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Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation located at Rovio Entertainment Corporation Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 ESPOO FINLAND. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Lots of easy fun, but not too easy! Figuring out the trajectories needed &:which bird is best for the immediate task helps keep the brain challenged just enough! Relax & enjoy!
I've always loved the actual game however the adds are now relentless. Furthermore as of May 2021 the game continuously hangs when loading resulting in the usual 'oops something went wrong' message. Gameplay 9/10, tech issues 0/10, constant adds 1/10, Overall: 4/10
I love it, I've had for it 10 minutes and only 1 ads. It's not as bad as people say it is. Tho I'm sad that they got rid of the original angry birds, angry birds space, and angry birds epic, 2 out if the 3 games I mentioned I've played before and now I'll never be able to play again. I do hope that rovio brings these games back and others even tho it's 2021 and they got rid of it a year ago.
Sometimes after completing a level, there's no way to advance or do anything. Have to close the game completely. Happened twice in a row. Edit It happens on the level complete screen.
It is a fun game,but it also strategically a game that has your mind of thinking where to exactly aim at.It is also addictive.Love this game.
Fun, needs improvement. Need to be able to zoom in more, the smallest birds are barely visible. Played years ago on a smaller phone without issue. No issues with earlier version, but levels on this one are difficult to complete without using additional birds, which eventually means $. Many glitches like power ups blocking screen. Meh. Save your money, uninstalling.
I Tend To Get Frustrated! Many of these birds don't ready well & Red with his Helmut is a pain in my butt. I really wish y'all would just an update for the original Angry Birds. I've been playing that one forever ... I continue to play even Wirth my constant screen freezes. PLEASE just gimme an update? I'm also confused with Angry Birds Season's ... I am an old lady who loves Angry Birds ... Moser of the older ones that is. Your newer games are either confusing or expect us to pay to play.
I'm so upset of this version I used to have 3 - 4 angry birds games and all of them were working without the need of internet, but now there are 2 only plus they're not as good as the old ones, please return the old ones back πŸ˜•
If you people want a old classic version of Angry Birds friends might be the most if not the only Angry Birds games similar to the original but it's still good either way so if you want a game similar to original Angry Birds download Angry Birds Friends and trust me I'm a huge Angry Bird fan.πŸ‘πŸ»β™₯οΈπŸ–πŸ¦œ
What is an internal service error? App won't load. Even tried Uninstalling and reinstall. What happened in the last update that made it have so many bugs now??
If I could give you a Zero I would. Money grabbing beyond compare. Works all the angles to get into your wallet. Great game but gets harder and harder to win with the way the game plays. If you want to consistently win you need to keep buying more and more. They make the background wallpapers match the playground so even with 20/20 vision it is nearly impossible to see all the pigs. Power seems to fall off when you need it most. It is your money ,spend it how you want. You have been warned.
UNSTABLE (UPDATE: these guys have become lefty politicians, sick of all the lefty ads....).freezes and slows to a snails pace too often. You can always tell when there is an update. A bunch of phony reviews from employees to offset the real ones that are upset. Why place power-packed in the field of play?
I am unable to use the power ups! What the heck guys!!!!😠😠😠😑😑😑😑 There are just so many bugs in this game! Whenever i pull back the slingshot to shoot the bird the screen zooms in and then when i let go it zooms out. Then once there was still a bird left but it just wouldn't come on to the slingshot. I like the game but it would nicer if you could do something about these bugs.
Latest update ruined this game. Nothing but freezing and glitches and childish looking graphics. 8+years of playing and im close to being done with it. Rovio do you even read these reviews? Haven't seen a good one since the "update". Update; they fixed some of the bugs, changed from a 1 to 3 stars
I like this game, well I like all AB games but most of them are based off of the movie and their not very fun to play, although this game reminds me of the classic Angry birds game since it got removed.
So it finally updated, but, it made me start the game over, defeated the purpose of purchasing the coins. πŸ˜’ On 5/29/21 I purchased 750coins but the purchase did not update to my game, the money was taken, I need my coins or my money back 😑😑 this is not cool, I've been playing this game for years Please correct this and thanks for the update with the powerups fading during play. πŸ’œπŸ’œ love it Could you make the powerup hide during the game, sometimes you can't see the full screen Thanks
I have loved this game . It has awesome graphics and the characters are also wonderful with amazing capabilities and music is too good.
