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AltLife - Life Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by QmzApps located at 4440, Tiszavasvรกri, Hungary, Bocskai utca 61.. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Suggestive Themes, Use of Drugs and Alcohol, Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is absolutely amazing, but sometimes when I'm about to say my first word, the only option that comes up is custom word and it makes me spend money or restart the game
So far so good. I am happy with all of the path I can take in game. I'm actually schocked with the the variety of choices, especially with the gigs. It would be better if the career points ( i think that is what that point thingy called ) would be increased. And also, I tried purchasing multiple copies of the same book so I can grind on levelling up a skill, but turns out I just purchased a single copy ( the money spent was also for one copy ). I hope we can purchase multiple copies of a book โ™ก
This why better then bitlife it's more fun and safe. There is lots of jobs that you can do. I love this game beacuse you can be a boy or a girl for free. And less laggy and less adds to pop up I will give this game 10/10. And the age should be for teens and alduts. And the game does not chrash to. This game is 10/10.
Really fun to play. I can spend hours playing as elrandom people or making my own person. I recommend to people all the time
I really enjoy this game, it is like bitlife but o think it's a bit more appropriate for 14+. I definitely don't recommend this game to 13 and under.
Really good game. Only annoying thing is, when you buy a property and fix it and then try to sell it for a higher price it says you made a profit however it doesn't give you the full amount. Please fix this.
Great game! At first I was unsure because it looked so similar to BitLife, but really it's just a simpler version, plus you get more things for free. I really recommend downloading it!
This game is fine. It looks like a bad copy of Bitlife. It is addicting, but i'm really disappointed about how events are just too plain and boring. Choices are limited and there are not a lot to do with. Nonetheless, it was fun playing this.
Its a good game but it does have some issues but that's expected. Adds for me don't really apear to often and I like that. The one problem I have with the game is that the things you can do a pretty limited but other than that it's a great game with lots of potential.
This is quite a fun game, but I feel it is let down a small bit with the skill points to improve I'd say make them easier to get or remove them completely, aside from the points the game gives a very nice feel.
The game is alright but. Alot of things are missing like some major coutries which means devs didnt research enough. Where are the carribbean countries. B*T Life has all these things. That focus more on the avatar it self. More careers that make more money. athlete, actor, musician. I already bought Bit Life. Was hoping to buy this but the avatars suck for starters and alot of things are still missing.
I tried out many other life sims, and this is the only one that comes close to Bitlife, and it definitely has way less ads, with a bit more work, this could easily become the best life sime out there.
Good fun. Could use some more options, likes boat licenses, commit random crimes, joining the mafia, etc. But it's a pretty cool game. Cheers for the "One Man Army" developer.
A bit buggy. While I commend it on having features that Bitlife doesn't, it is extremely limited in what can be accomplished and due to the lack of continuing as a child means owning the more expensive stuff is impossible. More of a Bitlife diet than anything else. Has potential but needs some additions, rebalancing and more regular updates (Not more frequently, just better scheduled)
This game is amazing but I can't play it anymore because the screen just stays black I would love If the problem got fixed
Pretty fun game. So many avenues of approach that can make for many what-if scenario if you a different person, a different nation, so many options.
Definitely a different experience from it's competition, favoring growth and skill development over character interaction. For a small development team it's incredibly impressive and a fun time that I will continue to dig into, but I also look forward to seeing how/if core mechanics like talking to your family get fleshed out.
Love it! Great time killer, also very interactive storylines <3. My only issue is it drains my phone battery (alot) and sometimes the save feature glitches. Other than that it's a very cool game and I highly recommend it. :)
I love this game, so far i dont have mush of a problem, HOWEVER, i wish that my character could have friends and i wish i could change up my characters such as buying clothes and etc. This game does get boring sometimes. Sorry
This is a really fun game. It's like Bit Life but with a lot more features. Thanks for this game QMZ Apps! By the way, can you add Tesla Cars in this game and definitely add the Tesla Cyber Truck and can you also add the ability to buy private planes and yachts. Also add the YouTube 50M subs 100M subs award. And the ability to change our YouTube channel name and own more then 1 channel at a time.
