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Angel Legion: 3D Hero Idle RPG

Angel Legion: 3D Hero Idle RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Xingfei company. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game is pretty well built, gives enough freely that it can be played free but has incentives to be p2w. Good graphics, no major pain points other than ships/enemies spawn too infrequently unless you continue the storyline, which spawns a full map of enemy objectives. Not even paying can help that. Also difficult to get cabin expansion materials. Otherwise, really fun game with good graphics
Great game. A few bugs. Graphics are great. Story is fun. Unlike most game of this type you do not have to pay to play.
So far so good, I'm having fun. Graphics are great, translation is a little goofy but I don't mind too much. Gameplay is very addictive, I can't really explain why, it's not so different from other games I've played but here I am 3 and a half hours later and I'm still playing.
The developer was very helpful..I almost lost my progress since my account was not binded from any email but the developer help me to retrieve it and exerted effort to trace my game.. I really like this game since it's free to play friendly as well.. I do recharge but it's not really necessary to do much..you can make your team strong by grinding and collecting resources every day.. it's a great game with good graphics and story to follow.. two thumbs up for the developer for fast response..👍👍
Good game so far. The turn based combat is about as basic as you can get. Pretty easy to level and evolve. Item Info and English language text could use some tweaking.
This game is heavily P2W. Power creep is extremely bad and ridiculous for regular stages and events. Leveling is superslow no stages to farm the game currencies used to levelup.
I love it. Not only is it beautiful but the the ability to customise any hero is comparable to a 2016 consol game, so really good. I don't know this game can go offline, it's semi idle and idle games should have and offline mode, so I hope I can play offline and if no Please work on a offline mode, it'll surely help.
Nice game and gameplay. The only problem is it needs email registration and don't have other options like google login etc. May I ask to add this ?
This is a very nice game...it has good graphics and the characters are cool...i just hope that you will add some more elves..and yeah
After buying hunter cert ID pass I did not receive free S gene box only 1 from milestone. Update: email has been replied thanks. Suggestion: The one thing the developers need to figure out is how to make sure a player is not stuck more than 1 day. Cause to be stuck in 2 days without progress is the most boring thing ever. Good luck
Love the graphics, love the customization of the characters, dislike that when ur S heroes get maxed at lvl 60 u have to put cash in the game to get more fragments of ur heroes if u ever want to finish ur quests. Now I'm bored with the game cause I refuse to put cash in and I cant finish my "space"map. I dislike games that cater more for the cash players. It's hard to get S heroes. This is such a pitty, game has more potential if they cater for the non cash players as well.
I never ever make a rating in any games, but this caught my attention, good graphics, good story line. Downsides are, less friggin' map to farm o.o when you're stuck you're stuck no matter what unless you got the exp thingys you need
Love the game its ben 7 week so much fun and good combat love the good story in game and how you earn all your gear over some time perfect graphics:) I am happy
Edit after 5+mo in: uninstalled due to security risk and account info compromised! game has a pretty hard stop paywall, where you can't progress if you don't get enough S-rank characters, you'll never be strong enough to progress without evolving characters. So you either throw money at it or are super lucky, as there are no other ways to get stronger, it's all luck on who you get as S-rank champs. With nowhere to go in this game, guess I have to find another game. It was great until now.
Excellent game, with lots of different elements to keep it interesting and challenging. Cool character design and character editing feature. Great stuff :)
I've been playing this game for a long time now and here is what I think: - the game was fun at the beginning as the progress seemed to be steady; - at some stage the progress becomes stagnant, I've been trying to move on from the chapter 27 for over 1 month, however unsuccessfully; - the armour enhancing function keeps crapping out; - I've realized that in order to make progress on the game you do need to spend money; - the rare S gene is impossible do get.
Good game for pro players, no need for pay all the time and almost can be done fast and free, good story line and grafic on game also alot to do, main player lvl up is good and easy but girls lvl up are cost to much and alittle hard
Great game. Been playing for quite a while now. On stage 16. But since the new update, I dont have any players or drift boxes on my Star Map. Makes it impossible to complete weekly quests and get certain event awards. Also since the new update, I can't change any of my Angels' clothing. There's a button that says claim, but its already claimed. No button to equip or change. Everything was fine before the update. Already re-installed. Didn't fix it. Might have to uninstall game.
This Game is in the top 5 of its genre for sure. I like the character designs and the interface of the layouts very much. Then the intro really draws you in. The problem with the story centering around that character. I can't switch her out of my party or change on menu display to build a team. Then theres not enough mission options to build up a team like making a C class into an S class. The battle system isnt bad, but it lacks selections and enough skills, and weapons. Cant advance!
I kinda love this game. Main story is okay, you feel like you progress at a solid pace and the formations and combos are cool. I love traveling around the star field and trying to complete them. Feels like you are progressing if you're a little stuck on the main quest. The character models are superb and I love that you can personalize all the characters, not just your main.
So far I have zero complaints. What also pleasantly surprised me is that the game asks you for a review after finishing Chapter 5, so you have a very good understanding about this game at that point. The game itself is surprisingly well made, for a strategy game with Idle Game Elements. THIS IS NOT AN IDLE GAME or at least doesn't feel like one, since I made a lot of progress within a single day. Maybe just my lucky gacha results speaking there.
