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Andoku Sudoku 3

Andoku Sudoku 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Markus Wiederkehr located at Kranzlgarten 30 4230 Pregarten Austria. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've tried many Sudoku apps. This is the best because it teaches you techniques and provides hints that help you learn and understand what you didn't see for yourself.
Game is great, but lately ads have been highly offensive: sound that cannot be silenced and with offensive profanity!!! I don't see any place to buy ad free. PLEASE review your ad policy.
I've tried many sudoku apps, and this is the best I've found. Easy UI, good selection of puzzles, and hints with thorough explanations of you want them to help you to improve and learn new strategies.
I love this app. Very good for teaching you all the different tricks of solving the various puzzles. Lots of puzzles too.
Nicely done. Ads only at the end of each game and you can mute them in settings which is great. Lots of variations and skill levels. Clean and clear graphics without annoying backgrounds which never seem to add anything to the game if you ask me.
Absolutely Fantastic. Being quite new and having watched a few youtube video regarding more advanced techniques xwings etc and still not fully understanding them. The help this app gives when you are stuck and fantastic explication is just what I needed. Great for all levels. Brilliant!
The app has not crashed; The ads are not too intrusive. The tutorials are excellent and teach you the logic of solving the puzzles. The color highlights assist your brain in focusing on relevant info.
Love this app. This is one of a few best sudoku apps, but I like this better. With the tutorials I can learn new tricks before playing a new difficulty level. If I'm stuck during the game, the hint option really helps me strengthen my skill. 5โญ
Not bad, like the hint feature! Would be good to have several different colours for the pencil marks thereby allowing different colours to suit reason for pencil mark. Also if a cell has two possible values, the ability to lock that cell and prevent the addition of both manual and calculated pencil marks. Sometimes the auto calculation of pencil marks misses at least one number; particularly if that number is not used anywhere in grid and manual pencil marks have been started. Regards Stephen
I really like this way of doing sudokus. I am not the best at doing sudokus, but I still like this app because it is really satisfying to solve the puzzles as it gives the perfect level of hint.it points you in a direction instead of just giving a number and shows you how to remove candidates step by step. the only improvement that I would like it's that I would love to use this interface to solve multi or killer sudokus. That would be awesome.
Well, good app but it has a finite amount of games in each level of difficulty - when they completed, there is no option to reset & start again - this seems like a strange business model to me. Now I need to find another sudoku app.
The best Sudoku game in the store hands down. The variety of boards, and customisations available should cover all your Sudoku needs. A must have.
This is the best sudoku app I've used. The ads are very annoying, and placed so they are easy to accidentally click (I see what you did there). I would gladly pay for the app if it would simply get rid of the ads. As of this review there is no option to purchase an ad-free experience.
Truely OUTSTANDING. I tested dozens of Sudoku games on Android, this was the BEST by a wide margin, on a level all its own. Oustanding number first input mode, helpful highlighting, auto mark removal, very detailed advance solving methods tutorial, puzzel builder and non-intrusive adds. Wow, very impressive work Markus Wiederkehr!
The best Sudoku game I've played so far! I just wish I could change the color of the colored squares since I'm slightly red/green color blind. It just makes it a bit harder and slows my completion times.
Really great app. Good clean layout, challenging, and minimum ads. Also when you ask for a hint you get proper step by step guidelines, which you can choose to exit from before the answer is revealed, unlike other apps that just gives the answer without any explanation. I would love it if you could add some Killer Sudoku option too.
I am most satisfied with this Sudoku app. It has hardly any ads (no spammage like other apps); it has a wide selection of different types of sudoku puzzles; it also has a good range of difficulties. Many apps only have "Easy", "Medium", "Hard", and "Expert", while this one has more, better difficulty ranges. And, on top of that, this one is the most user-friendly apps. On other apps I got confused on how to start a new game/go to menu, with this app, very easy to navigate. A solid 10/10 so far!
This is a great game. I play it almost every day. Very user friendly and challenging. Great for relaxing, taking a stress break.
