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AB Transformers for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation located at Rovio Entertainment Corporation Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 ESPOO FINLAND. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The best mixture of transformers and angry birds πŸ’’. The quality of the animation is great there is barely any lag in the game. The different types of weapons they use to defeat the eggbots and their pig army is amazing.
Great gameplay but gets very difficult and like other pay to advance games by rovio if you arent spending serious cash, you will not get very far......AT ALL. There is upgrades needed all the time to get past levels that bombard you with bullets, lava rocks, missiles and if you arent getting constant upgrades you wont last 1 min on alot of the levels. Good luck
Very good game one of my favorites but i gave it 4 instead of 5 star for 2 reasons first please remove the pigs that shoot 4 lasers at once i spent all my gems on reviving my bots because of these and the other reason so i had just unlocked medium missions and i could unlock a new character and i had to wait 2 whole days and i didnt get it i deserved it 2 whole days and the game even teased me by putting it by where i tapped please give me prowl my nickname is mischiff thank you
The game play is nice and so are the graphics, but in the lab I personally would have made it so you can mix and match the Crystal's to get other robots(forgot name at the moment) and the Crystal's you pay with again.
This game is amazing. I love how each bird & pig have their own transformer role & they played their role perfectly & the weapons for each & every one of them are on point. But i do have one major flaw thats been bugging me. When i go to redownloading this game on other devices & log back into my account via facebook & google play the game has depleted half of my progress that I had few years back & i know this because i was over level 100 I believe & now Im back at level 45.
I would have given 5 stars, except the fact that I lost all mynpopped pigs after doing a mission. I had about 1265 pigs and after doing a mission, I lost all of them and the number went down to 15. Just today, I had 775 pigs, and after doing a mission, I only had 65 pigs, meaning I had to grind back up to rescue Jazz, which needs 1400 pigs. Please fix this, thanks!
This game is AWESOME!!! the graphics, controls, and gameplay is all out of this world. I've been playing this game since I was 6. It was awesome at first but it is 10 times more awesome now. If you like angry birds and transformers then you should download this
This game has always been a childhood memory of mine, its a great way to pass time. The only thing I dislike about it is that some of the sould is off from the video. What I mean is the audio either happens before or after the video plays it, and the video is sometimes laggy as well. But overall, I recommend it, to really enyone who wants a plesant way to pass time.
Super fun game! Second favorite game --scratch that-- FAVORITE! ***Updated 4/19/2020*** Thank you for fixing the bugs!!! My hero, Alphalpha!?!?! Now more than ever, I thank you for this frequent little jaunt to a less stressful time. As of late, my top two games remain the same, yet both seam to get equal attention. A++ to "trans/A/B" creators and upkeep personnel. ***Re-update 4/20/2020*** Still lovin' the visually obscured destruction! Perfect 4 20's at 4:20 on 4/20/20!!!
I used to love playing all the time. Had it on all my devices. Then, Rovio got greedy. They added the War Pass and changed/mucked up the game. Spark Runs are garbage. Getting new characters is a chore, unless you're willing to pay MONEY! Can't even get good things from gold crates anymore. Only reason I don't rate this lower is I play it once in a while. Wish Rovio would change it back to the way it was, but that's wishful thinking.
Great Game, but theres a bug, when i go to daily tasks its a lot of days, approximately 630+ days, can you please fix it? Its been really hard to earn those gems
Best game I like the transformer birds that happened to be my favorite part of the gameplay and the type of birds is very nice I want more bird in the game πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Love the game and graphics. However, there is a terrible lag through most of the battles. 😞 Would be so much better if the game ran smoother.
The game is very fun however I experienced instant death on some levels for long time Still love thunder cracker.I have 2 devices one with lvl 190 something and one with lvl 19. My thundercracker was destroyin everything so much fun Also,ten free golden crate I mean eleven? Brilliant. This game is very fun would Suggest downloading
This game is amazing! I love angry birds and especially transformers! The only thing is the attention to detail is not very transformer like but I get it, its hard to pay attention to all the little details.
