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Angry Birds Classic

Angry Birds Classic for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation located at Rovio Entertainment Corporation Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 ESPOO FINLAND. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its a very fun game, it should be one of the games that need updating, but instead rovio deleted from the google play store. PLEASE BRING THE GAME BACK, IF NOT WE RIOT, nah just kiding, but please bring the game back
This is a great game, and I would give it 4 stars, but after recently getting a new device, the sound just isn't there.
If used to be a good way to waste time. Now it's just full of ads 45 second ads it's very frustrating to play I had to uninstall it I wouldn't waste my time downloading
I do like this game but the ads they show me the same ads over and over again it is incredibly annoying while I was playing the game they show me the ad the next minute they show me the same I thought were they not bothered showing me a different add the next minute they show me the same add again ok this is irritated the next minute the same add pops up yet again and again and again it was the worst thing I had to deal with so the next time you play this game BEWARE
It was perfect when it released and it's still pretty much perfect now, some stuff has been added for microtransactions which is a shame but I still adore this game, one of the best parts of my childhood
I'd describe Angry Birds Classic as a mobile gaming icon that has sadly lost its way. The gameplay is addicting as ever - it's enjoyable when you hit the structures in just the right combo - but the game is chock-full of ads and microtransactions nowadays. It could be much worse, of course, but it's still disappointing to see a classic like this get hit with some of the worst trends in mobile gaming.
Ads all day long... So lame! Any big levels on mighty league lock up the game! Fix it I'm tired of losing perks and scores!
It's not bad but the ads are getting ridiculous. Every time I open this game there is more and more ads. I don't mind the ad when you're trying to get something but when you're putting ads between every level it's a real piss off. They used to be five second ads now they're 30 seconds. I'm about to uninstall this game it's not fun anymore
its a great game the only thing is that they really changed it which makes it seem like just another one of those apps my suggestion is to undo all changes to single player (the real game) and make a separate section for micro-transaction there the game is good again
I've played this before, I still have the space version on my tablet! I don't care about ads it's still fun!
For the last two days, I've gotten "no internet, retry or cancel" but only on the classic game. My internet works fine, so I have to do something on your end. Please fix it!
The classic and original novel idea to fling those birds to collapse those structures to get at the piggies!!!! This has long been a favourite game with me, but it has lost some of that magic it once had after the updates but it still holds true to its gaming and objective and has improved in other areas. however, the app jams or crashes in the Mighty league and there's a few other glitches too - shame the game developers don't test the game properly before releasing the next updates!
Used to be a good game but now it keeps crashing and it mostly crashes as soon as i use a power up. Also the online thing wont let me play it says i have no internet when i have full internet. Having optional ads should be enough. I watch a 30 second video to get that extra bird.. do the level then straight away another ad comes up where i have to wait before i can close it. The extra ads are too much. You guys make enough money on the optional ones man.. get rid of the extra ads & fix the bugs!
Angry Birds it's one of the best mobile games ever. I see that this version has ads and microtransactions though it's still good to play.
Once I first or this game probably about Angry Bird because that's the title but then I got to slingshot really cool and picks stealing eggs that's just made up and that's cool I like that
Love the game, but crashes most if the time when I use a power up or watch a video. I have lost close to $10,000 bird coins worth power ups when this has happened. GET IT FIXED.
I love this game, and I have since I was a kid but jesus christ what happened with the ads. I shouldn't have to watch a 30 second ad after every level. Love the game but the ads. 1 star.
Rovio just why? Why did you butcher this game so much? Too many ads, too many useless things which doesn't even make it the classic version... I installed the original 1.0 angry birds and that was Golden, zero ads no annoying popups just a game with a challenge and a story. Rovio you have become one of those greedy companies and I hate that. Fix yourselves and your games.
