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AB Evolution 2022

AB Evolution 2022 for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation located at Rovio Entertainment Corporation Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 ESPOO FINLAND. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A different take on the games, but still very fun. The controls can be a little sensitive sometimes, but the chaos of pigs crashing around more than makes up for it.
Rovio has given up on this game. There are so many bugs, game freezes, etc that have been reported and they refuse to fix. Any support ticket that you send gets the canned response from a support rep. Angry Birds Evolution 2020.... Nothing has been improved for 2020, just a new title. I hope they come out with a new and improved version 2
I'm enjoying this game real good.but it makes me think twice when I reach the stage where I can't play to get the big red bird stage couse it keeps crashing.now I'm stack with the scout stage.after that I have to wait to be fully charge so that I could play again.please kindly fix this issue.
Played for a few months awhile ago, came back and really like what they've done. Can't figure out how to get all my stuff back. Still have my achievements, but no birdies. But yeah, it's a fun game
Game is ok, this isn't what you would expect of an angry birds spinoff, but good nonetheless. Complaints are that high level birds are near impossible to get, and the matching in the arena is horrible, I'm getting paired with people who have full master teams. Also, appears to be an "improved" version of Angry Birds Epic, which was epic, until they removed it. Rovio, why are you going downhill, towards the money-greedy trash developers? Please stop back to the way you were.
Changing my review from 3 stars to 1 star. I've been playing a while and I loved the game but with all the bugs and glitches lately it's been a battle. Now the app won't even load. It keeps saying the app has stopped. This is just ridiculous.
The latest new version really sucks. I actually love the game but when I play the game's level starts to go blank everytime. It's just not the same, it's feels so different. Plus WHY COULDN'T ONE OF "THE BLUES" BE PART OF THE GAME, LEGIT GETTIN' REPLACED WITH TERENCE, WOW, That's Double Red Birds in the team, it's not a big deal but who am I kidding, they're treating the blues as little kids as they're part of hatchlings. Think about Angry Birds Epic, we had Red, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda & Blues.
Best angry birds game of all time. Good graphics. Good animation. But the music intro sound like a old western style. But thats not really much of a problem. It may be an online game but its worth it. I hope you developers make more games like this.
Attention grabbing and challenging. Exciting how to get new birds to evolve and fight. I have gotten so many more that I can't stop collecting. I wonder how many 5star birds I can get!
I Loved this game earlier but now ๐Ÿ˜” Because of event. I have got 15ร—chance for getting an event bird but still not getting it please change this thing . I request you to change. Please,please,please!!!
Way too many video ads thatblast forever. It seems to happen after 1 or 2 battles. I do not want to spend 40 min watching ads and play 20 min. Uninstalling now.
Fun game - But now my game "stop" when I want to play Birdy Trap - Chapter 5. And I cannot get in touch with a human being at Support. Help will be appreciated (read: fix the bug!).
Arena was OBVIOUSLY rigged all to hell. After I deleted it I found out that angry birds sells your info to potential hackers & scammers, both of which are reasons enough to stay far far away!!!!
It's a fun game if it works. It seems to freeze up more as you progress in events though. Then it will lessen your chances of getting event birds! Once they fix those issues, it helps make life a little better, which is needed today!
We keep asking you guys to put the old games back, but we only get that is there is no possible update for the old games,I know you guys are trying to make us be entertained, but the only thing to make us entertained is that please bring back the old games.The golden years were throughout 2009-2015, here are the games that we want, angry birds epic, AB fight, AB go and more. Those were bombing but the new ones are not perfect, you let nibblers be available for more than 7 years and no update.
Changing my review from a five star to a one star. I've played this game for a very long time. I enjoy the game very much, I've never had a problem with glitching , lag, none of that I've always had an awesome gaming experience. But now I can't get into the game it wouldn't load so I uninstalled and reinstalled allowed permission to my device, and says I'm missing and extension file? And when I hit the read more it says page no longer exists... Idk what's going on.
To many ads! Mostly Amazon's which is getting sickening. AND, the exact same one repeatedly. I know that you need to make money, but the amount of ads per game play is ridiculous.
The mail it glitches everytime I try to claim something and never shows up ๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ’ฉgame the graphics is good they gained basically it's pretty good it's a new Twist on the Angry Birds more like people than Birds it's good but the fins are extremely conniving sneaky downright dishonest they make it appear that they're giving you stuff they do but then when you try to do something they want you to spend the gyms that they just gave you energy based games 10 hours to fill 15 minutes to use ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿง๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ณ
Love the game except it wont let me get passed this one boss battle. Each time i go to battle the loading screen comes on like normal then kickes me out the app. I can do everything else in the game but everytime i try and do this one battle i get kicked out. Deleted reinstalled app signed out and back in and same result. Stuck unable to continue the actual game in the campaign battle. Very frustrating and upsetting since i like playing the game very much.
