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Angry Neighbor

Angry Neighbor for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Invictus Studio located at [email protected] Russia,Tomsk. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Never change the player design, please. It is gorgeous. Thankies spankies. Best game. Also, can you please make it so you can turn Winston back into his t-rex pose as an option.
It's very fun until u meet stan and the maniccan room stan is just wierd and. When we get caught we lose our items the manican room is just. Creepy I love this game though
this game is amazing but I wish there were save files because i hate having to restart the game everytime I play. other than that problem I love this game. keep up the great work.
So far the graphics are really good secrets & puzzles are challenging, and the neighbor goes way faster then a normal human being & he breaks through doors (Plus you may need to fix the bear trap. 5/5
I'm one of those people who see something inappropriate, but just keeps watching. XD this game is really good. it kept me playing for hours! I love scary stuff and dis app! I highly recommend this game to you, its just like hello neighbour!
Pls add a putting down button i cant land anything but its a brilliant game I would love a basement pls.Also AN(angry neighbour) gets rid off ALL your items even the golden key pls do more updates u awsome people AN is so weird make him look well...better but anyhow its a lovely game.best hello neighbour riipoffπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
It's an amazing game but I wish this game gets updated because it has been a long time since it got updated and I want like to be able to hurt the neighbor by throwing things at him and I all want the basement to get updated as well and I want the neighbor's house more locks and the keys are hidden batter in a harder place find and I want the neighbor's house to be more upgraded and bigger
I am unable to continue the game after I have clicked on play game and loads for a few seconds and then crashes. is there a reason why the game is glitching before I even start playing?
I want this bug to be fixed please. when you get caught by the neighbor when you have your items you lose and they are not there anymore please fix this bug
I think that this game is very well designed if I were you I would add a bit more exploration out side of the game map like maybe some Easter eggs and stuff but I give this game 5 stars it was DEFINITELY worth paying for 10/10
This game is amazing but you need to be able to throw stuff at the neighbor to knock him down. Also could you add night time? I have a rooted kindle fire and it also gives no lag. Also plz try to make the graphics better and add better shadows. Overall, great game!
Awesome game love it so much but it hasn't been updated for awhile and i really want more updates for the game
I feel this game has alot of potential but there is a few issues there us not a story to the game so there is no point in trying to get all keys because there is nothing to do after that and also make it so you dont reset your inventory But overall great game, Good Job 4/5 stars Edit: Please make this game to where there is something to do THERE IS NO STROY NOTJING TO DO ONECE YOU GET THE KEYS Almost a waste of time to play. Its fun for a little bit then theres just nothing to do
I really enjoy this game however its interesting once you get to the basement because after you unlock the door there's bricks then you get the hammer and break the bricks then it leads upstairs? Also its very creepy when you walk to the room with the mannequins but I think its really really good just like hello neighbor for a mobile game keep up the good work!!
It is nice but there is no story, so you don't know what to do. Also there is a bug sometimes where if you get hit by a car without spawning any red cubes while it is in your inventory, you can't find it to recollect it.
This used to be Fun but I don't know WHAT TO DO WHEN I GOT a... blue Box thing and Red box thing and green box thing IS THERE ANY ENDING THING OR NEVER ENDING????
I want a refund.. I mean its interesting the first 5 mins. but very limited to anything else.. Hard to figure out at first but once you know what to do, it gets boring..
good if you like scary stuff but nt if your like me and is a wimp.Playing this game was hard and scary but fun aswell so you should install it .On my first go i was so scared i couldnt do it but after a few tries i did it well not totally but i wasnt scared anymore.The reason i refunded this game is after e while of playing this game it started taking over my brain i played it day after day after day and the worst part is i wouldnt stop!Bye.
I like it but it takes to long to download on my Android Trek 2HD make it not so hard to download if u can but it's very cool that's why I rate it 🌟🌟🌟's and not five or four.
I love the new version but I miss the old version so please if you want please bring it back because I miss it and I love the old version so whenever you want to do it please do but I do love this version please bring it back to me I love it I give it 5 stars keep up the good work and bring it back ok love it everyone download this game you are going to love it bye
It's good, but if you make an update make more story elements and make the water door available. The game has pretty good gameplay and graphics
Invictus, you should add an elevator in the shaft. Also, add more rooms in our house. Finally, what's the whole point of opening the door in the neighbor's living room. Finally, add a picture or video to the tv to make it look more realistic. Thank you.
