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Alliance: Heroes of the Spire

Alliance: Heroes of the Spire for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Rumble located at 2121 South El Camino Real Suite C100 San Mateo, CA 94403. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is easily the worst game I have ever played in terms of connectivity. If you have very slight issues with your connection then expect to wait 5minutes until this game realizes that you need to retry connecting. Honestly the most infuriating game that I did enjoy. Now it's just tedious to even claim items in mailbox 1 by 1...
I started playing this game in November of 2017, and I immediately fell in love with the gameplay experiance, and the idea of being part of an alliance, and working with others to set, and complete goals as a team. Another thing I really like is the gearing and building of heros, which make the heros completely unique in many ways. Makes for a much more enjoyable experiance. Even though I seem pleased with the game overall, I really don't care for some of the updates that have made serious change
over a month playing I just uninstalled because summons and summons rates are just to low for casual player and only got 1 mystic and that came as a reward for 7 day event couldn't complete most hero of day task because I didnt have the heros and couldn't do higher levels to get the rewards and repeat summons is way to much I would get 800 shards saved for event and get the same hero after days of saving then on one event I had 798 shards couldn't get anymore
Fun and in depth game. Little cash grabby unfortunately, but that's how these games are. Too many heroes are being added & artifacts/gear as well as gold are much too difficult to obtain. Hero balance is well done though.
What an excellent game with a top notch player support network. I HIGHLY recommend downloading and enjoying. Any problems I've had, has been solved quickly by the hardworking reliable workers at Rumble Entertainment. Have fun and good luck with all summons!
It could give a better chance at getting the hero you need on the shards not the same one you used on the level. Continues to be given the same hero over and over and over and over again! If not ratified highly thinktabout deleting game. This is something the development group should look into.
This could have been the best gacha game available. Far superior to Summoners War! But each update made it worse and worse. Too many elements, too many new heroes thinning the summon pool. But the nail in the coffin is that there is NOTHING that isn't P2W. The one place you want a fair and equal fight are alliance wars but you can buy attack energy making it a complete farce. This game is nothing more whale contest once you reach end game. Leader boards are just pay charts. EDIT for DEVs: Your response completely washes over the fact that you have no fair and equal elements to the game that cannot be won by paying. If you removed energy purchases from Alliance wars to make it a fair id consider coming back....
Fun game. Don't spend any money on it. Every update causes more problems than it fixes. There is no evidence of testing any of the new releases. There is no acknowledgement or compensation for the errors. Current version requires me to reinstall every couple of weeks. Development is on hiatus of any new content. Server connection so slow making it unplayable.
Game was good until last update. Major issues since last update. Takes forever to login and when you do it takes me to the friends screen where I cannot exit. Pressing the exit button causes the game to crash. I'm stuck at the friends screen and cannot exit.
I love this game, have been playing for over a year, and very happy with my account. I haven't been able to log in reliably for a week or two. This is exceedingly aggravating, considering how much time, effort and money I've invested in this game. Edit: I've reinstalled the game, it's working like new again.
Annoying game .. I can play any online games at ease .. and I can't load this game .. and even if I did ..it goes server connection error .. its not a big game you know ... network should be stable .. and not all time pvp either ..
its an ok game, kinda slow going everything has to load before you play, you get a lot of free gifts, but its hard to summon anyone above 2-3 stars, you can only evolve them, but you have to evolve a bunch of other characters first, bsically it will keep you busy 5 to 10 minutes once you figure it out its repetitive not much changes more floors that open but are really hard to beat unless you have 5 and six star people.
Great game. Lots of things to do and fun to progress. Something for people of all levels so not compelled to spend money.
