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Anime Love Story: Shadowtime

Anime Love Story: Shadowtime for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Webelinx Love Story Games located at Sedmog Jula 25a/5, 18000 Nis. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo, Explicit Language) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love it! I had a great time playing the app. It was fun how interactive it can be since we could actually fight some monsters in our own hands. Although it had some mistakes with drawing the left eye of the heroine at the part where they'd go to where the cherry blossoms are, it was just 1 simple mistake. It was so much fun and I got really sad when it already ended -,- I think I would be overjoyed if I heard it having a second season and it would help the game more enjoyable and satisfying! :)
So I remember when I had this game 4 years ago and I loved it. But the game is online now so I am not quite happy about that. The story line, graphics and controls are amazing but if we can play offline I would gladly give it a 5 star rating.
I want a sequel so bad! The ending made my heart shatter because I know that their journey was over...
I love this game its amazing but one thing is is that you should have an option to skip chapters or for it to ask if you've played before so you can go through chapters as you'd like but other than that I have no problems with the game
I never posted a review in any game I played before, even the enjoyable ones but this game is something that keeps me wanting for more. The art, the graphics and animation are great; the characters' facial expressions are pretty funny. I really like the story, the drama of MC's life and how it connects to gaming (that was nice), and the cute love triangle ❀. I'm still only halfway through the story and I am enjoying it so much. The minigame in Shadowtime is a nice touch, at least we get a taste of how the MC play. Great job!!! Maybe I'll update this review once I've finished it. I have one question, why is there an option to watch an ad but it doesn't lessen the waiting time? I don't know if it's just my phone or that's just how it is.
I'll give this app a pretty good rating, but only because I enjoyed reading it the first time through. It was original compared to others I've read, although set for a more teen age group. I was disappointed that almost nothing changed when reading through a second time to choose the second romance option. But overall it was cute, and fun to get to shoot things.
the best game everrrrrrr i love it . Honestly i thought it would be dumb so i ignored it many times . but then i tried it out it was amazing . people please dont judge the book by its cover . try this game out . I am sure you will like it😘😘. if the maker of the game is reading this please make a game like this pls pls . i love it . please make a sesone 2
The art style was really good but I can't say the same for the plot and the dialogue. The plot is simple and bland while the dialogue is just flunky and weird. I haven't encountered any bugs as of now. Overall, I'm a meh with this game. Would've been 5 stars if it had better dialogue.
I love the storyline, but everything happens too fast. The emotions of the characters need to be better worked. They're happy, and then they're angry, and then they're sad. It changes too fast. And the ads, I understand it's necessary but it could have left it out at least in the last chapter, just not to ruin the experience and break the enthusiasm.
Was going to rate it 4 stars but giving it a 3 cos it has a good story line ngl , but the only annoying thing is the ads & the waiting for next story to danload they are 2 very annoying thing about this story game, also because I can't pick my own character or whatever .... Male or female....
it was a fun game to play when i finished the game i didnt want to delete the game but i did and i rebought it again and i loved it even more but i just dont like that there are ads every minute but thank you for making this game it was a blast! :D
I really like this game and yeah I am some kind of girl this is why I choose the blonde guy and in my opinion I just ignore the ads and This app is really cute plus every character is super Legendary in the game .And everytime I download this game again and again cause it's Romantic and I just became a weeb because of this game Sorry if I said much πŸ˜… Bye!
It is something that I will never forget, and it holds a special place in my heart. It is well written and beautifully illustrated, I don't even mind the advertisements. Thank you for inspiring me for all these years.
After the new update..i decided to install and play it again.To my suprise, it was very much exciting and wonderful which is bring me the urge to play more and more..the episodes of the story has increased which is i'm satisfied about it and no charging to make a choice.. I'm fine with the ad tho.The customization for shadowtime character were much interesting and it has more various option from before. Thanks for making this great game ;-). Keep it up ^Ο‰^
Cool adventure and is really amazing and her mother was really kind except my mom haha i loved this game but i kinda finish it already how can i find like this game again and it has a lesson too for many others if your best friend was helping you and you need to help him too and he's the best bff of her i want to choose daisuke but the main character has a crush already even it's to her feelings daisuke can't blame him and he loved the main character happy as long as he stay with her forever.
