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Ambar's Fate - The Gamebook

Ambar's Fate - The Gamebook for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Pensódromo located at Av. Diagonal 311 bis 7o 4a 08013 Barcelona SPAIN. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Absolutely one of the better gamebooks put there, it has a great world and compelling story, I only wish there was more.
The story's OK really old fashioned speaking, but the fight is terrible. You only hit like 3/10 times, before that you're already dead
A fun story with lots of options. A few minor errors inside (name imports, typos, choice resulting in going to the wrong section or back in the story, possible mis-translations, etc.). Would really like some kind of guide or quick description of what the stats and skills do before selecting. Overall very good and recommended to anyone who enjoys choose your own adventure. Hope to see a sequel or additional stories in the future!
I loved the game, I had fun playing it when I got it and the combat style and right feel is good. But the only problem I had is the game is very short. I played it for two days and beet it. If you where include different content, including towns or islands, then the game would be more entertaining. In addition to the game being short, iPhone users have to pay 2 dollars to get the game which isn't worth it with the game being small.
No information about abilities and skills.. Huge miss rate.. Way to huge. Game based on hit/miss chance. So if u miss5 times in a row, youlose. And must play from beggining.. I play on easy and dsnt matter on attribute I just keep missing and can't kill normally even ogre. 10/1 chance even to reach him. PS no save point so If u dead u must walk true all pages again and again. Game to hard... Update at least what abilities do. No info at all...
Many people will come to realize that perception and charisma is practically useless. Fitting the interface to my phone is impossible. Ends up missing a portion of the screen. Not to mention how you only get two skills which is pretty crappy. Now on to tips. Best tip I can give is the use of bookmarks. This game has a good story, but I feel like it could have been longer. Anyways, not the best and not the worst.
Your battle system is horribly flawed. Gaining the needed gold almost impossible. Im saying a fully agile hunter should be able to dodge an ogre and not miss every hit. I don't think there's money to be made here.
pretty good game but I managed to steam roll the entirety of it with ease by just putting points into strength and stamina and made the end boss ridiculously easy
I love everything about this story. The fact that you can miss people in this story proves a lot of work was put into it. Only problem is I couldn't save my progress, so every time I died i'd have to start over again, repeatedly dying in that process because of the dice/chance part of battles.
A decent game with pretty decent storyplot. The stat are nice to add replaybility values but i agreed with the non combat stat having little to no use even at higher level. Better just go max battle skills. Overall other aspect seem fine. Good work on trying reading more fun
The game stops responding. I had to call someone when it first stopped responding and showed white screen. Then whenerv I opened the app it only shows white screen. Even after reinstalling it's the same.
The writing and plot are amazing. The game is let down by it's combat system. Even on Easy mode you are looking at so many reloads the game becomes unplayable. It needs a story mode and the combats need to be adjusted.
Game is good , story is great but only thing I don't like is combat it is imbalance and I need to keep trying again and again as your attack and defence is base on chance!! And other this is there is no save point!! If u guys can put autosave or some checkpoint it would be great and balance combat!! ..
Good game. I like the music and ambience as you play. Rations don't appear to do anything and i never found an option to use them as a choice. Some grammatical errors. Still this is ok and after playing it through twice over a couple days I want more. ****
With chances to go different paths and to resolve the story in various fun ways, the game offers challenges and fun. Only real flaws are the imbalances in combat and a few light bugs. One of the best CYOAs on the market, and free too!
It could be great, but after reading Magium, I will rate it just ok. Language is not great. Bookmarks are bad, in easy mode you have 7 saves. But you have no idea how far you are from ending. So you never kNow whether you are saving tooo frequently or not
Alot of options but you barely use any of them. If you pick a character that is not good in combat, then you're going to have a very hard time breathing this game. Pick a Warrior and just keep leveling your combat stats and your good to go.
Have kind of good story although quite short. The mechanics of the game are quite flawed like the fighting mechanic and items. But overall it's a good game. Mind you that this game have no ads and in app purchases. Rate 5 for giving something good for free
No words needed just play it and hate it, wish it had more but its garbage if I'm stuck dying in one part over a hundred times.
