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Ancient Aliens: The Game

Ancient Aliens: The Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by A&E Television Networks Mobile located at 235 E 45th Street New York, NY 10017. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not too bad. Could use more building and such. An awful lot of open space. Wont let me update but I need to update to keep playing. The concept is great. Love the show. Like the game.
Been playing for nearly 2 years now. have not had any real problem with the game until this new update of the game it open the app. Now I did what someone said about uninstalling and reinstall it so done that and guess what it did not work ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
On my first time playing, after watching the cutscenes, the popup that appeared scaled up too big for me to press the button to continue the game. Please fix!
Have been playing for 2 years, boring, slow, repetitive. The main reason I post now is that even after updating it won't let me play. Used to be a nice distraction. Now is just tedious and useless.
It'll honestly take 10yrs to build your first pyramid. Fact. Why would the developers do this? Come on now. This a game not real life architectural exhaustion.
Was working really well until the update. Now it won't even load the game. I click and it goes straight to an error message
Really enjoyed playing this game but this is the second time its crashed. The first time was a year or two back and the game froze. Now I'm asked to update in order to continue playing but now it too has stopped working! Bummer! Any suggestions??
Game is ok but full of bugs. It told me to update the game so i did. Now everytime i try to open it, it keeps telling me to update. Spent 6 month on this game for me to unistall it and start over, F that, what a waste of time.
The idea is good, but the start up time is slow. Now, it needs an update, but when I try to update, it loops me back to the play store, & never updates. It might be the exterestrials trying to stop us. Reinstalling the app didn't fix it, so I can't play the game at all.
Previously not accessible for a long period 0f time due to an update error that caused instant crash on Android. Updated again because it was supposedly fixed and it will only allow me to login as guest
Latest update won't let me log into Facebook and I refuse to restart been playing since the beginning fix this already been months since I could play
I would give 5 stars but I can't load the game. It won't connect with Facebook and I refuse to start all over. I'm on the second pyramid!
good game, great story line, but the prices and time it takes to do anything once you advance a few levels is terrible, I have a mission that's going to take me several days of just collecting gold to do, nothing else just that for days. ridiculous
only problems are some of the flying things are hard to catch & that I don't really like it when I run out of credits to buy something for a quest. Actually, never mind on the latter
It was a good game to begin with. But its so slow. Ive been collecting and building a few times a day, for the last 6 months i have 2 and a half rows of the pyramid done. None of the upgrades make any difference. Im sure this isnt supposed to be a real time build. Would be awesomw is there was another way to gwt stones. But, saving up gold to upgrade takes far too long, and quaries are far too scarse.
Incomplete and money grubbing app that was abandoned and does not give clear instructions. I've played for months and at the rate of progressin, my 9 year old would be entering college before I topped out at this game. Save your time.
For about 2 weeks keeps telling me I have to update the game to play. Keep trying every few days. Game play is slow. Not enough instruction for my liking. Over all, I enjoy the game. Just wish it wasn't always messing up. Give it a 2, cuz I can't play it right now (or for the last few weeks) but, I haven't deleted it, hoping the bugs get fixed.
Just had a update and now the app won't even launch.. try to reach administrator and can't get any type of reply .
I knocked down stars because it keeps telling me to update when there is NO update. Plus being stuck where I'm at because I need more DNA to do any more research. It's gotten boring. I don't get the enjoyment I use to when I started. Fix these issues!
