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Ancient Battle

Ancient Battle for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Lion Studios located at 849 High St Palo Alto, CA 94301. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is a time thief and not because it's fun. Here's how: 1) play game 2) would you like to watch ad for X reward? 3) watch ad 4) no reward - returned to screen from step 2 5) repeat Sometimes it acknowledges that you watched the ad, sometimes it takes 2 or 3 watches before it will throw you a bone. The game itself isn't great. Shallow concept that won't hold your interest. The developers should not be rewarded for this kind of egregious time burglary.
The game is super fun and when i first downloaded it I had no problems playing it. But for about a week or so i can't even open it. Im seeing in the reviews that this is happening to everyone. What is the point of the reviews if the creators dont want to look at all the bad reviews that are common in that it crashes? They cant make money either if no one can play the game 🤷‍♀️
Very entertaining game, without watching some adverts is very hard to level up. If you not accept terms you get exclamation sign on upper left corner. On same place is close button from treasure.
This game is seriously enjoyable. It's fairly free to play with patience. Could be more fun if u spend money. Which I have done a little bit. And I was ok with that until I realized that the game makes you start over from scratch once u reach a certain level. I recommend not spending money on this game. Just play and enjoy. U cant get a leg up on anyone thru cash because it literally makes u uninstall the game and reinstall to make it work again. At level one. No good.
Terrible P2W I hate you for making such a gimmick of a money grabbing game. System is all wrong for match ups and servers are atrocious for connections, do not download this crock of trash it will just be a waste of data and a waste of time. You will see no enjoyment from this download.
Can't play a game without the screen glitching out and the game crashing. Literally 3 or 4 games in a row now and it happens so often it makes the game unplayable. Otherwise a decent game which is the only reason it got 2 stars. Not only does the game crash it takes ur energy when it does. So frustrating especially when you're winning a game. Its not like I have an outdated phone either im on an s20. Fix this and you get 5 stars from me
Good game and not too ad heavy BUT after many hours playing I got to level 47 and then it started playing up. Uninstall and reinstall was a suggested fix and I lost everything. Shove it 😢😭
It would be a five star game....I really enjoy it but I'm having some trouble with getting logged back into the app after I close it. I have to uninstall it and reinstall it because there's a conflict between the local and save data it says. Other than that The game is awesome and fun.
This is the worst pay2win game on Google Play. It requires absolutely no skill. All you need to do is level up your units, which you can't do without gems. Even if you watch every possible ad, you still will never have enough money to use up all your cards. So you just grind it out till you upgrade your units a little bit, and you move to the next level, where you get crushed by people with higher levels than you. Rinse and repeat.
The game is okay, graphics are okay, controls are okay. Has several flaws that probably won't get fixed because you can tell this game is cash grab nothing more nothing less. Players aren't penalized from running from you. You kill their troops while they are fleeing but you don't gain them, they either vanish into thin air or someone else gains them, not sure. If you are battling someone else other players can snipe your troops without even being in the fight. Game could be a lot better.
It's a fun game, it looks exactly like the ad i saw of it, that made me happy.. But i cannot change my name, it just doesn't want to change, and then that connect to FB button also doesn't work.. ever..
Downloaded this game just so I can leave it a one-star review. It had an ad that stopped and had a play button like the add paused. When you click on the play button it pulls up the App Store, I don't like deceptive advertising so I'm giving it a one-star review. Now its time to uninstall it.
Grindfest, and massive disappointment. This was a great concept, so props for that. And it was interesting at first. But was grinding within 2 hours of downloading. PvP experience was corrupted by bots that basically took turns taking nips out of your army like piranhas, and if you were about to finish off a "player", it ran off to the biggest army to be killed by another bot, thereby robbing you of all the credit, and reinforcements. It got frustrating really quickly. And became repetitive.
PubG ripoff with a medieval skin. Keeping on personal data collection and hardware data collection, but turning off aimed advertising gives the warning "IF YOU DON'T LET US COLLECT THE DATA, YOUR EXPERIENCE MIGHT BE NEGATIVE!!!" Also gives a warning sign at the topright of the screen. When you open a chest, that warning sign blocks the ability to go on after opening the chest. Unless ofcourse you allow them to do stuff you don't want.
I WOULD GIVE 0 STARS IF I COULD. Terrible game now. Don't download unless you plan to spend money. The new update screws all non paying players. Pay to play is too overpowered and is no longer fun. I'm deleting game and promoting not to play. Once again terrible game and terrible production team for thinking this is fun. PATHETIC!