Never got to play it so don't know how game play is. First time I opened it I tried to connect my face book and it froze. The next five times could get past the home loading screen.
I'm getting glitches constantly and I'm not being able to get my free stuff......the more and more I play I get less rewards, and I constantly keep watching adds and no rewards, gives me as a screen saying something went wrong....... getting very disappointed, will not play another game until the glitches are fixed and I can't get my freebes
Today, another whole set of problems. Last few months there's always been something. Seems like the glitches might be on purpose so players can't get free items. I've sat through 5 ads, to no avail. Oops something went wrong. Indeed.
I have been playing this since it came out. I have played almost everyday since. Now the game sucks. The developers seem to be beginner programmers with little sense. Can't see the whole playing field, menus don't collapse, pigs that don't drown under water, actions not consistent... etc. Heck even when using power up you can point the slingshot in one direction and when you release it your bird flies off in another direction. Now today I can't even open it.
Its a hands on kind of game you got different task to complete as you go along in each level keeps you busy have fun come on
The game loaded no problem at first, but later on, when I went to play the game it just wouldn't load, finaly it loaded, I was stuck on a level and just need one more bird so paid Β£1.99 for extra birds and coins it took me out of the game so I had to restart that level again and it never gave me my birds or my coins but took my money, this has done this twice to me, I will never buy another item from angry birds again...
Why i can't connect my facebook? After i connect fb.. I Can't play this game.. i must be uninstall and install again.. and then i had to play from the beginning.. please solve this problem...
All is well except for when stuck on a level there is no assistance. I am on level 6206, the frog doesn't do anything and yet I need the frog to do something to pass the level. I find I just spend a lot of money on this level and nothing happens to win. The frog thing isn't working!
This would be a great game if you could get past level 60. Literally there is feedback on youtube on that level from over a year ago stating that when you hit the red button with woodchuck that the tnt does not move like it is supposed to so that it can blow up the pigs in the middle. Unfortunately, this is STILL the case. Clearly the developers of this game do not care to update their game, so I am uninstalling accordingly.
I gave 2 stars because the game at least works. However after I "connect" to Facebook it no longer allows me to play.
When u go head to head in the Flock Challenge the game freeze when u start getting to the 3 and 4 winning streak, which means u start over. This has now happened three times. This WAS a great game- however I share the sentiment with other players that your programmers or creators lost interest in this game and development of this game.
Fun at the beginning, frustrating in a while I enjoyed the game at first. At the 50th level, it became frustrating. You have to execute an almost pixel perfect throw, which is a poor game design decision.
This game is awesome and I ❀️ a hard game. But it has one problem. It has a lot of 30 ads. But it is a great game
It takes much time to start the game and so much ads come between but its a amazing game but it is the best version of game. Also we can do personal challenges with our friends and family online. Iβ™₯️it
I love this game, it's great. Would recommend but the only thing I don't like is the 2/3 day ones, they get boring. I like the 1/2 day ones, keeps you interested and wanting to play. Don't like the 2 day and over games though, get boring! Please make them 1/2 days. Would be much better. Come angry birds get rid of the long tournaments, please just do the 1/2 days .
This one game is much better than hang part 2.!! They don't make you buy stuff to keep playing. Well, if your no good you can ....
Videos run poorly. Game crashes almost can't play on my phone with wifi, PC version plays okay but has no videos for free stuff write to support and then don't respond.
I'm going to wait a day for any response and resolution to my tickets. After that it's time to quit this game after many years. During the lockdown Angry Birds Friends has been coming up with many new games. That is great! However, since yesterday I've been having different issues. I'm getting only bogus ads that don't lead to power ups. So my only option is to buy. Then, moving the power up menu to the bottom of the screen is causing accidental deployment. So I will have to buy more. NOT OK!
Can't get any of the free rewards! Try and spin and goes thru the motions but in the end it doesn't give you your rewards for watching the videos.
