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Animal Cinema

Animal Cinema for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by SUPERTHUMb located at gukchekyeonguwon1ro 15 saesam town9 902-1102, Sejong city Repulic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It was ok , not bad , still cute though, just wish you could visit other player cinema or add friends in the game.
I would say it's a good game if I could actually play it. When I open the app, it says I need to BUY THE GAME WHEN IT SAYS ITS FREE!! I never got to play it because it never let me. The game looks cool from the pictures but when I installed it, I didnt get to see what it was like. Also, it took like 2 hours to down load. This game is trash. It doesn't even work. Don't install it. It takes up lots of space on my tablet and I didn't get to play it. This Game Is garbage. Fix this.😡😠😡😠😤
Today I downloaded this and... It's very cute! I would like updates because of the cute stuff! This should be fun!
this is one of my favourite games! graphics are really good, and there are no bugs at all, I had no hard time of playing and I really enjoyed this!! I wish superthumb will release more games~
Cool, but gets boring after awhile and I think they need to add more stuff cuz you can't really do that much
This game is so cute and fun! You don't have to pay for anything unless you go to the shop and there's no ads!
This game is very satisfying and relaxing such as animal ski resort and animal spa.... Animal restaurant is cute too so I suggest these four apps to everybody 😃😃😃😃
Wow.. what a cool game. Its easy to play and we can buy everything very fast.we can make acorns easy. Nice game!
Love this game but it gets a bit boring because there isn't really much to do. Other then that, I love it!!!
I think people should come by there own and there is litle bit of wrong graphics and it s ok 😐😑😐😑
Animal cinema is a super cute game it is really fun i like the cute gaphics and the animals i really think its is a cute game and it is really entertaing because you can serve costomers food and get acorns for money there you can get new animals make new movies(it does take a long time though )but me and my sister love this game it is soooooooo fun we always play it. I highly recommend you to download this game!
Cute and lovely 😍😍😍 The graphic is simple yet so cute The achievements are not rushing you to buy stuffs like others idle games The best part is the advertisement, no pop-up ad during your play and it let you decided to watch the ad or not Highly recommend
Animal cinema is a great game, has a great concept and an amazing and addicting game! However there is a major problem, which is that it has a pop-up every 2seconds saying something about needing data to run a license check. Its really annoying and it's not an issue for me only, because i've tried it on multiple phones, please check it out.
I love it because this game is offline can play anywhere and takes away bored and stress and its so kawaii and cute 😍
A cute game that much better than any other cinema/movie tycoon games I've ever seen. The gameplay is simple yet addicting. Though, would be better if we can choose what kind of movie we want to make and which actors should play in it.
Its so cute and amazing my cat loves the game to she looks at my phone and watches me play lol. Any way the game has meny cute animals to get and many more its like amazing 😍😍😍😍😍 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
amazing gameplay,no laging, easy, and the best is that its aboat animals and you can be in their live.
*sigh* this game is good... Just the ads!!! You can't DO anything untill you watch an ad!!!! It's not fair, the gameplay is a good IDEA but how it was issued was disappointing, what do you do to make a film, 1) put it on before bed and do it in the morning 2) WATCH AN AD!!!!!!!!!! no! no!! no!!! no!!!! that is not how life works!!!!! No-one wants to always be watching an ad!!!
Boring is the best disciption i can give this, collect acorns? Buy snacks for animals that you should never give to pets, feed them when prompted and slap them when they snooze, its all wrong and a bad message to send out
It's really good game! But I have a question. Why it took an hour to finish the new movie? Thats a problem. Can you make it short? However, I still give it 5 stars because it so AWESOME!! :))
Animal cinema is a really cute and good game,like the others!! There's absolutely no ads and the game is really amazing
This game need a long time to get money and we can do anything without ads. Please dont use ads for pay. Just use the acorn. !!!
Game's nice but isn't responding. I touch anything but it doesn't come, it actually doesn't respond fix it then I'll again install it
It-s really fun and entertaining. One reason is it doesn't eat up too much space, and very cute game graphics. It's relaxing too!!♡
What a fun game!! No intrusive ads, just brilliant. This is a game and not an ad overloaded horror story. Thanx guys keep up the good work.