I love this game, the only this is u have to wait a while to play the next chapter but this game is worth installing TRUST ME.🀩
One of my fvt story everπŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™i am just in love with this game..its characters😍😍ohh god i am just in love with that boys characters.... I recommend this 😍😍😍to everyone ...this story is just prettyπŸ˜€
Well Done! This is the only game I played that doesn't need any tickets for the next chapter or gems for the choices, also you could skip the waiting time of the chapter by ads (much better than waiting for tickets) but the story is good, I love it! I hope the person playing the app could choose the gender of the main character and the dialogue is a little bit slow.
This is the first otome-style game that I ever played. Yes it's fairly simple and geared towards younger age but I enjoyed it, if you want something more complex & age appropriate download something from cybird. I wish it was longer & had more endings, and more customization options for the main character. I really hope they make a sequel! This game has the best art style out of all their games. Also in the future please allow an offline play option
Great customization. Every choice you get to make is free. I love it. There are ads but you don't have to pay money for the game.
This was the Best game ever!I really enjoy the story line and every thing was perfect😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻I hope there will be part.2 tho😸
This game is actually quite nice with the plot but it's very rushed, the MC looks horrendous onscreen, which I wish you could fix her image up a little bit. However, everything was fast and I couldn't find myself being charmed by any of the guys.
Your games are the most beautiful and exciting games I had ever played.I can't even explain it.It's just awesome!
Brilliant! It's the best game I've ever played from this category. It's so good cuz we don't need to wait for the next day to play (cuz we can watch ads, instead), the chapters are long, the animation is very pretty, our decisions really affect the game, etc. I love it :)
You see I've installed the game once ( 2 years ago) and at that time we were able to play offline. But now I reinstalled it and it says we need to have an internet connection. Even the other game you've made (ChatLinx) is online. I've always loved this game but the fact that now it's an online game makes me hate it because I can't play online games. Hopefully you'd make this offline again and I'd love it.
I love it so so much! I love the story, and how you can make choices for free! Not like any other games, you can choose your own ending! I love this, btw, Daisuke is so cute!
I think actually this is a pretty fun game for people in age of 10 or bigger its also really really good i give this a 4 stars for a good reason because some of the choices we choose are kind of really hard so sometimes you choose the wrong one so ya also the game is Really tall it takes a very very long time! but that makes it even much more funner i think its a good choice for a game to install! I love this app if your bored just play a drama choosing game! (Give it a 5 stars and install it!)
I absolutely love this game, although i have finished it yet! You don't have to pay for anything and all adds are skip-able! I do have 1 complaint but this doesn't really matter.. So all the characters clothing don't change except for your own.. but anyways i highly recommended that you download this game! β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†
This Love game is one of the best love games I have ever played! The story line was amazing, and the characters were adorable! One of my favorite parts was when Daisuke said, "You missed your chance to punch me." I would totally recommend this game to my friends. I did notice a few typos, but you could still tell what they were trying to. I give thanks to the greater of the game, because this game is truly a masterpiece! ❀
Absolutely amazing so far! None of the ads are unskippable, amazing art and body/hair physics, really well made story line and also a good back story explained more as it goes on. I just don't really like the wait times between the stories after episode 3 or 4. I get its so you don't just zip through the game in a day or so, but still I'd like to have the wait be less time. Maybe more like a minute or two so we don't have to get distracted by something else and forget about the app for a few days
This story was amazing! I loved it and i hope you add moreeee. I cant help but scream in my head for more episodes!! At least this series is actually APPROPRIATE. The rest are just those " Sexy dating bot" like god ive had enough i loved this series. Lol i chose to be with Dasuike :3
It was awsome! Although i have already played this,I deleted it because of disappointment that it ended in a boring way.I wish they will add more chapters and maybe make a part 2? But i finished it in one day.If you are looking for a game that lasts long.Don't get this unless you are willing to get disappointed in the end.