Decent. A Convenient inconsistent auto battle system. The Vip system is trash and it's a P2 play for convenience. I played the game for few months last summer. Huge dent in my wallet and a frustrating time with bugs . Game has made major progress popping out new content but not much quality of life updates . The system is built on having multiple airships at $50 a pop on sale, needing multiple currency items & ships to run simulations. I started the f2p route. Wastes time but nothing special
I just tried it for a few hours, chat only had complaints about bugs, couldn't find much support outside of the game. Seemed promising, but almost seemed too crowded with places to go and things to look at.
game have good thing than can send ships but getting 5* heroes is nightmare i summoned around 200 epics and 34 legendarys and didint get mythic hero over 4 monthes also about what rumble said there is f2p in top yes there is but those players play 4 years and still if f2p want get an hero event from leaderboard he need to save 6-10 monthes all his summons so up to you i spent over 1k$ and i fully regrat because ru,ble support is bad !!! every week super grab money events can end up 1 day with 600$ for 1 hero so rumble fix your summons rate and greedy packs of events so maybe some players will back
This is a great game with lots of potential and things that keep your interest, HOWEVER. Rumble is a greedy and sometimes shady developer that constantly downgrades rewards, introduces unfinished features and content, and ignores many players' concerns- it could be worse but there are still many glaring problems with the game. Play if you will, but I would NOT recommend you supporting Rumble with your money. They are already rolling in it and that's all they care about.
This game don't have a proper server.. it's really useless..can login frequently...just a waste..even coop battles can't be played...also it's a pay to win game...
Way to go rumble. your latest update have shown that you dont give a %$#$ about non paying members. If you wanted to get rid of players this is an excellent route to follow. i wouldnt recommend this game to anybody without lots of disposable cash.
As far as gacha style games go this is good. It's nothing exceptional but its not terrible either. Early game had you rescuing four main characters who were kidnapped at the start of the game. So you can get a somewhat decent party early. Theres a feature to rate heroes so you can automatically see if that hero is good or not. Theres also a fairly deep equipment system and the ability to let your heroes clear Dungeons even when you aren't playing. Its worth a try at least.
Game is OK just my experience it's hard to get decent heroes without buying just my experience though
I love this game, slowly build heros and you can build a stronger team that someone who spends money if you a free to play player, I love it for that.
It really is addictive. I love the different characters you can use and play with during battles. Every day theres a new adventure to explore and earn a variety of different items. As of right now, for the past two days I haven't been able to login in, it keeps saying finalizing load. i dont know if its, the game itself or something on my end. It's a good game, wish I could play it properly. please help.thank u.
Paid money for purchases and then my account vanished and tells me my email doesn't exist. Sent numerous tickets with proof and haven't had a single reply in over 2 weeks. Will be approaching Google to see what recourse I have to get my money back. This game is predatory and support doesn't exist.
When started playing this game, it was very fun. You felt like you could compete with high vip players, sure they had an advantage but in time you could have 1 or 2 teams that could compete. But every new update made the game more and more p2w. Currently game is running on a skeleton staff, most of the devs have moved on to their new game. Nothing being done to attract new players, kinda sad, game had great potential, but they only see $ sign..
Actually enjoyable aside from the constant barrage of request to buy in game items. Also fun until falsely accused of violating game rules by using language not permitted when i've never even used ANY of there chat forums. Account was suspended without warning and support CLAIMS they researched the incident. Future players be warned they may take your money then suspend OR disable your account without cause! Throughly disappointed by this!
Another pay to win mediocre hero collection game... the biggest thing that turns me off other then games with rediculous microtransactions is when games force you to play through a tutorial.. I can't stand it. this game is no different than any other game of this genre. I've played it once a while back for a few months on a different account and I hated the tutorial back then as well. Dont waste your time unless your just really that bored.
Great game. A lot of these recent, negative reviews are due to the most recent update to the game. What I have noticed in game, however, is that most of the negative feedback comes from bigger spenders. Rumble is doing a great job at keeping things interesting. I don't agree with everything they do but that's totally fine because the game is still really fun.
