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Ancient Life 古代人生

Ancient Life 古代人生 for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Wingjoy Games located at 中国浙江省杭州市文二路391号西湖国际科技大厦D南楼4楼. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really like this game, this is one of my favorites life simulator games! But I like it more if you choose your sexuality like that, and can interact more with your friends, family etc. And also it would be good if there's same sex relationship, but of course no marriage just lovers or engagement. And also it would be nice if there's a princess, prince king queen and you can be too. Well it's just what I would like to add, but still a good game worth to download (*¯︶¯*)
Overall this game is great but can you make your son who is going to school graduate at the right age and have a job because I have experienced being annoyed everytime I continue as a child even my child is age 59 still goes to school and don't have a job this is annoying and make a progress to job very easy.
It's a good game overall, but it gets a bit boring after several lives. The only careers that are different are Doctors and Ministers and even then, it's rather difficult to progress because half the time you don't really have a choice in certain matters. Everything else is taking a task and leveling up your mastery rate. The mini games are fun too, but again, it does get repetitive after a while - except for the hunting game, that the only one that I find fun no matter how many times I play it
It is actually very good! I recommend this so much. The thing is that there are quests that are very hard to fulfill. I hope there are some instructions on how to do the quests. I kept on playing but I still can't find out how to be a tomb apprentice. Still, it is a game that is very addicting!
I love this game but it would be nice if I could choose what gender I get born in. I don't want to keep being a guy until I luckily become female. Also, not having to watch an ad everytime I want a new life would be great.
I've tried a few life simulation games and this is the most aesthetically pleasing for me. It's simple and clean. Characters look nice, children's looks are actually tied to parents looks...so try to marry someone good looking. I've installed, uninstalled and reinstalled this game three times and I enjoyed the game play every single time |Only reason i'm giving it 4 stars(in my head cause its a really nice game) is because I wish there was more to do,you know more careers more extra activities|
Alright quick review. English translation can be better. Lack of guide for the jobs which confuse me to get higher. Being a doctor or a governor is hard for me. Lack of control as a male toward the family and education of the children which is kind of frustrating when the children tend to be disappointment.
It's a fun game but the mini games are harder than the game in general. The translation is pretty bad and hard to understand so it's hard to pass exams and games. But overall, i really like this game. I'll give it 5 stars when the translation gets better.
I love this game. But I gotta tell you I actually EARN my money because I dont like taking the easy way out. In total between silver and gold being spent on meals or bows or the alchemist I have lost over 400 gold, because your app keeps on crashing, I could play for 10 mimutes and its crashing 3 to 6 times in 10 minutes! I pay, and dont even get what I paid for but the money is gone! Please fix this issue!
Initially, i really liked the game. However, it is really hard to progress on, especially to live a good life as it is hard to gain enough money. The game also got more boring as the cycle repeats.. a child, to adult and broke (its almost unavoidable unless you keep watching ads and keep playing) and it literally takes a long time to play. I like the creativity of coming up with such a good game for many to have an experience of life in the past! But it will be better if it has new gameplay!
Love this game. Wish it was available on apple devices though. The English translation is pretty good though a few misspellings here and there. It's so much fun and keeps me on my toes. I almost prefer it more than bitlife as it has more character. Cant wait to see future updates
I've really enjoyed playing this so far! Some of the translations are a little off/unfinished, but it doesn't take much away from the experience. I'm having a lot of trouble with the daily quests, and I don't know how to achieve certain jobs. I wish hunting on the mountain was easier, like being able to move around the screen before aiming! Really love playing this though!
This game is coal waiting to become diamond. It has so, much potential filled with many many things and paths to take, and that should make it stand out from the rest but; it doesn't tell us what we *can* do. When a player tries to figure out something, do what he wants to acomplish or try new things, he will most certainly go through several lives, wasting hours and hours between ads, and when he finally gets it, all that waste of time; wont match the acomplishment. Give us a manual, or a wiki.
