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Angry Birds Match 3

Angry Birds Match 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation located at Rovio Entertainment Corporation Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 ESPOO FINLAND. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I !ove angry birds anyway, but to make it match/3 in a row too is great! I love them all πŸ’— Well done, really cute fun game... I could play for hour's!
IT IS TOTALLY A HOOT! ADDICTING & FUN! Only one complaint, sometimes it takes DAYS & DAYS TO FINISH ONE LEVEL!!!!!! That is a serious disappointment.... I've gotten so disgusted by the impossible levels.
Love it, been fan for very long time,never get tired or bored. Rewards are very decent. Please, keep it up!!!
Really like good for relaxing, when waiting for appointment , but sometimes when 1 level playing 2 days, feeling like playing poker for money, big game or not game for childrens, I think some levels to hard for relaxing, Hello, please can you check 1318 level-2 days playing and......
This is going downhill. It has become extremely difficult and another thing is, i have just played same level for the sixth time in two days.
Super game please let us preview the previous event out fits by tapping on it. It will be interesting for us to see those outfits ☺
I enjoy playing this game. I make a point of playing daily. I wish their was away that what birds were left on your board after winning could transfer to your next game.
Still same, again didn't get my rewards, on 11 level I spent my outfit crafts on Cecilia. I even didn't get answer from you. It's not fixed. Still same, again didn't get my rewards. On 11 level, please fix that.
Not impressed. Some of the levels are ridiculously difficult and take ages to achieve as some of them don't have enough moves. Definitely the worst of the birds games and I'm deleting it. Why are you making an enjoyable experience into a negative one. I know that you want to earn money and that's fair enough but come on guys.. If you want people to keep playing your games then stop making your games so ridiculously difficult in places for Goodness sake
I love this game! I've played number 1,2 and now I'm on 3( THE OTHER ONES ARE DELETED) I love more the hard and super hard levels!They're just fun Five stars
Good game. You actually get a lot of power up compared to other games. Can be frustrating at times and one trend I have noticed, if you can finish the level in one or two moves but run out of lives there is no watch a video for 3 moves option. If you have no hope in passing the level, even with the 3 moves video you will be offered it. Bit unfair.
Sometime dont want to waste a move, suggest allowing player shuffle him/herself. This function may limit player shuffling max 3 times for each playing level.
Good enough game but you can not play off-line, which you are suppose to, well not my phone anyway. It will allow you to play the level that you were on but that's it. It also does not register that you have won that level either.
One of my faves here on the play different than most match 3 games with tons of bonuses Was skeptical at first but finding that I'm moving up level wise great way to pass the time as well good job
my rating is zero u have destroyed this game since ur update your events are impossable to get past trying to get people to spend money to get past levels which u have clearly made harder really dissapointing ...this used to be a fun game but sadly its not any more .and explains why many people have deleted there game
Games okay. Gotta spend money on it. The chests offer free boosts for the " next level" but they don't show up on screen in game if there's more than one offered
So sad! I use to truly enjoy this game. Seems that ever since the last update that occurred just prior to to achieving level 3200 the game has gone completely downhill. Winnig has become SUPID DIFFICULT! I mean, levels become more challenging, but this is now insane! I've had to use so many boosters and coins that it's no longer worth playing. PUT THE D** FUN BACK!!
I'm not on Facebook, so I've lost all my progress on 5 occasions. Why can't I save progress on Google? Obviously nobody at angry birds reads these.
The higher levels are impossible to finish as with every new update, makes this game no fun any more.
Fun. Only ads if you want extra prizes. I click on all ads and still don't find them too much. Best match 3 game I've played and you do not need FB acct to play.
I love the game ;but guys botched this last update and you guys really need to fix it. My game is frozen . FIX THIS BECUASE I CANT PLAY THE GAME AFTER THE LAST UPDATE AT ALL!!!!
Its a good game but super slow each move takes way too long to carry out another of glitches and freezing, foz this and it'd be a great game.
Initially there was a glitch regarding movement of the pieces but it is better today. A lot of things to do though, I find that challenging/interesting. Another glitch..I had to start over but I am sticking with it. Fingers crossed 🀞.
very enjoyable game and fun to play. continued to find this game good fun. I find it hard to pass levels, unless I purchase gems, this is the only snag!
it was nice to play but as I enter to the game before I can start playing it is forcing me to press some extra buttons for daily gifts or to joint to something. After every game I have to press some more buttons or wait until some new boxes opens. What is I do not want to lose my time on getting those "gifts" yet. I just wanna keep playing without interruption
I'm hooked. Now it keeps on freezing after updates. I like the game but its frustrating when it freezes. But I don't want to uninstall it because it's a very nice game.
