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AOD - Art Of Defense. TD

AOD - Art Of Defense. TD for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Sateda Game Studio located at Russia, Murmansk, Tarana st. 14-75. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Miniguns can't kill infantry? Seriously? And then you tanks and miniguns break down in the middle of a wave and everything passes by unscathed. Thumbs down. Too bad, would be absolute best if it didn't let you down at the worst moment.
Solid gameplay, so far no shenanigans.. Problem: (resolved but still happens. edited: 11/20. Original post: 10/20)when I sign in with google play on a different device (Android-Android), the save I have on the original device won't transfer or update. I'll 5 ⭐ it when I get this resolved.
So far it's an in-depth tower defense. Haven't played long enough to know if it's ptw yet. Will update if so
They would have got 5 stars if they didn't limit your game play unless you spend real money to get more gas tanks. Shameful and idiotic.
I would like to see passive gold gain be added. Maybe something like 2 gold every hour for each 3 star completed level? I feel like this game FORCES you to pay. Would give 5 stars if passive was added. Other than that, great game! A ton of upgrades with is awesome and cool graphics! Good work developers!
The first few levels are fun and exciting & it's good as u progress. But on higher levels, it's difficult to progress, specially if you run out of gold. The game became play for purchase! It's a shame!
I would rate it 5 stars but i can't load my progress from one device to another when i save through Google Play.
A great game with different challenges and stages where the weapons begin to advance. Upgrading the vehicles or building used to fight back was a great and smooth job!
Fun game but requires you to pay attention and also needs you too read otherwise just upgrade everything...
I've been playing AOD, for about 4-5 months now... I excelled to chapter 9, and now for some reason I have to start back at chapter 8. That is not cool at all, I've put lots of time, to complete levels to this game....I'm very disappointed!!!!
Not sure why but I like it. Graphics done well in my opinion. Watch video for 1000 gold, no longer available?. As you procead through missions the rewards become less, this makes it very hard then to win battles.
Unless you're one of the very best TD players and can meticulously plan out your upgrade trees, you're going to have to drop some money on the game. Good news is, the pricing is pretty generous. 10 bucks for 2K gold will cover a lot of upgrades that will get you a good deal further into the game, but you're definitely gonna have to spend more later on. It's a fairly good game, but if you're strictly looking for a f2p game, don't bother with this one. You'll uninstall after the first chapter.
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Enjoyable game with an indepth research system to wet your appetite. Very easy to see this game reach the top.
It has a Huge Potentials. Really love it. You could Use house having Ack Ack at the roof upgrades too
It's a really good game to waste time but I am uninstalling it. The main reason being each day you log in you get rewards and you can be a loyal player for weeks on end, but the day that you need to deal with real life issues it gets reset after 1 day absence. That is not how you reward a loyal player
Mind blowing maps, many different kinda towers & upgrades. This is the best TD game I've ever played yet. I love it 😁 Hats off to the devs!!!
Easy in the beginning slowly challenging and doesn't try to rape your wallet to get you to advance in level
The game play is 5*, the cost structure is 0*. I would gladly like to support the game by paying for it, however, the badges, which are necessary at higher levels are too expensive. No game is so good as to be worth more than $60-$80; the badges cost $104 and $208 / year which is grossly excessive. I'd be willing to pay ~US$4 / month.
Fun but very sad. First Mission were very fun but nothing is happen once you get pass it. It lock up and dose not let you get pass it. It said your pressing it but it will not let you play. Very sad.
One of the best tower defense game that I'm currently playing. In fact I play this game for hours everyday for almost a year. It's addictive and challenging at the same time. I really like this game alot. But the last chapter is not working. I have already unlocked it, but for some reason it's not responding. That is why I gave only 3 stars for now. Please fix the game.