The game is great but it would be greater if you could allow the following career options 1) General/Enlisting in the army 2) Business men 3) Official(for women) It will be nice if the player could experience the life of concubine while playing as a woman or the battle of wits in the inner courtyard. Also, being born as royalty and experience life as prince/princess/emperor will be great. You can add being chosen as consort by the emperor
The game is awesome and fun to play. However, there are a few little things to fix within the game such as some of the wordings. When it is talking about a girl character words like he or him is used in stead of she or her, and vice versa. And there are some other fixes but I cant remember them. Fun game though.
Really flippin good! With the exception of a few grammatical, spelling, and spacing issues, it is really good.
I've been playing this game for days but after the update, I came across a bug where after I gave my will to my distant daughter and chose her fot my next life - whenever I tried to take the imperial exam - it just kept saying I had 1 more year again and again. I tried to just give my will to my Mom but the next life didn't let me. This toxic bug costed me Thousands of Gold, Tens of House property, and Ten Thousands of Acres of Farm Land.
Love the new updates its much easier for me to do the tests now to. The only problem im having is when i plant things sometimes when i go to harvest the plants up and disapear i have lost a lot of gold due to this problem and would like for this problem to be fixed. Also i would like for there to be a way for the characters we play to become royalty in some way. I believe this is a very addictive and fun game but theres always room for improvments.
Ok, I dont normally leave reviews but I feel its necessary with this game. In terms of gameplay, its like an ancient chinese version of bitlife and its actually cute and enjoyable to play. The english translation needs major updating. But like everyone else, the writing is cut off whenever we look at medicines and whatnot for the doctor job. Incredibly annoying when trying to progress. So for now I'll give it 3 stars until that is fixed. And potentially add more interactions and things to do.
I love this games but when its repetitive it becomes boring . Please developers can you add more story or events ( like experiencing life as an imperial concubine or a king or a martial artist ) pls no help me not to delete this game due to boredom
Some of the translation is awkward and the medicine properties aren't displayed properly. However it's a fun game.
It's okay, nothing extremely amazing, but it's pretty fun. The minigames and other game mechanics give a nice twist away from thr typical life sim. Only 3 stars, for now, because translation errors can end up kinda ruining the gameplay
Good, but still needs improvement. A few jobs are difficult to succeed in, particularly the medical jobs. It is hard to tell which effect each ingredient has because only a few words show, the rest are cut off. It is also too difficult to find a partner through the friends system before turning 18 and having your parents arrange a marriage for you when you play as a girl. Farming isn't profitable and achieving the goals when you manage a region are too difficult.
This is a good game, the only reason I'm giving it 4 stars ie because there aren't really a lot of events. BUT don't let that get to you devs are always updating so you'll get something new added regularly.
Game is fun but untill some time it gets quite boring. I enjoyed very much. But it needs something new in the game. I appreciated with the occupations player can choose but it's going to be great if the daughters can choose to come to the palace by tests or something like that to become palace lady. Would be fun. And also for sons can be guardsman from low level up to emperor guards. That would be fun too with a bit plot twists or a little bit different game environment :)
Hi, so I love the game so far and very addicting, I spent hours... But when I go to parental stage, It becomes very boring... So I came up with an idea! Well that is... Can you add a Royal Family update just like Bitlife? It will be much more fun and challenging! Like when someone asks for money because your the emperor, and you would say yes or no. Hahaha! But It really gets boring...
This game is really cool. And of course I'm not from China, but it's kinda good for me to play this so that I can know more learn about "ancient China" well since I like Histories. But something lacks in here, I think developers should add more features in here so that it won't go boring... I hope developers takes care of this game so that this won't go to waste.. this app is great!!!! It just needs more enhancement.
Pretty nice game! At first, I was pretty confused because it showed me a blank square with two blank choice. So I picked the bottom and guess what? Everything suddenly turns to the Chinese language :0 I was panicking and I was searching where to change the language.. but everything's blank, I mean, it's like this ' ' Well, I immediately restarted the game and phew, it finally showed me text! I have lots more to explore so bye!