Not impressed with the Christmas quest. Level 5 of the first big dig keeps freezing and I can't make any moves. Have to quit game but it keeps doing it. Fix please. Was a good game until now.
Since the upgrade when you go to open a chest its says that there is a problem with my connection so I have to turn off my wifi then turn it back on to get a connection
This game is cute, challenging, has alot to do with alot of rewards. Very fun and recommend others to play. Only thing is it does freeze up from time to time, having to close the app completely then reopen it again to continue to play
Recent update has ruined the game....gameplay freezes, runs slow and boots you out never had problems before at all... Rubbish. Update 11/08/20 gotten even worse the games so slow at times its barely worth playing plus pop up ads has ruined game even further
Was awesome game crashes or freezes I agree cant afford to use real money and even limited with what can get with in game bonuses and gems it's getting impossible been stuck on super hard level which is last level before end chest but been stuck since this began this time wish it would go back to no super hard levels. This game used to help with my anxiety's but not lately very frustrating and disappointing.it is still crashing and freezing usually when used one of bonuses or whentimed unlimited
LOVED this game - gave it FIVE stars then dropped it to one star, due to sooo many glitches, however, altho it STILL drives me mad with, ("connection error" msgs - so rewards can't be claimed !) I've upgraded you to FOUR stars hoping that, eventually, you'll reach your original standards then FIVE stars will be valid !! HERE'S HOPING !
Love this game! However it has not given me my 7th day bonus twice. On the last day of the tournament it resets to day 1 even though I play every day! Would be nice to get gems once in awhile!
Awesome , love angry birds games. Only one dislike , the original game was able to play off line. You need an angry birds friends game thats able to play off line.
I've played enjoyed the game for years (L 1415) and the recent change including the weekly tournaments working through normal level progress really raised game play satisfaction, so why is it changed back? Now there's more ads when I complete a board too; I watch the ads every few hours for bonuses so why subject me to the same adverts again and again!? Playing boards which are essentially regurgitated ones I've played before is getting tiresome. The game would benefit from some new imagination
Used to be my favorite game. The new updates make it nearly impossible to win without spending loads of money.
How about ten moves for each level. That way you will know you can't pass any level. That way you won't waste your time trying. That would be great
Why cant i play this game anymore while off line as it freezes when i have finished the game then i am forever playing the same game over and over not allowing me to start another game i was able to play this game offline now i cant
Will not work after update...Freezes after first move. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling again, but that did not help :(
After the latest update the game freezes after the first move and no more moves can be made. I can only pause the game no other screen touch is recognised. Please fix this.
Suprisingly challenging but fun. Rtg family on youtube. May upload some of the tougher levels as game level guide walkthroughs / gameplay.
Omg yet another rovio app full of bugs!! Not getting freebees from watching ads as it's crashing and can't even open shells... will you ever make a playable game that isn't crashing all the time?? Probably not...
I love this game, but the new update to the shapes is awful! So childish and garish. I'm actually finding myself squinting at the screen. Sadly in one fell swoop, you've just made it impossible to play.
It's ok if you want to reply the same level over and over!!!! Your forced to use your gems in the end from frustration just to get past it. Getting bored of it
I used to love this game... Dropped from 4 stars to 1. Even now, the new qwests are stupidly hard!! Every other level in the 800's is either hard or super hard. It's awful that you have to use jewels and boosters to win. Any level that is divisible by 3 is impossible. Hard should be hard - not impossible! It is NOT fun anymore!!!! Very frustrating.....now only play a few times a week.
Gets very difficult to win levels without additional help, the higher levels you go. Can prove to be expensive.
Once you get to the higher levels every other level is hard or super hard. There is a thing as being challenging and fun and too hard to win and not fun. If you use their suggested moves you're never going to win and that is just wrong. You'll be making moves that don't make a difference in the game. I worked hard to win first place in a tournament thinking I was going to win some good prizes, well, I was wrong. It wasn't worth the time I spent playing. Learned my lesson... UNINSTALLED!
Entertaining but it cheats you out of boosters. It will not save boosters that you have won opening chests from previous day. Not consistent in game play.
I enjoy playing this game and the introduction of cotton reels for costumes is a good idea, however it's really infuriating to buy a chest for 1500 coins and it contains 3 reels. Surely at least 1 help or booster should be included in a chest at that price.
Rovio I''m begging you to fix the one problem that has been ruining this game for some time and that is get rid of the home screen and replace it with a level selection map like in Angry Bitds Blast. I can't enjoy playing this game until a level selection map is put into the game letting me and the other players to replay previous levels.