This is a fun game with epic graphics but the in-game purchases are overpriced and it is literally 750 gems just for ONE character! And I also find the price of the battle pass ridiculous because 18 dollars just for a battle pass that you have for 54 days?! And the prizes aren't even that good. Please make the in-game purchases cheaper or more worth the price and I will rate it 5 stars.
I think that this game is great, but the reason I gave it 4 stars is because the pigs that shoot 4 lasers are too overpowered. Most of my transformers had their health drained to a PULP. And they are also at the start of the game, which makes it hard for newbies to complete the beginner levels. They need to be nerfed in my opinion, or at least be removed from the game, and would be better if you did so Rovio. I know you might never get this, but it's the least you could do.
This game is awesome but I gave 5stars because it doesn't have any problems.I mean It's the most perfect game I've ever seen.The events are very good end the sparkrun very well.For me it's the best game in the world.I LOVE ANGRY BIRDS GAMES.I am going to wait, when you are going to install the vehicle mode in giant autobirds and giant deceptihogs.The game is awesome,and very good.Merging angry birds and transformers is a good idea they had.Also the characters are very awesome,it's a unique game.
An incredible game I used to play this game when I was younger. And trust me, it was one of my favourites. I really like the robots, and the fact you can customize them makes this 5 stars. I had no trouble playing the game and getting used to it. I would probably give it 6 stars if possible.
It is very fun and addicting I am determined to get all the characters in the game,getting new characters are simple but afte you unlock dark megatron you have to get the rest of the characters from events that each last a week and the top prize is a character to unlock
It's fun but I think upgrading take a little bit longer and levels should be longer or make upgrading items easier not upgrading items I mean items cost put on Transformers Angry Birds
Played since 2014 and lastly played 2020. Tried to play for this new update but upon opening Rovio banned me without any notifications on when and valid reasons for it. Hope 6 years of loyalty isn't thrown to waste and thesebfalse bans everyone else is facing too!
This game combines the elements of transformers plus angry birds, but I do have one question: did the creators of the angry birds franchise ask the creators of transformers if they could make this game? And it's kinda weird that they made the decepticons team up with the autobots.
I think it would be cool if Some characters like Starscream could be unlocked easily but beside that the game is great.
This game is pretty good. I still believe there are many flaws, but the constant updates, and nostalgiac moments won this rating.
will there be an update for this game so that it has the transformers from transformers beast wars and they are actually animals instead of vehicles they are animals and put their mutaded forms in here to, also give the transformer their correct modes like ratchet give him his ambulance mode and no a firetruck with an ambulance sign don't count as his vehicle mode and put seaspray in here with his boat mode like make a boat/running level
Good game! But I have some ideas. 1. New characters from other series 2. Events last longer. 3. Can get levels in war pass in different ways. (Winning, getting 1,000 coins in one game, ect) 4. Make some characters only obtainable via achievement's. 5. Add more achievement's. Please add as much of this into the game as you can. πŸ™‚
This game was good for the most part until I got to the part where you unlock Gray Slam Grimlock, all of the sudden the pigs become WAY too op and it becomes nearly impossible to beat a level any more, please fix this. Another thing is that i get your supposed to pick a side for the season pass but even with the extra perks they give it seems like they do nothing. But all the gameplay before this sudden rise in difictly is good, i would recomend it.
I really like this game. It has smooth graphics, a wide variety of characters and more. Only problem is that lots of things (jungle area) cost many "gems" that I don't feel like paying for.
I do love this game but I do wish that the transformer cost is less or you get more pigs depending on your level I do feel that more people should play the game or at least make it so that war pass users only get the transformers at level 49 and 50 so you don't have to spend 18.00 dollars on a prime pass if you'r late.
