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Anger of stick 5 : zombie

Anger of stick 5 : zombie for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by J-PARK located at 서울시 구로구 디지털로 288 대륭포스트1차. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
About this game, I want to inform you that ,I see the main character of this game,Which player i play with,I don't know how but He walks sometimes.And I love how he walks on the ground. So i want you to add a trick, So that I could walk.And Except this, I've a desire to have a feature in this game which is,If i defeat a enemy,Who has a weapon,So i take that. and it would be more fun having this feature, for me.
This game is actually good and exceeded my expectations but the only problem is, whenever I change my weapon, the game asks me to sign in everytime. I would rate it a five stars if this problem is fixed. Thank you (edit): Sorry nesm, but thanks for replying (try this game, you wont regret it)
The game was a MONSTER!! is really awsome it mean but... i want you make a 1 simpls mode the mode MULTIPLAYER where you can connect in player is the world but is offline. If there an 10 star i make it the game is awsome download it guys NOWWW!!!
the gamebis amazing only that the weapons are too expensive and needs much gems during upgrading and when techarging
This game is amazing. I have been looking for a good ad simulator and this one definitely hits the spot. Ads when you open the game, ads to pick up nearly any object, ads that give you double rewards, & if you're crazy enough to turn that down don't worry, you'll get another ad (without the double rewards) Absolutely amazing! Unfortunately I can only give one star at this time since there is no customization option that allows me to wear Sam Elliotts mustache on my character's face.
This is very good game.But plzz fix the difficulties of level👎. So difficult levels🤔.All over this is very very good game😊
I played this when i was 5 it was a very awesome game but when i redownloaded it right now there was no blood effect, please add it again it would be really awesome, Thank you.
after clearing 18 level suddenly i lost all Progress and come back to level 1. Very disappointed from developers. Please check the bug and restore my game. I have received a standards answered from developers. . Wish i can give u zero star to this game
I like this game but I play it and buy the other stickman and it restart by itself and can you fix it please.
I love this game. Very interesting and easy to play. I gave it four stars bcos ads option doesn't work. I need it to unlock a few weapons, but i doesn't work. Please try to fix that. I will give it five stars when u fix it
I am giving it 4 star rating because All weapons are good enough but there are only Two types of Background i.e--Day and Jungle. It can be more better if the company add 2-3 types of background. And I sometimes feels disgusting when it ask for give it rating whenever I used to open the game. And AllOver is good. Thanks to NESM.
It's amazing and fun it's an adventure you want to have all the time i play it everyday and i have had the greatest fights and rescues and adventures and unlocking the games weapons is fun you feel like playing more every time you unlock a weapon and I have been playing it for a while now and I'm not going to stop playing it until I unlock all the weapons and finish all the levels and then I will get the next anger of stick and I think everyone should get anger of stick and try to play it Thank
Hmm this game was fairly great, i would like if there was a thing where you and your friends could have a privite room so you can play together, or just public rooms with random people that i would like. nothing else has to be changed, its a great game keep up the good work!
It's a very good game it's so good that I deleted all the other games they made it's a good experience and good to play you can reach the end of the game at level 8 or 9
Damn thing ripped me off 40 bucks and there ain't no where to complain or no way to get ahold of anybody this thing to scan for sure if you're going to play it don't spend no money on it that's all I got to say
The game is awesome i should have given it 5 but i did not because i will like it if you would upgrade things like the super power. Ah the game rocks the first i download it i had all my gold and diamomd at 5 million it was easy to buy anything. And the air movement skill rocks a lot, yeah it is very good i encourage you to download this game by cowon it is good. GOOD GAME COWON.
Please fix bugs and sometimes when im gonna open the game my coins and gems also the weapons dissappear. Fix it!. It is hard to control the button to fire to enemy and can we have an event to play and earn more gems and coins, then make the every levels unlimited time pls and lessen the ads. Also when I am using melee weapons it disappear in few slash to the enemy pls make it unlimited.