Purchased the 68 star dollars (payment was successful) but didn't receive the star dollars Edit: After contacted the developer, got the star dollars... But it took several days... Hope the support can be faster... So I changed the rating to 4 stars...
Pleaseant design and plenty to do, units could do with a bit more tactical diversity, with more layers of skill synergy between angels. Would add more depth to team composition. Hangs every once in a while after combat on my tablet. Overall very nice with room for improvement to add more depth to the gameplay.
Great game, free to play as well. However, the RNG seems highly biased in the favour of AI. The player's 80% chance triggers 40-50% of the time, but the AI's 50% triggers 80-90%. I suppose they have to empower the system to make money, but at times this is atrociously bad. Update: I'm knocking down a star because of equipment fusion. There's absolutely no logic there, I'm stuck with armor of one type and necklace of other. And it keeps repeating, too many spares, no sets :X
So far this is one of the best games I've played! The gameplay is incredibly fun and the customization part is really unique! And the story is extremely engaging and interesting! I would've gave it 5 stars however, sometimes it gets harder to play and things do take longer unless you pay. Also some of the hair options are very stiff looking. Overall its a great game to play and I have enjoyed every minute playing it so far!
Updated review: Would be wonderful if I could disable the shaking. I put the phone down and everything is fine but if I so much as touch my phone, everything shakes. :/
Really enjoyable game, while there are options to purchace in game upgrades, (so far..... fingers crossed) it doesn't appear to be completely necessary. Character art, and creation are great, and game play is fun. It seems rare to find a game that I don't uninstall the same day i install it. This is one of those rare ones.
Very happy with the game. Graphics are great and there lots of things to do. Minor bugs here and there (text fields need to accept a better character set and hold longer strings), but it's still really fun. Experienced a bug and reported it to support. They were able to very quickly and responsively correct the issue. Great customer service! Will continue playing and look forward to updates.
So far really good, and a boat load of freebies even before paying, it doesnt have the best grammer but its not impossible to the point you dont know whats going on in the story either. I enjoy the game, give it a try its actually really good.
Story is great. The gatcha system with getting Angel's is fair, but probably for a reason. Getting S girls starred up can get pretty grindy. The game does have a pay to win system if you prefer to catch up quick with the top players but you really don't need to waste your money unless you feel like it. The grinding is a slow experience as I said above, things can get grindy. Going around the map is a cool experience. The fuel experience reminds me of Mass Effect.
I randomly downloaded this game. It is a rpg game about "angels" or basically hot girls with guns. I am not sure what the point of the game is or what it is about but you around fighting the computer,travelling in a ship,collecting resources,level up and engaging in genetic engineering. You can also butcher people for their genes. It's pretty interesting game. At first it seemed it would require money to play but if your smart you can play for free. This is one of the best games on Android.
So far it's a pretty fun game. There is ALOT of stuff for cash right out of the gate, but so far i havn't needed any so its all good. I do like that you can edit units to me more apealing, makes me care more about all my characters lol. Hope the game stays strong (and adds a S teir MALE character, would be cool to have at least a few male units in the game).
I really like the game, but it crashed in-between recharging. Never got my in-game currency. I emailed support and gave them all the necessary information and a copy of the Google Play receipt. You guys say to email support if anything like this happens and you guys would, and I quote, "immediately" rectify the situation. I did plan on spending in this game, as I already have, but now I refuse to spend a dime until this is resolved. I will edit my review after rectification and give 5 stars 😐.
The map became suck and such big drag. I can't keep my head straight to get finish my progress. The ship and stuff just keep spawning every time by time.Please turn the map back as usual.I hate this new map update please stop the spawning i can't .... finish my progress with the new map function. Please revert it back the map system function. Please please please revert it back
Game seems pretty fun so far. But I seem to encounter 2 glitches fairly often. (1) I win a battle but it says defeated and I don't receive rewards... frustrating. (2) in mission battles after final enemy is defeated game does not move onto rewards or dialog screens. Just stays in battle screen. While this forces me to reload game I at least do receive rewards but miss out on knowing what is going on in storyline.
forget another idle type games.. Try you'll see what im saying... i think best game in this category.. soo 5 star and thx for this good game.
1. Sorry I can't give your game 5 stars, because I think this game is a dead game. I feel like playing offline games, because global chat is too quiet. 2. By the way, this game overall its soo fun and addictive.
This game is so much fun even if you get to a high level it’ll still be fun because you can work on so many different things! I’ve enjoyed my time playing and it’s total worth the download! :)
So far so good. Just started and its giving quite a bit early on the point value for combat in arena dosn5 seem right. Ill be 19k cb and lose to 6k but its fun.
I really love this game!! lots of party members to choose from, different cosmetics. Not only different outfits but u can customize your character. There is a main story, a fighting arena, a cabin to build items. Its super fun..
I'm rating this 4-stars but it could be perfect 5 in the near future since this game is amazing and apparently better than similar games I've played. There are no major issues I experienced so far but here is my suggestion: - Adventure should be able to be reset once a day Thank you!