Enjoy this game immensely! Still playing, for I don't know how many years, and still loving it! Not many annoying ads compared to other free games.
When it comes to Sudoku I'm really a pen and paper guy, but when I get stuck this is a great tool. I like being able to take a picture of a puzzle and X out the cells I've entered, so that I can get a hint. It has intuitive interface and customizable. My only complaint is there is almost no documetation of the many features.
More variations than any other free sudoku app I've come across. Good user interface. Only thing I would change: when highlighting all of that number, It would be nice if the highlight was a circle instead of a square, so that it's easier to see what color is behind the highlight on the colorful sudoku variants.
Great app. I have carried this over through 3 successive phones. I'd gladly pay to get rid of the annoying ads (fortunately not displayed while working a puzzle) if the developer gave the option.
I have really enjoyed this app for a while now. The improvements they've made over time have not only made the game more engaging but they've also enabled the novice player with the tools they need improve their abilities. I definitely feel that my ability to solve puzzles has improved and it has increased my level of enjoyment, as solving more difficult puzzles feels much more satisfying. Each version of this app has been the best sudoku app available and possibly the best puzzle app. 10/10 โญs
Solid sudoku app. I think perhaps a little more could be done in the UI, so I'm not yet ready to give 5 stars, but it's very good and very reasonably priced.
Game is great . But the new add system, is a pain , sometimes locks you in add screen . I Might have to look elsewhere for another app UPDATE 14/07/20 appears that what ever you have done has corrected the issue. .. Thankyou you
Not used this for long, but have used a few others. This has easy entry, good highlighting, the hints are propper hints but will also give you a full step by step guide to complete each hint if wanted. Certainly try the ad version. I paid the money because I think they deserve it.
Easily the best on the market. Nothing else is even in the ballpark. Hyper Sudoku, Percent Sudoku, squiggly clusterf**k Sudoku, this app has anything you never thought Sudoku could do. 1000s of puzzles for every board type and 1000s more for every skill level, I think there's 9 skill levels. THIS IS THE ONLY APP I'VE FOUND WHERE "HARD" IS FRICKIN HARD. Ads are super unintrusive. Top notch! ..your search is over :)
Some ads but not intrusive. Really good interface and great tutorials. Brilliant app for beginners and experts alike.
After upgrading my phone my Sudoku app did not work, tried lots of new ones but none of them were easy to use. This has got to be the best app for Sunoco out there. I play a lot of Sudoku and this is the best app not one thing I can think of to improve it. Good job guys
I have tried a few sudoku apps. This one is my favourite. It gives you staged hints as opposed to a number for a given cell, which is helpful if you're trying to learn sudoku techniques. The staged hint system on this app is by far the best way to learn how to solve sudoku puzzles properly. To me, this is the best free sudoku app at out there. Great app. Thanks.
I love that challenge ability of mind like sudoku. The advantage Andoku 3 is the number is printed in bold. One more thing, you can choose the type of input either choose the number first then which box you want to enter the number or select the box first then choose the which number to fill.
You has to have very good techniques skills for learning to improve for solving this you use (T M B) and (L C R) in order to find 1 - 9 digits placed! Fun game really enjoy playing it, my brain is getting actives, whenever you think of somehow the numbers goes plotting where about?! It can get easy, once you understands it, not too hard! Created by human so solving is still going to be human's brain powers - so wind up your's knowledge boys, I am just coming!
great little app...I play on both an Android tablet and cell phone. Works great . I frequently use the companion 'camera' app to upload the newspaper Suduko. There are many variations available and all offer various degrees of difficulty.
Great game. Too many ads. I would pay to buy a copy that doesn't contain ads. I hate ads. Disappointing because this is my favourite Sudoku app.
Will not respect muted phone after completing a game advertisements blare loudly... Giving app 4 stars for good game and responsive dev. Thank you for your response but by-passing a phones speaker setting is completely unacceptable.
Best sudoku app out there. Color settings could be better and it would be nice if the dark theam also made the main Android navigation bar at the bottom of the screen dark too.