Fascinating game especially the Christmas atire but after the first play its stopped showing the background in the level so i can't enter houses or climb obstacles. I want to know why
The game is buggy pls fix this the back ground is all white and i can't see buildings im hoping that next update will fix this bugg
My child install this game, and just now i played it was fun, i gave five star because my child is happy happy all the time playing this game. That's all i have to say 😂. Thank you
I always get ads and i cant even play i have to reinstall just to get my progress back. Im giving 2 more chances. Fix this and tell me how to enable ads. Edit 1: ok but can you pls tell me how to disable adds. I just want to watch ads again and get anoyed and atleast to not get my game stuck. Edit 2. And also pls fix the proggres thing i have to stay in the game to keep my proggress
What happened to this game? everything changed you can now watch ads to get coins and gems, i thought you had to buy them or earn them. this game is literally nothing like it's older version where you have to earn coins and gems by buying them or earning by fighting, also what happened to the old company/Developer that created this game? another reason i Don't like this game anymore is that i lost all my progress i remember owning all of the items and having 300,000 coins and 5,000 gems.
the graphics should look like a modern ver. and there should be a multiplayer mode but after all it's fine it's just a recommendation and for those who are thinking if they should download this maybe they should specially if they love action games
This app is pretty awesome but i have some problems with it when i turn on my wifi it popsup adds and when i also turn oof my wifi adds popups again like how-to and the game is kinda lag i cant see a thing in the level 6 so im still stuck there all i can see is the enemies and my attack buttons😅please do something
This game Is kinda part of my childhood so I love this game only one thing I ask you to change plzzz remove some ads so I can only get ads when I want but overall this game is great
Very very nice game of all the stickman game it graphics is ok but i want many levels of game and I want this game graphics more better and more adventure this is very good game and best of luck for your gaming journey 😉😉😉and thanku for this interesting game
I enjoy the action so much. So enjoyable and realistic. But I wish that I don't have to be connected to the internet to collect coins and gems.
I just love this game but i will love it more if there is multiplayer,like were you play with your friends
Its a game i really had some fun with, been addicted since yesterday morning, overall i'd give it 5 stars, but the ads stopped showing so i cant get the purple orbs thingy anymore, and then i decided to purchase the 7000 orbs pack worth 99 cents, and i soon as i did this, the game started crashing, my money has been debited, but i havent recieved my items yet, its so annoying, i have put so much effort in this game, and i deserve some decent treatment at least, fix this issue soon or i'll go mad
It's a good game but when i close the app it restarts when I open it so I lost my progress. This could also be because I didn't get the app, the game suggested but idk. (EDIT): Nevermind I fixed it you just have to download Google play games and make an account.
I really like this game.. But there's one problem... Whenever I play the game and go home.. It goes back to the first level... Please fix that.. If you did then I'll give you a five star.
This game is really great you must install it is so fun you will love it is so cool and fantastic so great so I am giving it 4 stars because when I play the game the game get off so that whey I am giving it 4 stars if it didn't do that I would give it 5 stars no because of that it gets off bye
I love this game, but i dont like how i log out and i play later and then i start from the start, yoy need to fix that bec how can we play if we lose are or things, pls fix it as fast as you can, when i log out and play the next day im back at levol one, i have to uninstall and re-install and then i will have to start a level 7 and i will loose all my weapons
I get ads almost everytime I finish a level or even before that, I'll add 2 more stars after you've remove half of the annoying ads
This game is great if you want to have fun, kill time and challenge your friends. I love the variety of moves and the weapon s there are. I rate this game 5 stars 100 percent the best game I played.
The app was good before this new update. Why do they remove the blood color options and put the annoying drone? And then there's this ad?! Please bring it back
One of the best stickman games I've ever played. The fighting animations are nice, and the controls are very simple. I also love how this game plays, feel, and looks.
This is a nice game but I think this game should be updated when ever I play and reach the next level if i log out when logging in the next time the game goes back to level 1
This game has alot of potential it needs more content maybe a story. Could you add some new moves? The action is good it would be nice if there are new weapons, also some more melee options when carrying a gun or sword. Please get rid of that drone it's really annoying when it flies over, and its also too loud.
I love the game it is fun entertaining and mackes me fell like i have lots of power i love the arrangement of the wepons and friends and guns but the enemies are a little bit hard wen you get to LVL 7 but over all it is a fun game My brother made this review
It's really good and the people that has not play it u should probably play it and u have to fight people and win or u can lost to do try to win ok and hope u have a fun time playing it and hope u can win the game so have fun.
Fun game. I like the fight combos and the variety of attacks with the combat. The frames per second are kinda low. About the combat, there are also a lot of times where you can literally be getting beaten and you cannot do anything about it, forcing you to use one of those power abilities. Overall, good mobile game.
I love this game just one thing after a week of me playing I couldn't do anything on it so many a glitch but whatever it's still pretty fun
The graphics for this updated game is horrible. I can't even see the door. It's just black buildings. Even I can't finish the mission given. I beg you, improve the graphics.
