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Angel Stone RPG

Angel Stone RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Fincon located at Kwanggyo K-Tower, F2, Daehak 3-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 16227. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game is good but there is no exploration. You end up using automatic walking, attack is automatic & you only choose when to use special skills. Game actually rewards fast completion so earlier levels get over very soon
This game has darkside when it comes to the users private data through what ever flatform used by players, since the hacking of asia servers happen this game became a huge hole on gathering info on users as the devs abandon this game and yet its still running like theres nothing happened one of theyre servers just like that so who opperates this game now? Is it the people who hacks the game? For the new users who like to try out this game please think not twice nor thoughts of DL this game.
without a doubt one of the best soundtracks in game when fighting!!! I use earbuds and the music had me thrashing my head, very type O negative on chapter 2 I believe loved it!!! simple game play alongside easy to use controls. the option is there for you to go full auto or half and thats cool as it gives a little control over the game play or go in with no auto and kick ass yourself!!! I've only had this game 2 days and I'm really loving it!!
Great graphics and thats about it..They give you the virtual DPad but its really for nothing, its auto play and you cant turn it off except in the skill attacks which makes it pointless to do.
I love everything though it's a bit hard to acquire the needed resources for upgrading I'm still 100% hooked in this game. Please keep this game, great job!
Absolutely lovely if you ask me. This game has been given some attention. All it requires is a little update to be perfect.
This game is an old favorite of mine. Plays like classic hack n' slash RPGs like Diablo, but with the mechanics of a modern mobile game (get ready to grind levels a LOT, especially if you're looking to upgrade your gear). Could be better, but definitely a fun game to play occasionally. Try it!
I played Angel Stone for a while before deleting it to make room to try other similar games. After a short while, I ended up deleting most of them to reinstall Angel Stone after finding them mostly subpar in comparison. As an overall package; Angel Stone is just a great game with it's own unique flair
Downloading now...Will check back in a few weeks and let you know what I really think of the game...it is still downloading. Looks terrific. One more thing: Android games have to be rather small and unless you have as much memory hundreds of Tera-bytes of memory on your phone, you'll always be disappointed. Be realistic cuz you're living in a computer fantasy world.
Fun game and easy to learn. I do wish we could create 3 characters (one of each) instead of just one. That would be awesome dev's. Having skins to purchase would be cool as long as the price is reasonable. The armor on the warrior is bad ass looking. Over all a fun game.
First than anything, AS looks pretty good, sounds great, very nice art and style, quite a looker here. But that's about it, the game holds your hand for the most part, the running is automatic you can turn it off but why? It isn't like there is anything to explore. And the fighting? One only gets to choose when to use special moves (not a bad thing mind you!!!) But AS doesn't handle it as well as other similar games, here the timely use of special moves just helps you get done with an area fast.
It's one of those games where you deploy on small little adventures on a long chain, from a hub with your character in the middle surrounded by icons, like HIT or Darkness Rises. It looks great and if you have the patience to learn the various systems you may have fun, but it isn't best in class, being a little slower and lacking relevant explanations in a few areas.
timed missions...Why? time limits ruin the engagement of a player to a game. let them explore the virtual world. controls are not good. kinda a semi auto thing. you move one direction, then your character readjusts to a different position. auto moves to next waypoint after completing the previous one. I have never understood the reasoning behind this. a player should be in control when they want to explore and when they want to continue on. played 2 levels and uninstalled. cookie cutter at best
You will not regret this game.. pvp,, simply great..challenging to gain and level up,, not so fast but exciting... Skill,, its the best and so many to make your own combo.. real interaction.. real online .. real fight and strategy
Fantastic example of an RPG dungeon crawler type done right in mobile. The graphics are very good, and thr art style is pleasing to look at. The game mechanics are simple and can be as automated or non automated as you like. this is great for people with low finger dexterity. Only thing I would improve is more events that involve getting players together.
So much to do, the reward system is very thought out and if you like it as much as I do, then investing 2 dollars isnt needed at all so much as I did it to be a part of an exciting well networked game. The graphics are incredible and the game is as fast or as slow as you want. Give it a try and I'll be waiting to ally w you :)
I have to reach level 60 in order to do PvP battles.🤦🏾‍♂️😔 That's a lot of strenuous work to do the fun part about a MMORPG game. By the time you get to level 45, you're just tired and not interested anymore. That's quite disappointing.
