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Animal Forest : Fuzzy Seasons (Start Pack Edition)

Animal Forest : Fuzzy Seasons (Start Pack Edition) for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by FatherMade located at 서울시 마포구 매봉산로 18 창업복지관 402. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its great but i wish you could change the times of feeding for kids who play this game like me. I hope you can add an option in the game that lets you choose the times the animals eat so kids could choose the time to before they get to school. But otherwise i think this game is great, it has so many great parts and a story too.
From what I've done, it is cute. cute is good. the fox is gone, and the fox was bestest animal. am sad.
I really like it. The animals are cute and the quests are cool and easy to finish. And the idea of animals graduating and then leaving is awesome as well 👍🏼
It's a great and lovely games, very easy gameplay and it's not difficult to get level up or get something in this game. Very casual game, i really loved it.
So much fun and relaxing! The animals are cute and really fun to collect. I wish there were more to do to earn tickets for the various games and exploring. Once you're done with that(three times a day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner) then there's nothing to do except pet your animals every minute or so, feed them, and harvest ingredients. I wish the contests were unlimited but you could "send" the score like twice or three times a day
This game is really good and relaxing it's good to graduate your animals when they are ready to leave overall an amazing game
I'm not really good in english but i would like to say that this game is really fun and enjoyable to play. All the animals are cute too. I like this game
Good job to the developer!! This games helps you relieve with your problems, i recommend it for those who's dealing with depression cause me... This games saves me a lot of those depressions.. thank you for the one who created this you're an amazing independent game creator. Sorry for my bad english, and i don't usuay gave reviews..
The game is awesome! At first, I thought the in-game months would just be real time days so you got me on that part. Also, Gauguin(my dear fox) left, I felt so bad and also happy for the firefox. He touched everyone's hearts even if he was there for only a few days. Now I understand how they feel at an Animal Shelter when an animal is adopted. You know exactly how to make a person feel. And the fact that you made such a great looking game alone is just crazy-awesome and inspiring! Bravo to you!
Really cute game, and I'm absolutely loving it. Just, for some reason, when I want to watch ads for ticket, it won't load the ad. Nothing happens whenever I try to watch an ad, but other then that, the game is really great. Nice work 😁
This is one of the best games I've played so far. It always has new quests to beat, it has cute animals, and now that it is on sale for $0.00, I can play an amazing game for FREE!! Plus, this game is super wholesome, and the art is amazing! I never came so close to crying over a fox's graduation before! (miss you Maribelle!)😄😄😄
Lovely graphics and cute characters! It's simple and slow-paced but fun and relaxing. It also doesn't require me to be online all the time which is neat. I don't usually write reviews (unless I get ingame rewards out of it (・ิω・ิ)) but I just thought it'd be nice to leave a positive message for the developer. Sidenote: I loved the bits of humor with Naroo's dialogue eheah
I personally think it's nice. The animals have sertain needs and requests. I also like how you have to feed them and that they actually react when you don't. The artstyle fits the game and i like how you can name your forest! I'm glad that they graduate! I hope i can get another fox soon. Thank you for this game.
It's a decent time waster, though the tutorial kinda drags and I see the game getting old fast. Even so, the art is pretty and colorful, which is nice. The events are kinda lame though, no real skill needed to do them and it cheaps you out on some for no explained reason. I did a dating event with my fox before their graduation. It said once the fox graduated, I couldn't do that event anymore, so I jumped on it. All I know is I hit every prompt first and a bear, who failed some, beat me. Cheap.
This game is fun to play and I find it very interesting and the animals are so cute, however, i find it hard to edit photos but everything is great about the game.
It was really fun at first but it quickly gets very repetitive and boring. It needs a little something more. More things like contests and activities would be great because theres only the dating contest, the explore (which is really boring), the invention contest and the weight contest. The quests that come up are always the same: pet the animals, tap the animals, and screenshot and share. I'd only reccommend for small children.
