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Animal Adventure Downhill Rush

Animal Adventure Downhill Rush for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Feelnside Games located at yl. Batova 26-31, Bobruisk, Mogilevskaya obl., Belarus, 213807. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Simply amazing. Graphics are stunning gameplay is smooth and joyful, progress is rewarding. Imo it's an almost perfect game. Just a few more maps and this would be the ultimate game.
Amazing just like the pictures in the play store, great graphics, and simple gameplay, nice relaxing game, the music are one of the best i have ever heard in a game.
This game is AMAZING!! But the main issue is that when I turn to a certain direction, it doesn't move that fast. What I mean is that the sensitivity is low. So please make it more fast to turn. Overall, this game is great, has nice cartoony but 3d graphics, and I don't see that much of glitches. I definitely recommend 🎮🎮🎮🦌🦌🦌
Wow!!What an amazing game,very nice concept and beautiful graphics and music...Only thing missing is that it doesn't 'Exit'..I hve to force close the app...Need to add Exit option after pressing back button.Other than that its a good game.
Great game, art style music is totally superb but doesnt run well on my device, maybe because it has 1 gb ram. It runs the adventure mode fairly well but exists as soon as i try to start endless mode. Hope you can fix this. Other wise great low poly game
Been playing this game since beta and i must say that this game is truly exceptional! 💕 Havent encountered any bugs and I love how the dev replies and listens to feedbacks of the players also :) Hats off !
the game would be better if you will add an endless run mode and also a challenge mode to have a better gaming experience
The game is awesome and a bit classic which makes it good in itself! Nyc Imagination and controls are superb! Hey one more thing, Are there any promocodes for Google Play Store which I can avail from this game?
This is the best game ever, it brings out the Christmas vibes, i love the graphics and the soundtrack!!!
Amazing feeling when we get speed and the scenery was😍 very nostalgic it gets better every level thank you so much and yeah if it had few more maps it would be super super awsome .
The game is smooth, nice soundtrack. Can you please add New Mode like Racing with other animals to finish line Something like that.
It is the best game in the world!!! Please download and play . You will be glad to play this wonderful game 👍👍👍 honest review
It's amazing! The controls are simple and the graphics are great, probably the best game I played yet.
This game runs smoothly on my 1gb ram device, this game has awesome graphics music and upgrades I love it
Ad after each level, ad to open chest, ad to start a mission. More time spent watching ads than playing the game. If there had been an option to pay to remove ads for a reasonable price I would have considered it. Edit for response: What price I want doesn't make a difference. Consider adding the option and do your own research on what makes the game profitable for you. Hint: 1 cent is a horrible idea.
A fun little game to kill time, nice music, not to difficult, works well with both tilt and press controls. Quite well put together.
i love it. its a beautiful game. for many players they might not know this game have graphic settings. so if u change that icon instead of just that upward arrows add it with a word graphic besides it then they will know its for the graphic or ur choice man.. i love the reflection of the surface when the graphic is changed. your creativity in this game is just wow... love it
Surprisingly amazing! Never thought it would be this good. At first I thought it was just another auto runner, but I was completely wrong. Please add a race event where we can race against AI to the finish line. I highly recommend this to everyone!
Great art style low poly game with beautiful music! #better than pubg Great work done by the developers
absolutely fantastic wonderful beautiful amazing satisfying game, i dont know what to say anymore, im crying right now, its because i cant believe that someone can make this beautiful game. huhuhuhjuhuujijuhuhjuju
One of the best Skating games I have ever played.The game so easy and smooth,it makes me lost in the icy shards.The animals and sound are excellent.I think adding new events for extra gifts will help the game a lot.Waitung for that and in the end really loved the game.
Best game ever good graphic no lag,keep going with your best game i love your game, and it even works in low end mobiles i tried it worked is sooo good. 🙂😁
Please add a raccoon in the game. And Wooaaahhh, such a fantastic game, I hope you'll keep improving the game more and more so a lot of people will notice how fascinating this game and please add my request 😄
Actually this game needs a recognition and awards because it's very beautiful and romantic I love the gameplay grapics and controll. And the place is very beautiful . This game deserves more attention and downloadeds.kudos
This game is just so beautiful. The graphics and gameplay are on point! The background music is what gets to me most: It's just so soothing, so beautiful, so delicious to listen to. Sometimes I don't even play - I just keep my screen on, leave the app open and listen. GREAT, FANTASTIC JOB GUYS! I do believe this game is capable of so much more with the addition of some features such as: 1. Racing features, with powerups. 2. A game mode where the animals themselves do the running! Welldone!
This game is great and I like it and I'm giving this 5star ratings the graphics of this game is high and beautiful and the music in this game is really good this game is relaxing and best for timepass.
Only problem is this game makes you die without you crashing it just goes out of the lane on it's own. Change the name of the game to animal endless rush Add adventure endless run tags as the description so as to get popular. Are you guys the creators of tanuki sunset
i love this game, even though i crash im not getting mad , you should definitely get it its amazing.I love the graphics and cute animals!!!!!!!!🐾
Its a downhill racer with interesting art direction and difficult-for-a-reason-though controls. Fairly addictive even though the course has appeared the same in the first five levels. The only thing I'm confused about is why the sled is called a "sledge" lol
Wow what a great game I really fan of this game its not boring anymore and sounds its more like.. Please update some things like jetpack and two animals car... And update the snow and it's sound.
