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Anime Tiles: Piano Music

Anime Tiles: Piano Music for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Bobcat Games Inc. located at Timothy Tower 1005, Queen Street, Chung Hom Kok, HK. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Song 395.Orange from shigatsu wa kimi no uso aka your lie in April is not working. They keys aren't working after a while. Please fix it asap. And even thunder song by imagine dragons.
Love the songs that are on but the ads not sure why but they would pop up when I'm playing a song and some of the notes are completely wrong in most songs I go to
Its a great app! I honestly love the anime songs that were included in the app! It has a pretty wide variety of songs too... Though I really dislike how the add boxes pop up then wont diaspper... Also how the tiles somewhat stop with the app.. though overall its a great app! I personally enjoy it and recommend it if you like anime!
There isn't as many ads as the other piano apps. There is also a lot of music to choose from and you get get more as you play. Coins and diamonds get them and you can earn those in game. Though the songs may not be very good the overall game play makes up for it. Waaaaay better than any other I have played.
I have had no problems with lag or ads, and I think the selection of songs is great, but I wish there were more difficulty options or that the songs were faster because some of them don't sound right due to how slow they are. Edit: I come back and it's completely changed. Why is it called pop music tiles on my home screen instead of anime tiles? Why are there pop and classical songs now?
Sometimes lagging. Not jut anime music (no problem i guess) but the songs don't really sound right. (Even if i don't miss notes)
The game is okay... There are various of songs. Both classical and of course anime songs. And there're pop songs too. The feature is pretty good too. I haven't encountered any problem so far..
The title is very misleading, the first and even most songs aren't from anime, it's just like piano tiles but with a few anime song added into it, and I find it hard to click on the tiles without failing and the backgrounds also make it hard to play
This is so great it has more then 1,000 songs but can you add more there are none of Haikyuu! Song so can you add more please! I'll rate it 5 stars if you add more ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Great game love the songs however a couple of issues. For starters there is no need to demand a rating every three times you lose. And a minor one is that some of the music is off a little bit in timing which is understandable because it's hard to make it sound perfect. The main issue is the ads right after you lose. A little bit too excessive. Aside from that I gotta say it's really fun.
The game seems good. However, I downloaded it to play one of my favorite Anime intros but failed to find it. It would be very helpful if you could add a search button. If you do I will bump it up to a 5.
I mean, it's a piano tiles game. but the ads are overwhelming (and I have a lot of patience for ads). it just feels insincere I guess? decent time waster though, but nothing special.
It is soooo fun! I recommend this to people who like muscal tyles cos it's like that but with anime songs! Good job developers!!!!
Pretty good but every time you fail theres and ad so my recommendation is either turning off you mobile data or trying an ad block otherwise pretty good the songs are good it's just a little hard so good for like middle to high level of skill with moving piano tiles
this is a really good app! i love the fact it has anime songs in it -which is the reason i got it of course. im a hugeee anime fan so when i saw an ad for this i was so excited! so then i ended up downloading it. its really fun! when i was younger i thought piano tiles was fun, so then i was scared i wouldnt like it anymore since im older now but i still love it :))
I love the songs but you have to have headphones to listen to it and when you do it laggs so it is beats off. Otherw then that it is really good for anime song or just normal song but I'm still looking for demon slayer
If it's anime tiles, why aren't there any anime songs? It's called lies. 1 star. If i could, I would give zero.
The best music 🎶 ever I cried anime tiles piano music are the greatest hits songs I have ever heard in my life I hope the hole world 😉 will know how spectacular your hits and amazing music are 💕😘 Anime tiles music 🎵 and it must of took you a very hard time making this music game and love the hard work you put and I would love it everybody 🙂 who are playing this musical hit love it the same way I do and when I listen and play all of the musical and beautiful songs. I wish to become singer
I give this a 4 star rating because i agree to the person that said that the song are of beat with the tiles but that wont stop to play this game. this game is the best and it keeps my fingers moving. I think that person that said that ahould try the game again and maybe she/he would like it after all. This game has some of my favorite anime songs like peace sign in My Hero Academia. My favorite anime to whatch is MHA. I seen 4 anime shows whitch is MHA, Demon Slayer, Sword art online and Haikyu
Guy's why are you giving this app 4 - 1 star when it's freaking awesome! Do you have problem with ads!? Just Freaking turn off your WiFi or mobile data🙄 don't reason the add. It's your fault not the app. Use your mind! Disconnect to any network! If you don't want any adds. Simple right? This app is so cool and I hope that the developers will add more songs🥰
I would give 5 stars if you fix the bug from the new update, every so often when I mess up and it goes to the retry screen the ad that pops up stays stuck on the screen and blocks half of my screen. The only why I have been able to get rid of it is to close and restart the app. Please fix this issue and I will change my rating to 5 stars.