Fantastic. You get to choose so many difficulty levels to challenge you. Plus they have given lucid tutorials in the app regarding advanced sudoku tricks.
5 STAR. Beyond a doubt the very best. Once you have mastered sudoku, you find you need hypotheticals to complete the hardest ones. This version is the first I have ever found that allows that, and it does it perfectly.
Enjoy the games. The ads that pop up at the end of them (with game sounds off) full of sound and a timer is enough for me to need to completely close app more often than not
Very fun to play. Also, would it be possible to add a color palette to the pencil marks, as an option, than would allow people to use more complex marking strategies?
Best Sudoku app that I've tried so far. Love that you can pencil in possible numbers in each space, and use hints when you're stuck and learn new things to look for in order to solve harder puzzles.
After playing Super Sudoku for over a decade just discovered Andoku. Still getting used to the different UI but should be faster. I like having the additional puzzle variants. Like having the hints. Are there waus of solving some of the more advanced situations without showing the possibilities? Still miss the old scoreboard. Make a pay feature to join and support the added expense. Detected hackers get moved to a separate hackers group. Game can be relaxing if time is ignored.
Exactly what I was looking for. A great way to learn or play sudoku. The hint option is very educational, and the tutorials are extremely clear. Very customizable. The UI is intuitive and makes sudoku so much more enjoyable. -โ˜† because there is no way to pay and disable ads. I'd love to support the app, and ads are not intrusive, but sucks I cant pay to have no ads.
Great range of levels and unobtrusive ads. 1 star off as some games appear undoable (maybe that's just me!).
Lack of convenient tools. thank you for responding. I would like to have 2 convenience tools. 1. I would like to have the options to turn on/off, that the program would remind me of a wrong guess/move. 2. When there is no more definite answers in a spot, and is about time to fill in all the possible numbers as a note, the program would auto-fill these notes 3. Hints for the next guess, guiding thoughts step by step. Also, if one is able to by pass the 1st hint, and go to the next hint.
Excellent! I love the choices of levels, rather than being forced to advance. I am handicapped and depending on the day I can work at a level that is workable for me. Also, I appreciate the ability to self check as I progress if desired, this facilitates learning much better than just finding out at the end. BRAVO to the designers, and a big thank you.
I absolutely love this app. It has so many different variations and different levels to choose from and it saves your progress so you can easily resume your game or however many games you haven't finished in case you get stuck. I like that so I can go to another one and clear my mind then go back and try again. I've NEVER found a game that gives you so many options like this one does. Definitely my favorite. Thank you thank you thank you for hours of fun!!!
Good game but ads annoying. One in particular is really annoying- empire and puzzles take over the phone. Have to restart as even when app closed it still plays the ads .
Excellent range of puzzles and difficulties. I particularly enjoy the Sudoku variations. I have been playing Andoku on my Kindle for several years and was thrilled to finally find an android version.
Adding update: discovered the camera-based input of an on-paper game. Competing with my wife turned up a notch since I can rapidly copy from her book, and then the race is on! Superb - best by far. Whether it's appearance, gameplay, teaching through hints, or setup options, this is a model for how to write a good app. Love the feature to input a game from another source - my wife and I compete, using some of her book games. Highly recommended!
The perfect sudoku app? The ability to scan puzzles in is amazing. I wish they had a section or option to select only human-generated puzzles instead of the computer-generated ones we find everywhere
EXCEPTIONAL For me by far and away the very best Sudoku app I have used so far. I particularly like the feature that allows the player to enter own puzzle or take a picture. A real winner!
I love the hint functionality. It helps you to become better. I just wish that all the games that I used a hint for gets marked, so that I can retry to solve them later without hints.
Great game, but the ads are execrable. Most seem to be for mature rated games. At least the developer could give the option for a one-time purchase if they can't be troubled to ensure better ads.
Best sudoku app I've come across. Teaches you techniques as you play. If you get stuck, tapping the hint button won't just give you the answer but will point you in the right direction and if that's not enough it will ultimately explain the technique used to move ahead in the puzzle. This was exactly what I was looking for to tackle the harder puzzles!