I love this app it has great graphices and everything else the only thing i hate u cant save your game but other then that i Love it
An actually good hello neighbour game, probably the best game ever to be fair. Amazing graphics, but... there is a glitch that must be fixed and the glitch is if you have an item and you get caught by the neighbour you lose that item FOREVER, and the only way to get the item back is to restart the game. Same glitch with the RGB cubes but you can get the cubes back by picking up the ones you've thrown. But I love the game overall.
Really good Game but I tried to beat it and I got the key and the crowbar and knocked off the planks and used the golden key to open it and there was a brick wall and looked for the silver key and found it in the neighbours room in the drawer. And unlocked the door with the hammer in it and well nvm.
please update angry neighbor to 3.3 it will be the best day of my life I would love if you update it add more places and multiplayer please angry neighbor online omg that would be awesome it would be the best day of my life ever please do it
Guys, is 4.0 canceled? You have not updated in 2 years. I would really like to see an update or a response from the developer to assure me that the game is not canceled. I paid money for this, and I would really like my money's worth. I removed 2 stars due to lack of response and updates. Please answer my review.
Very fun and the game is getting better. I hope the creator adds more features and re return mustard and ketchup condements i like to throw it at the neighbor
This is the best game ever but four stars because I beat the game and it doesn't end I break the wall with the sledge hammer and use blue cube to get up but it doesn't work plus fix That
No proper control definition, no proper clues, awful graphics. Definitely not worth the time or the money.
I love it. It is a fun, great game. Although, there are a few things that if I were the creator, I would do to make the game better. Provide access to the entire house, the binoculars on the second story of the players house, we should be able to look through them to spy on the neighbor. Y'all should add the ability to drive the cars.(Both the players and the neighbors.) Also, the only car that passes by on the street is that same tan car that goes in the left lane every time. You should add a very wide variety of cars that can pass by. Make it to where it actually looks realistic with different types of cars passing by in different lanes. And just one more thing. This may seem like a lot to do, and y'all dont feel obligated to do this, but if we could have access to the other houses in the neighborhood, that would be so cool also. With all of this, the game would be way more popular. And even if there was no difference in the number of downloads, what would there be to lose.(If you were to add availability to drive cars, make it to where the neighbor can't drive.) But other than all of that, I say its a five star worthy game.
I love this game its so fun i like everything except one thing i wish you could make a practice mode and to change the graphics to thats all keep up a good work great developer
Love the graphics love the gameplay love the house please put a basement Love the game i feel good about getting the game again i love the game
Read all of this. love you guys!!!!! could make a basement? The game is awesome! Its the coolest hello neighbor game! It has good graphics,good controls good EVERYTHING! Love the gameplay. you guys did a great job on the game! I got a new Nivida sheild tablet and it runs at 60 fps! My old samsung tablet only ran at 15 fps! Over all great game! Plz make it so that when he catches you it dosent reset your inventory! I got the yellow key and its GONE! I have played version 2.6 to version 3.2! bye
Hello Invictus Studios, I really enjoyd your game and im exited for the new version. If an update comes out i will suport it till the end :) The graphics are nice the controls are well made only the looking around is a little slipery. The neighbor is kind of smart not the best AI but i know it will get better the puzzles and the toturial are really nice. Sadly there is no ending but i know its still in development and i wish you luck finishing this game.
I really like this game. Not much else I can say. It has a memorable character (Winston), a memorable house, & good sense of discovery.
Hello! I just wanted to say that its a very great game, but the reason i gave it 3 stars is because theres not a storyline or totorial, please add that. also the game hasn't been uptaded in 3 years, so please update the game. Everything is good but that stuff.
It's fine for this type. But it needs to get updated. Idk if I'm wrong know but there are tons of rooms on higher floors that u cant get to.
im so happy i bought this game it is the best hello neighbor rip off iv ever played. i play it on my chrome book and it lets me use wasd which is awsome. i recimend this game if you like hello neighbor because its just like alpha 1 and it even takes away your idems just like alpha 1. i give this game 5 stars.
Your game is good like hello neighbor but one thing I wish we could hurt the neighbor by throwing stuff at him also I have one funny thing the neighbor got stuck in a corner of his bedroom πŸ˜‚ but when I break windows and go near him he doesn't get me some how I stop playing it because I got trap in a small room that I fell from the third floor there a bug while I was playing it bugs out please fix this I have one thing to tell you can the player house have a computer that can change the neighbor
It's not a bad game it needs to be fixed to where you don't lose your items when caught, or have them drop where you were caught so you can retrieve them. Also unless I just haven't made it there yet, make it to where you can go into the entire house. from the outside it's a big house and you can only go into part of it. lastly make it where you can look through the binoculars, it wouldn't really serve a purpose but would be cool to do so. If you charge for the game it should have a little more.