Great game with voice acting. But it is really hard to figure out what i am to do. Great job though just to hard for me to get into this cool game. God bless
Game play is awesome although idle rewards are a bit slack. Getting S hero genes should be more readily attainable. Also when summoning, the RNG for S heroes should be increased. Fuel refill should happen faster. Game is awesome if the developers don't go all money hungry. More game dollars for real dollars!
Love this game, had it for a while. There's barely any problems in my opinion, with the problems they do have it's fine cause there's not gonna be a game where there's no problems. Other reviews say it's a pay to play game, in some ways it is but that doesn't interfere too much with game play. It moves kinda slow but for me it's nice. It's more aimed towards people who are attracted to females, if you aren't just ignore it like I do, other than that it's pretty good.
A great game with beautiful music, lots and lots of content, a marvellous character design (visually), and an interesting plot. You can advance in the game as time passes and recharges are worth of your money (HaHa I might sound as an advertiser but is really a great game, Highly recommended).
Actually good and relaxing type of gaming.. It wasn't necessary for you to buy ingame purchase..however if you want to buy the item.. It's up to you.. In my opinion this game is actually great game where you doesn't need to spend for you to get strong.. You can be strong just by farming everyday.. Just open like 2-3 times a day and it's good enough.. But apparently you doesn't even need to log in for resources.
1.I played this game for 3+ months, at first the gameplay is interesting but after you progress further it become a pay wall, i understand for character/angel you need to pay, but equip, upgrade ship, etc you have to pay too to get, if you don't pay keep farm for 34k upgrade ship with only 500 per day, if you don't upgrade your ship you can't get equip. 2. No updates, no new angel, no new content, no new equip, i have seen yt about this game and it's 1 year old, and no new content since then.
Great game. Turn based combat with customizable formations allow for strategic planning, and you get to take 3 items into each combat that can be released once each making it possible to beat much stronger foes if you have the cunning for it. The VR aspect of it is really cool as well, and the fact you can take pictures of your favorite characters in different poses making different faces is silly and fun. The controls are very easy to master and this isn't a pay to win game either. Great job!
I was enjoying the game, the range of visual customisation for all characters is surprising and very impressive. Gameplay isn't really idle but mostly turn based team battles that play ok. However at the point I've reached progress slows to a miserable grind. Recent stealth nerfs seem to have occurred also making some items/resources even harder to obtain. So at this point I'm done with the game, it's no longer fun.
Very entertaining game, I started another game in different zone, but when I registered the game, it vanished and I had to start over.
I think its a fun game and a good way to pass the time, only real problem i see is that the english is not the best and needs to be translated better, but other than that, amazing game
Awesome graphics, the ambients is super cool, and has a tons thing to do, the gacha is a little low but they give you another options to acquire shards for units, the main concern would be S class reaching lv60... Is a huge wall to pass form LV60, but a fun game nevertheless, the A class aren't that bad, they have their use, give it a try
The game is all round fun with good graphics and music. A fair gotcha compared to other games but what like I the most is where you can get the S rank Angel you want directly with War Spirit, tho it does take time to collet enough and some S Angels cost more than others. The reason I don't rank this game higher is events are tied heavily with the shop pressuring you spend real money, pvp is just a ladder system full of bots on OP players, and a lot of the English dialog needs to be redone.
I've been playing this game for a week now and I like the game but I think there is still a room for improvements like putting an additional missions like subquests aside from the main missions. I love the graphics and the gameplay.
Quite a good game. Cute girls, cool weapons, good progression without needing to pay. Its quite a good time killer as well. The biggest dilemma is some of the english translation is a bit off but its pretty easy to overlook it.
Had to drop it to a 1 star, game is dying, nothing new to keep you from playing something else, I left in Jan because I lost interest, huge wall gets hit, no chance anyone should have to pay the prices you ask to advance. So I come back today and still nothing, no change, same old stuff. Developers have obviously lost interest, and so have I.
Here's my problem. Game is interesting and actually good graphically, lot and the exploring is awesome. My biggest problem is that I'm on chapter 3. It told me to clear chapter 1 to engage auto battle. I've done so. But it still doesnt let me engage it. That's my only gripe, that the game totes auto battle but the very feature doesnt work (for me atleast)
Very well thought out game: excellent story, graphics, and game play. Dialog can be polished up here and there but aside from that I've thoroughly enjoyed the game thus far.
Decent amount of stuff to do early on. Some tactics, though not a lot. Not sure how pay to win it might be late game though.
Beautiful graphics, wish the inputs were a little bigger [Big Fingers]. Other than that a very enjoyable game so far.
Idle game on steroids. Engaging and fun. Always something to do. A lot of little extras that heighten the game play.
Best hero collecting Rpg. 1-) Chracaters are beautiful but not overly sexualised. CAN BE CUSTOMISED! 2-) There is an amazing exploration mechanic and cabin building. 3-) This game rewards both afk and always active players. IT HAS AMAZING AFK MECHANICS. 4-) You get to summon new heroes often enough to keep the game fun and interesting. 5-) Battle mechanics are amazing and look great. Can be switched auto as well. 6-) PREMUIM CURRENCY CAN BE BOUGHT IN CHEAPER QUANTITIES! 7-) Has many costumes.