Great game, loads of anime songs and lots of my favourites. Needs more Undertale music, only two songs so far and there are so many more from that game that would make great additions to this game. Please at least add His theme and ASGORE. Edit: I've noticed there are bugs in online battle like I got a free win cause I pressed a rocket tile just after I missed a note and it locked me in rocket mode for the entire song. Also people keep getting ahead of me even when I don't mess up at all.
After playing the ads, the game always kicks me out. This is really annoying. Please fix this. Thank you.
EDIT: Still not fixed the stars issue... Nice game, a lot of songs to choose from, but there are some bugs I would like to say. First: UI is not good, sometimes it goes of off the screen. Second: On some songs you can't earn 3rd star, only 2 stars. For example on song #20 and #20 so far. Third: Multiplayer match sometimes bugs out too. Later in the song notes start to appear very late on screen and then some notes don't even register after you have clicked it.
The piano keys are too hard for example, blue bird, history maker, and unravel, it is just a trap for us to hit "watch ad to continue" plus the ads are so fricking long, this is not worth downloading at all.
I really like how the notes only play when you press the tiles, also the online battles are something I've never seen before. the only real issue is the long unskipable adds but I just turn off my service/wifi... :)
This app is EVERYTHING , it's amazing it's fun and it has all of the amazing songs you would ever want . I would definitely recommend this app
EDITED #2: New update was not much. pretty sure it was just to add more different ads, but the app is still great! Now. for the person who said the search bar is gone, It's on home, you'll see it even when you start up the app. for the other person saying the ads are annoying, turn off your WiFi, or data, only turn it on when you want to unlock Levels. for the others, Aren't you glad that there's not just anime song but some good ones too? enjoy it! they made a great app give them some credit!
The game is good but it lags too much and sometimes I can't even touch the tiles even if I'm trying to and next thing I know is that I already lost the song. One more problem is at the online battle, it keeps on lagging and some of the tiles are gone and will just pop on your screen when your fingers are almost at the end of your gadget. Please fix these...
This is game is very good 👍 But there are two problems in this , which are :- The first problem is that , sometimes it lags alot even if you good wifi connection The second problem is that , there are alot of songs and it's difficult for us to search a song so it may be good if add a search bar In other all terms this is game DOPE
I love the vocaloid and anime aspect of it, many good choices! The only thing I'm uninstalling this app for is it doesn't always register when I tap and hold.. It's so frustrating!! That might just be me, idk.. And I find it a bit weird there's pop songs on an anime piano tiles game? I didn't come here for pop.. Anyways, decent app! Minimal complaints.
It's great and I love that it has anime songs, but I think what its lacking is a search bar system where you can search the song your looking for, ths songs arent even in alphabetical order, they're just randomly placed together. At least organize them in a way where you can find the song your looking for.
It's alright, I guess. It lags sometimes so while I'm playing a song bc of the lag, I miss a tile or double click and end up losing. I downloaded this thinking it would only be anime songs but there's lots of other pop songs in it
I love this app! I dont have anything else to say bcz i have played this and boom! It became my fav piano game
Great selection of songs! Thats sadly the only positive thing I have to say. It is really annoying to find anything due to the lack of a search functionality. But my biggest issue is the fact that some songs have been absolutely butchered and/or are unplayable. Also notes are silent at seemingly random. Edit: As if the ads weren't bad enough before, but now I get ads that cover the gameplay. Nice going idiots.
I've tried all the other tiles games and none of them have Vocaloid songs. This is literally the best tiles game ever. Not only it has Vocaloid songs, but also variety of songs including anime and western songs. Which is a good thing. I love this game. And I like the fact that it is updated frequently. Thank you developers :D I hope to see more Vocaloid songs in future.
It's kind of fun gameplay-wise, but the song selection is very limited. Barely any of my favorite shows even have a single song in here. Also, a lot of the titles and artist names are wrong, and they make it hard to find songs that one would like to have. I like the addition of the sliding keys tho. That's pretty challenging.
It's a good app I reccomend you install it but I wolus have gave it a 5 star if it didn't have many adds you should add more anime songs and add voice so it sounds better and that's all I hve to say
a lot of false notes, poor piano sound, weak arrangements (most of the time) and ads became everywhere. i suggest to you: 1. review the songs (play it at least) 2. extend the sound of the left hand notes (and the chords in general bc it doesn't sound nice when there's a lot of silence) 3. reverb the piano sample (if you can't find i better piano sound) 4. try to reduce ads other than that everything is good, and it's a very promising app
Fix the setting in the xhoose instrument i can't equip one instrument, piano is the only I wanna try a different instrument pls fix it
Most of the piano apps are modern music but don't sound like piano but this has some modern songs, songs from anime and more and the best part is is that it sounds like a real piano.
