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Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation located at Rovio Entertainment Corporation Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 ESPOO FINLAND. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 7.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Amazing AR game. If your device has average to good depth sensors it will work excellently. Yes my device (A71) heats up after some time and lags a bit but flagships shouldn't have any problems (especially those Apple devices with LiDAR)
Pretty good game, Has decent tracking but it has those moments where the fps drops to literally 3fps when there's some physics stuff going on, I'm using an rog phone 2 and it says it's only using about 40% cpu when it drops to insanely low fps.
Is not that bad or the game but there's Glitch Why I directly look at the thing it goes away the Structure can you please fix it
Absolutely worse AR game. Can't even start it. I pointed in an empty room at the ground, the walls, the ceiling, from up to down, from down to up, from one corner to another. AND I COULD NOT GET IT TO START IN A OERFECLTY FLAT, CUBE EMPTY ROOM!!I wish there was 0 stars
Unbelievably amazing but in the next update could you guys please make the levels more interesting and create a more creative title screen when the app is launched. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good concept but crashes a lot I can't even go further 2 levels because it crashes and i have to restart
Makes my phone really really hot after playing for a while, and everything starts to lag alot, not sure if its my phone just hitting minimal requirements or what. Still, Angry birds in AR is absolutely amazing to play
Playing Angry Birds in AR mode is just amazing. I can't wait to show this game to my daughter. I usually don't like giving games 5 stars, especially if they dont give Google Achievements. They have to be extra special. This is one of those extra special games.
I really do love this version of angry birds! My only complaint as of right now is the game not saving my progress. But I've contacted support, so I'm sure it will be addressed soon.
Works great in terms of tracking on a phone with a good camera, but I think I get like 20 fps, but my phone is not as powerful
Controls are a lot more intuitive in AR than in regular screen games. The lighting model is acting a bit weird though, all the objects in the game look too bright in normal lighting, have too much bloom/strong highlights
This game could be so much fun! Unfortunately it does nothing but crash after each level. Im not going to uninstall just yet as I hope the bugs are just temporary
I love the 3d one but the camare make us cannot let our phone moving or changing position, and i played so many levels but it didn't save it and i need to play again the whole same level
The concspt of this game is very good and the only reason I rated it 4stars is because there aren't enough levels, rovio games should also add some sort of multiplayer mode in this game
please provide more awesome updates and improve the performance on Google Pixel 2 XL this app is great but it needs a new version and a more enhanced 3D version which completes the whole phone you should improve the app
This game is ossum fablous fantastic concept but do add more levels quickly and connect with Facebook that we can beat scores with Facebook players hope you will this soon thanks
Pros: Fresh idea and quite interesting also a bit challenging. Good game to pass time. Kons: Too damn laggy, rather hard to find flat surface for placing the building.
I LOVE this game but it is just hard to find a flat place to play. Also plz put a save button. Oh lastly it just glitches and crashes but will rate 5 stars if u fix this.
This must be the worst Angry Birds game ever made.... Can't even start a game because the camera cannot detect a flat surface. When it does find a surface, the stage jumps randomly off screen, then crashes most of the time. Like the concept but this game is not ready. πŸ˜‘
It wants you to put your phone on a flat surface that never ever happens. Very frustrating so don't bother downloading!!!
The game is a port from the vr game of the same name on ps4 and PC The advertisement are not showing after each level, you can play 6 times without seeing one. The tracking works great with ARcore Only bad point is aiming, it's good but not as good as the vr title, which offer movement of the propulsor independently than your eyes Great game
Nice game play . Good grafics & birds reaction. Very good work I play like real birds feel. Please add more interesting levels. Add more birds reactions. Please lonch angry birds vr on play store like batter real fill ThanksπŸ‘ , keep it up 🀝
It's funny how you can go near it and cheat (not fun) part 😹😹😹 one of the best time kill for quarantine thank you for making this game hope you can add more stages. and to those who wants to download this be sure you have VR/AR compatible phone (needs gyroscope sensor).