This game is way too perfectly designed. A gourmet mix of scifi cosplay and addictive action. I was quickly spoiled with exploring space and learning about new talented fighters who pull from a well deep with inspiration. You could make a slapstick comedy with these exact renders and it would make star wars look like drying paint.
So far, the game is pretty good. Some of the English wording for the dialogues and descriptions need tweaking.
(Note: This review has been changed, because I found out that Evolving Miya is actually easier compared to other S-class. Yes, you need a good team of level 60s, and that's it.) Pretty good game, actually. While Evolution for S-classes is kind of hard due to the scarcity of Adv. Recruitment Devices... I can at least live with that. Meanwhile the English translation could be much better in multiple ways. Magic Arrow's "Gift Shoot" skill, for example, should be called "Triple Shot" instead.
Drop rates are terrible but the ingame rewards give you a fighters chance. All in all a fun time killer with a bit of story.
Honestly, this game should have more players. I got all my character for pretty much free. Three from the gacha and one from the "cabin", what's nice is that you can save up "war spirits" to select any S character you want. The artwork is quite nice, also being able to recreate characters is fun and the music is relaxing. But I mean in terms of a turn base, nothing new here. They also give out enough gems to make you happy.The only real problem here is the stamina, you will run out so fast.
I find the storyline to be engaging, the dialogue translation could be better, but I find myself spending a lot more time than I thought I would and not thinking it to be time wasted.
Recent update causing many de-sync issues. Didn't receive genes purchased in the cabin a few days ago. Waited hoping it was a just a delay but still nothing. Also had a 10 pull of advanced recruit only give me one character instead of ten but used the resources for 10. Lowering review pending support. The support response would make sense if the game allowed me to evolve the angel that I bought the genes for. Still unable to.
There are big dif between making fun challenging content, and deliberately making content challenging in order to make F2P spend, you aren't forced to pay of course, but heh, enjoy the HUGE wall. It's ok to make people stuck in campaign, I get it, it's an idle game, you need to stop player from advancing too fast, but give players enough resource. And relative to the hero pool amount, you guys are stingy. F2P steer clear. BTW spending events ARE NOT a content, just plain laziness. Update - 2 months since I wrote this I decided to quit, reason is that Expedition is almost impossible to clear after reaching level 160 on 6 heroes with 678k power, whoever designed this should be fired, no one should go through RNG fest for a CHANCE to buy a single S-hero. This is one of the F2P source for S-hero, it barely appears without clearing stage 30. Now the problem is stage 26 to 30 were plagued by stupid comps that WILL stunlock you forever without decent RNG on your side.
his game is something to start off right when you download a new app. It is super fun with all the new heroes and stuff you gather while you keep on progressing to farther levels. This game can get addicting, it’s not just about finding heroes and battle players, you need to strategize and look for the best possible playing style for your heroes. This game is definitely fun
Fun game, havent spent a dime and getting S rank characters. Only minor thing is i had to figure out how to do some things on my own, game didnt give clear instruction on how to do somethings
Lots of FREE draws but NEW update still doesn't allow multiple extractions of genes or breed in biological cabin is DUMB. Whats the purpose of upgrading your cabin if it doesn't allow multiple extractions at once. Think about it if it take 9 hours for 1 extraction and 9 more for 2. Then regardless if i can extract 2 or more its still 18 hours to wait. The only difference is you can have some time after the 9th hour to collect. Very dumb idea😡 Stopping the cabin STILL takes materials used😱
Great game, my only recommendation would be that when we customize the appearance of the character that on the page that shows all your characters that the appearance you've set changes as well. It feels out of sync when I make changes to a characters appearance and then see the original character image that looks nothing like the one I've made.
If you can ignore some egregious translations, it's not a bad game. The girls are cute and the outfits are cute. I've definitely seen worse.
While I'm enjoying this game quite a lot so far, It can often be frustrating, at least in one aspect. Before you finish a Main Quest chapter, you have to remember to collect your loot/rewards BEFORE you kill the boss because once you do, you can never get back to that screen again. And there are some good rewards in there! Same with the Progress loot from exploration, you can't go back to those maps, either. I've now missed the rewards from chapters 4, 6, 7 and now 9 as of five minutes ago. :(
--------Still an enjoyable game. Took a couple days to get used to the new update/layout. Its like a totally new game. Quick response from the developers too. --------No complaints after months of playing. Very entertaining game. Hats off to the developers for their hard work and customer service. -------- Fun game. Great hero collector/ character builder. Graphics and animations are awesome. Lots of activities to keep you busy.
What to say. This game goes from fun difficulty to pay2win in the blink of an eye. Difficulty curve in this game is retarded and the dev should be ashamed of themselves. The good stuff, decent recruit rates, good graphics, fun the first 4 levels. After that even with purple geared, awakened, gold card characters you get stomped by npc and can not progress. 100% whale hunt after 5. Also read the 3 star and below reviews to get honest non-botted reviews. Gplay 5* star review is infested with bots
This is a good idle game. Just 10 to 15 minutes a day is enough to continuously progress without having to spend a dime. Sadly though, if you do wanna spend money, it's rather expensive.
