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Angry Birds Dream Blast

Angry Birds Dream Blast for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation located at Rovio Entertainment Corporation Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 ESPOO FINLAND. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Edit: The recent update screwed things up. Awesome gameplay. I love how they mangaed to make money without showing irritating ads
Keeps freezing and not loading after I got to over 1000 level. Reinstalled and it's going it again. Please fix. Thank you
Very fun game! I'm now on level 240 if I could I would give this 50/5 stars.But maybe in winter adventure when you finish it I think you should give the avatar to 1st to 3rd. But great game!
Im having problems right now. I really love the game but is it supposed to be an off line game? Why is it asking me to update but no available update when agreed upon? But when i opened it while connected to the net its all good? Whyyyyyyy?!!!
This Angry Bird is different from the others. Blast gives youl so many tries to finish a task. It gets harder as you.ove along and finish the levels. I get suck sometimes and it will take me days just on one level. Thank you King for another awesome game
It's nice that someone thought to try and improve game music. Still have to mute it after awhile but it's better than most. The game moves along nicely some levels, others really do require pay to win or just play till the winning combo arrives. The animation it very cute except, I don't get why there are little pink baby heads chosen to be in the bushes. That's just creepy and weird!
You used to be able to quit the game when you received unlimited free time so you could start the free time when you were ready to use it. Now it's fine as soon asi force close the app. Feels like I'm getting cheated out of whati earned in the game. What's worse is I'll pay for packs becausei felt like is at least get something out of it with the unlimited time rewards, but I guess the developers got greedy. It's a shame.
hard as hell, brilliant game...stupidly fabulous... New update, overwelming...graphics funny as hell...the furballs create a yearning for Ferrero Rocher candy....edit, now a couple years later, I love it.
Difficult to find a team that actually helps give lives (you can ask for 5 every 7 hours) because so many teams are full of players who have been MIA for years. I think I was able to finally find an awesome team once I reached level 70? Most good teams have a level requirement or they're set to invite only. Fun game if you have a good team to give lives and help with team events. Otherwise, it takes forever to get anywhere in this game, and spending $ is the only way to win!!
I love the gam but you need to change your policy in earning coins because 100 coins for 5 steps is to mach anw we earned coins slowly 15 and 10 conis it is not fair
It's a fun game. But it restarts on me. The sound stops until I restart the game. But overall dream blast I's fun.
Very good but sometimes it's pure luck whether or not you beat a level & other times you don't get enough moves to win & so you have to wait to get the daily bonus & free coins. The old saying swings & roundabouts springs to mind some will like it &......etc etc
Fun & entertaining!!! Definitely takes your mind off of everything and makes you want to keep getting to the next level. I like it more than the normal Angry Birds.
Recently had a latest update. The level happened with some issue. Break all the ices but nothing to fall down or can to proceed next step/next level. Please justify and solve it asap.
Nice flowing app/game to get lost in for a while. No round is the same even if you play it again. It does not bug you to spend money and or share in FB very often.
I Love this game. Others are complaning they have to spend money to win. I havent spent any money in this game and im on level 1054.
I don't know what happened at level 298 because the missions are to collect 8 of the bush and 75 orange balls but somehow,at the bottom,I have to collect 30 orange balls to unlock the bush balls. Funny thing is,as I get to the bottom,there's no orange balls left bcs apparently I have finished the 75 orange balls objective. What the hell happened there?? If I were not to pop the orange balls,I can't get to the bottom to finish those bush balls.. Make it make sense,please.
Awesomly, addictive game!! It's seems to have unlimited levels which do get more difficult each level you play... Easy enough but hard enough to keep you challenged
There is no reason this game is so hard to win. You would think that LasVegas mob bosses were setting the odds. The bubbles rarely align in the order needed to get an Angry Bird to blow up the pigs. Seriously, you can spend days on the same level. I un-installed it a year or so ago and decided to try it again. Big mistake. Nothing has changed except that now it will occasionally give you unlimited play time/lives for up to an hour. Just enough to fluster you further.
I love this game is just so awesome where you can create your own things and join more teams and help people for different lives and people help you and yeah great game I love it
Its okay, except that its buggy. I'll beat a level and then when I go back, it says I didn't beat it. Just today, I got 200 coins and a 3 hour infinity hearts from the daily thing, I played 5 levels and it suddenly said I didn't have any lives. It did this to another member of my family as well.
Its a different change of the original game it has all of the old characters and a few new ones but it need some hot birds too would be awesome i like the one who blows me all day long who can pay me to do this all day is a creature sent from Jesus and plots on stealing all of today's frozen slurping butt u just stepped we d in to town a said I'm taking my slurping cup and my straw back and give me that zipper so I can get high and not drive I survive by being alive . Enjoy the treat love ya.
