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RPG Ancients Reborn: MMORPG

RPG Ancients Reborn: MMORPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Xisle Games located at Xisle Games, Door 44, Log Cabin 10B, Dunston Business Village Dunston Business Village Stafford United Kingdom ST18 9AB. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I gave 5 stars early but after played for 2 months now it feels it is too harsh on free players. Looting every bag while drop rate nearly null is horrible. Also it means u can't enhance u r gears cuz getting 100s and 1000s of shards is like hell. After few months of play u will get u r bank full. Getting money without membership or pet is terrible. And last thing you don't care about Free players. You are greedy for money.
Good old-school MMORPG. Light on micro transactions and lots of content to come. A classic "grind" style RPG with professions, guilds and more. Has all the MMO necessities, looking forward to more features being added. Edit: Please help melee contend with range. Maybe some basic skills per class? Melee with a "charge" type skill, rangers with an accuracy buff, mage with a shield?
Can't do quests without getting killed by higher levels who think it's fun. Takes FOREVER to level up working skills. Fighting skill takes even longer. You have to spend 15 to get a pet that picks up items from killed mobs. Tap screen walking and mob selection that always miss clicks.
AR is a pvp game. But pvp is not AR's forte. Efforts to improve pvp have backfired repeatedly. The negative compounding effects on the community have been both catastrophic & permanent. I suggest: 1) merging all the home servers into one single server with no cross servers... 2) ending development on this version of the game... 3) starting all over again from scratch with a completely new mmorpg with a completely new name.... 4) don't tell anybody currently playing the game
It's fine, a lot of grinding and just a bit pay to win. At the moment it's like a worse version of Runescape, I can say the graphics are good but unlike other MMORPGs the mining, fishing, etc. feel unnecessary and unwanted. I was looking for an experience with a player driven-economy with the skills being just as, or more necessary as the PvE/PvP.
Great game, I have been playing for about 2 1/2 months now. There's a lot of things to do and level up, game has tons of content.
I'd like to give a higher rating, but I feel membership should also include the upgraded items that cost. Other than that I love this damn game!
The game is pure grinding but grinding for long hours gives you nothing, drop rate in this game sucks. Then there's enhancement having to save up enhancement material for so long then eventually will fail there's no fun in that. A game should be fun
IGNORE the negative reviews!!! Really great game so far. Enjoying my first 48hours into the game! Love it. Bugs have mostly been fixed, over 200 players online at the same time almost always, lots and lots to do, fun all around. Definetely a 11/10 game. And it's on mobile, which is mindblowing!
It's ok but nothing ground breaking. Crafting is just a boring grind with no interesting items. Few quests with lvl grinding just to finish basic quests. No substance and boring very quickly.
reminds me of runescape but with a better setup for skills I definitely think this is an amazing game
It's good just that it's just another oay to win type of game no real way to buy things and the pvp system in messed up as well as the way higher lvls take boss fightsfrom lower players so quest progression is broken as is the whole pet thing we should be able to get those in game with out paying real cash the auto pick up is broken otherwise he afk system should have a 2hr settting
need autoloot or more control options. combat sounds would be nice. quest and party systems are decent. give it a try, you may like it.
Good game so far..wish there where more attacks than just one...the drop rate sucks..this is definitely a hardcore grind game..you gotta grind hard to get anything even lvls in this game...but hopefully the next update will fix some of the issues in game..but good game so far
Great game but I wish we can have each avatar have a support spells that you set in the menu example mage cast fire balls but after every 3 or 4 cast fire burst will activate or lightning ...warrior will use shield to hit its opponents and hunter will shoot multi shots ... Pets can automatically heals you while you fight as long you have the food for it or potions
VERY WORTH A TRY.. I would like players considering playing to know 2 things... 1. This Dev team is like 2-3 people so PLEASE be patient with them on updates and responses. 2. If you ever enjoyed Runescape you WILL like this. ORSR is in this games blood for sure. Content wise the game is lacking currently other then grinding your skills (fishing,mining, etc.) And creating your build. The game is very grindy and requires time and dedication. Very small p2w options. No XP boost scrolls.
