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AMAZE! for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's okay. I like the game, but theres an add that keeps pooping up, that leaves me to have to completely exit the app and re enter to play the game. Then after I play when I enter the app again, the add pops up after I play one set. The ads are a bit exesive, but other than that, I enjoy playing. It's a good way to pass the time as long as you have patience.
I honestly do like this game, its a very good time killer. However, I personally would think it'd be cool if all of the balls had certain colors to go with them. And maybe multiple colors so it doesn't get boring just staring at one. Thats just my suggestion.
I've finished all the game modes outside of Classic! Fun and addictive. There was so much to do in time rush mode though; 5 mazes per level and 300 levels? Phew! I got through it though. I enjoyed music mode the most (apart from the USA national anthem). When will there be an update to add more levels??
It's a pretty great game, very addicting. The only bad thing was that when I got a new phone there was no log in and I lost all 14,000 of my levels but now I have exceeded it, still wish I could have those.
Its a great game, but with a game so simple how come there are so many glitches?? 5 consecutive levels freeze up during a stupid ad to where I have to back out of the game and reopen it! Dont know how much more of that i can stand, fix it or im deleting the game! Revised review! Now its every damn level!! I can't enjoy the game at all now!!!!
It's okay but it's way too easy (I'm on level 85 though so I don't know about levels after that) and gets boring quite quickly.
Is it bad that I don't really see the point? Like. Great game if this is what you are looking for... But you don't actually DO anything... Idk, the whole "game" just seems pointless to me... (P.s. to anyone complaining about ads, just turn off your wifi and data so you can play in peace, works for almost any game! Enjoy that knowledge 😁)
It's a fun game if you want to kill time. Ads aren't to invasive either and the game is pretty addicting and fun 8/10.
AMAZING GAME!! This game really helps with you straight with mazes. It's awesome! If you see this I really reccomend this game, me and my family also adore it so much. Also pls make less ads everything else about this game is awesome!
My experience was good. Like most people, there was a LOT of ads, but besides that, there is much you can't criticize about this game. Fun for people that like to problem-solve.
Entertaining and fun but the ads, there's always this foot clinic ad for a game and it's pretty disgusting, I don't like that ad if that ad wasn't there it would be 5 stars
I gave this game a five because there's like no way that you can lose unless you turn it wrong and you never get bored and it's an easy game and sometimes it can be a little stubborn but otherwise it is an awesome game
I honestly really love this game, I've started have technical issues when I was in level 1000s my game begins to freeze for like a minute or two. It gets annoying sometime almost enough to delete the game. Please fix this freezing problem this is a really good game that shouldn't go to waste 😭
5 stars from me.thers ads every 4 or so rounds. fun but eazy wen you get in to the 100s it gets harder.πŸ˜ƒ
This game is fun however the game is kind of slow. And also I wish they had more game modes, and not so many ads.
Really enjoy this game, you can casually play for hours. Each level has a different shape so it doesn't get boring. Few suggestions: You should make sound effects for the classic mode because the music mode is too annoying. I'm on level 700 in classic because honestly the limited moves mode is too hard.
I absolutely love this game! I love the new levels and challenges there is a bit of adds, but I paid only 3$ for no adds so that's wonderful. I am on level 1567 there are so many levels they are never ending witch I love it's not like other games when you pass the last level and it says more levels coming soon, 6 months later they still didn't put more levels in. This game is amazing and I love it so, so much I am never unstalling it!
Amazing Game... But 1 Question. Why Does The Ball At The End Of Every Level Stretches Out Of The Screen and Why Is There So Many Ads And Glitches?
I play this game a lot when I'm feeling particularly anxious or stressed about something. It's surprisingly really satisfying to watch the screen fill with color and it helps me take my mind off of whatever's stressing me out. Obviously, ads are a thing, but I get that people need to make a profit. The pros outweigh the cons by a long shot. Good game πŸ‘
I love this game but there are some issus with this game, there are A LOTS of Ads every Level I go for some reason. I believe I'm in level 54 or 55. I know you guys need ads to make money but please don't make this worst.