It's a good game but I think somehow somebody else is playing on my account? I played in the morning at level 7 with one character and everything was fine. I play in the evening and I have a new character, and both are leveled up pretty high at levels 40+. I didn't do that. The saved times are also recent and during the time I was not actively in the game.
I really like this game, but why is there energy? If you're doing things such as season passes, win rewards, and battle rankins then follow Clash Royale's format and do no energy. Just enjoyable gameplay with no wait time. That's what needs to change. The energy ruins the whole game experience
The game saving has alot of flaws and your prgress is often not saved. The match making also needs alot of work. I feel they match you up against much higher players at times in order for you to lose then have to watch ads to get more energy to continue playing. Also its damn near impossible to rank up. Only 1 way to do so other then paying to play.
There's alot of potential in this game, but everything about it hurts. This may just be my phone. (It's not the most powerful gaming machine.) There's a delay on just about everything. Half of the time my army and my king are nowhere to be found, but the camera still slowly pans, as if it's following some invisible army. The whole "fight" experience may be remarkable if my tactics and spells had the added effect of punctuation, not to mention my army is actually still on the other end of the map
This was a decent game when I first starting playing. Challenging, but fair. Then they released a new horde army that is ridiculously buffed. I have taken on an army with 59 mil in troops and lose to the horde that has 15 mil. No matter what, the horde cpu army will win regardless of how out numbered they are. Game absolutely sucks now.
Cool game but i had to reopen the game 9 times can buy or purchase at the store it will just go black screen on me i lost patients i quit this game and will delete it shortly after my comment 😡😭
P2w trash don't bother. New playable (pay only) has skills that totally blow the default character out of the water. But you need to build that character up even after you buy it so you're spending hundreds to just compete. They limited the ad stam 5 point regen to once per day which breaks the game for low or non spending players. Make no mistake, you will not compete without paying.
Fun to start, slowly turns into cancer. Very addictive which makes the 20 energy limit ridiculous, you diminish it in 15 minutes or less. Decrease wait time or make matches cost 1 energy, why should I have to wait an hour for it to refuel only to play for fifteen minutes and get destroyed every match? Trying to coax my money out of me? Try as hard as you want in the higher levels and yield little results too many people pay to win, simple as that.
I used to love this game until they introduced a new class of troops, which of course u have to pay for or play forever in order to save up enough diamonds to purchase. I liked it cuz it was one of the few games u could play and actually be pretty evenly matched with others. It is now completely ruined for me and I am uninstalling
The only game where you can be 20 times bigger than everyone else and still lose because you didn't pay the game money... What was a really great concept has been destroyed by greed. It gets even worse because it won't drop me down to a level where pay for players are even to me... Where I used to watch around 10 ads per session I am only watching 4 now. You're losing money from this bad decision.
Admins need to assess issues with game, game balance and respond. Player traded in gems for gold last night, game took gems but did not provide player with gold. Investigate bug and reply. Matchmaking is broken. When player enters game, they are at base strength and all other players are in the 60-80 million range giving the player no chance of having any opportunity to play. Players constantly running away, should be penalized with damage to their character up to 50%of their current healt
I really like this game. The reason for the 1 star is. I played (I use that term loosely) for about 15 mins used up all my energy and now have to wait for it to refill. When I say played I mean I watched about 13 mins of advertisements and played the game for about two mins. Actual game play, two mins. Micro pay and DLC has ruined the video game industry.
Probably the most money hungry developer group I've seen. You can only play 4 games consecutively, each one takes less than a few minutes, before you have to either watch an ad or pay to play more. And even ad watching only gets you another 4 games a day at max. That's less than half an hour per day of games before you have to spend money. Seriously?
The game was fun a nice way to pass time until it wasnt. I cant even get past the first load screen anymore before the game crashes. Save yourself the head ache, dont download this until some way some how it gets fixed P.S. if your having the same problem and thinking uninstalling and downloading will fix it, sure it will but if you made any purchases they will be gone and you will be at lvl 1
Great concept really love the game but need improvement in graphics and a friendly advice games need to evolve with time bring in new ideas update a bit otherwise it will become boring really fast introduce new characters new powerups etc think think think time.is short
I dont pay into the game and never will. Yes of course if you spend money your character will be better equipped. Sounds like the real world. A bunch of grown men crying cuz they can't have it their way. I myself love the game and I do ok at it. So that being said stfu crybaby. GREAT JOB ON THE GAME GUYS. Keep up the good work.
