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Animal Forest : Fuzzy Seasons

Animal Forest : Fuzzy Seasons for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by FatherMade located at 서울시 마포구 매봉산로 18 창업복지관 402. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I give it 5 stars! The animals are adorable, it's easy to follow, and the animals give you quests and contests to enter so you won't get bored. I think all animal lovers should give it a try 😊
I installed this in 2019, but then broke my phone on accident shortly after and i came back to download it! The graphics are amazing the animals are adorable and there is a lot to do! Its calming yet a bit sad when the animals you love graduate. But-This game is very fun!
The graphics are sooo cute! I just wish that when you explore, you can interact with the animals a little more.
This is a very very relaxing and fun game but could u add more animals? Maybe u could wash them too. But its still the best game ever.
I didn't expect I would like this game since I'm not into pet games, I'm more into farm/village games. The game is very enjoyable and exciting especially when a new animal arrives. I just hope it won't turn out as a pay to play game in the later stage. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paying for a game but the developer should have a fair pricing.
I love it.It is so adorable but I got a little sad when the fox left.I think it is a great game.So please give it a good review.
Its a cute relaxing and addictive! It has great graphics and its a good time killer! if you like animals I definitely recommend this game to you!
The animals are so cute and the game is so nice. I need you to add more filters after the camera. Thanks.😊
This is wonderful so If you see the reviews that say it is boring, it is not boring at all you just have to be patient. I love this game so much when I had it on my tablet I cried when I had to give my first fox Lawrence to the forest! Then I had a mini panic attack when I couldn't find the game. I found it and miss it...
Most adorable game ever! Really well thought out and polished, with easy terry entertaining tasks. The animals are the cutest!
What I think? Well, honestly this game is very interactive, which isn't boring at all! It makes me kind of have a connection through the game because I felt extremely upset when the fox graduated.. It makes it a really good game. It is a great game for children to understand others, make more friends to know how to treat them or care for them. Importantly this game is offline,which is really good when you're stuck in a car or outdoors due to your parents forcing you to get immersed in nature.
This is an amazing game. Great gameplay, great sounds, great graphics. Hands down one of the best games I have played ever
This game is super fun! This game is like the best and i have been playing this game for about 2-1 hours and i just started! I have a bear a- well my fox is gone away anyways i have a bear bunny and a hedge-hog. So i wonder what your progress is? Well you might wanna read this review before you download this game. So it has LITTARLY has no ads plus when you are on that game on your screen it is like stair at your screen day am i right? Well that is what it is like. Anyway Download this game!
Didn't think I would like it quite as much as I do. And I like it a lot :) After only a day, I can't even bring myself to rename my little critters as they have almost taken on a personality of their own. A very sweet, enjoyable way to waste some me- time!
This game is so calming. The animals are damn cute and adorable ❤️💗💕💕 Never played a game like this before. I love it.
I love this game is so cute,and fun wiht all the animals and things to do is just great,my fox just gradguetit and it was emotional but is ok,soo yea i like this I recommend this game
I love it! I had this game a while ago, maybe like- a year ago? anyways- I loved it and i still do! I forgot about this app for a while but im glad i came across it again 💕
This game is a wonderful experience, and has such a wholseome vibe! It made me feel so welcome and I was sad to see Naroo go. I recommend this for anyone who wants to play a game simply to relax. It has a lot of tasks, but they're all simple and very rewarding.
This is such a cute and adorable game UwU I really love the animals and the drawings and all the colors it's so cute UWU
The most adorable game ever. I like the art style and the pacing of the game is good which makes it fun and relaxing. Good job devs :)
I loved this game!, the animals are cute and I'm glad that we can take a picture before the animal Graduate and we can design it and i'm glad that,if we become the forest owner that we can still get help and collect animals and name our own forest!and enter contest's!i will rate this game 5 stars!
This game is alot of fun. Youe get to take care of a lot of different animals. Its just sad when they have to leave. The contents are great. I lobe love love it.
This game is fun and I miss the fox badly I love foxes I wish can keep two foxes I cried a little when the fox left :-( list have other animals to take care of
Its a very cute game! I love nature and animals, and if there are any nature and animal lovers out there I recommend this to them!
Nice game & I really appreciate that it's a no pressure game I can take my time to check on & still have a life.
I LOVE IT! It's so cute! It's really fun and enjoyable, like animal crossing! It may be slow, but that's the intention 😅. And I love it!
Its gets boring very fast. The prices need to go down. The quests need to be different, not repeating the same one every time. I dont really find the game exciting.