It's an amazing game ! a great game to download if you have a stressful like and need to take 10-15 minutes to unwind . The only downside is that once you get into the 4 digit levels like the 9,000's the game start glitching and slowing down . i've had this game since 2018 and since then I've made it to level 9,860 and it's been a great way for me to release tension .
I absolutely love this game. Its one of the best one I have downloaded on my phone. Rn I'm one level 16,002 but as you progress in the game there's more ads. The ads are about 15‐25 seconds long, but the 25 second one's you can skip so I dont mind the ads. I recommend downloading this app.πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ
Amazing!!!!!!! I recommend this game to everyone who likes to challenge their brain and do puzzles. This game is super fun I don't have any problems with it. It's probably one of my favorite thinking games.
I've played over 1000 levels and still going. It's a very relaxing experience, and I've rarely if ever come across any problems. Very happy with the app, definitely would recommend for people who enjoy simple pattern solving.
I like the game; however, it needs an update desperately. The game keeps freezing up, so you can't move the ball. Then it freezes up my phone where I can't even exit out of the game. I literally can't pass the level I'm on because it freezes up EVERY SINGLE TIME. It doesn't matter what mode you are on either. Sometimes, it takes a few seconds and then all of a sudden, the ball will suddenly shoot around to where you were attempting to move it, but that's rare. Im about to delete the app.
Fun.. For a little while. Levels are too easy. You'll get a bit harder level once in a while, but I'd rate the difficulty level of the "harder" ones 3 out of 10. So yeah, nothing challenging here. Gameplay is fun, but the easy levels make it a bad game. Also, the optimization isn't good I think. I'm using a Galaxy Note8 and whenever I start the game, ball lags a lil' bit on the first couple of levels.
It is a time passer but it is glichey and every 5 to 3 levels it kicks you out. Would not recommend to people with not so much patience, like me.
Like the game but sucks it turns ur music off for the ads. Muting the ad to play ur music only freezes the ad
The game is good but I'm giving it five stars for two reasons. Reason 1, ads theres a lot but I've delt with it since its only one after 2 or 3 levels. Reason 2, I'm on level 202 and I think the levels just repeat from level 1? I might be wrong but out of no where they got like really really easy.
It is fun but I get stuck in adds and so I have to exit the app to continue playing and then lose the level i just completed. Also I think they should add more balls and make the music mode have better music cause the music is lame.
I like the game of 5-star because you can get new skins and there are puzzles puzzles and I like puzzles that's why I give it five stars
I really like this game and I've been playing it for a while as I'm on level 416. I recently noticed that they did a update and added more ads. Before there was 1 ad for every like 5 games but now theres one after each level. This game is this awesome I just wanted to address this.
The game is a good time killer. PLEASE CUT BACK ON THE ADS, there is litterly an ad every 2 level making me not want to play the game at all.
The only reason why it's not 5 stars is because I wish, even though I know I have to deal with ads, if maybe it was one every 5 levels instead of every other level basically.
I love this game because it's challenging to pay attention to the moves that you make in order for you to be able to cover all the spaces and complete the maze
I love this game its so fun to play although there are a BUNCH of adds and i hate it but it releaves my stress
I honestly did not expect a lot about this game, I had a few doubts, but after only a few seconds I fell in love with this game. It is really satisfying for me and I can't stop playing it. At this point I am over level 1000 and I'm not stopping there.
Too many ads. You'll play a level for 15-30 seconds and get an ad that's around the same length. Half of the game is ads. Tune down the ads and you have a really fun puzzle game. But it's just annoying to play with all the ads.
Amazing game! Five stars from me! You get an ad after every 3-4 levels which is fine and i love the skins! The only problem is that the vibration isn't working for me. How do i fix that? I haveit on, it just doesn't work.