Stupid Game didnt make it 5 minutes through " tutorial" .Click and um Click again. And oh yeah click. Auto " game" play. Was in a training battle with a choose one reward. But which one should i pick? IDK. No explaination of " rewards" Just here choose one of these.
Great game so far. Been playing for a few days. All in all, it is a gotcha game, so take everything as is. There are pay to win mechanics that far outclasses free to play players, but it is still manageable as a free to play. Even for someone like me that can fail 8 times in a row on a 99.7% success rate for upgrading.
The game ain't perfect but it's pretty neat. Unlike the other few online games I previously downloaded, this one was pretty smooth and works perfectly fine. There are a few things I recommend though: in the cutscenes, maybe improve the grammar (there are no PERIODS at the end of their sentences). Also in the character menu how about making the characters react whenever you tap them? (too much maybe?). Overall though this is GREAT stuff!
Overall the game is awsome however i am having issuse getingi Into the events. But the graphics the story telli ng is really well done and no enrgey requirements to do main quest is the best willl bring up to 5 stars if the event issue is fixed
So far, the game is pretty good. Some of the English wording for the dialogues and descriptions need tweaking. Edit: I suddenly cannot hold more than 5 pieces of equipment in my inventory. How am I supposed to get rid of the equipment in storage? For that matter, how can I fuse S equipment? You need 8 pieces of A equipment!
Nice but you can get stuck and no way to progress and nothing else to do. Also watch out there's no timer but the "Round" counts to 20 max then battle ends. Would also be nice if the tips displayed when loading could stay longer, also this game needs to have more ways to explain game play like how do you recycle gear? How do you obtain the item to forge.
Very simple to play, with cimplex strategy elements to how you build your teams and characters. On the surface it looks deceptively like everything else, but the gameplay has a new level underneath.
Great game! Just need a way to discard items outta storage. My one and only beef. Still an awesome game, still playing.
I played every day for last 7 months. Giving 3 stars for now. Could be 5 if there wasn't latest update. Game looks nicer now, but there are no translations. I can't read anything. Completely everything is in Chinese now. If it gets repaired soon, I'll give 5🌟 thanks Update: language problem solved. Since all looks new that language icon has been moved. Now I'm curious if the game stayed as good as it was... Thanks to devs for quick reply about this issue. Here's your 5🌟
The game is fun and generous you can be free to play and win any hero and upgrade them so the story missions are easier on you And the story is good but to be honest some last boss battles should be toned down a bit chapter 3 with level 50 characters all S class and 3 awakened with 3 stars and maxed out gear and i still lose and do any damage
Nice game, nice storyline, hard to play when you reach some levels, with some small issues, but is ok(need to be patiently). Support in this game work, need some patience occasionally.
Good graphics and easy to get into. Like almost all mobile games you can pay to win but you don't have to. Minor issues, some of the translation is not great but neither is it game breaking. Angels are nice, but no options to alter skin tone which could potentially alienate some players.
I did not expect to find a generous, refreshingly tactical gacha game in this game marketed as a "cute girls" simulator. The F2P progression is astoundingly good. It may take a while to figure what works and what doesn't, but that's half the fun. Gear fusion doesn't cost currency. Gear drops are plentiful to help. You even produce your own. The hero drop rates are very generous. Full F2P and I have 5 SRank heroes. My first money spent is going to be to congratulate the team for a job well done!
In f2p way your collection of S heroes dont come so easy, but A heroes are also very good and easier to up them. Miya up her tier in progress of game, only she can wear artifact what give a bonuses to specific heroes. On the map easy attack all what you find if is possible, it give you lot of exp and rss what you need. I suppose tactic collecting before fast using.
Good for a causal RPG. The thing that doesn't work for me is end of chapter rewards are only for those that pay to get them. I have 6 of the currency required since playing through 6 chapters. I have not been able to purchase a single one of the end of chapter rewards.
If an idle game is what you are looking for, then this might probably be one of the best. 15 minutes in to do all the necessaries and no worries; at your own convenient time. Don't expect any active socializing though...look for that elsewhere.
Graphics are good, gameplay mechanics are simple and the character models are beautifully done. I would suggest more customization options for bodies and additionally, improve sound quality as it sound choppy sometimes. Overall I am enjoying this game.
love this game. but how about making the star dollars and yellow crystals easier to get. can't find the ancient ruins
Okay game, very mission driven. Of course there's pay to play options if you want to advance quicker as some things take hours to complete. Patience and smart tactics are a must to win. High power and levels can still be beaten by lower level and power characters.
Decent graphics, character customization is very diverse, they are very generous with the in game currency that would normally make it pay to play. Quests while challenging are still doable. A very well made game.
Great game, wonderful graphics, brilliant art style and character designs. My one and only gripe would be that the storyline is a little lackluster, and that the in-game translating is kind of... Awkward. But for what it has, it's pretty good, and very easy to manage. ^-^
I thought arena was going to be another one of those overdone rpg games that start out easy and spike in difficult until you basically have to spend money, but that was not the case. It stayed at a reasonable difficulty, and still is for me
I edit my review for new update: You guys making a lot of improvement for this game. Great job. Anyway, i hope you guys add shining 'catsuit' costume in next update.