Well I've been playing for awhile and now it's turning out to propagate bullying and intimaditation attacking everyone in a guild for something 1 or 2 players do. The game is nice, decent graphics, purchases seem a little steep but you don't have to buy anything the game runs and you can go through it without purchases, haven't seen chests or boxs to open for items but the targets have items to pick up
Game is decent, needs to have more in tutorial island to help get a better feel to the game, early on play you are basicly lost half the time trying to figure out how to do anything. Also game crashes sometimes out of nowhere. Pisses me off it does that. Also need skills tables to show what lvls you can do certain things
Fun game lots to do but, the monsters and the graphics are a little juvinial and kiddie looking. You got a good game here bring it all the way up to standards. Make it one that people don't want to put down.
Love this game! Free roam, do what you want! Smooth gameplay! If you like RScape u will love this game! Something for everyone!
game is good and all but grinding for hours and hours but not getting any valuable drops makes it boring.
Incredible MMORPG for a phone... Seriously Impressed. Maybe down the road there will be a few more classes, like Healers or Monks and possibly group scenarios. Still, 5 stars.. thank you
Good game, the are talks of peace of home server but never the case. Had a good time u till high levels kill you when farming. Bought a fishing rod to fish 250 fish at a time but it glitches out making me have to click to fish again, defeating the purpose of it. worst 20 bucks I ever spent. Done without now, put a solid month of 13 hrs a day into the game only to be disappointed in the end.
This game is so awesome, but there is one thing I am having trouble with, I am using bluestacks I don't know if it's this program but the map keeps blacking out on me . There are some things that can be added, but other than that I am loving this game, for sure
The game is great. My only complaints are character and equipment models could use some work as well as the attacking animations. Also the traveling method is extremely buggy and unreliable. Other than that its an easy 5 stars and you should definetely give it a chance.
Nice, immersive wow'esque app for Android. Recently updated with additional quests and tasks, periodic events keep it interesting. Allows PVP in certain areas and keeps it PVE in others.
Game is fairly buggy and underdeveloped, though this adds a certain charm to it. Game is definitely not for casual players, it gets a lot of flack because actual effort is required to thrive in the game. The community is great and open, not overly censored nor sensitive. To old school mmorpg fans who feel that the mmo community has become too soft or unrewarding, look no further. This game offers what all mmos seem to be lacking in recent years.
I dont normally rate games but this one has definatly urned one. Lately ive been seeing how mods show favortism towards their friends and any comments or questions asked wether offencive or not are being met with a 3 day mute. Blatany abuse of power with devs doing nothing to prevent it shows they dont seem to care much about their game. Dont waste your time or money on this one.
absolutely fantastic this game is awesome if your looking for a mobile mmorpg this game is it look no further. wicked good grind, fun community, isn't pay to win and you can tell there putting constant work into the game so it's an easy 5star
I'll rate 5 because it's better than 4. I'd give it 4.5. there is a lot to love and also some that will leave you wanting more. however the game is fun. the people are fun too. lots of good populated guilds but the game needs more players. current players are around 100 at a time. If you enjoyed RuneScape or games like that, there is a lot to love here as a classic style MMO. there is even some Ultima Online or Dark Age of Camelot style stuff too. Give it a try. I'm Coglen on Borga side. :)
Their are some minor systems that could be improved on. But overall I'm highly enjoying the older style mmo.
Is a great game. A grinder, but a real intresting game. Lots to do. Can be bored whales smashin the lil guys at times...Hard to play how you want anymore, now you have to fight off max guild alts who target you for AP and shaking stuff out your bags they dont need. Pvp completely one sided. Diversity of play is challenging. Killers hunt skillers. Game continues to improve. This one takes time...the Grind is real!
Pay to play for More then one quest shown at a time. Can't like runescape the mini map. But has abilitie to up to three if you collect enough dollars. For side collecting. Gotta equip your gathering item. Uneccessary. Overall seems like runescape + warcraft. Too obtuse for me. It's free though. Also I would add more unsure what to call it. Quick slots. It just seems like they found the due minimum and charge for the half other factors. Looks nice.
Game had potential but devs like to, let's say, lead on the community, extend the truth. They have also admitted they will constantly be changing stats and how they function so after months of time building a character,it gets ruined. Save your time and play something else
Not enjoying the pk stuff on the non pk servers. High lvl players going to places where there are +1 items and then just killing.. Takes the fun right out of it! Prolly stop playing
there's A LOT to love about this game! the fact that it's based on medieval times like Dark Age Camelot is mind-blowing! it's ability to let you interact with other users is also very good. where has this game been all my life!?