I enjoy it, but sometimes when i press the buttons, it wont actually click it. It might be something wrong with my phone, and not the app though. Other than that, its a fantastic app. I love the amount of songs it has!
Awesome game and great anime songs but there is a bug in the online mode. The tiles appear late and they wony let you press them so you cab drop from first to last easily. Over all i love this game and i love cimpeting with my friends to see who can get better scores.
I'm sad that this has ads but really this is amazing. I love how this has anime music and how is has Alan walker and many more. This is a beautiful game.
I love this game, it's actually good compared to all the other trash piano tile games out there and I highly suggest this one. BUT PLEASE ADD READY TO, AND NIGHT RUNNING FROM THE ANIME BNA IF POSSIBLE!!! I've been looking everywhere for a piano tile game that has them and sadly can't find it, it'd be great if they were added to this one! If they end up being added then I'm definitely upping my review to 5 stars cause other than those not being here it's a great game!
Great app. Has more that 2000 anime songs. If you run out of gems, you can earn it back by playing online. Most songs are obtained only by watching ads of paying a few gems. You obtain more than 90 gems as starter. The only problem is that sometimes the songs get out of sync with the tiles. Could you please fix that?
All of the different placements of ads have really cheapened the experience. They redid a lot of the songs, which now do not sound as good. They added pink diagonal slide bars that make it very difficult to get %100. And I purchased diamonds before, but I am still stuck with the ads. Each update is worse. I used to love this game and would play to de-stress, but I find it more annoying than anything now. Upside, Multi-player is cool, and they added more songs.
How illogical, i was pvp-ing, 1st place, not missing anything (even the boosters), avoiding the slow effect, then a guy overtakes me? Controls are also insensitive sometimes, there are irrelevant songs despite the name of app. There's a little delay in audio too which makes it a little unsatisfying. It's an ok game.
I like the anime songs and the gameplay but I will love it more if you add the song Sparkle from Kimi no Na Wa and cinnamonsXevening cinema -summertime. THE TUNE OF THE PIANO IS SOMEWHAT OUT OF TUNE PLS FIX THIS. THANKS ILL GIVE 5 STAR NEXT TIME. One example when this happens is when you tap fast or when there are 2 tiles in one row.
Alright listen up this game is RIGGED I can't seem to be able to touch some of the tiles that I CLEARLY TOUCHED Soo if the creators could y'know... fix that it would be a massive upgrade and I would reconsider installing this again. But in other reasons this game is pretty cool since it has one of the most popular meme songs of all time, ASTRONOMIA I think if there isn't you should add bluebird that would make me play it as much as possible... If there wasn't lag/delay on the tiles. Thank you :)
I give it 4 stars because although the backgrounds are beautiful, they're a bit distracting and it makes my eyes strain in order to focus on the tiles. I also wish there was a search bar since there's a LOT of songs to choose from. Overall though I really like this app!
I wish there is a search button and the game was really i enjoy it!!!! (≧▽≦).but i wish you add some anime song of haikyuu or hunterxhunter tho but niceee game!!!!:>
UPDATE: After some consideration and gameplay, I have changed my review from 3 to 4 stars. The game still lags, and you will still miss keys, but you can tell the developers really but effort into this game, and aren't there solely for money, which is apparent in other games. I really like the song selection; there's so many it's hard to choose. If they fix the lag problem, it's a five star game no doubt.
First off, its a good game and i've played for a while but I have run into a few issues. 1.) For some reason when i try to play a song that i havent played or gotten 3 stars on i play until i get 2 stars. I get gold and a cheer but no 3 star? 2.) When i do the music battles i am slower then others for no reason at all. I usually dont miss a single tile but i still end up in 3rd or 4th? I hit all the bombs and boosts so why did i fail? I rated 2 stars because the 1st one is annoying so pls fix it
This is a VERY VERY GOOD APP! I didn't expect what's inside the game, actually, I literally thought that this app only contains anime ONLY, but not, I'm surprised when it has pop ang classical music and I'm very happy!. Though, this is a very good app, I'm a little disappointed. I was trying to unlock anime songs by watching ads but the problem is when I click the button with ads, sometimes it says 'no available ads' or I can't click the button. ALSO PLEASE ADD MORE ANIME SONGS!! LIKE YAOI!!!!
Way too many ads. If there was a one off payment to get rid of ads that would be great. Otherwise I spend more time watching ads than playing the game -_-
All of the songs that were hard and fun were slowed down and made unbearably boring. Even the hitboxes were made bigger! It isnt bad, but it isnt fun and its more than a bother to play anymore
A recent update changed A lot of things, like the interface you play on, but more importantly the songs. Some new songs were added and that is nice, but some of the songs that were already added were changed and that was what did it. There are some other new problems now, like how most of the songs don't match the tiles pace anymore, there are more ads overall, and it is laggier than it used to be. Overall I liked it before, and the update ruined it for me.
