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Amazing Taxi Simulator V2 2019

Amazing Taxi Simulator V2 2019 for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by StrongUnion Games located at 25a Mammad Araz, Baku, Azerbaycan AZ1000. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The resolution is horrible... Please fix the Resolution...! It would be nice to reduce tip, when making mistakes (cross through red traffic lights, cross over the traffic lines, don't turn on blinker, etc.)
Paid app full with ads, and controls sucks... Game is great idea is good, but it is full with ads, and must spend monay again and again to play, its not only paid.. so don't install to waste your time.
this new game. Different from conventional classical games, with high-quality graphics and physics closest to reality, we guarantee you will experience the car experience to the end! Amazing Taxi Simulator V2 2019 - a beautiful and high-quality taxi simulator where players open up a whole city. And as the possibility of a detailed configuration of the car in the garage. In addition to moving freely through the streets in search of passengers, players can choose different modes. Various tasks
in game ads are so bugging it.just made me uninstall this game i can't keep my internet switched off so ya even after buying the game if i have to again buy in game pack to deactivate ads it's a deal breaker
So you have to pay to play the game but then also to remove ads??? Whats the point of paying for it in the first place? Its a fun game but needs some bug updates and definitely removal of ads after every customer you take to their destination...
Excellent game, I stg It is actually realistic. Most Realistic I have ever seen. Other than Ovidu pop, but their Taxi game crashes on even higher powered phones. Thank you for making this wonderful game. Maybe add more cars. That's it for me.
The view from the inside (cockpit) isn't clear . This things a wreck the graphics are just poor and and the game isn't realistic
This is too backwards if at this time2020,the car has no tilt control stearing mode! No mirror option there so that we choose to set a mirror on right or left or at back! Stop borring us please! Developers,your game has potential of being "real",but choose to give this old game format &you say its for 2020! Sis man
My favourite part in this game is at the end Hi to everyone who has the same of DJ it is not available for remote playback of DJ of the year and I will be in the future of DJ of the day
Poor and incredibly laggy. menu's are painful to navigate. graphics aren't great. free stuff isn't free the English is not great. settings don't seem to change anything. had high hopes for this but after 15 minutes gave up as it was practically impossible to play. judging by most of the reviews on this. they are fake and we're written by the developers or something.
I like this game and this is a very interesting and good and gorgeous game. It also make us improvise our driving skills and many more. I advice people who r reading this please try to play this game this game is very interesting and entertaining
Was excited to play this, and although the driving is kind of hard to pick up, it doesn't matter. Whenever in career mode, when I try to drop someone off after I've picked them up, they just stay in the car and the meter stays at 99%. Also, be careful purchasing in the app. I bought the starter pack, which comes with a car, money, and no ads. I received the cash instantly and such, went into a career game, left, and it was all gone. The ads came back too. Not purchasing it again...
Absolutely bad, dont spend money on tjis game, they take it and give nothing in return, i bought the no ads and you guessed it... ads kept coming... waste of $2 I'm complaining anout $2 thats how bad this is
It's quite a good simulator but I do think the graphics for,the customers could be better thats why only 3 stars. Otherwise GREAT
Pretty good. Got a few gripes though: Ads for a paid game Cars dont brake when theyre about to hit you, so if yiu stop you will bebin an accident If i pick up a passenger, when i drop them off, if im touching the square i stop. I need to be able to be in the square but move to a spot where never-slowing cars wont hit me. Took me a while to figurebout what to do on the start menu Please add a button to pick up passengers. I was driving elsewhere slowly, and accidentally pickd one up. tis all
this game is pretty cool i wont lie but its for certain age. there is huge room for improvement. I still remember very well when i was a kid i wanted games like these but now no! no!
This game is superb but the only thing I do not like is that when I mistakely go to the pavement but I do not have hitten anything then also it shows that you have created an accident and 20 XP - means I lost 20 XP other than this thing everything is ok and I wish that please do not do like this the mistake I told you about thank you.
i really enjoy playing this game however, the controls don't always work correctly causing failed challenges and/or damage to the car (when using < > mode, when using the steering wheel the car drives wildly and constantly overcorrects itself) fix these issues and you would receive 5 stars
It is very good game 🎮I have played so many times this is very very very good game graphics are very good.
this is an amazing game but still needs a little bit of work to improve some things such as if a taxi there should be a button to get back up again
!!PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU INSTALL!!!this game is so bad where do i even start. graphics are okay but for a game you have to pay for they are verg bad. gameplay is terrible with no control of the car whatsoever. i turned and let go and it would keep doing circles. don't download this game even if its free
The game is being falsely promoted as a new version, though it still runs the same 2017 old game evrytime you install this. Being a paid version, the graphics are too badly designed and not even correctly finessed. Paid version still runs ads and promos. Not expecting much from this game or developers in future.