Septer 10 level 161.. The game ends. Septer 11 says, more level are coming stay tuned.. I play for free . i enjoyed this game really non pay to win game. Seige house, minigun ,tank, and anti air is all i needed.. Bezerker for tank is a second must. Get it as soon as you can, priorit upgrades minigun then tank then anti air then Seige house.. Thats all i needed.. Thank developers, i enjoyed this game. Its realky a great game
Unplayable on Blue Stacks. It's a shame because you have the basics of a good TD game, but not as it currently is designed. And the level of greed you exhibit is appalling. Trying to charge more for an ineffective gear upgrade than I can pick up a PS or XBOX game for? That's is not a smart business decision.
Very fun TD through the first 4 sectors --enjoyed it a ton. The Fog scenarios can be difficult, but also a nice challenge. Somewhere in sector 5, the game becomes nearly unplayable. The level rewards are capped, so you won't be able to grind. And unfortunately, meaningful upgrades are approaching 1000 gold, so you can't earn them anyway. If you want to support the game, do so early when the upgrades are affordable. Gold becomes increasingly worthless as a single upgrade can go over 10,000 gold towards the later part of the tree. Good TD, but you'll almost certainly leave a lot of content unplayed due to the extreme difficulty, and inability to upgrade.
So far it's fun to play. This is your standard TD games so far it delivered. No force ad is always a plus. Gonna update my review in the future, but so far so good😁
Upgrades system is top-notch. I like absolutely every part: grapchics, animations, setting, heroes, towers themself and the way world map looks, it's just a pure joy. Restricted energy is negative part, but else i would just die from dehydration. I suggest developer to consider porting this to Steam (PC). Oh, yes, give players a tip that anti-air tower needs time to wind up and shoot for the first time (when just constructed).
Very solid tower defense game and honestly one of my favorites. The levels are definitely challenging, but not impossible. My complaint is that later upgrades are too expensive, and until more levels are added, there is really no easy way to get currency for upgrades without paying or spending many hours grinding.
Started off great, but then got really difficult to progress without spending money. I'm bored of it now and ready to uninstall
Suggestion. WHY not allow us to ADD slots for upgrade cards? You can give some FREE cards(50%) and "sell" cards(50%) for your income. We can use our goldbars/crystals by everytime we play or if you are NOT patient? Then, "pay" for your enjoyment of the game. If you want to be stronger now & don't like to wait, then PAY for it.. So, income for AOD developers. Power for those who buy and power for those patient in playing(free player).
Got stuck at a particular level and your gold rewards are super stingy. Great strategic game but obviously you want pay to win players. Uninstall.
I can't find another tower defense like it. Absolutely infuriating in a good way! Wish there was a walk through though... I'm stuck!
Great game. Very complex and extensive. Also has some unique features. You should definitely get this if you're a TD fan! You won't beat this quickly... longevity.
Pauses during tower build This makes this game true Tower Defense We like Strategy not Arcade 5 stars for keeping TD true
So great and addictive. Specially the fact it has a small size. But gave it a 4 star because of the graphics, try to improve it. Otherwise, it's great.
It was good, great even, then I got to the very middle of chapter 5. I've gone back and beaten just about every level prior, to its fullest, and still cannot unlock enough upgrades to beat this level. I refuse to pay to win a game. I've watched enough extra starting money ads to pay twice over for this game and now I feel as though I wasted all this time because someone, somewhere, decided to be a bit greedier them they should've been.
Not bad at all , please keep improving this game. Update game now fails to launch since most recent update.
I shoot, shoot, shoot till all bad mans die. Likely game and fun, but definitely a PTP after a few levels.
This Tower defense game is probabbly one of the best you can get, with lots of interesting concepts and tactical challanges. 10/10 would play forevor.
New player here, but so far, I give the game 5 stars....... Cool sounds, nice mix of defensive buildings, units etc etc to choose from, real cool technology tree for each one. This is about the 5th tower defense game I have played, so far, this is the best one
Worthless game. Upgrade every thing, put a defense in every slot and your defense stands still while enemies go by.
I love this game. frustraded with the previous incomplete version, hope i can play this now to the end.