The song selections are good, But the thing is, some of us will not enjoy when the timing is awful so please fix it. It would be nice if you correct the timing to make the songs more beautiful and good to hear.. Pls fix it so i'll rate it five star.. I'll wait
Very fun and I don't mind the ads that much. What I do mind however is you buy songs with notes or diamonds and then you have to pay for them again a few days later?? It just sucks. Especially when you use all your diamonds and don't necessarily get to play the song you buy...
I'd say this is a fairly nice game but the tournaments are rigged when ever someone sabotages you it's like you cant play any more and that's it I dont like how the rules in the tournament move too fast for the human fingers.
I love this game, but the troubles I'm havinh with it is so frustarting. Whenever I'm just playing, the round stops as if I forgot to press a tile, which I obviously did. It's like I have to put lots of pressure pn my screen in order for it to work and it's so annoying! Please fix this, other than that, great game.
I used to love this game but... What happened to sweets parade before it was so fast i used to like that and now when i play a game and continue with an add it stays on top my screen (the add that is not a video) and i have to restart the game for it to go away or something like that. Oh and when i play the online battle i always lose because even though i press the black tile it will say or think something like that that i did not press the black tile and always end up losing please fix this:)
Loved the app. I've got only one issue: a search bar. I'm surprised the developer hasn't added that yet. I have to scroll all the way down to find a song I forgot to add to my favourites. And even in the favourites, I'm having trouble when I scroll down. Please add a search bar.
The game is great but sometimes whenever I tap the tiles it doesn't register and then it causes me to lose. Please fix this, I am tired of losing because the game won't register my finger taps
Woohoo Finally more new SONGS!!! 5 Stars chief 👍 Really happy to see a search bar... Now it makes it a ton easier to navigate through songs, and the battle mode which we can use to get 2 free gems is easy gems earning machine... Love this NEW UPDATE! Edit no. 2: After the update the other instruments are now playable and I am seeing some new stuff in the songs so that really made me happy so 5 Stars back again!!!
The famous the best and it is really really great Everyday if my phone wasn't dead for the last 2 days it has songs from Castle ing the sky and Sailor Moon
Do get this game, it really sucks. Its extremely glitchy especially when you use gems to continue playing.
I like it but, there's an issue/bug. In the challenge tab there's a challenge that says to get a certain amount of points. So I was claiming it and I realized that I got a billion diamonds from claiming the reward from the challenge. Not sure if this is intentional or not.
I really love that you can remove ads while buying diamonds. The only problem I have is that if you spend diamonds to continue that song, the song gets faster.
This game is pretty good. It's got simple mechanics, okay menus and overall pretty easy for the most part. My one problem with it is that for the endless mode the music speeds up. Which would be amazing if the same went for the hold notes/tiles. I've come to notice that they play at the normal speed and any notes that weren't present before tapping another tile are rushed in just before the next note. And not gonna lie it sounds horrid a lot of the time. Other than that go for it.
Love this game. Been playing it on and off for about a year. The ads still suck tho and some of the songs don't have any sound. If y'all could fix this that'd be awesome.
First thing first what the heck is this update? No just no. It used to be just Anime songs but why the heck did you put all other songs here? No just No. I prefer the previous version. Sorry not sorry. The only reason I have two starts because there's Anime songs there. Remove the others and I'll give you five stars.
Awesome this game tests your skill and it has countless types but I just wished they had all of the music's for free it would be great best game I have played in a while and it never ends
The only reason I like this game is when it challenges you when you get more stars but it does have a lot of ads but why does it say popular pop music but no anime tiles it never said anything about any others song but anime so it was lying so 😐
Idk why...but i cant play most of the songs anymore the music just doesnt start even if im playing that song....orion,peace sign..whenever i play those 2 songs the music doesnt start...and its completely musicless...a lot of songs are having the same prblm..its a bug mybe..fix this or my review will always be 1 star
Played it a bit more and I could say it was a great experience. Ads were annoying but it could be much worse like in other apps. If I could ask for certain tracks to be added: 1) Touhou Project OST, literally all of it. A trove of great piano arrangements. Make it a separate album to buy or something. 2) Man with a Mission anime OPs 3) Tsukihime VN main theme (track 8) 4) Ever17 VN BGM tracks: Karma, Heilmittel. Track Radical Dreamers - I seem to be unable to get 3 stars with best score 999.
Before the update happened the app used to be alot better with better and more fun songs but now with all the ads and the looks of everything it just runs the fun if the game
Amazing 👏, especially after the update. It became soo cool after you added 1500 more songs in the latest update. I m so happy that I can finally play songs from my favourite anime. Though some song's eg the raising fire spirit needs more development but amazingly produced songs i would rate 10 out of 10. I beg u to keep adding more and developing the songs that have a strange voice track such as one punch mans ost
I only downloaded this because it said anime songs and ya gurl loves some my hero academia (I mean my profile has todoroki on it soooo) theme songs, there were some (including my favorite) so imma keep it!
