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Animal Warfare

Animal Warfare for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by PlaySide Studios located at 75 Crockford Street, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is similar to Art of War buy with animals, which I thought was a fun change. I enjoyed playing the game for a few weeks. I know some players don't like it, but I actually appreciate that the developers let you watch as many ads as you want in order to upgrade your army instead of forcing you to make a purchase. However, after I got up to a certain point, I lost interest. It would be nice if there were some additional features like PvP, teams, etc to keep players engaged.
This game Is actually better put together than I thought. I was going to rate it 5 stars, but there is no free grid to play with your unlocked animals freely. The game is very fun and I enjoy playing it. They even tell you when they're going to start giving you ads because it will help them update the game. They also let you play the first 2.5 stages with no ads. These developers seem really nice and their game is pretty fun. I will definitely check out their other games.
I used to really like this game, but the ads are getting outrageous. Unskipable Chinese propaganda ads seriously? An ad after every battle sequence seriously? Also once you finish the tree there really isn't anything to strive for anymore, no goals or unlocks. It's a bit boring.
There is something in this game that attracts us. Upgrading the animals to level 5, turns them into golden colour which is a lot beautiful. But the only thing which is a con is watching ads. You can't buy animal cards without watching ads.
If Im are out of money and I accidentally click again, I end up spending all of my gems on a little bit of money. I get that money from one battle. I just lost 200 gems on 10000 money. Thats just sad... please don't let the "buy money for gems" button pop up when you're out of money...
Steals your money; I bought an "eight dollar" premium pack and it charged my 14. It also said making a purchase would "Remove all ads"- never happened. If you don't buy anything buy anything you will just have to deal with the truckload of ads this game provides, then with the 30% of time you actually get to play it's alright.
I find the core game mechanics to be fun. There are optional ads that you can watch at the end of a battle to triple the gold earned. I uninstalled due to the mandatory ads at the end of battles. Even if I was planning on watching the optional ad, having a forced one doesn't feel good. The mandatory ad doesn't triple the gold either, so you have to watch another. The developer will likely use the same response they have to other similar reviews as they don't actually intend on making changes.
I was wondering how long until the forced ads would surface. There is already a banner ad at the bottom and options to watch. Why force ads. Forced ads make games look really bad. The developers know the game isn't good enough for potential customers to spend money on so they have to ad mine players. Do better.
Id love to see more animals it will bump it up to a 5 star. Some suggestions that would be fun Flamingo, hamster in a ball, eagle, pelican, walrus, and maybe even like hyper rare mythical creatures like a serpent, orc, Pegasus, Griffin, etc Great job for an enjoyable game **edit Lost a star for ruining the daily challenges and taking away good rewards.
I like this game, no gliches or anything bad. Great game! I like it that there are a lot of animals, I'm an animal lover. Great graphics and nothing mutch to say about this good gameπŸ‘
Amazing animal game..I like that Hawk with a cutest creature and Horse. And i like any ads, real i'm not joke. The ads is not annoying cause i love ads than the game! Don't make the ads is gone ok! The problem is just the ads make me got kicked out in where i lost my rewards and in the ads there's no "X" button to close when the ads is end pls fix it. Thanks! Btw can u make this game can be saved into google play games? Or i'll lost my progress.
It's very repedative with no real challenge and just a endless incentive to watch ads for more coins for powerful animals just to watch more ads for more animals
Double and triple ad walls. Game play is boring. Metrics are designed to force you to watch ads or spend real money on gambling. Luck chests should be illegal. All you are doing is teaching children to gamble. These kinds of blatant money grabs should banned from the market.
Game is choppy and the gameplay is as bland is watching clouds move. Upgrading or getting new animals becomes so expensive extremely fast. Upgrading them also does nothing visually.. males them into steel animals when they hit 3 stars seriously? All of them look the same anyway at 3 stars. Don't bother find a different game..
Doesn't show you ads until AFTER you play a certain amount, to see if you like the game or not. Even after, it politely states they'll be showing ads. This should be the standard for all freemium games. It's also very F2P friendly! I turned off my adblocker and will gladly support this game!
hello thanks for the respond, quick review from the last update though, it's sad that i can't merge without merging all of the animals. So far it's the only problem, well, that and the lagging when there are plenty animals moving. ^Ο‰^
Ad at every level most annoying game ever, from very begining you gave 2 options :watching ad for money or just going to next level. Why dont you stick to that method at high level??