So......many.....ads.... The art is eh. Not bad but not good either. The main character's looks just...bother me. The gameplay is slow and uneventful, the characters are petty and irritating, and now that I'm a few chapters in I'm getting unskippable ads every three. Slides. It's ridiculous. I got 21 (15 to 30 second) ads in one chapter that should have taken about 5-10 minutes to get through.
I love this app there is nothing not to like and I really like the mini game that u can play it's so fun and the love story was my fav part of the game and I love all the love story's that u make they r fun and like to keep u in suspens and that is one of the many things I love about the game I hope they make a part 2
This game is so lovely except that it takes long to open a new level. Apart from that its worth the data.
This game is amazing I played this about two years ago and remembered about it a week or two ago and started playing again since I found it in apps that are no longer on my phone although the ads where annoying I got used to them and was glad I didnt have to watch the whole ad but the story line was amazing and I would really like to see a second game or another game like this other then that the game was incredible!😁❀
This is game is honestly one of the best fantasy romance games in my opinion the characters are so adorable especially Daisuke πŸ˜… and the storyline is just amazing, I definitely recommend this game honestly it's just.. No words it's perfect.
A charming game, different storyline depending on choices made by the player which can be changed by just repeating the chapter again, if necessary. Very enjoyable and sweet, but also captivating. Keeps you interested. Ads are there in between chapters and some times during play, but most can be closed immediately or after just a few seconds. No intrusive 30 second ones so this is actually also a nice feature / good way of income for the devs without making it annoying. And they deserve praise!
This game was absolutely amazing this should be made into a real anime I want to make this into a real anime lol if I was aloud to but besides that I loved it keep making more games like this I would love to play then keep up the good work The only thing that was annoying was the damn ads but other than that loved it oh and the animation was ok but it could be better
I'll give you four stars bacause the games is best but we need to waiting tooooooooooooooooo long,just like 3 hour.Can't you make this game just like Anime love story:Shadowtime 2 I'll can't wait to see back Shadowtime Part 2,please.And I'll love this games soooooooooooooooooooooooo much
This was my first interactive story I played long time ago and I still love it. It brings memories when I used to wait every chapters, and specially choosing between those two.πŸ˜‚ I really recommend this for new players who doubt this
Amazing app really passes the time and i love the romance yo😍but the onky problem is , i cant unlock a chapter with a video soo i have to wait for like 2 and 3 hours or so ,so please fix this bisides that AWESOME COOL FUN APP 😍😍😍😘
I love the story and it has interesting characters but wen I get to a certain part of the story the app and or game Crashes even when I pick my choice but it also won't save my progress wen I clicked the home save it will restart the entire darn thing from top to bottom and I'm sick of it please fix it
I really love this game I chose hiroki . It's nice you don't have to have money or gems for another level only thing is you watch a video or wait three hours for it. It's really nice. One of my favorite weblinx game. Don't change anything about this game. I would recommend you to download if you want to have fun...πŸ’–
it's so cool and fun I give it 5 stars because it's so fun I hope that Mack a part 2 be close it's so fun and I chose hicoi sorry if I spelled that rong but I hope the person you chow gets the girl and thay to together
I love it! I had a great time playing the app. It was fun how interactive it can be since we could actually fight some monsters w/ our own hands. Although it had some mistakes with drawing the left eye of the heroine at the part where they'd go to where the cherry blossoms are, it was just 1 simple mistake. It was so much fun and I got really sad when it already ended -,- I think I would be overjoyed if I heard it having a second season and it would help the game more enjoyable and satisfying!:)
It is just fantastic and interesting. Add new chapters I need it . The game was too nice to end. Add more we are waiting for more.
I love this game so much,it's very addicting.. Probably one of the best anime games I've ever played. 😊😊
please don't take time to read a new story i love this app,great story can you make a part of shadow time
Super weird facial expressions. The game gliched out most of the time and the ads were insane. 30 second ads during every transitions. The game went really slow, you coundent skip the intros, which was super annoying. Would not reccomend or download again. If you cut down the ads and the wait time, and changed the facial expressions/ art I might try it agian.
