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Ant Evolution - ant simulator

Ant Evolution - ant simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Flighter1990 Studio located at Nowa Wieล› 21, Bakaล‚arzewo 16-423 Polska. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun casual clicker game, mild strategy. -"Finished" normal mode in 4 hours of gameplay. -Late game requires more time/strategy -You can only spawn ants and purchase upgrades - not for micromanagers -Upgrade tree feels unfinished since it takes only 4 hours to complete it -Definitely worth a look if you're a casual gamer or you like ants :)
It's a great game to pass the time, and I think it could benefit from allowing for some creation. Ants dig alot, so perhaps having a special digger ant create tunnels from one resource to another or to defencable areas to allow soldier ants to more quickly approach enemies. Putting a limit to how far they can go or how many can be built would really bring forward a new aspect to the strategy side of this game. Another thought would be enemies that could utilize the tunnels, ie. Another ant.
It's fun but I wish it would explain like how to kill a spider I figured it out they do it on there own but at first I got scared and didn't know what to do. I also wish u could do alittle more with the map like tell them to get this food or kill that spider. But over all it's a good game. The graphics is pixelated so if u like better high graphics not the game for u. But fun so far.
Interesting... then its over. I beat "normal mode" in about 1 hour. Then its just a slightly more difficult sandbox with no goal. I was hoping for more ant hill battles. While the battles is fun, it is the sole reason I ranked the graphics poorly. You will understand when you get to them. Also why does the acid ant cost so much more during a battle? Makes little sense to me.
I love this game so much this is my favorite game! Im so happy that i download this game! I love it and i got a free 500 resurces and 50 food i think i got it from a rate i love it! so much i really rate it 5 rate... and who plays this game give this game a 1-5 rates!!!! and this is why i rate it 5 stars becouse its so fun! i love it so so so so much! And do the ant evolution pro really available? Thanks!
Too many adds. An add would appear nearly every five seconds. I fell like a good way to combat this would be a way to have the player buy extra resources or extra food so the developers can still make money.
I would give it give stars but I don't completely see the point yet as I only just started , that said , further interaction with the ants or being able to map out where your next colony or hill could be , maybe direct your soldiers to battle or miners to mine etc.
Best game have fun with this and please fix the graphics it is bad so creator of this game just change it to good! When we have fun!
It is somewhat alright, suggestions are: ability to kill/disband un-needed ants (esp. miner ants) and I feel like there is no point in getting other ants other than guard ants because only they can maintain a good ant density. Other soldier ants should get a bigger detection range to encourage its use. Having them moving faster would also be a good idea.
Cool! So far, I've liked the game! And the ads are short, woo! However, the further you get onto the game, the more it lags when it says its saving. Also, it runs out of room so you can't tell how many of a certain ant you have after acid ants. As well as this, worker ants mostly just clump up in the middle and don't see the dead insects in the corners? One more thing, there isn't much to do other than the main screen. Maybe add more to the game? Keep up the good work guys! Thanks!!!
I like how easy it is to get ants and food. But i wish we can be a ant, or look and see what the ant has
Love the game so far, keep up the good work, only thing i could recommend is maybe a larger UI setting bc sometimes its a little hard to see the numbers, especially for me bc i have bad eyesight
Amazing game I love it, only thing I have to say is it's easy to beat rn. I hope ur still adding more, I'd love to be able to do more like possibly buying another anthill in another place and having the owned anthills be able to help eachother out. I haven't beaten another anthill yet so I don't know what that does. Also more quests and more stuff to buy but idk what ur doing with the game yet and can't wait to see.
I got this because pocket ant wasnt working and lost my account. I was disappointed i couldnt be an ant and do things like in pocket ant. Its a bit borning just watching and tapping. Makes it to close to a tap game and i dont really enjoy tap games. Its is not a bad game tho. In Interested to see how it collects when in not in the game.. I think the warrior ants die way to easy. Also the cobtroles are a bit weird to figure out expecially with out a tutorial. It only explains whats there not how.
The game is quite fun, the only frustrating part is that as soon as a spider spawns in your soldier ants blindly walk towards it one by one getting most of them killed. Please add a rally point system or a max range they can go out from the hive to
It's great a foundation but needs to be expanded upon more. I basically beat the game in a single day but I had fun the entire time. It needs more content in short. One thing really frustrating is that the ant workers refuse to go get the insect corpses in the 4 corners of the map so I had like 60 corpses just stack on top of each other, not being touched at all. Also, the limitation of 3000 ants makes it a bit frustrating as well but I get it's there to save data. All around, great game tho.
Simple but addictive! Great simple idea. But it is TOO simple if I must admit. More features would be cool! It would be cool if your pants could find diamonds, and use the diamonds to open cosmetic crates for your pants. They would apply to all ants even if you die or something. I would enjoy additions like that.
I like a lot like a lot but can u make the worker, and soldier ants have a better AI since when the enemys are on the corners of the map they just chill on the base or in the case of the workers they just stay on the ant hill when theres food on the map!. Also make it so new ememies dont spawn so soon would leave a 5stars on it if fixed.
Fantastic. Simple yet engaging, and a genuinely fun experience. Thank you, devs, please keep up the splendid work!