I've been playing for four years, almost daily. The game is stuck without an ending but the devs are working hard on one. The only thing I would like to have is more communication between friends.
this game could be fun. the amount of currency it takes to get you any where in this game is pretty absurd. but there are ways to get around by watching terrible ads and taking endless surveys or playing other games. so I dont even know. cool idea just kinda an impossible task
Just updated, now game doesn't even open... awesome. Galaxy tab A, sent screenshot quite a while ago never any response
Do not waste your time ... game play is nothing but constant collecting of buildings for months just to be able to research one thing that gets you sweet FA ... in game purchase of resourses is ridiculously high and so not worth it. Go watch grass grow, much more fun. Also been locked out for months, game loads to 73% and gives an error message to do with connection. Email devs and get nowhere, they either don't know how to fix it or don't care
The start of the game gives you options to play via Facebook, or as a guest. I don't have Facebook, and I tried numerous times to play as a guest, but the screen is just black, nothing happens. So disappointed, I love this show, but not enough to join bloody facebook just to play it. I'm uninstalling. ๐Ÿ™„
I was not able to properly play the game because it was not full screen and I could not access some of the key controls. I contacted support and they said I could select full screen in the settings, however this setting does not exist. I did not receive a second response from support.
You need to be REALLY PATIENT with your development. SLOW game. You do not receive enough DNA to match any of the items needed to move the game along. (Any gamer get this.) You receive more gold, more plausible deniability, more blocks for your pyramid. Then DNA needed to evolve characters and learning items. I've been playing for 2 years I think level 108. I only have a 140 savants, 230 minotaurs, 10 people and a level 98 pyramid. Good for down time and wasting time.
Unrealistic resource accumulation. At first it was fun but once you unlock the last type of resource there's no way to make enough of it to progress. Finish the first pyramid then just delete it to save the headache
fun game, good graphics love the yeti!! after playing it a bunch for a while i decided to restart it, now that i know a bunch if tips. so i uninstalled it cuz for some reason when it was installed the forst time my phone still uas a black bar on left and right of screen. now when i reinstalled it, it STILL did the same thing! and now since i restarted and my ohine STILL has the black bars, i cant even ger passed the first oart cuz the game is FORCING me push the BACK button in the game.
Great game. Although, again after the latest update the game wont even load. Please fix it as soon as possible!!!
Have been playing almost 2 years. At first highly enjoyed playing But soon realised that the game was only half developed. The third pyramid was unavailable and completed all tasks available and stopped playing. Came back when new tasks came available. These tasks consisted mainly of just collecting DNA a slow and boring with no game play. Also lots of bugs keep popping up. And I still no third pyramid. Their are plenty side quests that could be added or even old quests revisited.
I love this game. It has great graphics great storyline and is just wonderful charictors. And if your a fan of the show it all fits together just great.
Its better but still likes to crash while trying to load game, and no more friends i guess ? Since not logged into Facebook you don't have any buddy's !
I stopped playing waiting for the "update" glitch to be fixed. Now it's telling me I can't connect to Facebook. I'm not going to be happy if I have to start all over.
Was a good game. But now I can't even log on tried to clear cache that didn't work. Then I tried to uninstall and reinstall and that still don't work.
What a game, what an experience, what a pain in the arse. You spend more time watching the ads than playing the game. To progress through the game you need resourses, one of them being DNA...very easy at first, it's when you get to the greater tasks, you are talking millions. But the worst of all is that I was halfway through my first pyramid when the game wanted an update, but where is the update, it would not allow me to continue. NO GAME, NO ADS, NO MONEY...YOUR MOVE PROGRAMMERS, PLEASE FIX.
Takes an unreasonable amount of time to accumulate resources. Very unrealistic compared to every other game.
I like the game, wish it wasn't such a slow start up before it needs money, also I have tried the free gold and DNA offers a few times and completed them but have recieved no rewards i have screen shots. Please dev contact me to resolve my issue
My game has had several problems that i took up with your support team and every single time my response was either automated and took over a week for an answer that didnt solve anythimg or answered with the same three step response to fix problem. Which never worked and never got a response after the first initial one. I feel this game is not supported also not developed fully and seems to just hit a brick wall. I am uninstalling game. It is ashame because game could have been great.
