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Amazing Fishing Games: Free Fish Game, Go Fish Now

Amazing Fishing Games: Free Fish Game, Go Fish Now for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Machbird Studio located at 251 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the game, but the more you play the more ads start showing up. I would start fishing then when I get back to the top after seeing how much I got from the fish I caught, theres an ad it happens every time. Theres just too many of them and makes me not want to play because of them.
i like the game a lot. To me its very addicting. i dont really have to spend a dime on it to get ahead. the only thing is every little bonus you have to watch an ad. and theres lots of bonuses. there not short ads. mostly 30 second ones. between each play i have like 2 to 3 ads to get the bonuses. there is an option for no ads that you have to pay for but i heard you still get ads. which is messed up. thats the only frustrating thing. owells time to move on
Fun game, too many ads. Huge complaint in that half the time I select not to watch the ad for the bonus and it still shows me an ad. Other complaint is there a button to the right that says you can pay to remove ads for 99 cents (which I have not purchased), but every 5 minutes or so I get a pop up saying how there's a limited special to remove ads for $2.99....that's a bit suspicious.
I really enjoy this game but I almost want to stop playing it due to the forced ads. this game has enough incentive to get you to watch ads but the creator is too much of a money Gruber to see that. if he/she gets rid of the forced ads then I will be more then happy to change my rating and give them 5 stars but if they care more about trying to fatten their wallet then catering to the players then that's their problem and down fall
I wasn't aware you could fit so many ads into a game! what's with the ads??? I can't stress enough how many ads you HAVE to sit through. It's a pity really 'cos the game is brilliant but I cannot bear the ads anymore - they have me driven demented. I'm aware that I can pay for no ads to haunt me but there are other games out there without so many ads.
at first I liked it a lot. had the app for weeks and would use it daily. with the new update they filled it up so badly of ads and 30 second ones that I now see it as unplayable and had to uninstall. very upset, was a good game too.
This app was great when i downloaded it about 2 or 3 weeks ago. It was a lot of fun and enjoyable and then seamingly overnight it turned into Ad city. as of this morning anytime i went to click on something a video ad popped up, you cant collect your fishing money unless you hit collect but even if you hit normal collect it will select collect 4x for a video and youre forced to watch an ad EVERYTIME. Its a lot of fun but the ads that have littered the app make it worse.
Are you missing a high maintenance partner in your life? Do you need the struggle and the hassle to be way more then it's actually worth? Well look no more! This game has it all! Watch ad after boring repetitive ad for a few seconds of game play pleasure. Constantly update just to keep it happy so it wont freeze you out! Don't worry about customer service representatives, there aren't any to speak of! Get ready for all out, hair pulling, pure frustration satisfaction and download this game today!
nice game but scheming. Playing the game is fun but you purposefully put in all those ads to make it annoying enough so people will pay you $3 to stop the ads so the game can be enjoyable. That is so underhandedly scheming. You might as well make this game pay-to-play and put a price tag on it up front. Uninstalling.
Paid for "no ads". Still the same number of ads (*maybe* a couple less) and then started getting pop-ups to pay $8 per week for no ads. Refunded and deleted - too bad, the kid was enjoying it. Otherwise, it seemed a semi-decent take on an old game (if repetitive). Grammar/spelling mistakes - maps didn't update to reflect progress, few other immediately noticeable problems.
This would be a REALLY fun game if it weren't for ALL the Ads!!! After EVERY time I fish there's and ad it really takes away from the joy of playing the game. I know u need ads and all that but maybe try and fix it so it isn't so often every so many min or something.. If it weren't for that I would still be playing but as of now uninstalling it's kinda unplayable.