This game is so good but the green cube makes me jump so high I can get out of the barrier so all I'm trying to say make it higher
Its been 2 years since you updated... What's going on?? The game is starting to become boring. You guys have posted no new features.. Is there something your hiding?
Really good game but make modes easy Normal hard extreme and make ghost or practice mode to this ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ STAR game.
this game is amazing I was wondering if u guys could ad a story and cut sense and other cool stuff maybe contact me to get my ideas?
You should add more keys and make hints. I also you should make more rooms and bigger house please. I would give you 5 stars if u added more to the houuse. But I still like this game. πŸ˜ƒ
Great game however I'd really like it if you added a real basement to the game overall great gameπŸ˜†πŸ˜†β˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ !!!!!&
this game is amazing but I wish there were save files because I hate having to restart the game everytime I play, I wish there was a way to beat the game, and I wish there was a crouch button. other than those problems I love this game. keep up the great work.
If there was a zero star rating I would and for all of you that waste your precious time on such a stupid game you need to find something else to play because my little brother keeps screaming over a video game -NEIGHBOR GAME HATER I AM SO PROUD TO CALL THIS GAME STUPID AND RETARDED GAME!!!
I gave this game 5 stars because the performance in great and smooth. Also its graphics are nice and the controls are responsive! Keep up the good work. Although its a hello neighbor clone its the best one i have seen. I like how it tried to replicate the hello neighbor pre alpha and alpha 1 look while trying to stick to its own houses, characters and puzzles.
Brilliant update! Stuff you really should add: Animation for the neighbor sleeping and watching TV, also make the neighbor eat, add new walking and door sounds (not Minecraft sounds), and also make new chase music because the current one is really horrible! Look forward to a new update, and please try and reply.
It has been fun exploring the house, and I have done this with an aim of discovering what the neighbour is hiding to find that there isn't actually a purpose to it afterall, I'm gutted tbh. I was very disappointed to find that there is nothing behind the basement door but half a ladder to an empty room that I'd already been in. With this said, seriously good work in making it scary when the neighbour spots you, it seriously gave me heart palpitations. Just please let me know if there's more.
I like how you find the cross Crow Bar in the garage and I like how there's a car I love the graphic and everything and and I will love him if you do the basement like more a lot more color and like wider and I don't want that whole there cuz you just say easiest way to get in to the basement can you please do it a secret angry neighbor is like secret neighbor but secret angry neighbor and I want the kids like like kindness like, kind of similar to the kids in the secret neighbor please thank you if you did it
AWESOME GAME! Just Like Hello Neighbor! I've Given The Neighbor A Name. 'Stan Lee' Although, There's Just One Thing I Don't Like! If Your Holding A Item/Item's And You Get Caught By Stan Lee! It's Not In Your Inventory! Please Fix That In The Next Update! But Anyways! Awesome Game!
Everything in the angry neighbor is pretty fun except one little glitch that I just discovered the crowbar can well duplicate itself.
Hello! I'll give this game a two. THAT because it'd had a pretty function game, and plays faster and better performance on the game. But the rest of the gameplay is really confusing. Plus, there is no story and purpose of this game. And I can't even jump up any higher (which that's odd..). I really need to understand is when the game is going to update. If not, I may as well report . πŸ˜”πŸ€”
I like the same so much because the graphics are as bad as the other rip-offs and this game is so cool and it also is funny this game is the best
It's really good high quality game graphics good everythings good except sometimes when I'm holding items and the neighbor catches me that item I was holding isnt in the place it was in and it happens with quite a few items so if you fix it I will give five stars but for now farewell
This is a cool game! However it's too fast and the secret of the neighbor is still uncovered, too little amount of doors. Please, improve the game, work on it because this is a really interesting parody. Don't lose its potential!
i love this game so so much its really fun to play at night and it really gives me the chills. the only thing is that you can't tell if the neighbor catches you or not my screen just turns black. but otherwise it's just like hello neighbor. It is one of the best games i have ever played! and i highly recemend if you are into horror games.