I played this game a long time ago and thought I'd check it out again but can't get it to install. Tried on Pixel 4a, Samsung Galaxy S9, Lenovo Tablet and Bluestacks. It starts, goes to download install files, gets to about 5% and black screen every time
this game looks like it would be amazing but it doesnt seem to be compatible with my google pixel 3a. my screen is not large enough but i couldnt find a way to move it to be able to click on the next arrow so i was barely able to begin. please fix this so i can play and update my score the the 5 im sure it deserves!
Unplayable. The resolution makes it too big for my screen for some odd reason and so part of the right hand side and bottom is cut off. Why would this be? I'm using a Pixel 3A XL ๐Ÿค”
This used to be a good game, updates with extra content come at a snails pace... I now cannot even enter the game, it just closes as soon as I tap the icon...... The game devs will no doubt tell me to clear the cache and restart device because there stupid, the game was broken by one of there updates. I even tried the game on a new device and same issue..... All in all nice concept but very poorly executed.. I have a Huawei mediapad t5 and a Huawei p40 pro
super cool.eye opening game..its making me look at the world in a different light..i mean i enjoy the series on tv but to actually play a role in "our development" is freaking fantastic.. love it
Fun to start out with but the upgrades are way too expensive. It takes forever to save which draws the game out so long that you get board now the game wants me to down load an upgrade but there's no upgrade to download and it won't let me play. It took forever for me to get to the second pyramid now I can't get in. Thinking it's time to delete game definitely lost Interest
I've played this game a LONG time, and have become quite annoyed with how slow it is to progress towards the end. DNA is very slow to harvest, but a necessity. Glyph mining is a lot of help, but is time intensive. Overall, it's not a bad game to pass the time, but very time consuming if you (like me) are only playing it free, and aren't spending any money on it. Still waiting on the update allowing the third pyramid, because I've done everything else possible.
Taking way too long to earn enough gold for the capstone to complete the pyramid without spending real money on the game. This has halted everything else besides collecting dna and research in the game, being unable to move forward until the pyramid is completed. Costs far more than you can collect in a reasonable amount of time and it's getting quite exasperating.
Game is dead, several functions are non responsive (support, gaining ingame currency or speeding up with videos etc.) Besides that the later researches are WAY to expensive. If you had to purchase it with real money it would be 6.2k you have to count down, for 1 of them and there are several. On top of that they claim they are already giving 60% off.
Okay game. Interesting alternative involvement of aliens with earth concept. Easy to learn and play. But can be very slow in progressing through the game.
I played this game since it came out. It was never really fun, just a time sink. Out of the past 4 months it has worked for about 2 weeks. Contacted support multiple times, and they told me to uninstall and clear data, but their advice didn't fix anything. They said there was an update released a couple weeks ago to fix the problem, but it's nowhere to be found. Bologna.
THE GAME was so good because you can put anything's their doors UFOs aliens oh my favorite stuff oh so guess what there was super cool stuff you can like right put anything you want there you can write have fun you can write and stuff there lots and stuff and I see UFO aliens I can put people there and do check telescope and guess what we could go to the past present and future and get black holes can you can customize and build lots of cool stuff even for stealing stuff and future and you can
UPDATE: Worked for awhile after I did the update now the app won't even open up. Screen turns black for a second and then goes back to home screen and tells me to close app that it won't run.........you really need to look into this......this is a MAJOR PROBLEM!!!!!
game is about as big a scam as tv series if you try to make in game purchase you will lose your money dont waste your time
I can't get into the game. After the game downloads, it's a black screen. Can you fix this problem please?
I can't even screenshot you my problem because it doesn't even open I uninstalled and reinstalled it there is nothing I can do it does not open disappointing in a series of disappointments.
At first I loved this game, since I'm such a big fan of the show. Now it doesn't even load up anymore! It says to download an update (which I was thinking it was the third pyramid update) but it doesn't give me a update button. It only says uninstall or open. When I open the game app it just shows a black screen. Sigh... quite frustrating to have the game crash on me after completing 2 pyramids. Don't waste anytime on this. Great concept and idea, fix the bugs please then I'll play again.