I love this game it's fun and challenging at the same time I only get ads every 5 to 6 levels I am on level 980 and it's fantastic the Only reason I am giving this a four star is because it lags a lot I don't know if it's just my device but I would love this game even more if it didn't lag on every level this game is fantastic for kids and adults it's not to easy to be boring and not too hard to be frustrating If it stopped lagging it would definitely be a five star
I can only give three stars simply because of the fact that after playing for a certain amount of time the game would pause. Idk if it'smy phone that is the problem or the game. Another thing is the adds. Almost after every round, there's an add and it's annoying. Overall it is a fun game, and I do recommend it
Super fun. I play it all the time, but it has alot of adds that interupts it and I wish there was less
This app is really fun but every time you unlock a new skin or finish a level you have a ad. The game is really easy and fun I totally recommend this app. That is why I gave it 4 stars. Have fun
This game is amazing!! I'm on level 230 and haven't had a ad since! I highly recommend this game, it's additive but great, for others that keep getting ads, sorry about that! But no need to tell them to fix it, turn your wi-fi off, or just leave it. Its great.
I am obsessed this is a great game it can be hard and easy at the same time but always i Entertaining! I love this game would highly recommended for anyone
It's too much ads please remove those and we need hint or something else watch video. it's so disturbing and dispointed. you have to gave coins we can buy something like that than the game is more interesting. you can add more games this game is just for kids you can add games for adults. you can gave real gifts or gift cards like Amazon prime target etc that's more interesting. please I request please remove ads. If you continue gaveing ads than I uninstalled it please πŸ₯Ί careful Thank you
This game is very fun. I have had this game for awhile now and wow. The game is addicting but amazingly fun. I love it. There is always new puzzles or old ones just incase you want them. I would really recommend it. Make sure you enjoy and don't get frustrated, it will come to you.
This is a really fun game the only thing is the ads, sometimes they don't load so I have to restart the app which is a minor inconvenience
This game is so relaxing and onlive it it does not have much ads (inless you buy somthinflg1πŸ˜ƒ) but I recomend you to play this when you are bored πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ€“πŸ€€πŸ€πŸ€ͺ
Great Game! It's really fun and if your bored, then it is definitely worthy material to boost your interest side of the brain! Also, if you don't want to look at the ads, then just turn your wifi off BC it is an offline game! πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ€©πŸ˜ HAVE FUN!!!!
the game is pretty good one exception to it is kind of hard when you get to a very hard level but it's still a very fun game it helps and heartworms my heart when I have a stressful day at school it helps me through my days and I love this game or all it does that every day I wish I could play it even in my school day I would play this 24/7 if I had a computer in front of my face and have and watching YouTube and I play it all day and I love this game and sometimes I actually do that πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ–€β€οΈβ€οΈβ€
1β˜† Sadly one star, but its true. TOO MANY ADS! Game is entertaining no lie, gets boring sometimes but also kills boredom. I'm up to level 151 only in regular mode and maybe 1-3 levels in for the other modes. I'm at level 151 like I said and I've probably watched over 200 ads. I play on a phone, no wifi (instead my data), airplane mode (still my data). Game is totally not the best, if you see this review, please don't install.
This game is very fun and relaxing, but the ads were extremely annoying and kind of ruined the relaxing part. I felt like I was watching ads more than I was playing. However, if you turn your device onto airplane mode, then you don't get any ads. Without the ads, I love this game because it doesn't require much thought and you can just breeze through the levels.
Its super fun and there are super limited ads and you can unlock diffrent balls and best of all its super easy im on level 283 and its day 2 of playing it
I love this app I recently someone stole my I phone I was on level 500 and I had to restart but i rate it 4 by its alittle slow
I just downloaded this game, and it is doing well. No gliches so far, but it will probably glitch cause it happens to all my other games!😩😞😑
It's so satisfying and I love this game so much it's so fun and relaxing. Yeah sometimes it can be challenging but still so fun❀
i love this game however there are some problems. the first one is sometimes it will freeze and not let you play. the second problem is when it does freeze sometimes it will crash. but overall this game is really fun just fix those problems plz
The thing about this game I do not like is, that there is so many ads rite after u finish a level there is a ad but other than that it is a really good game also I like this game because u can put music and other cool things like that I think this is a really good gameπŸ˜€
I don't like this game because Everytime I play this game it always puts an ad and it freezes on my phone like bro less ads
I have so much fun and you can hear the music 🎢 it is so much more fun than the other gamees have so much fun to play this game πŸ‘‹ πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
This game is definitely one of the best games I have enjoyed so far! It's really smooth and it's a time waster. Every time I'm bored all i do is play this game and my bordeness goes away! There is barley any ads and there is lots of cool levels. In addition it has really cool skins for you to unlock to make the game more enjoyable. In my opinion, I rate this game a 4 stars. The reason for hat is that game does take some time to actually play and load it. But other than that it's an amazing game.