Its a fun game. I'm just hoping its a game I can play without spending money on it to get the rubies. Just wish could earn the rubies faster. But worth giving a try.
Nice game there a very easy ways to get gems and coins I like how you can unlock animals and merge them
Dear PlaySideStudios, Hello,I like this game.You fight with animals.(Not Animal Abuse)But i have one problem.Please,Please have a fast forward button.It would Be A better game if there is!.Thank you for making this game.It changed my life,I kept playing it all the time.Also,Please add more animals.Hope this game gets the 5M+ Download Mark.Thank you, Your Guest,Isaiah_Playz.
This game is fun, but it sometimes glitches out for me and I cant play at all. I also randomly lost my level 6 rhino and level 7 elephant.
I dont mind watching ads but ... Many cases I have to view ads twice in order to get bonus, even more 30s ads, it's ridiculus...not fair
There are a number of changes and fixes to make: When elephants get stunned they shouldn't be able to stomp since it's not realistic at all. Enemy camels should be able to get damaged by projectiles (barrels, poison shots etc). Sometimes my animals don't move/attack at all. Fix this. Sometimes foxes move beyond the boundary of map & get stuck underground. Fix this glitch. My elephant stomps even there are no enemies at all. It just pushes them farther away & killing them takes a long time.
This game is great not many ads or if not no ads which is amazing and who likes ads be honest I don't understand how u will not like this game bro its like minecraft great of a game yes and it's offline which makes so many people play it I stopped playing this for 1 year its been soooo updated new spins and alot more
I love this game! 😍 I love on how the animals attack the enemy animals. I hope that there would be more animals like a flamingo, arctic fox, parrot, sea animals, and more!! I hope you add more levels and give more acorns to use for the tree of life. Please give more gems and more coins and more more more pets like I said. I really want the pets to be cheaper. It doesnt have that much ads so it makes it more better. But really, I love this game! 😍❀️
This game is actually good. There's no annoying ads, no bad game mechanics, none of that! This isn't your average low quality simple model game. But there is one problem. I wanted to put my Google play progress from my phone to my laptop, but when it connected, nothing happened. It just brung me to the tutorial. So can you please fix that issue? My laptop is a hp chromebook.
Yes, a fun battler, I'm winning OH MY GOD THEY SHAKE THEIR LITTLE BUTTS, YES - but wait... Are those... FORCED ADS!? ...are you THAT money hungry? There's plenty of reasons to watch ads for the extra rewards and you have to slap me in the face with an unwanted ad without rewards? Shame on you! NO YOU DON'T NEED ANOTHER AD, THERE'S PLENTY OF ADS WE CAN CHOOSE TO WATCH FOR MORE REWARDS, ruining the player's experience for that extra 0.2 cents is REALLY stupid
I would've gave a 5 star if it wasn't for the ads freezing up when you're trying to get 3x money, items, etc. I've lost tons of money because of glitchy ads.
Do you like ads? If you do, then this is the game for you! Starts off with optional ads to increase your payout after each round. That's understandable. The further you get, the more ads you have to watch just to finish a level. Then you can watch additional ads for an increase in reward. Not so great. Turns into an ad watching app. Enjoy watching more ads than cable television!
The adds are misleading, they all make it seem like a simulator but turns out to be a merge game, the prices for items go up astronomically whenever you purchase it and the only way to get anything it goes up ridiculously while leaving little ways to earn coins and the characters themselves being weak compared to the enemies. The only way to get alot of coins is watching adds which just gives the devs money Happy devs, Or would you like me to give you more stars?
Enjoyed the game for the past month or so of playing it. The latest update though made the game ridiculously easy. Before the last update, enemies (lvl 900+) go toe to toe with my full army, leading to at least some decision making on which animals to choose and their position. Now, enemies (lvl 1100+) are so pathetically weak that I only need 4 lvl6 animals to destroy each level. It really made the game boring. No more watching ads for additional coins if i can breeze through levels that easy.
