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Angry Birds POP Blast

Angry Birds POP Blast for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation located at Rovio Entertainment Corporation Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 ESPOO FINLAND. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really liked the game before the upgrade. It was a great way to unwind, but now it's too hard, you can't choose your own birds and the cards you get now really suck. Also, you can't earn gems anymore. Sadly, I'm uninstalling the game tonight.
Uninstalling it. Why make it so difficult to pass levels I tried and tried multiple times to pass and it's a no go. Level 63 to be exact lost interest when this happened wow just wow. Will let people know that not to install this app period! This sucks bad when there are other games that are way way much better than this.... Would give negative 20 stars but it's not worth it
I loved the first one but this seems too simplified. The dragging on the bubbles isn't very responsive either and it makes it very slow to play in comparison.
Nine years ago, Angry Birds was a gem. Now, the franchise is nothing more than pay-to-play. I enjoyed this game, and then updates re-worked the layouts, suddenly added "recommended" birds/ pigs, with no real way to obtain them. I would get enjoyment out of the game, but it has faded. I realized one night that it was causing stress for no reason. When you play a level for almost a month and can't pass it, it's not worth it. Uninstalled. Uninstalling Rovio games one by one. Not fun anymore.
Initially, I would have given it 5 stars. The first 300 levels or so are fun; challenging, but not overly frustrating. Then the levels get much harder. Harder is ok, but some of them are ridiculous. I spent a month trying to win level 405, a "Hard" level. Level 406 is also "Hard" and is followed by "Extreme" level 407. I am not having fun playing anymore. I am uninstalling.
OMG! This is, hands down, the dullest and most repetitive game ever made! I made it to lvl 183 before I just couldn't take it any longer🤪 The only reason I playd that long is bcaus I thought 4 sure sumthin differnt would b coming along. But NOPE! And yes It's a typical Birds where u have to play every other lvl 10 times before they r satisfied that u aren't going to buy anything be 4 they finally let u win and move on to the next lvl where it's the same thing all over again & again & again😵
There is a lack of an actual map. The game is too easy with the laser showing where the ball will exactly drop. The artstyle is also a downgrade to the original angry birds pop. Big waste of my time. There are some positives tho, having teo characters in game is a big upgrade, goes well with the movies theme aswell. The characters are relatively easy to get and have some fun opportunities for combos. I will continue to change my review when they fix the issues.
This app is great until you hit a level and can't get by it until you start spending alot off money. Can't anyone just put out a game where you spend 20.00 to play it, if you like it, without a ton of ads and have fun? This is getting ridiculous. So tired of it.
I've seen it so many times and never downloaded it to test it for unknown reason, wow! Now I know what I was missing out, love it its beautiful, entertaining and FUN. Totally amazing I recommend it 110% Go download it, what are you waiting for? Don't do the same mistake I did missing out on all the FUN & ENTERTAINMENT you will have.
Yeah, I think rovio has officially lost it lol. basically Red, Chuck, Bomb, Minion Pig, Le Chef Pig and Corporal Pig are off to pop bubbles and save Hatchlings. there's no real explanation as to why, you just sorta do? the gameplay is the same as it's predecessor, but you can now play as birds and pigs both at the same time (when you unlock the pigs) I just wish rovio would stop focusing on this dumb match formula BECAUSE ITS SO STALE AND OVERDONE!! P.S. I'm not even gonna try dream blast...
uninstalled. level 88 at the end where the 3 TNT boxes are. A charged Chuck bubble was illuminating the pig in a bubble 2 lines above the 2 TNT boxes closer to the top but wouldn't illuminate the TNT boxes below it. checking several times, there was no way those boxes were not in range. the game decided i wasn't to progress farther when I most certainly should have. cheating SHOULD earn you 1 star. I won't be downloading another from Rovio.
this game at first was good. no worries about hard or extreme levels. the problem is regular levels. i have been on a nirmal level for almost a month. guessing there is nothing past it because they aren't smart enough to keep it going. or it is the dumbest levek ever. if you pass it a huge cash prize and a b### j## should be automatic
Click to connect to FB and now I cant even log in to app. They tell you this is the only way to truly save progress, but it's a load of BS. It's the only way for them to ensure that you have to uninstall and start over, praying you invest more money. Just a POS, they should be ashamed of themselves.