better then hello neghbor. this is a good game. improvement plz in the basement at the moment there is not anything in there
this is the best game on the Google play store! before finding this, my dad used to beat me. But now, if he gets near me I show him the screenshots of me winning this and he immediately knows not to mess with me. my girlfriend broke up with me but I don't care. now I'm dating her brother so she knows I'm fine without her. Now me and my boyfriend (her brother) mock her for leaving the best angry neighbor player in the world. she means nothing to me, she is cold and heartless. she is human trash.
you guys made a good game. In the next update can you add a basement and an elevator. this game is really fun to play. so far to me this is the best update
Sorry, if those were reviews were really dumb from my 2018 self, heres an actual review, game is fine, nice parody, and performance is decent, good job. Just gonna remove a star, since the game costs money.
this game is terrible it never lets you refund its a wast of money and time theres no point trying to find a secret because there is none and its a rip off of hello nieghbor dont buy this app dont say i didn't warn you if you buy THIS APP -------- ------
it's a nice game but you have to add an exit option and save option and you have to make more rooms and more puzzles cuz your game is growing so you have to work more on it although this game has an amazing graphics and amazing gameplay can i become a beta tester please
The game is amazing very much like the real game hello neighbor but it is missing some stuff like graphics and act 1 2 3 final if you guys have enough time maybe try to put these in the game so people or kids will like it more I'm just saying you guys don't have to do it but wat the game rilly needs is night time hopefully you guys will do it
I could be doing something wrong, but I'm guessing that in order to take an item, you tap on it. If taking an object requires only a tap, then the game does not work properly on my Samsung S4 tablet. At the very beginning of the game, I was unable to take the key. I had tapped repeatedly without the action being recognized.
this is a great game the only problem I have with it is that when you exit and close the game it doesn't save your progress and you have to redecorate your house and you lose all your items
GREAT GAME. It's a lot like hello neighbor. you should update it though. also when you die you should make a cutscene.
My daughter cannot even pick up items......the intro of the game shows an arrow n tells you pick up key. fir the life of me her sisters and herself we cannot puck up that key.
it has potential but the game is incomplete. the furthest you can truly get is the 2nd floor. you can use chairs and boxes to build ste0s to get to the above floors, but there is nothing there (does dont work, clip through walls, no items). there is a good 2 hours of fun here if you try to climb to the top, which is worth 1.50 to me, but don't expect a complete game.
I started the game, I could walk around but I could not pick up the key. No matter how I clicked or touched the screen. Too bad. Tried again on a different ohonr Horrible to play. I got sick after just a few minutes. It's not intuitive at all.
i love the game but the room upstairs need to have a job so can you like send me a letter for the stuff that has no job in the game they need a job or i will not play anymore and plz just update the game so we have more fun playing the game add a real basment im bored of beting it so many time and nothing happens.
I love this game! Please make an actual basement and fix the neighbor's glitches where he keeps walking into a wall or bedroom drawers.
Cool game, it gives me a hello neighbour ALPHA 1 vibe at the beginning and at ALPHA 2 and the models are fancy
great game all WORTH it to help Imrid Cole there is a key in the neighbours bedroom draw which opens a door near the boiler room opposite it which has a sledge hammer in so in the basement break the brick wall with the sledge hammer break it thanks!
its like alpha 1.It takes all your items away when you die so thats the bad part, but the game is amazing and I had to pay $1.99 witch was bad. (: <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333
this game reminds me of hello neighbor, and i love it! it's a really good game play and good graphics and designs! :)
This is the best game ever but the game still crashes and I really really hope that you can update the game again and please try to make it more like hello neighbor alpha 1. And try to let our character use the binoculars. And why dose the neighbor break doors when he walks and runs.
It's a good game but I'm giving it a 4 Star because there's no story and you can't save please add save and a storyline because the game just feel unfinished feels like a beta to me then a release
So let me get this real. This is a crudy hello neighbor rip of. The creators of this game were probly just bord and made the neighbor kick open the door insted of opening it with style. Controls are horible crazy weird neighbor who is so fast and has great eye sight for a weird old man. Also I had to pay one doller fifty sence for a game that has very bad chace music and other garbage. Why did people choose to make this realy bad hello neighbor rip off. I wish I could go back in the past😰.
This is like hello neighbor. But it's called angry neighbor. This game needs money. I like the song go's when he chases me. It scary too I love this app I rate 4 stars And bye. Fun game.
I don't know why I was upstairs and he was sleeping downstairs he teleported upstairs what happened to this game I remember I used to get the game it Was The best I even ended the game know it's hard to control hard beat and hard to tap.
