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Animal Hot Springs - Relaxing with cute animals

Animal Hot Springs - Relaxing with cute animals for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by SUPERTHUMb located at gukchekyeonguwon1ro 15 saesam town9 902-1102, Sejong city Repulic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Nice game, but there are a few problems... the game is fairly easy, I completed the game in like a few months. So it was fast and boring. Its also really simple. Like all you do is get money and. Buy things and most of it is a pay to win. Its not very colorful and the characters look very boring, I will change this to 4 stars if you fix it.
Need some update please! it's good but I hope it has an option to move the things inside the lounges, sauna and tub. Wish I could add players or visit other players' hotsprings. it would be cool to trade, buy and sell the things you dont need like the tub. Also please add purpose to the things we buy so it's not just a display. however I enjoyed this but not until I finished buying all the things needed. dont know what to do next now.
This game is really fun. It can sometimes be challenging to keep up when u have alot of animals and u have to keep up with what they want. There arent like, levels u have to pass but there are levels. There are barely any ads, and i thimk this game is 4 everyone. Overall, its really fun, super friendly, and you dont lose or win, u just level up. I really like this game and the only thing i would change, is u scroll instead of click arrows. That way its easier to get 2 all of the bath goods.
Game is fun and visually appealing and cute, but it gets very tedious to earn acorns as you have to keep clicking yourself. No way for it to earn by itself. And there is a limit of 2500 to the acorns that were dropped at the entrance. There is also a bug when you want to use the lazy cat function. The app hangs everytime I click OK.
It's an very relaxing yet cute game it's good to use if your stressed or angry because it's almost like therapy. But I mean everyone has their opinions, I like how you also don't need an account and it's all safe :D I really like caring for the animals and watching them. I give this 5 Stars.
It just stopped working. I watched lots of adds to stock myself for the customers, and after all this battery consumption, it stopped working. Customers don't give you enough money for you to be able to buy what they want you to provide. So, it's not possible without the add watching. The animations are cute, though.
enjoyable, nice gameplay, cute animal characters but somehow the button for changing the bath goods isn't very responsive, so annoying when you want to select it quickly. Most of the time it didn't change the page, I have to press on it like about 3-5 times to make it change and I hate that. Please fix this asap! btw I hope there are more to play after opened the sauna. It's nothing I can play more except collect the gold acron to change the wallpaper. and I hope it can be save on cloud too.
Garbage... I cant even frickin play it! ITS GARBAGE!!!! It said it was free but when i joined it said "you dont have a valid license!!" BUT IT WAS FREE! THIS IS GARBAGE! FIXXXXXXXXXXX
I love this game! I like the animals cause their so cute, and I love it when you press the animals and the do react to what you do.
The idea for this game is super adorable and simple; but, a little too simple. It lacks a real feeling of accomplishment and progress. You start off with a handful of animals in a tub. It makes sense that the beginning is rather slow and manual (sending out a manager to retrieve new customers and actively supplying item requests) to build up popularity. But the game never grows out of it to reward you for your time. So even with 50 something critters and 20k acorns, you're still manually sending out a manager to retrieve customers instead of customers actively coming to you at random intervals. Also with 50 something animals requesting items at the same time, it's very hard to keep track of who wants what, especially since their requests last about 5 seconds. I am also genuinely confused about Lazy Cat. I thought he would be an employee to actually help deliver items so I can just collect acorns, but no. He's actually a lazy cat that was too expensive to buy. He just seems to walk around handing out 1 item per minute or so? But the game is really cute and simple to pass the time with. I plan to continue playing until I've unlocked the entirety of its content so I can see if I'm missing a key element of the game. Though, I would love to see this game evolve into a more true idle management game. Some push notification and animals coming to me would be great. Also if there were a more efficient way to deal with item requests like a store or a not lazy cat.
I love this game, it is a great time killer, it is very cute and relaxing to play. Yet, once you have gotten every animals and facilities there is really nothing much to do, thats why the 4-star. Maybe add more rooms, perhaps a restaurant or a game room that we will have new goods, new facilities and new animals, so we can play a little longer. Anyway, You did a great job for this game, love it.