Good game , but there's a lag issue... I reach mission 6 and my screen gets dark ,then I can't play it anymore😥
So cool i love this game.The animations are very smooth and amazing.but it will be more fun if there will be multiplayer mode.Thankyou for creating this game.PLZ can you give a new update of multiplayer mode
I think the game is great but could u replace the orange button with a block function i keep dieing on stage 16 but besides that the game is fantastic.😁😌☺🙂
I LOVE THIS GAME BUT... Scary report the things are way to espensive like i was saving for giant and that cost like 1,200,0000 And i accidintly wasted it on a exploding gun and wasted my money then i started crying but now im half way there again i have 5,550,00
Great gameplay. The only thing I'd want changed is that the combo moves don't work... either I'm stupid and not doing it right, it's way too complicated, they're not explained right, or they don't work. The only other issue is the ads when exiting any game. Not as much of an inconvenience as most say, but an inconvenience nonetheless. On the contrary, I love how you gave the option to watch ads for rewards in-game. Suggestion: Make a "Defense" mode with regular enemies too, not *just* zombies.
Best game but not best from Free. Fire and Pubg but one man army 1Level is very Easy. And 11level is very hard And very good. Game I play game very good Game Shooting game
I like the game but I lost all my progress Suddenly now I am not interested in this game at all Please fix this issue I have seen many people complaining about this so please fix it
This game is very fun and i love it. This game is very amazing, fantastic, excellent. If I buy everything then it will be amazing
After I updated the game to the lastest version for some reason I can't play any level they're all locked out and none of the levels can open and the part that hurt was I was almost finished just three more levels after all the nights and days I played.
The game is good, because of which I bought a lot of coins but suddenly all of them disappeared, I came back to level 1 again. This makes this game very bad, please do something as soon as possible
I used to like this game till the new update I played this game up to a year ,recently I opened the game I saw sign in to google I signed in and lost all of my hard work in the game the game started from level one I tried signing out but it didn't work please try to fix this
The game is good but since the red blood is gone the game looks kiddish so please add red blood option again Thanks!
I wish I could give it zero stars. This game restarted me at zero multiple times and after dealing with it twice I am just gonna delete it this was ridiculous. The game is fun but if you work for days to get better only to start back with nothing then theres no point to the game.
Amazing Game to Play It Is so fun but it will be more amazing if you can add some vehicles and some new maps there are only 2 maps At least no need vehicles just add some maps nothing else should be changed And btw thanks for The amazing game COWON
This game is the worst the graphics are good but it is a game that forces you to spend real money to gain money and gem in the game without paying real money you will play the game 24/7
Hello depolopers you have made an assome game but you have to short prizes of friends on weapon and i cannot complete the helicopter level but i like it very much my brother says that it is very very assome and he like it very much my all family try it and said it is assome and i also like this game very very much
This is a nice game but I think the developer of this should increase some options such as selling some unused items which have being bought already
What a stupid game is literally now working damn this game apparently is so bad 1 when i start i try main and there no building and floor i hate pls fix this stupid THING!!!
Improve framerate and animations. They're too choppy and laggy. I'd also suggest adding granades, and more fight combos. Then i'm gonna give 5 stars.
This game is sooo cool and addictive, my only problem is,I don't understand why it keeps starting from the beginning,I'll play to level 20 and the next time I check,it has start from level 1 again,this has happen about five times now.. Kindly check and fix it please.
I Used To love this game when I was eight but now this game is trash because make the blood water why couldn't you just make an option for the blood to be water or just regular blood like any other person would do y'all are messing up yourselves
Hey yeah this game is go but here is the biggest bug ever yeah so the game was invisble like everything but I coundn't open doors if I saw the button lide up fix this please
It is very cool. Fights and weapons and zombies......I love this. I recommend this game to people who love fighting. But it can sometimes stop.
Irate it 3 stars there is a problem with this game 1st: when i quit in my phone and enter again and play lvl menu the background when i play is gone 2nd:since when i re-entered my game my money i earned is almost reach 40+.but somehow it dissapears and i though i slend it all 3rd:last question this game is a bit laggy Dear developer please fix this game the game is a bit buggy and its so annoying.i appreciate this game is the best stickman i hope you understand thank you☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😎😎😎
Love this..! It would even be better if u could buy ammo while yr playing And what would make this game even better is the ability to pick up enemy's weapons
The game is interesting. But can you ,ake blood come out of the people instead of water? That will make it better. Thanks😉😁
this game is really fun and good gamplays to. actually I give it five because the graphic are good to and I hope that they can update this some new weapons to and a new mode but the game is fun.
