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Andoku Sudoku 2 Free

Andoku Sudoku 2 Free for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Markus Wiederkehr located at Kranzlgarten 30 4230 Pregarten Austria. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
SUPERB! Great graphics ... MORE THAN THAT, the BEST EVER functions of the # BUTTONS!!! I adore SQUIGGLY SUDOKU -- and THIS APP is so well developed, that it's a matter of tap, tap, tap on the #'s, with ease and convenience ... then, a terrific "zing" (sound) once a set of #'s is completed -- AND THAT NUMBER BUTTON GOES BLACK! Yay!😊 NO OTHER SUDOKU GAME APP IS IN THE SAME CLASS!!! (THAT OF EXCELLENCE!!!)πŸ˜„πŸ’œ THIS Sudoku App is THE ONE YOU'LL WANT TO HOLD ONTO FOREVER!
i love color and squiggly games. also the sound and light up features add more sensory experience and add to fun. thanks and great job. ads are minimal.
I've tried a lot of Android Sudoku apps and this is by far my favorite. Uncomplicated and easy to use, no annoying gimmicks. I actually prefer Andoku 2 over Andoku 3 and I'd pay for this app if I could.
The features are great. It plays like I would play with a pencil, but highlights the numbers I want. The levels are appropriate for the names, and they get challenging! Well done!
I like the way it looks and the Colors. Im downloading it right now... John G.Brinkman . Sudoku Lover & Fan.
Great game to challenge my mind it is addicting in a good way helping to keep me trying to keep learning techniques to solve the puzzles
I like it, Like being able to see if I get it right. Some puzzles take me a bit of time, makes me have to work it out.
Loads adds that cannot be closed. Add could not be closed with back button or by closing game and restarting or by restarting phone. Had to delete game to get around it.
Great App, however difficulty levels are inconsistent. I can solve "very hard" in 5 minutes but an easier "moderate" in 9 minutes.
The best of all the Sudoku apps I've tried. Lots of variety so you can choose both the type of game and the difficulty level. I have some vision impairment and the ability to highlight the cells and the easy readability of the pencil marks are very welcome features.
The game is great but one more teenager dancing suggestively in her underwear and I will uninstall. I am impressed that the company was willing to address my issue and fixed it so quickly. Thank you!
Challenging is my favorite. Hard is much more difficult, lots of guessing unlike challenging which is mainly deduction.
I've never seen the squiggly variant in any other app, but it is delightful. Truly more challenging, but a great deal of fun!
I like it. There are different types of puzzles, which make it more interesting. There are also many levels, which make it more challenging. The controls are easy to use. When you check you progress, you can see if there is a mistake or not without filling all the squares first, unlike other sudoku apps I played. A great way to pass time.
Excellent app for all of those that love puzzles. Multiple styles of Sudoku to amuse you for hours on end. You will definitely want to try the squiggly style.
A few things I like - the hardest difficulty is challenging but not inhuman. The options for marking and highlighting are well done. And the author has a 'never show this again' checkbox after asking for a rating, clearly they know people hate to be nagged about that. Awesome.
I've been playing this game on and off for years. It's well designed, has a quiet GUI, ads are not intrusive, and has thousands of puzzles.
User friendly, great features. Saves game so you can resume. MUCH more fun than a printed puzzle book. A great way to keep my brain sharp anywhere, any time.
Finally the one i been looking for. This lets you tap each individual numbers. To highlight that particular number throughout the puzzle. If that makes sinceπŸ€”πŸ˜‚
If you like sudoku this game is great. I enjoy being able to change to the different kinds of sudoku games. I think it makes it more challenging. The colors help make the game enjoyable.
The old Andoku used to include a hint feature that taught you how to do more advanced puzzles that require x-wings and such, but now I can't find that.
Fun game. Best version of Sudoku I've found. Many variants of game included in app. You choose how easy or hard the games will be.
The best sudoku app I've come across. A variety of game types combined with levels of difficulty which you choose, makes it very satisfying. Ads sre not annoying. Carefully developed game.🌞
I only have a couple of complaints. One is that the puzzles are too symmetricaland the other is that the number keys don't tell you how many of that number are missing. Otherwise, it's pleasant and challenging. Thanks!
the way you select numbers and just tap to add them allows for faster play than most sudoku games I've tried.
Just sudoku the way I like it. I can set the level of difficulty, choose from different layouts and relax by taking my mind off other stuff. Very satisfying!
Love that user can turn off the highlight colors with a touch as needed so they do not distract. Love the choice to high light pencil marks or not. Love the ability to pause. This is my favorite of all the Suduko games I've tried, almost like it was created just for me. I figured out how to delete the data so no problem now. But it would be nice to have that option programmed into the app one day!