I've just played this game for about 4 days and it was good until I got this problem where the ad stays even when I'm playing the game!!! It's the worse !!! 😤😡😠 Please fix this problem quickk!!! I want my good gaming experience back😭!!
Great songs from a wide variety of shows. Originally downloaded this to improve my reaction speed and it's been great. Recent update brought a search bar which I've been wanting for a while. Seems like the crashing was fixed, so that's great. Still a little buggy (Some songs only 2 star possible (at least #122 & 125, great way to farm coins) / Reward tiles can be hit multiple times after they're gone / Hit tiles before start or while dead in battle mode (If you hit rocket you soft lock)) but still awesome. PS. Can you put the difficulty back on #502 (Here from Ancient Magus Bride), I had it set as my goal to beat, and now it's super easy :(
This game is fun but there is a glitch the glicht is when ever i touch the tiles its shows that i did not even thouched it. I check my phone so many time and the touch screen is not broken
To be honest, its good. But ads pop up out of nowhere. The game was really good back then. Until they added those pink things which made me mess up my gameplay.
Its fun but it was not taping when i was i mad sure my phone screen was clean,and it was it was like SUPER cleaned and It still would not tap with me and i had to back out of the app every time an ads popped up so it takes for ever! I love these games type and i play all games almost. This was the worst game i have played so far. Well hope it was am ok thing to say adout it sorry if its not to yoir likeing.💙
It isn't even anime music and one of the songs was way too fast for the first time it goes faster the more you go not just fast right away
This game is actually my favorite piano tiles game because it is organized, categorized, and also has a lot of anime songs, I also really like it because it gives you challenges to unlock all sorts of songs. I really like it, keep up the great work! :D
I really liked this game a lot and I've been with this game since 2018. I see a lot of old anime songs and I encourage you guys to add more old anime songs. Also the pop addition was really cool and so as the Classical music addition. It really increases the choices for the players. Overall it's great, keep up the good work devs
I seriously love this game because I can play AnoHana one of my most favorite anime and also I like it cause when I played Anohana (secret base) it was so fast and on the 3rd or 4th try I beated it and I got 3 diamonds and also when you complete one song you get coins if you tap your screen so I like it five stars for this app 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Every time I do an online game, sometimes the tiles wont pop up until the last second and then it wont let me tap them. It gets me so irritated. But offline is ok so I give you three stars.
Great game. It does have a lot of ads though. It does not just have anime op it also has classic and pop and stuff like that. It is a little hard to keep up with the tiles though.
The game itself is actually really good compared to the last time i downloaded (i re-download the game) and there are lots of good anime songs now! Seeing my favourite anime songs there make me so happy! Even through the game lags quite a lot and there are a lot of ads. But other than that, great game!
I LOVE THIS GAME, not only does it have a lot of songs but it has anime songs and as a weeb this gane make my days the only bad thing i honestly didnt find anything wrong other than ads appear sometimes after i lose but that is completely fine i mean how else would the creators get paid am i right. But yeah download this game trust me its great.
I loved the game when I first installed it a while ago. I had to delete it due to lack of storage. When I downloaded it again it still saved my progress and I was happy but when I installed it today and logged in, all of it was gone. Was all my hours of playing gone? Like I only have one song that it kept (running in the 90s) and I'm disappointed because it looks very unfinished compared to earlier.
I would like to give it 5 stars but the sound of each song is inaudible and has a wierd cracking sound, all in all I only don't like the fact of the sound so I redownload the app...
Great game. Have lots of anime songs, which is nice, but the music is kinda slow. Also I hope that they will add some hxh songs.
I live the game so much and it's so easy to pass time with this. But I wish songs like snowman bye Sia were on here.
EDITED #3: Now you've been updating recently. not sure what's new, i mean it says "Improved tiles gaming experience" even though it felt like there wasn't anything that's been improved. please kindly fix it! this is my only favourite piano tile app! sure there are others that had good interfaces and stuff, but they lack songs and gameplay. this one is almost perfect for me.
Allright, so, I'll cut to the chase. This game was difficult when I downloaded it. However, the interface was not the best and the game was pretty laggy. Then a large update came by and fixed this interface. It also cut down the difficulty level. They ruined the game's challenge. Today I went into play and I had purchase (with game money) songs that I had already unlocked. Make this game harder again and don't make me pay for songs that I already unlocked. It isn't fun anymore.
Some of the songs wont actually play and it's just silence the whole time, also some of the songs tunes dont have like the background tune playing, like it's missing certain notes or something.
