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Amazing Loot Grind

Amazing Loot Grind for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Star Penguin Games located at P.O. Box 2132 Astoria, NY 11102. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is fun for a while (every 1-3 star comment just said just clicking but that's the purpose of the game retards also the game not fitting is your fault adjust your screen zoom)
The game is OK. There is no point to the gold, levels, or loot itself. It's a very good early concept for some kind of potential dungeon grinding game, where the loot, levels and gold is actually used. At the very least incorporate a tower with basic monsters to fight until you die and return to loot grinding or have this be an add-on for Pixel Dungeon. A good way to import loot to Pixel Dungeon. Just do something with it, I enjoy it but it's wasting its potential.
Doesn't fit screen half the text is offscreen so unreadable, needs an option to change resolution to fit different phones
This was an alright idea, but the loot is useless. I would prefer it if there was something I could use the loot for.
I like this game alot. It's fun simple and rewarding. It seems like alot of people give this game hate because all you do is open chests even though that's the whole point of the game. Also I would love to know how you programmed the coding for how the chest loot is effected by the loot level.
Yes! Just one problem I have with the algorithm. I shouldn't be getting 10 commons in a row at Loot Level 17001. Other than that, I love it!
Honestly, if you're looking to sit down and kill time before the barista makes your overpriced latte, or if you're waiting for the water to boil to make ramen, or if you're just stuck at the DMV while your out-of-town roommate who doesn't own a car applies for a permit, this game is right for you. It's mindless, takes up as much time as you want it to, and it can be pretty fun opening a chest and getting something cool. There's no competition, you don't fight anything with the loot you get, and there's only one chest to ever loot. Might be a little boring, but it's that mindless boring that is still pretty fun. If you've got time to kill, long or short, give it a download.
This game is very fun and addictive but it is hard to not get bad loot (common,uncommon) Would like advice to get better loot Another thing with this game is the *watch an ad for better loot* button barely changes loot paterns so dont bother because the game is funner than watching an ad
I really like this game but the mute sound effects button does not work. The mute music works but when you start the game and open a chest it still makes the sound effects. No way to mute and it's kind of annoying after opening tens of thousands of crates. PLEASE FIX THE MUTE SFX BUTTON.
Pretty cool. Has some resolution issues but they aren't game breaking. Simple mechanics and entertaining for a while
I had this game on my old iPhone that no longer works, and when I switched to my Moto, the ads no longer work? It crashes the game every time.
game constantly crashes and icons never appear. I guess you could say their peerless. (edit) please update game.
Pretty fun I like the old age feel ill keep on my phone and collect it all! Wellp I'm going to not play this anymore I had alot of loot on my old device but... sadly this doesn't save I'm devastated that I spent so much time on this game but that's life... thanks for the experience I guess... ~Uninstalled~
Had to give one star because it force closes before I even get to the first chest. Others have said issues with the ads and maybe that's what crashes mine. I get thru the choices of character and class then crash.
It's covering my whole screen i cant see the other text. And it's keep trying to acces google play games. Worst app
It's perfect and I love it. But why are people rating the graphics so low like what do you expect from 8 bit. Anyway Keppra doing good guys!
I would give this zero stars if I could. I've played many many games but I think this might be the worst. The absolute definition of mindless, meaningless repetition. I actually encourage anyone reading this to download the game, marvel at how terrible it is, leave a one-star review and uninstall. After 20 seconds of 'gameplay' you've seen everything it has to offer, multiple times.
I' not gonna write about the purpose of the game, but i'm at 10k power, I need rare items to get better, every tenth is a uncommon and every 25th is a rare, but only 1/2 rares is better than the one I got, I gotta open 50 boxes, before getting 20 power. It ruins the experience of the game. What to use gold for?
This game is a very addicting game for being as simple as it is. The biggest complaint I would have for it is that the sides of the screen don't fit and are cut off. I don't knkw if that's a universal thing or just on my phone.
Muting the music does mute it, but muting the sound effects dosent mute all of them, the ones ive notice were the chest opining, and getting something not commo. Please fix this
Basically an infinite gacha. My one problem is there are a number of super rare achievements about grind level but I don't even know what a grind level is let alone how to reach level one
Every time I tried to play it, it would close out saying it encountered a problem. This get really looks like a lot of fun and I hope to play it one day!
Picked this up years ago, and it's been on my phone since. It's not the greatest thing I've ever seen, but it's something that I can pick up, play with for a bit, but then drop with no warning without screwing something up or having to try to figure out what happened while I wasn't paying attention. It's literally just "Open Chest, Equip better gear, sell worse gear, repeat until all gear is Red rarity, reset to increase your Grind Level, Repeat". Don't expect more than that, and you'll be fine.