Its a fun game but I can't take having to install then delete then reinstall again over and over. This is by far my favorite angry birds game but its got to many issues. The game crashes for one second there's still inactive profiles from 3 years ago and 3rd I'm stuck at the top of the Blue mountain. Not to mention I cant make a clan? This isn't the first time I got stuck up there either. Plus I had to start over the last bad crash and reinstall deleted all my progress.
This game is amazing! The gameplay mechanics, the variety of pigs and birds, and the evolution process. But it's not perfect. The scout mechanic isn't the best, having to wait an hour for 1 scout where some missions need objects discovered by scouts. The premium currency is quite generous, but 150 gems for 3 scouts can be hard to get. And the amount of evolution essence and material needed for evolution of 4+ star birds are extremely high. I know they're strong, but that amount is crazy.goodgame
Love it so far. There are a few glitches and one task that is very very annoying but the game is so fun I look over the faults.
It's very interesting game. The graphics and stories are perfect. Just please let 4 star birds to hatch early (more than 3) or the birds should be priced from the 20th chapter. Otherwise the game is perfect.
This game used to be great. They haven't released an update in forever.... a year or more. Events rotate thru same birds... no new ones... nothing new. Maybe they've kissed this game goodbye and are focusing on other things... who knows!! Too bad. Gonna leave
Initially, it was just as addictive as the original angry birds games. However, it hasn't been updated in nearly a year, and the difficulty of the main campaign levels cap out at a certain point. The storyline also ends, so the only part left that is challenging are the events.... **I edited after a few months of play.
Major blank glitch in daily events area needs updated asap. . Few other glitches not allowing games play tired of asking if I want to rate when I have so not ill edit. And nothing has changed major at all its pretty simple and basic and can't get bigger 6star or 7 star birds with out buying stuff. But I still play it out of habit.
Well its amazing game, i played it for about 5 yrs and i lost my account. I logged in in Google play but it still doesnt work. So i give this game 3 stars because i have to start all over again๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜”
This game is only fun for a while, and that's it. Not only am I getting the same birds over and over and over again, but one day it just decides not to work. Rovio, I want to have fun with this game, but i can't. I will not play anymore until these issues are solved.
The game is fun, but I tried to purchase something and it wouldn't go through, the tower is set up so if you don't have like 1000 diamonds you're not going to get much, and the arena kicks me and I lose my win streak. If something doesn't change soon I'm gonna uninstall and lower my rating
Overall game play is fun so I'll give it a 2 star. I kept 3 stars off cuz of the following: Support is horrible & laughable. Glitches come during arena most times for me, which screws up win streaks, trophies etc. Arena matchmaking is like one of the worst matchmaking systems I've seen. The arena fight set up is such a ridiculous idea. It never will, but it needs a complete overhaul. As you see, support sucks because they don't even reply to comments no more. Fun game, but some major negatives.
AB Evolution is best RPG game. Their are lot of content like PVP arena and pirate events (Voyage). But their are lots of bugs in game like whenever I loose arena battle arena get freeze. There are floating bugs on event island whenever next wave starts the pigs come floating in screen. Hopfully rovio will fixed those 2 annoying bugs.
Games good . Wish there were more ways to earn gold though and more areas n missions. Seems like I've been on repeat for awhile now . Just doing the same ol things to level up birds
Extremely entertaining and enjoyable except for the fact that I can't play the campaign all of a sudden. Last 2-3 days it tries to load and then just closes the app out. Not sure if that's a glitch or what
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this game!! Very few games peak my interest, and also keep my attention but this one does! I've been dedicating a lot of time into this game.. With that being said, I would have given 5 stars except the game has been freezing on me several occasions leaving me no choice but to shut it down completely losing (2) second chances on the voyage and I've lost 400 gems due to this issue. My wifi is not the issue. Can something be done?
Like the game but im daily cheated out of every gold treasure that is needed to move up i the game...right before im about to recieve the reward the game mysteriously shuts down and i need to restart...about 15 treasures a day....and its impossible to contact anyone
Started kinda fun. Really getting into the evolution aspect, then lag issues. They eventually turned into making no progress in the campaign due crashing on 3, blue forest, boss level. Maybe able to progress through pvp and event based games but only so far. Not for anyone wanting a good time.
It's a very fun game you will experience some crashes when you try to watch an add, and some adviseis to not waste your scout energy, you will need it later in the game
I deleted and reinstalled the game but when I reached the level where I get terrence, the game froze again! Please fix this.