Cheap thirty draws plus one s character how is that going to help me when I already lose to people in the arena when I have higher attack power how I'm at a lose just started hows it gonna go when I can barely get enough for a ten draw here enjoy more nothing is how it's going to go so much fun
great game altough it would be better if the energy fills faster it takes lot of time to reflenish but it's pretty good game n the graphics is awsome waiting for new updates n my full support to the devs.woah n thanks for replying my review😍😍
The game is great and in terms of game play and experience can be a little better. Game play is very simple, like all other game it's turn based. Unfornately there is only 2 active skills and 2 passive skills and that Can deter players. The graphics and animation is great very fluid animations and graphics are not "blocky" like some other 3D games. Characters are really beautiful and well designed although as mentioned they only have 2 skills and 2 passive. Overall excellent game.
Quite fun for f2p guys i think. A decent time-spender. For about a week that is. Then there is an impossible wall for f2p players. Yes you can pay, but to make any difference, you need to pay hundreds. Got stuck advancing so i quit. But its fun for about a week.
Great game! Read some neg reviews saying its pay to play only, on the contrary, I've made it to level 77 and just took one of my Angel's to SS status, haven't spent a dime. Patience is key. Graphics are insane, blows away any other game I've ever downloaded to my phone. Nice job to the creators!
My experience, gameplay is good, i feel like playing something different than the games i've been played so far, graphic displayed smoothly and the theme song kinda easy to listen. However, leveling will take sometime after reaching lv 40+ and the map is not repeatable, so the less you develop your angels the harder its gonna be to pass the next map. Please take it into consideration to make the previous map playable.
Over all the game is good, But if u already reach the maximum level of angels its kinda the game is boring so I thought of adding a new angel for a different pace and add more scene.
At first the game keeps you busy. Always having things to do is nice. You can customize the appearance of every unit you get. Been playing for 2 weeks now and the game has came to a crawling halt. Ive had to join a few legions because my leaders keep quitting. No auto kick system. Instead you have to pay 2k diamonds which is $30 USD. The game is very p2w. My interest is dwindling in this game. The more you play the more you need to pay.
love this game. but how about making the star dollars and yellow crystals easier to get. like with level ups or on the star map. or even on the challeng levels.
I've been waiting a while to actually give this game a solid review for two reasons. One, I wanted to progress and see how easy or difficult it was to get further. Two, I wanted to see if there were any updates to the game that would solve any of the issues I had with it. So far, there has not been. This game is 100% pay to win, I'll say that right now. If you're expecting to make any kind of significant progress past level 60+ without paying, you're wasting your time. This is not your standard idle game either. You do not gain significant amounts of resources by waiting. The only "idle" aspect is the waiting for things like gene gathering and S rank boxes to open. I shouldn't have to wait a WEEK for a box with RANDOM shards/genes to open after having put several hours into upgrading the cabin. And the amount of currency to speed up the process is ridiculous. You're looking at 20+ dollars for ONE box of genes for a girl you probably don't have. And don't get me started on the inaccuracy of the AI / auto-battle system. A team of level 100s should not be able to beat a team of level 160s/120s. It's ridiculous. This company is greedy in all sense of the word. You want to move around the map? Costs currency. You want to speed up the production of armor? Costs currency. The ONLY reason I am still playing this game is because I invested money into it. But at this point, I just check it once a day and move on to better games. Devs, if you read this, you need to change the way you do this game. More resources during idle mode. Less requirements for upgrading the cabin and getting genes. Go look at ACTUAL successful idle games like AFK Arena and Mobile Legends. Apply that learning to the development of your game. And for the love of god, allow us to take off cosmetic items without having to reset our ENTIRE character customization.
Nice team based strategy squad action. You upgrade and collect "angels " to enhance your army. It now no complaints.
Ok got it to work and it is really good. Being able to explore space even on limited fuel is a great concept. Glad i took the time to re-download
After an update, Map enemies time respawn changed to ridiculous way, Gacha became the sucker than normal, Stamina takes alot of time to regen and Its became hardly to complete adventure map progress. Boring and Repeated challenge. I will quit now. Looking for much better gameplay.
Less than 48 hours into gameplay and I have to say, I have no complaints. I like that there’s no energy system, so you can continue to play as much as you’d like. Plenty of heroes to unlock and tons of combinations are possible to accommodate strategies and play styles. No obnoxious advertisements, and does not seem to be pay to win.
I didn't receive the additional Advanced S Gene Box after bought Hunter CERT. I received the box from milestone only. I sent an email to developer contact, please help me check this. And I cant unlock or change the clothe after the game updated too.
I like this game but i am rating it 1 star because in in-game purchases they scammed my money and didn't credited me star dollar. I have written several mails regarding this, but no response comes. I again request to the developer to please resolve this issue.