This game was awesome until the last update! They made it to where if you don't pay cash for playing it is impossible to win one single round. I made it up to level 71 then after the update I can't win and it keeps knocking my levels down. Unless you want to completely waste your time do not download!!!!
Pay to win game. 100% I spent a few bucks won a bunch of stuff. It randomly places you at losing points so no matter what you wont win. Also, with 6g ram theres often delays on using skills, so its random if your control works the way you want it to. I thought this game was p2p. It says connecting to players... but those are computer players. Its single player with bots. Im mad as hell i tried getting into this game.
You will have to spend money to play this game. With full stamina, you can only play 4 games and the game limits you to watch only 1 ad per day which gives you 1 more game. It use to be that you can watch unlimited ads but everything is limited now. I can understand if the developer needs to earn money and most would be perfectly happy watching ads for the developer to earn but they got greedy. The new update takes the fun away and forces you to pay and pay and pay.
Crashing after last update. I have a Samsung S9 and every time I launch the Ancient Battle it crashes and my Samaung Sport Watch disconnects from my phone, then reconnects. This makes no since why a game app would do this. YES, I have reboot my phone and it is at the latest Verizon software/security revision.
Update killed this game. RIP lil Battle Must pay to win. Can beat the paid for packs Turned on all kinds of limitations In update. Thanks for making a kind of cool game with to many ads suck
Could be fun. But...to thanks devs i bought a pack... 3 days after, my account was reset to 0. I lost all my progression and the bonus i paid for. I delete that game.
Bought 2 monthly gem packages (they gave 500 gems daily ($20) and 150 gems daily ($5) each ended after just 10 days. Contacted Lion Studios about the bug 2 weeks ago and haven't heard back yet. No other way to contact the company about bugs/issues on their site either.
Game was ok until the new update. Before the update it was a waste of money to try and get ahead because you're only playing again a.i and it lets you win when it wants you to. Now the update only lets you win 1 in about every 5 and bio master what you spend you will only rank up ever 2 to 3 weeks. You can literally have 5 times the power of the a.i and suddenly it will glitch and all your troops disappear(weren't suppose to win that one) or you will start off with the a.i 8x's your characters.
Kinda lame. Once you start battle with some one all they have to do is run away and then you end up just chasing them around cause no one wants to actually fight. So it is basically who can start out with the best soldiers near them. Game works good but the people playing are trash. They immediately found a way to cheat without breaking the rules, if that makes sense. Whatever, either way I can see it becoming a pay to play eventually. One of those games that gets you hooked early on.
Love the game idea, is pretty fun. But it keep crashing when I try to open it. Hope someone copy the idea but with a better plataform o you guys must fixed really fast in order to keep player using the app.
Game is interesting, but it's designed in such a way that for every minute of gameplay you need to watch an ad of min 45 secs. Even that is not enough for the developers, mostly you are put in between heavy battalions and chance of gameplay is 5 to 10 seconds, after that watch ads to continue. If you want to waste time and data bandwidth then go with this game, else best to avoid
Was really enjoying the game, now it gets stuck on loading screen and force closes when I try to turn it on. I'm using a Note 9 so I doubt the phone is the issue. If you can fix the glitch that has rendered the game useless, I will change my review to 5 stars.
The energy system seems like a cheap ploy just to turn it into a pay to win, not to mention the countless other pay to win opportunities through out the game.
This is not a PvP game. If you turn airplane mode on and run the game it still "matches" you with the same opponents you get when internet is available. This game is just a scam to pick your pocket with enemies you can never get ahead of.
Love the game the only problem Is that there is a bug where I die as soon as the game starts(within 2 seconds of starting no player killed me). This happens at random in atlesat 1 in 5-7 matches. I hate it pls do something about it. I will give 5 stars as soon as this bug is fixed.
pay to win. I played this for a few months. It is a little addicting because a win can become last minute. I dont know what happened to fair game play, people are paying to win. Now there are tornadoes and fireballs hitting you from the sky. Can't come close to winning now and die in 30 seconds. No longer fun to play.