Excellent game..one small suggestion since kids play this game it is much better to avoid adultery AD promos in between.otherwise there is no issue in the game.
I would give it 5 stars if I could play it again. After 3 days of smooth gameplay, the game suddenly won't load. It says "failed to load important assets". I deleted the cache and data but it still wouldn't work. I also tried reinstalling and removing my linked Facebook account but that didn't work either. Please help
Started off brilliant extra help vids are blurred and everytime you click the icon vid BOOOM! IT crash's restart only for it to do it again and again and again๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด and you cant upgrade the birds?. if you dont pay the cash cow you've no chance in hell.
This is amazing. Although it sucks up so so much wifi. When im at home i can barely run it cause of the wifi not letting me play. It needs a lot of wifi like a lot lot. I can play call of duty 20ร— quicker for godsake. Maybe its just because at night. The wifi is 50% slower.
ยฃ8 a week for VIP..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Oh dear, uninstalled. And yes, I know you can play it for free.....but....ยฃ32. Month for VIP. Seeya
Cool game. Super fun. Couple random freezes, but I can look past that. Can advance pretty well without paying anything, which is a nice change from so many pay to play games around.
Right now, well actually about close to a week the game won't come on. It comes on screen retry. Have no clue what in the hell is going on? I have tried all I can think of and nothing works? Sucks.
Purchased the Flash Sale "Totem Bundle" today for $19.99. Purchase shows in both Play Store, and my bank account...but items are yet to populate in my game. This game is QUITE GLITCHY AND BUGGY! Always seemingly at the worst or most impactful times. This latest one is the WORST so far! GIVE ME WHAT I PAID FOR ROVIO!!!
Great game. Although there is a bug where you press start in arena (oinktagon) battles and it won't let you do anything, you will be kept on the loading screen. And so I lose trophies which I grind for ages to get. Please get this fixed
Game play is really fun, but the app is plagued with constant bugs, glitches, false BS error messages, and keeps randomly crashing. Commonly freezes on loading screen, requires force-closing the app. Sometimes you'll watch an ad to continue, but after the ad, the buttons don't work. Just got stuck on an empty menu with only an X button to close, but it does nothing when pressed, just reloads th same empty. This company is way too rich and experienced to excuse such poor quality app development.
Was a fantastic game until I fight for the big red guy then the game crashes and boots me out. Uninstalled and reinstalled a few times, crashes same spot Everytime. Too bad, really enjoyed this new twist on the game.
No matter how many times I tried to Play it from beginning I got stuck on a particular stage where it loads and crashes really frustrating I really loved the game but without progress on main campaign it's get boring uninstalled I can't explain the lack of good rpg game like this but still sorry for decreasing stars
this game is not working properly... every time facing network problem unlike other online games. please fix it!
this game is absolutely amazing. Compared to the classic Angry Birds, this is truly an evolution and breakthrough. a little difficult at first, but then different adventures open up.
The game itself is fun if you don't mind the occasional crash that makes you lose. However, the customer support is horrendous. I have lost so many items that I would buy when they have a sale. Support says stupid stuff like its a visual issue because we see it claimed. Well no s*** its an issue because you have to see it to use it. They refuse make anything right and give you what you spent money on, or a bird that you won or earned. I have sent many screenshots of their bugs, no refunds.
This is a great game. I have been playing since January of 2017. Play it every day, just wish my Clan would get straightened out so that we could get all of the bonuses. Would recommend to anyone who wants to play something and think of nothing! Switch clans to gain access to all the upgrades.
Glitchy here and there which I wouldn't mind the little inconsequential things but when it freezes during matches or event levels (especially higher levels, suspiciously) that cost energy that slowly refills I get pretty upset.
The worst rip off game out there. You have to put money in it at some point or you go no where. But when you do your not gareteed to get anything that you pay for it's done on a chance you might get it.google play should be embarrassed to make this available to you. But what am I thinking it is google
Game relies heavily on player making purchases to advance. The game is fun to play, but you can't advance quickly without spending. Very slow grind if you don't spend. This will probably lead me to stop playing?
My only problem is when I come to the final level/fight of the blue map, which should give me Terrance, just freezes and the game crashes after that. Please fix this. I can do every other fight. If you don't fix it I can't progress further in the campaign part of the game
Pretty Cool & Almost Satisfied, except for when it occasionally crashes & when you get To Terrance on the campaign map, it just loads & loads and won't do anything & then crashes.
Um...okay so this is a very fun game especially in the long term, but it can be very laggy at times and when I try to turn off my internet so I dont have to watch ads it stops the game. But other than running out of scouts and previously discussed issues with it this is a very good game and I highly recommend it to any old and new angry birds fans.