Interesting characters, plenty of choices, many ads. Ad. Ad. Ad. Can I get less ads? I know you can pay $5 to get rid of them but, too many just without it. For me, it ruins the game. BTW love the art and everything! ^βˆ†^
The love story was amazing though i found a few minor technicalities thought it wasn't a big deal, it had great graphics, customisable character and language, the story was awesome ... Overall 98/100 ( just because of some minor things )
Such an amazing storyline. And after the I really expected to find a sequel. But unfortunately there is no sequel atleast not now. Then my eyes saw what developer say about the game. Please you developer guys please make a sequel I really want to see a continuation of this story.
I actually played this a few years ago when it was still being made, and I still can say that this is an awesome game. Though the wait times for the chapters are unique, it gets longer each chapter you play. I haven't gotten any endings yet though. The story is nice, the character development is nice, and the background and charecter designs are nice. You can also customize your characters apperence to an extent in the vr game.
i played this game a few years ago and really loved it like it was the best game i had ever seen !!! i'm currently reinstaling it since i hear it's resently been updated !! i'm so hyped i can't wait to play again!! and i really hope that in future you release an rpg where we can acctualy play shadowtime and go to the places that the characters visit ;) and the event of another update might i recomend making the game a bit more intimate?
THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!! There are no stupid diamond choices, the Animations are great the dialogue too! All yu have to do is watch a lot of ads but it's fine since everything is free. You don't have really wait 3 hours for and episode, you can just watch a 30 second ad and play the episode. THIS GAME IS GREAT! I wish it was longer. Or maybe there will be a part 2 in the future... I hope!
Unlike any of the other otome apps out there! No stupid ticket mechanics and the ads are non intrusive, you can even skip the waits between episodes just by clicking on the episode and watching an ad. The storyline itself was very immersive! Cool characters and the graphics are amazing. But with that being said, I feel like it had a lot more potential! I played through it twice, and depending on your path, many of the same lines are recycled; they're just being said by a different character.
It's a really great game. The reason I'm giving it a 4 star is that because of ads. Apart from that it is a good story game .
I really like this game it's really cool!! I like how we can choose the options for the story and the story is really good and interesting. The story is also addictive it's really nice I really like reading it, and I also like shooting the bad animals in the forest in ShadowTime it's like a mini game to me and it's really fun, however I rate it 4 stars because everytime when there is a ShadowTime sign there will always be an ad and I hate ads, so please remove the ads creator
This game is honestly is like my favorite games to past the time and they story is actually really good!! The only thing I would change is maybe just maybe make a female love interest,, I feel like it would add a lot to the game and add some more possible storyline to the game :)
LOVED IT! was a interesting story & loved the minigame within it. wouldn't mind a season 2. lost a star for excessive ads, but good that u could skip them :)
Its a very nice game but it takes 3 hours before you can open the next chapter and when i always click the "watch video" it always says video is not available..maybe im just addicted so i cant wait any longer
This is the best of this dev's "Love Story Game" series. Interesting story, characters are fine, writing is fine β€”in contrast to the other games, whose generic characters I often can't stand and whose writing is occasionally painful. I gave up on all except this one. Good char. customization. There are no scumy tactics like paying choices, or tickets forcing you to leave the app when you run out. Just ads (which are much too close together a couple of times), removable for a fee of around 5 €.
This is actually a very nice game I love the storyline, the characters, the background I love all!!! I was so addicted to this that I finished it in 5 hours :) And I love it too because I can just watch 1 ad and then the chapter is unlocked. I want a part 2 of this but I think it's already ok and the storyline is a bit sad. I actually take it true like I was in there.
This is literally the best game i have played in my whole life!!! Please make other chapters, a season 2 or another game like this!!! -Lots of love Walkerwolf
I actually enjoyed this game! it took me like 2 days to complete the story so its quick. you can watch ads to skip to the next story rather than spend real money. you are actually playing a game at certain points like trying to hit a monster with an arrow. i think the only downfall is that it was so short and for myself only i wish it was a little more adult. it is clearly geared towards 10-13 year olds.
IT WAS AWSOME!!!!!! i just wish there could be a shadowtime two!! but its an amazing app! And to any of you who just started and think eh anout the game trust me when you procced on it gets a lot better!!!