Great game! Only problem is that all of a sudden I can't watch ads to increase odds.... Might be a bug that needs to be looked at. Lastly can some of the tiers and levels be released? It would be really cool to have a wiki for this game!
Not a fan of point and click stuff, but theres a science behind loot box games when it comes to humans. Pretty smart way to make a game, and just enough content to keep you clicking away.
Seems simple and easy, which I like. A good time waster. One issue is the screen ratio. Playing on a Samsung Note 9 and the screen extends just slightly past the edge on the sides. Hopefully a simple fix.
I keep selling better stuff by mistake ! I me damn it ! Please try and do that we can't instantly sell better stuff we loot or something, it's frustrating when it happens. Otherwise, lacks content and if you don't pay attention to the game you'll miss good loot like i did. You want your game to be brainless or to demand attention all the time we tap and miss on because of the gameplay mechanics ?
Interesting idea but gets old fast. Be better as a sortof dungeon crawl borderlands where you can use them. Equip vs sell can get wonky and even ads don't play right to increase odds. Also whats the point of selling loot if gold cannot unlock a rarer chest? Good start though.
What the hell is this game supposed to be? Just an endless loop of collecting stuff and then nothing... I honestly thought we could collect the equipment and fight bosses and stuff but nothing! It's just rubbish.
Awesome, yet It's sadly insuffienceint of some features desired by the community. It could be abandoned, I sure hope not.
A silly but entertaining time killer. I love it, but I wish the penguin was peerless so I could keep him! xP
Great game... But it has issues. The app crashes very frequently. Sometimes it crashes after the loading screen, occasionally during gameplay after opening a chest, and always whenever I try to play an ad. Otherwise, I love the gameplay. I just wish there were stats (total chests opened, total items found in each category, etc.)
It would be cool if we could see the items on an avatar considering we chose female or male. And maybe use gold for buying unique looking items that are extremely expensive so you have to save gold, also could we use our items to battle monsters please
Unable to turn off sfx. Music turns on/off fine when toggling the setting, but sfx toggle makes no difference whatsoever. Xiaomi A1, android 9.0
doesn't work. game crashes a lot. icons are blank. I fixed it once by disabling SFX, next time I opened the game it was morw broken than before.
Can't even play it I have a very large screened phone and the game runs way past the boarders so I can't see at least a quarter of the screen so it's unplayable. On my oneplus 8pro rubbing Android 10
it was a lot of fun until you get so good that the games just boring. U need a way to see your character and be able to use gold for something I might quit if they dont add anything.
Their is no reason why you have to choose male vs female, gold has no use or value, and the rest of the game is just clicking the same box over and over again...but it has no purpose though. You cant battle with your character or do anything with it other than, like i said before, is just clicking the same box over and over. If this is just a click a box game, then you guys nailed it, but its awful.
Game seems fun but on note 10 plus it's cut off on both sides to the point where it's unplayable and there are no settings to adjust UI size 🙁
I don't know if you still check your reviews but I had a question...I picked up a new phone and wanted to play this game again but I hate having to restart back to grind level 0 and no gold...is there any way to your knowledge that I would be able to edit the game files to restore my stuff...I'm not a cheater I swear
The game gets harder as you progress. Would like more things to be in this game, maybe use the items that you get for something
It's like if a WoW raid boss worked (more) like a scratch-off lottery ticket! Hits that same dopamine sweet spot as opening Magic: The Gathering boosters without destroying your life by eating all of your rent money. Ethical advertising design as well, so major kudos to the dev for that in top of a solid lot box sim.
It's pointless yet amazing in the sense that it has pointless aspects that just add to the game... plus I'm addicted.
Pretty interesting game. It simulate getting loot from rpg games without fighting or completing task. Also some people who review this game are dumb.they think this is an actual rpg game even though the maker already state it isn't on the description. Don't criticize something you don't understand and check the description before downloading.
Doesn't fit my screen which actually sucks. It's kinda slow to open chests and isn't very smooth. Other than that this game is amazing and I love it. Please fix so I can continue to play
5 stars cuz game looks stupid but actually fun,and cuz sound is made by serbian and I am serbian,I mean name milan and surname ends with ic soo...
03.2020please we need more updates, dev release a new paid version I'll buy it! 10.2020After many months still waiting for updates. Dev abandoned it I think, but will keep coming back no matter what for a next comment! in a few month