Its a pretty good game but the reason i gave this 2 stars is that Whenever a join a match, sometimes the tiles load late and when i click a tile it dosent let me click. It made me rage and got me to 3rd place. It was annoying. Please fix this.
UPDATE: Now I have found something i absolutely hate. So, I was playing on the online battle thing, and the song I know how to do best (The lost ones weeping) played. So, I thought I'd do great. Turns out, these people got rocket boosters like five times and I didn'y even get one the whole round. Even when they got stopped, when they rejoined they got a boost. I am furious. I have practiced that song too long for that loss. But, still, this game is amazing besides that terrible setback
I love this app because it has very large amount of anime op,end and OST of every anime and every update they add around 30 songs but they never give you info about updates and doesn't show in the app also
Love the game but I'm choosing 4 stars due to the online aspect. Too buggy to start with sometimes pressing the tiles will do nothing. Another is sometimes they don't appear til they reach the bottom. Even had a bug when I missed a note but pushed the rocket button and it infinitely flew til I finished which was a free win but still a bug. Once addressed ill give 5 stars.
Great game, loads of anime songs and lots of my favourites. Needs more Undertale music, only two songs so far and there are so many more from that game that would make great additions to this game. Please at least add His theme and ASGORE. Also the PvP is horrendous, I can hit every note and rocket boost perfectly and somehow people are getting rediculously far ahead of me and it makes absolutely no sense, are they even real people? Are we playing against the AI instead of real people?
Unlike some other similar games which just play the the song and stop when you get something wrong, in this game each of the tiles you press actually corresponds with a sound and you are actually sort of playing the song. Although it would be great if a few other songs like the opening for demon slayer and some other black clover openings were added in :) .
It's fun but a lot of the keys feel off like ethier the piano player didn't know what they were doing or that you didn't match the notes or to the game correctly or like u added extra notes to the songs it's really annoying especially since a lot of the songs are from really good anime if that could be fixed that would be the only thing I would change
Loved it... I'm mainly an anime music fan. And I like that there is a separate section just for that. 😊
I like it but whenever I'm on multiplayer with people sometimes the tiles disappear but show up last minute and when I click on the tile it doesn't recognise my thumb and that causes me to lose. I was able to win 2 games but then it started doing that and now multiplayer battles aren't fun.
The last review I wrote for this app was in 2019! Anyways, I have been playing this game for a long time now and I have always liked it a lot. But this update... This update was the best! The interface became so much better and you guys really added a 1000+ new songs! I wasn't expecting such a huge update coz it's been a while since new songs were added. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it! 😄 P.S. For anyone having trouble with the app coz of ads and such, just play it with the internet off.
The app is all good but the recent update bothered me a little when they reduced the overall points of songs, like, when i was playing MY DEAREST earlier, even 1120 points where not 3 stars but now its about 800. It has also become comparitivily easier that i wish remained harder as earlier. I believe they'll change things even more in future updates....
One of the best music tile-based piano game I played. And what's good is that they're are constantly updating the track list. I love this game! Highly recommended if you just wanna kill some boredom or wanna feel the nostalgia of some anime you've watched. Keep up the great work guys!🖤
This is the best tiles game that I have ever played, this game have my the most favourite anime song (rascal does not dream) I love this game alot. But I'm having some problem in choosing the instrument can you please tell me how do I choose it or if it is some kind of bug or something then please fix it
It's a great game. Just some few problems: 1. I think the sound is a little bit slow. 2. There is a lot of songs that need to be unlocked using ads,almost all of my favorite song are locked and I can't play them because I nee to play the ad but when I click the ad button it always say that there is no ads available. Pls fix this I will rate it 5 stars.
I realy like this Game theusic play systems are Amazing. I realy love this apk. Thanks for Making such amazing apk. You can get free gems and lives by watching videos. I realy like this game. But I don't like pop out ads when I finish the game. Also it's has some bug in online battle . Please try to fix this. I am realy looking forward for this.....
I really like this game. But when I get to play against other people, even though they made a mistake and have to wait 3 seconds to play again, they catch up to me and pass me immediately. I find this really weird and unfair. And this happens when they don't use power ups. It's also happened more than a few times. I don't know if it's because I'm doing something or not but I just want to know if this is supposed to happen or not.
Very fun too play and had no problems at all. I would love for more anime songs like naruto ost and Angel beats ending song added. But I'm all I am very much enjoying this game ! Keep up the good work.
The recent update reduced the difficultly which put me out of balance whenever I play again because I play and stop in moderation and the reachable hard difficulty rounds are the ones that put me back to my groove but in the recent update they where nerfed which made it easier don't get me wrong but that's exactly my problem. You took the difficultly out the game. Which made it boring and for the old players like me uncomfortable.
The melodies are great, but when you are playing a song the app does not register your touch on the tiles. There are also loading issues when you are playing the challenge mode.