Very interesting gameplay. There is a lot to do. Other aspects of the game are still being evaluated, but for the most part, the game has some challenging content. Adding character customizations and maybe a few other classes could improve the game a lot. It would give players more appearance options instead of looking the same. I have 3 slots for the only 3 characters in the game. A question for the devs. - What is the 4th character slot for, if not for a new class?
Fkn LUUUV the gear designs. Every time i went to the main menu i never fail to rotate zoom my character just to stare at my gears. Too bad i can only zoom to upper body. I want to zoom everywhere yo! Been playing for days now. There's grinding so autoplay is just fitting. Maybe an option to show or not show every costume since the gears are equally awesome looking. I like to mix match looks y' know. This has been the only online rpg that didn't overwhelm me with icons and buttons. Great work!
a nice game but the auto movement in the game makes it a little boring. i would like to be able to explore maps not just hit buttons during battle. needs more work and a little more imagination applied to it
My impression after playing this game for 4 days. 1. Great graphic and sound with only hundreds MB of data. 2. Generous in currency. Millions of gold and thousands of diamonds. 3. Control and auto is solid. Not boring. 4. Lots of abilities. 5. Grinding is fun and addictive. 6. Theres a storyline. This is a great game. Sure you ll like it.
Outstanding, excellent and very beautiful Action RPG (very similar to Diablo 3)! Plenty of different types of gameplay, PVE, PVP, solo, team and guild wars. Core of the game is discover the right choices required to improve the gear, skills and artifacts that give an edge to your character. There is an auto attack option useful in farming low levels, but it cannot give you an advantage fighting players and bosses.
Perfect game for me and make me wanna donate ilove it!! No toxic gamer coz its not popular but this is one of the precious Gem in playstore! Keep it up! We are thousands player to support this game
Hated it literally. I couldn't be able to pass create character stage because game doesn't allow you to login without Facebook and I don't want to share my Facebook details. There's a Google+ connection and guest login also but not working and why a game need to access my contacts? Clearly you're not a player just a information to sell for selling to third parties for profit. It should be normal login option with your email
The game doesn't work. It loads. When I tried to start it told me I needed something to start. I look for how or where I get the thing and... nothing. Don't download this, it's a wasteeof time.
Started a bit slow, but once I got used to the game play the game became a lot of fun to play. Don't try to over think everything, just enjoy the graphics and play.
So, they have an option for a guest account but, won't let you register as a guest due to a "recent OS issue". That's total BS and just a ploy to get more of your personal info to sell. Despicable.
Great game! Auto easy to toggle on/off. Would give it 5 stars, but the colors are all so dark! The dark does go with the story.. .
Definitely one of the best RPGs for Mobiles. Everything is great. Decent graphics, good story, Nice PVP and all, but controls are lil bit late responsive and Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs And i would definitely recommend to play this game. Thanks.
Gameplay is OK. Shop currently feel reasonable. Grinding does need time, still OK currently. Too many unnecessary long animations on some parts, like on reforging equipments or NPC comments to what you just did.
Not only did it steal my money, I can't get my 3rd Day log-in reward for the 5-star Artifact chest. Fix it, ONLY THEN will I update my star Review. Everything else about the game I really enjoy, but I ABSOLUTELY HATE not getting what I am supposed to be getting. I paid about 6 dollars for 600 Carats and an additional 100 Carats daily. Give me my Carats and my artifact chest.
New to AS here in 2020 and i gotta say this game is amazing. From pve to pvp to costumes to content. This RPG has it all. Developers please dont give up on this game
ok, here are the problems with this game: ---1--- the mini map is too big and it covers a third of the screen. ---2---the auto play interferes with actual gameplay because they are both active at the same time which is really dumb and useless. ---3--- when the default attack button is pressed there is a SUPER ANNOYING clicking sound. That really needs to go ASAP!!! ---4--- the tutorial is useless. It explains everything players already know and explains absolutely nothing you need to know.
There Is not a more perfect game than Angel Stone when it comes to hack and/slash that this game has it all
: RUINED BY AUTOPLAY: It has been proven time and time again that games with AUTOPLAY option rate lower then games without! Mobile games are rapidly growing in popularity due to the power of today's phone's and aftermarket options like gamepad support as well as streaming PS4 and Xbox one games and cast or mirror to a bigger screen and looks litterly like your console gaming you almost don't even need a console or PC anymore so with mobile gaming on the rise ENOUGH WITH THE AUTOPLAY!🤬
Never enough stamina to get anywhere fast. Becomes a terrible grind to star up your favorite stones, and can't do anything else.