When i first started this game a few YEARS ago it was fun but then it started shutting off after being on for maybe 5 minutes. Quit playing for awhile and reinstalled it to not even be able to get the blasted thing to load. Failure of developers
Unable to access game for over a week. Attempt to open game and message says must download update. Go to download and there is no update to download. I have uninstalled, reinstalled game and still get the same message.
I opened the game on the new update and all I get us a black screen. I have been playing this game for a while and I will be mad if I have to start over.
Excellent game, but it keeps saying i need to download an update, but you go to the store and there is no update. Game won't open until you supposedly download an update that isn't in the store. This is FYI, the game is otherwise fantastic.
I really like the concept, art, game play, everything BUT, the game is soooooo slow going. There's nothing to do. I'm stuck just waiting for gold to be collected. Small items are expensive. I understand to encourage you to buy to actually make the game worth playing. Otherwise it's just a bunch of waiting. So bascially, the game is hecka boring and the art and all that doesn't make up for it. I would love to love it. It's ironic the game I downloaded to earn DNA in this game is way more entertain
utterly pointless game, spent weeks building a pyramid only to find out you need to put a stone on top of the thing for it to do anything, but the cost of the stone is so prohibitive it's not worth carrying on as gold production is very slow and limited by the amount of mines available. virtually everything you can build within the game appears to have no desirable effects on anything else and just adds to the feeling you're just wasting your time. avoid this one like the plague...
I still getting connection issues especially when I'm getting to a certain level, can't login to my account
Unable to download the game assets to play the game. Stays at 0% and never changes and no network activity.
Updated and no longer able to open. Not the first update that's done this. Frustrating. Enjoyed playing. Don't want to delete, but if I can't play it's just occupying space.
And playing for a long time pretty high up in the game now now since the last update it will not work it keeps telling me I have to update when I've already updated then the screen freezes up don't know what's going on with it but I'd like to get it fixed I really like the game
sorry. downloading this game is not worth it. all i have is this stupid black screen. i thought at first its just our wifi and restart it then got a complain from my 2 bothers one is streaming on Netflix the other one playing some online games. so I thought again, maybe its just my phone? restart it SEVERAL times and all i got is black screen after the title.
graphics are great. but it takes entirely too long to get any dna or gold to start. I have been playing for 2 days already and have barely progressed in game for lack of gold. also directives are not very clear. thinking about uninstalling already.
Ehh... Its a great educational & thought provoking game and kinda entertaining... Its just a little slow going at first but its gets better Good job devs
I was hoping for new content with this update, but there wasn't any. Instead it asked for permission to make and manage my phone calls (that's a no) and just now google said I was in the app 5 mins ago when it's been over an hour. It didn't crash, so there's that. If there isn't going to be new content I may just give up. Edit: I don't use FB. I am approx 40% done with pyr 2 and that is the only quest I have. No new research techs.
After the recent update, the game will not even launch. I've tried clearing the cache and restarting my device but it does not help
Love ๐Ÿ˜ t except it keeps putting me back some times I have to do things three times may be you could fix that then I would give it a fivethoughnreciently it keeps saying download. Update but there's no update. So. Won't let me. In the game. At. All
It's a challenge of patience for the player Though it's very slow but it does reward the player's patience
The game is fairly entertaining, I just wish it was slightly easier to get stuff built at the beginning.
I love the game I just think the wit today's technology the game can go in to more depth and detail but its a great game but now game keeps crashing after putting play points on to it smh
Fix the issue of it crashing at start up. Cashe is cleaned. You have a problem that needs to be fixed!
A few bugs and issues. But if you are looking for a long drawn out, resource collecting game, this is it. Takes forever. But the story line is very interesting, staying with it to see where it goes.