Me and my dad have ben playing this game for years it is one of the best games iv played if not the best more people should play it. they give out tons of free stuff like thru facebook and just logging in we have bean playing it sens it came out and i think a bunch of people were faking the reviues because they made a change to the charters but it is WAY BETTER THEN afk arean and raid shado legends and way more refined and better and it is the best phone game iv ever played.
Aside from the bugs, uneven loading screens and constant outrageously priced pop up ads, this is a great game at the beginning. Then you hit an absolutely impenetrable pay wall. All of the other similar games I've played at least offer a grind it out option rather than paying absurd amounts of money. Not this time. Stamina, keys, crystals, etc. are consumed before you can even settle in. It's very disappointing considering how enjoyable this game would be if you could play it for more than 15 minutes every 8 hours.
I really love this game but I'm always having login issues. Every few weeks I have to uninstall and reinstall the game for it to glitch out again in a few weeks.
It was working just fine then I started getting the message slow connection, only on this app, everything else worked just fine except for this one app
For weeks i fought back and forth with the support team and for some reason they cant figure out why i cant log into my account any more. I spent a lot of time building up my hero roster and even spent money on the game to help advance. Its a little sad that they just up and gave up on me. Once they realized i wasnt going to give up they started closing my tickets or claiming the issue was solved and then failed to respond to me. This company only has your money on there minds, they dont about u
Great game, concepts, diverse system and so much to do, but you cant get it done because you spend all your time watching the little blue balls of loading or lagging more than anything else
This game has a lot to offer, but keep in mind that it is a huge grind to get to a level where you can actually compete with others.
This is my favorite app game I have ever played. yes, it gets redundant and grindy, but it is still a great game. The diversity in heroes, skills, and equipment allows for different teams and strategies without relying on pulling the one overpowered hero. sure their are some heroes that are just better than others, but it is a broad enough collection that you can easily get the great heroes. Also, early game progression has improved the chances of new players getting great heroes. Great community
Great game, buying packs and bundles helps progression, but you dont have to if you want to take your time. Game play can be glitchy sometimes, but Rumble has been working out the bugs. I've been playing for a over a year, and there's always plenty to accomplish. get this game if you like strategy and are patient about building up characters and finding the best team combinations.
Solid 4 star game. Rated 3 as the dev inserts popups constantly in game to purchase premium goods. If I'm going to spend real dough; nagging me obsessively is not going to sway my decision. It had the opposite effect. It frustrated me to the point of uninstalling. Cheers!
this is a great game, I can't put it down. you don't need to pay to play either. the artwork in style or unique. the play style is fast-pace and it's easy to level up your characters. if you are looking for a addictive game that doesn't cost you money to play this is the game for you.
Update: I'm having to downgrade my rating from 5 to 4. I always found it difficult to log into this game. It got so bad I had to uninstall and reinstall it which appears to have worked. Not sure why this games is so difficult to load. It is a great game with lots of things to do and fun to progress. Something for people of all levels so not compelled to spend money.
Spent weeks addicted to this game. All my downtime in WoW was dedicated to it until I opened up the game and was suspended. When I tried to contest it, they just told me I was caught botting and that "all reports are thoroughly investigated." After complaining to some friends about it a few of them said the same thing happened to them. They closed my email thread and refused to let me speak to them any further on the matter. Rolling uncontestable bans, thoroughly investigated me arse.
Fun, pay to progress faster not pay to win (obviously as a new player you are super far behind most players who have years of play time)
I haven't been able to log into the game for 4 days now.... It keeps saying "Server cannot be reached, please check your connection", however, there is nothing wrong with my connection. This happened a few weeks ago as well. I have a Google Pixel 2
I changed my review to reflect an update. They have a great game that is NOT play to win. Just make sure you register your account and can reinstall the game without losing your progress. Over a couple of months something causes the game to lag more and more until you reinstall and it runs 100% fast again.