A bit glitchy, still a lot better than bitlife though. It relies a lot more on choosing for events than bitlife, bitlife has almost the entire game based on chance. True jobs are better with more variety. The places you are born aren't as realistic as the chances of being born there in real life. Overall good game and a lot better than bitlife
On a good start, but so much left to be desired. Currently there is no continuation after the death of a character. Partners get pregnant without any option other than not showing them affection. The only crime you can commit is murder and it's only of your loved ones with no benefit whatsoever. Hoping for big updates.
so far so good. but it would be better if we can customize our character (atleast the name and gender). but anyway it's very addictive
So far, the game is good. It just have so many ads. I would give it a 5 if there are other Activites to be done.
Not much to do? You can't have many social relationships like in Bitlife. Also, the UI design feels much worse.
Lots of fun and challenging at times ! Would love to see more added to it like a Will, maybe stock market ? After playing for a while and with new updates if just keeps getting better and more fun to play !
Simple but complicated at the same time, there are enough options to be able to progress easily but not too many options as to get overwhelmed, great game.
Amazing. This game is way better than bitlife. I wish I saw this game before bitlife because this game is way better and has way more features than bitlife most likely will every have. I wish it showed on the Play Store what the game most recent update is. However this game is still great. I really recommend this game over bitlife. If you are trying to decide which one to get pick Altlife.
I love this game! Its almost better than bitlife and I have been obsessed with it the last few days, I have even made some of my friends on it and tryed to give them the best life๐Ÿ˜‚ I fully recommend it to anyone who is thinking about downloading it! I just cant figure out how to commit crime or adopt kids if its even possibe to, so i think that would be a good update, but all in all a great game!!๐Ÿ˜Š
Fun casual game. But I had over half the challenges done by my 2nd life, when all of a sudden it says I've only completed 1 now. What a rip.
It's really fun cuz you can do almost anything and it has challenges to overcome. For example, the character your playing has a dream job so you have to try to get the dream job he wants.
Ive never even played this game before nor do i know how, yet when i opened it, it states i've completed 17 of 19 challenges and the other 2 are locked. i can't even run the completed tasks to get a sense of what/how this game is played. Their "About" page doesn't allow a copy/paste for their email address nor does it automatically open the email app. uninstalling immediately.
firstly there arent many ads which is better than what other life sim games offer. there are some nitpicks i have. played the game for a few days and i never once been born WITH a sibling, always a single child but always a bunch of pets (3-2 every life) and you can MAKE siblings but you cant have one which is strange. and on perks being for premuim only i think perks should be given IF you reach 50-100M networth in one life since without premuim that goal is hard. i would write more but 500 chr
This game is very good and i enjoy itโ˜บ๐Ÿ˜† but i dont like that diesease cant be cured and your health drops and you must try to keep that health high or you die but thats the only thing that is irritating and what happened to the other stories that are not in the top ten
Yeah! Pretty good so far! And you can end the life ANYTIME you want so that's also good! It's fixed a few things aswell so you will find less bugs and as far as I'm going in this game I recommend it!
Interesting new way of a life game. With more options to choose to live, new ways of interacting, and even new career choices, it's certainly shows a unique style to play as a character. Only downside at this point is that it takes some getting use to it with all choices to juggle around and to keep up with. But other than that, it's a pretty good game.
Definitely a different experience from its competition, favoring growth and skill development over character interaction. For a small development team it's incredibly impressive and a fun time that I will continue to dig into, but I also look forward to seeing how/if core mechanics like talking to your family get fleshed out.
A good game, only issue I've had was in my first playthrough, my game got corrupted and I had to lose all my progress by re-downloading the app. But it hasn't happened since so I'm happyA
It's defintely a good game but there is a little room for imporvement like editing you stats and being able to buy more things like a phone and it would be cool if your health didn't drop super quickley but overall it's a good game
Add more features like u can get cheated on You can easily get away with poison murder U can shoot guns for fun and not just for murder Cloths shop Enherit money from parents and family (murder works if u get away with it) Add a tutorial because at first I had -500k but I learned how to play the game Maybe add more features to having a house like buy food then u can put it in a fridge to save space Add watching TV (helps with happiness) pls U can get in a car crash whilst driving
Could use a little work in the UI especially when buying things should have an option to buy multiple. The game is good but the ads are just annoying I feel like they just take away from the game getting them randomly when you age up.
Someone said it's better than bitlife and that's a lie. The layout is awkward. Choices are very limited in comparison. Before I even started my first life I got an advertisement. Would give 0 stars because its that disappointing. Hopefully they update soon and change the whole platform.