Reinstalled the game. Lost everything I worked for. Still optimistic, gonna try this again from the beginning
What can I say.....fix the game and I'll rate it.every time I try to load it,it crashes and turns my phone off to where I have to push the button on the side to turn it on.Im and big fan of the show and am so disappointed
Disappointed, been playing for a long time, and all of a sudden the game won't even open, what did you do to it.
When I saw the game say there was an update, I hoped it was to fix the alignment of the worshippers at the temples - they are not centered, especially on the megatemple. Or maybe more quests and storylines. But there is no update. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted several times and I keep my cache clear. Hugely disappointing, please fix.
I was thinking that this game can be connected to Google play and save our data that way its just an idea.
I would luv to play this again but this black screen is all I get n yes I have cleared my cache... This has to be fixed... It's just not working... The one โญ comments aren't lying.... It is a awsome game but it's unfortunate that this is wut happens now after a update...
Great effort with the story. Can tell a lot of thought and effort was put in. Unusual and original. Lots of different things to do with the unique ancient alien theme going on. Best mobile game of it's kind I've played.
Changed my rating from 5 stars to 1. Spent 2 years grinding away just to have the update problem. It says I need to update but there is no update to download. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but that didn't work either. No response from Support after emailing them 3 weeks ago. Very disappointed and uninstalling.
I am using a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Completely updated. All I get is a black screen. Never seen anything like this before. I've rebooted uninstalled I've tried everything.
Super cool concept based on the Truths of our World. The game play definitely needs some work, like scrolling in and out and maybe having more than 1 task at a time as the game can get super slow at times, but that being said it has incredible potential and it keeps me coming back. I know upgrades are coming soon :)
Bad experience. This game needs a lot of time to accomplish while all the pyramids of Earth were constructed faster than that. Weak scenario, bad graphics, lot of bugs, i have 200 large house and DNA is still slow, researchers requires months to harverst DNA while some of them are without results, like modern medicine you open the game every hour for a month straight to harvest 4m then you won't get a hospital. if bugs is the topic there is no ending line. This game needs reconsideration.
Very frustrating when there are bugs (and there are many bugs). This latest bug won't allow me into the game until I install the update, but there is no update. Since I farm the glyphs, this has cost me 13 million coins. Thats just with the latest bug. Who knows how much progress and how many resources I have lost since this new company took over and started rolling out "updates"
It's a really good game, but it's also full of grinding, and sometimes it seems like it's really just pay-to-win, when it is obviously not. I'd give this game 4, or even 5 stars, but when I use it on my chromebook it likes to load to 25%, and then not progress any further.
Fun game play, except that it takes WAY too long to be able to achieve the goals once you are farther along. Took a couple of months to get the DNA for wine making, 10 days to research, only to find out that it will take literally more than three years to gather enough xenon to upgrade the 7 temples. Buying what you need is EXTREMELY expensive. After two years of playing, I have deleted the game.
When I first started playing, it was great, but the updates make it suck canal water. The last update has made it completely impossible for my husband or me to even get the game to open. He's been playing for 5 years and he's about had it. Please fix the issues people.
This game was abandoned by the devs several years ago. Slow pace due to the developers desire that you purchase overpriced resources to move the game forward. As the "game" progresses the goals are even harder to meet without spending real money. The game doesnt seem to be complete, based on what ive read in the forums there were to be additional updates that were never delivered leaving the game story hanging without closure. Some aspects of the game were entertaining, but not worth much $$$
I've been playing this game since day one had issues with the game not fitting my screen and it only took over a year for you guys to fix that. Now you insist I need to update when I have the current version installed. Really not impressed with your programming.
1)Fun but becomes a VERY long waiting game later on. 2)When you first vistit your friend's place it says that you can only help remove artifacts from their place because your level is too low and will be able to do more later, however, I am level 52 and still I still can only remove artifacts. 3)You have a limit to how many buildings you can have placed, which increases by 2 every time you level up, I am level 52 and have a limit of 105 while my "friend" is 27 and has at least 3x more than I do.