Now I dont usually put a rating on games and apps, but this app is literally amazing! I fell in love with it! I would definitely recomend this game! The storyline is awesome as well as the graphics. There may be some grammar and spelling mistakes but I overlooked because I was so taken aback by this wonderful game.
I used to have this game and i played it offline. Now that i downloaded it again it wants me to turn on my data what happened??but anyway this is an amazing game it deservs four and a half stars please i don't want to waste my data on this game i have online classes!!!😱
this is the best game in the world. weblinx you are the best in making stories, the storyline is absolutely amazing this game leaves me speechless, I have played it more than 10 times and I never get tired of it and am so glad that it is free. you guys definitely have to try it. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„
I am absolutely obsessed with this game. I love it so much! Only flaw i can see is apart from chosing what boy you choose to fall in love with. You can't make any major choices that truely impact the game. Like rather or not you can have Saukra Join your group or if you can control MC Emotions more. Instead of her impacting on her own and begin rude or showing empathy when you wish for the opposite. I wish there were eposides and Quest. Pretty much more gameplay.
This super amazing its my favorite game my entire life I keep playing over and over again but...can you more or make a season 2 with Anime Love Story Game *Shadow time* plzzzz I peg you make more episode 😭 😭 😭
I love this game! But I would like more chapters cause I made it to the end and now it's kinda sad... But it is still awesome...I love how the characters are animated most anime games don't have that!
It's a good game with good story writing and dialogue, but my character is such a wimpy child that can't even stand up for herself. I wish there were more courageous options, and the ones that are already there make my character do anything but courageous.
It's a really good game with a nice story, however everything has its pros an cons. The amount of ads are horrendous and I can't get by 2 speech line things without a 30 second ad. That you CAN'T skip. Would rate 5 stars overall if it was just the story but the adverts are constantly popping up and running the experience. If the creators were to tune down the ads a little - no, a lot then they would receive a better rating from me. Please acknowledge this, creators, and stop having so many ads.
Amazing storyline. A game in a game. I wish the story was longer, or that it didn't end so abruptly.. i really enjoyed being able to read as much as i wanted just having to watch a small ad. Even though there are tons of pop up ads, you can easily skip them and continue, it was enjoyable.. we need a sequel to this story and many more like it!πŸ’–πŸ‘Œ
The best I ever played!! The storyline is amazing!! Full of adventures and it was really an exciting experience full of teamwork and romance too. Everyone, if u play it, You'll surely love it!
It is not only for girls, even boys like me can enjoy the game and the characters. Awesome game which I deleted before completing and forgot the name! Glad I found it. Going to complete it this time. 😎
This was one of the best games I played the ending I wish there was more or even a sequal too. But I ended up with Daisuke, Im glad I did in my opinion. I loved the art style and can't wait to see what game from these developers I'd love to play!UmU But overall amazing job and artwork on this game and I'd play it over and over when I get the time again. Btw this game kills timeπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ’—.
Loved it ! The storyline is amazing and the characters are too. I sorta wish there werent many ads but overall it was a good game
I love the game! It's cool but I have two problems, one why do you have to make the game online? And the text is so big it don't fit my screen. Please fix the problems plz plz plz
This is the best love story game I've read! It flowed well, made me happy, the main character was amazing designed, and there arent an obnoxious amount of boys to choose from. The only issue i have was the speed of the dialouge but besides that i loved it! Also i looooved the music!!!
I am addicted to the game.. story is awesome.. but I hope hiruki and the girl,but not dislike.. but πŸ’–this game
it's very interesting I just hate how I have to wait to start the next chapter and how it leaves you on a cliff hanger but other than that it is an amazing app
Wow! No way!! The MC's story was exactly like mine! From the part she hid her games from her Mom to her past story! I already love this game πŸ’œ (sorry if my grammar is bad)
I like it because I like how how Hiromi reacts when the player says she was going to leave in glorious came back.