Love angry birds. However , having problems connecting to the internet. I don't know what the problem is. It says that I am connected to Facebook, that would mean that I am on the internet, right. Please fix this. I still love the game.
I have been playing this game every day for about the last 4 yes or more. Love this game. I am on level 2201 and it takes me quite a while to beat these higher levels. This game is very challenging. Love pop a pig. You should check this game out. You'll love it.
I think this is one of the best bubble pop games out. It's challenging once you hit level 80. Graphics are good. But bonuses aren't in this game and what few there are will break the bank. I have no idea what events will be coming and no idea what daily quests do for you, but whatever it is, it should be good.Customer service is top notch.
Since I like Angry Birds games AND Pop Bubble Shooter games I am really having fun playing this game! I did not play Angry Birds Pop 1 because I didn' t see it before this newer version. However, I am delighted to be playing Pop 2 w/all the Angry Birds characters and their different powers. Just turned 75 years young on my last b-day (5/13) and am still having fun w/gamesand this one is no exception!
I absolutely love this game BUT it said I neede an update to continue playing but it never downloads, it keeps cycling thru to 100% and starts over again! I was on level 396!!!! Can not get back into the game, says I need to update but it doesnt update! Very upset!!!!
Well the game was fun until i cant pass any leves now to even complete the dailys . now you got a new event that you have to win multiple games in a row. Your one of the worst games i have ever played. I will not be playing anymore. I have gone weeks with out being able to beat one damn level. And i was a bust a move champ. So kiss my ass
If any of you haven't received the update to this game yet, there's something important you need to know. There is a bug which is putting the game into a 'pinata loop' the first time the game is run after the update. To avoid this, uninstall/reinstall the game after receiving the update. This is my observation anyway.
I love this game. However.. since the update, I've been experiencing alot of odd behavior within the gameplay. The game will freeze, and I'll have to redownload in order for it to work. It's a repetitive thing. If this could get fixed if greatly appreciate it as I am a big fan of the game.
This NOT the Angry Birds I first came to know and enjoy. This is "Angry Birds-The Movie." I knew the game would be ruined once that movie came out. What made the game so amusing and unique in the beginning was that it was just the heads and the sound effects. Take something unique, made for grownups, and add arms, legs and voices and it becomes just another kiddie game that sells a lot of toys just in time for Christmas. No thank you. Now I see you cannot even find the original Angry Birds.
Okay, this game is not terrible. For what it is, it's a cute little bubble shooter game with Angry Birds. But why I don't like is because you've been making nothing but these Angry Birds Bubbles Shooter games! I'd be more happy if you'd go back to the simple slingshot technique, or at the very least, use the classic designs, instead of being lazy with these bubble games.
Good bubble shooter game ruined by terrible touch controls. Numerous times I have to make a pixel perfect shot, I line it up and remove my thumb to shoot only for it to decide my thumbs removal moves the shot and misses costing me a life. Could be fixed by adding a stop movement button to tap when you align the shot how you want it or even a shoot button would be better... and the music is awful.
This is a fun game!! Just challenging enough~ I like to do problem solving type games, and have some success at first, and this game does that. Now it's getting more challenging...and I love it!!
I really do enjoy playing the game. the drawback is you don't get any jewels to buy them is expensive and it takes a hundred and fifty just for 5 more moves. They make the game so hard that unless you spend money you cannot move forward. I have uninstall this game and will no longer play it.
I liked this game, but when I updated, I do not like the fact that you automatically take my coins, instead of allowing me to choose to to get my pinata purchase. Please fix this or I will uninstall this game.