This game is excellent in so many ways. You can do well without payment. It has a sufficiently complex combat system without being overly complex. Other games have tried to replicate its formula but not nearly as well. My only complaint is that the story mode is WAY TOO SHORT! I enjoy the game enough that I would even pay for additional quests but none exist ...
the game is interesting to play, allowing various hero combinations and strategies. monetization is hard to follow, 20$ invested will give you almost nothing. servers have bad performance, something is always loading for big periods of time and often disconnects. update: why the F you release totally unplayable patch at the end of weekly event?
Overall, I'd consider it the best hero collection game I've ever played, the strategy/gameplay is deep, the heroes have a lot of variety and are interesting, and most importantly their auto-play feature is the BEST IN GENRE since you have to actually think about the team you auto-play with, but don't have to watch the same fights over and over. It's downsides include a very basic AI, a UI that has fallen WAY behind the features it has implemented, and GROSS mismanagement by the devs. The size of the playerbase has dwindled as they've made changes that have made it impossible for non-paying players to keep up with the rest. While no one HAS TO pay to play the game, the paywalls in this game tower tall. They also increased the frequency of weekly events so that the game requires CONSTANT attention in order to play enough to complete events (They now run 3-4 week long events EVERY week, rather than 1 weeklong event every month). While adding all of these ways for top tier players to push harder (and spend more) they have done NOTHING to quicken the pace for newer players to level/play with the rest (meaning nobody new stays). It takes a solid year to reach top end play, not worth it.
This game was a nice one but now it's dead. The publisher wants to squeeze as much money as possible out of their players. With every update they just raise the possibility to level your heroes higher and higher to make the player spend more money. They sadly miss the point to add enjoyable content that is worth to investigate in. Played it since shortly after it's release and very disappointed to see it dying. Most long term player thinking about quitting right now.
honestly summoning games are the only app games I'll play. I'm in a love hate relationship with this game though. I've had it for a year and I have progressed handsomely. If you work at it without paying you can contend rather well. That being said the 5* mythical rates could use a tweak. I've been able to make ultamite cores from shards now for a little bit over 5 months. And in those 5 months, with over a good 40 cores made not 1 of the mythics got summoned. It's disheartening after awhile.
I dont think there are enough elements. I'd suggest adding earth air and lightning. also, i dont like the idea of needing enough airships and energy to do anything in campaign. usually games use one system or the other. if i have enought energy nut both airshiops are occupied icant battle but if both airships are free but i dont have enough energy i still cant battle. airships should only be used for exploring islands and energy should only be used for battling in the campaign.
Terribly overpriced... stay away from the game.. all the events are cash based !!! oh and btw spending 100$ won't get u anywhere, just be prepared to spend over 2k $ or play at the bottom rung of the game. alliances are also based on how much u spend. worst form of gambling
cant play. stuck in a bug loop. i log in get a connection error. before i can press retry or logout it goes to fight the spire then get a connection error and logs me out automatically. then it starts all over again and again. ive uninstalled and cleared the fache and data and then reinstalled but it keeps doing this loop over and over. seemed like it would of been fun but i guess ill never no. pretty damn obnoxious too (edit) just tried again, still doing the same thing.
Game has too many issues i have been playing this for long now rumble has given up on it. Game crashes a lot for android users and you will drop rumble a ticket on it but they will blame your handset and thats it. Complaining about the same issues weekly yet no change. Is it even worth still playing this game?
very repititav and no matter how much time I put into trying to get a legendary or mythic hero in the hero events I the likelihood of me getting one is very low I have not gotten one single mythic hero in the last 50 weeks once you have completed the game there is very little incentive to keep playing New characters are rarely added and they have had the same old areas for the past while. if you do decide to download the app don't put any money into it as it'll just be a waste of time and money
I have played this game for quite a while but over the last few months I've got less interested. Arena battles are a waste of time, I reached level 570 but then something changed and I'm hovering at 400 and cannot make reasonable gains, that's going to be the reason that I remove the game! Unless something improves