Amazing game remind me my old days Only one suggestion from me ... By maximizing the screen you have minimize the characteristics of the game take a look at the following issues please
Been my favorite game for years, but commercials are making it a chore to play and, instead of relaxing, I become super tense!
Simpe enough yet a bit challenging. Unfortunately, the game takes forever to load. No such problem with other games on Google Play. It's fustrating to the point where I had to give up. Re-installed again hoping the game would load better but here I am five minutes and still waiting for the game to load (it's about a third of the way there). I had to give up and uninstall, never to revisit. Dec 2020 game is now responsive, a vast improvement. Update.. Dec 2020 once again game not loading. Yuck!
The in-game updates are nice, but I feel like the invasive advertising is unnecessary. I agree with the option to see ads for rewards, but it is so disgusting that I try to play the game and the ads appear out of nowhere.
The game is so interesting just 1 problem it is an online game but other than that I is the best game I have ever played download it now
I hate this version, I had the original angry birds, loved it. now I have to keep updating and it wont install, have to keep freeing up space, the game loads and ruins the level I'm at. I will not play the game buying stuff. I'm sick of all the ads I have to watch. Deleating game, wont bother with it anymore. Once again took a good thing and ruined it.
I enjoyed the game, but it won't load anymore. I have removed it and installed it again twice. With no luck!
This is next level frustrating. The "glitches" have become commonplace. The developers are ripping people off. Last night I made a purchase. Today, after trying to remedy my account on Facebook (per their instructions), I go back to the game and have lost 755 COINS!!! In addition, my purchase from last night...GONE. Add to that, the recent two tournaments have a glitch whereas if you get 3 stars, the eight coins are given to you...then TAKEN AWAY. This needs to be remedied, or I will not be spending any money on this rip off of a game any longer. Update: 1/25/21 - After a week and 2 tournaments, the glitch is still not fixed. The game is erasing 3 star/8 coin wins STILL. Why bother playing. I'm out.
Having to play the 10 floor tower before being able to play the actual game is boring and frustrating. Uninstalling because of it
I love the angry birds but not so much the new ones. Just stick to the game like this. Doesn't need anything extra. :)
Game should NOT take over 5 minutes to try and load! Gets about 1/3 the way and no farther.. One day game is great, the next morning it will take forever to load, if at all. Happens every time there is a big tournament or they do an update... why isn't the game tested more? Very annoying! And what is up with ads giving no powerups...doesn't pay to watch.
Now we will have to pay cash for our won coins!! They go in a piggy bank until Rovio decides we've enough in the bank to buy! No way am I going to start paying cash for something that's been free since the beginning of the game. We've been playing from day one...a lot of years! Hate the change. They have ads so they get enough money from those.
As of yesterday "spin the wheel" no longer works. Just a frozen advert page that returns "oops, something went wrong"
Great game but like all great games you have to put up with the adds. I am 59 years old and it keeps trying to sell me a toy every two minutes. Unfortunately the adds kill the enjoyment of the game
Game is F**ked up. You get a spin and it spins, spins, and spins. Though got to close out the game. You come back and want to play. It just sits there trying to load. The game freezes when you are done with your shots and will not load your score. Think the makes don't care anymore. It's expensive for coins. Don't say it's my phone. It did this on my Galaxy S10 and now my Galaxy S20. The game has gone belly up.
Levels have all of a sudden become crazy hard to three star. Only way you can do it now is if you use boosts. It's really a major setback in the game. Not only is the new purchase layout worse too and layout horrible, the fact you can't hide the boosts like you used to during play is a major annoyance. Too many times you accidentally bump the screen and get one. Even worse is it is annoyingly in the way on most levels when your bird flys you lose sight of it. This game is going downhill fast.
I'm Really Loving Playing this game. I loved the music too. But, 3 Stars because Some levels are not possible but, they are showing level fail. I don't like that but, I Enjoyed playing Before all levels. After few levels they are showing that to pay money, I don't want to waste my money in that Angry birds 2. But, Still enjoyed playing Angry Birds Friends. Good game you can try once. If you want you can pay money to play Angry Birds 2 😊😊.