There is a small problem. I am not able to customise my character ever since the update happened. I don't know if it moved to something else or it was taken away or something. But overall, good quality, gameplay is good, no ads which is in almost every simulation app. So this is a cool app. Thanks for making it. Hope you can help with the customise thingy๐Ÿ˜…
This game is really fun and has features Bitlife doesn't have, but there are quite a few flaws with this game. I can't make it past the age of 8 because I keep getting "hit by a minivan on the way to school". The fact that we have to become a premium member to access sandbox mode to customize our character and gender pisses me off, because in Bitlife you can make custom lives for free. Uninstalling right now. I recommend you stick to Bitlife instead. To the developer of this garbage, please fix.
Crashes every few minutes & when you do get to play it, sometimes the typing screen won't come up when you're trying to add a title to your YouTube channel... Also you would be better saving the game yourself instead of counting on auto save because of you count on auto save to save your game you are going to have to redo alot of things when it crashes.
The price for premium are ridiculous. I could bring myself to pay at the most $15. But $40 is crazy for a text based mobile game. If the price wasn't so aggressive I would definitely purchase it because these are some of my favorite types of games. BitLife is only around $10 for premium and God mode... just saying.
Great game! I love almost about everything about it! I wish for some updates, but other than some updates, I love the game.
I love this game so much!! I like how there's a market and stuff like that and I also like how you can have a YouTube channel in the game and name your channel! I think I play this game more than bitlife!๐Ÿ˜ณ I recommend this game 10 outta 10 if your looking for a fun game to play!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฉ
Incredibly monotonous. Not dynamic at all. There's very little in terms of random events. No fun summary after you finally finish your boring life. It's just meh. I pushed through to finish my first life just to see if it turns around and gets more exciting but it does not.
This is a beautiful simplistic game. I like the menus. It's like a BitLife ripoff. It's more suited for Android though, while BitLife is more commonly updated on iOS devices. Menus are simple to understand where most of everything is. It's just a little infuriating that you have to buy only one book over and over again instead of being able to buy multiple books.
I love this game, So much, I can't get bit life on this device so this game is just a must have for me, It's enjoyable and some of the decisions make me laugh or make me sad, It is actually really realistic, Not in like graphics but as in the option, Definitely recommend!
I've only started playing it and it's a great time waster. I do believe that this game has so much more potential as at the moment your character is limited to what it can do. All the best stuff in the game, you need to pay for, but otherwise not a bad game.
This is a fun game! There are a lot of details that bitlife doesn't even have. There still needs to be a few improvements. One issue is that when I try to get more career points, it says I have already gotten more that year, even though I haven't. Also, all but 2 achievements are completed even thought I just started the game? A less important fix is that (almost) all the pets have opposite gender names. I look forward to updates soon!
I like this game because bitlife got old for me, so I tried something new and it was fun because it doesn't leave everything up to chance like bitlife, I like how you have to work towards your job to get the right requirements, but there is one problem. The jobs that I actually work towards all disappear, and I know this isn't just chance, because I played like 20 lives and everytime I reach the requirements the job disappears. I still like the game but it's a little glitchy. 4 out of 5
Not gonna lie, I'd rather play this over Bitlife! It's that good, but please add these few things in the game. I'm positive others want these stuff added as well! 1)Custom Character. 2) Whenever our characters get depressed they STAY depressed for the rest of their lives which is annoying and not that realistic. I mean it is, but irl there's therapy or medication 3) When our pets die, don't take away all our happiness its just not fair when you start a life and a pet dies and your sad.
I really like the interface and the experience while playing. I think this may have a promising development. Lots of additions can be added into the options. Please do explore whatever necessary to complement the current experience. Thank you.
This game was fun for a while, but then it gets old. Not enough events happen. And it glitches nonstop with the challenges. For example, i was a utoob star with 50 mil subscribers, and got the rewards up to that point. But then i logged on and it said i hadnt completed those challenges. Still had the same subscribers, same video count. Anyways, this game is on its way to being really cool and better than bitlife, but it needs work.