I encountered a bug on online match where the tiles are just appearing out of nowhere and I can't even hit them until I stop and resume the match. And after a few mins, the tiles completely disappear. Please fix it
The song list are great! But this review is mainly about the instrument, somehow the other two instrument I tried to click it and use doesn't work...is this option still underdeveloped? Or I'd something wrong with my device? Anwers Asap! Or hope the developers see to it fast! Cause I can't wait to play it!
Before the update I liked it a lot, but then almost all of the songs that I liked got replaced with other ones or the layout of the song was changed. I liked them because it gave me a challenge but now they are a lot slower and even sound different. There are also a lot more ads now; before there might have been one or two every now and then, but now there are ads at every possible spot that they could have. If I could undo the update then I definitely would and would like it a lot better.
sometimes a song is so slowly and a few minutes later the exactly same song is as fast as hell that u even miss the first or second tap or a song starts normal and suddenly it starts going so fast that it is impossible to get it.. the other thing is that u gave us the option to change the sounds but u can't change it... why?
Lack luster experience I am happy that there are some anime songs included in the game however the experience is not that great. I've been playing rhythm games and I want you guys to improve on the timing of the tiles and the beat because here is like 1 to 2 seconds delay from the bgm and it is kinda bad. Lastly, adjustable tempo or bpm per song since there are some music that is originally fast but was slowed on the game
There is literally no music. There are sound effects, but the music doesn't play. Headphones do not work with this app as well, if you plug them in the sound will still be playing from the phone. Horrible.
Please re add the search feature. I was on a mission to complete every fairy tail song, and now I can't find them.
It would've been better to check the availability of music through a playlist of different anime and a search button would be appreciated. Online battle many times stop working as keys don't work.
I like the game but why do songs INCREASE IN SPEED WHEN YOU REVIVE, i mean that just kills the whole purpose of reviving to me, it sucks too because this means i cant even play hes a pirate because i cant keep up and i cant even revive because that just makes game impossible, fix this or im telling people not to get this game
Overall good game. There's a glitch in the online vs. If we get a speed up and immediately die we keep the speed up until the finish. Other than that, there is a very small audio delay issue, but it's mostly not noticeable.
I love anime and I downloaded this app "anime tiles" after reading reviews and seeing the ads. I download not to find anime music, but pop music. The app runs smoothly and I like this kind of game but I feel lied to and upset.
Annoying. This app is good and has allot of potential but first you need to fix the random ads poping up in the background. The app plays but its not seen and you have to close out of the app in order to stop the ad from playing. On top of that some of the music is slightly off key, that's not ok for a piano tile type of game. It has to be in sync with the notes otherwise it off sets the entire play through of the song. Fix these issues and you've got a soild game.
I so badly wanted to enjoy this, but it's too damn buggy! Even in the middle of gameplay, it'll crash. But the one thing that really grinds my gears is how ads are always get to in the way, & it doesn't seem to have an option to take them out
I love this game but.... I love the songs and backgrounds and it's just always been great. But with the new updates i dont like the pink slider things and i absolutely HATE all the ads. I wish it was like it was before with no ads. 😠💢 Other than that great game
There are a lot of bugs in the game. One of the song even went endless although already finish playing. Please fix them.
Rating it 4 star bec I find one thing annoying😅 and that is having no search bar, it's so tiring and annoying for just to swipe to find the song you're looking for so please add a search bar and also add the to the anime songs Twin Star Exorcist op songs and also Tonikaku Kawaii I really think those anime and their songs will make a good addition to your app
It's good and all but there are some issues with a few songs not giving you three stars and three crowns, I believe it was when you edited the note placement in the levels because I have achieved three stars in one of the glitched levels before it became glitched and there's a missing note at the end of the normal mode please fix this as I want to fully beat the game
If i can suggest, i would like the developer to make a list of the songs that the player bought, so we dont have to scroll in the type of song just to find 1 tp 5 songs that we bought, thank you for reading, i hope this will be helpful soon!
The music is bad and there are so many ads so you should fix the music 🙂 I will rate this 5 out of 5 if you fix thanks
I like this game but there is only one thing wrong with it and that the notes that you have to tap on. The reason why i think the notes are bad is because sometimes whenever you tap on the notes it doesn't register and it screws you over and you have to start all over again and again until you quit.
After the new update the game isn't playable anymore as it keeps crashing when trying to play songs. Overall it's a good game, loads of songs and pretty decent charting. Some minor issues; the majority of the songs have the issue of notes not playing although the tile was pressed, some songs are way too fast, others are charted weirdly.