The game player needs to have more control of the workers and what they do. All I can do is tap on the mound and make ants. Its actually a pretty boring game.
I love this game! Ads are short, and you can get rewards after watching an ad! I also like the little music that plays so it isn't complete silence. And there are goals with rewards! This game is the best! โค Keep up the good work!
It's good it's not competitiveit doesn't make you angry pretty good for just a little gamealthough having to get resources and trying to protect your nest from to invasions at the same timeit's just a pain when you trying to kill the spiders in the enemies in trying to gather resources at the same time other than that pretty good five star
I have just started this game and so far so good. Although I would like a way to alert the soldier ants as to which bad guy I'd like them to tackle first. But so far so good either way. I also cannot find a way to pay to turn off ads...hmm
The game is good fun noooootttt much to do and at some point there are too many enemies and too stromg enemies u just die (cant tell since i have played untill i die).The game SHOWERS you with ads every 30-45 seconds theres an "ad break" i get that you need money and that 1 ad is prob like 0.10 $ but jesus thats too many ads.
Haven't played long enough to criticize fully, doing it for the bonus 500 resources, but definitely getting the "SIMS Ants" vibes and I loved that game as a kid, I'll keep playing this and update my opinion after some hours. But so far so good, good job devs!
Ant evolution is pretty good. I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the many ants crawl on the screen, and being able to control large numbers at a time while also protecting my anthill from spiders. The only issue is that lack of a clear way of going about this, there is no direction or actual real goals, only gathering ants which is all you're going to do anyways, nor does it give a clear way of unlocking upgrades.
It's good, the only reason that I'm not giving it a four star is because the play is really good, but the other thing is why I almost gave it a two star is one, creative is not free, and two, it would be 700 resources and 800 ants to attack an other any pile, but over all, it's really great!
this game is goos so far but what i really want is having more ant lifespan i think other people have been complaining about this too i really like the game keep up the good work
Okay so pretty good game but, within the span of 34-40 days all your ants start dying and you have to buy more life span and watch ads every 5-10 minutes. On day 40 the enemies are so powerful and kill all your solider ants, then attack your ant hill. You have to have at least 100 miner ants and soldier ants to defeat them.
This is just a standard clicker but it is more fun for some reason. It displays ads every few minutes but it warns you in advance so you dont click them. Ill probably pay to remove them if this game holds my limited attention for a while.
I really like the game so far! The ads are fine, especially since they're short and you can opt to watch more for in-game resources. I like the different bugs, mayber add other things to mix it up (like birds or something) as well as more ants! I think it'd be super cool to be able to switch from outside the anthill to inside the colony, and even see the "queen". Maybe more features, like having your ants build structures and more exploration? Overall very nice game!
Great game! So so good! But can we like zoom in or like be the ant? That would make it a better game! I didn't think you would be still updating but if you see this please update that's all but I've played this game since I was 4!
Just started and so far I like the app, problem is the random ads that it forces you to watch. Really aggravates me. Id for sure keep playing if that was delt with there is already an option to watch ads for resources, maybe make the random ads pop up as a question like watch add for x about of speed for x seconds, or x amount of resources. Id not only watch more, but wouldn't be as annoyed that way.
There is a bit to many ads, they come a bit to often, maybe put bigger differences between the ants, like make the soldiers bigger than the worker ants, now I only have played the game a bit, but this doesn't really look like the evolution of ants, but I have only played a little.
Nice game kinda sucks with the resource part because you have to watch ads to get it and you need it but its still fun
Honestly has potential but the more I play the more boring and frustrating it gets. The battle does not have enough details on what to do. Strategy is one thing. But I've gone in with 4000food and never even made it to the hill. The amount of time it takes to build anything up kills your phone. You have to be running the game to get resources. The game itself eats battery so it has to be plugged in. Just not worth it for the ware on your device.
I love the game, I love the idea. I love ant farms, I do wish there was a ant farm game. That was like Sim Ant. I loved playing as a kid, it be cool to be able to see the nest under ground. The funnest part of any ant games, for me was watching then work. Get stuff, and fix tunnels Underground. The game looks like it has lots of potential. I hope you keep working on it, and not abandon it like most do games.
This game is so cool,we could get as many ant we want its very easy to play this game!.But, i have a difficulty,why can't we just why can't we make the formation,without that it will be so hard to win,and how do we even attack other anthill.I now where is the butten to attack,but,how to command your ants to attack?
I love this game. It appeals to the childish part of my brain that likes watching bugs do things. Also i gave the Destroyer ants names. They are Steve, Terry, Billy and Bobby and i would die for each of them. Being serious, i would recommend getting the ad free version, i would do that myself but i can't afford that at the moment.
Good game and has high potential. Suggestions: Add the ability to zoom in or out, and please add upgrades/damage upgrade for soldiers and other attacking units and to other ants/anthill as well. Better graphics and mechanics will be appreciated. Bigger map and more resources will be good as well. Ads are sometimes annoying and can ants just drag insects to the mound instead of picking pieces of it and some of my worker ants are just roaming around not doing anything, please fix this. Thanks:).