It is Good, but sometimes it won't load for me. Also I think this is rovios oldest game alive, he deleted all the others except this. This may be next
Downloaded to try it out. Made it to the 12th floor but have been stuck on the same level for too long now. The game stopped being entertaining to me. I have no other choice than to uninstall it.
Deleted my game today because it kept freezing, reinstalled and a completely different game of angry birds was installed, lost All my points & progress after playing Every day for a long time. I AM NOT A HAPPY BIRD !!!! 31/12/20 It`s just not the same anymore !!! Very dissapointed :( :(
I used to play this game many years ago and it was fun, enjoyable and creative. Now there's a lot of rubbish, many useless sounds effects and most of the time playing it is frustrating. Once the angry birds smash everything with ease, another time they barely touch anything when you would expect to get good points - it looks like it's all set up with no consistency.
Lately it's impossible to get power ups by watching adds. You just get "ups something went wrong. Since it's impossible to get somewhere without power ups I'm thinking about uninstalling.
I dont like the power ups on the bottom. I accidently spent bird coins when it wasnt needed. And wish there were more than 36 floors.
Like the game but the only glitch is you don't get to know what flight path your bird will take. Sometime frustrating.
I it so much I give it a 5-star rating you go to each level and you unlock new character it's like Angry Birds in real life! My brother loves It 2
Adds adds and more adds. And try to watch a video for free gifts,then you get oops somthing went wrong and the whole thing freezes. It used to be a fun game now it is just s..t.
it's becoming to complex for basic pc-systems. too much power and memory required. really bad to quit. It was a lot of fun for the last few years but want to spend a lot of money just for some misguided and too ambitious angry-bird-programmer. it's getting worse with each new one!!!
Great game but like all great games you have to put up with the adds. I am 59 years old and it keeps trying to sell me a toy every two minutes. Unfortunately the adds kill the enjoyment of the game. Sick of seeing that bell.
Nice app but it requires internet... It's not an offline gaming app.. Good levels... Good stages... Nice way to know about new birds.. Has lots of tournaments... On the hole it's a wonderful gaming app... With 1 fault...
Enjoyed the game until level 60 and then a problem. Probably going to uninstall. Not going to waste money on Angry Birds 2 if the glitches dont ever get fixed. I think I enjoyed the non advertising original AB more. Too bad. ( Just an update , the game still has an issue. I think Rovio is out of business as they have not responded to any support requests.)
Will not update. It gets to 92% then says failed. 25 minutes wasted. Tried 4 times. Trued unistalling and reinstalling. Now it doesnt even start to download. Icon just spins. I have not problem with any other apps. Yes i have service. 4G. ***edit*** Trying again but now it restarts every time i go to "watch an ad" in order to spin the wheel. **edit** 1/30/2021 Closes on its own after completing a level. Also closes on its own trying to watch video to get power ups.
quit updating and breaking your own game, you've clearly proven you cant release a update that doesn't break something, this time its ad's broken, what will be broken tommorow when you patch this update.
I'm not experiencing any of the problems mentioned in the other reviews. My game works fine. I like the game. Update (1/25/21): I disabled Facebook from tracking my phone activity that is not related to Facebook (i.e. mobile banking, online bill payment, etc.) and now the game won't load. I have really enjoyed this game for a few years and I'm going to miss it.
When Angry Birds Space was the I played it a lot. But now everything is online so I stopped playing this game. This game would be great if it was offline
I currently cannot play this game as it will not load fully,the green load bar only comes across a third of the way.I have contacted Rovio twice but not heard back as yet.Other Rovio games to play ok,so it's not the tablet that's playing up!!?
This used to be really good and fun to play. I've played for years but since the last update everything is less sensitive eg things don't smash and the pigs don't pop when rocks land on them, or if bombs explode near them. Using your earthquake button is useless, it hardly even wobbles anything and nothing ever collapses. I'm thinking of uninstalling if it stays like this as its just not fun.
Star Cup cheats you of entry tickets sometimes. Use 1 but game takes 2. Update of 11/3 major annoying. Extremely slow to load. Takes forever for boost to activate. Format really dumbed down. Scoring not accurate. Go back to previous version. Been playing for years. Ready to delete it. Tournaments much more difficult. Microscopic pigs you can't see with the green backgrounds and clutter. Pigs in locations birds will never reach.
