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Ancient Empire: Strike Back

Ancient Empire: Strike Back for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Statlex located at РФ, 163071, Архангельск Логинова 53 кв. 156. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The Cpu takes so much time to think and it still makes mistakes, even hard difficulty. My favorite level is 4 and the finale. For anyone having trouble, the strategy is to drag the war on as long as possible, the AI sucks at war of attrition, keeps your unit alive and use sorceress's skeletons. When their frontline weaken, you've success.
I also played this game and its 1st version on java and symbian but now it has no fight animation which is the best part of the game please provide it
whoooooo i played this game in my nokia mob now i found it in my andro so much fun cool and good game
Liked it better when it was on java, where are the animations? I liked the game majorly because of those animations, they were silly but also a major source of excitement! Now the game is just too fast... (edit: It was from macrospace), if you guys are the developers please make it from the scratch for Android too. With little better textures and animations? Look at the rating for god sake! 4.5 for "THIS"...
Too difficult for me. You lose when your general dies, but if you kill the enemy general they can recruit him again and even keep the level. That's kind of unfair.
This game is sold on consoles for $20 and is called "wargroove" yet on here its free with a different title. If you compare the two games developer info, youll notice wargroove has a different developer than the identical game with a different title on Google play. Alot of games on Google play are rip offs from 90s games. Be original and come up with your own game and stop stealing from other developers.
I played the prequel and sequel of this game on java, I played the campaign mode a million times and I still love it! I also enjoy the skirmish modes. Thanks for making this game available on android. On some levels the game glitches quite a lot, please fix this. You could also do better with controls, make them more visible and clear and please don't make any unnecessary changes to the gameplay, Commander resurrection should be available in castle once he dies, instead the game is lost! Fix this!
I played this game so much when i was a kid.. a lot of reviews here dont mention that, but this game was available for old phones with infrared file sharing damn.. good times.. i played this game for years, and only stopped when androids came out with newer generation games.. so this game is a port, and not a perfect one at that, but i appreciate it.. thanks
The game was very good when it was created. Now it seems that this is just a tool designed to provide the user with as many game ads of questionable quality as possible, while even taking control of my tablet ...
Please make it online game, love this game create more long historical and competitive Bihuvvvuvivivivjvjvjvj j jvjvjvjvjvucuvucyvuvuvuvuvuv
this is a vintage game from the java years. i loved it back then. i installed this PORT and it was running more or less fine except with less functionalities, but the last update added adverts between EVERY turn - including the cpu turns. THIS IS ALSO VERY SLOW - AI CAN TAKE MINUTES TO MOVE A SINGLE SOLDIER. and most important: I AM NOT WILLING TO PAY FOR AN OLD PORT - YOU DON'T OWN THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FOR IT! why don't you create an original clone instead if you know how to code?
For me, as a fan and an old player *Nostalgia* is enough to give this a 5*. But I have one request if you guys could add to the game in a future update...a multiplayer-lan mode, I would LOVE to play this with friends, but not on the same phone. Thx in advance.
Not perfect, but more than worth it for a free game. I played more of this than many popular games out there. Pure strategy, easy to learn, you can play at your own pace, well balanced, and theres local multiplayer.
Man i miss this game!!! Please add more update!!. This is the game where it hooked me to tactics or strategy game.
This is very well balanced game. It definitely needs moe features and expansion. I play skirmish mode and usually go with golem strategy and other three ai on the same team. I Personally believe ai must improve and become more more intelligent and even more units with special abilitys are good.
Level 2 is pretty much impossible. Enemy has more hp and does 2x more damage and starts with major strategical advantage. Way too hard for second level of the game. Maybe I'm missing something but you literally slowly get crippled now and more and can never get enough resources to get back on your feet.
Love this game, i hope there is many fun future update, maybe more story and more unit, or new game like this one <3
Can you make this game online so players can play with each other? After a while playing with CPU becomes boring. Other than that this is a fantastic game. Loved it.
can u make instead of pvp maybe coop and online? My friend live far away from me n we like games like this but versus ai. In future maybe custom factions? Like elves dwarves orcs etc. This game is awesome i dont mind paying for it!! Plss add my request i beg u T.T
LIKED IT OMG!! I've started playing this game on my old phone since many years ago then I played it again now and still loved it. Only one that still be the question, where is the battle action scene? Is it cut? By the way, is there any game like this? Thanks.
once I didn't remember how this game is called. finally after doing some research it brings nostalgic feeling
Recent updates makes a lot of bugs Even computers turn they can make my characters move and sometimes they double hit please fix this (usually happens when the speed is set to faster)
This game is legit.. i use to play it back in 2010 in my keypad phone.. i loved it then . I love it now .. the story line should have little long, more lavel but skirmishes fill that up.. love it
Fantastic free game. Some similarities to Advanced Wars, excellently reimagined in a fantasy setting. Amazing execution in terms of look and feel. Remarkably well-balanced troops, and a challenging CPU which makes you think a bit, without displaying to many problematic flaws. Great job!
Played it in old java 😁. Really enjoyes . Thank you soooo much for the game .i am in search of many games i played . So five star just downloaded it .
Advertisement ruined game. Ending your turn pops a NSFW advert which is very disappointing. You are not able to exit the advert at all, just close the app. So can't even play 1 turn. So sad that advertising trumps even playing a game. Don't bother with this
I played the game long ago with my Motorola. i loved it then, i still love it now, easy to learn strategy game.. i miss the fighting animation though please can you bring that back
This one and its part I were my favourite games in early childhood gaming days 😋❤️😄 I actually played it JAVA mobiles; Really enjoyed those days!❤️ Thank you 🙌🏻❤️😄
wow legendary game 11 years ago. please update promote like old java games in my old phone Nokia.. Golem-Colossus-Beholder-Titan. and the other troops. I love this game xD
The first thing that came to my mind after seeing this nostalgic game that it will be just a emulated java game with bad controls. And I was WRONG! This is so much improved and optimized for the touch version! A map editor and tons of skirmish maps to play with. While its fan made, but it is absoutely like done by a professional. Thanks a lot dev for your hard work! Edit : Cons - 1) No battle animation. 2) No movement animation 3) in campaign, you can recall commander but in this you can't!!
The game is the same as the original but what disappointed me is that there is no battle animations like from the original game :(
Oh shoot, this was my favorite game back in the day. So much nostalgia, glad to have a chance to play it again. Thank you.
Works fine for me - works real smooth. Despite all my time invested in complicated PC games, this game is areal toughy. You'll be struggling to pass even the early levels of the game, but even so it'll bring you back time and time again. It's a pretty timeless game because of its complex simplicity - sort of like Civ4 or some of the retro classics. Definitely worth a try!