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Angry Birds Space HD

Angry Birds Space HD for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation located at Rovio Entertainment Corporation Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 ESPOO FINLAND. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
why the hell am i seeing ads in a game that i purchased years ago? I specifically purchased this game because i DIDN'T WANT TO SEE THE FREAKING ADS! I could care less that this company changed their business model...i want the game back that i purchased, period! please refund my money and good riddance to your company. no more for me...
too many issues. downloaded & game froze. uninstalled & tried again & same thing happened. now im uninstalling & wont try again. sucks.
Thanks for removing the ads an making it free on my phone! Its soooooooooooooooooooo much better 👊👍👍👍 whoever doesent like it can get eaten by the big fat piggy in Utopia
The absolute nerve. This is pure scam. Gives you birds "They want" in an order "They want" to make the game as hard as possible, so that you would be forced into using help and then buying it once you run out of it. Save yourself money, time and health and don't download this.
i can give them 5 star but they have many things that i didn't like. that controls and their are many different types of birds which is good but some birds are very poor so update this game and make more powerful birds then u will play this game and make a app which contains everything in like space rivio season etc so when you pay attention on this comment i will install it nd give u five stars 1 more thing that i didn't like its adds after every 2 levels their os add
I'm so glad I still have this game. Why would rovio take this gem of a game down?! Anyways 5/5 for music 5/5 for gameplay and 0/5 for Rovio for taking this down!
This game is awesome but the only problem is of adds . If you remove the adds then it will be the best game.
Great game, only issue is the amount of ads, it ridiculous, and they are long, I actually just stop playing after 2 or more ads.
Can not get past one level I have tried twenty times. Also one star is being nice. The contrals are almost as bad as ever.
Could've been fun, if not for the Fracking ads every TWO levels. Rovio you got way too greedy now. I can't even pay for the full version anymore, so now they force the sickening ads all the time. Uninstalled this EA level bullcrap. Up yours Rovio. They got too big and greedy, just like EA and Bethesda.
This is a really fun game but I don't think the story is finished. The birds never got their eggs and the space egg from the pigs. Please make more chapters Rovio!
Great, Rovio! Convincing me not to spread the word! But, there are some changes on this one. 1st; Matilda should be a returning character here. 2nd; there should be a quicker way to unlock the 2nd part of the last chapter. Please make this happen!
Rovio why can't I pay to have no ads? This sucks because otherwise I love the game. C'mon Rovio make it happen! Surely you make enough cash on in app purchases.
I hate how Rovio stopped updating the originals angry bird games. Like Angry Brids space, Angry Birds Star Wars. I loved those games now i cant download them again so that is sad
It was like the good old days. I miss this game so much that I would want to replay the story. Including your previous games.
Uninstalled because of excessive Cell C advertisements. Ads getting in the way everywhere. Easy - avoid apps with adds! Say NO to ADS!!!
Ignore all the people saying "THERE ARE SO MANY ADS ROVIO TURNED CORPERATE AND I WANT ATTENTION" Not once for me has there been an ad and yes, i am on the internet all the time. If you do have annoying ads, TURN ON AIRPLANE MODE.Its as simple as that. Rovio did turn corperate, but the quality of the game is still there and is VERY good.
Loved it but kinda boring can u make more chapters or bonus chapter make these 1. Shifting jam the birds are heading for an egg again! But foreman and helmet pig releases a magnet to grab it and the birds are angrier than ever! King pig is going to eat the egg the birds got some TNT and bomb explodes together they explode and everyone goes out of the planet and BAM! BOOSTER! CHIRP! EVERYTHING FALLS TO DUST but the king pig did survive the second opinion is you you can make anything to make the children happy
30 seconds of ads for 10 sec of gameplay. I spent more time watching ads than playing the game. I seen the same on 6 times in a row. Cant "play" anymore.
It's very easy to learn and play but has enough real challenge to keep you going. It is not timed, for elderly flatulents like myself that is an enormous benefit! Have played it for years on several platforms, will probably be playing it for years to come!
awesome game. but why it is not showing on play store? I searched on it but it was showing other angry birds games. finally I go to google chrome and download this game.
Fun when you're playing but there are so... many... ads. So. Many. Ads. They interrupt the experience far too often and for too long each time.
Seriously? A freaking 30 second ad after every completed level? This is beyond ridiculous. I remember paying for this game outright around 8 years ago. Whatever happened to that? I never received a refund or access to the game I PAID FOR TO PLAY WITHOUT ADS!!
Probably one of the only classic angry bird games left, I have to say though that im gonna have to rate it unfairly due to the fact that the company itself has turned into a completely money desperate company.
This game is amazing. It was fun when i first played when i was 3 and its still fun now. Btw i dont know why people complain about ads just turn your wifi off idiots.
Was a great game until like every other game you put annoying adverts in after every level. Most annoying thing is once the adverts come you have to close the app and re-load it. sort it out.
Love this game. I wish I could have angry birds classic, Rio 2, space, and seasons.😀 😭plus please add things to the game to make it more cooler: 1. Please put Matilda and Hal in the game, 2. Remove all ads from the game and add more then 1 bird, 3. Please Add a power -up wheel like in angry birds friends... That way, when Iose power -ups, I can use it to get them back.😌
I don't know what changes but there are ads and pop-ups almost every level. You spend more time popping ads than piggies and I purchased the ad remover!
The only angry birds game without popups, ads appear infrequent, overall great game... Just missing that ad-free version.
I love this game I would love to see this along with other old angry birds games remade to work with newer devices
Many have said it and more will. the amount of ads is ridiculous. yeah, you might be looking business, no reason to make people pay for your mistakes.
There are no adds in this game and i dont get why people say there are... probably disney app fans that are trying to get rid of their oppositions. Either way this company is not going bankrupt and never will, the haters are probably fans of disneys sticker emoji game that crashes everytime you open it... no hate just stop lying about this game and stop making it look and sound bad... just stop... angry birds 🐦 is a good franchise so dont try and ruin it... Ive loved these games since i was 5.
The gravity feature is a bit hard to get used to, but when you understand it, you're practically unstoppable
Often really awesome but the gameplay can vary widely as if they were struggling to be inventive or accidently 'duplicating' levels. Some, like Star Wars version can be irrating and an insult if 3 stars win only possible thru far-fetched or obscure move.
This game used to be great but now there is ads everywhere... you guys took a picture perfect game and turned it into a big lob of trash. Worst part is you cant pay to get rid of the ads either
The game is really good but the ads are annoying, irrelevant, repetitive, and the pop ups are also annoying as well. Please get rid of the ads please.
Angry birds space cool cool space facts poor pluto many planets played a lot played before the addition of the solar system cool yay awesome
sunk hours into this game and have now found out there is no way to move progress to my new phone. utterly ridiculous at best. considering it has in app purchases it is more like scandalous. when a person gets a new phone they will lose all the progress and power ups purchased. If this isnt fixed I will be reporting it to playstore.
We have enjoyed Angry Birds for years, all the way into Angry Birds Space edition. We upgraded our phone, (March 2019) and had a rude awakening when we forgot that we hadn't saved any games for over a year. . THEN, to our dissappointment, found that accounts can no longer be made or accessed. Too bad we have to start over, that is until what, will you discontinue the games as well maybe in the future????