats up even when the phone is off, you wont find any indication its app trailers, but you know its not the other apps you use, only when you start using app trailers. and whats more of a red flag is that they dont list what country app trailers is based, if its not america or a western nation, it could be africa, china or north korea, the effects of a battery that dies sooner stays with your phone even after you uninstall it
I like the perk apps and easy way to get rewards, app trailer is one of the better apps in their family of apps. Wish I was on perk when they had keno that sounded fun they should bring it back. The scratch and win app cards are fun feel like real lotto ticket sensation. Enjoy earn rewards for your idle time idle phone.
it's a pretty great app, my only problem is that after, a couple of minutes of having it it wouldn't let me touch the redeem button, but I'm gonna try again later, but u guys need to get that fixed, after that this app is sick๐Ÿ˜‹
Finally after months of using the app I had enoigh points to get a $5 gift card. When I went to redeem them all my points were gone. NOT worth your time. There are lots of better apps to earn money watching videos.
I Recently had an issue with withdrawing...but Perk fixed it...so I still will give a 5 star...Because of the continue consistency of earning Perk points....although I still wish you guys would allow, more of a higher withdrawal from your App Trailers perk points.I guess I can deal with the 2000 minimum =$2.00 a day๐Ÿ™๐Ÿค”...only because...this is one of the only Point earning apps that's still around and working.Good Job Perks
1 star because it's required to rate the app, everytime that I play the trivia it never gives me complete points i've watch more than 100 videos for over two weeks and still have 180 points. i'ts just a waste of time wouldn't give a star if i could. PLEASE don't waste your time with this app.
They shut down awhile back. I accrued points from them in the past watching videos. I used them to buy eBay gift cards.
used to love this app so much. but now it did not give me anypoints for 10 minutes watching ads. doing the daily quiz, but it didnt give me anypoint either. You failed.
Works when it wants to.You can watch 5 videos and not earn a thing. Not worth it in my opinion. I've had all perk apps for 3 years and with the new 2019 updates it's not worth it anymore.
Doesnt work. Made an account and during this process it kept saying authorization failed, no matter how I altered the information. Finally it glitched through and then wouldn't let me login. I reset the password carefully and it still doesnt work. Waste of time.
it will not let you watch any trailers 4 movies it sets there and Spins round and around. I'm still sitting at 0 points would like it would be a fun out but it ain't working for me. can you help me so that I can give it a better rating as of now I still set it zero points
This app stinks. Won't open but create a profile but I bet it collects your login information. Change your passwords
The yes regularly an ad that won't load. It shows what I assume us a rewind arrow but when you click it, there is a loading circle then it guess right back to the rewind arrow. The app is unusable when this ad is in the queue.
I'm only giving 2 stars for now bcuz I put in my information to start an account and nothing happens. Haven't been able to actually even use the app yet.wikk wait for them to get back with me to resolve the issue and will update my review then.
Good so far! Really hope the glitchiness gets fixed tho! Also, I like thinking games, and this one helps some with this!
I would maybe give apptrailers a better review and more stars if the redeem page would load up instead of saying (404 not found) and i tried to send feedback but that wont load either. So i dont even know if i can actually get enough points and really cash out so fix asap. Thank you
Wow.. This is the fastest iv ever installed and uninstalled an app. It doesn't let you sign in so your basically not going to make money. I'm suprised this app is rated so high. Most likely paid reviews. Gonna try other apps
its good on payouts when it eventually works properly, very slow and freezes loads so takes ages to build up points, it would be a fantastic app if it got corrected.
I tried signing up with my email account and Facebook. With my email it just doesn't accept it and with my Facebook account it keeps going to an error page. I don't know what is going on with this app but I'm not wasting any more of my time on it. This app is flawed and needs to be corrected.
I can't get it to allow me to sign in anymore or make a different account. this used to be an incredible app. now doesn't even let you sign in.
No complaint from me so far. I got my 45 cents sent to my PayPal today, which was promising. in redeem, 1 day and 10 hours was on one of the PayPal offer thingy. sure enough, i received what i earned within a day and 10 hours.