It was a decent game before, bit on the good side, but was only at decent level, many songs, but no search feature, some song adaptations were unsatisfactory some were even horrible, but what really did it for me was the ount of bugs in the last two updates or so, so many bugs that sometimes I can hardly even play the song
Thank u for making my request happen.. Rent a gf and my war is in this game now and also Tonikawa op... This is the best piano tiles game i have... The online battle is kinda buggy but i dont mind as long as u can play it offline.. Love the app very much.. 😁 Hope for more songs to come
This was a really cool game and I really enjoy playing it. Recently, my phone died so I had to change devices, but when I connected with the same account to my new phone I was lvl 1 and all my favourite songs where gone. Even though this game is good, I am not willing to start from scratch so in case nothing changes I'll probably stop here.
This app is both fun and addictive, deserving of the title of my favorite mobile game. Unfortunately though, it has 4 major drawbacks. 1. Ads seem to play after every failure 2. Notes are quiet, prompting me to blowout my eardrums everytime an ad plays if i can't turn it down in time. 3. Diagonals are broken. many long ones are near impossible to do properly, and throw off my groove when I do 4. Fast songs (like Great Escape) don't always work righ. Many notes are silent. Otherwise excellent! :)
Some songs dont play but I can still press the tiles. And I also wish they add Persona music. Overall, entertaining.
I was able to find a few songs that I like but this is a good app it makes me have a smile in my face 🏐☺️
Thank you for adding Black Catcher, it's one of my favourite anime openings, also Realize was a great addition and I think the rest of the Re:Zero openings would also be great additions to this game. Also I still stand by that we need more Undertale music in this game, Asgore, His Theme, Battle Against a True Hero and many others would make great additions.
What can i say? After my long journey of fimding the perfect piano tiles, this is it. A big win for me is that the music plays when you hit the times and not just as backround music. I only gaveta 4 stars though because the levels are a bit uneven. I got harder songs at the beging but then they started getting easier the more I played. On my old phone, I had a piano tiles that I really liked. Even though this is not it, it's still pretty amazing. (And the backgrounds are pretty cool) :)
ok its a great app but.... i cant find any Assasination Classroom/ Anstasu Kyoshtsu songs and it was one of my fav. anime but overall its a great app.. but pls,pls add Assasination Classroom songs only than i will give this app a five stars
It's really fun has a good amount of songs good variety of fast and slow songs but sometimes you will hit a tile and it won't go away so you either have to hit it again or you will fail
(Note: 2 stars were lost to this update) What happened to these songs? Where did the search function go? I had several favourites from Hisaishi and Yiruma that are now gone. What happened to them?
I wish the music wasn't based on the speed of your tap, it just doesn't register right away and makes the songs sound funny. Also, at some points it just moves to fast to keep up with since the tap registration lags. Love that it has anime songs on it, but could be better quality.
This game is really great! Even if you aren't someone who watches anime, the soundtracks featured on this app are still really nice. It also holds the same quality as the more popular piano tile games, and isn't too difficult yet still challenging. Definitely reccomend!
Best piano notes game I've every played with an unrealistic amount of songs, some to try out and some you will immediately love, but I think that when you tap on the artist of the song it is bring you to ask their songs, that would make the game way better, and would be 5 star if it had a search bar
Nice game but when you play multiplayer sometimes the tiles get late to show and get unclickable and sometimes it get slow
This is a great game! I kinda just wish it had the song called "Life Begins As Gone" but other than that I still love it I think it definitely deserves your download!
This is one of my favourite games because it's easy to progress a lot of anime songs you can recognize not only that they have classics and pop music only 1 problem and that's that it's hard to scroll down but apart from that it's a brilliant game
Sp it's good with only one problem, the tap doesn't register sometime's and its annoying, it works for written other games but this one has that kind of problem
No matter how many times you tap on the squares it will always count it as not pressed and make your either restart or try another song.
I don't understand the good reviews. I don't know if it's a problem with my device or something but I can't hear the music. I tried playing one song each from each genre but I couldn't hear anything. I was really excited to play this because of the good reviews but I can't say my expeirence related to them. I will edit this review if this bug gets fixed. The only reason I put a two star is because it's a good game besides the big issue.
Horrible, the lag is so bad I couldn't even play and It crashed. It's not worth your time. It lags so badly that I had to shut off my device to get my device to work again. Extremely disappointing.
So I downloaded this game after reading all the positive reviews and now I have to say: I'm glad I listened to them! I thought it was just another trash piano tile game, but no, this is really really good. The variety of songs is huge and I was really surprised to find some of my favourites there, like Farewell of Slavianka or Katyusha. Only negative thing I have to say is that the music always lags behind a bit, but I hope the developers are already working on that. Overall, good job!
The backgrounds are very pretty and the songs sound great! I love the fact that they have songs from my favorite anime. The only reason that I didnt give this app 5 stars is because the ranking system is a bit confusing. I don't know how to get a crown score and sometimes I am only able to get two stars on a song. I would just like to know what I need to do in order to get more stars. It's also cool how this game has many features, like battles and daily songs!