Truthfully its a good game, great for passing time here and there. Sadly your capped at 20 stamina it costs five stamina to do battle, sure you can refresh 4 times with videos but once that's gone you're stuck waiting for 10 minutes for 1 stamina. It would be nice to see your stamina raised by an amount per level instead of hard capping so far as I'm aware. Controls are simple but they work well, graphics are okay, and the core gameplay is simple but enjoyable.
Fun game but they have 0 customer service, lost mi purchases and progress. I've been waiting over a week and sent 3 emails. If you want a game where you have support this is not it.
Started out as a fun app. New update sucks big time, limited free videos for more power or cards or other perks. Guessing trying to force more micro purchases. Match making sucks, you are either the biggest fish in the pond, or the smallest. Rare to have close to even matches. Not sure whats going on with new update, you fight an army smaller than yours and 2 seconds into the fight, they eliminate you. Quickly losing interest.
Good game sadly its highly p2w based.... controls need minimal work graphics are good for what it is. Last update has made this an even more p2w game. Ai is harder and thats good. But when your opponents are 100k + with in the first 10 seconds of the game makes it hard to win. Ive tried to love this game as it is a good time killer but at level 30 your grinding to level up if you can win.. king upgrades are far and few, troop upgrades cost to much at level 30 I cant keep up.
I loved the game when I first started A started playing it it really sucks now sorry but you took away the simplicity of it tried to make it more complicated and just dumbed it down so it's not as fun sorry I would give you five stars but I can't I'm getting rid of it and last upgrade I didn't even ask for it I just did it I was pretty upset there's no way I can get old game back at least it doesn't seem like there is so two stars sorry seems every time new edition I want to give u1 less ⭐
It was a good game.. if the developer has released a new class of hero, there there should be different battleground for that class, they all our mixed up, if you have enough money to buy gems, then only u can level up.. worst experience from such a good game... Now, time to uninstall it..
Great game, great concept. However, HORRIBLE mechanics. For example, you run around, collect 60 million troops. You run in a group of 36 million. You activate all your abilities, which for example is all at level 7. They knock your 60 million troops to a defeat. With only 36 million. You have nearly double the troops. High rated abilities. And it happens time and again. I actually had over 600 millon troops at one point and was knocked off by a group with nearly 400 million. Smh.
The game is very fun and the ads are not bad if you run into the error where it shows you 2 saves and the game won't boot if you attach to your Facebook and uninstall the game and reinstall it will temporarily fix the issue
Great for the first few levels, then when you get to around 30, you come across pay2win players and it's impossible to go further without investing. What a joke.
Fully pay to win. Gold is painfully slow to come by to upgrade gear, spells and troops. You only get 20 stamina banked and you wait 8 mins for one stamina regeneration. Upgrade cards can only be purchased with real money unless your going to wait 8 hours to win that one free chest which require you to win 4 matches against OP enemies. Whe I grind myself to death getting the scraps every round while my enemies climb 100k plus power just standing. And the ads. OMG. Everything needs an ad.
Game concept was awesome. However, the battles are all basically RNG. Withing 10 seconds of joining a battle other "players" can jump up 15x my power before I finish recruiting my first troops. I understand items,troop level,spells, and runes. Also based on the amount of Ads this game pushes on you im sure its just a quick money grab.
Game is fun but will freeze mid match and twitch with no way to continue. Needs to be fixed. No fix on last big update. Using Note 20 Ultra Plus for reference. Edit: I just updated the game and 8nstead of the freezing, the game just crashes completely. Saves me the time of having to kill the game myself.
Its a bit laggy, but pretty fun. The store is glitching a lot. It show 2 pictures of different troop types but no words, offers or anything to click on that is visible. It can been seen a little when side scrolling through the tabs in the main screen for a brief moment. Other than that, i like the idea of the game
This game used to be SO FUN. Really fun competitive game and easy to play and progress with not spending a dime. Then they released an update with a new hero class..... This class is so OP it's not even funny. If you worked your butt off to upgrade and improve your previous be prepared for him to be utterly useless against this new breed. It's not even a close match between the two. WHY you people did this I'll never know. The only possible force players to use something new.
used to love this game but the most recent update has completely ruined it for me theres a stupidly low restriction on videos you can watch yo get energy and help etc. also the introduction of the magma king has made it almost impossible to win if your just the standard king without spending shed loads of money on gems to get that and other bits your stuffed the original version before the update was so much better I'm at a point where I think I might just delete the game and stop playing!