I can't even log into my account on this stupid app anymore don't even waste your time this app used to work now it doesn't what's the point in watching videos to make money if I can't save my progress from logging in anymore thanks for wasting people's time
This app would be good but it want let you create a account it do but it don't let you in for sum reason
Can anyone help me out, i have tried so many times sign up but for some reason the app doesn't let me, it says the app still in development
You're going to lose a lot of users in Canada for requiring them to send in a U.S tax form requesting their Social Insurance Number! Why would I have to give that to you now when I've been making 50 cents a day for like 3 years? 50.cents. That's not worth giving you my personal information. This whole company gets 0 stars.
Bye! App Redeem...App Trailers...And Perk....It has been great over the years making money with you guys.Sorry to finally see you guys shutting down "ALL" your apps will miss you guys๐Ÿ–โœŒ๐ŸคŸ
Was amazing years ago.. +$1/refferal... Have phone playing trailers all day.. could make $500+ easily a month. Now it's trash. Don't download.
Horrible, wish it was back to what it was a couple years ago, I was able to make money back then, now I cant even log in
At first it started out great. Then I'm not sure why, but all of sudden the program crashes in the middle of me earning. Now I wonder if there will be a problem when I try to caah out...
I got an alert when trying to sign up with Facebook that the "app is in development mode." I also am unable to sign up, there is an alert bubble that pops up at the bottom when I attempt signup that is blank. Sketchy.
This app is garbage it won't let you do anything. Wouldn't be surprised if it didn't ever work in the first place and all the good reviews are bots.
Don't download this app. This app does not work. The logon with Facebook does not work. This app is a complete waste of time. Plus, the app design is really cheesy. This app looks like it was designed by an amateur. Google does not allow you to give zero stars. I give this app zero stars.
I would not even give this app 1 star if I could. It is horrible it won't even let me sign up and when I try to create an account through Facebook it just freezes! This app is a complete joke and waste of time! Don't download it!
Was not able to create an account or register or do anything. The app interface didnt even allow the in-app messages to be read or viewed. It only appeared as a gray circle on bottom of the screen. Idk why it didnt work for me. Hopefully other users will have better luck than I did. But my experience was barely worth 1 star.
this has been a good app for me. sure there have been times when the app does not work for a while or some videos dont give me points but if i let it run while im doing other things im literally getting free points and eventually free money for doong nothing. I cannot complain about that.
It won't allow me to get through the signing up and logging in process even though my fb account says that apptrailers is now connected to it. Disappointed.
It was great until they're talking about shutting the app down and now when you try to make money in your head 500 points you can't cash out it tells you to need more ๐Ÿ‘Ž it used to be really grateful loaning money but I give them a thumbs down
I barely write reviews but when an app doesn't even let you create an account to start using it, that's pretty bad. Honestly I wish I could give this half a star, as one even feels like too much.
every time i try to collect points it makes me watch the ad twice then logs me out, says i must login to collect points
I didn't have a problem with this app until it gradually took away all of the points I had accumulated because I was "inactive". I had been using this app at least several times a week. Do not download. It's a waste of time.
No longer works. Watch a video and get logged out. Been like this for 2 weeks now. No customer support or facebook posts since last year. I think Perk has gone under.
It's a good app but it is NOT free money unless your time and data has no value. If you think it's free, you're an idiot.
I've been using this app for years. never had a problem til now. not getting points from watching the videos. also they been using the same videos for years. they need new videos
Confirmed my email, no points. Watches videos, no points. Played apps, no points. Yeah, this is just garbage. Don't waste your time.
I just started using the app and it seems promising, I will give the app a full 5 stars if upon me getting an actual giftcard and it being legit after earning the points for a Gift Card.
One too many of these are a time waster.. Unforgiving staff members, response time is poor if any if you have questions. The time taken for rewards you get is also a waste. I was banned for having more than one account, tried resolving it in a humane way and so far Im waiting to se if those representing this site are really professionals or foreign hosts with an alternate agenda. I don't think people should just readily trust to invest their time with some of these companies or con artists.
Worst ever you can't make a account. It was bad when you could collect perk points which I did for couple of years. Wasn't worth it because you only got paid so little. Not worth the effort or my time.