A simplistic, beautiful game that is worth the time. Normally, I don't play games like these (looking after the in game creatures) but this one is really relaxing to do. It's calm and relaxing and can really take my stress away. To that independent Developer; thank you for creating this beautiful game for this A level- stressed person! Thank you
super good graphics but tbh the most saddest thing is when my fox Harold graduated also totally recommend
This game is great, it really provides you an awesome experience in which you look like you have real life Pet. The game doesn't bombard ads and it's absolutely free. Tho, once you get used to it you might feel it's a bit repetitive considering it has only too little few minigames. But still this game still provides your comfort and such a relaxing game.
Beautiful game. If you're looking for a cute little game to pass the time I would recommend this one wholeheartedly. I love the lack of Pay To Win, the gorgeous art style, the relatively quick time system, and the spicy addition of a few competitive contests. So far I have nothing negative to say about it! Excellent work on the developer's part. Never fought back tears over a Fox's graduation before. (I'll miss you, Fredrick!) - R.
This game is beautiful, the graphics and the animals are adorable. The idea of the forest essentially being a school, where you care for the animals and they graduate is amazing. I reccommend this game to anyone who is looking for a relaxing, slow paced game.
Cute graphics, relaxing sound effects, good game to chill, only tried for few days so I cant say much.
Please work on the controls. It is very difficult to interact with the animal you want when others are on top of it. Sometimes you end up moving an animal instead of petting or feeding it too. Do not play this game if you are looking to play a lot. This more of an extra get on to do a few things and get off type game. Overall cute and fun.
Adorable. Sweet. Homey. It's like having a tamagochi pet shelter, loving animals and playing games then saying goodbye only to make new friends again. Art style is so cute and beautiful! Tutorial was easily understood. Here's hoping I can keep up with a daily demand of feeding furry friends but it helps me keep track of time and appreciate the moments I have each and every day.
Definitely I love this game. It is a unique type of tamagochi-like. I hoping for more updates!! Keep the good work!!
Very fun game! Super cute! There are a few bugs, like sometimes after doing a contest the game will freeze and I'll have to do it again, but overall this game is great! The rewards available for watching (optional) ads are WAY worth it. I'm sure bug fixes will happen eventually, and I'll update to the full five stars when that happens.
This game is sooo awesome, I wrote this review right after the letter told me because it's really fun and it's a great way to use my time daily. It goes well with my daily journals too. Although it's quite saddening when an animal graduated, it's still fun and silly. Great job to you creator!
I don't know whether it's the bright characters and animations, the almost over the top peppy sound effects, the slick sketchy cat, the relaxed loot system, or if I'm another sucker for off beats, but I love this game. I play through games fast, but this one helps you relax and enjoy the experience. It's a cute and simple game, with at least 1 background song I'm glad to have stuck in my head. ^-^
Overall it's nice but it still has a lot of potential. Just 3 suggestions for now. 1. Add a little space to both sides (left and right) of the main forest interface so that we can organize properly, animals are hopping and jumping around in the main forest interface while the farms and other stuff can be organized on the sides without getting blocked by the animals (jusy a little quality of life improvement) 2. Daily missions should be increased because the animal requests feels a bit lacking. 3. I can't wait for aquatic update (😀😂) although it's called "forest" haha GJ Edit: 4th suggestion: Allow having options to make the animal just sit and idle (turn on/off).
It's fairly weird that I actually can recognize a Korean game in plain sight ㅋㅋㅋ This game is far one of the most wonderful ones I've seen. English isn't broken, the art is very adorable and the story is very heartwarming; sad to see the fox go. Anyways, keep up the good work! This is one of the best games made by a single indie dev. There may be some issues here and there, and some tiring aspects of the game, but I know your struggle when it comes to developing a game like this. Good job!
Five stars all the way. This game is super fun and relaxing. And not gonna lie, but i ended up playing it for HOURS yesterday. It's just so fun and.... uhm... You know what? just think of any possible word that's a good word and put it to this game. Get this.