This is one of the cutest games I have ever played~! But it does take too long that it somehow gets boring because most of the stuff you do is just give the bath goods and then you have to keep earning acorns until you can invite a new animal from your reputation. It does help me kill time, though. So it's a 4/5 for me
It was REALLY fun at first but when you started to get further into the game there were less and less things to do. What I would do is just go on get acorns and get off. It really isn't fun. On the plus side, when you are not 1 week into the game, it is relatively easy to get acorns and new customers. I would recommend for you to download it but be prepared to uninstall it a week or so later. My thoughts on where SUPERTHUMb could change this game are add things that people can do. Make the sauna cost less because that might keep people for a bit longer? And just make it not all about collecting acorns and giving customers towels and brushes. All in all it is an ok game but I wouldn't download it. Sorry 😞
It is a relaxing game. However it is a little confusing at the levels and Vip levels and the grade /10 of costumers. I can not understand those. It wish there was some explanation for them.
Lol it's like the pets know when you run out of an itemπŸ˜† Edit two yrs later: Wow! I dont even remember doing this!
This game is quite addictive - but not too much that it sucks the hours out of your life. It is easy to understand, the art style is cute and unique and you become invested in it to the right degree. My daughter loves playing it and watching me improve the hot springs - a nice family friendly game and we all love a good japanese themed game.
So my sister and my little brother play this game a lot and I still haven't tried it out but they say it's a lot of fun and you play everything so I bet this game has some fun stuff I know it's cute and yeah so I think this game is actually very cute and pretty amazing I to haven't tried it out but I've played a little bit on my sisters compete I mean M iPad and then yeah
Simple gameplay with cute animations. You can also collect money real fast over time which helps me bc I tend to feel impatient. Great time waster.
Graphics are very nice, characters look cute, which is why it attracted me to download the game. Game play however, requires you to watch a lot of ads to gain commodities in exchange for goods. In a way it's good that you can easily level up by just watching ads, without the need to use any skills or pay extra. However, watching so many ads can be extremely boring. That's why after I have level up to a certain point, I deleted the game as I do not wish to waste my time on watching so many ads.
This is the best game but when i'm not playing this game he didnt collect the money. I cant buy anything
The game is actualy good! I thought it would just be a cheap colectables game until I played it. The only problem I have is leveling up. It doesn't tell you and it's difficult to do. Also, when you level up a certain character, it gets in the way of me giving the supplies. Make it so it's in the corner and doesn't get in the way. Otherwise it's a really fun time killer!
I would rate it 5 stars. I love the game and it's so cute. The problem is sometimes when I go to the lounge and go back to the hotspring, it always glitches and everything will turn white (not really everything only the acorns, and facility stuff though but the animals don't). And another problem is ads won't load if I want manager cat back and also my Lazy Cat. Please fix it. I really really love this game as a time killer.
Really cute and fun to play. Very relaxing and good vibes all day (p.s. if you have troubles with acorns look at the bottom left in lounge one!)
One of the BEST APPS EVER!!! It is really entertaining and in the same time calming and relaxing. Its really simple to play. And I really enjoyed it. Love this game, totally recommend it.
This is a really cute game! I love the animals and all of the different options. Although, I do wish that it was easier to level up. I have REALLY good ratings but I'm only at level two. There are also a few glitches when you try to speed up your cat. But other than that, it's an awesome game! (I brought my tablet down to 3% playing this last night. hehe)
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and its so cute!!! I actually downloaded the animal cinema and i couldnt decide which was cuter anyways good job PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make more games like this one and the animal cinema! 😍
actually i really like this apps but the annoying notification pop out really mad me.. ' unable to get a valid license" what??? and it don't even let me play for 10 second longer (Ψ¨_Ψ¨)
This app it amazing because you can play forever and never get bored it is relaxing and very very fun for those who like any animal. You start at the start of every thing then you cna build up
Its fun but its really slow like its so slow that i thought it was some kind of rebirth game. You have to completely grind in order to get upgrades you have to save and not buy bath goods if you want any upgrades and at the beginning you have like no acorns so its like really hard to be able to afford any facility upgrades your only hope at the beginning is use the 3 free tickets and just buy the cheapest bath items and then hopefully you'll be able to afford a upgrade
Good game. Advantage if you have data connection for watching ads in return for a stuff, but you can also play it offline. The only thing is it crashes when I am in the middle of collecting acorns. Hope developers fix this issue.