I have played this game for a long time and now it's telling me to do an update Again. However when I click on update in the game it takes me to Google where it says open.. no option to update. I just updated this app two weeks ago. I do not want to lose everything I've built. Please fix this.
Great game, unique, and fun, when it opens. Latest update doesn't even launch. Typical response to clear cache. Been there done that. Same results game does not load. Since this is a problem with everyone else, perhaps it might sink in that your app is broken and it's not on the end user. update 11/14, updated app, no change, uninst/reinst no change, clear cache, no change, restart device, no change. App does not launch.
the story is interesting. But as you get farther into it the cost of things is so high it takes days and weeks to get enough resources to do anything
I think this game this game is amazing, but the prices of various objects could be a little lower though. Other than that the game is pretty spot on, great job on this developer's!
Again I am having to change my review cause again Ancient Aliens the game app won't load up it just errors out when I tap on the app, and the devs take to damn long in replying when you've reported the issues and take forever to fix the game with an update, and this happens a lot and I'm sick of it!... I think I'm just gonna delete the game and be done with it cause this happens all to often and nothing gets done about it in a short time, the devs just like to take their time fixing problems!
(Edited) I have played this game for a long time and now it's telling me to do an update Again. However when I click on update in the game it takes me to Google where it says open and it won't load.. no option to update. I just updated this app two weeks ago. I do not want to lose everything I've built. Please fix this. Edit: After it finally let me do the update it worked great. Haven't had any issues since!
Game won't load anymore I've cleared the cache and still won't work the game used to be quite good then nothing works it can be annoying trying to find things to click on as they can be hidden behind buildings which you'll never find
I saw the game, and was really excited to try playing it, since I am a fan of the TV show. However the game does not work. It crashes during the intro, and no matter how many times I restart it it just keeps crashing.
Game needs to drop its prices 80% ive had this game 3.5 yrs and it costs to mutch and takes to long to accomplish and gather resources its frustrating also very long load times ๐Ÿ˜‘ one star due to greed
so heavily pay to win. once i got the pyramid built, which is the main ojective of the game (took me until lvl74 10-12weeks of daily play) i got slapped with a quest to cap the pyramid which needs over ยฃ1000 worth of microtranactions for just one ingame currency needed... i was enjoying it and felt like i was making good progress untill this happened and realised i will probably be playing this for the rest of my life unless i pay at some point. even for a game of this type the price is steep.
Very slow to accumulate necessary resources. Seems like the only way to progress in the game is to spend money. And not just a little bit. You would literally have to spend almost $1,000 of real money, to buy the 1 million gold coins you need to finish the first pyramid. It's ridiculous. I like the show but the game feels like a con
Update... I've reported and repoted the issues about updating and with no response !! I've changed my rating to a 1 star. Please fix this issue !! So far it's pretty fun, but there needs to be a little more for tutorials. After awhile of playing you should be able to pick it up.
I was really far along and now the app doesn't even load through. It goes black when it reaches 100%. Please fix this. I want to see where my progress is at. But I need to be able to log back in with Facebook. I've already tried clearing my cache.
HUGE fAn 0f the show with many personal experiences that really make me rewatch the shows over and over. unfortunately as much as I wanted to love this game the bottom line is that the game is simply ungodly boring! its so slow, one quest at a time, you need to wait for statues to get build to make experience if you can't fulfill a quest imediately. its all waiting and very little playing. I hope it gets better cause ibwnated too love this game, right now its just so boring its not enjoyable
I've played this game a LONG time, and have become quite annoyed with how slow it is to progress towards the end. DNA is very slow to harvest, but a necessity. Glyph mining is a lot of help, but is time intensive. Edit: newest update caused app to no longer login to my account via FB, reinstall of app didn't correct it. Was very high in collected resources and time spent in game, will remain 1 Star rating until this is fixed
game is good but goes out of my screen. i am using a moto 6 g plus model which is relatively good and new... yet the right side of the game is going out of screen and i can barely click on the build button and have to use the phones back button to return from any screen so only 2 stars till this is fixed
so i had to change my review because i think the game is in some kind of limbo๐Ÿค” i passed the second part of the game and said it would would load the next part and never did. sent an email to the developers asking about it and never got a response. im just glad i didnt spend any money whew๐Ÿ™„dodged a bullet that time.
