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FPS Critical Strike Mission

FPS Critical Strike Mission for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by FIRE GAME located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
In first, first used to feel bored because I didn't knew how to play? and I was about to delete it! But I thought I will play one last match. And when I was playing it I learned how to play well ! I was also shocked!Then from that time, I am playing this game.And, now I am a pro player.
dumbest game ever, i hate it i will never recommend this stupid game. ads are the most annoying thing.. every time u select something a stupid ad will pop up. a huge thumbs down for me. also whats the use having so many levels when there isn't any missions or anything. sorry but this is the worst game i have ever played!
This game is so cold I hate it , the firefight start and end in 5 seconds every boady relax and you have to shoot someone again,you can move afront the man an he don't care sorry!!but I don't love this game
i'm no ones critic, and i truly do hate giving a game a bad rating, but this game has way too many ads. for me, an ad was the first thing that loaded. i understand its a form of revenue for people who make games, but this is ridiculous. every level contained an ad going into it, and an ad coming out with no skip button. the game seemed fun, but i spent more time watching ads for candy crush, or fortnite, or some other game, that i just lost interest. its good to use ads but not this many!!!
Very nice game with a great fun a player can have a very good experience and relaxation of his mind by playing this game it is not edicted to and also easily working not hanging my phone it is also of less mb that increases it ratings three times for me I loved the game so much that I had asked all my friends and relatives to try out it once and I knew that if they try once they will loved to play it and not be thinking it to uninstall the game . its background or the scene provided is also very attractive to it players and I loved it very much and I also draw that on a drawing sheet for my competition and I got the first prize in it. its guns or you can say weapons given are also very good Bye all this we came to know that this is a very good game and I request everyone to play it once and I am sure you will not think to uninstall it
One of the worst games I have tested, movement is bad, graphics very sad, and entire gameplay and style just so weak.
is game because I can shoot the balloons easily I am a great champion but this game is awesome I like it this game is brilliant that's why I am giving it posters please download this game quickly this game is amazing
Way too many adds.Open the app,an add.Complete a level,an add.And I played my music while listening to this but you can't even remove the sound!And it's way too hard to aim.
It's full of ads! When you start there's ad, when your mission is complete there will be ad. Even if you click control you will see ..... -_- Also you can't customize your control. This is my first time reviewing a game because I am pissed off!
it was fine i guess. wasnt what i expected and it wasnt the best game ive played however it was good. the adds were annoying. you press something and the adds just pop up.
This is just junk.... Dont fall for the pictures they show. The controls are pathetic. You just have to shoot from a rooftop... I cant describe how pathetic. They are showing false pictures here.
once the game downloaded the first thing that came up was a 40 second advertisement. Then continued with more ads. Download this game ONLY if you love watching ads..
this game is nice but it does not provides zoom or scope to shoot that's why I am eating it only one star
it is truely very superb and it is one of the awsome game . i suggest all my friends to please install this fantastic game.
This game is not exactly what you are thinking of. Don't dare to download this game. I was also fooled as this game was in the top free list of Google Play Store. It has way too many ads. You clear each level and an ad arises. It doesn't need any Internet. ...still while downloading it shows that it need Internet access.....and that is only to show ads. It is not a PvP game. You just have to aim and shoot. In the maximum levels, there is no joystick to move. please do not download this game.
Worst game experience EVER. I got a 20 second ad before the game had even loaded and I fired three bullets (quickly) got another 2 long ads and they asked me to rate the game. Well as you asked before I'd played less that 30 seconds and got 3 ads then I recommend you never install this game EVER!!!
The moving device is not working in the sea fortress and another battle field I want them to come otherwise it is a amazing game ever in life and we need more levels
It's a very good game. And I can also get anything just by watching a video. But I think you have to improve the sea fortress level as after killing some terrorists in lv. 6 I cannot see others in the screen but they are visible in the map. Try to improve and I'LL give it a five star.
Complete garbage. Enemies just stand around doing nothing, until you shoot them, there is no sense of reward, and It's packed with useless ads that make the game unplayable.
Super game but easily to bored full with the rest of the team and get it done with the game and get it out of the game and make sure you have the best game in the gamers and you will be able to win the game against you and your team to win this match with your own car hire team at a competitive price and competitive e for your car we will be sure to make sure you get the best deal on the car hire car hire car hire car hire car hire car hire car hire
This game is trash the controls arent good and you just watch add 70% of time your watching adds 30% of the time your playing and you can tell there's no effort put in to this game now the only reason I have it 2 stars is because the gameplay is smooth graphics are horrible just bad and you can tell that your playing with bots bad dang bad
It would get 5 stars if you could walk around in every level, aim down the m16 and pistol (only weapons i have), and if there wasnt ads everytime you won, lost, or changed to anything
Graphic very good but it worst at when you shoot enemy , move around and sniper 's zoom also can't reach . Also ads always pop up when we want to the next level . Bullet so far it's good . Tq
all things are good but controls are a bit.....I hope you will understand the problem and try to fix it as soon as possible thanks😋😋a huge thumbs up from me ,,,,👍👍but please fix the problem soon
worst , i may be pleased if the company doesn't operate the game.The game slides shows that the person can be moving but the real is he can't. It feel like purinatical streak to me .
this game is perfect and very quick when coming to shooting and it is very fair, i also feel like am watching a movie
Bad graphics with a overwhelming amount of ads. Click to start game ad, before your put into the game ad, right after the match ad. Some unskipable
Everything else is great , but the moving around button is also working as rotating around, which effects the overall gaming experience. Please try to fix it ASAP.