Please make more level and this game is so awesome and graphics and controls are attractive thanks for making this game
I accept a game has to be challenging but some levels are virtually impossible to win without using dozens of your saved powerups and lives, which prompt you to buy more with real money as you quickly run out of them. This is a common business practice with these games despite them earning money by bombarding us with ads. I have stopped playing now as frustration does not equal fun.
I'm hoping their recent update change to leaving you with only one level to beat at a time is temporary due to lockdown (if so, big hugs to u all). For me , they removed the element that made the game the most enjoyable and stand out of the match 3 games on my phone. As I'm pretty stuck on one level I wont be trying again for a long while
Fun game, will have your difficult levels like most match 3 games. Wish there was more opportunities for additional boosters.
fun addictive game but you can't buy anything but outfits with the coins you accumulate. You should be able to "purchase" with earned coins any extra help to get to the next level, such as birds, hammers etc.
My tablet reset a while ago 😭 wich im sad about but i got this game back and its still good no glitches no lag expect from the loading when it showed red and still the loading screen and the events are gone 😭😭 and it didn't save the game like everything else 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 but im still likeing the game and i get big rewards and i was on level 45 before everything reset but now im on level 13 Which is fine πŸ™‚ and this game is so fun and i have my wifi on and somehow no ads come on yay!!!!πŸ™‚
I love this game but I stuck and pass the level I enjoy it and I unlock hatchlings before that I pass levels and outfits so beautiful and hatchlings so cute thank you rovio entertainment to introduce this very very so much
It's sadly pathetic the amount of boosters & gems they expect you to buy just to advance 1 board level! Not worth my time anymore.
Addictive!!! I really love this game, but need to be able to collect more Gems without having to purchase them.
You'd be stupid not to do download this game!! Fantastic game amazing graphics can't put it down just wish there was a reward to open the platinum chest other then spending your gems other then that it's a brilliant game 10 out of 10
I love this game but I will not give it 5 stars until you fix my purchase. I bought a bundle pack of gems and a few hours in the game took my 30 hours unlimited lives away. Please fix this. I will update my review once it is fixed.
It keeps on freezing other than that its a perfect game it they fix this i will give you a 5 star rating😊😊
I love the graphics the game's fun but I've only gotten to the second screen like where the Disco birds are because all the levels are way too hard you don't get a whole lot of birds to help you get past it and stuff you actually need.
Wonderful. Such fun. Couple of glitches. One is that quite often when there's a red mark on the home page chest, it won't open.
Overly cute. I just started playing but this one does not have the edge of the original angry birds or of dream blast. Its just ok. Its more for kids.
A good game being ruined with all the glitches. Forced to update and that is also a big fail. Gets to 99% and starts trying to update again and again and again and failing each time. So now can't play game at all. Useless...
I like this game. Its not as frustrating as some other games and you don't easily run out of lives, which means you're not continually having to spend money to finish a game.
Love this game but how am I supposed to get past level 841 when it says I am to collect 7 birds but only have 5 on the board? Might have to delete the game.
I play this game on my Kindle Fire because i like the big screen. This is the second time in 2 weeks I have gotten into the game and it goes directly to "update now". I click on it and it sends me to the app store but the only button that's there is "open". I click that and it takes me back to the first screen. I love this game, very addictive. Just wish it worked properly. Also I was never able to update from the Fall theme to Christmas theme.
I love this game, I've been playing this for over a year and still find it challenging. Have a go, only downfall is the amount of money I've spent..
Sick of the ads, they are getting more and more with every update. Game keeps freezing at the start so then you need to exit to reset.......but then you lose lives and extras. Poor.
Its a good game but would be even better if you could use your coins to get boosters when you have ran out of them instead of having to use gems when they are so hard to get
It's fun and entertaining! I enjoy watching the birds dance on the beach and how excited they get when the level is completed.
Realy love this game, but the recent update has not worked despite doing all the trouble shoots , ive got to level 2510 and have had to start again. Really annoying
The game is pretty much like any other game, cute animations and presentation. Only two complaints I have is that you always have to go home before advancing to the next level, and the game play screen is topo small. Other than that the gameplay is ok.
would be a five star review but is let down by annoying adverts, especially the ones to get you back to home screen and the 45 second ones, I never watch them, use the time to put kettle on instead...
Ever since the update I cant move my men I have to exit out the whole game. This was the 12/20 update
Liking the new bird silver very unpredictable as to where she lands . Would like more birds especially poppy and matilda
After the last update, i complete a stage then it freezes. Then when i go out and back in i have to start again. Obviously remembers to take my lifes but forgets that i actually won the stage. Very annoying....