I don't know what to complain about, the nerve-racking ads, the 100% progress wich is impossible to reach.
I edited my review from 3 stars to 1, the amount of ads just grew in addition to their length and I ended up just Uninstalling the game because it is just unplayable at this point. And its a shame because the game is actually really fun, but there is an amount of ads that you can bear and expect from a free game, but there is a line and when there's an ad after each and every level that's longer than the amount of time it takes you to finish that level, it just becomes unbearable and unplayable
They should make it more harder 'cause i'm already on level 206 on the classic mode and level 25 on the music mode,It's also a bit hard at the bottom because I accidently click on the skip button!I sometimes accidently press the home button on my phone/ipad and then when i come back on to it all my work from the level that i started doing is gone! :(
This a very fun game, turn off your wi-fi and play away! I love challenging new balls because it brings you to a really big maze and it's really fun. πŸ€—
I nearly got to level 15,000 on my old phone. I even spent the $3 for the "no ads" game again for my new phone. Totally therapeutic and a great way to unwind or fill in some time. No frills, easy, simple game. Nothing fancy. Perfect in its simplicity. Thanks for this game!
I think it's a very nice game but there are wayyy too many ads. I don't get why you put something like different games for us to download. And why in level 75 or more start repeating form level 1? I don't mean it's not a good game. But I hope you'll improve this. 😊
I came looking for copper, and I found gold! I wanted an app that would keep me entertained when I was bored, and it definitely did that! There are ads but not so many that the app is overrun. The levels are easy but sometimes challenging, perfect for someone needing something to do. It's so addicting and there are many ways you can play this game, there are different modes. You can unlock new balls when you reach certain levels. This game is wonderful for long trips. Amazing job!!
This App is great! I was on level 4,550 or something like that on my own phone and so now I'm starting over and I'm Almost at 1,000 that's how much I play this game LOL!
This has the benefit of no limits on the number of moves so I am able to stay in a level and experiment with different approaches to the mazes. It's fun, but could be a little more challenging.
It's a fun and somewhat challening game, I rate it a 3 because the ads! There aren't as much ads as other games but there is still somewhat a lot of ads. I don't know if it is just me but sometimes the game glitches and freezes, then logs me out of the game or turns into an ad, it could just be me but i don't know.
Highly addictive! Was pre installed on my Son's Fire tablet so downloaded my own to to my phone. Free version does have a lot of ads as everyone mentions but someone has spent the time to develop the game, would you work for free? It was Β£2.39... you spend more than that in a Costa without thinking about it! Personally, highly recommended but it won't be for everyone. Try the free version and give it a go.
This game is so fun and addicting. You can play it for hours. It's does show ads but their are only like 5 second ads for me. I love this game you should really download it. Have a great day!!! .
THIS GAME IS SO FUN! If ur a person with high brain power this is a great game for you. Me and my friend play and battle each other to see who can finish the level first. If ur past level 30 it's hard tho
I love the game. I just wish there was not as many glitches, it takes forever for it to turn on and freezes alot. Its kinda stupid honestly.
This game is awesome the problem is that it's too fast and then you get confused where you have to go fix that and you can equip the skin.
It plays a little slow. You have to dra-a-g the ball too much of the time. Otherwise it's really fun.