A poor execution of a good idea, with the biggest flaw being the combat Random Number Generator: your 10-die roll is too big and makes the hit chance almost entirely relied on luck. There are also huge unbalances everywhere, more so between the Ranger and the Warrior; simply put, the Game World seems to have been designed purely for the Warrior and doesn't recognise the special skills and weaknesses of the Ranger.
I think that you need to tweak the system of battle by a lot, what I mean by this is that I invest in my character being accurate and they can't even hit one attack. And the items are very overpriced,But over all a good story and a decent game for passing time if you have patience.
Very poorly written. Words used improperly, punctuation is constantly wrong, and spelling mistakes appear too frequently. Very hard to get passed when all the game is about is reading. Fun idea, very poor execution.
Your lucky to get four* because of that battle system you got going on there at the start. It's about as functional as swiping a credit card in a strippers a$$. That being said the story's great, translations pretty good, lots of cool skills to learn (albeit 85% of them useless.) Still It's a semi solid play. ~Pro tip~ Read the rules, it outlines what every skill/attribute contributes, then get your defense(agility) and Health up ASAP!!!!!!!!Everything else is redundant.
The story is enjoyable as is the game itself (once you get the hang of it). The game does suffer a bit from the crappy combat chance (and being overly short) mechanic, but the mechanic problem is easily overcome with the use of bookmarks. This is the second best game of its genre in the Google Play store, and it's completely free! Definitely deserves a download.
Found a few glitches. For CYOA it was fun to play. Checkpoints that allowed restart without burning bookmarks would make it better. I got lucky and made it from the last city visit to the end, but having no bookmarks left its a good thing i was lucky
Terrible, just terrible. It's as developers just made generic rpg stats but had no idea how to implement it in the game. Stats like strenght, agility, charisma are so useless dont know why you even bothered. Combat system is a mess and the story seems as if a kid wrote it. Thumbs down.
Good narrative and only two glitches I could see. Wish there was even more story available and then an option to replay with hidden text. Story has capacity to be a lot more intricate which would let it maintain interest for longer.
I really like the premise of the game but its far too difficult...even on the easiest setting doing side missions is almost unthinkably difficult. I've run the game over a dozen times with different character set ups and approaches and I've only cleared the fomorian tower once through what is apparently sheer luck. Ease up devs... If I want to be challenged I'll knock it up to a higher difficulty but on easy I just want to enjoy the story, not pull my hair out because I have to restart every 5 minutes
It's very well made. The story is gripping. I love how the combat system works. However, I've repeatedly encountered a glitch on page 630. I've killed Formorians in their lair and gained a lot of gold, but when I got back to Darklake(p. 630), my gold became 17 when I should have well over 100. When I sell stuff to the blacksmith there, gold goes down instead of up.
Great CYOA, even with some translation errors. Not limiting the bookmarks to only 7 would be great but otherwise really good. I found it frustrating and wanted to give up a few times but I persevered and made it to the end. Well done!
I can't stand games that don't give any information on the most important parts of building your character. While some stats are fairly obvious. Others are left to guesswork. It's incredibly lazy and stupid
I LOVE this game, i just think that you shoul add a SAVE BUTTON, because i am SOO tired of redooing the whole story every time i die.
If you want the story without the heavy combat encounter and dice mechanic, go for Easy. But if you chose Normal even Hard moreover a malnourished/low xp Ranger... feels like Dark Soul text-based RPG version, boi :'D
The gameplay is awesome, the soundtracks goes well with the environment. The story is good but not mindblowing. The choices don't actually matter much, as there is only one real ending. And to people who say there are not enough info go read the rules. They give you every information in detail. Also each and every attribute, skills and talents are useful. I won't spoil it, find out on your own.
Honestly a fun game but as another review has said it's super unbalanced in favor of going all strength/stamina. Played a few times and have consistently missed when there was 3/4 difference between my attack and the enemy's defense, I had combat advantage, and wasn't fatigued, while they land hits more often with 3/4 disparity between their attack and my defense. Warrior is cheese, even on hard.
I loved the game,but my galaxy j3 2017 keeps crashing when I play it. Use the bookmarks on top left of page to save your game.
