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Appeak – The Free Poker Game

Appeak – The Free Poker Game for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Appeak located at Rock Intention Malta Limited Registration number C 49286 The Strand 114, Level 5 Postcode GZR1027 Gzira MALTA. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Without doubt this app favours registered players over guest players. Ten all in hands with best hands - beaten on the river EVERY time!
The reason there are so few players is, it's so obviously rigged. You either buy chips or lose in hilarious ways.
Its a trap! The app just baits you to purchase chips which you will eventually lose. It has gone to a whole with the new blackjack addition. Definitely rigged, do not even attempt to play it.
There is no place where you can report players who are cyber bullying and threatening other players. Many high chip players feel they can be rude and bully players. This is suppose to be a game for people have fun. Not tell people harmful comments threatening them. Appeak needs to develop a banning rule for these people. Ruins the fun of game. ** many players have several accounts ** grown aged people stalk and threaten players. very sad app. no place to report photos and players.
Just another of hundreds that are only holdum and nowhere in the universe of 52card odds. Also obvious algorithm that is pro-new and anti-long standing. If you think poker is one game (holdum) and you have as good a shot at winning by just paying; whatever to see all five cards and win? This is your kind of silly sht
Bought chips never recieved...customer service none existent..also google play not interested as they have their money...absolute con of a site..ripping people off along with google play...
A little unreal with the way cards pop up...and yes i agree...seems a little fixed. No proof though...however playing blackjack on their highest stakes i have screen shot on a hand where I had 20 and dealer hit 6, 6, the hit 5 for 17 then it hit another card then a other, to try and beat me....I had seem to be losing a lot ...now i know why!! A shame
I'm rewriting my review on this site after playing a few months. The random number generator is terrible and not realistic. Almost every third hand is a flush or someone with a set. And since it's free and everyone knows this, the betting is nothing like real poker. You can't possibly learn to improve your game here. Horrible!!! Another edit. The developer will not answer questions at this Malta office. Maybe they are too busy counting money from suckers that buy chips. 🤷🏻‍♂️
I love playing Appeak Poker. A good game for people learning to play poker. I have made many friends from all over the globe. Come play with us.
Best free TH app...Dont listen to complainers...they give u tons of free chips, and who cares if the deals seem "fixed" i'm glad.......a game full of checks is boring...want to learn "real poker?" Get a poker group together in your neighborhood and quit complaining about losing "free" "fake money"....sometimes you're hot, sometimes not so much...much like a game of chance? Like poker? Great app. Plus, u can meet people from around the world. And a lot of them are nice and want to play
Worst poker app on the net , I was waiting for players for ages and no one showed up .don't waste your time installing it you be playing on your own..
Very racist against Americans, mob mentality sort of thing. My avatar was a young woman , though I am a 48 year old man. Believe scumbag was the word used. Never said anything inappropriate, just enjoyed the game. Racism may be too hard a word, a** h*les. is better. You know for 4 against 1, you all took an a** beating.
tons of non stop racist abuse, app hasn't even sent me one email regarding this matter, makes you wonder what type of people are running this app
Bought chips never recieved...customer service none existent..also google play not interested as they have their money...absolute con of a site..ripping people off along with google play...asked Google play to look into this but they say get in touch with the developer! As I say appeak customer service is non existant! What bit of that is hard to understand?..
Not random.. You'll win at first then get bad beated to death! That is unless you spend real money lmao
At a point I exchanged my poker chips for gold. I now am stuck with 28 gold more than 500 k poker chips. The gold is useless and cannot be re exchanged back to chips or cannot be used to play the game. In the least it ought to be clearly stated that exchanges are only from chips to gold.... And gold is useless. The game is good but some changes need to be made to make it better.
Buy chips at your peril..tired of buying of these people because the more you buy the less you win.at least dick Turpin wore a mask when he robbed you. No customer service also..wish I knew why
Sux if u dont have Facebook and want to upload a pic..... fix so people can put up a pic without Facebook!!!
Bought chips never recieved...customer service none existent..also google play not interested as they have their money...absolute con of a site..ripping people off along with google play...asked Google play to look into this but they say get in touch with the developer! As I say appeak customer service is non existant! What bit of that is hard to understand?
There's nobody here. I connect to a table and waaaaaaiiiiiittttt. Can't rate much else if I've only played heads up one time by luck.
bought chips..never got them...how on earth do I get in touch with appeak about this? no customer service
No one is on the app. Literally less than 20people on ALL levels put together at times. At it's busiest? 50 peeps app-wide... yeah really. Just give up and refund us. Called Bank to "take" it back from Google. G must love you?
It needs tournament formats and maybe more incentives to win chips. Also it feels really rigged in the sense that appeak gives 2 or more players good hands to create action. Such as flush over flush, set vs backdoor flush etc
app sucks.. unrealistic outcomes too often seems FIXED!! I went all-in 7 times with boss hands and every time BUT once did I win. Every other single time whatever cards others players needed to win, were dealt. Can even go all in on a boss hand because the cards are not coming out realistic at all. Uninstall. Uninstall..
Paywall... games that prevent play without actually paying? Not free!!! Very disappointing. Liked minimal feel. But, if I can't play free? Uninstalled
pretty good app. everything is pretty good except for time available to act, which is 10 seconds max. Their should be normal speed options in the lobby or a customizable option for tables involving blinds, buy ins, and speeds.
i purchase chips many times .. wth n min i vl lose all chips .. again i purchase wth n mins i lose all chips dont buy chips
I'm sorry, i hate giving 1 star ratings.. but i couldnt even have a single game.. everything was fine until i bought in . then i sat there, alone... waiting... waiting.. waiting.. tried over and over and over .. nothing.. what can i say but 1 star?!
Thanks to the developer and publisher for not overwhelming players with ADs or loud graphics, and respecting players. This is a relaxing serious poker app, and my favourite.
Unable to run because we have a second hand phone. Phone was reset. But this game do not allow register new user. Suck.
They don't give you enough daily chips that's why no one plays 7k this app sucks they want people to buy. And that's why you don't see anyone playing anymore
If this game has a random number generator how did I get the same hand 6 times in a row. How is that even possible.
If you play relatively tight, (not call a potsized bet pre flop with 6/duece off OUT OF POSITION ON THE "BIG" TABLES) against pre flop raiser with AK suited (IN POSITION..ON THE BIG TABLES) then this app isn't for you. JS. LMAO. I haven't found one Freeroll app yet that doesn't have 75% of players thinking they're playing roulette, that being said I'm TRYING to improve..ie; PRACTICE better plays, not monkeying around like a donkey..EEEEEGH! AUWWWW!
Whenever I am feeling depressed, I read where it says the deals are completely random, then laugh my A off. I have lost way too many big hands when someone hits on the river. How can it be random when you have straight flush, quads and full house on the same hand? AA dealt? Don't slow play them. You are certain to lose.
Don't bother with this. I've tried it 4 nights running and no-one else shows up at a table. A game without players is very dull
All good, but after 3 days I still haven't received the 10k bonus for using invite code and I don't see any support email or anything ingame.
its litle unclear, when its my turn on the table video comes out so i must wait and.. how to play this game?