Very fun game, but there is a bug that is really irritating. Whenever i switch wifi providers( i leave my homes wifi connection and use my friends wifi connection) it will wipe all previous data saves. Pls fix this and thank you
It was fine at first. Then my wifi went low. I don't know if it's cause of my wifi but once I rejoined, it reset everything. I was so exited to get this game cause I thought it would function properly like it did on my other phone. And no, it's not because of the type of phone I have, My other phone was the same as this one. Disappointed 🙁
The first day I installed game it worked but the next day I'm playing graphics are not laoded full. Everytime I want to play I have to restart my mobile then it'll load graphics
The game is not as fun as I remember there are ads everywhere, no blood colour control and the graphics they're different some how. 😀 to 😢
The game is fun but it's available a couple of bugs especially with your teammates when you're fighting enemies your friends always glitch into the ground and then count as them being dead it really sucks the range friends sometimes shoot the opposite direction and it just makes the game really hard and sometimes I feel like the AI is very dumb
First of all, when I open it, it's fantastic to play even the combos are so great. And the ads, there are many. The gameplay, is good as the control of the game is good also. I can describe it as it's great. Well, I don't know what to say about this game, but hope it has many new features soon...
I like the game but sometimes i play it without seeing anything and also please upgrade it so that the hero can have a shield
Great game. However, I lost my progress suddenly and was gonna originally start from scratch but my progress was retrieved. Thank you developers, any other person reading this should install this amazing game
I've played this game before. It went through serious changes and great game overall. There is a problem though. If you get stuck, there's nothing you can do about it except use an ability. Also, you can't change the blood color, and that drone thing always comes when I'm battling something and its really annoying 😒. Also, what on earth happened to the old develper?!
The game is awesome but my problem with the game it do not rotate and if u kill a enemy u have to use his gun but nothing like that happend and the enemy are too many in level 16 i use to have this game. but after i update it everything change no blood only water i do not like it that way same goes to the zombie
This is a very cool and exciting game. Only I'd love it better if you added cars just like helicopters. Overall the game is fun and enjoyable.
I love this but i give two bcoz of when i change my weapon it suddenly appear an ad and an improvement like story and new color of the robot?And astory plzzzz
I really love this game 😍 because you can choose what mode and I rate all of stars because I really (💯💯💯💯💯 )- 500 love this game ever! Keep doing.
Best game I have ever played since I was born. May God bless the creator of this game. Anyways had to uninstall this game cause I reached level 13 and bought some awesome weapons and for some reason the game restarted the whole thing Again! And I think that's pretty disappointing and it would be nice if u guys fix this problem. Other than this best game I lve ever played:)
Cool game Angry ok stick almost married to the level and I knocked to friends and the robot Dekh Ke Mujhe smart to easy to hard we need to play too hard to win the game you have many more the game is a cool game with weapons grenade launchers And The Hulk power I like the game.
This game is among the best fighting games i have played,in fact the graphics and game mode are exellent keep it up.
Men This game if awesome and cool i totaly love it and if you could add like when u kill the enemies u can pick up some ammo from them just a suggestion anyway keep up thr good work mate.
This game is awesome I see new weapons and team that are considered a necessity of the day showing ads
This game has a bug and some issues. They are: 1) Once I was playing Zombie mode, I was riding a helicopter. And a zombie came and grabbed the underside of the helicopter. So to avoid that thing, I rosed up higher and higher. A glitch occured and the platforms, the buildings, everything gone. The zombie was killed, but I was walking in the air, and my helicopter was floating. 2) They should add some new weapons, new vehicles and missions if possible.
You said you fix the problem but it's still there I bought the friends the robot and it's all gone I was at level 21 now iam at level one fix the problem so it never and I reapet never comes again I would give 0 stars if possible
I rate it four star because this game is work well, but for the other one I I don't rate it because the video to get the money doesn't work.
It's avery good game ,but can you add more weapons and please make ina way that we will be able to carry our opponents weapon
worldwide problem to players will reset there work me too im experiens it but we can even help the game so guys if you have review rate the game to 5 stars even have problem so the game will help us again cuz its not bug its apps problem and also in next update will add new bandana color soow we can choose colors of bandana & then new biome,new enemy and im not finish why the blood in setting is lost can all help me (then if the problem done in the next update tell me in you reviews thanks)
I'm disappointed to say it's not as fun as I remember it. The combat is not that engaging you just smash buns until the enemies dies or you can buy a bunch of NPCs that can do the killing for you. The sound design is quite awful there are these helicopters in the game that show up and they make your eardrums bleed. There's also a ton of adds everywhere occasionally while you're playing the world's loudest drone will slowly fly across the screen trying to sell gems and money to you.
This is agreat game welldone i love it I rated it 4 but please add more guns then ill rate it 5 stars i love the guns in this game and the graphics are pretty much good keep it up..