One of the best. The hints and tutorials help you improve. The interface is intuitive. 5 ๐ŸŒŸ if you could mark restricted cells!
Loving this app! Have tried several Sudoku app's over the years, all of them have been lacking in some respect. This one ticks all the boxes and some. I especially like that you can take a photo of a puzzle to quickly and easily start playing it.
A very solid, enjoyable app with several different difficulties, different types of games, hints that can be customised anf even turned off, different way of putting in the numbers. The occasional add, when you end a game, doesn't take anything out ofbthe experience. The best sudoku app I have tried
Ok, I would rather not have the ads appear after every game, but apart from that, it works well and I like the interface
Really great game. A must-play. You can adjust levels and try different puzzles and set records. It's a no brainier to get and the free version doesn't have too many ads. Perfect.
Adds used to be with a loud sound, but now they are muted, thank you for this change! Now I can play when people around me are sleeping and don't have to use headphones.
Autofilling candidates for hard and above puzzles is amazing. Also if you want to practice techniques this will highlight what scenario (like x-wing, naked pair, etc...) if you want it to so you can learn much easier. It's a loy easier to learn on a puzzle you ar actively working on versus trying to follow really long and unhelpful YouTube videos. I can now solve Tricky puzzles quickly and with no hints because of this app. Highly recommended.
A well-designed interface, many Sudoku variations and difficulty levels, helpful tutorials, and not too many ads combine to make a great app.
Amazing little Sudoku app, well worth the paid upgrade to remove the ads. However I wish I knew how my time compared against ofhters for the same puzzle. Maybe how my fastest and adverse time compared against others would be lovely!
Excellent game play, the tutorials and hint system teach how to play properly and remove lots of frustration. It will show you techniques and explain why something works the way it does. Very well made.
I think this is the best Sudoku-style game, with one caveat. The settings to mute ads, request silent ads, mute sounds while ads are playing don't seem to work. Honestly, I'd like to have the option to get rid of the ads altogether. They're a revenue stream, I know. But SUPER annoying and waste data.
Quite a few variations of Sudoku to choose from and reasonable controls for answers and marks to help speed things up.
Good reliable game with no surprises. The one thing I would like to see is that when your in note mode, the block your working on would stay highlighted when you change numbers.
This is the best sudoku app I have used BUT the ads have gotten so annoying. The bright side is that they only appear at the end of your game, but recent updates have added timers before you can close an ad. Please add an option to buy the game outright, I would pay to get rid of them. The only option I could find was through Google's "Play Pass" Subscription service which is a monthly fee. The notes in the Google play store say there are in-app purchases so maybe this used to be an option?
This is the best Sudoku app available and I have tried at least a dozen! Whether you're learning or skilled, it will satisfy your needs. Tutorials hints and other options available. Try it you'll like it
Besides being a really well made app for playing the game it yeaches you to solve the puzzles as well. Thank you!
Excellent training combined with gameplay. Only niggle is that sometimes it tells you that you've missed some candidates, but these were cleared by previous tactics (Xwings, pairs etc)
Best sudoku app I've found so far. I enjoy the "compute candidates" feature and the "solve singles" to reduce a lot of the tedium. The highlighted digits allow you to recognize patterns. And the hint system offers a tutorial on how certain advanced patterns and concepts work. Marking down one star because I'd like to be able to click in empty space to deselect any numbers from highlighting. There's currently no way to see the board without highlights unless you disable highlighting completely.
Great app. The tutorials are very easy to understand and have improved my solving of puzzles enormously. Very much like the ability to input custom puzzles.
The most straightforward Sudoku interface I've ever used. Everyone else has added extra steps for placing numbers and pencil marks, but this one is a breeze! I'm actually able to play a step above other Sudoku apps because of the extra simplicity.
Great sudoku app with good hint system. I'd love more control over the types of solving techniques required to make it easier to practice.
It's simple and straight forward. Very neat and easy to use. My only problem is that while the games are rated by difficulty....very easy, easy, hard, tricky, and so on.....all the levels are the same. Therefore, "extreme" and "very easy" are the same difficulty. Makes me feel good to solve an "extreme" puzzle in 3.5 minutes though.