Good game. The developer game description is incorrect where it states that pvp is optional. The game has areas where pvp is allowed, the only option is whether or not you attack other players, not that you can opt out of pvp. The pvp areas allow you to be attacked by higher level players who are bored waiting for new content. Add a switch to turn pvp off or on, so a player can't attack or be attacked. Only turn off/on in a safe zone, unable to turn off if skulled.
Been playing for months now. Yes there is a major grind. Would love to see more events in game beside halloween and christmas.
Used to run great, each update the lag gets worse and worse. Makes my phone run really hot. The game kicks me out repeatedly with a solid connection but get told it's my internet. Love the game, but the issues make me not want to play at all.
Nice game..but there's some issues like droping of shards is extremely poor...auto heal is very slow... can't directly exchange with friends.If you work on these points and improve then i will definitely rate you 5 star.. 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
Its very bad. So many miss attack i mean ver very much miss attack and that will make u hard to kill monster and the loot is very very hard to get. im getting crazy playing..at the first look its very best but then it become trash..if u can fix this then maybe i will keep in a mind to play it again in the future
lotro Celtic heroes runescape vibe pretty sweet, need some updates and new maps tho, also make the gear cooler but so far I'm happy with it, make pets more available for ppl too besides that I love it
Coming back to this game after giving it 3 stars last year. The interface function and graphics have improved immensely since then. The developers have obviously put in a lot of hard work, expanding the world and adding new features. Ancients Reborn still doesn't have healers, like I prefer to play, but it still hits the mark when it comes to online action and RPGs combined. It's a WIP but worth a play. Props to the cool community as well!
It is an amazing games with lots of Features and i just love this game. In starting it was not easy to use but know i like it very much easy way to have fun. Their are different stages and very interesting. If want to have fun just download this game.
Graphics are good, play is ok, figuring out things as you go is challenging, but rewarding for myself!
If youre looking for fair gameplay i dont recommend this game its pay to win imagine grunding to lvl 50 and you get killed by a lvl 15 that buy somethings using real money it sucks
Game is fun to play. takes alot of grind to get anywhere though..all in all good game. most glitches are insignificant..but cant use map touch to move...have to click scrren over and over to move.. that's one thing that gets way annoying..
this game is so dope. ive been playin for over a year now. theirs so many different skills to chose from. it reminds me of runescape bit better in alot of ways. one example is you dont lose all your gear when you die. But its unique in its own way.
very impressed with game so far. intuitive interface, recent graphics and good character development.
After the new update, it's really lagging. The game was good but now it's lagging a lot... I will leave the game because of lagging.
Have been playing the game since May. Really enjoy everything as to leveling up. Whether you grind,fish or any of the other skills needed to build your character is great. Just wish there were more quest to do but you really need to give this game a try
Ancients Reborn...so much worth 5 stars, because it is more better than every other games I have played, indeed the accredibility is excellent, i recommend you to download and try it.
Gives me an Old School Runescape nostalgia hit. Devs on reddit say they wanna make their game as big as that someday, which implies they're still plugging at it. Good luck to them. Not much I can say, having just started.
Since the improve on the party system has gottin better but the gems are really becoming an issue now,i used to get them all the time and now its a one in a million chance of even reciving the wepons it shows on the animal, i also dont like the advantages that some characters have over others like the mage is no where near as powerfull as the bowmen or melee weponers
in general is good but need to improve like add party group so we can go in party to level up add more skills and mount so we can move faster and pet fighting with the owner or carry some stuff
I initially thought this game was just a copy of the classic RuneScape, after playing for a bit I can say that this game is really good, graphics aren't the best, but the style is good. I'll probably continue playing this in my free time
Been playing almost a year now, last updates with addition of rng and mage classes made melee completely undesirable, the supposed balance made melee even weeker. Also combined factions without combined mp, and ability to join other factions guild doesn't make any sense. Just brings more pay to win pkers. I'm down to just logining in to set workers.
It's actually decent. The tutorial is not intrusive and also pretty friendly for anyone who has zero knowledge. Plenty of things to do. I just dislike the movement setup. Tap to move towards. No DPad which makes things annoying especially that there is ZERO AUTO-TRACK. There seems to be no skill tree too. Leveling up is painstaking slow so I'm not sure if there is a skill tree. Until movement is improved, I'm out for now.