I used to play this, but then my tablet broke. But now I finally get to play this game. This is one of my favorite childhood games. But one thing, there is a lot of bugs and glitches in the game, so please fix that, but if you don't, then that's fine. I will just have to deal with it. But, it is your game, and it is your choice, not mine.
I love this game and I suggest to add more teammates and weapons so we won't be bored if we will unlocked all weapons. And also I hope you change the move cursor to a hold able. And hope you guys will add some like characters so we can choose who we want to be and also why is the blood "water"? 💟
I love this game because you can actually fight zombies and people and you get to buy a friend and I like the update I appreciate it
The game is good and all of that but two things 1,get rid of the drone it's annoying 2,why is the blood blue the people actually are aliens?
This is a good game. I like it because it is funny when you kill people! The best part is that you have different game modes
I actually started enjoying the game,but i have a few problems,firstly,why cant i add friends when playing jump,secondly,when i revive with Gems,everything comes back except the robot suit and the skills,last but not the least is playing errors.i really hate for the fact that i can't see whose killing me.m y enemies become unseable.so losing is very easy and annoying.i would rate it five⭐️but only if u go thriugh this game😤😤😤😤
This game is LITERALLLY FIRE but the main two reasons I rated it four stars is because, One, Your supposed to be fighting ZOMBIES Two, That cyclops bug thing is not fair!!!! What is that it takes forever to destroy!!!!! Those are things I dislike in this game not anything else. AND I would desire an update in the future where there is a multiplayer mode
Actually I like this game cause it teaches us to till the end and the graphics looks like your looking at just a piece of paper and I really wish they hade 3D viewing so it could be more interesting but I like the game you should also try it and you could get free weapon by watching ads but it's just for a limited time
This game is awesome also it's Christmas version but , there's a problem that is the game shows many ads before and after playing . And the second problem is that the price of the weapons and friends are so much and boring ads sucks me so much. So if you want to give this game 5 stars than do something about my problems. So please make anger of stick 6.but why you didn't make anger of stick 2 ? 🤨🤨🤨
You guys deserve all the stars in the solar system for this game, it's so fun but the reason I'm giving you 4 stars is because there are only two modes Day and jungle Add more modes to it please🤘🤘
Your update on this game is very bad and worse than ever, How can i be playing game without seeing anything... You guys just worsts the game and not updates one star is even too big for me to dash this game, I have been playing this game for past 2years now and I never experienced bad update until the one you did previously and later changed it to normal one which I was enjoying it for one week and now that I update the game, you guys still do one worset update which is out of line completely,
This game is like my childhood I played this like 6 years ago but I would like to see a multi player mode that would be awesome
This game was my best offline ever., but csn you pls get my character a better move on punching enemies and my stickman is flying in the air while fighting the enemy is probably not working I was trying to make that move cause its awesome it only work sometimes well I need to rate it 4 because I want the hulk too How can I get the hulk cowon? It actually works but I wanna try it but how to get it but mostly in my exprience I love it so much keep up the great work
This game is sick!!!!!!!!!the weapons is amazing, the skill is awesome, and there is two way to hit and there is helicopter and get in the buildings, but can you put more weapons PLEEEEEEAAAAASE !!! But there is very hard levels is the enemy's too much, and I can't kill all of them by 4 characters, PLEEEEEEAAAAASE fix that, but THIS GAME IS SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
This is a fun game there is tons os guns and you could unlock friends and a robot for 80,000 coins and if you have the hachet at level 4 you can do critical damage to everything and a friend that has a hachet you are unstoppable.
a kinda hate the update it's so bad the other one was alot more good than this for the coins it needs a ad the other one was better because it did not need add for the coins please fix the ads
So good game.but i think the problem is you only have 3 friends pls add it so you can now have 4 freinds its fun though.its just the problem is you can't have many friends.thanks -the friend in the store not friends in online Thanks
Please make it multiplayer if you do that' this is the best game in the hole world' But this game is so amazing' the action the fighting its the best game' but make it' multiplayer please' NESM and please fix the 'bugs in this game'
This this app is cool bc theres a zombie and defence and jump mode all of them and i even got the jump high score to 1000 yup not liying bruh but i wish this game update again then got the multiplayer mode so you can play with your friends and bros thats what all i wanted in this game
The game is beautiful to play but when i logged out to take a bath,when i open the game it reset so only give 1 star this game is not like before this game continue even if you logged out for many days or weeks.Im so sorry but i cant take my desicion back sorry anger of stick:5
I love it but I would love it more if you were to get rid of the grenade friend and replace it with a mini hero that helps you and has a bat as a weapon please add it please.thanks