Ruined the game by forcing us to use certain birds and pigs for certain levels. I don't see the point. I was fine with having options with how to approach levels but that's just been taken away. I chase all stars for all levels but being forced to play a certain way has just taken the fun away. I was already struggling to get 3 stars on some levels and now that struggle has been increased. The game has become harder to play therefore less enjoyable. Really annoyed by this direction.
absolutely terrible. cash grab pay to win. 200 gems to continue one game 360 gems to get 3 hammers u dont give out gems inly way to get gems is facebook link for 50 and the free 130 from the start. greedy as hell if you ask me the first game was perfect. im at level 798 on angry birds pop this one im stuck at 40 because you dont give enough bubbles plus none of the colors ever match you just lost a loyal customer goodbye
I had rated this game five stars but, after realizing that it is rigged, I am dropping it to one star. You have the perfect trajectory lined up and this game makes it go anywhere but where it is supposed to go so that you are forced to buy currency in order to keep playing. Nice try Rovio. You can fool some people all of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.
How are people supposed to unlock the characters if they have no internet or mobile data. Why are developers so obsessed with putting everything online only, you've really spoilled the game. And games are no fun anymore compared to 20+yrs ago. They were real games.
does not compare to the first one... controls are very laggy. barely any challenges. hopefully they will make some massive overhauls to improve this game.
I absolutely love the game its self its extremely fun and addicting but there are some minor issues like for some reason so far one of the characters (yellow bird) glitches as in it wont upgrade even when I have more than enough point cards or whatever u wanna call it I've reset the app uninstalled reinstalled n yes still doesnt work but other that that I give it a 5 star+
Its fun and challenging. Well it used to be fun and challenging. Now its still challenging but that comes from the fact that the game is slow and jerky. You have to wait for the balls to hit their target. Thinking about deleting it
Cons - Facebook linking. RNG boxes which give hearts you won't use. 30 minute stamina. Minor control problems (at least for me) Pros - Not pay2win/play (yet) Cute animations. More variety and progress than dr. Mario. Dailies seem doable compared. I've had more playtime and more enjoyment out of this than dr. Mario. Kind of looking forward to content updates. Missing some things but so far, it's pleasantly free.
Challenging and addicting when not cheating. Rovio is the master of loading you up with wasted moves so you'll buy power ups. I won't. When the game cheats, I close it and leave it alone for a few days. If it wants me to play, it has to play fair.
I don't know why I bother with ANY AB game. Before the first update I collected close to 14000 tickets. After the update this game FORCED me to use my tickets to open the pinatas, @ 300 tickets per pinatas. Rather I won or lost, after the daily pinata, and before each level until all was used except 75 tickets. I couldn't go back a page and it wouldn't let me exit unless I opened the freaking pinatas. Now that I'm at 75, guess what, the option to open them are GONE. UNINSTALLED!!! 👎👎
BUG: On a level with +3 Shots bubbles and one shot left, using the Hammer Powerup on a +3 Bubble does not show an extra ball (shot) in the circle; however, clicking it which would typically rotate the color *does* rotate it to an empty slot and change the laser color to what would've been the next ball. Furthermore, shooting that "empty" ball puts the game into some kind of infinite loop (since the game is waiting for a ball to launch but there isn't one); only choice is to pause and forfeit.
Not sure what is the purpose of the Chef pig. All he does is throw a piece of cake in to the mix. Anyway, this game doesn't even try to make it challenging. All it does is not give you any bubble needed. It does this through all the levels. Appears to be a "purchasing" gimmick to for lce the player to spend money. I'm sure they are making a killing on advertising. Meh..
I was having great fun until i hit the problem of updating , now I have nothing it won't let me play at all ,going to delete it 😫
awesome! love the game, but it ends up being pay to play. You get so far and without continually spending money you won't get far...I hsve no problem paying for a game but not being nickeled and dimed
I enjoy the game, however, I will get the same colors of bubble shooters multiple times in a row, which is very frustrating. Also, many times, when I aim my shot, it changes upon the release of my thumb/finger. Lastly, there are some instances where I go to line up a shot that seems like an easy one to make only to find it will continue highlighting surrounding bubbles.
Hi Rovio could you please put a map in the game when you update it just like the map in the previous angry birds pop and that will massively improve the experience and also make the selecting of levels more fun
As always, AB is presented in a nice smooth experience with good graphics & obsessive material. Definitely challenging. I wish there was an easier way to navigate to previous levels, as I'm caught up while waiting for more levels (current version has 250 levels after first update added more). While waiting I am trying to gain missed stars to curb impatience, but it's annoying to have to scroll forever past chapters.