This was the worst game ever played by me. Downloading this game is called time wasting and the controls and gameplay of this game are undercontrol of the driver. I want to turn to left or right but its not turning, going straight and accident and then showing -20 xp I was so angry that what should I say. So, I want to cinclude that this is the worst game. I am giving a suggestion that nobody should download this game.
The game is good. But could you please put the way to enter estates and other places. If you can do that, I will be so happy.
This game is suppose to be a premium game, yet it is filled with ads on ads on ads. Everytime, you complete a mission, guess what? you get an AD. Im not surprise, but don't bother downloading this game.
Its pretty fun but it lacks a good graphic experience and it needs better control of the vehicle along with the ability to drift, and i would personally like to see a manual driving mode. It also needs to be less glitchy on the accidents and better ai along with better designed streets and roads.
i like this game because its really realistic and its fun to play and i got this game on offer so that was a bargain and the funny thing is is that this game never freezes so thays another reason why i really like it so yeah.
Waaay to many ads! You can't even exit because one ad after another is shown (have to force exit/kill to get out and end it). I see fewer ads on T.V.! Not worth installing.
The graphics are not the best. the game is loaded with ads. It ruins the experience. The controls are ok. The buttons need to be a bit bigger. The vehicles pop out of nowhere. The AI vehicles don't follow the red light signals. This game just needs a lot of work.
very good. I am enjoying but what does it mean buy you can get the free mode with money or with 10 customers??
Hey guys...unless you just wana test the app out. Don't download it. The graphics are not good at all. The controls are the worst. They are small its hard to control the car. There is no map of where you should drop the passenger. So please refrain
I would like to give 5 star for graphics but in cars only the 1st car is proper at turning and the other cars which ever we buy just flips in the turning
This game is pretty spectacular in general! The graphics are amazing! But there are a few things that bother me when I play this game, first the number of dumb and annoying adds needs to go down! Secondly the steering sensitivity and the steering in general for the steering wheel is horrible! Third the game is kind of buggy sometimes for me. Fourth the AIs/Bots/NPCs should have better driving skills. Please fix the number of adds and keep up the increadible work!
Graphics, Bad! Controls, Bad! Everything is just bad about this game! Good thing I got it when It was free, thank god! I was playing this game on my computer, and then my computer just shuts off, my computer was not dead, it was plugged in at the time, would not get this again, or any other games made by the dev. I wish I could give this no stars, but nope.
I like the game. But I would rate it 5* if the lighting was a bit more brighter and the graphics was a bit more advanced. also you could make the signals a bit bigger so it's more visible. And you should also enhance the UI a bit more other than that everything is fine!
When I was trying to upgrade the car it took me out of the game and straight to my home screen. Gave it a 1 star because you might need to update it to not kick people out
Just adds videos 20 seconds long. Developer is serious to make money. Highly not recommended. There should be a - 1000000 star rating for this game.
it's so bad, it's fun to mess around. This is a game you can't take seriously. Gives you "accident" penalty for turning a corner. Buses spawns on top of you. Traffic lights penalize you when it turns red even if your exiting the intersection. Boring map. You lose audio if you play long enough. Ads every drop off and it loses throttle control sometimes. Nice try.
this is the best taxi game for children bcoz it is not so hard and the graphic are also good but one thing should be in update that is the car in road it's to much that I cant drive the car fast ..... can u give your all games free for some days ,to the head of strong union games
Good game great graphics keep up the good work. U need to update it a little to add more ultra super graphics
awesome game. I got it for free as I brought in sale. I don't think it's worth spending on. but overall as a free game it's one of the best. the point is its charging 80 rs for a game just like one of the best free games. the game even had ads for 80 rs (hell!!??!).
I'm giving this game a 4 star because for a game you have to buy there are SO many ads Every time you complete a mission there's a ad. The graphics are good and in all the game is good, if only there were more cities and different types of weather, the last thing is that you "crash" into invisible objects so it classifies it as a accident other then that it is a really good game I do recommend it but could you please have those miner things looked at? greatly appreciated xx
Nice very nice game this is but update this game and develop more things in this game then we have more fun in GamePlay take clutch mode in game for more improvement in game.that is our demand to you
This game is awesome.its grafics are ok! But could you please develop the side mirror it keeps on the same. But dude this game is incredible try and download it and you will see what I said👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Great game! Just 1 bad thing.. could you make so you can slide the gears up and down not so you have to tap them.. Thanks!
At first I was like "A free game :D" but then now I see why is free, not worth it of a game, Imagine paying .99 cents for a gema that also contains ads, que gay, good thing I got it for free but uninstalling since at the start of the game, ad, when you deliver a person, ad, look at the phone, ad, ad, ad, ad, ads everywhere.