I was unable to play long enough to decide if I liked the game. After you catch your fish, you're given the option to watch an ad for extra money, or continue. Problem is it's not an actual option you're forced to watch an ad no matter what. You are also given an option to buy with no ads. To enjoy this game it'll be your only option. the developers greediness forces you to buy to enjoy this game. Ads make them money, too many ads loses paying players. I'm taking my $$ to a game that isn't pushy
It was a great game. Simple idea but lots of fun. But, it is nearly overrun with ads. Ad pop ups after every play, and again after you decline. I had nothing better to do, and was able to wade through the ads, to complete all of my fish collections w/n a week. For me to enjoy the game more, it would need an update (to discover more locations and fish) and an overhaul on its ad systems.
I was going to give this game 1 star but I did enjoy the graphics, and the pirate costume... I have one major problem why can you only go so far on depth? if you are playing to get all of the different fish and you can see the last one you need just out of reach of your hook it's really frustrating. I'd like to know if and when you'll be adding new stages and allowing to go farther down.
The game is fun, with a good range of fish and is a nice way to pass time. However, when prompted with the option to watch adds for rewards, even if you deny it, an add plays anyway (without rewards). It ruins the flow of the game to the point of frustration. Good game, not so great add planning.
Where is the update this is absolute Boring i finished it along time ago this game is too fun i want update immediately . Please respond at us . Thanks for the game .nothing New happened in this update
the offline money does not calculate correctly at all if you try to double it by watching an ad. I was supposed to get 416,000 and then doubled would have been 832,000, but I got less than 10,000 after watching the video. dont bother until the game works correctly.
It is a very bad game because when we go to the level 9 and 10 is is very difficult to catch the boss don't download this game. Worst in the world that why I am giving only one star☹
Give it a 1 star is freakingvawful 1st many ads 2nd when yku start is just 1 slot and 3rd alot of ppl in comments add 1 atar so i join them
I love your game i have nearly all the lands and the fishes i am addicted i cant stop there is one slight problem and that is the add i dont like it i say just take them out
the game is fun and a great time killer but I've only had it a day and found there are more ads than I have ever seen in a game before. also I can no longer watch the videos to get my gifts or my multipliers. I have done everything I can do to fix the issue but to no avail. is there a bug on your end that needs fixed? if I can't get it to work, I'm uninstalling. no need to have a game on my phone if it's not working right.
I wish I could say that the game was enjoyable, but first there are too many adds. 2nd- When I buy an upgrade I shouldn't have to watch an add an pay for it again. 3rd-When I download a game I see in you adds, I don't want to, and shouldn't have to watch it 1000 more times! Ok! You sold me! So quit selling it to me already!! This game has adds about adds!!! Give me an effin break already! I cant uninstall this fish fast enough. It may be a fun game, I dont remember playing it! Just all the adds.
3/17/19: The concept is worthy of a quality game, but there are too many issues with this app at this stage of its development: 1) Bugs like not being able to collect ANY offline earnings sometimes when you watch the ad that's supposed to give you TWICE the earnings, 2) if you want to make more money quickly, then you'll spend about 60% of the game just watching ads. Great for shopping, but draining if you're just looking for a casual, relaxing game to enjoy. 3) Awful copy. Barely English.
It would be a really nice and relaxing little game if not for these bugs -when I tried to double the money with a Video it would dissapear -when an add came up as I was getting money the rest simply disappeared -when I start fishing and put my finger in the middle the hook would skip to the right side of the screen At first I didn't notice the disappearing money but when you should get 43000 after a boss and try to duble that and are left with 8..... yeah I noticed that (I own a Samsung galaxy S8, Android version 8.0.0)
This game is addictive and relaxing, I really like this game but there is too many ads by the ways. Maybe you should add less ads. I see this ad sooo many times on some games and maybe it could be intresting. The game was relaxing with my fingers and it was addictive because I liked how I just got a boss for the first time on the next map! Thank you very much for making this game adictive.
The game is too good. But the forced ads in the game are ridiculous. You are forced to see ads every time after you fish, even if you select the other option where you don't want to see an ad. Already we are watching ads to multiply the coins and to get upgradations, why are you forcing us to see ads even when we had the option to avoid it? This is so disrespectful.
every time you catch a fish their stupid reward is sitting thru craploads of ads that freeze,very annoying, very little gameplay. The game is fun but watching ads takes all the fun out of it. I gave this game a negative rating because of the way they handle their ads. TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!