Even with attack exceeding your opponent's defense, you miss more often than hit. Meanwhile your opponents whittle your health down so that fighting two without healing will likely be fatal. Since you don't get chances to heal frequently, that makes this game something only for the extremely lucky.
There are many grammatical mistakes in the rules section. I found two instances where "strength" was spelled "strenght", "can't" spelled without the apostrophe twice, "run out" spelled "runo ut", and "opponent" spelled "oponent". I expect to find more within the game but I haven't started yet. I'm not surprised to see these mistakes, though. It can be difficult making a game perfect, especially if there aren't many people on your development team or if your not fluent in English.
I really like this game with the story line and sound, but it has gotten really frustrating with the combat. I'm forced to make my character choose combat, or hard to kill skills because otherwise I just keep dying. The hit and miss rate also seems to be against my player the rate just seems unbalanced. And I'm on easy mode. You soon loose interest in a game if you have to keep replaying a part over 20 times because of death.
Battles are way too dependent on luck. Even on easy, with the same character build, I'm losing fights I won on normal simply by missing too much.
I had fun playing this game. You need to make sure you don't use all of your saves early on, otherwise dying later in the game will be very annoying for you. The game is quite short. Hoping for a sequal that lets you load your character from the previous game.
Solid execution - decent story, world, and options. I had good fun replaying this. It's short, but that's not a bad thing as it encourages replaying and trying different options. Couple of bits feel like they don't quite work - the ambush mechanic never seemed to impart any benefits/penalties, perception above 4 didn't seem to do anything. Charisma didn't seem to do anything at any level. It struggled to make use of the non combat skills - always better to just pump combat.
The idea behind it is good and interesting but each time I get into a fight the app keeps unequipping me from any weapons and shields so I can't win and have to retry Everytime please sort this out ...
It's an interesting story of olden times. Curious that, though it's obviously translated from Spanish, of all the CYOA games on Google play it has the least spelling mistakes. There are a few expressions that don't really translate, and I think the characters might need a bit more depth, but all in all an entertaining adventure. I recommend using a predefined character, they are somehow much stronger. Would enjoy trying the Spanish version :-)
Great, though not perfect yet but it almost there. The only thing bothering me is the speech mark in the story, maybe you could use quotation symbol ("...") for dialogues. I know it's small but it would really make readers comfortable reading the story. This game is great, really!
It seemed interesting, what with the accompanying illustrations and sound effects, but the extreme difficulty of combat has finally forced me to stop trying. I downloaded this CYOA game to make choices and enjoy the unfolding story. Not to keep dying in combat which is entirely luck based.
I enjoyed this gamebook every much! I love reading interactive story books and this one had the bonus of having to strategize battles. I struggled at first and kept having to restart. Then I realized I could add bookmarks to save my progress and it was much easier after that. It is fairly short and I was able to finish it in a few hours but it was completely free so I didn't mind! The storyline kept me interested and the gameplay was very fun. I wish I could find more gamebooks just like this!
Finished the game in easy. Its so hard using ranger i always die and has small damage. its useless to hide and unlock cause you still have to fight the monsters and die after hiding. I suggest using warrior its easier to win.
Its a good short game. My biggest gripe is the combat system, the offensive/defensive option almost never seem worth it it, and combat is too RNG reliant which is fine until you have to face three enimies in a row and hope to god you get good luck. It is very punishing early game. Here is a tip: forget agility and dump your stat points into strength, stamina, and perception. Also if you are playing ranger take the climbing skill. Overall its good for a first game and I liked the artstyle to it.
I love choose your own adventures but this game could use a little work. Limited story options. No checkpoints. Lots of ways to die. Story is ok but was not worth all the starting over. Would be more inclined to play if the story were more interesting or if there were checkpoints.
Ignore those who are whinging about nothing and enjoy it for yourself! This game has a 'feeling' to it where other cyoa games can come off as sterile. If any complaints; too short; boss too easy (maybe some more elements to the story?); and your translator needs to consult further once she's done! (Try contacting someone like me for further improvements with translation!) Keep going... :) I hope to see more!
Whats the point on having stats if they mean nothing and its all luck based in combat? You players die so much they then post 1star out of anger cause the game could be so good but fails horrible.