[210412] Great ... Potentially great anyways... I could not pass level 96 or 97 - really wanted to reach 100!!! Tried as only an old man wud... Had to give up - or PAY... Need I say more... [Edit] Accidentally reloaded - so went ahead and played some. Did ok (2nd Place). But it was getting tedious and monotonous (order?) - but what really singed my derriere was the few times, thru No Fault of mine, I got 'disconnected'; the 'game' took away my 'booster status'... (Most all of aps FAIL to allow!)
It's a fun game, however I don't like it that when I finish a level with more than 5 moves left over I only get bonus tokens for up to 5 moves. Just really frustrating.......
Good game. Only issue is multiple times I've left the game and come back hours later and no time has passed. 14m 57s left to one life, come back 5 hours later and still 14m 57s to one life? No matter how I close, sometimes time passes, sometimes it doesn't.
The game is fun which is a time killer game. But until level 30 they tell u to collect ten eggs but a lot of them didnt drop and the angry bird rocket actually blast some cubes but they do not blast out a line at all. Their boom blast all the balls but actually not all. And their developers are so greedy. Want a second chance win? 100 coins. Dont waste your money with the second chance win. They are actually stolling ur money.
One of the most underrated Angry Birds game. Good for killing time, but not for serious playing, because its Pay to Win scenario is strong. I managed to play without any single penny after 100+ levels.
Love the game! Very addictive. πŸ™‚ 5 lives is too little though. It is a bit annoying that the game doesn't allow you to continue to play unless you claim your Unlimited Lives Rewards. We don't always have an hour free to play on the spot. It would be great if we can store the unlimited lives reward in a bank etc and claim it at our convenience. Many times, I had to stop playing for days because I only had time for a quick game, not 30mins/an hour.
You people are a very good crowd πŸ˜‰still think very creative need few higher coin πŸ˜‚ rewards like halloween stuff still on the ball I'd give you all extra treats if you came trick or treat ing at my house 🏑l always come back your the best happy 😊 holiday
Updated the Christmas special. On level 5000, and it won't allow u to advanced past the first stage. Serious glitch, ruined all my free lives and power ups.
Very inconsistent, birds keep changing blast radius. One level its wide and the next, very small, yet same bird. Also. If I need 40 red in 5 moves, and the game only gives you 7 reds, its not gonna happen.
I love this game but I think after the last update something went wrong. I finish all 11 levels but the red bird doesn't move and I don't get the rewards at the end of every chapter. I want all my rewards. fix this
Very nice game, great to kill time. Ocasionaly, it can be a bit of a P2Wz unless you have the patience to wait (a lot) for the free coins. One thing the developers should know about the English language is that Extreme means something more difficult than Hard, and not the other way around...that knowledge would have helped a lot when rating the levels.
Rovio has created yet another addictive game! Edit: it just got worse. Red and Chuck explosion range is reduced, hard to win levels unless you use boosters and pay, bubble loading screen hurts the eyes, too much animation overwhelms, impossible physics causes us to miss the target illogically, bug in receiving prizes. I had infinite life, played one level and lost and somehow there goes the infinite life. STILL NOT GETTING THE DAILY GIFTS AS PROMISED
One of the biggest waste of time I played. Congrats on ruining a great series, this game is free to play but pay to get anywhere. This is just a generic bubble pop puzzle game with Angry Bird characters slapped on, this game could barely be considered to be part of the Angry Birds series if you replace the birds with arrows or icons and the pig locks to normal locks. That is how badly they are shoehorned into them game.
I DO NOT recommend downloading this game. It is NOT worth playing as each level you will need more moves than you get. You will go through SO many lives before ever passing levels. Sometimes it will take DAYS to a WEEK to pass a level. You will also end up using your power ups just to get through a level and then you have no more until you earn more. NOT worth playing unless it is for passing time in general. It is not fun any more just a game for time passing.
HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND TO MANY IN APP ERRORS! I hit claim on my 7th day reward and didn't receive the coins or the unlimited play time! I contacted customer support when it happened, but my chat wasn't showing. I didn't know the request for support wasn't received, until I followed up 2 days later. I sent another chat to Bartek who was so rude and unprofessional that he turned me all the way off from the game! Still no response to this day as resquested!
