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Angry Crocodile Family Simulator: Crocodile Attack

Angry Crocodile Family Simulator: Crocodile Attack for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Freaking Games located at Pakistan. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Intense Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is very nice and cool. I love it very much.And the battle fight is my favorite part of this game
i like the game. i like to kill living creatures to. but not really in real life killing. if you make it more realistic ill give 5 stars.
So its really weird gameplay. The controls are hard and it makes the game harder to enjoy. There are ads after every single thing you do. Plus side I saw an ad for a cool game and downloaded that instead so it all worked out.
It is a good game but level three it is so difficult how do except too feed the crocodile when there is nothing to eat you need to work on this game😑😑
Couldn't even get to the game: literally a long ad between every. single. screen. Every time you click the screen, a new ad. Intolerable.
I understand advertisements but my goodness! I had 4 before I even got into the game! attack my first person, another advertisement. uninstalled within 2 minutes of download
3 ads in the first 1 minute of the game. couldn't even open it without an ad. graphics are weak as well as the game play. nice thing is I only wasted 3 minutes of my life with this one.
more adds than gameplay. I'm not joking. kill someone in 10 sec then 20 sec adds then repeat. graphics blow . sounds blow. would be embarrassed to be caught with this on my phone. wasted my time.
good game, i feel like i had a good time playing it, and the only thing that USED to bother me was the ads.
Really lame game. Can't tell why so many people have installed it. I played like 5 minutes and got bored. There are tons of adds as well.
I like this game but there are two problems which I hate i.e the ads which always come jn between the game and the second is u have not mentioned the name of any crocodile. It's not good.
way too many ads. goal is to kill another animal, there are none. people run into your path and die to end the level and give more ads.
i can't even play the damn game with all these damn ads, on top of that the graphics and game feel are horrible
There were 4 ads before I even got to a playable screen. The I ate a person, then there was another ad. I uninstalled it immediately.
The game has a good concept but it has so many ads. Every time you tap something it shows an ad. Other than that it is a good game.
downloaded the game. clicked 1 button and got an ad. second button ad. third ad. you can not move through this game without an ad.
So. Many. ADS!!! 5 ads before the level even starts. gameplay is slow, and you get a super long ads after each level. Don't waste your time.
Way too many ads. Absolutely obnoxious. I uninstalled before playing because there were already so many ads playing. Garbage.
i think thw game have to much ads.if you make it realistic that would work better and I will give you five stars...
It's TRUE bad game... this game starting was very easy...but when I am came at last of the level 25 is so hard....there was only one crocodile for fighting...but they tell to kill 2 battle and a crown...but there was only one crocodile no another...
- Not the best graphic I ever seen. - Full of ads in every click. - No story at all, just go and kill. - Not good way in menu to choose levels. - Poor way of control for the Croc.
I like this game but it always bends its neck when it wants to eat. A little different could make this game so much better
There's way too many ads I didn't even get to play the game because there were 4 ads before the game started I just uninstalled it so those who think it's a great game good luck.
Controls are terrible. Minimal fun. Needs more... Short game. Objectives are irrelevant bc any kill counts.
Ok with the Ads already! It's no wonder this app has such a low rating. Had to watch 6 ads before actually playing.the game. Instant fail! Chucking this one over the freaking cliff!!!
Absolutely one of the worst games I've played. Only played for 45 seconds and I had 3 ads pop up after every button I pressed.
riddled with ads and makes you pay for everything. The idea was cool, but you can tell they are just trying to make a quick buck
the game is trash run after some one bite done next lvl oh and download add start game add finish lvl 1 add pick lv2 add there is an add on every load screen like ever one is saying the is more adds than game so this = one butten pushed uninstalled
this game exist only for passing your information to 3rd parties in my opinion. All levels are actually the same. Boring and low quality graphics.
too many adds. don't waist your time with this one. 3 adds before you can even start playing and then as soon as you eat someone another add pops up. just isn't worth the time.
i agree worst game ever dumb ad pop ups the controls dont work properly i try and go one way but go another and what's up with the loading the game on my phone it takes ages fix the bugs
Should be called "Ad Simulator" - 5 minutes of ads and game hasn't even started. Nothing but complete ad infestation. Was it any good ? Don't know because I uninstalled it before game even started. Trash
I liked this game it was interesting but the ad was being on coming so I decreased one star for that. please stop playing many ads then you will get five out of five stars, thank you
unplayable due to soo many ads. one after you click on ANYTHING. its more like ad click simulator. plus the croc controls are sub par
the worst game I've ever played. adds every 3 seconds between 30 seconds of gameplay. You can take this game and shove it. thanks for wasting my time