Best game I've ever played. It has potential to become even greater. Hoping that the developers could add more features (e.g. being born to a royal family or becoming one through palace tests).
It was fun, but there's part that wasnt translated... There's also this problen, when you had max exp for that job but you still stuck in that stage, can only wait. most of the time you cant get to the max lv of that job and death come first, the book sold in market was random and some job lik go master/chess didnt have book to raise exp Also i have luck star lv3 that said it would promote longevity, but after using it, and keeping max vigor, the char still die as fast as usual.
Great game very detailed, and fun to play, plenty of great ways to make money, and quite a few jobs to choose from. though you only get 4 stars till you add a royal update allowing you to become a royal and/or be born a royal.
The English translation can be improved but it is a good job already. The 'party' feature is a bit disorganised. The characters do not respond well to the player's choices but that's not a big deal. There could be more jobs choices, like being a king or queen, having to marry a royal. Pets could also be added. Overall a wonderful gane.
Very good and entertaining game. 4 stars because the exams in this are tough and weird for english speakers, plus many more minigames can be added in it. Edit: Major flaw in the game that I can give my will to my new wife but cannot play as her after my death. I lost so much money due to this.
Honestly I really like the game it's like bit life but better. It's a bit more challenging and if you know nothing about ancient asia culture you probably will have a hard time but it's very addicting I love this game
In comparison with many other similar type of games, this game is the best so far. There are tons of features (events, jobs, hobbies, aspects of society, etc), very interactive, and very logical (ie. When sworn brother/sister died, it will affect your mood, which is why I always seek friends whose younger than me lol). Oh, it also has tremendous attention to details, which is wonderful. Please continue your great work, devs.
It's good but it could be moooore... What I'm not quite like is we cannot commit crime, like kill someone or burglary or something... I mean, it's not okay if it's real life but because this is a game so I would like there's to be more options :)
It has great potential but it still lack a lot of things. A bug I've been constantly getting is that when I harvest my bamboo it won't show up in storage so all of my money have been wasted. The English translation is quite bad, there are a lot of mistakes. There are a limited amount of things you can do to improve yourself. I also hate it when I get married only for the husband to start complaining about how he doesn't have money ... I barely make any money from jobs..
I used to like playing this game, but now it's pretty much unplayable. There's been glitching and the screen turns black. It just takes away the fun and it lags when it plays advertisements.
I've been playing this game for 2 years, and I've got strangely addicted to it. To be honset it is quite boring and repetitive at some point, as most of my friends quickly lost interest after playing it 3 times. The "ancient life" in game are mostly accurate to the history of China and the sudden events are somehow intriguing I suppose.
Its really really good! I like its how very similar to that game? What was it called? Uhhh...Life something. Anyways over all. Its really good! I wish you could have add like create your own picture or maybe the name? 😉✌
This was a wonderful simulation game, had more interaction, hilarious and essentially pretty good. BUT, after the last update, the game would crash and cause my phone to do the same. Crash and switch off. Since then I'd been VERY reluctant to open the game. Was loving it now I can't play it anymore
This game is very fun and has potential to be as good as other games with similar mechanics. Additional content should be added, it currently feels a little too repetitive because there aren't many things to do. Or perhaps there is but I've been having difficulty finding them? Can't wait to see how the game progresses.
I enjoy playing this but i could only give it 4 stars since there's more things that needs to be added in this, like learning kung fu or if possible a fantasy theme like cultivators.
The game is really fun, but the translations are not accurate. Also, can you make the salary in each jobs higher, in the start of every jobs? And alot more to do. Lastly, can you make it like we are born in a royal family? Then like we have to fight for the crown or something? Either way it's really nice and I wish all my recommendations are granted in the next updates! ❤❤ *Edit: I wish the updates are frequent tho. This game could be big.
I like it. The medicinal properties of items get cut off so you don't really know what you're making if you don't figure out how to read the information and then note it down somewhere. I made far more catching crickets than as a doctor. But then I can't access the info needed to be a good doctor in game. The chat parties were weird, but the games within them were fun. It's hard to keep track of whether you're making or losing money farming. I wonder who the dieties at the temple are.