Wonderful,adorable little game!! such a cute warm atmosphere and attention to detail,I hope to see more from this developer!
I've missed naroo and fox i only playes one day and i already love the app so much i will really recommened this app i am so attached to the animals already and i love everything here really and i read your letter great job hope your doing alright ok that's all o(〃^▽^〃)o.
It's a really cute, well developed game! Especially considering it was made by an independent developer. It's, as stated in-game, a game that is meant to be played slowly, so if you're into games that play really rigorously this may not be your style. But for those people that want a low-stress game to play in your free time, this is the game for you!
It was okay at first I finished the tutorial and I was on my way, finishing this and that, do quests, everything! And then I load onto the game and BAM everything is wiped. But, I thought "That wont be a problem since I saved, right?" I try to load my data and... NOPE, ITS GONE. Thanks alot for wasting my time and money!
Very cute game, can be relaxing too, has a good vibe. But it gets repetitive after a while and can feel like a choir. In the end I continued mainly due to curiosity if there's something else and stuborness to finish it. Also, no reply from dev to my email reporting a few small issues. Ads are well implemented and not annoying nor required to watch. Well done.
I'm not gonna lie this game is such a relaxing and fun game to play and there's not much more that you could make improvements in this type of game. Good job to the creator/s.
Good Game! You get attached to animals that later graduate and leave you but remember you have more! You will get attached into this game and its quests. 5 Stars
Beautiful and relaxing. It's easy to play and I love how the animals have different cute personalities. Keep it up 👍
This game is adorable and loads of fun to play! The art is cute and the gameplay is addicting and very enjoyable. ☆♡
While slow and repetitive, it is a great game, but I find it extremely misleading that you not only just get ONE part, but it is also a RANDOM COLOUR when trading in 10 pieces for a "customized costume". Bad wording and very disappointing. What am I to do with a blue 'red cape'.. edit: The crying sound when the candy on a romance special fails is also rather annoying.
Normally, I don't leave reviews on games, but I'm doing this after reading the "letter" from the developer. I really like this game! It's a lot of fun and the artstyle is SUPER cute! it's adorable, and I love how feeding times are specific times and not just every hour or something. I really appreciate how much work was put into this game and I don't regret the download at all! I'm excited to see more games from you, if you make more!
Adorable wee game this. Well thought out, (although game screen can get a bit cluttered at times) relaxing, feel good vibes, great for the kids & adults alike with minimal permissions & non-intrusive adds all controllable by the user, could barely ask for more, however, it needs finishing though and maintenance in place's but apart from that I've only admiration for the developer so far. Great work. Thanks. EDIT: 20/4/2021 Really needs this "TBD" and other bug work finished now, been to long
The sound effects and kiddy mini-games put this game way out of my age range, but it's excellent by any standards. The graphics are these highly stylized illustrations with perky animations and shiny details that are a joy to look at. The animals make many references to fables, literature and a variety of folklore related to them, which I thought was sweet. It's subtle details like that that make it feel like an intelligently made game despite being likely aimed for kids.
Honestly this is an amazing game and I suggest downloading it. The animal designs are adorable and I love the contests! I do have a few suggestions for updates like more drinks, new outfits, ect. The creator did a terrific job on this game and I'm impressed they did this alone! Anyway I really suggest getting this game! ♡ ○ ♡
It is amazing. I thought 'Oh, this is just going to be something for when I'm bored.' But then I played it. I got emotionally attached to the animals. I might of even cried a little when my fox graduated! (as well as for others)
What can I say? I think this game is absolutely amazing to come from an independent developer. the art style and graphics are beautiful. it is so easy to get attached to the animals. I love the transitions in seasons and the contests. The app makes it feel like you're finding true pets of your own! I love the app and am extremely thankful for you.