Awful design that demands cash to progress or a ridiculous amount of downtime. It's a tower defense game with stamina.. It cloaks itself in the glamour of having a skill tree which is really just a tiered system adding another layer of paywall to the already strangled gameplay. It isn't clever or intuitive. It's a generic and overdone. You either get the DPS upgrades or you fail every time. As if that wasn't bad enough on its own there is a stamina bar as well. I'd lol but it's just sad.
Tower descriptions should say the value and not just show a bar, tanks rotate too slow, fire towers too slow, just.. feels not great when your towers miss due to rotation. Looks pretty at least.
great gameee, who was doing the level design ? I'm so glad to play you're game. Proud of you're team there. Good Job. keep it grow. This is fantastic
Fun and intense battles. Jus dont like being asked to post a rate and review as all games do. I'd rather play for awhile and give a better rating later on in game.
Nice! Not so hard nor so easy... I hope can have level 3 upgrades of towers. My first time to play & buy upgrades. Imagine that? Make your sell CHEAP. So, like me, i was tempted coz it's CHEAP.😱 😘😘 Shower us with a lot of "gifts" DEVZ. The more you give the more it will TEMPT your players for playing & upgrades.
It's fun and challenging at same time! You have to think about the best formation at every situation, with unique towers that makes this game good!
Game was working great until last bug fix. Lost all of my progress, when I tried to restore via Google play, the game uploaded the old level flicker and uploaded new level . Exactly why I don't spend money on apps.
Too additive. I've played it nearly daily. Won and lost. Thanks to the developer for this game. I will not introduce to my wife, she be late in cooking. Thanks a million developers.
You need to give better daily rewards at every 30 days. Also, make it less impossible to compete chapter 10. I'm starting to get pissed. It will take me a decade to get enough gold to buy the last base upgrades. I'm losing interest in this game. Previous post below: This game rocks! Addicting and hard deep into the game and it seems like it keeps going. Not sure how many chapter there are been i play everyday. I wish I could upgrade more.
Very good game. Basic premise is fun. Many various upgrades, achievments, maps, and scenarios keep that intial fun from becoming boring or grinding like. Close to 5*
Epic game love the set up and never shy of gold which makes it a game in a league of its own cheers guys keep up the great work
A very good app I have never seen a game so interesting like this good graphics but it would more interesting if we could move a defense
Great game!! Definetly a power game!! And its not a ' pay to win' game!! Well designed game. Thank you for this game.!!
Very great and hard so hard that it will make you have to use a single strategy watch advertisement so you can get no using real money
Really enjoyable tower defense game. Tons and tons of levels to keep you occupied. A fun and interesting upgrade system. A wide variety of level layouts to challenge you. It's true that buying some crystal packs can get you ahead but I don't personally have a problem with spending a bit of money on a very enjoyable gaming experience. This gets a big thumbs up from me.
Not sure why but I like it. Graphics done well in my opinion. Watch video for 1000 gold, not working ? Press watch video nothing happens ?.
The Google Play Games does not work. I can linked it to the games but I already achieved requirements but couldn't get the achievements
Fun. Mind stimulating. Balanced. Needs a little bit of extra details like tower damage and radius in numbers. Gonna stick with it till the end😊😊. Edit: i got to ch13 without paying. Best luck to all.
Not groundbreaking, but it has a few unique elements not found on typical TD games. Like some infantries will crawl (and make them near-invulnerable) when within range of a tank (yes, your doomed if you put tanks everywhere). Or planes ignoring some of your defenses. It has Google Play Achievements (but, low exp and hard to get). The game is lacking in-game encyclopedia though, good luck figuring out what's what. Edit: This game has no cloudsave, be careful!
The store is not working so I can't buy any crystals even if I want to. If I try it just fails over and over. Fix this for more stars.
The way the TD works is great as you will definitely be strategizing to make sure you win. The downplay is that you only have limited resources and that you cannot farm a level to gain better tech. If this would change in the future, Im sure that this will make the game better for f2p EDIT: PLEASE UPDATE THE DAILY REWARDS TO GIVE MORE GOLD/CRYSTALS. Seriously, 10 gold - 100 gold doesn't really mean much by day 13 :(
Very nice game I love it but I have one concern I cannot play on the battle right now, please fix this.
Im still early in game but so far its nice but the beginning is a little easy but other than that ggod game
This game is fun. Each level will provided reasonable gold and gem to allow you upgrade your tower to meet the stronger level.
Game has improved greatly, one of the best tower defense games available. I really like the new boats that attack, but defense system needs a sell option. Some levels are still unbeatable without cheats though, so I'd call it 4.75 stars, rounded up. The bonus $ days are cool, and increasing survival mode char XP and gem payouts would make replay value a lot better. I would love to share some ideas about making the game more than an average TD game, for example: using a conveyar belt that rotates
Nice game. i njoyed playing the game its just that where is the option for the bulldozer and katana? there is no bulldozer and katana to be built.
Initially game was interesting and addicting (I Played many hours sometime) progressing with tough but manageable difficulty level.. but as you progress up to Chapter 10 (slot 159) difficulty become insane (designed for you to lose for sure, f%#k developer!!) insisting we pay for upgrades, that pay to win and that when the game suck!! Too bad time to uninstall.
It looks interesting but not a good td game. The enemy moves to fast and you can only see the range of towers after you placed them. Also the tutorial can not be skiped and is very annoying.
Love the game. Some form of team or alliance function done properly would make this game the all time perfect td
It was a great td game until you get to level 159 then you need to begin spending real money if you want to progress. I'm all for supporting developers so I did buy a crystal bundle to get some in game perks, but even still my base is destroyed by wave 10... Screw you. I'll spend my cash elsewhere.
CANT PROVIDE a 5 STAR REVIEW yet although I like this game. My main issue is that, enemy vehicles have no stats. There is an encyclopedia for enemy vehicles but no details on the amount of HP, armor, strengths and weaknesses. All it provides is a narrative description of the enemy vehicle and nothing else. But nonetheless, I enjoy this game and went to purchase some to show some support.
Great game, and the best defense game I have ever played. Why? it's filled with different maps. challenges, and modifications to all weapons with its on skill tree to trim things to your style of play. Game has many little features and the ads are very well worth watching, and so this game is not a "money sink", and does provide hours of fun ! try it !
It's my favorite defense strategy game. The sound is great and all the upgrades with it's different vehicles and 3d modeling πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜ it's awesome for me!
Not groundbreaking, but it has a few unique elements not found on typical TD games. Like some infantries will crawl (and make them near-invulnerable) when within range of a tank (yes, your doomed if you put tanks everywhere). Or planes ignoring some of your defenses. It has Google Play Achievements (but, low exp and hard to get). The game is lacking in-game encyclopedia though, good luck figuring out what's what. Btw, mid Chapter 5 (lvl 61) is POSSIBLE, even for F2P. Focus on tank/anti-air.
Good game but level 10-159 is suck. Player will uninstall this game when reach that level...good bye...
Good game but the developer needs to play the game before release. The fog levels become unplayable at the second field because critical spots to put turrets can not be reveled even with the tank. Unless you farm the first field to the point of bordem and level the tanks range which is poor game design. It was fun until that point.
Solid gameplay, so far no shenanigans.. Problem: when I sign in with google play on a different device (Android-Android), the save I have on the original device won't transfer or update. I'll 5 ⭐ it when I get this resolved.
The game itself could be fun, but I dislike the fuel timers to be able to play, and being offered to pay real money to avoid losing a round feels insulting.
One of the best TDs in the store. Great challenges, all able to be won by playing the proper strategies. Ads are not intrusive (Your choice whether to watch), and it is definitely not pay to win.
Good game but chapter 10 not make sense to hard beyond hardcore. U need to trash u head so bad until u start pick u phone and throw it and start cursing f wordπŸ₯²πŸ₯²πŸ₯²