Too many pop up ads I can't play the game due to them. Nice concept but do you seriously need a pop up ad after each cast? I regret I have to give a one star rating..... I think this app deserves zero stars. At least go 10 casts before a pop up ad. If this ever happens I'll change my rating, but until that does do not even bother downloading. This game a MAJOR waste of time and effort.
This game is fun but WAY too many ads. I purchased the ad free version for $2.99 and still kept getting ads. I emailed the developer and never got a response 😕
Superb....! What if the developers pay me what my score is, in $ /£/₹...😍. My third time playing again... Thank you, good to learn about different fish... Lots of adds but ok, it is good if it increases leavels...
It's a fun time killer, but y'all really need to be more selective with your ads. This game is great for children, but that Moments game came up as an ad and the characters were having sex. Not a picture...a gif. I'm cool with that, but not when a child could see it. Other than that...cool game.
Good fun fishing. It's hard to collect fish near the surface since the limit is always reached way beforehand. Would like different type fish at different areas.
It's a pretty fun arcadey game with upgrades and a list of things to catch. But at some point the ads get a bit too much where every tap brings up an ad. Props to the developers for such a polished game, but I suggest that they drop the frequency of ads a little bit.
You get the option to watch a video to increase rewards... fair enough. when you don't take that option it shows you a video anyway. every other cast. that wouldn't be so bad except you have to wait to cancel the video. way too much concentration on your adds and not your customers
Lots of problems after level 4, took lots of point from me, I should have received. Developer should spend more Time testing the game before charging, all adds don't get removed so don't pay for this game. I have open a resolution with PayPal for my money back too many errors with your game not paying on multiple points after waiting adds, when there should be no adds.
It's a great game. Lots of ads if u wanna make real coin vs petty coins tho. And, You can pay an outrageous damn near $40 a month just to skip the ads get infinite golden hooks and earn urself 2 pretty little outfits. 1 of which is supposedly given to u after u do 15 days of dailies *spoiler alert* you still have to pay the $40 to use that outfit...gameplay is great but the other aspects make the game no longer desirable
this game is very fun, it takes forever to upgrade because it costs a lot to earn everything which is good cause otherwise games get boring way too soon. only problem I have with it is there are so many ads. I get it I have to pay to not have the ads which I think is a RIP off. I can deal with ads here and there but this game is a little overkill.
Game is too much good like this game very much that's why I have given it 5 stars. I have never been bored while playing this game
this is a great game, alot of ads to start with, but then they go away mostly. you need ads in this game to be able to progress faster. guys this is a free to play game, they need ads to make something out of it, stop complaining, no one complains about spending 50 on a ps4 game then extra for dlc lol... keep up the good work and please add new content asap.
This game is the worst game in the world first when i played it is showing you can only get one fish why we can't get thousand fishs I don't know why we have to rate 1 star in Play Store if you don't rate 1 star we cannot rate only I want to rate 0 stars but I can't.
at first I thought it was a pretty nice game... but u get overrun by ads... every 1-3 casts an ad?! way to much. 3€ just tonget rid of the ads? also nope. u'll still have ads after paying, just not the forced once and if u want to get rid of all u'll have to pay like 7.99€/week?! way too greedy.
In 10 mins of gameplay I played the actual game for about 2 of them. The rest 8 minutes was actually ads. I have played more than 200 games on the store and this is by far the most ad-heavy. Game could be fun if there was not an ad behind almost every click. Of course the game gives you the option to buy ad free account and it costs 3.30 or sth so this game is not actually free. Download only if you are willing to pay the 3.30 otherwise dont bother.
You start out getting 5 to 6 dollars per add once you get to 135 dollars it drops significantly to .05 to .06 cents per add. So many ads it's not even worth playing. Uninstalling again. False advertising