I love the game since I was young I use to play it on my brother's iPad and now after I downloaded it on my phone, when I entered the it use to show me that it's loading and the loading had never ended and the loading needs data too before it even start and finished and I use to on my data too but it's doing too. I mean the angry birds 2 and the angry birds friends but I will try downloading this too and try and see if it's better or they are all the same
I would like to see updates on how long ive been i tournaments. How many games played. More free powerups . One on one conversations with other players . Team players . . I know i play with skill . But with the lack of paying for extra powerups i never achieve a higher levels. Make a room where those who always pay for extra power up and those who cannot afford the extra power ups.If ihad extra powers i know i would alway be in the top 3.Thank you for the game and thank your for your feedback
Tu much commercials during the game. I kind of understand having commercials for coins(fair deal), but between the rounds it is not acceptable! Larely, I lost few coup matches due to app stuck caused by a commercial. Also, if no internet available, cannot play. The matter with the commercials while playing is the most annoying so I will uninstall the app very soon. I miss the oldest App.
Have been playing ABF for more than a few years now & over the last 12 or so months it has gone down hill in a BIG way! Firstly you make it possible to use 2 of the most powerful boosts on each stage, then you start making stages like stage 8 of the current tournament which are very close to needing the use of many boosts just to clear the pigs. So as the game is turning into a spend $ or fail game I think for me at least the game is finished & as i refuse to spend $ constantly now uninstalled..
Played this game for years and I love it, but most recent update has moved the toolbar with the extras to the bottom of my screen which results in me either accidentally using the extras or being unable to activate the angry bird I'm using - please put it back at the top of the screen!!!
Every update is bringing new issue. This update hangsl a lot suddenly that it only has to be restart again. I have lost many power ups coz of this. Fix it soon.
This game used to be enjoyable, but now it's just an insufferable pain. It's next to impossible to get and maintain a rank out of the thirties, or the twenties if I'm really lucky. I lose coins in between levels, and it's hard to earn three stars on most of the levels. I just did an update, and now it's glitching and locking up worse than ever. I can't even play the Star Cup Tournament because it just sits and spins on Finding Opponent. When I close and restart, then I've lost a life.
have a hard time stopping once i start playing.. Only downside is the large amount of space it takes up on my phone and every update adds more but other than that no complaints..
I've been playing AB for a couple of years now. I've always liked it. It's been my go 2 game. Whatevers goin on I don't like it! Like games suddenly end. Ur Daily spins don't work Β½ the tlme - says "oops" etc . . choosing a power up - its taken from u but n nothing 2 use. Then today - it WILL NOT LOAD. Starts the process then stops. Says "oops" etc. Tried soo many times. Stops loading appx ΒΌ of the way. Getting ready 2 free up some space. Fix plz!?
Horrible update. Lag is terrible and it's impossible to win anymore. Game is mildly entertaining. Big swing and a miss guys. Update...another update and now birds just randomly disappear. This game keeps going downhill. Another swing and a miss. More loading issues and still super glitchy. More disappointment.
So the game is fine 1 thing that is different is the voices i liked the old voices they were nostalgic for 2012 but until now
Played it before on my tablet. Got very high in the standings . Then you removed the app for me. I try everything to get it back but i see now you just wanted money from me. I just load it on my phone now and it takes forever to load. I should just say screw it but is a fun game.
I just tried yet another re-install... I used to love this game. Been a faithful player for years. I am not able to play anymore. It refuses to load after I did an update. Then I did the next update hoping it would be fixed... nope. And yet another update and no solution in sight. Dissapointed is an understatement when I dont get a response to my email enquiries.
I used to play this game every day. Now it refuses to load. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, updated countless times. I'm disappointed. I contacted Rovio, who gave me very basic instructions for things I'd already done multiple times. They stopped responding when those didnt work.