So far is good, I havent spent a single coin and already have lot of S rank Angel's, game is entertaining and all the Angel's are beautiful
Apparently this game is nice. It has detailed enough character appearance customization, gameplay feels good, and story is engaging. A little criticism would be that there's no east and west in space travel (lol), There are also some popular culture references which feels refreshing. I don't understand why some opponents goes first while playing arena and military matches, higher power goes first doesn't sounds fair to me. First turn advantage is too big
This game's not going to be fixed never will be game is just for one purpose and one purpose only to make this stupid company and the developers money that's all it's about they got the leveling system all backwards and they're giving you brand new powerful weapons but they didn't level your armor yet is things backwards it lags it's bugged updates are screwed they have no idea what they're doing if it's this bad when it's a beta what is it going when it's new and it's not in English💩🖕🤮🤪😱💲
Artsyle and gamestyle is awesome... Just new modes are required along with different ways to get new weapon.
Over all good graphics and its amazing you can upgrade so easily and fast. Only downside to this game is you can't choose which opponent you want to attack its totally random which makes it a little less strategy based and more simple.
Fairly solid gameplay experience so far on FTP- not sure how much this will continue as I get further into the game, but enjoyable and addictive over the first few days.
From the perspective of a new player: Game is interesting and fun however after you progress a few chapters in 6+ the enemies start having too much HP and deal too much damage, I do not know if the problem is that i progressed too fast or if the balance is out of whack at higher chapters.
It's fun at the start but eventually you'll open it for 5 minutes at a time to do small tasks before progress can be made. Similar to all idle games really but the uprgrade system is neat. Certain things will take forever or cost a lot of money. So it's p2w as well. The graphics and gameplay can be fun, auto mode is pretty basic, sometimes playing manually will actually make a difference but stats are what matter in the end. You can get s rank heroes pretty often and thats rare in mobile games.
The grind is real but not grueling. Stylish art is wonderful although the story could use more focus. It's a great game with plenty of stuff to keep you occupied. The leveling is pretty quick but the system needs work. Players should gain EXP by using characters in battle rather than paying shards to level up. Overall great game.
It was pretty good for the first few days but after that you quickly find yourself stuck in place with the only route to progression being money, i refuse at that point.
Nice game. Translations to english in the story line are a bit off, but who cares? The rewards/actions around the game play are a bit confusing at first, but who cares. Over all it's a great game, very entertaining. The positives far outweigh the negatives. Wether your into turn based fighting games or in depth story lines this game is where it's at. 🚫 Ads, limited in game purchases, nice easy free progression, half naked ladies, awesome battles, all I'm missing is a beer dispenser.......
So I have tried this game twice to see if the major problem has been fixed and it has not. The scaling of resources needed to level up the cabin, heroes, main character weapon, and elves gets insane very quickly. The rewards for idling and virtually everything is a joke. I did notice a slight uptick on my return for yellow grade heroes in the 10 pull, which is an improvement for sure. I do like the overall graphics, characters, and game idea. The agonizing progression just makes it not worth it.
Pretty good so far up to chapter 5 is pretty self sustaining, though they don't tell you some things which is kinda nice personally, don't like too long of tutorials. Edit: I mean like knowing you can use fuel to go around and accomplish goals in the system. It was more eluded to, but now that i'm past chapter 2 - 3 and didn't know that, I don't know if there is a way back to get those that i missed.
Very good animation. Customizable characters is a big plus. Though, I am giving only 4 stars because of the waiting time in the adventure progress due to 10 mins per 1 point fuel refill. This will hinder the continuous playing time. It takes so many hours before you can finish the progress. The excitement for the game will eventually lose..
stopped working....from last update its completely stopped working...on title page it just says ...looking for resources...
I really like the game its pretty good at story adm other gamemodes and graphics is the best part but the only thing i don't like is that there is no fashion recycling as my storage is filled with at random fashion which is only one for each. I think they should add it so when it get recycled it concert into fashion shards everything is fine. I forgot one thing the customization is pretty cool
Best thing about the game is character customizations. I really liked it. But it's seem like everyone has the same face. What i didn't like is the fact , as a idle game progress is really slow. It's not even chapter 4 and I nearly passing through. I upgraded heros as much as possible but still it's really difficult. It's not supposed to be this difficult so early in the game.
I very much enjoy the theme, atmosphere, and artstyle, and it feels like you can achieve anything you wish to without sacrificing your soul to the RNG demon gods. Very high praises for the design that does not overwhelm players with MTX. The only major thing i feel this game is lacking is an effecient english translation. Some of the writing feels very lacking and strange, which is a shame because even still this is one of those games I have a desire to not skip dialogue in.
After the latest update, the game has been rebalanced to heavily favour cash players. It used to be a rather balanced f2p game. Also, certain interface features are missing or hidden elsewhere after the update. Massively disappointed at the developers "bright" idea. Guess I'll uninstall this game after 2 nice years with it.
Early on this game is great with no energy limits, alot of free extras for progression, the nice graphics, character customization etc. As someone who has spent over £400, despite this, the grind wall hit around lvl 23 or so in story in insane. The gear system is bad in that there is no way to directly craft specific set pieces for set bonuses. Titanium that upgrades the cabin is heavily restricted (P2W). I gave feedback on this and still months later no changes has been made to acquisition.