As usual, a game that has great potential for fun is ruined by greed. I've been playing for 3 days & it is abundantly clear they want you paying to complete levels. They add a 1st time win incentive and that's how you earn materials for whatever event is happening. But paying to win has never been fun for me, & it still isn't. I don't mind spending in mobile games, but I do mind the notion that I can only win if I spend. They also make it hell to get out of a level you don't want to pay to win
I love this game, been playing it for like 2/3 years now, but whenever I receive my daily prize, sometimes I don't get it, although I claim it. Like today, I got 200 coins and 3 hours lives, I got my coins, but not the lives
Love this game! I just wish it didn't take 100 coins to get 5 extra moves if you don't finish a level but want to keep going.
This game is amazing but the levels are hard and I like the game don't get me wrong but it's the more levels that you do the hard some get and 5 lives are not enough
In the last week (few days), a new set of level prizes suddenly appeared in the upper right corner. It has only been available for a week yet it thinks I am very far advanced in collecting these treasures... I have only been able to collect 2 prizes but it seems to think I have collected 8 tiers (tier1; field of dreams, tier 2 pillow plains; etc) worth of prizes... please help! It is nearly impossible to get help through the apps contact customer service....
The more you earn invels, the harder it gets and you have no choice but to buy coins in order to progress. Yes, a lot of levels are rigged just so you spend more. Also, they cheat you when it comes to moves as when you have used 100 coins for 5 additional moves, you think you took one move and you did but it counts as 2. Also, when you buy additional coins, they deduct more than the 100 coins per additional 5 moves which reduces your coins quickly. Gamer beware. This game is fun but they cheat.
Game logic is good. Too much greedy for purchase, the game will not let you win if you don't purchase after Level 64. This game falls into the category of endless game and no one really wins. The developers are trying hard to milk every penny from the players.
This game is fun in the beginning but then after you get to.higher levels you cannot move on without constantly spending money on extras and it literally changes the game behavior to keep you losing until you spend 5 or 12 minimum to move forward. So if you don't mind dropping money daily to play its fun, otherwise give it a pass until they change the programming.
Fun game, good distraction I play usually when I can't sleep or need a stress distraction. Used customer service when I lost all my data and they are very responsive, knowledgeable, even responded back to another question promptly so that gets FIVE 🌟 The consecutive levels don't give a break going from "hard" to "extreme" that gets frustrating as well as the minimal reward after accomplishing all those levels.. Overall I do enjoy it, love the team life request. Awful Bubble screen between 1 🌟
Predatory gaming at its finest. You can tell when it lets you win, and when you are hard stuck with one extra move to go for 5+ matches. But if you buy some gold you can get that extra move. Get ****'d.
The game is great. Super fun. But holy nutsack, the ads are too long!!!! Make them at least 5 seconds.
Dream Peak should be free, as in we shouldn't have to use coins to do things while waiting for developers to create new levels. Also, I get a notification of full lives every time I open the app, despite turning notifications off.
Level 350 has to have a glitch. I have been trying for the longest time. Even with the eggs released and all the rest collected , with at least 2 really large bird bubbles and several moves left the eggs won't crack. If I look on YouTube every video for level 350 are the same but different to the game I have at 350. Even the members of the team cannot understand why it's different. Time for me to give up .
All the reviews should tell the developers SOMETHING!? Spent a little bit of money and realizing you need to spend TONS. The game is so fixed that when you have 30 minutes of infinite lives, you spend 30 minutes passing one level. Literally your rewards are fixed. Never have I seen an app that's so greedy...ever. Losing a player that tried to support you financially. High five!
Fun game. Kind of buggy. Doesn't refresh lives and helps. Randomly gives credits for levels. Way too long between requesting helps. Could be a really good game with a little more effort.
I kind of like the game but more than once the do not provide the colored things required to remove to win the game. It feels like a too bad so sad you have to loose the win.
The game is so good .. Its so fascinating to play this game but there is a problem with level 5000 .. Please solve it immediately.. I don't know why , after break the glasses there is no sign of orange balls .. Please check this out
Really have fun playing this game,however it keeps asking me to update even it's in the updated version! I'm at 5000 level and cannot play now.. very disappointed, please fix it asap.. Thanks
Disappointed. After playing this for a few months my take away is that this game cannot be won without spending money to buy power ups. I mean literally some levels are un-winable. I still get sucked in and buy those extras but I'm getting bored a lot faster. Time to go do something else.
I am really enjoying this game a lot so cute keep making games like this its still a ten star i cant stop playing love it i like the birds thier very cute and funny too how can i renew game to the very start ti level one
Serious lags after the latest updates, marks are not updated after each game and the rewards after finishing 10 stages are gone (not sure if it's due to the delay in updating marks and status or it's a change in the game itself).