This is a calm, relaxing and beatifully made game. Its really cute w the animals and theres always little things to do w them. U also dont see the same animals bc they tradeout so thats a cool point for me. Its just worth the time for sure
Fuzzy seasons is the best game ever. Its so addicting and i have so much fun playing it. For me there are no bugs or glitches. I think you should install it and see for yourself. You'll get addicted.
I LOVE this game! It's so cute and good! But I get really sad when the animals leave, and Naroo he was good.
This game is so relaxing, yet adventurous. I enjoy playing and keeping my forest friends happy. Thank you and keep up the good work!
Its way too difficult to get a single animal. Its hard to remember to feed them, but the contests are fun.
This game is FUZZINGLY ADORABLE! Excellent graphics, game performance is flawless. I love that you can play this game according to your pace. You get to enjoy with the animals too, and excellent dialogue. Highly recommend to play this game!
I used to play this Cause my friend told me to check it out then later on, i got obsessed with it and cried so much when my animal graduated. Then i havent played it for a while, i checked it again then i noticed that the memory of the game dissappeared. And i got so sad and forgot, and soon im here going to download it again. THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS GAME!
Love this game very cool and cute,fun and a lot of other stuff maybe add a few more animals that would be awsome.
I wanted to check this game out because I'm gonna be a vet soon. This is a awesome game it's not aggresive or anything its calm for children there is some reading tho so look forward to that. I'll will give this 5 stars or more lol. This is how much I like it. ☆☆☆☆☆.
THE BEST! Its not boring, doesn't show any adds, and its offline!! Its everything that i wanted in a game and THIS is the game!! Keepnit up dev!!! Your doing a GREAT job :) Ps: i got a little sad when naroo left after teaching me the basic things in a game, but he said he will come back soo its ok!
This is a great game, and very impressive. Animal Forest : Fuzzy Seasons is an especially great fit for children, it requires you to put time in, and is a fun tool to teach children responsibility. This app is exactly as advertised, and I most definitely recommend. There are no technical difficulties that I have encountered.
I been longing to play pet/animal games and I'm glad that I found this! I love the graphics & the Contest of the game... So cute💜
THUS IS AB AMAZING GAME! the fraphics are cute and i really hope that once i finish yhe game there will be a part 2 or ab extended version.I definitly reccomend
I LOVE THIS GAME!! ITS SO CUTE <33 all the Animals are very cute and unique in their own way :) it's a easy game, no need to spend too much braincells xD I'm really REALLY happy that I decided to play this~ when the Fox (William) had to go graduate I shedded some tears ;-; the music brings back memories... Since all the animals in my forest will graduate too... I'll spend as much time with them and give them the BEST experience in my forest! Developer! Ty for making such a great game 😁 ty~ :)
It's a really good game with so many interactions! I can play this game whenever I please, wherever I am. It's fun and really makes you feel like a part of the community! Hang in there, Mr Developer, this game is a masterpiece!
This is such a cute game, i love everything about it! Except, after i planted the worldly tree. It grows the happy seeds, but when i click them they just dissapear, it doesnt actually let me have them. Other than that great job!
This game is the best! this game need no internet which is a game I am always looking for. and the game graphics is amazing it gives it like a cartoony feel. And the animals look super kawaii! And the music is like 10/10!!!
This game is REALLY fun and addictive and cute. I like caring for them too and the only downside is there is not always something to do but it's still accurate and fun!
This is an AMAZING game. The whole experience is smooth and I absolutly love how every animal has its own dialogue! I think one of the best parts is is that the game isnt litterally drowning in ads. 100% downoad the game. You wont regret it.
Very fun and sweet! The animals are really cute. The animation is really smooth. This game is really relaxing and leaving you feel warm and nice afterward ;D
This is a great game! I am so addicted to it. If you're looking for something to do I would recommend this game. It is so much fun I cannot stop playing it
So cute and positive. The definition of "healing". A great blend of idle to come back every several hours / day, and live gameplay to stick around tinkering with the berry collecting and animal tending.
The game is super fun. I think there needs to be more instructions for the contests, but other than that it's a great game.
this game is very calming and it makes me happy when I'm mad. And I love the game. And it's sad when they graduate we but love them very much. we will get to see them again hopefully. there are some other friends to have.❤💙💚💜💓💕💖💗💘💞💟 sometimes it makes you feel like this😢 and sometimes makes you feel like this☺ but either way trust me you'll be happy with all of your Fuzzy Friends in your Forest.