I've only begun the game, but it seems like it will be fun. I only give 3 stars because I've only played for maybe 15 minutes so far. I will raise to 4 stars after playing longer and seeing that the game can be interesting over a longer span of time. I will not give it 5 stars because too many ads. If there was 1 ad when opening app and 1 every 30 minutes after (or less ads!) I'd be willing to give it 5 stars
Surprisingly simple, yet requires a little strategy and thought. Super fun casual phone game, even for a picky player like myself. The ad breaks are expected for a free mobile game, but you can skip them all after like 5 seconds. Overall, not a bad download
Ads everywhere. My god the ads. The autosave is nice, but a bit too frequent. The concept for this game has a lot of potential, and with a bit of work, it could be something special. For example, it feels like things move very slowly. And the upgrades are nice but.. There is so very little to upgrade. The enemies are varied, but after just the beginning of the game, they stop posing a threat and feel more like free food than any actual threat to the nest. A bit disappointed.
I really like the fact that every now and then a worker ant spawns and that ants will add to your colony and most of all you can get food from dead insects๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
I am just here for reward.. anyways, Difficult, Entertaining, Game, these are one of those games that make me seemingly rage in the late game. .
Nifty spin on an idle miner type of game! If you're looking for something action packed, this isn't really it, but it is a fun casual game. You don't have a lot of choices to make or actions to preform and you don't get inside of the anthil but it's an interesting way to pass a few minutes!
Very entertaining game, it very relaxing just watching your ants harvesting food, bringing it back, and fighting off spiders. Every time the game auto saves, however there is a forced ad, usually a very short one, so it's not the most annoying yet, but I'm sure it'll get on my nerves soon
So far I think the game is pretty fun, I'd love if the ants are more distinguishable. Maybe try different color for the whole ant's body (red for worker and blue for miner for instance...)
It's good but sometimes it's annoying because when ur soldiers dont sy at ur anthill when the enemies are attacking then u would always need to spawn more soldiers unless u have enough soldiers that there everywhere to defend
This game is good however the ads they're annoying try doing a ad every 15 mins if u don't I'ma play offline
Fun game, but a lot of ads. It is also hard to figure out what upgrades do and want you should do then.
It's a relaxing game and it is satisfying to feel like you are actually making an entire ant colony, I do wish there were a couple more enemies to fight however, all I've encountered are spiders
While this game was fun at the beginning, sadly, I wasannoyed by a huge amount of ads and a huge spike in difficulty. Hornets are overpowered for the when they are introduced at. However, I enjoyed the idea of being invaded by other creatures. The siege game mode is terrible. It costs so much to go into it and without a tutorial or any real explanation to it, its easy to loose a lot of resources which could go into defense. Also, not being able to upgrade things further and it became stale.
Very good game no super long adds and you can tell that this developer doesnt want just money they want to make a good enjoyable game that doesnt need micro transactions and will let you go as you please very well done even for as simple as the game is it's much better than all the other app games who are all cash grabs thank you dev for not being a cheapskate only wanting the money
A fun real time strategy game that is exactly what it looks like. I've only encountered spider enemies. I enjoy how the soldier ants dont notice a spider until they get close enough, making it feel a bit more realistic
Its a relaxing game,but those constant saves are kiling meand my vibes, the game saves literslly every minute. I am telling you right now, like cloclkwork, it saves every minute. and also why does it have an unknown limit of ants? Like it wouldn't go above 3017. But other than that its a nice quaint game that reminds me of when i was a kid, and is involved an in inside joke with some friends. I enjoy it,byt id enjoy it more if that was fixed, i even supported the devs.
Oh this is great! I like how the soldier ants come out of the nest to attack and the butterflies just get killed.
Great game, but heavy on the ads. Also wish the ants would spread out more, they mostly stick close to the anthill
Fun while it worked, but if you have to many ants the game kind of shuts itself down. I waited for about 5 min for it to load and it just didnt work. But it fun while it lasted.
Even tho this game takes time to level up on this is the best ant game I've ever played! The pixel art is nice the diffrent types of ants are well thought out, it's just a wonderful good game!
A very fun and easy game to play. The ads aren't too intrusive, and you get a warning before they happen, which is a very nice feature that I think more apps should have. Definitely would recommend this game to people.
The game is really good (atleast in my opinion) and I dont have any problems with it the resource gathering is kinda slow tho but that's not really a problem if you get more miner ants and the spiders that spawn you could just wait till they get to the anthill and start spawning soldier ants because it seems the spiders just like to attack the anthill more and the food will be close meaning you get food faster.
Very good idle game. It doesn't have many bugs... But many bugs. (See what i did there) i like the upgrades and enemies and i see this game having lots of potential. Id like more upgrades for ants and different bosses that come maybe once a week or every 2 weeks like a rat, snake, and a mega boss like a raccon. A story mode would be nice. Also being able to have more than 1 file would be cool too. Thanks developers for making such an awesome game yet simple game. Also you guys should advertise
I have played this game since i was four it is amazing i really like the style the biggest score ive got on this is 45 days. I RATE IT FIVE STARS I LOVE IT I LOVE ANTS AND RAISING ANT YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH.