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Ao Oni2

Ao Oni2 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by UUUM, Inc. located at 東京都港区六本木6-10-1 六本木ヒルズ森タワー34F. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Best game, good layout. Good story. And great quality. I recommend people playing this a lot more or let others play it themselves and enjoy the experience I had
I think the game is good but the control. How can you play this game if is hars to control? Gonna give this 1 not worth your time until they fix the control
I can't play the game. I always wanted to play this game but I can't. Because at the start of the game it only displayed Japanese word and I can't understand it .I wait at that loading screen for awhile but still no response. I was so disappointed. is it because of my phone version ?
Have u to watch boring ads and I can't open no doors without pressing the door like 10 million times plus ai onl is everywhere it's just not fun and I haven't even scary
Yes I do agree with some of the people that the controls are hard but they aren't that bad it just depends what type of controls you are used to or what is easy in your opinion. I found it fun and scary but not too scary which I what I was looking for, the story is nice and the characters aren't bland. But take this with a grain of salt I'm no expert but I am a person who enjoyed it.
Uuum inc. Could you pls make it easier to escape so i can get a chance cuz when i qant to outrun him he just still follows me!! I love it but hate it at the same time!!!
It's my favorite oni game I love the school choice the controls are easy to figure out and its the first oni game I beat I definitely suggest this game to anyone to play
Like any other puzzle game I got stuck on it pretty fast so I don't really be saying much on this one I'm going to read out everything that it wants me to answer it gives me like three boxes to say yes no not sure on some questions the first question is is this a stealth game yes it is is this game simple no it's not is this game complex oh yes it is
The game was fun but I couldn't get to the end because when I heard the sound I didn't know what to do. Anyways great game love controls it's awesome 😀
As everyone else. The only problem is the controls, too difficult to control the character and it will also be good to have apart a action bottom. Instead of running and trying to interacte with objects at the same time it will be great having another bottom for action. For example when you are running are trying to open the gate it's kind of impossible xD
First the alien looks like me on drugs And second It's almost impossible to hide front hsi thing And it Scares the soul out of my body when I get killed pop
The Game Its Ok I Like It....But Only OneThing The Make Ao oni2 It Hard To Play On Phone Or IOS If On My Pc Its Not That Hard But On Phone A Bit Hard....Make The Game A Bit Ez To Play On Phone.....P.S Need More Works√♥
Love it so much i dont care about the ads if you name yourself southpark there will be an easter egg at the start
Ok, but hard to control. I would recommend the So In PC game, from VGPerson's Translations, as it is easier to control and the first addition in the games. Overall, pretty good app, but the PC version was 2 million times better.
The controls could use a lot more work. Also it would be nice to know how this is the sequel of the first game when all of the others died.
I love this game but the controls are awful. I came to the conclusion that you don't truly care because the game is old and this bug would have already been fixed if other wise. 👎👎👎
It's a nice game but the... Screams are kinda scary I know that's the point of the game kinda but please make the it a bit less scarier cause it's not me who's playing it its my brother
The game is good and all but..when I'm moving the chair I always get it stuck on the wall..I would like if I could take the chair and put it in my inventory
Very hard to get through doors ..the app often freezes and makes it impossible for me most of the time to escape Ao Oni but other then that it's actually pretty alike to the PC version of it , if I could get through easier this would be awesome!! Love it!
WAAAAAYYY TO HARD TO CONTROL. And sometimes when i would try to click in the closet to hide in it wouldnt work. I wish the developers just worked harder on this game because it actually had some potential. And i cant even get started with the ads. Please hear me and try to fix these problems(you dont even have to have no ads at all just not so many) if you do this I will give you a five star rating definitely.
This was a decent game. It was a little bit scary but the control was annoying. The puzzle are very hard and some of the puzzles don't makes sense. The only thing that I like about this game is that you can change your oni and turn into different characters like the teacher, mika, takuro, Takeshi , principle. The game play wasn't that bad but there were some problems with the game play.
This game is great, the story is interesting, good textures, and even theres a purple guy(man behind the slaughter?), it dosent have a jump scare making the game a little scary, and controls are simple,even there a puzzle, 5 stars for working hard in this game😊!!
Hello great game I love this game so much but I have a problem when I finish hiroshi's part do I wait to unlock takeshi's part or do I have to do something to unlock takeshi part? (Please answer)
Don't really like this game. It doesn't save my progress. The controls are bad. It's called a horror game but its not even scary and I don't see any jumpscares or anything.
What the hell, I cant play the game, when the game start, it start to loading and some Japan letter appears at my phone screen
This game totally spooked me out! But honestly, really like to play these indie games. They have a unique gameplay and storyline than the others. The monsters here looked so...UGH. Didn't really understand your scoring system in the end which felt REALLY weird. Barring that, the game was fun to play with all the puzzles to solve...and hoped for a happier ending though... Translate the other versions too, please! :)
i just saw gameplay and it was cool but it takes forever to download but i like the franchise as HECK
The major issue is the control. For a game like this, the controls have to be tight to be able to make quick shark turns to enter and exit rooms. Trying to swerve your finger to cut corners and make precise turns is really difficult and hard to get used to. A suggestion would be to have a D-pad in the overlay like in rogue-like dungeon games.
i say its really good but some parts are in japinese and sometimes you open a door and ao oni is behind the door and i do not get a quick enough reaction
This game is so awesome!!! This really touch my heart... The character is so cute.... I thought takuro and will escape... Awww, but its fine... thank you so much!!! I support you!!! And~ the controler is okay... Im used to it!!!!
The ads in this game are plastered all over the screen with no way to remove them. Very annoying, makes the game very hard to concentrate on. It would not be so bad if you could pay a pne-time fee to remove said ads, but you can't.
I really like it but it is really hard I can only go to when I come back and the blond boy is freaking out and runs in that one room in the corner and I don't ever see Ao oni otherwise I love the game this is the longest rating I have ever gave you are lucky