Great concept. would love more realism in the game but I guess that will be a zillion more forced ads in the future. never seen ads like this in any other game I've played. Black screen half of the times an ad tries to play with no X in the corner forcing me to restart the game cuz nothing happens no matter how long I wait for the ad to load Must be built like this on purpose anoying the gamer basically forcing you to spend money to cancel ads.others posts say they still have ads after spendng $
A really fun and addicting game. It's easy to get new animals and cards, solution is..Grind, Watch Ads. Repeat. And there. Though some forced ads can be seen and played. And some ads are inappropriate especially there may be childrens and kids Playing this game, so please consider deleting and removing those inappropriate ads. Overall, if you don't wanna see forced ads, go offline. Or just buy the ad-free version.
Okay so all in all this is a good game even though its not what the adverts say, anyway is it rigged so that u always win? But also additional to that when I want to triple my award using an advert sometimes I just don't in the end and I can tell u why, so w not always but sometimes after a level it gives an ad just CUZ, didn't even ask for one so it gives an ad and then course u dont wanna hv more so maybe if an add comes it could automatically triple ur prize or just wait till after to give ad
You. Yes you creator(s). The app is horrible caused by the amount of crushed ads. By crushed I mean crushed into the game. I know if you make a purchase the ads will go away but I dont want to spend money on a trash game like this. Cause there is some ads before entering the store. Belive Sebastion Brown. Egg .Inc has WAY less ads then this game. Egg .Inc is WAY WAY better than this.
Game rewards get smaller as you progress, getting ready to uninstall. I have made a purchase and one still spends more time in ads than playing the game. This because you have to watch ad multipliers to make enough currency.
Fun game! But far too many ads! There's already plenty of options to watch ads to gain rewards, no need to show an ad after ever single round! After five minutes it gets very, very annoying. Even just every other round would be fine.
Hi. I would like to know if you could add a free play. It would be unlocked after beating round 150. It will be wonderful if you can do it.
Its absolutely amazing it's so fun who wouldn't love it it's one of the best games in the world ( probably not but I think it is) but the one only thing I dont like about it is that there are too many ads
This is a good app I love it. There is lots of levels lots of animals, you can upgrade and it is a fun game for everyone. The best part about this game is that you get challenges daily and you can play for so long and always be able to keep on getting more levels and be able to keep on upgrading.
I love the game, but, I think you should add more slots as there are too many animals that build up in the stable. Most of my animals don't fit in and the game gets abit annoying with the whole rearranging my animals thing. Also, TOO MANY ADS. Please cut down on them. Thanks. If these are taken into suggestion I'll move it up to 5 stars
Got bored of playing for only a few seconds to then have to sit through adverts to collect extra bonuses. Advert time outweighs the actual gameplay.
The simple but good foundation of this game has much to offer. Problem is, in my opinion, it remains progressively dormant. Almost border line "app creators apathetic" to enriching gameplay and returnability. Maybe made for the young or the easily Jedi Mind Tricked. The game boils down to an animal CCG with 3d battles. Concept like a small hole in big tire. The more used the more deflated it becomes. Endless battles the game itself provides the easy road to meet the "challenge". But fun at 1rst
This game is good, it definitely requires some form of strategy. The only reason it didn't get five stars is because that durimg the gameplay, my game just freezes and turns into a black screen, whenever I go in and out.
Game has too many ads to be playable. After each round, you're forced to sit thru a mandatory video ad that's longer than the actual round, then once you close that you have to wait for the other ad screen to finish loading so you can close it. Animals also don't even have a basic health bar to indicate how close to dying they are, which makes using healing a guessing game. Animals also don't have visible stats, so it's impossible to know which ones are good or trash.
I mean, i have had this game for a while now, and it just keeps getting better. The tree of life, new animals. My only complaint is that eventually you have 20 animals in your storage because after a while the space to place animals on doesn't get any bigger, so it would be nice if i could have a larger space to place my animals on.
I quite enjoy this app but you have recently updated it and now everytime I try to sign in with my Google account I get a sign in failed message. I have lost all progress and if I cant re sign in I will sadly have to uninstall the app. If this can be fixed I'll happily change my rating to 5 stars. edit. I can now sign in but I have lost all progress
You guys should change the eagle view, that's mean make it better and wider, and zoomable. When battle, I want to watch the fight from all directions or from certain area. Right, left, up, 'down', y know, like 3D Btw, very very impressive game and addictive, wholesome. But if you make the eagle view better, it'll be a game changer . Sry, bad vocab . __Edit: I need more CHALLENGES!!!!