Good game fun to play, one problem I have is that there are no military jobs and there hasn't been an update in a while. Developers when is another update coming out, also the fact that they are trying to get more money by getting rid of premium features and added "perks" that cost money individually. All in all it is a great game and better than bitlife definitely has a lot of potential in future updates thankyou
I enjoy so far more than others that are similar. I would love to see that we can play in new generations rather than losing assets. Idk if it's just me but I've played a lot and saw no siblings or grandchildren etc. There's only your husband, parents and children it would be nice to see more relatives such as siblings, nieces and nephews, grandchildren etc. Maybe even aunts and uncles..It would make the game so much better.
This game is so amazing. Though sometimes it may get complicated or annoying. Doesn't really affect gameplay. What annoys me is how hard it is to get a job. And also I wish that the weopons in the black market was randomized. I also wish you could murder other than your parents and love. I love how specific the options of attacking are. This game is great. Bitlife and this are both great so its very hard to decide who's better.
I like the game but I forget where stuff are because there are 6 buttons that take you to different parts of the game but it is a good game
i mean its ok, but the layout and almost everything else looks pretty identical to bitlife; im basically saying it looks like the dev/team copied a lot of things from bitlife.
Its perhaps the best game to pass time.... Liked it... There's always room for improvement but looking at it now the way it is... Its still awesome โ˜บ๏ธ
Pretty fun, although the fact that the change of screen makes me get a headache is a bit of a downside Edit : thank you developer for replying to my review so quickly, but I've tried turning the transition animations off, and it didn't seem to work. Great game either way
Originally, I was in love with this game. It didn't lag my phone to death like Bitlife. Even now, it's still a very well-optimized game. However, the recent removal of several features from Sandbox and the addition of perks replacing them comes off as money-grubbing and is incredibly disappointing to see. It isn't a deal breaker for me, but the readdition of features to Sandbox wouldn't hurt. To charge a fee for premium and then ask for further money for perks is EA territory of greed.
An awesome game, maybe even better than Bitlife! But I have a few suggestions. How about military and sports jobs. Maybe we could even start businesses in game! There's more ideas where that came from! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
I really love this app amd although there arent as many options as bitlife there are no glitches and hardly and any adds. (Bitlife is always glithching and has constant adds) i can play this game for hours its so much fun!!!
While this app is sort of a ripoff of bitlife I actually love it! Just some additional features that bitlife doesn't have just brings it all together for me. Keep doing what you do
It is very fun and useful there's barely ads I got premium for 5 bux and there's no adds and u do not have to pay for it weekly
*Update* Love the changes you've made to the game and the improvements. Pretty good game so far. Probably will upgrade to the full version. Hope you guys don't stop updating.
Y'know people keep talking bout bitlife but this deserves more attention anyway altlife is similar to bitlife but so much different you can level up things and live your normal life and so much more! overall amazing game
to many many only premium opions and you can't custiomise your caracter . i would like multiple companies to choose from and you are involved in the interview . and even if I ask to to see ad it will never agree . when I use the game for to long it will exit itself . But the game is otherwise.
Weirdly addictive to play. It could be better priced to purchase the perks. I do love the other features once you go premium, especially the starter cash. Did have trouble with it crashing after I made over seven hundred million dollars and and hundred million in the media subribers in game and I had to uninstall it and reinstall it. Then I had to close it out twice on start up just to get it to work correctly and restore purchase twice for all of my premium perks to work.
love this app! i have an older phone that doesn't support bitlife and this has some capabilities that bitlife doesn't! i hoghly recommend, even if you could get bitlife, this is better!
I've played a game similar to this and every time I pressed the age button I got an ad! But this game is very awesome I have nothing but good words for this!
So far, so good. Can't wait for more updates! Unfortunately, it's still developing and therefore there are a few very rare glitches. In spite of this, it is a very good game, comparable to BitLife, and maybe even better! Great job, devs!
Good, and in some ways better than BitLife. However, there are a few bugs, and the sheer number of tabs and waiting for things to complete at times makes this game micromanagement hell. In addition, many of the game's features are locked behind paywalls. The cost of every single perk in the game is $40!!!