It's alright. The game is far from perfect as it feels grindy as so much is pay or grind. Rather buggy in a lot of places but still a good game. Shockingly though not gonna lie, this game is permanently gonna stay on my phone...and not many games do. It's very fun, u play it in short bursts (about 3 times a day) at specific times. It's relaxing and sweet. So nearly perfect hence it only gets 4 stars. But really I only tried this since the starter pack was on sale and thought to give it a go. Well done!
This game is great. It's calming, the music is cheerful and the design of the animals are fantastic and the graphics are polished and clean! It does not require much time, it's great for relaxing yourself after a long day, plus it is family friendly, spiced up with jokes which add up the atmosfere to this game. Give it a try. :)
a calming game with cute animals to take care of. Is not a "gochi" kind of game, in fact the animals only need to eat and be petted. There is no grinding to do, which makes it enjoyable and easy also for children to understand. slow patched, something really needed after all the heavy grinding game around. Lovely!
very lovely, simple and cute game! can get repetitive but the adorable graphics never fail to make my day :)
I'm loving this game. It's calming and I got somewhat emotional to see my fox, Luois, graduate and then sending Naroo off.... But I'm enjoying this game. @Developer, you've done an amazing job in making this game.
its an amazing game! I love how it corresponds with real time! and I actually got sad at graduation. so I know you did an amazing job with the game!
It's a very cute game for lil kids like me and my baby cousin we love playing it and we play it non stop it's a very kid friendly game and we love it. It has so many cute animals! The graphics and gameplay is spectacular!
The cutest animal game ever! I bought this app on sale, and I am so happy I found it! Its so relaxing and the music is too cute. The graphics are awesome. 2D on this game is perfect. I love how I can interact with the forest animals and the fact that they later on "graduate" (I miss you, Fox 😔). This game does not bore. Thumbs up to the developer! 😍
I absolutely love this game. I have a suggestion. Not sure if there is something like this in the game already, but maybe I could suggest adding aquatic environment with aquatic animals? If you put a shark in there, you could probably help promote the idea that sharks aren't bad, along with spiders and snakes. They get a bad rep, and it would be really awesome if you promoted kindness to these species in a passive way such as adding them to this game (if you haven't already.) Thanks for reading!
cute game, got on sale for free. there's lots to do and it takes months to beat the game, I still haven't beaten it so you get a lot of playtime out of it! it can be played 3 times a day which I like because your animals need to be fed and whatnot. my one and ONLY complaint is that sometimes your animal can never get 1st place in a contest, I give my jaguar candy everyday and level it up to 30 and it still scores 3rd in the contest above it and my gorilla can't even beat it's own contest
The art is so cute and the characters and dialogue are wonderful. You really get attached to the characters before graduation. I think the 1 month = 1 day reminds me a bit of Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing, which is great! I love those paced games, and this is really taking some of the best parts from that more niche genre. Overall it's just the cutest thing and I love to play it during studying breaks or just when I need to chill out for a minute. I couldn't recommend it more 💕💞💖
it's an amazing game actually, i enjoyed it a lot and it was also very sad to see my animals leave :<< but overall it's an interesting game, coming from me who gets bored from a lot of these types of game, but this one sure got me hooked
It's amazing. I cried sending the fox off, yet...it was so...releaving knowing I did something good. I will miss the fox! Great game!
This game is so much easy to play and very relaxing. Althought the cons is you cant invite many animals in the same time and put more atlas.
Having fun so far. Easy game to play. Chill and perfect to unwind.Edit: Has microtransactions and pay to advance mechanics which is a downside for me in a game of this kind.
This game is absolutely adorable. I got this for free here on the app store but having played it for the day, I would've been happy to pay for it!
I went to cloud save my game, and by mistake I pressed load cloud save and my lvl 14 forest changed to lvl 11 . Can you plz do something to recover it . Plz plz plz
super adorable! i kind of wish there was an option to pick the speed that this game runs at though, one month in the forest being one irl day feels a bit fast!