This was a good and my favorite mobile time killing game. Then the ads came after EVERY SINGLE BATTLE. So stinking many ads I had to delete it
Well, it's fun for a bit but the battles are pretty easy wins, I almost never change battle formations, and there's enough ads to match the playtime. Near idea but it's time to move on.
Pretty fun animl war gameπŸΊπŸŽπŸ—πŸπŸ». But u could make wolves easier to get because they are my favorite animal. And make bosses much stronger. I like how the animals dance on victories. Thank you for having a wolf offer at the storeπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€! Maybe you could make fish warfare.😊🐟
Hello, i like the game and it's addicting. Please optimize the game when so many animals in the field it is laggy, my phone has 8gb ram and gaming phone but still laggy sometimes please optimize it. Please add more animals too. thanks 😌
Wow this game is so cool I like it oh and I especially love the way when you merge your animals that they upgrade to like a better look its really cool
This game was made to make money exclusively. Animals have no stats, some are stronger and some aren't and you just have to guess. It isn't clear why a hawk or dragonfly is a special card or why foxes can do a lot of damage. It plays ads after battles a lot even if you just watched an ad for something else. It's mind numbingly easy. I'm over level 130 and it's still just click battle, win, maybe see an ad, go for the next round. Repeat. The ads are becoming the more interesting part of the game
I can't believe it one day I had a ton if animals the next I only 3 left! Plus a ton of glitches and bugs, can yall fix this! Edit: thx yall the problem is now fine!
Shame on you, Terrible game. I loved the idea of the game but it was filled with non stop sexual ads. The ads filled the screen twice as often as the game did and they were always overly sexual ads that made me feel very uncomfortable. I will never recommend this game
This is actually a merging and loot box collection game. It's kinda cute, but I can't see spending any more time on it. *Edited down to one start, because the developer asked me to change it from 3 to 5. *Edit 2: I got such a detached non-relevant reply from the developer this time, I wish I could give this game less than 1 star.
The game was fun and exciting. The animal was cute and the game play was not so hard. I already playing it for about more than a week and still counting it was good but the thing is there a bug that may animal was being deleted or erased i don't but it was just gone. I just press the merger all and it just got deleted πŸ˜– i hope you can help me with this. I just received something because there's some error in my save they said but my Level 6 hippo wasn't there still not worth the gold
Like ads? Then this is the game for you! No real challenge. An endurance game to see how many ads you can watch. Want to get better stuff? Watch ads! That's all there is to this game. The player doesn't do much here...except watch ads.
So far its pretty fun. I read somewhere that if you make a single purchase that the ads would more less go away. Which makes gameplay a little more fun and at least I can support the folks who built the app.
Only problem of the last update. Levels tooo hard.😡. Though the levels are too hard after the update also. However after seeing your responsibility to keep the players happy. I give u a 4 star rating. Please make the levels a bit easy.
It's great graphics and you get to unlock animals it's a great game it's really addictive but after a battle it even gives you a fair reward witch is the good thing this is why o would rate this game a 5 star rating, :D have a great day!
Its fine but LEVEEEEEEEL 3000 IS HARDER THAN IT LOOKS TO GET TO IT and I can't get the penguin mouse and the Arctic hare
I'm giving this a four-star rating because it's a good game but there's an ad after every battle and it's pretty annoying
I really enjoy this game but the tree of life stops at tier 11 so you just collect acorns when you can't use them. Im not sure the game has ever connected to my Google account. Then lastly, the ads...I understand to watch an ad to open a treasure chest or get free coins but to also play one after almost every battle is just a pain. Ive also run into the problem where it says I can play an ad to get my rewards but it won't play. The game just needs another update...
It's a slightly cute game, but strategy appears to be fairly nonexistent. The massive drawback is the one that everyone else mentions: the game constantly wants you to watch a 30 second about once a minute. Everything occurs faster or gives you a better reward if you just watch an ad first. (They also wouldn't mind you spending real money on the store.) The entire game is built around having you watch dozens and dozens of ads.
Fun game, addictive game play cant wait for further updates as almost completed all levels available in the 2 daya I've had game sadly won't let me connect to Google play to save progress or restore my purchases from the previous device
This game is so bad. It's not anything like the ad says it is. Everything is super pricey to buy animals. I would never download this game is a waste of time. All you do is it gives you animales and you kill over animales the ad looks like you can choose the animales to fight. This game is horrible and a waste of time DO NOT DOWNLOAD TRUST ME.