Delightful little game for 1-3 playthroughs. Looking forward to expanded options to distinguish chars & lives. Clean interface, intuitive controls. No pay to play (perks are optional) & ads aren't intrusive. Some glitches: video editor job requires grad school, grad school requires undergrad in math/english. Undergrad in comp sci wasn't sufficient. Pets always die within 1 yr. Gay๐Ÿ’ in Netherlands = legal since '01. Still, impressive for a 1 man dev app! Eager to witness the feature creep. ๐Ÿ˜น
I like this game I like about it is because at first I thought this game did not have coronavirus option then I played suddenly I just got coronavirus the thing I dont like is that it is currd and in real life you doe can you possibly add it its like if your lucky or not (edited this game sucks now because when I was playing I randomly got hit by a sports car at a young age please fix that)
what's wrong with this game, I died twice even though I'm not even 12, the case is the same because I got hit by a car and pet always die at the beginning that why happiness becomes 0, just delete the 'accident' part it's really stupid I played less than 3 minutes TF
I really enjoy this game, it's got a lot of variety to it and I like that you can learn skills via reading books. Definitely on my recommended list, you don't have to but the perks to have fun and I like that you can turn the perks off if you do but them.
A very good game. A lot of good work/effort into one of the better mobile games. Hope they keep it up as the project goes on.
Awsome game a good time killer i just wish you could buy multiple things in game at once, or atleast don't back out of the selection menu (like when buying food or books if you wamt to buy more than just one.)
Really a great foundation for a game, but it sometimes can be a bit dull from lack of activities. But the things it does offer is a lot more realistic than other life sims.
good game but I didnt know how to do things at first, would add, at the first life, a small tutorial, ecpecially if you use it on a laptop, like I do
I really liked this game. So much so that I bought a premium account for it. Now, the game won't even load and my screen is filled with the diamond logo. It's horrible. Is there anyway to fix this? Otherwise, I'd like my money back.
Hi! Just bought premium to fully enjoy the game. My only problem is I can't proceed to the next generation :( all my harwork and money we're wiped out after my firsr generation character died. Can you atleast fix the generation prob? Overall, I still love the game!
Basically it's a better BitLife, but it has slightly more ads. And just asking, why is one of the "tell us more" options say "is this a massively multiplayer game?"
It's pretty straight forward. It seems repetitive, only thing to keep you going is challenges. And I'm trying to figure out why I'm still forced to watch ads even after purchasing no ads. It's pretty annoying.
Very good life Simulator game personally I think it's better than bit life cuz you can buy computer food Etc and you don't have to pay 699 to play half the game also can you please add older cars from the 1980s to 1960s Also can you add political offices
Its a fun game more in depth. Could use a polishing though. After about 15hrs of gameplay needs work but the ideas are great and i love it. Buggy at times i cant wait to play [email protected]
Good time killer game. Only real complaint is that the game keeps saying I didnt complete two challenges, the Die Hard Gamer and Digital Threat, the next time I open the app. I've completed them several times but the issue keeps happening
Not bad, I like it overall, the only issue is when "continuing as child" it doesnt ever bring you to that child it makes you start a whole new life. That's frustrating, but other than that its pretty good.
The game told me to rate it for free in game stuff. It's an ok game. For most of your youth you can't really do anything. Can't exercise, ask your parents for stuff, bicker with other students, pull pranks on the teacher, but whatevs. I don't a premium account yet so I give this is what I can work with until I do. Adulthood in this game is a little easier than Bitlife, both without membership. Maybe add random events to add more drama.
There are Minor things that need tweeked on there to make it a little more fun, or a little less tedious, but other than that this is a great game
I just got the game. I like it, but you die way too easily lol. I've had two lives and one of them I died at 8 and the other I died at 10-. Please make it a lil harder to get killed lol. And even though I just started the game, it says I have 17 out of 19 missions completed. But, other than that, I love it.
Its a great app. Exactly what I searched for lol. I think maybe you could give us starter cash without having to pay fornit (its doesn't have to be a lot) so that the gsme can be a lil bit more easier but other than that its fine!!!!
I like this game alot and would definitely recommend to a friend. It has a lot more of a realistic path and it is great that more requirements are needed for jobs than other life sim apps, which definitely gives the game a more real feeling.
Its a good game. There's bugs and im only getting female, it getting boring being just a female. You should be able to chose your name and gender for free and not pay 5 bucks. Other wise the game is great and fun.
This game is so fun it's a bit better then bitlife because I have more choices. I wish that they unlocked some other stuff like custom life. Then I think that there should be a sports choice but other then that it's a really good game!
I still think the game is great but i bought the premium and got the 50,000 dollar starter and i cant use it in the lives it only has a zero dollar option and when a relative or pet dies in game my character automatically gets anxiety and depression and it is difficult to cure these in game.