I dont usually care for these kind of games but I saw it was free the day I got it so I said "why not?" and downloaded it. The developer really cared about every little detail, and the animals are so cute. The stories and interactions dont bore me like other games do, and the speed of the game doesnt seem slow to me either.
Been playing for years. It's one of my favourite ever games and it is hard to progress but in a way where its not frustrating if you don't get far
when I first started playing the game was really fun and it was working perfectly fine, but when I closed it and went to sleep the next day it was a black screen, I kept trying to play it, but it was laggy and slow. This is my 33 day trying to play it and yes I keep track of things just like this, so I can put some detail in my work. It's a really fun game though, which is the sad part because I CAN'T PLAY IT!!!! The End
It's a pretty chill game with atmosphere and good music. Reminds me of those old tamagotchi games that you have to constantly maintain and look after like a pet :). I'm having a lot of fun playing!
💙💜This game is AMAZING!! I highly request getting this game. I was kinda bored on my phone with NO GAMES but now I have this I am going to be busy alot watching and loving my animals as the level up and grow! Hope this helped it's getting 5 stars from me because there isn't a single mistake!! 💜💙
Today I downloaded this game on sale at first I thought this game was boring but after I play for one hour I like the game very much the music was really relaxing and the game was amazing this is a very good game
A fun & relaxing game where you take care of cute animals with rich personality. It's not a fantastic game by any means, but it serves it's purpose as a relaxing game well. I actually care about the animals and it's quite saddening to see them go. The screen can be a bit cluttered at times and it can be boring at the later parts of the game. But overall a solid relaxing and cute game.
This game is amazing the music and stuff its just perfect and you are not really gona get bored and yeah and its sad when the animals are leaving 😭😭but its okay but other than that its a great game and bye bye😄
I was able to get this game for free, but I wouldn't mind supporting the game financially :) This game is just so relaxing, and recently I've been looking for games much like this one... glad to have found this :)
I love this game, i got it free from the sale and the price was worth the game. The graphics are adorable, you never get bored because of the amount of quests. So, I love it. For the person who made this you should make more games. But i wish you could have more of a starter. When i started playing it took me 5 minutes to figure out what i had to do. But that doesn't change my rate, i still love the game!.
This is a casual game, no advertising, but you cant keep your hard leveling animals. There is graduation things to release your animals. I played until forest level 9
This game is so very well made and so cute. The details make it really nice to play and it has been well thought out.
So cute! The little animals are so cute and the graphics are amazing! You can immediately tell the developer spent tons of time on this! The only few things I would suggest is making the tutorial a bit shorter, making it easier to get cards, and making months a bit quicker or making it easier to get hourglasses. Otherwise, this is one of the best games I've ever played and I dont regret downloading it at all! This is a really great game and I toatally recommend it for animal lovers and people who like simple games!
Hello, seems like i couldnt load data from cloud? "Data cannot be loaded from cloud, cancelling....." Is there a fix for this?
This game was beyond my expectations! I love it, and im so happy i got it now while its free!!!!! I just have one complaint... whenever I do the contests, and when I get my reward, the game freezes and i think one time it just closed my game. This makes this game less enjoyable, knowing my game is just going to freeze every time I do the contests. Please fix this. Overall, this game is too cute for words <3
The game is so wholesome. I like how idle it is, just like how casual games should be : non grindy. However, I would love to see animals I own interact with each other more. They do interact, but apart from the candy thingy they don't interact at all. Please consider this in (possible) future updates. Thanks. Props to you dev.
This game is sooo cool and cute animals are so cute and i will give 5 stars cuz i like this game soo much but you need to feed animals 3 time a day but is not hard cuz you get soo much money
I really enjoy the game, the control, graphics and gameplay is nice. The animals is cute. It's really a great game.
The graphics are adorable, the music is charming, and the personalities of the animals are so different! I got this from a discount when it was free, and I dont regret getting it because its all charming in its own ways. Also, I think that the game should have a multiplayer mode where they can trade happyseeds, food, and play games together! (contests) If the game had that I would put 6 stars if i could, but i know im not deleting this anytime soon!