I played for a while and the ads is very intrusive. Every drop off and pick up there is 1 advert. I look the starter pack promo is quute affordable, i payed for it. Already receive the receipt from Play store but still haven't receive the starter pack yet. Will Change the rating when the problem solved.
It is the best game ever it has incredible graphics and I like this game because I have played it for 40 years now,I recommend that this game is good for the body.
This is a good game if you want to experience being a taxi driver. The graphics are ok and the driving is ok. I rated it 4 stars because I feel like that is what it deserves. But this game should be free. I dont see how or why it costs money. Even though it is just 99 cents it should still be free. I got it because it was on sale and it was free. The driving mechanics of this game are ok exept for when you hit invisible objects and it said it was an accident and you crashed into something.
Its not a sim game its an app for add. Bad graphics and worst possible driving controls Don't buy, unisatlling after writing this review. Total waste of time and 💰
this is a very nice game. I need another customer one by one all the customers who have to go to their home and another destination can come to me ad I drop them to their house and other places etc . Download this amazing game before the free time out. Download it for free on play store only in android phones.
The graphics and gameplay are nice but, can be improved much more. As for controls, they're horribly designed! The car keeps crashing into different places. The brakes don't work either. You can't control it like you want to. And most of all, there are just so, so many ads that fill the entire screen, really hated it! 😠😠😠
I can't give 5 star because of it's price the graphics of the game is very much bad and when we miss the turn it doesn't show it's next navigation it say to take a u-turn and this game doesn't diserve 1 star it deserves 5 out of 0.0 stars and I want my money back very very much bad I don't expect it not at least one star don't install if when at least it's free also full of ads
dude this game has only purpose "collect money" when you download it it has a hell lot of ads and then it allows you to play about 15 then asks for 1$ to refill each time
i purchased the starter kit which included making adverts optional... funny thing i difnt recieve anything that i purchased. i want a refund. good simulator but really bad purchase system.
The game has way to many ads. The driving is very dificult, the graphics are ok for an android game. Great concept. But again way to many ads. You can get rid of them but it costs money already a paid game. Money hungry at its best.
The game is nice but there are some glitches. The bus will appear out of nowhere, the instructions are not clear, directions are not given. You can play it when you are very bored but then I get bored and move on to the next game
I can't believe how a paid game contains ads. The game graphics are trash even on High Settings. This game absolutely is the worst taxi game I've ever seen and played. This game and this developer are really bad. I wish google adds no stars option and this game will be the first to get it
Nice game, but there was a problem don't have side mirror you didn't see your both side of your car if they have coming the another car
In the photos they are showing that there is so good graphics but in reality there is no similar graphics. Need to improve very much👎👎👎
Downloaded this game and found the screen full of Ads and promotions even when trying to actually play the game the Ads take up around 10% of the viewable gameplay screen area so i decided to buy a £1.09 starter pack which should of given me some money a free car but most importantly the ability to have the Ads Removed and guess what i got nothing NO FEE CAR NO MONEY AND I STILL HAVE ADS ALL OVER MY SCREEN i think this game is probably a scam and I've reported this to Google..........
Very very good game but the people are same only I have played the multiplayer and I have 2 matches then see what will . Thanks.😊😊😊😊😊😊
The grafics are bad what you see on the images is not what you will get It does not deserve to be a simulater game
PLEASE READ BEFORE INTALLING!This game is literally trash.1st of all you have to pay money to play it and in the game there are ads every minute and to remove them you need to pay extra cash.Graphics are not bad but they arent as advertised and for a paid game they are trash.Controlls are the worst thing,the hardest thing in the game is to drive,wich should be easy because when you can drive how are tou gonna do missions ir even play the game.Gamplay isnt bad.The game is nothing like advertised.
The game controls quite good but the problem is when I drop a customer the customer is not going out and My car is also not moving even though the controls are moving like the start stop. Like the person getting out is not loading.
worst game.. ever i have played... the screenshots are fake and game is nothing like them...game is the worst i have ever played.. and the worst thing about this is that they have made it paid!!! 80rs.. It was on sale so I downloaded it seeing that it was paid and thinking it will be good...but I was wrong and i just wasted my data........
i really like this game, it is super fun, but something the gas doesn't go all the way, but it is a really fun game. i would recommend it to anyone
I like this game very much and I like its graphics and control too. This is a brilliant game 👏👍
This game is NOT worth playing. The gameplay is difficult to control, the graphics are subpar, there are constant spelling/grammatical errors in the game text, among other problems. DON'T waste your time or money on this game. Major improvements MUST be made and a NEWER version released.
not a good game because if you turn its showing that accident happened worst game and if we cross 45 there is a limit but ok no problem in it but if the indicators are glowing back but not in front Why?