It's a great game. I just hope the loading screen at the beginning with the statements loads fast. I can't even play the game for long without it crashing because of the slow loadings.
The game gives me a bit life vybz but it's still different in the time and the different dynasties. However I have no idea what I'm doing I'm going through life without much fulfillment there just doesnt seems as if theres much to do. There are many things that needs to be changed for now. 1. A better explanation for the pharmacology practices. 2. Explain how to manage the cash register as a wife.
I'm gonna report some bugs I've encountered, because I feel like the developers are still developing the game in the right direction! 1. Eloping doesn't work. If you succeed, you get stuck trying to change your name. It doesn't matter what you do, the name is either too long or too complicated. Have yet to get past that part 2.The hunting game doesn't work sometimes. The arrows don't fire off, but you still lose them 3. It's impossible to become a taoist priest
I like the game, but the whole fact I'm in Ancient China and my grandson's name is Theodore kinda bugs the hell outta me. Otherwise mini games are fun! Getting to get closer to family members is fun too. The tests can be hard if you don't know anything about China, and not entirely sure how to correctly be a government official, but otherwise the game is great!
It's all nice but gotta do lots of experimenting, and being a doctor isn't that easy apparently. Try to fix the texts for ingredients, most of the times i just don't konw what ingredients is to cure what.
I love this game. Been playing it for a while and it seems very similar to bitlife. Just hope that there are more career option and that we can have a system like them being part of a royal family, or a general/military or having a sect they could learn kung fu. Something like that would be great. As for the characters, I think it would be great if they could have more activities. Also, I get that female characters can no longer have baby at around 45 but I hope this won't apply to men...
I really really love it and I think all in all it is very cool and amazing but I think it needs more characters or like royal family kinda thing or you can be born into a royal family though I'm not forcing it on the game, it is just my opinion so please don't take this too harsh on yourselves. (You guys have to stay alive for more updates)
It's fun but it just has so many things which are difficult to understand... idk if it's just me but how to complete all your tasks as an official... or how to make proper medicine... anyway I recommend it if you want something to do when bored
The game is realy good. Think of an ancient Chinese bitlife.If they added the ability to join the army and climb the ranks this Would be great.Also their should be an option to overthrow the dynasty if your a general.You should also have the ability to be born in the Imperial household.If you did this you would be as good if not better than bitlife.
This game is great, but I think we kinda have in issue in regards to translation of directions. I really don't understand half the mini games! I don't know how to work the government aspect either, because there really isn't any direction So all my guys just end up getting demoted.
Game hasn't been updated since last year, the English is very broken and not good, as a lot of things are very confusing! There's also no guides so you have to figure everything out yourself! A huge trouble I have is mainly the broken english, and that It's hard to understand how to play. Its a good game and has potential, but doesn't deserve a full 5 stars :(
Its a really cool game! But tho it will be much better if i somehow can be born as the son or daughter of an emperor,and stuff ,i really love this! I hope there will soon be a role like that!
*THIS WAS MY EDITED UPDATE* From 4 star I bring this a 5 star now! Absolutely love it! But still waiting for new updates, still lacking at some point but I know the creators this have alot of Idea can't wait for it! 2021 next year so hoping newest update. I also wish Male characters has new faces too like the female one.
ive been playing for a while. Maybe itll be better if you provide us some tips. For example the use of talking/ toasting to those character in inn's lobby...the purpose of buying penacea or othe stuff from the alchemist on the mountains and the use of talking with the abbot. Also, the imperial exam for doctor career is a bit hard for us who's non chinese so maybe you could adjust the difficulty oh, and also maybe you can add login bonus like giving gold or silvers or basic items?
I really enjoyed the game overall. But it's really hard to make friends and you can't marry your close friend even though you are already "loving" with your companion which makes no sense. But your NPCs can marry people outside fro the matchmaking system but now your PC which again makes no sense.