This game is awesome I just started playing and I fell in love with it it's not pay to win like games from other companies (Thanks Rovio) Graphics are awesome gameplay Is smooth and clean I love this game thank you Rovio for such AMAZING games.
I have this game on many different devices I have here I've been playing it since it came out I love this game it is awesome it well easy to figure out and it's a graphics are okay I say they can do it a little bit better nowadays than what they are but I love the game and it's suggested for anybody
I am truly enjoying this game however I'm currently stuck at birdy trap chapter 5 boss. When I click on the icon. It goes in to battle but once I click battle the game freezes and throws me out. I am unable to proceed further. Please help
I have no problem with the gameplay itself, but it's the bird sprites! I would rather prefer the original models, but 3D.
Worst game the game is full of glitches network issues game freeze and always network connection slow even you have speed of 10 mbps in arena your match get started and you are showing lobby Worst game don't download this game it will waste your time and data
The game by itself is pleasing visually and has intrinsically intuitive controls by and large. The one problem I have encountered has been two instances of the game freezing. First when I attempt to exit the tower with the prizes won. Secondly on the rare opportunity that I am offered to revive my birds after losing to the pigs via a video, the game again freezes. In the first it is mildly inconvenient; in the second case instead of being allowed to try to win the fight, I lose.
Been playing for a year now. Way too many crashes during arena and events. When you send complaint to support for compensation, you get the same generic replies then it's a back and forth to get any compensation (if at all). I would be considered a big spender in this game and at top of global arena each week. Not bragging...just to make point that I play a lot. If you want a fun, trouble free, low cost game, with great support then find something else to play. P.S. All 5 star ratings are fake.
Easily the best Angry birds game and one of the Best rpg games! Although I am not a fan of the OG Angry Birds games, this game is super addictive with its eye- popping graphics and smooth controls as well as fun gameplay and there's a lot to do in the form of weekly events, clan, campaign, arena and so on. I really love this game and I am having a fun time playing it ๐Ÿ’ฏ.. Edit: I left the game because no new content and only events have made the game repetitive and dull..
Like the game but I've got to a point when I try to fight this one boss the game glitches, freezes and exits itself. I am going to hit a wall soon and run out of fights.
Game freeze on Start up . unable to connect to server? Try to contact. What's going on? It been several hours. Please fixThx u
THANK YOU ROVIO FOR MAKEING THIS!!!!!!!! it would be cool idea with a egg planet theres events and more details for eggs and more birds and add rare snout things for daily challenge and THE ROYAL KING PIG: 10 cooldown MAKES bird 1 health when hit mode: hard 10,000 AND PIG CANNON 3 COOLDOWN SHOOTS A PIG NEVER ENDS but stops when defeated (or its on the game already) power thank you so much :)
The game is very fun, but it freezes. Everytime, every time I play the eagle mountain I have to close out the app and reload the game to move on. It does that everytime I watch a video to revive as well. And I lose the revive.
Good game but once you have levelled up a certain amount its all about purchases if you want to go further
Lost all progress and in game purchases. I recently started playing again and noticed my progress did not load. Support told me I needed to provide them with information about my old account that was unreasonable to have. Support can see my achievements and purchases but cannot restore my progress? Every other game is linked correctly except this game to Googleplay, even small indie games save my progress.
Bad glitches on main events. I was 6th in the arena this week and was playing at and past midnight going into Monday to see the arena reset and I could receive my gem rewards and I couldn't even play the arena till 8am on monday morning nothing but glitches last night and now no gem rewards I'm gutted and frankly alittle pissed off. Sad to say I do play this game alot being the only game I play but it is not proving itself at all.
Great game at the very start,but keeps crashing and ads crash it too, I counted 15crashes in an hour, and with C64 loading speeds. Even worse now with critical server error closing the app every few minutes, pity cause it's enjoyable game
The game has a bad touch . It only lets u get so far and the it freezes and goes completely out of the game. It won't let you go any further. It needs fixed
I have made many many purchases and this past Friday I purchased some and didn't recieve the package and I reached out to them and they said it says here that you did receive it which I didn't and im not a liar and it was if you buy these 2 packages you get the third one for free and I did it 2 times the first time for 1.99 and 7.99 but I didn't recieve it and I bought right after that the 4.99 and 9.99 which I do all the time through them but they stopped responding to me.
I enjoy the game other than it seems to glitch quite often, and freeze. Sometimes your upgraded bird's work as if they weren't upgraded, or don't do what they're suppose to. I really hope they continue to improve this game as I am paying to play. Biggest annoyance is being told " you should level up your bird's" after losing a 20+ win streak in the arena. Leveling up the bird's is 90% of the game. So, no kidding.