I really like the game idea but i think a few options in future updates should be more interactive gameplay such as being or watching as an animal, make the progressions more worth it as sometimes it feels very repetitive and not enough rewards between stages. And lastly i think a custom battle where youcan set up both sides would be cool in the future.
The game is fun when I play it. I admit it's a nice, casual game to play that's unique and interesting. But by far the biggest problem of this game is all the times it crashes/kicks me out. It's so damn annoying! And it happens more frequently than you would expect. Just please, please fix all the game crashes. Do this and I'll give this game 5 stars and recommend it to people I know. (Sidenote I really like that you respond to all the reviews on the app. A lot of other games don't do that.)
A good game, visually. I'm am compelled to upgrade and collect them all. In a crowded appstore full of non stop adds, at least this game rewards you for watching them if you choose to. I'll be playing this game for a fair while.
There are so many ads. To play a game mode, Ad. Win a match, Ad. To gain 3xcoins, Ad. Lose a match, Ad. There was even a banner stating that if you bought any fills, it removes Ads... False. As I purchased it and Ads are sill there. Onto the game, gameplay is whacky as you can add units in, but there is not strategy aside from placement. Please allow an unmerge button. One too many times I click on a unit and it merges without me wanting it to! That is frustrating.
Great game but could be better. I like the simplicity of it. Easy to win, strategic arrangements, many animals with unique ability. The minus are: - Lag when there're many enemies (50+) on the field. I can tell fps drop to ~5 during such battle. - Low prize for high level game. I'm current at level 800 and still the rewards remain as low as level 500 (~4000gold) which isn't so hepful... (exploited? Pay2win?) - ads should shut off on a single click "x" (some don't)
This game is the best I started and I am on level 57 and stage 6 happy 2021 this review will be very very old like it will be 2023 or 2022 the .graphics are very good the gameplay is good control's really good and it is a offline 3d game to so I give it a 5 cause it is not laggy and it some times ask for ads but it is a good game.it is a 3D game to.
I really enjoy the game, but after every battle when the ad pops up either the game freezes up with a blank screen or I get kicked out of the game altogether.
No ads you don't wanna watch for the first 20 levels and after that they're still not even that bad. It's a fun game from what I've played so far.
I love it I love the graphics it's simple and it doesn't lag There are ads but not many at all It's kind of satisfying bin a way The only complaint I would give is the shop. There isn't much you can do with gems
I agree with many other reviews this game is a good time killer There are lots of animals with different abilities which you have the option to go in detail on how you want to build your army Only things i want more of are animals There are so many uniqe animals in the animal kin that i could see this game making use of Like a falcon not in the game but if it were i could see it with a cool ability maybe like a speedy sweep across the battle field that damages all enemies in its way etc.- Try it
The animals are very cute! When the animal hit the bad animals it dance so very cute! 5 star to the game
Oh I'm sorry I thought no one can see me. Well the game is kinda fun........ I don't have any suggestions, cuz I know it is difficult to make a game. The game is just like an endless loop you mix same species, can buy more animals, fight other groups, and that's all about it. Please don't notice me, I feel like I'm being threatened by the craetor giving a back up service to improve the gameπŸ˜“πŸ˜Œ
Whoever put ads after every level is a real whole. And deserves to be fired. Literally after every match an ads. I know u need money but come on. 2 out 5 cause ads
Game play should not be defined by how many ads interrupt the player from playing the game. However, you've forced my hand in this. What's worse is it doesn't get terrible until level 75 when the player is forced to view up to 3 ads BEFORE being given the option to watch another 2 ads (when an ad timer resets that's the beginning of a second ad) for boosted rewards. *Thanks 4 reply*if you run ads like the game I mentioned I'll come running back to Animal Warfare 😁🍻
I think this game is very good. Like maybe like add some animals like the dragon (not komodo) and has a rarity of mystical, cost 100000 gems in game. Unicorn and peguasys would be cool too. Like being able to make phoenix and griffin would be so cool. Also more ideas; add powerups like resistance for max of 8 seconds.or x2 strength! Or like adding a cricket as an animal! Just some ideas, I had in mind
I like this game its fun i play it evertime but can you make it an easier way to get gems because you have to get gems by other game and i have no enough space to get it so make it easier in the next update for a 5 star "and i need more slots for more animals"i have alot of them but all of them cant fit together so please ;-;
The Game is a interesting game too play, though I think it should have more updates. I think there should also be more animals. And the add looks way better!