I love this game.had it on most phones for 20 yrs.but, Inconsistencies are th name of th game.scoring, trajectory, potency & distance seem 2 b according 2 how you're doing.many games cheat some but come on.weapons & more go unexplained.whats with not fixing th same 2issues of 20yrs?th progress screen loads w '2' as th number of every board & my favorite thing,th whole game locks up after a few mns or hrs but it comes.usually just as you're about 2 get a hard board.Angry players!Plz fix something
I am really disappointed with the refund policy of the company. My son accidentally bought Huge Pack of Gems, but the company refused to give the money back. Really disappointing, why to make a refund policy if you don't want to refund?((
I used to play this game when it was in it's prime years when it was original when it didnt copy ideas I wanted to reinstall it to see if I could get the same hype again from ten years ago I was very young I love the game a lot but then they decided to partner up and make a movie I was fine with it until they're popularity spiked again lost originality made games but we're not original and something so iconic on the internet and artifact altered in a bad way I loved angry birds now I'm just sad
Ah, the game that started it all. I don't think this is the original game, but it might be and it's the closes thing we have. I have more fond memories of this series, and I return to the original when I feel sad. This game spawned so many rip-offs to. I think Rovia isn't really doing a lot else with the series, but I think I'm kinda fine with that. While they did milk it to the ground, I don't blame them. I will always love the simple nature of this game. Truly a classic.
The advertisement is out of control on this. This makes this once enjoyable game no longer tolerable.
I still love playing this game after all these years. I tried the newer generation game but I found myself going back to the original. Sometimes it is best to follow this simple rule "if it is not broken, don't fix it".
I can deal with the ads. But the game never freezes on the ads, but when I use the power ups, a lot of the time it freezes, and I lose the power up. I have even bought some, so it may be a way for them to make money. Not right at all. Update: I guess they don't want to fix. Deleting.
Was fun way back when I first got it, but now it's almost no actual bird slingshotting, just ad after ad after ad after ad after...
I knew this game since 2013 and naw coming back to to the game It's changed a lot!! The bad thing is NAW I can't play with anny of the world s I want to! Naw I have to collect STARS naw in order to unlock new levels which was never a thing back then I wish it would be normal and Rilly to be classic again!
The new version sucks, you half to watch A AD JUST TO UNLOCK THE NEXT LEVEL!!!! I use a version from 2011, it's not AD-To-Win
Thank you for bringing this game back but the reason I kind of hate it it because you have to be getting stars for it to pass a level
Years and years ago, before they franchised this game. I bought the app and had fun with it. Years later, I can't find the one I bought anymore and in its place is this piece of fremium adware software. Disrespectful with its users that bought the app and never agreed on it to change into an ad infestation. I'm never going to pay a single cent or recommend anyone to do so for such a company that has zero respect for its consumers.
Too many connection issues. I play this game everyday for the competition at 7:00 p.m. It really sucks when it doesn't work and blames my connection which is good. At least take responsibility for your own connection issues and stop blaming mine. And update the app to fix problems!
I was so happy I could find the original angry birds game it has been a long time. Angry birds 2 got boring, but angry birds 1 never got me bored.
Fun, but TOO MANY ADS! Sometimes ads pop up seconds after another one ends. After 0:30, they AUTOMATICALLY TAKE YOU TO THE APP STORE! Not ok! Often you then still have to watch :05 more of the ad! Skipping stops the app store redirect, but not the "bonus" ad time. Ads play at high volume even if game sound is off! They're not all that bad, but still. Daily challenge is fun, but often it doesn't give you the rewards it shows you're supposed to get. Even if you beat all levels on the first try.
Great game I love it but too many ads as per usual and I don't think its fare that we are asked to pay to get rid of them when we are not asked would we like to have they spoil many of the games and its a shame but I will still play them 😀
Great game but low rating because of micro in app purchases popping up spoiling a classic. I would prefer to pay for an ad free version please!?
Good, legendary game for commute time. Though I think that the harder levels try to push you too much into buying stuff.
Returned to game after a few years playing other games only to find it's full of ads that disrupt my music, unplayable. Uninstalled for good this time. Bye Angry Birds.
This game is awesome! They need to put it back on the app store and google play store along with the other games, if they don't want to update them just put them on the store!
They ruined one of the last to enjoy, with the monetisation and cheat features. Did they change the hardness to get you to buy poweups too? Just not that much fun anymore. Putting things in the way to accidentally hit and use up powerup was the start of bad years ago, then came the eagle feathers. Angry bird 2 gets tiring, and a pointless money fest. Seasons, as above, ruined for me, but used to be my normal game. Rio was great, but we will see if it still is next.