Great game, its a kind of old school rpg, no p2w, basic essential items are not expensive so thats a plus. There's no party sistem yet, but devs seem to be working on it. Hopefully it'll be soon and I'll give it 5 stars :D
i lost all my levels trying to adjust character skills. it's ridiculous that i lost 5 month of playing only because they don't have a way to adjust character skills without loosing levels and all the time i lost playing. because of this i am thinking to quit the game.
keep it up great game need more active players, only thing i dont like is unbalanced pvp system I like pvp it would be great if you fix that and make it balanced
Love the game. With such a small development team, they've made massive progress. They've listened to the community via discord (and content creators) about issues that the players have and always try to improve. Some updates didn't go well, but they learned from them and adjusted certain things to make them better whilst also keeping to their vision. Keep up the good work and I cannot wait to see where this game will go in the future! - DD
Ruined game. Used to be good but now the devs made it impossible to level up stats or get any good items without paying $100. To think you can charge $100 for shards that have a 40% chance of working is rediculous. To level great armor up you'd have to pay at least $500 for a MOBILE GAME! The economy was also ruined by devs, making decent money is nearly impossible. Workers price was nearly tripled. Everything about this game now has gotten worse from when it was new. Avoid at all costs.
Best Game Ever! This is the best mmorpg game ive played so far and its not a pay to win game. You just have to be resourceful and the skills to outplay other players. Triangle in pvp tho is a really bad idea for me, it shouldve been a stat based pvp. I just hope it gets checked in the future for some balancing. This game has a potential like albion online! Good job devs! Keep it up!
Great game. I'm lvl 34 now, got awesome sword, shield and armor. I chose mining, smelting and blacksmithing as my crafts and I sell my items in the market place. Making quite a bit of money and get to make my own gear so don't need to buy it myself. I'm collecting gems too which give you bonuses to your weapons and armor when you socket them. I've done the pyramid labrynth quests now im off to get a choker from magmafury, they sell well on the market.
I'm a huge fan of MMORPG and I must say that this is one of the best that I've played! I thought it was some kind of childish type and low quality at first but I was so wrong. I really enjoy playing this game.
Unable to open the game after last update. Its just loading and then goes off dissapears. Please help
would have prefered arrow key based movement mechanism than tap based/click based one. just finished tutorial and so far looks promising.
I wish magic staffs had intellect and staff mastery requirements rather then combat lvl requirements would make more sense kinda cool being a lower combat lvl with higher magic ratings whole point of being squishy I thought lol Other then that like the game alot blows RuneScape out of the water fishing is stackable huge improvement lot less running to bank and back drop rates are pretty good aswell I think a huge thing this game needs is an option joystick function that would be a game changer
The best mmorpg ive ever played but 4 stars only becuse of 2 things. First, im using a staff which means im a magician but i only have have attack animation like other for example archer. Also no skills at all for magician even a single fireball?? Next, please make a party system so we can play with a friend together in a dungeon.. How many times i accidentally killed my friends in dungeon due to their level with me just +-5 and i was at grey skull that time. Please do update about this 2 things
Definitely a good atmosphere to grow in.. be repaired to grind from the beginning.. but it's definitely better than the last twenty games I deleted from my phone .. someone said it's like zelda.. never played it.. but if that's the case.. I want to play zelda also.. two thumbs up. Ok changed my mind.. grinding with no end or really accomplished anything.. just more grinding.
It's okay, But consider adding an option to play with joystick or tapping, joystick is much more enjoyable in my opinion.
Omg played for 30s and I'm in love.. reminds me of when I was a teenager playing Runescape. So far I love the Mining and Fishing aspect! As well as the crafting! Can't wait to play more!! Update: I have tried lord knows how many times to link to my Google account but all I get is an infinite loading screen on the games part. What's the point in continuing? What happens if I break my phone? Love it but damn..
This game is very optimized, It looks great, It runs great, And with a small dev team, And the amount of work they acomplish is amazing, And this game is better then runescape in alot aspects. Play to see for yourself 💜💜💜
It's a decent game but there's nothing special about it. Devs have put a lot of love into it though and there's always the enjoyment of exploring a new world. But it's just killquest, collect resource, upgrade, grind a little, go fish, join a guild, it's all standard OP for an RPG. Some of the later mobs get interesting but for the first 50 hours your killing bees and chickens and wolves and it's just a little tedious, I've done that in games for the last 25 years, yknow.