Not a bad game. But really? And Ad after EVERY single fight? Don't be such a douche company. Because of the ads I'm posting the score to 2 stars only. Ads take more time than actual gameplay.
This is so much fun ive been playing it 3 hours i highly recommend it for kids bc i am a kid =D and thats all ty!
An advertisement after every single level. 30 seconds of game play, 30 second ad. Doesn't make sense and ruins the playability.
great game except 3 things.this is a great game and not too many ads. when i tried to put my hippo and komodo on i didn't have enough room and i sorted their position and still couldn't.it would be good if there is another game mode called boss fight where there is just bosses and finally if it was easier to get acorns. thanks so much for this game.
I hate this game, and I guess this whole genre. It's a game that tries makes me feel like I'm doing something, when I'm actually mostly watching ads. And the gameplay outside the ads? No skill involved whatsoever. There is a slight aspect of decision making to create an illusion that you are in control, but again the game is only about how mamy ads you watch and how many times you click "battle".
I like this game it has a really good lion and a swan and you can also heal your animals but the part that I dont hate is a little part where my TABLET glitches out and I just get logged out But this game has ben pretty good I hope yall play this game soon gjgjffnjtbvgbhtbgmthgtmhgtughtgu5hg5jgkthgurthrhig5gutigkhgimhtghktigmthmg5i igncrnig,t,hvgticg,thgitkgv,hggit,ihvtightgthgtk,hkjtgithgtkgjtgihthgithgcitmgtjmvhtubntnthtninvnitnbtn,ithjnibvhimthhyihhthmtivhtihhithitihmht ikgvhikitjivhhtmivj
This is an amazing game, 10/10. The animals are cute, the game doesnt have many ads, and tbh nothings really expensive in gems or coins. Theres just one issue i can deal with, why does it take 2-1 hours to open a chest? If you wanna add time to open chests heres something that would be better; Normal chest: 20-10 minutes Gold chest: 1 hour - 40 minutes Otherwise its an great game! I recommend it if you like furry-like battles, or just animal-battling like games- not in an abusive way, though. ❀
This game is so fun I really love this game and people are getting mad over ads just turn on airplane mode that what I did and I got no ads not one ads because of airplane mode this game is very fun and i hope I see new things❀❀❀
this game was bad because the graphics were horrible and for to get animals every time u buy one it gets more expensive and it was copright it stole a better
Game is ok, how ads work is super sketchy Without touching anything some ads will automatically open the app store but a few of them will automatically open chrome and take you to scam sites.
Cute game, but it can be summed up in three words: ads, ads, and more effin' ads. You spend *far* more time watching ads than playing the game. Not worth the download.
the animals have no eyes!πŸ€£πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚lol! I rate many games but I loove this game far most😜 p.s it is 4.5 stars but u round to higher... aaadds... it's a common problem the gamers need to fix though.πŸ˜’πŸ™ƒI found this game due to ads😊 but ads still are bad e.g mistplay... and thanks for adding my 18 gems after I played the 'mining' game-not minecraft.☹️
Ads, ads, ads... There is almost no gametime, because you are forced to watch an super long ad after every 1-2 matches. Would be a fun game, but I just can't take the suuper long ads anymore
The game is exceptionally good but recently i saw that my 2 high level animals are being missing from my stable. It was dog level 7. I played with is at afternoon then it just disappeared i dont know how but it wasnt my mistake. Please fix it with the update.
I love the game the way they fight the characters you get and then get me so not easy ones the way you get more new ones like pandas kangaroos cats it's so easy to do in the tree how it goes and then go in and go get some diamonds and then acorns it is like get everything different like a treasure coins of diamond animal whatever and that's all
Im installing this game just bcoz I just read a comment that saying the dev kinda force someone to change from 3 to 5 star review. Look you can't force or ask someone to give a review like how you want. If its bad, its bad, if its good, than people will be honest and say its good. Just focus on how you can make it better, take the review as a point/idea or advice to improving the game.