its so interesting . it got me addicted but i dont get y she loves hiroki when diasuke cares more about her but srull d same d game is dope .5stars for you
ok game...only option you have to chose in this game is which dude your character will end up with and other than that all other choice are same
I love it but please make it ofline i really get too much ads when playing and when i turn off the wifi its says i should turn it on and i cant afford the no adds pleaseeeee
The story very nice i liked very much But please I want another part please πŸ₯Ί and thank you for the nice story ❀️
I love coming back to this game over and over. It's very fun and I love the storyline! (I always chose triangle lol) I just really love it because you basically don't have to pay to make a choice. (honestly that's really annoying) Everything is up to you, and I think that's what makes this game better than others. Because everything is free, that's where the ads come in. I understand that the game needs to make money somehow. I don't really get annoyed by that too much but others do.
i love this game so much but i gave it only three stars because when i click to watch an add it just doesn't open so i hope U can fix that please for me or even give an advice ..... thanks for your efforts
This probably is the awesomest otome gane i have ever played, it's free, thrilling plots, emphasizes emotions of characters that entertains you contently. What i love the most is that it's very accessable to get all the clothes, though i wish to add a different world to the three doors when you're picking one to go to. It's fun to see different places is it not? Well aside from that, it's a very amazing and awesome game you made! Please Keep up the good work! Thank You for the Awesomest game!
the best game of weblinx love story games after teenage drama...i jus loved these two games please make more games like these two they are woowwwwwww
This is the first story game I ever played and I'm happy it is. I really like the story line, and the art is amazing. I really like the music too. I recommend downloading this app.
This has been such a fun experience! I love the animations of the characters(they move a bit and not just stand still) and the sound effects. It's also pretty great that you don't have to buy tickets by watching a 30 sec ad to continue. The story is exciting. The outfits are gorgeous and I love so many customizable options. The only complaint I have is that there are quite a lot of pop up ads but I still enjoy this game a lot.
Love it! The animations, dresses, people and the Shooting Game! Luv dem all!!! Please make Season 2 im with Daisuke btw (hes so helpfulll!!)
I need more like this one!!!! Can play it as fast as you want without waiting for stupid tickets to play next chapter. I didn't pay but it you want it add free totally worth $5. It needs a sequel! Please developers make another one πŸ™πŸ˜
The story is sooo greaat! 😍 I just finished it but I decided to play it again ❣️ It's so addictive ❣️ Please make another season for this story ❀️
I really love the game, its addicting and has a good story line and good choices. The ads are pretty annoying sometimes but its alright. Also I was wondering if maybe you can make it so when you finish the game and when you want to restart that it will save your progress. Like I have accidentally clicked out of the game when I was going to restart it and it didn't save any progress. Other than that, its a really good game!
I was playing this game when it was still being made and haveibg updates. I found the story line so intresting and very copelling
I played this a few years ago and i tought it was amazing, I tought the story was amazing and so as the art style, i re-play it again and jeez... The art style is bad expecially the face. The story lacks a lot. Character design are average. I would have prefer some better artist for the game. Im rating it a 2 star because I still enjoy it kinda(?)
I deleted less than 10 minutes in. Infuriatingly slow with no way to speed up dialog (most games a click will make the entire chat bubble appear so you don't have to wait forever for it to scroll out but NOT this one), so if you read at a 3rd grade level, this game is for you. Not to mention ads every minute or so. There are lots of way better otome games out there.
Real talk though, this is literally the best game in the genre of chose your own story. I've played basically every one out there and this one takes the cake, beautiful graphics, good writing and you dont have to pay to get an enjoyable outcome. It's amazing!
Great game but i think it could use more expressions i love the story line and how you get to make SO MANY choices im sad it had to end tho i wish there were more chapters (again they could use more expressions) but over all GREAT GAME!
Honestly it was a rather basic storyline but it was decently written for something so short and simple. My biggest complaint was that the main heroine was such a crybaby and very much a child at times, I wished I could change that. The facial expressions where a bit odd to say the least but I found them to be more comical than upsetting. The choices are very obvious and do little more than change the dialogue at times. NOTE: I did play this with play pass, no ads present Good short game overall
I really good game with good storyline but it has way too many ads and it was earlier better when we could play it offline.BTW I downloaded it second time.