The punishing grind for gear and shards drains your soul until you don't even know why you're playing any more. PVP balance uses an RPG combat triangle to artificially determine who will win pvp. If your class is "weak" to another, you're likely to lose. Unless you pay money for shards to upgrade your gear more than a f2p can grind for. Long-term players too far ahead. Edit: added star for merging marketplace, great job
Basically old Runescape with better graphics and a slightly better combat system, if you like Runescape you'll like this game. The map is pretty much identical to Runescape.. it's pretty much Runescape lol
Do not play as a caster, you can afk this game but when doing so as a caster, you afk like a melee character, you dont attack the mobs till they're right in front of you but you can manually attack them from a distance, that is a very poor way of making a caster, casters should be able to AFK from a distance like their attacks can do. Not wait till the mob is in its face.
Ancients Reborn was a very fun game. High level players are now restricting content and boasting of it even on the official AR discord. Developer doesn't seem to have a problem with their actions avoid the game.
This game is probably the best mmo that I have seen come to light for mobile. Most people in world(channel) chat are helpful, but you know how chat goes! There is a good pvp aspect to this game, and it has great potential to be much more. Get in now, and grind your heart out!
The fact you have to click twice to attack/interact, and pick up loot really really sucks... Very basic interface, feels like it should have been released in 2005. You have to pay $25 for a pet that picks up loot for you, otherwise you have to click the pile on ground then click the loot you want. Very inconvenient.
This game got extremely boring fast! No rewards no rare drops no reason too play I thought things would change as I leveled up more but it doesn't have too change out gems on gear every task market sucks BALLS
I've been looking for a free game like runescape for a long time and this hits the nail on the head. However, I find it incredibly lacking. I hope you add more in the future, like a quest line, guild events, daily quests, a way to party with other players to share xp and drops, a direct way to trade with other players other than just the market place. Until then its just an endless drone of grinding for no reason because you can't help each other.
Absolutely wonderful. Hopefully to see this continue and grow through many years. Supportive community, simple easy to understand game play. Very smooth so far. Hughly recommended.
Put simply, this game is one big grind fest. It is fun, and has great potential if developed with care, but it took me 3 and a half hours to get to level 4. You have individual XP bars for each of your skills - gathering, fishing, melee, magic etc. And each skill takes a long time to level up. I enjoyed learning this game and will play it when I can't sleep at night, but I personally don't see how it will keep me interested in the long run.
Love the graphics. Gameplay is fine, and for those who love MMORPG, this game will make you addicted. Didn't expected this game to be this much fun!
The game is awesome despite the odds, nothing's perfect anyway...I played osrs for a long time n to think of it this game is the closest in variation, I love playing this game bcuz I can chill, relax while afking , I can go to sleep n left toon to afk til I wake up...the community maybe small but it's decent and you'll be welcome with open arms and be guided by players through the channel chat where everyone can say or ask questions...try it n don't think twice to ask for help #OneLove
I would like different types of controls.on mobile. Also make things easier to practice for beginners. Cooking I burn more than I cook. It's annoying. If I knew that would happen all the time I wouldn't bother. Also make money easier to obtain. It takes forever to make money and money burns away too quick.
Great game! Brings back the nostalgia of original Runescape when it first came out. It's definitely not Runescape though. It is its own thing for sure. The developers are really good at keeping everybody informed as to upcoming updates etc. They are pretty active on Discord as well. What keeps me coming back to the game is the community. It is such a mixed bag of cultures and personalities. I log on daily just to bs with people on the game. Definitely worth a try.
Brilliant game, been looking for a game like this for ages brill graphics but could do with map extension to make the world bigger but it's excellent,and I think that the game could benefit from better music , the ones that are one are a bit morbid so livelier music would be better and a few of the players in the guild I'm in agree so come on tech guys let's have some good background music please!!!
This game is a breath of fresh air! If you ever find yourself looking for that mmorpg to fill that space in your heart from your original mmo going stale on you look no further. Anceints Reborn is a great game filled with awesome people with skills to master and fellow guild members to protect from pking. There are in game purchases but none are game breaking like other p2w games. At best the purchases are either quality of life to cosmetic. Unlike other games free to play has full access.