Love the game play it alot but the ads suck and crash the game alot and dont aways get your stuff thats the bad part of the game need to fix ads from crashing the game
This is a nice game but PLEASE introduce "Google sign in" (Google play). Quick questions: 1. Why can't we open ABF when offline? 2. Can't all floor games be played offline and tournaments online? Please look into this. Many thanks
A lot of bugs ,will cite an example here- level 60 has a pulley that needs to bring the explosive near you after pressing the button , in my case it never ever works , so as a result of which I am stuck at that level.They should probably hire good developers and testers .
I like the game a lot, but they are making the game harder to play without spending money, even with ads.
It is interesting. I like the games which have so many levels and this is the same so just love it . I am just 9 yrs old still I am able to play this. .....
It's a waste that I downloaded this stupid game.. I'm trying for 10 mins and still this game is not starting 😑😑😑 It keeps loading for 10 mins and I'm totally pissed off.. Wish I had an option to give zero stars and I'm deleting this stupid
To login to FB, this app always want to open external FB app (include browser). I have to log out and re-log in everytime, since my I have different account for my personal use and to play the game. Change back to the previous where the login doesn't require another app.
Poor game options are rampent compared to Angry Birds 2. The scope is free and included in every level. Here, you have to use coins to buy it, and it is very hard to play the levels with so many limited options. Angry Birds 2 & Evolution are fantastic, this game is lacluster at best.
Has a lot of unsolved bugs. Half of the time the game never fully loads to the home screen. I've uninstalled this app multiple times and each time it gets stuck on the loading screen and never loads fully. The game also refused to connect to my Facebook account, which is the purpose of the "friends" version of Angry Birds.
I really enjoy this game; the characters and the graphics, but it locks up, I don't understand why they can't fix these glitches.
Dec. '20 update - power ups at the bottom right in the playing area?? C'mon, that's just ridiculous. You fixed it - yay! Thanks.
You have to get rid of that transparent warranty video! When I watch videos, that's the only video I get and it freezes up my app every time! I'm unable to get any extra spins and spells! It's wreaking havoc on my Angry Birds 2 as well! Get rid of that video!
πŸ’”Can no longer play my beloved game-app will not load. Tried everything (& I'm no newbie). Hoping this will be fixed soon. Playing all of the games since 2009; enjoy ABFriends bc l can either play solo or if I'm in the mood, against other opponents. Love that there's no life limit bc l can practice before l play an human opponent. The levels are random difficulty & each one requires different physics & bird abilities. The boosters help a lot when you learn how & when to use them.
Yeah, good luck winning in the tournaments because unless you pay money, or your birds are at a high level, (the higher your level, the more score that is multiplied for each bird), you ain't gonna win! Idk about you guys but I'm stuck on floor 17, level 52, and I can't seem to get past it because I've run out of powerups and it's nearly impossible to beat this specific level. I hardly bother competing on the leaderboards anymore, it's just too damn time consuming! :/
It needs internet to play the game. I cant play the game bacause I havr a slow internet connection. This game sucks. The older ones are better this game never got the average of it it i could give it a zero star I will
You can't beat a classic angry birds for a little light, stress relieving game. Straight on and at 'em or go back and raise your high scores. And I didn't have to make a single in game purchase to enjoy fully
After my granddaughter got me hooked on AB years ago, i've continued to play through many levels and types of games. ABF is fascinating in that it's always challenging. You must have quite a team of creative designers to continue this game so long. Hope it never stops.
it's becoming to complex for basic pc-systems. too much power and memory required. really bad to quit. It was a lot of fun for the last few years but don't want to spend a lot of money just for some misguided and too ambitious angry-bird-programmer. it's getting worse with each new one!!!
I have noticed the coins going down you dont get all of them they dissapear with no reason it went from 51 to 36 and the free watch a video for power ups are going, you click to watch a video and it changes to pay with your coins.
It has become imperative to spend money on power ups since the use of doubles. This game has become less and less attractive! Also, a long time ago there was an option to hide the power ups list. That gave a better view of the full screen. Now a portion is always hidden. DUH!
I really enjoy this game; the characters and the graphics, but it locks up, until I am driven to uninstall, and reinstall (like I'm doing now). But when it works, it really works!
The game was great before the update but now I have to have wifi to play. I also want star wars version back. Until the original is back I will not have 5 star sorry but. This is the way.