I love this game, and even more I love how you can create your own medicines. There's a lot to do, but sometimes at the same time it feels as though its lacking a lot of options.
I like this game but the translation needs more work, sometimes male are referred as females and visversa. Other ways to accumulate money would be nice i got a lot of money selling crickets but thats about it. I would also buy a god mode if it was offered. Other ways to interact with our family would be nice I found it a bit silly that my 50 year old son was still in school. A dictionary for all the plants would be nice, being able to go in the mountain to look for herbs as children to sell.
I rarely give 5* to a mobile game but this one really deserves it. The only thing that I encourage the developers to consider is to make some of the exams more ok for people that don't have knowledge of Chinese history and also tweak the English version a little more, some things had no meaning and I was confused what the text was all about. But those are the only things that I encountered as problems. The game is great and its not easy to master which I really really like. :)
The game's concept and many mechanics are actually very well done, worth a 4 or maybe even a 5 for this genre of game. Some problem I ran into for example the chating in the party sometimes doesnt makes sense or connect. And since you offer multi-micro transcation in game, why didnt you build a link with google accont? I tried on playing on a different device but it doesnt have the ad free that I purchase on the first device, let along your transcation focus on this gacha of ability for chars.
Ads aren't forced the game is unique it's like the free verison of bitlife but in china its an amazing game and a wonderful time killer i recommend this game and its even offline I've played this alot and it is Wonderful i love this game
This game is carbon waiting to become a diamond. It has so, so much potential filled with many many things and paths you can take, and that should make it stand out from the rest but; it doesn't tell us what we *can* do. When a player tries to figure out something or do what he wants to acomplish, he will most certainly go through several lives, wasting hours and hours between ads, and when he finally makes it; all that waste of time; wont match the acomplishment. Give us a manual, or a wiki.
Has potential. Try to improve the english translation because it affects the gameplay. Also crossword exams for us non-chinese is very hard, give us a chance to actually learn it when we click "study". Also try to make more diversity in jobs, faces, martial arts etc. plus more events. I'll rate it 5 star once all these issues are fixed.
Very nice game with lots of potential. The martial side could use a bit more depth, like learning the sword, spear, maybe becoming a cultivator and going on dangerous adventures. The game could also use a lot more career options, maybe a path to join the army and become distinguished, being born into nobility, royalty or samurai families would also add a lot more dynamics. All in all nice game.
It's really interesting game, I already play this game for a week now. But I think if you add like family trees so we can see our family tree there, make this more interesting. And because I'm using english language in this game I dunno if this some bug or not, some of the text are not translated. Thanks..
PLEASE PLEASE ADD WAY MORE I LOVE THE GAME. And please fix the english text for some parts, sometimes it's confusing. EDIT; Just paid the $4.99 makes the game more enjoyable. But please add more things to do because after a really long time it gets a bit repetitive(no hate I'm still playing and enjoy it). Can't wait to see what this game brings in the future. (also love how different the characters look pls add more) Edit: Jan 30th 2021, please add more!!
PLEASE PLEASE ADD WAY MORE I LOVE THE GAME. And please fix the english text for some parts, sometimes it's confusing. EDIT; Just paid the $4.99 makes the game more enjoyable. But please add more things to do because after a really long time it gets a bit repetitive(no hate I'm still playing and enjoy it). Can't wait to see what this game brings in the future. (also love how different the characters look pls add more)
I think this is a great game, I have been playing for a long time to now. I would definitely recommend this. I would love it if we could become emperor and be able to live a historically accurate life of an emperor with concubines and different ranks. I would also really like it if as a man you were able to continue having children after the age of 45 so that it would be more realistic. Some bugs need fixing such as not letting me divorce my wife because she is 'pregnant' when she is not.