This game is by far the best animal game I have ever played!!!! Nothing is boring about this game at all!!! I cant wait for upgrades and new stuff to be added but I have no complaints, nothing needs to be added its already awesome!!! Thank you developer for this amazing game!!! If I could give 10 stars I would!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
I don't make reviews often, in fact this is my first time making one but I've played this game before and decided to pick it up again since I've missed it. A little disappointed that my previous gameplay wasn't saved but that's alright! This game is filled with so much positivity that it makes me smile
This is to precious- So i 100% reccomend this app. Its easy to learn and theres no problems. (I dont seem to see any problems.) Its decked out to the finish line and is VERY funny. Reccomended and i absolutly will give this love. Please download this. It is worth your time.
This game is so cute the animals are far to cute for me to live But thank god there's no Ads by the way this game is cool cute and can make you play this all day.
this app is the best i love it so much! if you have not downloaded it yet then you should! you get amazing cute animals in your forest and it is just really really fun I love it so much!so yeah!please download it!
So hi didn't really know what to put to be honest but this is what I thought of:This is a really cute game full of cute animals I love doing their requests as their wonder around waiting for you to answer So cute thanks!
lovely game, very different from usual match three. Is there a way to move items such as vegetable plots around ?
It's an enjoyable game, with cute animals and the art style is quite captivating. I love how we can play in our own pace with no rush.
this is the best game in the whole world no ads just follow the directions and you'll be the owner it's sad sometimes but it's amazing I love you.YOU SHOULD GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍💝💝👐👐👐💟💟
I really didnt expect getting attached to so many animals. The game is amazing and the " we can have new hellos" really touched me. Amazing game✨
I genuinely enjoy this game! The only couple of things for me is for a way to earn more of the happiness seeds, maybe a way to get a time hour glass, and possibly a way to earn more cards. Other than that, this game is relaxing and has made my day.
A very addictive game indeed. The animals are so cute. The gameplay is simple but not boring. Ads are not forced here. Can be played offline and online as well if you want to watch ads for tickets. It makes me both happy and sad when an animal you took good care of will graduate. But this is such a very relaxing game. A new concept for me. So I highly recommend this one. Kudos to the developer! More fun updates soon. :)
I really like how cute every animal is and there's so much to do in the game, even though I just finished the tutorial section but it's great! Kind of feel like a proud parent when the fox graduated. These are happy tears! Anyway, great game overall and a bonus is not having a Wi-Fi connection so I can play the game wherever! so yeah, good game.
The quests are repetitive, and for some reason assistant teachers do not feed graduates. One of the cool things I noticed was that The Forest Times issues are based on the animals in your forest. This game is good. Also my beaver Evelyn is my oldest student (graduating at the end of Year 6) and I like everyone has their own dialogue (though they also share some dialogue cross-species). I will miss Evelyn but I will invite her for 10 min one day.
This game is awesome. So cute. So interactive. So beautifully made. I am suprised. This game has me taking GOOD care of these animals 😅. Indeed this game may be addictive. Yet very fun also. Absolutely love the game. Great job independent developer! 😉
It's amazing!!! I had it for five minutes and I love it!!! Such a cute note from dev!!! Also note to dev, can you please add a cat animal if there isn't one?
i think its an amazing adorable game. its an easier which is fine, cause i like easy games. great game everyone should play it😄
Its amazing! Its very calming on how you get to feed and play with the animals! I also like the Special Talents of each animal, its like their people! I like everything about this gamr its calming,relaxing, and very cute! Thx so much for making this game!
This an amazing game naroo is so funny contest are fun the animations are awesome and when the animals say things it makes me laugh great game 5 stars all the way
If you like a relaxing game with cute fluffy animals then I recommend this game for you :) What I like most about it is the art style which is like a whimsical illustration. It wasn't overly cartoonish but still cute and adorable. The sound is cute too, it matches well with the characters. Being able to play this game offline is a big plus.
I love how you you can talk to the animals in a way, plus they are so CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE! Anyone who plays this normally will get a dent in there heart when an animal leaves😋
Enjoying very much, I love the graphics. and the cute animals, althought it took me a hot second to realize how to feed the animals correctly. I got the hang of it and now I'm playing this everyday, I feel it has lots of potential. I give thanks to the creator, for creating something so wonderful!
Didn't regret on downloading this app. I hope when it gets an update it'll make the game better and not buggy hehe Great work!! (つ≧▽≦)つ
It's an adorable game that runs completely without ads. It has adorable art style and really nice graphics. The contests are really funny and I found it easy to learn with the entertaining tutorial. The game runs with "real time" as a scale, and just the overall idea is really sweet and lovely to play. I think the developer did an incredible job, especially seeming as it is a solo project :)
After doing the tutorial, i cant play the contest. When i finished a contest, the game stopped working and i had to rejoin. I rejoined and the progress wasnt saved and i have to play the contest again and again, but it still happen. Hopefully this will be fixed so i can play the game again :). Trust me i really love this game and wants you to fix this.