this game is awfully. It can't be played. qWhy ?! where is your f******. building tab in this game ?! ,why the game is not working at all ?! why the controls are not working and it is not fullscreen game ?! plaase fix the game ....
the game doesnt fit my screen. im using a ZENFONE MAX M2 PRO ASUS. i think the game can fit my screen because the screen of my phone is pretty much big/wide. please fix this problem. and they dont even respond to our problems. so 1 star
Finally after the broken launcher fix now All my save data from the last 2 years is gone it wont let me connect with fb anymore
Was cool, now broken. The update is broken, won't even open game. My first pyramid been working on it for a while now, is unfinished, waiting for the last top piece, which I cannot put on, so close, yet so far. Otherwise fun to play. Hit a few doldrums and had to just grind away for resources, but fun anyway.
I uninstalled then reinstalled the app since it wasn't opening and I now have the same issue. I love this game, but I had glyphs that needed harvesting and now I am losing the full value. Cleared my cache and restarting my device did not help either.
The game is HORRIBLE. Ive written the support numerous times about many problems just to get back "they know and working on it". Game is freezing all the time, dont fit on my screen so I can get to all the controls and many connection errors! Thats just a few of the complaints I have.
Is the game serious when it asks me to complete its main mission exclusively by hand? Never seen a game that goes so directly against the most basic principles of the time/resource management genre. Quarries: pointless, you just gotta build yourself. Gold: pointless, none of the buildings do anything. DNA: pointless, why would you enhance your workers if they don't contribute to anything? Tech: pointless, why research anything if it changes nothing? A shame of a wasted opportunity here.
love the show, game is even better. real easy going, lots of fun! Well, it was fun. Now I can't play bc it will not update, guess that's how they pocket your hard earned cash... Don't fall for it!
Thoroughly enjoying the game so far but the one issue i do have is the construction/placement of builds is hard to get things lined up(on mobile atleast) if y'all could make it so there a grid layout for building placement i would appreciate it very much
I love this game, but there has recently been a message on the screen saying there it's an update that i must download to continue playing, but when i go to download the update, there is no update, i really want to log in and play but i just can't
Pretty dumb game. It's an idle tycoon, pay to win, with 3 currencies, and just like the TV show it feels like you're learning, except that it's actually just the crazed ramblings of an Albert Einstein wannabe/fairy tale history buff. Straight garbage. Not even fun. Long intro, Christopher Columbus aliens, and too much/too preachy dialogue.
I really used to love this game, and I've played it for years, but then there was the whole issue with the game not launching, but that was fixed. Now, there's a new issue: the game doesn't let you sign in with Facebook, which means that all of your previous progress is inaccessible. I'm sure there are plenty of people who agree that this is a good game, it just needs to be fixed.
Will not load. After downloading assests every time i open the game it just goes to black screen when it hits 113%
Latest update doesn't even launch. Typical response to clear cache. Been there done that. Same results game does not load. Since this is a problem with everyone else, perhaps it might sink in that your app is broken and it's not on the end user. update 11/14, updated app, no change, uninst/reinst no change, clear cache, no change, restart device, no change. App does not launch.
can't download, not enough storage on my phone. ๐Ÿ˜‘I would love to play it though to get more insight on our ancient past. *August 23,2019*: Just downloaded this app, I'm ready to be enlightened as I come closer to new legion.