The classic Angry Birds is the best! I grew up with it! The first and one of the best games for mobile and pcs, i do miss the first version, but the best is the logic, controls and so much more! This game really changed my life.
Just crazy, leisurely fun. No timers so take your time to figure the effect of gravity on a small- or large-bodied cartoon bird, aiming to topple structures and explode bombs onto cartoon pigs. You can buy more birds if you must.....
The 5 minute time for the sling is much too frustrating - it seems that the organization is a bit greedy trying to sell or engage in other games - 15 minutes would most likely result in better outcomes and reduce the aggravation - especially when the sling expires in a setting and it won't allow getting it back
Lags 24/7 especially when I watch a video for powerups. I get the power up but then the game freezes and steals back my power up and wastes my time watching the videos. Whenever I do very well the game will freeze my game play and make me restart over. Please fix this problem
I remember playing this game when I was 5 or something and it was an old version and I had no problem now getting the second version and beyond but when I got the first version its on the title screen and it stops working for some reason but the new version is good to. I just wish it had an option to change it to the old version that didn't have coins, the mighty leage, and gems. That version was great, ether way this game is great! Even better then plants vs zombies 2!
This game is a childhood memory and still to this day, the only reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 it is because they show me the same ad over and over and over which is very annoying, but I still recommend this game if your a hardcore angry birds fan.
What is up with now having to pay with stars to open every single level? You earn 1-3 stars each play and then lose 2-4 stars to play the next one?! Way Too Many Ads and why does it keep freezing over and over?
It's not bad if you reallylikewatching ads. Every time I open this game there is more and more ads. I don't mind the ad when you're trying to get something but when you're putting ads between every level it's a real piss off. They used to be five second ads now they're 30 seconds. To make it even worse it continuously freezes up in mighty league,. It's getting worse it froze up 7 * trying to play 6 rounds. Bye-bye I can't handle it anymore .
Playing this game makes me feel so happy! The characters are really cute and I like the background music a lot. Thanks Rovio for developing this highly immersive gaming experience!
The classic Angry Birds never gets old. It's always fun to play to remember the good ol' times. Apart from the ad cluster. But I will put the ads aside and give this game 5 shiny stars because you guys did a fantastic work on this masterpiece! 😉
Ads take the fun away. This used to be a fun game that i spent hours playing. If the ads were more reasonable, then i still would. Now it feels like a big commercial that i interact with sometimes. It is rediculous. No wonder we never hear about anybody playing angry birds anymore. You got greedy and now instead of me seeing a reasonabke amount of ads, I will see none because i am uninstalling.
Just hate the ads and freezing in middle of the game. The ads should show stuff that the player would be interested in...not random repetitive junk!
Like many others I LOVED this game when I was a toddler/kid but now it become boring. You can't play any episode you want you have to do it in order. So I really liked reds mighty feathers but I couldnt play it and had to progress. It is just really dissapointing to see such a good game just turn into a game where you have to complete an episode to unlock the next episode or pay up front to unlock them all. Do I recommend this game to other people? Yes! It is just sad to think that the past was
I used to be addicted to this game. But now all I am is aggravated by all the nonstop rediculous ads in my face. I get that everyone has to make a living, but I swear it's like people begging for money in my face. I'm done.
Game cheats you out of coins and power ups. I lost over 2000 coins from buying power ups and then having the game freeze before I have a chance to use them. Se with watching ads. I will watch an ad for a free power up. The ad will stop playing and then the game will freeze as it is giving you your free power up.
Very good & fun& even getting more popular, Houston(Texas) I am happy about it, I had summons, on a smaller screen, not on this, its good though Excuse me ! , I bought a Google play card, 😫 it doesn't work 😓, Wonder why ( & its only for Summons Fisher ) I💗 this Episode Game ! even without Summons Fisher !
Rovio does nothing about cheaters who rack up an impossible number of points in the levels making it impossible for an honest player. I played this for months and used up all my power-ups trying to get teh highest score possible only to find another player has a score that was impossible to get. complained to Rovio and they accused ME of cheating because I was playing the game on Bluestacks 4 on my Windows 10 PC. Talk about not caring if people cheat to get high scores, but use a different platform than an Apple or Android device to play the game.