I really like the game. It's really fun and unique making transformers and angrybirds merge together. I love the characters, there looks, and there tactics. I swear I will never, I say never delete this most best, awesome, fun, and unique game.
This game is really fun. It is a cool game to play while bored. Has no adds at all. And it's two of my childhood shows and games together really good game definently should try out for yourself
I like it. Its a really fun game. Since im a fan of transformers, i looked for games that make me this the mane game, but then i found this angry birds transformers. But the small problem is the graphics but i still like it!
Ridiculous that you have to pay real cash to get character mods. You can't pick what character you want to battle with. Takes forever to level up characters unless you want to spend hundreds of real dollars. New update...now gem levels green, purple, and orange have a ground shake that kills any character within 10 seconds of play. Not fun to play if you can't advance power ups. No explanation or any way to beat level.
Due to glitch in game I wasted 300 gems. It was asking me to permanently increase size of team with 100 gems and than 200 gems for unlocking slot which I did . Than same it started asking me 300 gems & for last 400 gems. I lost 300 gems and feeling cheated. I never purchased gems they were hard earned after playing for many days. Uninstalling this game aswell soon.
Great Game, used to play this a couple years back. Loooaadss of nostalgia. Unrelated but can Rovio please bring back old games like the original,angry birds GO!, and angry birds epic?
Overall it is good but if a developer is seeing this can you fix the bug where destroying walking monoliths in spark runs is nearly impossible. I have tried different transformers but they all do very little damage making it so hard to complete runs.
Consistently annoying hard sell of rating. If I remember correctly, it will ask repeatedly regardless of leaving a rating. Without that it's 4 star! Well 4.5 cuz it's offline too!!
I love this game although it get very laggy time to time but I still rate five because the amazing game is very good many things to do and many transformers to get four your team but I really would like the delvopers to reduce the lag to make it better please.
So far, the levels seem to have a good amount of challenge in them. However, they may become easier as I rank up more and more. I also like the detailing in the 3D design, VHS styling, and character animation. The way that the weaponry is able to upgraded is quite amazing, as well as the characters! 5 stars for Rovio! S. McCallum
At first i thought it was highly laggy and bad, but now i think its only slightly laggy. I like the variety of characters, achievements, and customization. My only comment is how overpriced upgrades and accessories are.
Really cool game just that when I am done with mission my screen turns black and I need to log out for it to turn normal
I love angry birds and the transformers series so this is the perfect game for anybody that loves them both just like me I just wish that there was more of a variety of Autobots and decepticons
Best game ever!it's so fun and you can even play without Wi-Fi if you don't want to see the ads but then you won't be able to watch the ad to get the daily crate and on the events when you have Wi-Fi you can try characters that you don't have. It deserves a five-star because I like how on the levels the character that you're using they shoot different things. thundercracker is my favorite because on a crate I got something that that makes his is lasers explode when they hit things. It's great😁
I really love it!! Although when my battery is low it starts laging and glitching on me :(, But that's fine. Also it's very fun to get characters but maybe you could change it to have challenges, Maybe you do, And at the last challenge when you get the robot by piggy coins and then enter the base of the piggy's and unlock the jail and get the robot you get. But this is SO cool!!! I wanna say how MUCH MUCH transformer toys I+you have! Okay, I have 300+ transformers! How much do you have?
Amazing! I'm playing it since I was 10 and this was game who made me never uninstall it.I never thought there would be a angry birds tranformer game I would recommend you this if you are searching a transformer game. And this is also a good action game.1 complain tho if you want to unlock the jungle stage, do you seriously need gems for that?! That's a 2500 gems I can't even get 100 gems I was really upset when I got to level 50 cuz that unlocks it and can you add gems to some of the levels
Always wanted to get this game when i was 6 but couldnt Great game 5 stars, can't win a level with a some characters, i love the slow motions and enemies and i am one of your greastest fans downloaded every game of yours on 2 different accounts but the grinding is starting to make it hard anyway its a great game and i was able to get some of the good characters like smokescreen, please allow me to get more good characters from crates. One of my favourite games keep it up Rovio
I reccomend it the music is very 80s esc and its really fun but you have to pay gems to unlock the jungle and they kinda ruined it with trying to be hip and cool by adding the "War pass"
Game is good, but when I do a level 2 spark run with my newly acquired Optimus Maximus, I lose because of those dudes who shoot those big balls of magma, and the only way to avoid them is to go in vehicle mode, but giant characters like Optimus Maximus don't have that. So please give them vehicle mode, and I'll make this a 5 🌟.