Where is the option for 'no star at all' ?? this is a scheme. a copy of an original game that the developer is using to make some cash. this thing showed an ad right after opening it, ddint even get to try it, and to make the it worse its all 30second ads. my advice, don't waste your time and data.
The worse game I had ever played. This game is unrealistically & impossible. C'z the terrorism are in various range & with short gun even some are running and shooting better than player Sniper.The most impossible is, the player get shot even cover behind the brick wall. I recommded you, your game is really really stupid. You had no experiences as Sniper behaviour. You just developer & knowing how to create the game only. Thus, I suggest no one can download & don't be wasted y'r precious times.
Too many Ads!!! Didnt even get the game opend before ads popping up. Uninstalled within a minute due to ADS popping up in game time..Terriable!!
very bad experience. ads are more than game playing. and in some levels like in sea fortress, enemy are not seen. fix this problem.
I see a lot of potential in this game it can go for a long run in play store but needs a better sensitivity and better controls. There is probably a sole dev to this and the amount of work a single dev can do i appreciate the effort. It can improve but im uninstalling because of controls and sensitivity good luck on the improvements! :)
worst game at all👿👿👿don't download this, waste of time .worst graphics...worst of all in playstore
Good game..... Controls are also very good.....and very very addictive......Give it a try....reallly good.....But too many ads......Or else it is very good..... graphics are very goods..... variety of guns available...remove athis ads paroblem Iwould 5⭐
Very good game. I recommend downloading this game .the only problem is that the shooter takes very much time to reload his gun. but still a good game.
I AM enjoying the game but i am facing the same problem I read in a review .My gun keeps on shooting even when the level is over .please solve this problem for me
Wow what a game I just love this game First I read all the reviews of this game they were not so good but ignored it and downloaded it It was amazing
worst game...player can't move from one place to another place...opponents are moving and targeting the player...
you're one of the best games I've ever played along with DC Legends I sent the letter to them like you you
I liked shooting but the game was full of cheating . And also when we sit in the game and we want to stand and shoot the adds of vignan school is irritating. Oh my god I hated the game
Pix Art is a good editor and what I can say about it. You know everything that it's done is a good editor. Pix Art lets you do everything.
This game is pure trash... dumbiest game i have played with too many ads. AIM is very poor and you cant move about. I dont recommend you download it as you cant do anything without seeing ads everywhere and the controls are very poor with bad graphics!!!
This game is a total Graphics rip-off of Critical OPS. It would've been better if the character dressing style and the open world effect could be changed. It would've been more popular if it had Multiplayer/online options.
Too many ads, in the middle of your game there will be an ad. I understand that's how they make money but at least wait until after the round to play an ad. Also the graphics are terrible and the game itself gets frozen in a position. Overall dont download because if terrible graphics and bad glitches.
I am only playing it for last one day, and the overall experience is nice and swift. Although, I encountered a single issue i.e. once my mission was complete, the weapon kept on firing continuously, and it got carried to the beginning of the next mission as well. But the game is truly awesome, and I am loving it.
The app description images are recieving, the actual graphics are kinda ok/good, but the game is quite laggy, the Sniper Rifle shakes when trying to aim & zoom towards your target, the zooming of the Sniper rifle should be made more handy & easily accessible so that we can shoot enemies faster, 2 stars overall coz I died even though I had taken a cover & guess what? It didn't even allow me to move around as it says we can by pressing on the left portion of the screen, I could move in lvl 2 only, after dying multiple times at lvl 3, I chose to delete this game. The fact that to proceed towards a mission by pressing the "play" button on top right corner also sucks, I know you guys want to earn money but reduce the amount of Pop-up ads, it's gonna irritate many people, I hope you're gonna work on the advice I provided and improve this game, thank you so much....hope to see a improved game next time!
Worst game if you will download this game you will feel like you are playing game or just watching ads continously ads come and disturb you and we can not even quit this ad we have to wait till the ad completes.
best (advertising) game ever - there was advertisement even before i could play the game for the first time... ads in between is understandable but just after downloading the game? wow! smart idiots working on the game....
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I love this game and there are shooter is very nice to took them. This game is really amazing. And firing is very beautiful.
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All good, I hate the aiming system. That circle coming wherever we touch n not fixed. At time of aiming it's moving. 😈😠
this game has really impressed me and has a lot of potentials but has as lot of drawbacks. it requires original money to buy guns and has lot of adds and poor graphics. I'd be glad seeing developments. Nice game by the way😍
This game is trash. It makes the enemys dissaper to make you click the pause button. Which gives you a ad. They are rich from the amoint of times they do this
Really nice game! except I wish that 1 u can move around and 2 I wish u could zoom in. other than that it's a great game!
Very very very very very bad game friends please do not install I have done the mistake for installing and had to uninstall it within 5 seconds the controls graphics are all very very bad do not install. I will not ever in my dream as well think of this playing again. Like in my list of rating its position would be in negative. I will not install this game even if I am out of options it is very very poor game
it is not a game..actually it is a app which is developed to show ads and in between you can play small game