I take my 4 stars back! I changed it to a 2/5 They Just updated the game which made it VERY Much Pay to Win. Before the last update, I won the Crusades without ever spending a dime. Now since the new update every one paid for the new character which is stronger at lvl 1 then my lvl 150+ team. The new powers are So bugged. I never minded the fact you only can play 4 matches without an ad, or the fact your matchmaking works half the time and you start in a game where you dont stand a chance.
Worst game ever, you need to wait 20 minutes to get "power" so you could play.. very bad strategy of getting money!
The game looked promising but the developers are just money focused. You could have played the game free off charge prior to the latest update and spend pocket change if you could not be bothered to wait for stamina to refill. However, after the update the developers are going to force you to buy "the new and fancy units and spells pack", without them you don't stand a chance against any other players who already paid for the pack. Verdict, there are better "free to play" games out there.
Could never get the game to load. Trying on a pixel 4... Tried several times over the past couple days.
Changed to 1 star because I only get a tiny number of plays unless I spend real money (of which I've spent, quite stupidly, a lot) The game shuts down midgame, causing me to lose energy and backtracks my progress App freezes or sometimes won't even open, no error message given as to why... 1. Give us more turns or refill energy faster 2. Fix error/glitches 3. Don't be so greedy 4. Give upgrades more often for equipment because once you reach a certain point, it's nearly impossible to win
Decent game; however, the energy expenditure is horrendous compared to the amount of time you have to wait for it to regenerate. It isn't even an option to repeatedly watch ads to gain energy. One match costs 5 energy and 12 minutes for 1 energy to automatically refill. That is pathetic. For a game like this you should be able to continuously play the game without such a wait time. This is the exact reason people stop playing games. Even games that are nicely done. Please fix this ASAP!
Where do I begin, the auto aim ruins everything, I don't need the game to start following the nearest person just to screw me over all the time. The game is so frustrating, boring, grind like no other, how you expect anyone to enjoy only being able to be frustrated every 30 min min? Can't wait till games like this are gone for good.
Such a joke of a game, everything made specially to try to get the most money and information out of you as possible. It's not even a game really, pacman has more complex gameplay (from a technological pov) than this.
Game is very fun at the beginning when you're low level, but as the play goes on the matchups start to suck, they put you with people that are magnatudes higher. Also, with anything else, the people playing tend to suck, too many people aren't sportsman and will either attack you when you have no chance and are just trying to get away, or they will get really strong and just keep moving around to force a battle where the fog has closed in around to give them the advantage. One thing that makes the game good and bad is that you get a bunch of the other players troops when you destroy them, but they really give too much and can make it so it's impossible to win when someone has millions and you don't
I love this game! But it is completely pay to win. There are also a million pop up packs to try to get you to buy stuff. This is not for all you freebie gamers.
Cool game but....it's not worth playing and trying to get involved in 5 - 10 minute play sessions cause you have no potions or what ever they are. A bank that holds only 20 yet costs 5 per play in 2 - 3 minute rounds is silly. They should regenerate faster or cost less
Don't waste your time. Soon as the game starts 9/10 players already outrank you by 200%. Save your money for something else
This was one of the first games in a long time (years) to get me to actually enjoy playing it without feeling like I had to play money... Until they COMPLETELY ruined that in the most recent update. Added a "magma" mode that people can buy that makes their troops so OP there isn't even a point of playing. Played for weeks and loved it. Not playing again till magma is removed or rebalanced. Absolutely terrible.
I'd be A great app if it strayed open longer than 5 min on a s9.. Too bad, hopefully they her their bugs in order. I changed from two stars to one. I decided to give it anther chance and it wouldn't let me restore my membership. These guys are Crooks. The new update added an an un beatable character you buy. I have 3 million troop they have 500k, and you lose everytime. this game isn't even pay to play. I dropped easily 100$ on it and get deadlocked. avoid!!
This game is garbage, the controls are not good at all. I read a lot of the reviews and they are very accurate. Dont install its juat a waste of time. Great idea for a game but the developers fell very short on making this game a good experience for the player.
Fun enough but its not a true online play if you put your device in airplane mode it still generates the same opponents it would if you were on a strong wifi connection. Makes it less fun to know im only playing AI. But it kills time at work!
I love this game, BUT since I arrived home from my vacation, I can't even get it to start. Problems with updated compatibility (?) I don't know. But as I do seriously love the gameplay please fix for me.. just went through an Android update and am running on a Google pixle 2.