Love the game i satrted this game way back in 2015 and forgot about it and now here i am playing it again the only issue i have is whenever i try to connect to facebook it does noy let me and says "unable to connect" please fix this issue
I Wish so bad to rate this game higher be because I loved it as a child, but it doesnt even work anymore, Whenever I even open the game it loads, does that comical swap thing, then stop working.
Sorry they do not allow ( - ) stars. Since I have played this game for 5 years, their efforts to collect more money with the new add-ons has destroyed the integrity of the system. The game is evolving. Unfortunately, the changes are untested and causes the game to be very glitchy and inoperable for a week after updates. Continued non-functional play after latest changes. Begging for $17.99 for a game that requires 40 restarts to play 3 events. Good news, it is so glitchy, no ads run.
I like the war part of the game and the new characters. Also I would like the next update with 1 trillion gems and everything that costs money it can cost gems and can we have a free jena code also can you have in a coner where you can buy telepods and for optomus prime for the back he can have his trailer. And everything that costs money can cost in game coins finally for every character if they have a meele accessory and a build is in the way there can be a animation slicing the build
I would give this game 5 stars if it wasn't for one fairly consistent and annoying flaw. Several times during competitions, I will play multiple levels and spend gems to advance, only to lose ALL progress. When I log back in, I find I have to start completely over and play longer just to catch up to where I was. Doesn't matter if I have a 5g signal, 4g, or even Wi-Fi. It happens at least once a day when I play, and has for several weeks now.
It's the best game by Rovio entertainment. I was bored with the previous angry birds games and bad piggies but this game is the best of all. I fully recommend you to download it, it is the best transformer and angry bird game on the whole play store or apple store. It's controls are the easiest and gameplay is the best.
The game has SO MUCH CHARACTERS, and now it has so many characters! I am waiting for Hal as Raindazzle! He is the first normal dinobot autobird after Goldbite Grimlock!
Great but why do you still have the same health as last round everything else is great love the game. Lags are not great. I will always remember this game. I've deleted this many times but I always go back to it. It's a great memory of mine in my childhood as well. I will never forget this game.
Me personally i love this game it is basically a run n gun like pain misery agony my destruction also known by everyone else in the world as cuphead but we don't talk about that game but this is a good run n gun game but there is a lotta grinding so overall this game is AMAZING PLEASE MAKE MORE CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Been playing this game for basically years now, but recently after the update all of a sudden theres a huge decrease in performance. The game is nolonger smooth as before, n i never had problems before...please fix that otherwise great game
Fun game but why is there ads? I mean I know there so the developers make some cash. But still, why! The first angry birds game had no ads, and I'm sure Angry Birds Space had no ads Ethier. But I get it, it's fine. Oh wait! I just realized that the game is for free! That's why... ugh sorry about that. But I love this game, the first angry birds game has been around 10 years of my life. And just saying, love the two angry birds movies the 1st one, not as funny, but amazing, the 2nd one was EPIC!
This game is very great! Besides the occasional ad, id say the gameplay is awesome! 10/10 would recommend!! Please get this game and enjoy its great gameplay and graphics!!
Very Poggie Chamberlains My wife told me about this game, but I was hesitant at first. I love the abgry birds (the green one if my favorite) but Im not a Transformer fan. This game was food. I love it so much just like the funny birds. Hahaha I love the funny birds.