This game is absolutely delightful! You train to become a forest owner and you're responsible for the forest animals health and happiness. You have scheduled times to feed them breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each animal has an interesting and fun personality! For example the fox is good at dating and will cry if he is rejected. The bear is self conscious about their weight despite never seeming to put any effort to fix it, and the bunny is a jokester to give a few examples. If you love simple, cute game play that has new goals each day then I would definitely recommend this. There are different cute contests for your animals to attend, a couple being the weight contest and the dating contest. There are ALOT of animals to collect and raise, and once they reach adult hood you have a graduation ceremony and they leave your forest. In order to collect animals you have to collect animals cards, which can be obtained by quests from the former forest owner or the chef of the forest or obtained by exploring or doing contests. You can even manipulate and change the forests environment inorder to make your animals happy. For example the fox likes roses due to being a romantic, so one of the first things you do is put roses in your forest. My main point is the game has a lot of personality and a lot of going on. And I haven't been bored yet and I've been playing it all day, for those who enjoy cute animal games with a little customization and choice this is definitely a game for you. I loved this game and I plan on playing it everyday, and the best part is I got it for free because of black friday. A game that would have been well worth the money anyway! So I honestly feel like I cheated the creator of the game, but either way, a huge thanks to them because now I'm not going to be bored throughout my day.
Nothing much to do , i mean , why i suppose to wait for tomorrow to do a new event. The collectible require a lot of time consuming farming and a lot of waiting and waiting without anything to do besides tapping the animal every 3 or 5 minutes. Definitely not worthy. I can't imagine how the free version of this game would be. I increase the 1 star to 2 because of the designer. Thank them. TLDR this game sucks because of the waiting time.
SUCH a cute game! The art style for the animals is unique and adorable and the art for the enviroment is beatuiful. Love the characters and that they're individualistic, the tutorial npc, Naroo, leaving nearly broke my heart (I'm a sap), there's jokes and references to literature which is my jam so I'm happy. I was nervous when I realised you have to feed the animals three meals at a given time (though I like the idea) because my schedule is wack, but I discovered that it's pretty forgiving :3
Why is this game coming back to The top , im level 22 but my cloud save doesn't load. Please fix this immediately because my nephew started to Broke my phone. Please please
ALL THE ANIMALS ARE SOOOO CUTE! Also, I havent got through much of the game, just the part the sheep reads the letter about you telling me to rate the game, but I noticed the animal in the icon is a picture of a corgi... can you tell me if there are actually corgis!?
The game is too cute but sadly I have to start all over again but that's ok because this game very good you can play offline too ya know!
Cute and wholesome animal game. I love collecting the adorable animals, and the minigames are fun and simple. You only need to check in once in a day, and the things you get to do rotates each day. Sometimes the speech bubble above an animal's head will not disappear, but other than that I have no complaints thus far.
So good the game is fantastic love the graphics and the animals. They start you off so good and help you alot! This was worth it!!*
I really love it!! I'd give 10 stars but there are only 5 xD this game is sooo fun. The quests are easy, and some need couple of times but sure it's not hard to finish it. And the graphic is sooo cuteee. Dear game developer, fighting!! Thanks for your hard work!! Well I just started and I don't know much, but I enjoyed a lot.
❛❛ ◡̈ hi (●’◡’●)ノ I'd just to leave my review 💟 I think this game is simply A M A Z I N G! .・✫・゜・。. The 🄰🆁🆃 🆂🆃🆈🅻🅴 is adorable and it just gives me really good vibes ✿ buuut i do a few tiny🆁🆀🅄🅴🆂🆃🆂💟 : • maybe you could add outfits for the teachers? 👗 • maybe you could add drinks? 💕💧 • maaaybe make it multiplayer? 👧👱♡ ( this one is probably gonna be hard so if you can't do these thats totally cool ♡ this game is perfect just the way it is (✪ω✪) 💟 ) ❛❛
This game is amazing. It is so simple yet fun. It is meant to be a slow game where it doesnt matter how fast you do anything but just to enjoy the serene, peacefulness of being in a forest with cute animals. It also has cute little minigames where you can collect cards to which you can invite other cute animals. I think this would be a great game for anyone.