It really is a good game, and I am low on storage with just a few megabites to use, and I had room for it. It's entertaining and has a good plot.
It's a super cute game and I love the cute animals it's not a waste of space or a difficult game I suggest you download if you have the chance
This game is great! I love the design and the gameplay is really nice. There are different mini games for each contest which makes it fun. The English translation is really good too.
It is very cute. I just started playing it but it definitely has good potential. I think it is amazing that the creator did this alone. To the maker: it is wonderful that you made it this well of a game, continue doing great work!
I love the game, its cute and fun. My only thought is that animals are a bit of a drag to collect. The gain is low and slow but the costs are high. My only suggestion would be to perhaps lower the card cost of animals by a smidge or create a way to gain more by a little. Just a small tweak.
Nice game. Slow paced and all around cute.though I think it might be fun if the dev could try to make the animal controllable when you send it to explore.but all in all great game
"Super addictive and cool! All must try!" couldn't be any more true! I started playing yesterday, and I already love it. It's a must try for animal lovers. It has a world of its own where we can play with animals, feed them, buy more, etc. In fact, I actually felt sad when my fox "graduated" but I'm glad I can still find her around. The picture decoration for the graduating animal is also a fabulous idea. LOVED the game, and more than happy to leave a 5-star review :))
I love it! its kinda good but, its kinda sad when u have to graduate the animals i just wish i could keep leveling them up to max.all the animals are very cute and ads arent forced here.i really recommend if u like cute stuff,DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW.
I have yet to discover the game but I like how it's so cute and easily enjoyable. The sound effects & music in the background is to cute! And the graphics as well. It's kinda the app you go to if you need a cheer up or an instant cuteness.
This Game is So Good It Should be At the Top, I Cry A little bit when some of my animal's Graduate, Thank for the Best Game I had Ever Used 😍😍😍. -Althea By the Way I just used My Mom's Acc. Here 😅
This game really grabbed my attention when I was looking at apps. After two minutes I was playing for hours. The little letter was pretty cool. And even though I will miss them graduation is a great feature, so the forest won't get crowded. I don't think I have anything to complain about. I definitely think everyone should play this, it would increase everyone's happiness.
very cute game but the sad part is that they graduate that's the sad part about it but other than that it's a really fun game I recommend all y'all to try it it's really good it's for all ages no joke it's cute funny and adorable I recommend all y'all to try it all though you might get a little competitive trust me
This is awesome! I totally forgot to write a review but then I got your letter! I was sad when Laurence left... My fox my sweet fox! The only reason why I'm giving 4stars instead of 5 is because aren't we supposed to be teaching them? What I mean by that is we should teach them skills like for dating and jokes and how to gain weight or maybe teach real info. I will give 5stars and will recommend this if you add this or if you create something even better! Overall this is awesome no bugs or glitc
A very good game i like the animals an adorable game, i missed Naroo but that is fine! I always like animal games. I hope in the future you will add more features! I Don't really have ideas, but i just want more updates or features.
I LOVE THIS GAME!! I keep telling myself take a break BUT ITS TOO MUCH FUNN! it might look boreing but thats just a add and pictures if you play its so fun! Best animal caring game ever! Get it plz! ;D update 1: it was donalds time to say goodbye.. I will really miss him! Even if hes a cumputer im so proud of him he was my favorite animal... Atleast hes not stuck in my forest hopfully they will add something were i could visit him :) update 2: DONALD SENDED SOMETHING :OOOOO!
I love Animal Forest:Fuzzy Seasons it is very fun to play and the animals are so cute if you haven't download it yet then downloud and you won't regret it❤😁😊
Its so cute! It amazes me on how much time and effort you put in this game as an independent developer! uwu owo
Very good and nice game! I really do enjoy it, and is by far the game I have mostly spent most of my time yet
I love this game I love the animals🐻🐦🦧🐃🐄🐿️🐖🐯 and the food you can unlock new food and the animals are so cute you get to name them too and if you collect enough hearts you can have a cute little party and then you do task and then you can get more levels up so you can do better stuff
I love this game. It calms me down and makes me happy. Thank you so much, 'Father', for making this. You did an amazing job!
it's a good game but when you do candy time and use on bear its inappropriate I like the game but not the bear I alo looked at reviews and people said they got viruses do DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!