The game is fun to play, almost endless new characters to unlock, lots of items for customization, daily new challenges and more! I obviously reccomend everyone to play this game
I'm rating 1* despite loving the game because in the beginning of current event, In token exchange multiple characters were shown. Now on 2-6-2021, Wednesday, when it closes tomorrow, I don't see any of those characters in the list. That's cheating! Also, there have been multiple instances that the characters keep on loosing power since past 6 years. Some new upgrade, new individual part, new power up for individual accessories has always been required costing us gems or coins etc.
This game is really fun to play! Especially in mobile. But it's really laggy of you play it in mobile mode, I've seen my littel brother play it on his iPad and it's not laggy at all. But other than that, things are going great!
The game is a great adventurer game it is very nice it is one of best rovio entertainment game the graphics are nice but their,are some mistakes you need to correct e.g the aids like,the,jenga mode and others that why I give it four star please do the corrections to make it more better revealed by student in greg high school (,hamed)
Your game is pretty cool and can you put in an update where when you intercept with the egg bots and you hit them can they release gems please
Turn diwn the volume on the ads! Im using headphones, and now several ads have decided that we shouldnt havevthe option of MUTING them! Ive had my eardrums blasted, because YOUR ads, especially, are EXTREMELY LOUD!!!! You have removed the option to mute them! I muted the game, because its too distracting, and now inhave to mute the volume on my phone, so I won't be blasted out of my seat, when the ads pop up! I'm already deaf enough! Please don't destroy what's left!
Good enough for me anyway Transformers not like it really means nothing I just play because I want to unlock all the characters once I'm finished with the game I'm deleting it start over from the beginning also nice game pretty good btw if ur a winner do a speed run.
Great its all good i just think when u get to level 23 i felt like I was going to get Galvatron but everything else is great let's not dwell on the negative people its 2020 its always going to be crazy wether u laugh or cry so just power through it.edit: hey rovio do u remember that jetpack. level maybe the eggbots could create sky platforms that would pollute the air and u could have jetpack as a separate item from the rest and the pigs could have jetpacks and those collums would swing around
the game is fun like other angry birds game but it it is also a transformers game a series i never grew up with. but however i like to see these two series working together to make this game to introduce angry birds players too transformers a movie series that they might like to watch in the movies,home and on the go because they can enjoy the amazing world of tranformers
Amazing this game is super cool but and it's a big but nerf the quad laser pigs!!! There awfully on spark runs
This game was my favorite so i decided to reinstall it but as soon as I link my Facebook account its prompting me to click on that rewards thing shack but eveytime i click it doesn't do anything but make a sound effect I can't click anything else and reloading the game doesn't work i hope someone can fix this problem because i would like to play the game again
Edit: Facebook login doesn't work. Review: Was a great game, but looks like pay to play mechanics have been added and it is more difficult. Will uninstall since game has changed for the worse.
One of the best games the characters including the titans have great attacks if u want to play this game download it right now SPOILER ALERT :please if you unlocked where u choose between auto birds or deceptihogs please choose autobirds we need more crews but over all its great and i wish there was an update that makes u create ur own transformers
The game itself has been good-ish. The customer service? Not so good. Trying to switch info between devices, has been a nightmare, and customer service has not been able to resolve this. After THREE WEEKS. That's unacceptable, for a game that I've spent 6 years and at least $50 on, and can't even get my purchases restored? C'mon Rovio - do better! (and, before you say it - I've BEEN contacting customer service, for THREE WEEKS. Getting a response, every 4 days, is just not good service.)
Best game ever. Not only are the ads not much but they also arent like 30sec long. I say this is one of the best games.
Fed up with all the problems with this game and the cost of everything. Just used 1200 coins in the token exchange to buy a gold crate pleased that I got a new character and it has not appeared . Waste of time no new character but lost my coins. Any one help here. Don't suppose they will never get any replies or comment's to reviews from Rovio. Would be nice to hear from them.