I love this game so much. It is so relaxing. I can never get enough. The challenges are so hard which make it fun. It helps calm me down after a long day and it always helps me calm down when I am mad or sad. It helps me sleep. I will never get tired of this game.
THERE IS AN AD EVERY 5 LEVELS! NO AND ITS THE SAME AD OVER AND OVER AGAIN! THERE IS ONE AD OF A DISGUSTING FOOT! NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THAT OR PLAY IT! ITS JUST NASTY! this game would be A WHOLE LOT better if there wasnt ads EVERY 5 LEVELS i will rate this game 5 stars ONLY if you make the ads be every 15 OR 20 LEVELS! i had this game before and it didnt have as many ads. Yes i am uninstalling this game until you fix it. thank you for reading this and i hope you can improve your game :)
Most addictive game ever!!! I have been bored alot then I came across this game and tried it out and I love it 5 stars for me!!😁😁
So this game is very fun, but there's too many ads but not too many at, but as the mold ever said, you go on this more ads. I'm not saying it's bad, but yeah....
It's a good game, no complaints at all. It's just that its simple so it dosent get a very high rating for me. But I'd say the creators did a nice job. I'd recommend this as a bed time game it helped me fall asleep faster. But yeah, an ok game!😁πŸ₯°β™₯️
I like the game, not too hard not too easy. Would've rated it 5 stars if there wasn't so much ads. Good game tho
This is such a great game it is so fun. But a little time consuming but that is okay because I'm a kid and I have the time in the world. There are only ads when you finish like four levels so that's great and the ads are short too. Overall I really like this game and I recommend to everyone and I hope you find this useful.
Its more calming and relaxing to numb the brain.. I wish you were allowed to transfer the game data.. mine would so I gotta start all over at 0... I was up to 30k-40k... just would of like to keep my numbers.
The game is great. However once you get over 2000 levels, the mazes tend to be very similar and in some cases they are repeating the same mazes styles. Apart from that small issue, the game is relaxing and entertaining.
The game is enjoyable. But it freezes for about a solid minute after at least 2 levels when you open the app every time. I get the pop-up "Do you want to wait or close the app? It is not responding." I can't close the game or go to my home screen as it freezes my phone entirely. I have to wait for it to unfreeze before I can do anything. I have this issue with this app only, I don't experience this with anything else. I've had it installed forever. This is very new. Please fix it.
I love this game a bunch this is the best game ever except when sometimes it doesn't put down the raiding some only going to give you three stars I'm playing I'm going to give him four stars five stars
This is awesome and I love it when you get to do a bouns level it is super fun 10/10 would recomend nice game very fun and the new modes are awesome i love the game its awsome,would recommend also very colorful
This app is AMAZING I would recemed you too get this game there are different modes too play and they are sooooooooooooo fun.
The game is very simple to play. The controls, & graphics are simple. I don't know why this game isn't number 1πŸ‘‘. I like how after you played for a while it tells you the percent of people you passed. Everything about the game is good except for the addsπŸ˜…. Overall the game is very good and I would definitely recommend it to a friend. Also I beat over 51% of the players 😁.
It's good overall but um haveinf a problem. Evry time I finnish 3-5 levels a gray screen appears. I have to get out of the app and goback in to play. Other than that it's entertaining.
This game is really fun! It's not very difficult, most levels can be solved very quickly. My only criticism would be the levels eventually repeat. I'm on Level 640 but I'm seeing levels I've solved before, probably more than once. My guess is there's somewhere around 250 unique layouts, so 251 is a repeat of 1, etc. Still a good time-waster though :) Ps. Don't be cheap, buy the no ads option! I'm sick of people complaining about too many ads in FREE GAMES!!
Pretty much it's a bunch of puzzles. They're pretty easy. But uh..don't play at 3 AM bc you'll probably fail a puzzle that's super easy but you couldn't figure it out bc it's 3 AM so your brain is dead..... Anyway! It's good. It's very adictive tho.....help..
It is fun. But it is the same thing over and over they need to add something else. But it is fun and offline so when i go on trips i can play it so that is good. πŸ‘