I love how the art and music fit with the gameplay. The game is quite beautiful and cheerful. It makes me feel happy.
This is just amazing! I love those cute design for the animals :'3 i mean everything is just so cute! Thank you developer for making this cute game! We really appreciate your hard work! Keep it up developer!
Game is really kawaii! It also has nice graphics! The quality is also pretty good and the story is really nice! Suggestion:I think it would be more cool if you add more contests! Other than that it's really good!
This is only the first day I play it and I already love it! The animals are adorable and there are so many things to do! I definitely recommend this game and I am already addicted to it!
I love this game it's so cute and there animals and there is a sad part u have to wait and naroo leaves.
Awesome, cute, and addictive game! Love the cute sounds, relaxing story, fun contests, and the emotions you feel when an animal graduates. I love this game and will never uninstall it! It 8s addictive and so cute. I play this at night to relax too! I totally recommend this game to absolutely everyone, it is my favorite game.
It is such a wonderful game I have no complaints at all the best offline game I have ever played! never legged on me once all I ask is that you keep up the good work!! thank you so much for creating this game
Very cute and fun! Im actually very surprised by the game. It exceeded my expectations when I downloaded it. There aren't any forced ads or anything either! This is definitely one I'll be enjoying for a long time. Great job to the developer!
Really cute game, so far i am enjoying the play. Cute animal right up my alley. I have only been playing for 2 days. I'll review again after playing for a while
This game is amazing! And I love it so much! I do think u could maybe and insects but if not I really don't care just keep up the good work!!!! :)
If I comment seriously, your game may only worth two star, but I want to encourage you to become better so u received three 🌟. Why I say that, just because the game quite boring after u play a long time. If you can add multiplayer mode. It should be better.
I hate how people rate this game 1 star because of their own problems/glitches. I used to play this game on my main phone but my mother had to use it all the time. Now I'm going to install it again on my new phone. I love the game, it's aesthetic and fun to play, although it does get sad when the animals graduate.
Very very nice game, I just get angry sometimes as I dont have enough resources to get more plants or animals
This is cute and fun. I like it. Especially the simple gameplay. This game definitely dserved to get 5 stars easely!
This game is so good 100/100 I think everyone should have this game .and when I mean everyone I mean EVERYONE . But I would like more toons for the jukebox ,like 1 or 2 more will be fine . Anyways love the game so much ive been playing this for 3 weeks and its so good.
LOVE!❤👍 Amazing graphics, Love the weight contest😂 just wonderful game just wow! I would recommend this game to many many people just AWESOME KEEP IT UP😃❤😃
Fully enjoying the game so far. The developer has done a top notch job. The animals are adorable and I can't wait to invite more into my forest. A great little game that does well at passing the time and putting a smile on my face. You should be proud if yourself.
Awesome. Incredible. I've been playing for almost 5 months. Still enamored. Totally in love with my animals. You do feel a twing when they graduate. I name a couple after my boyfriend and my best friend. Would like more happy seeds for costumes. That would be my only complaint. I recommend this to everyone. It's good for your brain and soul. Great graphics on everything. It's not over taxing like some games. It's easy and simple. Very relaxing. I get lost in.my little critter family. Love it
Best game ever. It has such cute graphics and the proportions and all are sooo Realistic! I love this game,But just one problem-The naming. in reality,You don't actually pay to name your animals-so I really would appreciate it if you could make it free/cheaper. Other than that,Its a great game,And the person reading this,I really recommend it if you LOVE animals,Soothing music to cheer up,and animals with personalities,likes and dislikes like real,I really reccom it!it's very real,and its worth!
Well,the game is very emotional is relaxing.At least you can use like 3-4 minutes to have some wholesomeness!5 stars,no questions.
This is the best game I've ever played the graphics is astonishing and it's offline thanks for making this fantastic game
this game is really fun and cute. i wasnt sure about it at first but its super easy to learn. great job developer.
I love this game so much this is one of my favorite game.i really didn't want to leave my animals or naroo . Anyways I would always remember them.
the game is boring the beginning takes way to long let me try things out not you talking for 15 minutes and after the owner of the forest leaves theres almost nothing to do after yoh complete the minigames and use up the tickets i dont recommend this game at all
This game is very cute and relaxing. I love it. The only thing I have a hard time with is when the animals graduate and when Naroo left :(
This is an amazing game and the pixels are adorable! Although it is very sad when the animals graduate, it is still very happy and the background is cheery and welcoming. I over all just love the game.