I love this game so much! Can you add a new room on the first floor? Please! And can you put more locked doors? The orange key,green key,brown key! Add them! Please reply!
It's great! I really hope you guys get back to this, it's Soo cool! But I can't unequip items, especially the secret blocks. I hope you add more! Please!
It's okay still needs work, but I got the green cube and I went into a room with a part of a doot like a sliding door cracked open and see something on the wall with a bunch of Russian on it. What's goin on here
please add a drop button so i can drop the crowbar and a choice to switch to early versions like beta and a choice to change graphics because I have normally have 13 FPS per second. oh and olso add where items respawn when the neighbor (which is named stan) and do thing that whould inpress Kindly keyin (youtuber) if you don't know who he is then........WHY!?!?!?
Devs:Is there any way to actually win this game ? I've been enjoying trying to solve this with my kid but to me it seems uncompleted or bugged as we can't see any clear way that what we are doing is right ? We get a lot of the items and navigate the house but it seems all for nothing as at a certain point nothing happens , and the mystery poster is way to vague to make any sense of ? I hope to hear from the development team and I will amend my score
I like this game but I have been EVERYWHERE in the house and on EVERY floor right to the top. I collected all 3 keys, all 3 boxes and after hours of trying, I know now that theres absolutely no purpose to this game and no end. Theres a boarded up square on the floor on the outer part of the 4th or 5th level and absolutely no way of getting in there. Would be great if the objective was to save someone trapped in the house or our pet cat or dog he kidnapped when we moved in or just something!
The game is fun but, I thought it would be more like hello neighbor, its not scary and the neighbor is always in the same place. And when you turn around, he is somehow behind you. But I got to give it to them, its the closest to hello neighbor you would ever get on mobile. the graphics are OK
Its a fun game and all! But...It needs more fixes!! like?...When im playing somtimes my screen just turns black and ya!
This app is amazing!! It is pretty much the exact same thing as the real one! The only difference is the house is a little different in the neighbors different. Keep up the good work!
Please read all of this!Can you please make an update version 4.0? Please do anytime you can do it! Can you make an option for shaders,graphics and SSAO please? Can you add a put down button? Can you add a 4th,5th,6th,and 7th floor? Thanks! Can you add a basement? Can you add more puzzles?Can you add Dynamic shadows please do! Can you add a day and a night cycle for the next update? Can you add a save/load/continue buttons in the options? can you add a cut scenes? Can you add motion blur?Thanks!
could you fix this game plz and heres a story ok so i bought this in 2018 forgot what month and day and when i had first played it it worked fine on my tablet which is a nextbook tablet and now a bunch of game frezzes gliches and it makes me reboot the tablet i had to reboot it 15 times and still game frezzes and glitch es now im just thinking that i wasted 1.49$ on a game that i wanted for 4 years 2 tablets broke and now i have this this game is my favourite game but fix this and update it
Its allright. It could possibly be better if there was actually a story and a basement. Theres no animation for watching TV or getting into bed. You cant even keep your items when your caught! Invictus, I think you should start working much more on Angry Neighbor than all of your weird space games.
Great awesome game like it's better than hello neihgbour 5 stars it has the same house and the cubes are fun good game.
I think its a fun puzzle game. Only thing it needs is a save option because everytime you load back into the game you need to start from the beginning. Please put save in next update.
I love the new version but I miss the old version so please if you want please bring it back because I miss it and I love the old version so whenever you want to do it please do but I do love this version please bring it back to me I love it I give it 5 stars keep up the good work and bring it back ok love it everyone download this game you are going to love it
yeah its good πŸ‘Œ love it only 4 stars though i wish there was a basement and more things to do but yeah the graphics, amzing and controls are fine just overall the gameplay and game is sweet hope you update it soon!! ☺️😁
I shouldn't have bought this stupid game. No more updates really?? Im reporting this app for taking my money
i like that theres no timer and missions axept for get in the basement.But the music freaks me out i think you should change the music like when he sees you
Its been 3 years since you updated... What's going on?? The game is starting to become boring. You guys have posted no new features.. Is there something your hiding?
I really like your game because there are some magic cubes that i can make the neighbor stuck in some rooms so that's why i like your game it's really fun because it's like hello neighbor but it's much cheaper because you're alone πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
i like this game but i only gave it 2 stars because when the neighbor gets you you loose youre items please change that
I love it and it cost money but it's ok you made to cost money from $179 cents and it's not bad game and something is dumb about the angry neighbor when he's chasing me I go in the closet but open and I'm in the closet with a open door he run from me to upstairs.
ages ago I got this game but I wasn't too keen on the graphics but recently had the most fun on my phone for a long time! Thank you Invictus : ) !!!