A great way to keep brain sharp. The design is beneficial for individuals with limited manual dexterity.
Very good, recommended. I'm still at the easy level but the games do vary quite a bit in difficulty. You can tell just by doing rows and columns whether it's going to be heavier going. Also, it would be helpful to know many of a given number are still "available", to help prioritise.
Love this game. as you play you learn different strategies on how to figure out what number goes into blank box. You can apply that for paper sudoku games.
Love this game! ! You can start with very easy ones or hard ones and even tricky ones. Many different types to choose from.
I've tried other Sudoku apps and this is my absolote favorite. It offers more variety and when you make a mistake it's the friendliest I've seen to make corrections. I'm glad I decided to try it! There is only 1 problem... "Andoku Sudoku 2 Free" is hard to put down once I get started. Addictive! WWiley Β§`β€’ΒΏβ€’`Β§
The ability to customize settings, the variety of game styles and difficulty levels make this my only go-to Sudoku app. It challenges me and keeps my brain sharp and focused. Nice job, Mr Weiderkehr! Thank you!
My favourite version of Andoku. I've been playing it for years -my first experience was on my BlackBerry PlayBook.
I'm totally addicted to this game. The only complaint is that there doesn't seem to be an option to buy an ad-free version of the game. Does anyone here know if one exists and I'm just missing it? The ads aren't intrusive though so not having an ad-free version isn't a deal breaker 😊
Love this game. A good range of levels so I can choose easy if I only have a minute or two or harder if I have more time.
It offers several different types of puzzles to challenge you. Puzzles have several levels of difficulty (I believe there maybe 7 or 8 if not more, it's been some time since I've gone past the 4th level of difficulty). I love this game and the features it has. I won't upgrade to the 3 as this challenges me with many different variations of the game and different skill levels. Highly recommended for those who want a different challenge periodically.
A lot of variety and levels, all open from the beginning, keep this app interesting and pretty free! (Though with the usual ads.)
I am so, so glad that I "accidentally" came across this game while I was looking for the old Sudoku game that I used to play. There are soooooo many games and levels to choose from. So far I'm really liking the X-pattern, it really does exercise your brain.
Easy to use. Offers games from beginners to pros. I have had no problems with the function of the app. If you like sudoku, I would recommend.
Enjoy the game. Wish screen rotation worked while playing, rather than having to pause game and go back a previous screen before it rotates. Also wish the game would automatically pause when a text message is received, and restart after message is answered.
I just love this game, it's very addictive. Once you start you can't stop. I keep saying just one more than I will call it quits for the night.
Far superior than Andoku Sudoku 3. highly recommend this over version 3 at least from my initial trials. Ads are there but way way less obtrusive. Really wish the author would offer a purchase option for his products instead of making them only ad based.
Best of the Sudoku games in the app store. Improvements would be good but not necessary to still enjoy and be engrossed with the game. Suggest detailed Helps that include advanced solving tips plus description of the "trend value" and it's formula, and solving hints for specific puzzles.
Good variety of play and user set options. Not sure if there is a way to clear all pencil marks, at once, to unclutter the field.
Great quantity and variety of sudoku games at various levels of difficulty. I especially liked being able customize the interface in terms of select cell first, select number first, etc.
I like this much better than my last sudoku app. Very smooth, and lots more options. It has a professional vibe. Also, there are fewer ads here than my last sudoku app, and they feel less intrusive, I think due to higher quality design overall. Found this in a "best sudoku apps" review, and I can see why.
While I really enjoy playing the games in this app., what I find that upset me (and why I am uninstalling) times are way off in these puzzles. I timed myself against what the app has and it is off by minutes, yes plural, not seconds.
Hi there. Puzzle "very easy #2" is unable to be completed. When entering the number 4, in the middle section of boxes, the numbers are hard coded incorrectly.You cannot put number 4, in the only space it can go, because then it says it's a duplicate. Please fix! Otherwise it's a good game.
One of the very best versions of Sudoku out there. Easy to use and the levels of the game range from very easy to difficult.
I've tried a bunch of Sudoku games, and this is the best among them. Lots of options and good features.
i love sudoku and this app has a great variety of puzzles and options. very few ads, different color schemes, wide variety of difficulty levels. never freezes on my samsung s9. great app
The UI is excellent, but the game is completely ruined by the "check" function (?) which tells you whether GUESSES are correct or incorrect. Sorry, that's not Sudoku. Uninstalled. 🀨
Love Sudoku. Nomally do it in books. But this mobile app is great. Can do it when I have a quiet 5 mins.
Probably one of the best sudoku app I've tried! Lots of puzzle varieties and easy to use. Wish there's option to backup your progress on multiple devices through, like cloud synchronization.