The game is awesome animals are cute graphics are smooth and the competitions are really tricky when I first played the game I literally got addicted to it but sometimes I take a break so that's all bye.
I cant believe it.. I am 27yo and got addicted to this. Its so well made and happy game to playthat i just love it. Well done devs!
This game is great 👍 it's so addictive 10/10 would recommend quick question for the developers: why did I actually cry when the fox graduated those who have bought the game know what I'm talking about 😂👀
Its pretty nice but kinda hard to get 1st place,and kinda hard to find the stuff that they ask you to but pretty nice to play when you offline.
Absolutely adorable! Cute art, lovable characters and super wholesome gameplay :) The game runs really smoothly too and has a bunch of intresting and fun features. Whoever developed this game did a great job and they deserve a pat on the back for it!
I love this game with all my heart. I always loved this type of childish games and this is probably my favourite. There's no words to explain how thankful i am for it. Well done and thank you for your hard work! ❤️❤️
Amazing job developer!!! I love this game soooooooo much! I can't stop playing! Addicted for sure! :-D
I absolutely love this game, the graphics, the colors, the gameplay, the sounds, everything. It's amazing how this cute game was made and I'd gladly pay for this if I was able to try it before installing the full game. A peaceful and harmonious vibe is depicted from this and it makes me feel at peace. Thank you so much for this! I look forward to more!
Was lucky to get my copy for free during a sale. I'm very glad I did because this game is really sweet. Besides the adorable graphics and satisfying sounds, it has a good pace to make for potentially many days to weeks of gameplay. Just my first day but I'll update in a few weeks to see how it's going! Thank you for the gem, dev :)
This is quite an adorable game! Though I'm sad to see the first animal graduate, I'm excited for the other animals I may come across to next Great game, no random pop-up ads, adorable little dialogue and design
i love it ..it makes me feel like how the animals feel and the sale 👌🏻👌🏻 love it your graphics are nice love it hoping more games from you EDIT: i-i wasn't crying when when the fox left 🤧
It's sooo cute. I love the art, it makes me feel calm and happy somehow. I might be an adult but I like soft things like this because it helps me to relax 🥺
It has been fun, the animals are all cute. unfortunately i am simply too busy to worry about feeding them 3 times a day and i feel bad when i skip their meals. anyway i got my progress saved to cloud maybe one day ill visit the forest again. bye for now!
Oh my gosh I love it!!!!!!It has no ads and super fun and cute I love how you decorate your forest and name it!I give this 5☆ :)
This game is so cute! I love everything about the game, this game is very unique unlike the others. Some games just make you take care of something and that's it! But in this game, you take care of them to win contest! And you can't just buy the animals you want, you have to collect cards! This is lne of my favourite games now, I love it!!! (P.S. I miss Naroo)
Cute game but progresses slowly after the tutorial. Also, you have to check it at certain times or else you'll miss feeding times and the animals get upset. I wish there was more to do other than just the idle game aspect.
I love this app. I would consider getting it. I know a couple of people who dont like it but i do! it might start off a bit boring but as you keep playing it will become more fun😊! I hope that you enjoy
this game is cute, i like how the npc's dialogue in the game it really felt.like they are talking to me and not jist loke any npc, the story is so good, also nearly made me.cry, good job seriously
Very fun game at the beginning then it becomes super stale. Getting outfits for your animals is fun. Seeing them graduate I'd great however if you keep and animals for a very long time you just win every contest and the opponents never scale up(weight contest etc). Graphically the game is nice however clicking an animals and feeding it can sometimes be a pain(or getting them to move). One huge gripe I have in regards to how stale this game gets is that voice lines get repeated to often.