The game is really fun, but the translations are not accurate. Also, can you make the salary in each jobs higher, in the start of every jobs? And alot more to do. Lastly, can you make it like we are born in a royal family? Then like we have to fight for the crown or something? Either way it's really nice and I wish all my recommendations are granted in the next updates! ❤❤
I am really really mad. No matter what I do it keeps kicking me out before it could even start!!!!😡😡😡I deleted and reinstalled it so many times I swear i've lost count.. I even turned my on and off. Took my battery out and put it back in then reinstalled it. BUT. IT. STILL. DOES. THE. SAME. THING!!! zero!! stars!!! ZERO!! PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME!!!!
This is a great game but farming is glitched. The little scroll bar that allows you to change the number of seeds you plant in a field doesnt move. I have to manually buy 1 seed at a time when i have over 1000s of fields.
This game has so much potential and I really love the visuals, it's great but the problem is that here is no tutorial or anything to guide us through at the start and it can be really confusing. If that and the translation and English was fixed, this game can be so much better! I honestly believe it can be comparable or even better than other games like this that dominate the "life simulation" genre.
Really like the way this game is set up in terms of earning money. It was hard at first then I realised that catching crickets was so worth the time, earn way more money catching crickets than having a job. The travel part confuses me still but you can get by without having to travel to different provinces. The family life aspect is pretty good compared to other games I've played. Defiantly enjoyed this game more than ones similar.
Hello! So I love the game and all but I also want to state things bothering me. I would like you to fix grammar errors and let Magistrate and above leave the province but cannot stay for a year. I would also LOVE it if you make a Royal Update, It will be more fun! 😊👍
This game is fun, and its take patience to play with. I like it a lot but i would like to suggest few thing: 1. If you can made the cooking features same like the making medicine features, that would be great, we can explore cooking by ourselves( eg, cooking soup you need cooking utensil such as pot, then salt, vege, meat) 2. If you can upgrade the medicine to made elixir that would be fun too. 3. Please make as adventure for us to collect the herb rather than buy at the store only.
BRUH. ADD MORE TO THIS GAME I LOVE IT! i originally thought it was just some Bitlife rip-off especially with some bad english. But I found myself playing for 3 hours straight, and literally it is so exciting because I learn lots of things that I didn't know existed. Also I want you to add the option to betray the king (if you are working for him) by hiring a hitman (Don't remember if it's in the game or not)
The game us really fun but it has questions/minigame that includes about picture or chinese ancient things. I think based on it's theme, it's really great but the problem is that I have no idea what it is at all. I don't know if it's just me so 4 stars is enough since I can't even pass the entrance exam which is my fault
Very good and entertaining game. 4 stars because the exams in this are tough and weird for english speakers, plus many more minigames can be added in it.
I've had fun playing this game. According to my experience playing, this is the most excellent life simulator game. However, i hope this game will update the "get close" interaction with family and friends. It would be nice if there are random events when they get close(not simply they feel happy) to add an in depth storyline. Should also add more sickness, jailtime for doing crime, and they should be more careers ( i'll give 5 star after we have the update).
Oriental trip of life sim with pretty abundance of choice! It could do with some smoother English translation and more explanation to the karmic or reincarnation system for ones not familiar with it.
I really love it but I want more experience perhaps can you add some becoming an emperor or king perhaps? Or can you make your characters design on how they look But it's really satisfying and awesome 🤩😎
I love this game! A lot of things to do. Though I wish there were more random events or options, because it sometimes feels like my characters have almost same lives. Even when I try to make someone a villain, delinquent or just my family's big failure, it is not really possible. Also the English translation needs to be corrected. Overall the game is interesting, I like little mini games and the place and time where all this happens.
I love this game, can definitely play this a for couple hours at a time. The English grammar can be a little odd at times but it doesn't make anything hard to understand.
The game is good, I've played as a male and female character and I can sense both difficulty. For female character, its hard to randomly born in rich family which is why none of my female generation went to the school, earn and saving money is really hard after marriage. For the male, its really fun when the character is still a child because its allow me to go to the school but it becomes difficult after I got a job but atleast I manage to become rich because thanks to the job.
Game is great,easy controls. And if figured everything about the game, but was hoping you add more special like the prefect and doctor. And there is one thing that annoys me after playing the game for so 30 minutes,the game stops itself and deletes the last 3 years.