I swear, this is a great game, but let me pay you to turn the interruption ads off! I hate rovio a little bit more every time I find myself having to wait thirty seconds to restart a podcast. Developers deserve pay, but can't I pay with money instead of frustration? Don't your users deserve a choice? Playing since the first release 11 years ago, love the game, one star.
It's a pretty fun and simple mobile game I still play from time to time. But I feel like having to unlock chapters and such by completing some takes away some of the fun, I prefer when this wasn't a thing. The ads also ruin the experience a bit, as they're a bit plentiful and stop the flow. I would rather just download an older version online.
The original Angry Birds gameplay with their story and defeating boss is more exciting than angry birds pop/blast/and the other, please bring back angry birds stella, space, rio, and star wars
Love the A B CLASSIC - is the best. To replay whole game, all levels over & over again TIP: go to settings, select the app and clear/delete the data/cache, and you have new empty levels to start again. AB2 locks up with too many ads/costs to complete levels - classic is the best!
It's still amazing but It just doesn't have that nostalgic feel anymore this has been a huge part of my childhood and I love it
They have completely butchered this game. Angry birds was an app that was part of my childhood and many others. Coming back to this game I am disappointed to see it has been overrun with microtransactions, littered with ads, and just nothing like what it used to be.
A really fun game as all angry birds are ,i prefer angry birds 2 ,but kept switching off ,freezing etc,i hope to install angrybirds 2 again but after 3 or 4 attempts i dont hold on to much hope
i loved this game when i was smaller but its gotten so much updates for example leuges were not a good idea they should have made all whole new games for competetive
I used to love this game but they become so complicated you have to keep buying different characters to use And also they are hidden by the things that you use to crash some of the piggies you can't even see him because the characters are blocking them.
Angry Birds has got my attention years ago and I am still hooked love this game. Rearranging my Angry Birds opinion once again period after 15 years it is still my favorite game period cannot seem to find any games you can float the matching
Display issues on Huawei P30 pro. Can't zoom out far enough. Constantly looking at a cropped down screen size. Otherwise, good game.
really disappointed in this app selling out. so many ADd you can't enjoy the game. I remember the good old days where you didn't have to soend stars to proceed to the next level.
Very addictive and a great way to pass time while at the doctors or long rides, the kids absolutely love it, even my 2-year-old can play this 😍
Original Angry Birds is the best! Excellent game for developing the strategy and necessary skills in order to earn higher points/stars. Not full of bubbles, clutter, over stimulation, and side games - all of the stuff that I personally find distracting and aggravating. Keep Angry Birds Original out there for mature people like me. Love playing this game. Thank you.
Constantly freezing!! Soo annoying!!! Like i uses to love this game but half the time, soon as i use a power up, the game freezes, i restart and tho i didnt get to use power up, still reflects as if i did. Sooo tired of this!
Constantly crashes. Lost countless power ups because game crashed. Ruining experience. Used to be a good game but has been ruined by ads. Watch a 30sec add close it then wait another 5sec to close the same ad again.
Still a legendary game but it has too much ads. Sometimes you cannot playin' it. If there aren't these ads i think this game will be in the top.
The game keeps getting froze and its very annoying. its way too many ads forreal to deal with. Please listen to us and take care your fans and customers asap. We lose many power ups from being frozen and we cant get em back. The price for powerups coins and gems ARE TOO EXPENSIVE TO PURCHASE. Greedy
It really good, reminded me back when it was on ipod and I'd play it for ages, shame that they added ads in it, that ruins it in my opinion, other than that, really good, good game
Aside from the ads and the time consuming levels, I love this series as a whole, i love the background scenery and sounds of birds chirping, and that's why I set myself a goal to play EVERY of the basic slingshot games!
(5 Stars currently) I havent played this in YEARS. I really loved this game. Currently, I think this game was amazing and fun with little ads (noted because of all the reveiws complaining about the ads). I will edit this when I've tried it out again
Updated the user experience?! It is a terrible application and no longer like the original game. It has too many ads and the game randomly freezes all the time which makes me lose my progress. Infuriating The Golden eggs are no longer as fun as they used to be. And why in the world do I need to pay for Mighty Eagle to be included in the game? Has many bugs. Also, if I log in from another device, the stickers are not saved. Very unfinished game. Would've been a lot more fun without these issues.