I really hoped after the updates there would of been more added to the house. There is still so much unfinished. And there is no basement, you basically go to an attic. I love this game, but i just wish therbwas more to do in the house. And a bigger ending for the work to get there.
I love the game can't wait till next update but can you make a Halloween update that would be awesome. Anyway love the game keep up the good work can't wait till there's an ending
I really like this game when I got the notification I screamed I never stoped playing there was a few glitches for the neighbour which was good so I could sneak around anyway 5 stars
spray and don't hit me when I'm going to play the game please Test please I just don't want I just want to go in your house be your friend so I can look around you can show me *
nice game very fun. next update idea. 2 new house options. huge fix. neighbor has fase picture of family so keep up the good work
Unplayable. I could not even take the first step of picking up the key, no matter what I tried. There are no instructions. It is not clear what the on-screen circles do. Developer website does not work.
So I've heard about these little things called the green block the red block and the Blue Block the green blocks stayed where they were and you can make a stack of them and the red block is a Canon which shoots Red Blocks slowly and the Blue Block shoots blue blocks fast and on and the Red Cube It's on the roof of your house so please make it true cuz it's true if you watch kindly key-in playing this game with mods then you will be able to understand what I'm talking about
now i love this game but i dont have a andriod so i had to emulate my pc to play this but it whould be amazing if you could do a ios release and its worth 1.49 dollars super fun i played this game for a hour strait i would do a 4 star if i couldnt emulate my pc so i couldnt play its a awsome game like a peice of cake just add ios relaese and it could be a 6 star if it that was a thing thanks! ( :
I love this game so much that kindly key-in is playing this game and there are a blue cube a green cube and a Red Cube one is on the roof that's the Red Cube and one is inside the Blue Room in the room of the blue cube and the green cube is a room and it's behind the couch that's it
it's so good the graphics are amazing and also I wish there was acts on it then it would be the best games ever but still it's amazing 😊😊
Please help. My head stuck in toilet! -- After you begin a game, there is no Main Menu; Resume only possible if game still in memory. -- There's No save, No save Slot, No load saved, No load Slot.... *** Toilet Example *** i placed too many blocks when i was in wooden wardrobe closet and got "squirted" up through the ceiling with my head next to Toilet Bowl! *** i can't move *** *** i can't jump *** Only option is to Force Close game to lose... Restart from beginning. ===== Game needs * at least * a simple "Save & Exit" like old Nintendo PokΓ©mon -- only then, when my head gets stuck in toilet, i Force-Close to revert to Last Save! ==== Also, Xbox Bluetooth controller support would really help! (only move, jump, pick-up & inventory can be activated currently w/ whatever Unity defaults exist -- the controller cannot pan view nor drop/activate items -- it probably makes sense to remap controller functions to a familiar Minecraft-like loadout )
No tutorial or storyline. You are thrown into a house with no objective. There are objects all around you, but it takes a moment to teach yourself how to retrieve them, much less how to use them. I felt like I was aimlessly walking around with nothing to do. I feel sad I paid money for this.
it's been a while since you updated, I left over a year ago and come back to no diffrence.. please update regularly if you wanna keep this game going
You should add a Third floor and a fourth floor and also add where you can get inside the water room with a puzzle like you have to find a valve somewhere and then you're able to open up the door when you drain out the water from the pipe. And also you should add a gun So instead of having the cubes you would have the gun to shoot angry neighbor. And it should not come out and then he should be back in like a minute or two. Thank you for making this game
Amazing game but please update it soon and allow the neighbor to walk around and you should add nightime and he walks around with a flashlight around outside at night
Hi, I really like your game, it reminds me of hello neighbor alpha 1, I'm pretty excited for any future updates and the future house (if the house does change) Again I really like your game, please keep updating it!
This is exactly like Hello Neighbor but a mobile version.The graphics quality is high.I highly reccomend this game xD
I really like the game I just wish when u got caught or hit by a car u would keep ur stuff it's a great game though!
It's awesome! This game has pretty good graphics for a mobile game, also I like the cubes in the game as well! Might add: Basement Bug fixes Maybe another cube? it is awesome all in all so keep updating and stay cool!