Best mobile solving interface I've seen, 5 stars just for that. Also, while it has ads, they don't show while actually solving, great user friendly move dev!
I love the irregular jigsaw puzzles. They're not easy to find. I just wish the irregular groups were different colors, It's really hard to differentiate them. Only get one ad after each puzzle. No interruptions. Very nice.
This game is perfect, except for two fatal flaws. 1) There doesn't seem to be any paid version so that I don't get spammed by ads. This is a deal breaker for me. I am not exaggerating when i say i would pay $10, maybe more, in order to buy this game without ads. 2) Even worse, the "In-game purchases" warning implies that there is a way to get rid of ads, but not only is this not the case, I can't find any in-app purchase options of any sort, so this is quite misleading.
Sadly, I'm no longer able to play what, in my opinion, was the best of all Sudoku apps since the recent update. When I open the app it immediately closes. If I re-open it crashes at the completion of a game or even during the game. Ok, mine is an ageing Android running Kitkat 4.4.2 and never had a single problem before.
Hints are really useful. Unlike other apps, where they just fill a square with the right number, he will actually show you a technique to go further in the game.
Delighted to find an Android Sudoku app with 13 games variations & 9 levels of difficulty. The tutorials for the higher levels of difficulty explain the most sophisticated forms of puzzle solving.
Love it! Highly recommend for people who love Sudoku. Application of markers and the ability to "bookmark" at points within the puzzle greatly improved my ability to move through the puzzle. Highly recommend you try this app!
Very good and simple to use. Simply the best version out there and so easy to understand that I finally am enjoying playing sudoku. Thank you very much to the Creator of this app. I wish it were available for PC.
Love the features of this version, especially being able to input your own puzzles and being able to customize how much assistance you need/want. I also love the tutorials that clearly illustrate solving techniques from the simple to the more complex. So far the ads are not too intrusive either.
The best interface I've used and helpful hints to encourage learning. Great selection of puzzles for all levels. The best sudoku app I've ever used
Can scan a sudoku from a newspaper or book and solve on phone. Good puzzles, tutorials, and guided hints! Techniques may be somewhat limited but for most solvers learning to solve this should be sufficient.
Best Sudoku app I've used and it's free. You can mute the ads and they only appear in between games. Small price to pay, in my opinion. The tutorials are really helpful as you progress to higher difficulty levels and you can always get a hint to help you as you learn to spot the patterns. The developer is very responsive as well. *Two month update: I've improved my skills so much using this app. The tutorials are structured really well with the difficulty levels. Just fantastic.
I use it all the time. Games range from trivially easy (nice sometimes) to impossibly difficult but you can always solve them using the hints provided when you get stuck.
other than the annoying ads, this is a fantastically fully featured sudoku game! it has many levels of difficulty, tutorials on all the techniques, auto deletion of candidates when a # is selected, checking, back button... even a "cheat" button if you get stuck and impatient. it keeps statistics on all games played. I didnt expect such high quality for free, so I figure its worth tolerating the ads. i love it.
You are the leaders ! Much more settings options and possibility landscape mode playng and instaling on SD card and one of the best think is that there is option to capture any sudocu from news papers ๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜Š but, way for some sudocus from comercial magazines I can't capture automaticly by presing + ๐Ÿ“ท or just ๐Ÿ“ทfor some sudoku on medium and expert levels sudoku magazines, any time when I trying to capture them, I have only the option to capture that sudocu only manually with not option to save ?
A nice, clean Sudoku implementation with an intuitive interface. Would be nice if they added a couple of features to help solve more advanced puzzles, like highlight all cells with pairs (xy wing), or highlight any desired cells with a selected color, etc. But no major complaints.
This app allows great control over the game. It has a very clear playing board allowing pencil markings and providing highlighting of the selected number. It provides eight levels of play, offers help, includes several different variations of the game, and, can check whether your game has any errors. It includes a well-written tutorial. This is an excellent app. Thank you!