Why can't we trade between clan mates? Actually, No trade between players is allowed. A multi player rpg game with such a strong crafting system that dose NOT allow trade between players is just plane stupid.
Played game and controls are confusing. Concept of the game of being on an "island" makes me confused. I've been stuck without a clear tutorial and am still at start for 2 days now. I've spent maybe 8 hours on/off and don't know what to do. I hope for a better tutorial in future.
Update caused crashes, game was fixed fast. Like to see more depth in classes or "moves" vs just click 1 time and attack. Healing class would be cool. AOE damage would be nice, agro for tanks would be nice. Lots this game can build upon.
I gave 5 stars early but after played for 2 months now it feels it is too harsh on free players. Looting every bag while drop rate nearly null is horrible. Also it means u can't enhance u r gears cuz getting 100s and 1000s of shards is like impossible task. Getting money without membership or pet is terrible. Also the game is messed up with pvp - pve and p2w. Like if you want to pk some1 you need to grind huge like 2 months continue 6-7 hrs and after it the triangular class system..............
Put in a switch in the settings to turn it off! Still waiting... Also you need a trade window in the game and if not for every one then at least for guilds! I can't help my friends out with out people sniping the fish i put up for my guild mates. Update: you removed the server name from under my char but i want them shut off altogether on every one i see this is not so much a fix as it is a middle finger to us also since the last update you did the lag is so bad i cant do any thing now
The game is fun and interesting but I wish we could have player parties so that there can be team work also navigation is kinda difficult
Everything is going well,but if possible could u make the movement in joystick way it will be more comfortable
Been playing for over a year it is a good game if you need help go to Advint you tube great advice. PVP in skull area are not a choice you either do it or die.One guild can run around killing because there maxed out and your screwed. Done playing with cheaters that says 32 fingers there is no way than to brag about it others are muted because some one person gets more features than others
Melee classes need 3 stats, while archer and mage class 2, makes weapons skill and vitality grind much faster for archer and mage since they can keep at lower lvl longer and get top xp of mobs. End builds with maxed weapons skill pretty balanced in pvp. But, good luck getting max weapons skill if you chose sword and shield style.
I love the game I think it would be more amazing with mounts and custom gear or cosmetics because it's kinda basic with just different colors of the same item
Good game, nice graphic but... unless you spend 16$ and get a pet, you can never compete with other players. Sadly P2W..
The last several updates stressed pvp more and there is no way to opt out. The game is unplayable since many players just run around in the game killing other players.
This game is good, there is no dought about it .if you are a MMO RPG fan and want a game in less mb this game is for you but this game becomes boring after 10-15 days , this game is for someone who can spend 6-8 hrs in this game. Edit:-after updates it has become better,but still it can be improved.
I thought it was fun at first then I realised just how tedious it is, it wants to be runescape for sure! Main difference is runescape won't bleed you dry of cash, with Ancients you could literally spend £100 and tbh the game is nowhere near worth £10! So many free mmos that smash this, but sadly this is mobile so they are extorting those few that do play and take advantage of that fact, uninstalled now! Ps OSRS is on mobile so I'd recommend that over this anyday
it was cool games but looting one by one is make me lazy to play this game, u can only get autoloot if u spend $$ so no hope for f2p gbye.
They are pretty serious about not a pay to win game, except for one $15usd purchase (auto loot) that it's almost impossible to do with out. Reasonable price for a nice game.
great game!! if you can add a way finder or light path that gives a little bit more insight to the quest at hand the game would be amazing <3
If you are a masochist like me that loves grindfests similar to Runescape then this is the game for you! It's not for everyone but for that niche that gets satisfaction out of upgrading and receiving loot periodically it's a mobile dream.
The 2nd quest in the game is broke. You are told to collect 5 scrolls from scarecrows but it says you have all 5 and never drops the 5th scroll. Can't cancel quest to start again so stuck now smh
Pvp in the game is not balanced. There is a so called TRIANGLE which disregards the build, item and the Exp Combat lvl of the players. For example, Bow>Mage>Melee>Bow, so if im a bow class i can easily kill a mage regardless of the build items and xp lvl, but i will definitely not win in a melee class. A lot of players doesnt like this and the devs cant see it. It was imbalanced before and they made it worse with the recent updates. This is a waste of time to play, they cant even balance d game.