the game itself is good for the reason I got it. I was just looking for a low-maintenance game that I could very casually play from time to time and could be easily picked up on again after I haven't played for a while. This game is it. However, later on I find it waaaay too difficult to level up now. It takes forever to get enough acorns/reputation at the point I am now (2 guests away from getting sauna room).
I love these kind of games. So calming and cute. Easy and simple. The instant gratification is strong in this one.
I loved this game (: fun and pretty fast. The only problem is that all the animals I encountered have all disappeared from the tub. When I encounter a new one and it joins the hot springs, and I open the game after closing it, the animal disappears once again. Cant really play the game like this. Also, if I uninstall I lose all progress I've done so far, so that's annoying as well. I really hope you solve it! and I'll change rating accordingly. edit: saw that someone had the same problem and they just had to change the tub. so nvm :)
It's so cute and Peaceful also kinda fun too hey you the one who's reading this download this app it's fun you might like it:3
PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!!!! When I press the arrow on the bottom right of the screen to change the bath goods page it sometimes doesn't work and I have to press multiple times until it changes and by the time it has changed I have missed being able to give the item to the cat or cats in the tub. Maybe instead of using an arrow it could be a scroll menu. I absolutely love this game. Very addictive and cute. But I have one problem which I like to be fixed to help gain full enjoyment of the game.
This game is really fun but there are some issues. First, the animals are so needy. In other words the want everything when ur trying to save money. Second, it's very hard to level up. I've been trying to level up for the past WEEK! And I still can't. That's really all but other than those two things, the game is really fun.
Your game is not bad but there is a little you need to improve. I suggest you enlarge the pool to the maximum level, add a helper to treat the animal and add so that the animal can be massaged.That's all from me
I love this game! It's a very relaxing and fun game to play with and everyone can play this too. Just a suggestion on your next updates, please add more features so it wouldn't bore the players especially if they bought all the facilities. Add any exciting features like more rooms, more facilities, mini-games, and anything else that could make this game more engaging and fun. I hope the developers could read this. Thank you!
Just download the app so far so good...the characters are cute..and i love that we can get rewards by watching ads instead of having to pay for it
this game is really cute and easy to use, not a lot of pressure to buy things with real money... no adds... so five stars!
So relaxing to play this game .well recommended and suitable to play for every age .My favorite part when the manager going on a trip to get some guest for his hot spring.
Such a cute game. There are no consequences in this game. Its really straight forward, with no one pushing ads on you or pushing you to constantly review. There are ads you have the option to watch, but the rewards are BIG and absolutely worth it. It's a really relaxing, beautiful game. I'd suggest to everyone to just have this downloaded for those times where you need a little calming entertainment.
This game is so good !!!!!!!!! 1.its mb is low 2. Ween you play you go fast 3 its easy 4.youl get money fast 5. And theres cute animals=w=πŸπŸ°πŸ‡πŸπŸΌπŸ€πŸ¦ƒπŸ“πŸ€
I really like this game and it's really addictive. But little suggestions. I wish the UI in the game would be more intuitive and has ability to scroll sideways when giving the bath goods to the animals. I also wish there would be more tutorial guide on what each animal does, I don't know what lazy cat does. I wish the game could have more items and features happening so I can get more items!!
It is a really cute and simple game but is really fun and addicting.There is 1 thing I would like to know and that is if we can get golden acorns without needing to pay real money like the game animal cinema where as you can earn them by playing the game.