Really good game just the fact bothered be that there were no other skin tones and the avatar edit icon didnt look like our avatar.
I like it very much..but the ads are just too much,everyone doesn't like it.so could you please don't make much ads?if that was possible that would be great ..but the art is good,the story is special and new,you could add some few more people but that's fine by me,you regret thing you say and you get embarrassed just like you actually said something wrong in reality ,oh! And one other point the emotions can't be possible..they change so hella fast,anyway.. thanks for reading.
Well, this game is a disguise. The major failure of this game is it does not fill the screen completely on my phone. I mean in the era of high class developers how can this kind of stuff can you ignore? It looks ugly seeing half screen empty. Disappointing. That's one word to describe this game.
I love this game so much fun, surprising, cool avatar lots of things I hope they make part two to this 😊 I would love it even more I had an amazing time playing it. it even takes away time if your bored lol but it was really fun to play though 😊😁
I love this game it's heartbreaking to see the end can you please make a new game with the same characters
One of the best love story games this story was soo unique unlike any other it was so intersting,romantic,funny and there are very few anime story games that the main reason why i loved it soooo much the outfits are amazing #love it
This has so many ads and when stared playing it stop but love this game so much πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– Yah then unistalled it but i install it agian and those who love this game i glad that it won't stop . I install it 3 times and also like my coment and this had no privecy policy bye . Wait and Daisuke is sooooooooooooo Cute ..πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
I played this game years ago when it was still being made, I guess it was 2018? But anyways I reinstalled and it over and over again to check if there were any new updates and now Im just so happy I found it again. This was my childhood game and I promise you that this game will give one heck of an adventure (Really good in graphics and design too). Also yes ik the chapters load for a while but isn't that good? You get to work on your time while waiting. Either way love this game and daisuke ❀️
I love story games with elements that allow you to participate. Since this story involves playing an mmorpg, I've encountered parts where I can aim and shoot spells so far. I really enjoy it! However, the MC is driving me nuts! The paths she chooses on her own make me cringe, and the options we pick from are things I would never choose. I usually find the MC moderately relatable in story games, but I am having a difficult time relating to this one. Maybe her character grows over time? I hope so.
Well i love this game i wish there was more so i can meet hiroki/hiro again and this is the type of game i've been looking for my whole life.
This app is amazing! you dont have to waste money to go further in stories and you can custimize your person without needing money! and there are time limits but to just move ahead to the next chapter you can just watch a add and move forward! so many options and its like GGO and SAO but with more romance, lots of options and you actually get to feel like you are in the game. Its free and it feels like a world you can axcess. you feel like your in the game and you get lots of options tochoicefrom
the storyline is great, the graphics and the avatars are nice. but i wish there were more outfit choices for the Shadowtine avatar. but overall, it's an enjoyable and fun game. i would recommend this!
Its really annoying when the ads came out i cant record or screenshots theres a many art errors like body position in the character even the girl so stupid,super stupid like does she even have a brain you can change the characters hair with different colors like blue purple or ect. the controls different like the other otome games,i can't skip even i tap 2 times,its really annoying i want to read it faster,and its rated 12+ more like gradeschool like this.FIX IT!
Its very exiting game.When I was playing a chapter I was thinking about the next chapter, what will happen next . But in the end I did'nt like because when they revealed the love of each other I could know that Daisuke is leaving the town.I'd think that in the end I will marry Daisuke or Hiroki and lived a happy life . But Daisuke made me sad. I would wait for the next app of anime love story very egarly. I will expect that in the nextapp Daisukewillcome back,Icanmarryhim,Iwillbuyandplaynextgame.
I love this so much .lots of susspence and drama and I was just hooked . I'm so sad that I finished the game !
The story is amazing. I really like the art of this game, except some of the facial expressions of the characters which are a bit weird. There are many, many ads but I'm not mad about it since it is free to play all the chapters. Overall, this game is really great and addictive! I just can't stop playing to see what's gonna happen next. I finished it in a day and now I'm playing it again to explore the choices I didn't choose. Totally gonna recommend this game to my friends~