Very well made. But now I have to give only 2 *, because of the following... But now I have publicity even though I have purchased the games, specially I have to close the game and restart it every time to not see the publicity since I have to wait at 1 minute to get to another game started.
The game is wonderful, however, the ads are so annoying. I don't mind spending time to watch the ads, but the ads settings is useless. I set no sound for ads, then it turn down the overall volume every time between games and pause my other running apps
This is the best Andoku app I've run into. And I have nine. Tutorials are great as well. I recommend this app to anyone who is interested in playing and learning Andoku!
Andoku 3 is an intelligently made app by people who love the game and you can feel it from the word go. The hint system just doesn't fill up a cell, but rather nudges you in the right direction by giving you descriptive hints. The tutorials are also very helpful. The highlighting system is really well done and allows you to see all candidates/filled in values for a particular number easily. This is the app you should go for if you really want to learn the game and fall in love with it!
An excellent app. Feature rich and easy to use. The way it walks you through the hints a step at a time is great for learning new solving skills. Being able to use the camera to capture puzzles from newspapers and books is terrific. This has become my only Sudoku app.
Excellent app! Easy to use, great tutorials, lots of customisable options for more or less assistance, love that you can take a photo of puzzles then complete them in the app. The best sudoku app I've tried. Can't fault it.
Love the game! But the ads switched to a "force you to sit through it and then click on the x" to close format which is too intrusive. Also, some of the ads are COMPLETELY inappropriate, such as "undress the girl by solving the puzzles". I know this game is rated "T", presumably because of the ads (otherwise why would a number puzzle be T?), but I believe these ads are inappropriate even for teens. Tempted to find another game. :-(
This Sudoku app is everything I hoped for. Gives me all the time I want to play a relaxed game. It has all the different game formats. The ads only show up at end of game, and I like them! I can also play offline.
Best Suduko I have found. But and there is always a but, the earlier version of this game highlighted the completed cells at the bottom, the version now doesn't and you waste time going back over completed numbers.
Great sudoku app. When putting in a very hard puzzle from an external source, sometimes the built in hint system cannot identify and give a hint for more serious advanced techniques. But this is still a 5 star app.
I like it. But I have a few complaint cum suggestions.. The input method of choosing a number and then selecting a cell is irksome. its usually the other way .. Capture sudoku is an awesome feature.. would be even cooler if you also add image support.. capture sudoku from a nytimes screenshot perhaps..
Like this game. Simple and easy to use. So far the best sudoku I've played. Would be 5-stars if the statistic can be reset
Basic sudoku is what I love and this keeps me busy. Nothing fancy, some ads also but over all decent.
Every level is consistently challenging. Love the way the numbers light up, the errors are shown and all the helps are there without ruining the game. Best I've found.
Best sudoku experience, developer quickly responds, if you need help, best feature for me is ability to add your own Sudoku, thank you!
Omg this dev is pretty good. I'm amazed by their hint engine ๐Ÿ˜ฎ. Unlike other apps which just fills in a spot, this identify a pattern and show you the reasoning behind a hint ๐Ÿ’ก
I have put many hours into this app. I love sudoku and while not being able to complete harder difficulties (without guessing) I stumbled upon the tutorials page. The tutorials are perfect for a beginner to learn to complete harder puzzles. However, I find myself stuck on some easier puzzles without using more advanced solving techniques (I found a Challenging puzzle was unbeatable without using an xwing solving method which is listed under Tricky). A must download!
I am not sure a Sudoku game gets much better than this. Many Quality-Of-Life features are included, as well as tutorials, explaining Sudoku concepts you might not have gleaned on your own. Graphics could be a tad better, but that can also be a purely personal preference.
The app is fantastic, but the option to pay to remove ads is not in the game. The play store says there is in-app-purchases, but they are not present in the app currently. Would be 5 stars if I could upgrade to remove ads
Fantastic game with an excellent interface. It even has a dark theme which is perfect for me. The ads only show up in the menu and after each puzzle is complete which is the perfect balance so as not to be too pushy. Thanks for making this!