Dudes and gals, the screen told me to have active data to look at the license-whatever, and when I turned on my data it's unable to get valid license. Just, what?? I don't have a problem with the Hot Spring one, but why the Cinema is so difficult??
I love this game so much. It's really fun and cute. You make movies for little animals and actors are the animals. You can make your own shows. And your own world.
it's a cute game, a little boring but the animation is kinda cute. Hope to have more things to do in it tho.
Very exiting game and it is only 18 MB and i love it thats why i reccomend it to all of new users. Pls make more versions of this game like Animal Cinema 2. Love yah game makers.
This game is very relaxing. There are too many ads though. Other then that I think that the game is very relaxing and fun!
Because you can earn acorn fast and is fun you can make a moive and make your own cinema and lot's of thing to do and you can find some costomer and give them snakes and you can earn golden acorn really easy just make a movie 50 golden acorn.
It is a good game but the ads are so boring. We can not do anything without watching an ad.And if you are playing from a long time , it gets bore. We have make movie by only one touch and I thought that we have to do some more things. We have only show movies, distribute items and to do good facilities
I love the concept of the game! Unfortunately, the game feels pointless, because it is not explained well enough. What can I do with reputation? Why would I buy anything if i dont know how it works or whether it makes me money. If this were explained and everything in the game turned out to have a function, that I'd love the game. Not it just feels like I'm randomly kicking and buying stuff
I LOVE this game! It's simple and kawaii, and I know I can play this game when I need to relax. In fact, I was having a bad day when I downloaded this, and as I played this, I felt my negativity just fade away. It isn't pay to win, and it's just a nice simple game that you can play for a few minutes a day and not feel stressed. Plus it's just SO cute!
This is a very good game,for animal lovers. I like this game very much.I also suggest my friends to play this game.
It's very cute and Entertaining. It is fun to play with and has super cute characters. But I hope there's more stuff to buy in store and objects were arranged properly. But all in all I loved it.
I am on chromebook so that might be the problem, but when I try to fast forward making a movie or getting an animal to come(with ads), I sometimes get merge dragons or adventure academy, I can't see the full ad so I dont Know if its over, and when i exit, i dont get a full reward. Oh! Only one other wish. I wish baby animals can come. Plz fix the ad problem. TYSM!
This is amazing just like animal hot springs. I don't mind watching ads especially if we don't have a dollar to pay in exchange for acorns. Cute graphics and easy to play. You should create more like this!
I love it, thanks! Could you please enable the full screen aspect ratio change, like on Hot Springs? I'd like to use all my screen to play it! 😊
LOVEEE ITTT!!!!!!!! I downloaded "Animal Hot Springs" a while back and it really entertained me on an airplane trip! I still love that game and play it alot! I only found this game today but I am glad I did coz it is the same, but different! Still amazing gameplay and awesome stuff! I woulf reallllllllyy like to have more games like this!!!!!!!!! 100000000000% Recommend!! :D
THIS GAME DESERVES five stars for mee!The reasons why is because the artwork is cute and the game itself is good and i don't think there's a problem with it.Keep it up and make other people love this game too!
I really love the game. But, I'm quite disappointed for the reputation because the only thing it does is unlock new animals. I wish that it has other function. I'm currently at level 40 and it's hard to distribute the snacks so I ALWAYS use Lazy Cat that only works for 3 min!! I don't mind seeing the ads, but please make Lazy Cat work longer. That way, it's easier to play when you're in higher level.
I was looking for a relaxing game to play and i came across this. And i am glad that i did. I dont do well with arcade games so this game is just my speed. I just wish that the controls of the snacks were swipe rather than buttons tho. I keep pushing the wrong buttons and keep going back to the lobby, lol.....but i am sure i will get used to it. I have just been playing for an hour or so
This game is really enjoyable its super cute and simple this is the type of game i like when i sow that animal hot spring that this producer made as well i instaled it