Why can't I play level 1041. It's asking for a wifi connection but I just updated the game (winter wonderland) .. I have 1 hour unlimited power ups with red,chuck and bomb when I update the game but I can't play. Please help. **Update I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it's now okay. If you can give back my 1 hour unlimited power ups, that would be great. πŸ€”πŸ™„βœŒοΈ
Fun!! Not too many ads-- AWESOME!! Im going to be up ALL night-and a big πŸ‘ THANK you for the FREE extra hous during our Covid-19 stay home!! Great Job!! Still loving it!! I came back, LoL, see above! Just a super, fast, fun game! Play it!! Still the Best game 5/21
I just download this game yesterday and I'm on level 100. So yes, very addictive. So far, so good. Plenty of tools to help you along the way. The layouts are pretty good and the characters are cute. There is always some kind of competition going on that also gives you more coins and tools. So, go ahead.... Dive in, or should I say fly in. 🀩
Im over level 2000, but now when you get the unlimited lives in dailies or in the gifts you don't get your unlimited lives. Example today for daily #7 I was suppose to get 2hr unlimited lives and 200 coins. Got the coins but not the lives. Been happening a lot lately. Other than that it's a good game.
There are some interesting reviews! Currently past level 1600, haven't spent a penny of real money. It's a great game, good for half an hour or so at a time, unless I get a really good bonus!
I really enjoy this game. It has zero annoying ads. You do have an ad opportunity, but you gain something from watching it and it's not forced on you. Now that's how ads should be. The game is a good diversion without becoming frustrating. Update 10/23/20 - All morning, I've been getting "You must connect to server" messages. I'm already connected. If I go to the chat and back, it connects. This is a nuisance. I often can't gain credit for the tournament points I've earned.
I like it so much., even a thousand level i played, never give up yet. But to earn coin very slowly. Why not give us free coin to collect every day. It much help us to play this game.
Gaming has had some glitches over the past week. Shutting down whilst in the middle of a level, causing me to lose hearts. Please look into.
This game is adorable and fun I love it.The little birds are so cute and fun. The game is so fun and enjoyable.You don't have to be disrupted with ads too play the game. You really can enjoy it. πŸ‘ The graphics are great
While fun, this is a game that can and like other games WILL set you up for (not failure) but a feed-in. IF one needs a pink or blue or whatever color ball..and you keep playing....and it just "happens to appear" AFTER you "add more money," IF..and only IF YOU have expendable cash...have fun!! I am so disappointed. It is just a little too expensive for me... Jan 2021 UPDATE..still wth ISSUES: i used to receive 3 bird boosters at tbe beginning of a round. Now I may get 1 or none
Not quite sure what happened at level 65/2737 to 2749 but either I have gotten so bad I need to play each level up to 10+ more times to pass or the developers have made it so difficult that I am about ready to quit and uninstall. If it's too hard to play people might not want to.
It makes you smile on a gray winter day. Love the graphics. It can make a old lady smile in the middle of a pandemic.
It was fun for a few levels, you can progress without paying, but the fact that if you want to continue level of you run out if moves costs 100 coins, and for passing 10 levels you get 15 as reward is a piss take. Stuck on level 170 with 10 or 15 tries, not possible to pass without bonuses, which I can not get as used all up and can't progress as stuck. Uninstalling.
Let me start by saying I really like this game. I've been playing for years, actually, but have recently discovered the game is not the same for all players. Tier progression is easier for some players than others. Identical levels are not identical at all. This is unfair. The devs are also slow to answer support tickets and fix glitches lately, if at all. What changed?? They used to be on top of issues. If it keeps up like this, I forsee paying "customers" uninstalling....
One of my favorite games to pass time. I redownload this from time to time. It's always being updated and had never had any problems for me. πŸ’―β€οΈ
I used to love this game, it was very relaxing and a great casual game for commuting. Recently it's become almost impossible to complete levels without power ups, really disappointed they've gone P2W like so many others
So i put this in but i had to redown load the app i was on level 3000 i had bought the 2.99 pack well when i redown loaded it and signed in with my face book it made me start all over and now im being told that the 17 months i have played this game went down the drain So i would think before putting to much time in to this app
This wasxa great game but recent update changed that, the new pig bushes and pig bells have taken the fun out of the game.. Am on level 1548 and have been for a few days, not even coming close. Looked on line for a you tube video of level and the one out there is completely different, it is the level prior to update. I checked a few other levels, 1545 ... and they are all different now. I will play a couple more days but if they do not roll back changes, i will probably be done with game.
I don't get the issue with the levels. I am at Level 1748 and I am having almost no problem passing levels. The only thing is after level 670 almost every 10th level next to the present is an extreme level. And after Level 900 something every 5th level is mainly an extreme. Also Level 6000-6100 in between this numbers lies dream peak. Also Dream Peak like keeps running from me