I can't open it. I would get to the loading screen, but then it crashes once it reach 100%. I tried reinstalling it five times now, but it's still the same problem.
I like the game the only problem I have with it is when I have to take the tests and I only end up knowing one out of the three questions and I never get them right so at the end of the questions it will be nice to get the answers.
This game has a potential and i really like it. However, sometimes when i don't play it for a day i would lost my progress and restarts the game.
I love playing this to kill time. Though I think it'll be better if you add more occupations like military or something and royals too.. and maybe change the way it levels up jobs! It takes too much time to wait year by year😅
The game as a whole is fun, with the mini games, occasional animation and stories. Although there is a big need for an improvement in terms of English translation and some of the mini games such as the official exam.
This game is excellent! We can choose every single action possible in this game. I love the fact that if you are a woman, you can get a hold of the cash drawer. I also love the hunting and the Martial Club activity. The translations and the instructions of careers needs a lot of improvement. Putting specific information on the herbs will be a good update. I'll wait for the new update, 'till then, I'll be playing this game nonstop!
This game is great but I have a few suggestions how about make us a(n) emperor and empress because we want to feel being nobles too , harem fights like that , I feel bored playing like normal person , I want to try being an empress soon ❤️ and add more details . This game will be wonderful if you can add my suggestions or make a(n) another app for imperial palace like that ❤️ hope to see your new app soon ❤️
This game is great and unique since the settings is on ancient chinese era. It's like bitlife, but much more intriguing even though the translation seems a bit off. Would love to experience more, maybe add option to be born as a royal or marry a royal (but please, not the emperor, I'm tired dealing with those stupid jealous emperor in other games ^~^ ) but i think the palace drama can add more fun. Overall 8.5/10
Its a fun game! i've been playing for many days now but i still don't get other things. It would be fun if we could explore more and for the game to have guides. I still don't get the news from year to year, and how to get to other cricket places i only get the backyard.. maybe add the visit to places instead of going to the place and permanently living in it and have some use of owning houses in other places
Great game but the career system should be easier to level up. I mean each level take years to pass, and feels too slow to master.
Fun but frustrating. Overall a nice game with nice graphics. I like the mini games like the hunting and cricket catching. Unfortunately, the translation needs a lot of work. I couldn't play the betting games because I had no idea how the rules worked, the exams are hard because I don't know the language, and some of the choices you make in your career don't make sense the way they are translated. Still worthwhile though, and I've wasted plenty of time living my life as an old Chinese man 😂
I played this game for a surprising amount of time. It definitely needs some fine-tuning though. It's really difficult to make friends at parties unless they're thrown at you via random events, because everyone leaves by the time you had enough points to ask them to be friends. It's also hard to progress in your career and make money.
I gave it only 4 stars because I would enjoy being able to have a better eewaed system in regards to achievements. For example, my character became a mother but I wasnt able to claim the jade reward assosiated in the quests.
Its very cool I loved it and so I took it more seriously like having to maintain my relationships with my family and earning money to buy a house, carriage and more and to have an inheritor but the problem is that my silvers change constantly I don't do anything for example 806 silvers to 50 silvers. At first I thought I was just mistaking it but it kept happening so then I wasn't able to buy any property at all which is why I lost the fun in playing this game, I also don't know what's happening
Great time killer, mostly easy to play. It would be great if they finished translating the Doctor training instructions so I can figure out how to make medicine that works. And a walk through for the high ranking government jobs, since I'm not sure how to achieve the tasks. Maybe add indicators for what stats will be raised for praying at the temple? What is Template for?
Very fun game overall. I feel like there are some areas though, that the game could be improved in to make the experience even better. Firstly, some of the translations are a bit rough and can be difficult to understand at times. Also, it might be Interesting to add more variations to each life's starting situation. And finally, my biggest request, I would LOVE it if you could let your character have same-sex lovers (even if you can't marry them). Overall though, wonderful game!!