Great game, free to play as well. However, the RNG seems highly biased in the favour of AI. The player's 80% chance triggers 40-50% of the time, but the AI's 50% triggers 80-90%. I suppose they have to empower the system to make money, but at times this is atrociously bad. Update: There's absolutely no logic there, I'm stuck with armor of one type and necklace of other. And it keeps repeating, too many spares, no sets :X Update 2: Waiting 28 hours for a pirate spawn. *yawn*
WAW literally amazing bUt if it were easier to get the S tier character that we have, cuz we get stuck at some point in the adventure, sadly and we can't just keep doing it and stay stuck for some times it's reduce the well done game play quality
After the update the developer added the option to turn off the gyro. Thanks for listening to us. There's a lot to unpack in the game. It seems to be a really deep game and I'm looking forward to understand it all (that's on me since I'm not used to these type of games). It all looks good and feels rewarding when you win the battles.
Not a crazy daily time sink. Decent progress, though, I have the suspicion that I have to advance a gold level character to 120, then use this item I found to "swap levels" with a maxed out level 110 level purple character... So the purple can go beyond 110, which appears to be the max... Weird. Otherwise, pretty cool. Nice variety.
This game is awesome cant stop playing. If you havn't tried this game yet you need to. The graphics are very clear no bugs and its fun
Was hoping for a distraction for a few weeks. Got distraction for a day before it ground to a halt. As others said, this is not an idle game, it's a gatcha rpg. I like gatcha games, but the others I've played in this genre has plenty to do everyday even months into playing, where this one does not. Just a day after downloading, I'm stuck waiting for rng to give me the S rank genes i need to upgrade the angels I currently have in my team so I can progress. Not fun.
Dialog translations are very poor. Sometimes they are unintelligible. And the tutorial is lacking in details. Its not a bad game, but it still need alot of work.
Love the space genre .gameplay is decent .and the devs are generous.hoping for new Angels to come & more event .wish for the advance ss enhancement can also be done on the angels that you get.
The game's alright. It's very clear that English is not the designer's first (or even second or third) language because it's hard to clearly understand what the characters are saying or what their special abilities actually do... Also, the game moves very very slowly because you have to wait hours for things you need to collect to regenerate.
This game has great graphics and is actually very addicting. The gameplay is engaging and not crazy repetitive. The best part is, you don't have to play for hours because you still gain items while the game is idle. Also, I haven't been forced to spend a dime. Very cool.
This game is really good, when i log in in the game i want to play more and more! The characters are really pretty and well designed. I would recommend getting the english translation a revision because sometimes the sentence has some minor misspelling and no dots/commas (rarely). Story is interesting and the memory thing is creative. Keep up with the good work tho! *Edit: omg understood xD*
nice game. good graphic, 'ok' grammar, nice story flows, but it's draining my phone battery, sometimes lagging, and some probs to 'send all' & 'receive all'. not sure how long i'm going to play it, hopefully not 100% p2w game. -.-"
I would love to give it five stars and it would definitely deserve them if it didn't have one issue...it boots me out mid-battle fairly often. The storyline is interesting (with the usual translation errors but it's minor) the gameplay is interesting and competitive without demanding you spend your life savings and fantastic graphics. However, just when things are rolling along nicely, boot! So, once that's fixed, I will happily give 5 stars!
Super fun, lots of play time and rewards to start. I don't know how much longevity it has but if your looking for a fun time killer that gives out what you put in, give it a try.
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun adventure game and it's not p2w intensive like other games u can actually enjoy the game and be competitive at a decent rate thank you for this wonderful game it's exactly what I've been looking for!
I find myself reading each characters story. Progress is not slow. You don’t have to pay for anything. Non stop rewards and always something new to click on. It’s great try it out
Hero had recruited and then pressed get button. So shown hero configure but not see back button. For one hero get is restart the game . Game have bugs. Admirable developers, they d fixed some bugs.
I started playing as a guest and later on I decided to register the account, but then the game got restarted, loosing my progress. How can I link my old guest account to the registered one?
A really good game with a lot of potential! I'd only wish that: 1) We could use a friend's main angel to assist in pve battles. 2) There was a preview option for costumes regardless if you own them or if they are already equiped by other angels. 3) There was more legion content. Right now the game feels very "single player"-like, with almost no guild/community interaction (at least on my server, even after a merge). 4) Bonus rewards after clearing a chapter would have more reasonable prices (or purchasable with in-game currency too). They don't feel at all like a 'reward'/'bonus' for the effort of finishing the chapter (especially at higher chapters). 5) There were some more ways to obtain Titanium. Overall the game is quite F2P friendly, but upgrading the cabin takes forever unless you are willing to invest $$$. 6) There were more S angel banners. - I hope you will take some of these into consideration for future updates. :) Thanks for the game and keep up the good work!
Don't understand why using pandora is worse then using Medusa? Can you explain? Damage, defence of pandora summon is reduce dramatically, what happened?
Lots of FREE draws somewhat F2P friendly but NEW event stopped the Flag collecting WAY before the event ends which sucks. Why would you cut the event (Filial Spirit) opportunity short but still have a task reward and the option to still pull. Nonsense. Doesn't make sense to pull the plug on your own event especially when the event is on going and you have an achievement section for it. Shameful😖😠 Every time I praise this game they keep releasing me from the "hook"