Really cool and relaxing! Also the Christmas feeling make me very happy 😊 That's the only game that I never get bored of it, the more I play it the more I love it
Just amazing sound, graphics with breath taking views.. but I do feel like this game has potential for something far greater.. so I will be looking forward to a sequel if any.☺
This game is definitely worth downloading. Visuals, gameplay, music it make this game stand out from others like it. awesome fun!
This game quickly became one of my favorites. I've had it for over 6 months now and it still kicks. I still play it daily. Great game play. The graphics and music are superb. Upgrades are great as well and not too hard to achieve.
Actually this game needs a recognition and awards because it's very beautiful and romantic I love the gameplay grapics and controll. And the place is very beautiful . This game deserves more attention and downloadeds
It is a great game I've played. Good graphics, great gameplay and great music but I have two problems though. Sometimes the sled just breaks at the beginning for some reason and in of challenges when I want to go straight forward it sometime slide to another direction and it irritate me but so far it's great
This game is beautiful and relaxing 😭 The music is very relaxing And the animal is very cute (this makes me cry😭) It helps to relieve my stress Thank you for making this game I wish you guys have a good live and please update the game and add more relaxing song 😭 Thank you very much 🙏😭
Game is amazing. Brings you a memories about winter. Graphics are good too. Music is incredible. But... Sometimes my animal just suddenly turn and -1 health. You just losing control for a unknown reason, so 4 stars
This is by far one of the best offline games on the platform it has good graphics and a very responsive admin and I dont understand why people complain about ads? Cant you just disconnect your device from your wifi or turn off your data? I mean can you guys understand that this game is offline and it has amazing graphics of course they need money for their game they put alot of effort onto it thats why they put ads. As for the admin keep up the good work and I hope you can update this game. ;)
Game is good animations and effects are also best. There is levels and new maps. It has endless mode also. I really like the music it feels like healing. The amount for buying levels is increases gradually I don't like that because to get money we must play the levels again and again. So that reason I play some levels only.
its awesome game actually I really enjoy it its very fun but the controll is little bit annoying so its good I really like it
Great graphics, Addictive, Best time killer, The most great things is this that it is offline. Great work done. Thanks for the game!!! 👍👍👍
great control nice music calming winter enviroment, quick unlocks very great mobile game ! i was pleasantly surprised
Ngl, at first, i thought it was some weird game with random 3d modela and stuff but damn, i was wrong. Plain relaxing and fun. You cna actually feel the rush but it doesn't hurt the eyes since the animation and graphics are real smooth and easy. If you're looking for a good relaxing time killer, well this is a good one. Thanks devs! Keep up the good work! Here have a banana 😏🍌 Oh, slight suggestion tho to improve ui by cutting some detail so it would match the minimalist vibe of the game ;)
This game was awesome. Removed the life penalty, removed the grind by opening new levels automatically while at the same time forcing us to play all the previous tracks, & didn't remove the goddamn progress bar nor gave the option to remove it. Plus the game feels clunky now, handling got worse and tilt controls are bad to say the least. Well done.
This game is weird as hell, but what can I say, downhill racing as a deer on a sled that you can upgrade with gadgets such as rocket missiles for blowing away roadblocks like giant boulders, runaway moose & "alleged" drunk drivers is pretty fun. I think, deep down I always knew it would be.......yeah yeah.
Everything about this game is fantastic!! The graphics are jaw dropping, and the music is so soothing. I love the little details you see when you're sledding to the finish, like the airplanes and the people! I will admit the camera can be a little weird sometimes, like when you're turning to go a different direction the camera doesn't really follow you and it kinda messes me up. Other than that, this is one of my favorite games, totally recommend!! (:
Its really really good game i enjoy it the music, graphics and others its a big thumbs up for me such a nice game but i hope there's an endless mode there because its very relaxing so good work thank you Sorry for my bad English
The moment i began to play this game i felt like something beautiful is about to come out of the phone because it's really unique and spacial ✌😘😗😍😍😍😍😍
This game is ok but add some new animals like - polar bear, penguins, snow dogs. Add some people in the way and cars and houses which the animal can jump into the roof of the house.
Everything is perfect abt this game, the graphics, the soundtrack, the fair pricing and ITS EVEN OFFLINE!! like??? It's the best game I've played in my entire life, you can just vibe with this game at 3 am on endless mode, this game isn't big for storage and its just amazing. Im definitely buying something in this game, the creator deserves it
i love this game so amezing grefikes quality i hope you developees upgreat this game add a new new adventures map garst afoal thanks to lonch in india
This game is awesome and amazing i cant describe how great it is ..graphics amazin , gameplay excellent, if i cant give 10 stars i'll give it ! Good job keep it up ❤️
I have installed it roday only and i cant stop playing.It is the best addictive game I have ever played in my life.In my preference it shouldn't have 4.8 rated game it should be 5.0 rated game.Thank you for making this wonderful game.And it has only snow hill . How if the animals were on a skateboard and ut was going downhill which is forest or desert like that it will be great and it has only one endless mode no different places.
Amazing graphic,game play and more best game no other problem and working smoothly law devices this game development very hard so thanks this game
Nice game, beautiful graphics. But UI looks a bit off. Note: Start: 1/12/20. End: 2/12/20. Reached Lvl 10 with 30 Stars.