Got tons of potential! 😇 I suggest the road of royalty (joining harem, become general, ascending throne) and more mini games to other jobs just like doctor and officials. The game is clean and doesn't have unnecessary buttons! That's what I like the most here...Organized!
The game would be better if the exam is much more easier to understand. Perhaps if there is a discord for the game it would be helpful for new players like me. Edited as of 24/9/2020 : I lost all my progress and my adfree purchase due to reinstalling this game. The game didnt give us any choice to play with our googleplay account so I thought we automatically login to this game using them. Please give back my progress or refund at least.
One way to get money in this game without spending your real money is to catch rare grasshoppers and sell them. You should watch the ads too so that you could get many chances to catch the grasshoppers. After selling them, buy better quality lands and start farming by planting crops that could sell well like watermelon, etc. Good luck!
I really enjoy playing this game but i think t still needs some work. I think that there should be more events and chances to try something new. Like becoming a palace maid or an eunuch or a general or even competing to become queen. I think the males should be able to also become doctors. That's all for now. Please see to these if it's not too much trouble. Thanks for making this game😄
I give this game 4 stars THIS GAME COULD BE BETTER THAN BITLIFE!!! all this game needs is more funny and more real life events. You should give more options to do things, you should also give an option to become an Emperor, you should make princes and princesses appear in the game too. With all these this game will be better than bitlife, and it will become more popular with android users.
PLEASE PLEASE ADD WAY MORE I LOVE THE GAME. And please fix the english text for some parts, sometimes it's confusing. EDIT; Just paid the $4.99 makes the game more enjoyable. But please add more things to do because after a really long time it gets a bit repetitive(no hate I'm still playing and enjoy it). Can't wait to see what this game brings in the future. (also love how different the characters look pls add more) Edit: March 21st 2021 gonna change my review to 4 stars, no update in 5 months
The game is good but has a lot of problems, such as the exams where the questions are hard as frick, and nothing is really ever explained and how it can contribute to the character you are playing and how to get jobs etc. There isn't a tutorial to explain things and the money and silver only shows going to 1000 then it restarts which confused me for a while because I thought I was losing money and silver.
The game is fun, the mini games are cool, some stories are quite funny but there are some problems. The major one is the English translation, sometimes barely understandable and some text boxes are cut off, especially in the prescription minigame. There aren't enough options in relationships, you can barely do anything to really build a relationship if it's not good to begin with. And finally I feel like you don't have much control over some important things, like people you befriend.
I would give this 5 stars but I have one major complaint. I worked hard to get a friendship up to a guy, I became his sworn sister, I worked and got it up to the max bar to loving. I confessed my feelings. Logically it should lead to marriage. But when he proposed marriage my character rejected him because he was too poor. That makes no sense at all when im in control of my character and just makes me angry at the game. Now hes in love with someone else. Now I can't get married at all!
It is quite nice, and I don't actually have any complaints. I just request the availability of other career paths, ideally one as the child of noble descent (or royalty.) Eitherway, keep up the good work. I am enjoying it thus far
Has a lot going on for a life simulation game, good potential but poor English translation. The mini games were translated and formulated poorly which made it nearly impossible to play. That's all I'm asking for.
A fun game with a cute art style. However, there is some sort of issue with the in-game currency disappearing without even spending it.
This is BY FAR the BEST life sim you will get in playstore. I've played countless others and this is on another level. There are lots of actual mini games(not just clicking a button with text like all the others) and tons of things you can do and surprisingly discover even after playing for months. There are very rare careers paths which are normally hidden for eg. Joining the army and become a General, Zither player, Bandit, Taoist Master(no not monk) etc. I bought premium and never regretted
Fun but repetitive... not able to play really long anymore without getting a bit bored I wish there was more you could do in the game and more classes of families you can be born into it would be nice being a prince or a criminal's son or daughter ingame.
Quite a surprise. Way more above my expectation. When my "wife" in the game unfortunately passed away, I actually felt like heart broken. It is lucky that I read Chinese so that there is no confusion at all for me. Just improve with reference to the reviews. This game has a lot of potentials.