I admit I did install this app because of Kang Daniel (most of the players did, I presume). But I really love this game, in fact I almost pulled and all-nighter lol. It's pretty fun but it did not take long for me to get bored of it though. It's a game that wouldn't last very long in my phone since I easily get bored of games. But well, it's still a great application. Good job! 😊
Its a good game but annoying. You have to be level 20 to open the sauna, but i can't seem to find out my current level. You have different levels for different things, its irritating. Also I've upgraded the first room, but I've no idea if that actually helps me in any way or is a bit waste of time. Other games let you know what effect buying something would have.
It is very cute and I like how the animals give you a coins so they could just like give you them so you can like build up give a little thing and so cute and I love it so much
Howdy google play users I bet y'all confused why it want are locations y'alls awnser here dem game developers wanna kidnapp us so they gonna track us dem developers still make some good games though
I really like this game, I think it's super cute and simple to understand, but the reason why I rated it 4 stars is because, it needs more explanation, like how you get the first lounge etc... but overall it's a super cute and easy game I definitely recommend it of you're bored. :)
Sooooo cute and the drawings are simple the game is so easy to understand and its not coplicated its fun,not boring at all you should download this game! 😎😎😎😝
I saw some reviews complaining about not being told things. If you look you'll find what you need. I beat this game within like 6 hours of playing getting all the characters and the sauna and everything to buy other than with gold acorns. I love this game. Its design is cute. The gameplay is super relaxing. And I think its straight forward so I dont understand how other people had issue with it. I hope the people who made this make new games as equally good as this one. Keep it up! And highly recommend if you like relaxing games.
need cloud save and google play achievements. There is google play connect but the feature still not implemented. Need social leaderboard too to compete with others.
This game is so fun and amazing! But like with every other game, they always have their cons. However, my only issue, well, I don't know how to phrase it but my fingers hurt a little from having to drag the items to the animals. Maybe add something like an auto item giver that you can turn on or off? That would really help! But if you can't do that, it's okay too because I really love the game! The animals are so cute.ヽ(*≧ω≦)οΎ‰ I hope you will maybe add the auto item giver into the game, and thanks a bunch if you do! οΌˆγ€œ^βˆ‡^)γ€œ
I had it for a long time and at one point it said it wanted accses to my gmail account!!! Do not get this. it is a fun game but when asks for accsess and you say no it won't let you play anymore.
Highly recommended! It is very fun, and I did not want to stop playing, you just want to keep buying things for the animals and don't want to stop. It is a good game, easy to play too! I also like how you earn the mkney easily and its not like some games where you never get gems or whatever. Really good concept! Thank you for providing such an amazing game! I rarely do reviews unless the game is real bad or real good, so that's saying something! Thanks, and please get the game if you are an animal lover!
It's a very sweet and cute game that doesn't barrage you with ads. For an 'idle' game it's pretty involved which is nice but it takes a lot of time for only a small pay off. Also the facility acorns are capped to 2500 which is super annoying since it fills relatively quickly and kinda overrides the idle part of the game, lol. Very cute though, it's always satisfying seeing the acorns rolling in.
I think the game is very adorable and enjoyable! Unfortunately I keep running out of money quicky and can't get all the supplies to earn money. I wish there where more things to do like quests or a way to earn more money doing the quests or puzzles cause I run out of things to do often.
Cool game, but the ads doesn't work. Like I watched the ads already and I didn't even get the promised reward, so that's a bit disappointing and it discourages me to play further.
UPDATE: I purchased a new phone. All of my progress has been lost, even though I have the game connected to Google Play Games... I was working towards purchasing one of th 50 occupancy tubs, got to 99,000 coins, and once it hit 100 000, it bounced back to 10,000, not allowing me to purchase the tub I needed, as I already had 40 animals........ very upset.
Not even a bad game, this is actually very relaxing, and ADDICTING! I had this game for about 5 months lately, and and I cannot stop playing like it's so cute. And also, the animals are so cute that I could hug them! (5 stars)