Great game love to keep leveling up again more power . Inspired for my game Phantom Raven Gremlin Comics
Pretty entertaing, the controls are pretty easy to learn and custom skill builds are pretty nice so you dont get bored
Amazing artwork and char design. It woupd have been better if the char was customizable tho, but nonetheless, everything is amazing. I'm hooked!
Its awsome, nice killing time, lot of skill optionally to your char to be wear, only one thing is to be more compatibility of the control to be adjusted,,,,,,,so i give 4 star for the main time,,,,,,
Been playing this game for awhile now and I love it but today the game won't even start up! I opened the game and it's just sitting on a black screen! It couldn't be just loading because I have left it open all day! Edit: It's doing the same thing again today! Edit: It's not loading at all uninstalled then reinstalled and it still won't start up!
Huge disapointment. Played 2 weeks or so. Level 60 got all gear and beat campaign mode. Where is the rest of the game? Great graffics n gameplay but...
Graphics, sounds, and gameplay are good. Wording has a lot of space for improvement, but I don't think it affects the game to the point it would cost a star. Great work. Keep it up.
All is awesome graphics and control is very good the story is perfect 3 star rating well done developers more in future is belonging up if both online and offline can play for growing higher rates much more better and please upgrade for more game actual graphics this can be up rating taken note
Fyl if you play this game plan on grinding for long time for gear and If you do buy in game items. Understand you might just be giving your money away. I found out the hard way Funcon has no custmer support and if you go to there website they require you to sign up on the website and wants your bank card number and a picture of yourself. Yep learned my lesson but thanks to google got my money back but still i'll take my lost and be on my way. There lot more other games i give my money too...
It's an older game , but it's so well done that it doesn't matter . This game is ftp friendly and well worth the D/L .
Very beautiful game, has a hell gate feel which is great. But it doesn't have that replay ability, it's auto this and that, no fun. Does all the work for you. And the so many options to do this or that, gems or gold or tokens or etc for this and that. Too much.
I had high hopes on this game. Yet again, art is amazing...with little to no detail on gameplay, same problem as "World of Kings" Character fights by him/herself with only interaction on special attacks. If you really feel lazy, you can also auto navigate the character to the next objective. I love the character art and animation. Environment even looks good, but gameplay is dumbed down to auto play, thus no skill level required.
Nicely made game with nice graphics and all. But the controls are a little weird for some reason when compared to other similar games. Each level is also extremely short. It isn't worth the loading time. I spent just as much time with looking at skills or loot as I did playing each level.
Wow..the more you play the better it gets!!!! This game has it all. Although you must have some intelligence to be successful, because you do have to think...which is AWESOME.!!! Because if you make the right decisions you will be rewarded. I love it Not to mention..not much lag and great connection!! I've waited forever for this app!!!!!! Ty so much!!!
I for 1 dont understand why everybody isnt in love with this game. Its amazing... Always been a fan of grinding so i love that its not completely pay to play... Though the missions are a bit short, its still not enough to subtract a single star. Awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All automated gameplay. The queues for Team Death Match and Dungeons are atrocious. I've waited 30 mins without a match. Graphics are good, battles are fun, friendly helpful players. Autoplay and the queues kill it for me.
Cannot get past loading screen. I keep encountering an SMGet time exception error. I've uninstalled and re-installed. I will change the rating once this gets fixed. Other than this latest issue, I would rate it 5 stars. I've spent real money on this game, and that says a lot. Update: Issue has been fixed, changing my rating to 5 stars.
The game is pretty good, reminds me of a game very similar on PSP, dont ask me cant remember the name, but the only thing I saw was, there is this annoying white flash when you doing stuff, u can see it better when you are upgrading gear and stuff, look like a camera flash I play in the dark that flash is hurting my eyes!! ..... I dont see the need for the flash, I upgrade gear 10 times and 10 times that flash was on my face..
I installed this some time ago & forgot about it, then happened to install again thinking I never did. Then I (re)played Diablo2 on pc. This game has so many things wrong. The only reason it's not 1* bcs the presentation is ok (gfx, music) I know it's a lot of work. But progression feels shoehorned & linear. Start battle only for combat, no dialog choices, no nothing just brainless grind. Skill mechanics is poorly varied. Aoe, straightshot, too methodical. Was expecting more.
I like it so far, this is only my second day playing. I'll update after I've played for a while. As I promised ... I have played a bit longer. What I have found is its a fun game however it does have its problems. One I encountered tonight was I used 10 diamonds to get an artifact from the store. More accurately i used 10K diamonds and got nothing. The shared dungeons between characters is dumb. The warehouse only stores crafting items and costume pieces. Extra spaces too$$.