Has amazing potential!! A whole new gameplay experience, I CANT WAIT till all the bugs are fixed. There are lots of kinks to work out such as the flat surface since its hard for my phone to find. And when one is found, I sometimes find it hard to see on my phone when its too far, and many times, it moves. Once it got so close i had to move where i was sitting. There is amazing potential in this game. Like I said, I cant wait to play once the bugs are fixed. Yet another amazing game from Rovio!!
The concept is ok but it needs more time, all and all its good and fun, giving it 4 because I'm looking forward to see how they can AR to its full potential
Angry Birds AR is incredibly fun and interactive. I am not a big fan of playing games on my phone, but I enjoyed this one. This game has a lot of potential for educational value. A math or science teacher could use this game to introduce concepts like force, motion, and angles. Beyond math and science, the game has value in teaching concepts like problem-solving, resourcefulness, persistence, and that there is more than one correct way to complete a task. One of the few limitations of the game is that it requires a flat surface.
Just because I have played this game on iOS mobile, I am rating 3 stars. This game is not at all opening on Android device. Pls fix it. As soon as I switched my device from iOS to Android, this app does not work at all. Pls fix it in the next update. My phone has 12 gb ram. So, no problem from my side. It's the game's fault. Pls pls fix it soon.
Hell this game it's not connect to my camera why answer my question I do everything I saw videos on YouTube but it's not work
Will never give permissions to an app to use my camera and record audio... soo fussing creepy, seems illegial to me.
This game is great for ar But the gameplay is also simple enough to be enjoyable in vr Please combine ar and vr together and let us play this game with cardboard vr It will be fantastic
The first time I saw this game I thought it was kind of a building game but ok Though it has bugs this is fun but bugs yeah bugs
This kind of game wanted always need fix frame drop and improvement graphics and add some cool stuff around it
Wow! Generally,I never rate any game but this is the best game I have ever played.Angry Birds is my favourite from childhood.The graphics give so realistic feel.I felt like I am really watching them in front of me.Such a game should be made on legendary cartoons like Doraemon,Ben 10,Tom and jerry,Shinchan,Dragon Ball Z.(Pokemon is also a legend but already Pokemon Go has been made for it so..)
Doesn't work with s7, it prompts you to point it a non reflective flat surface so I used a table and it just kept saying "Place the game, point the camera at a flat non reflective flat textured surface" and then nothing else would happen. It'd be helpful if they would have like a red x turn to green check when you find a suitable surface rather than guess work and then nothing happens.
Almost Unbelievable AR.... You can look through the buildings, inside of them.... In fact you have to look inside to see if there are any TNTs or pigs left...!! And of course the classic gameplay.....❀️A great way to bring back Angry Birds...πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ
The game is fabulous but i have a problem on my phone, the graphics are low but i have seen people playing with high graphics the graphic card of my phone is very good indeed it can run high graphics games on highest settings still i cant play the game on high graphics but i think that will be fixed and graphics still look good enough and the game is awesome i highly recommend this game for every mobile that can support google ar core :)
The gameplay is very nice but the problem is when we are playing the game the mobiles gets heated up I tried in many devices same thing the mobile gets overheated even when we handeling many big application the mobile didn't heated this much So i hope you can resolve the problem in your next update
Took the shortest amount of time to uninstall it. The game asks to focus the camera on a plain surface, i did that but it wasn't accepting it and can't start the game without it so had to uninstall it.
I never enjoyed the 2D Angry Birds games so this new 3D AR version is great. A bit laggy on my phone, it's hard to aim sometimes, and the sound effects and music are annoying. But overall, a fun AR game.
Great game for a high spec phone like mine. And the content isnt too little. It's real fun but I kinda wished there would be more variety to birds. Overall amazing game.
Do not download, I'm using a note 10 plus, and this game ran my device very warm. Caused the game to black out the screen.
Thank you AB crew! I'm enjoying this game, so far, though the game has some moments of imperfection ... Er, maybe it's my phone ;) Too early (in revision, & in my playtime, alike) for me to qualify it a 5 star, yet.